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Haiku and Poetry

Haiku and Poetry

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Published by Anupama Garg
3 pieces of haiku, A poem on my name to function as a sample, Another poem with an extended metaphor
3 pieces of haiku, A poem on my name to function as a sample, Another poem with an extended metaphor

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Published by: Anupama Garg on Feb 14, 2013
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Haiku and Poetry

1. Drooling, Tongue smacking pouty lips, Oh that rasogulla !!!

2. Goosebumps, Icy water biting in the skin, Cold shower??

3. Intoxicating, Mesmerizing orange, Breaking Dawn!!!

Anupama – one without comparisons, so thought my dad. As he held the tiny me, in a soft towel, wrapped and clad.

Anupama Garg


I was precious to him, and mum and family, And to many others over time. I’m happy to reminisce and realize, I wasn’t proven a dozen a dime.

Call it a misconception that names matter, Mine gave me a sense of uniqueness amongst crowds. I managed to be as enigmatic as anyone, And yet not be forever veiled with mysterious shrouds.

I managed success fairly, in whatever I tried. I managed to smile, not giving away when I cried. I managed to love when I loathed the most, In my worst days, I managed to raise a toast.

Anupama Garg


I’m glad my name was chosen, Blessed for it’s meaning. I’m humbled I could rise up to it, Through life’s screening.

My name is ‘Anupama ‘– uncomparable, unique; Amidst the noise a calm, solitary streak.

Poem 2 Once again, soared high, her dream, the gryphon, “Not again !” she felt herself stiffen. “Stop ! stay !” she shouted and sighed; Remembering the last time, when it died.

Her heart fluttered as a humming bird, If this failed, it’d be the third.

Anupama Garg


“Once more. Please !” pleaded the ghost, Silently she nodded, playing the good host.

A paper and pen, and a myriad of words, She tried to bring the gryphon alive. Making her Icarus fly to the sun, Hoping for it to survive.

Survive it did, No longer morbid. Salt trickled down her eyes, In front of her, the prize.

The classic she wrote, The legend she painted. She was the phoenix, Reborn, untainted.

Anupama Garg


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