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For Immediate Release Thursday, February 14, 2013

Contact: Senator Bob Jauch 608-266-3510

Fitzgerald, GOP Should Listen to Citizens of the North, Not Insult Them
Fitzgerald comments only show how out of touch he and his colleagues are on mining bills POPLAR – “Senator Fitzgerald’s recent accusation that opposition to the mining bill comes only from Dane County environmentalists demonstrates how disconnected the Republican leader is from public opinion on the legislation,” State Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) charged today. “Instead of labeling citizens who have overwhelmingly opposed the mining bill, the Republican leader ought to take time to listen and learn something about their concerns.” Jauch accused the Republican leader of trying to trivialize Wisconsin citizens while playing up to conservative talk show hosts and discredited Washington lobbyist Grover Norquist. “Senator Fitzgerald’s remarks are an insult to the hard working citizens who attended the Public Hearing in Madison on January 23rd, many of whom were northern Wisconsin citizens who made an 11 hour round trip to try to participate in a hearing scheduled to exclude them.” Jauch said he wished that Senator Fitzgerald would had taken the time to travel to Ashland last weekend to listen to the 250 citizens, most of whom showed up to speak or register their opposition to the legislation. “These citizens, including four Mayors who represent communities along Highway 13 didn’t take their orders from a special interest group but showed up because they believe the legislation is bad for their constituents and for Wisconsin.” “While Senator Fitzgerald lobs unsubstantiated allegations, he and Senator Tiffany deliberately excluded northern Wisconsin citizens because they feared testimony would oppose their legislation,” Jauch said. “It isn’t asking too much to expect the Senate Republican leader to recognize and respect the many voices of this mining issue. Instead of trying to trivialize legitimate concerns, Senator Fitzgerald and legislative Republicans should honor these citizens and address the issues they’ve raised in an open and honest manner.” “Senator Fitzgerald should stop condemning those who disagree with him and remember that our Government should be ‘of, by and for the people’. He works for them and not the other way around.” ###