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Published by: Belinda Winkelman on Feb 14, 2013
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(b) Includes cash flows relating to the Group's acquisition of a controlling interest in Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd.
(formerly Ivanhoe Mines Limited) on January 24 2012 and of BHP Billiton's interest in Richards Bay Minerals on 3
September 2012.

Cash flows in 2011 relating to the Group's purchase of its 100 per cent interest in Rio Tinto Coal Mozambique
(formerly Riversdale Mining Limited) were allocated between investing and financing activities in accordance with
the presentation requirements for acquisitions taking place under IAS 7 'Cash flow statements'. Refer to
‘Acquisitions and disposals' on page 43.

(c) Refer to consolidated net debt note on page 37.

(d) Cash proceeds from the issue of equity to non-controlling interests include US$1.8 billion from the transfer of a 47
per cent interest in Simfer Jersey Ltd., a Rio Tinto subsidiary, to Chalco Iron Ore Holdings Limited, a consortium led
by Chalco (and reimbursing Rio Tinto for historic project costs) plus subsequent cash calls to meet project costs,
and US$0.9 billion of proceeds from subscription by non-controlling interests in a rights offering by Turquoise Hill.
Refer to the 'Statement of changes in equity’ on page 35, and to 'Acquisitions and disposals' on page 44.

(e) Closing cash and cash equivalents less overdrafts at 31 December 2012 differs from cash and cash equivalents on
the statement of financial position as it includes overdrafts of US$94 million (31 December 2011: US$16 million)
reported within 'borrowings and other financial liabilities' and US$234 million (31 December 2011: nil) relating to
assets of disposal groups held for sale.


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