American Autoduel Association Anti-Nuclear Activists Antiwar Activists Assassination Big Media Blank cards (3) Blank Illuminati card Boy Sprouts Bribery C.I.A. California CFL-AIO Chinese Campaign Donors Clone Arrangers Comic Books Computer Espionage Congressional Wives Convenience Stores Copy Shops Cycle Gangs Deep Agent Democrats Eco-Guerrillas Empty Vee

R. Intellectuals Interference (2) International Cocaine Smugglers International Communist Conspiracy Junk Mail KGB KKK L-4 Society Libertarians Loan Sharks .I. Fast Food Chains Federal Reserve Feminists Fiendish Fluoridators Flat Earthers Fnord Motor Company Fraternal Orders Girlie Magazines Goldfish Fanciers Gun Lobby Hackers Health Food Stores Hollywood I.Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow F.B.S.

O.M.Local Police Departments Madison Avenue Market Manipulation Media Campaign Militia Moonies Moral Minority Morticians Multinational Oil Companies Murphy's Law Nephews of God New York Nuclear Power Companies Orbital Mind Control Lasers Parent/Teacher Agglomeration Pentagon Phone Phreaks Post Office Professional Sports Psychiatrists Punk Rockers Recyclers Republicans Robot Sea Monsters S. Science Fiction Fans .F.

Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know Semiconscious Liberation Army Senate Investigating Committee Slush Fund Society for Creative Anarchism South American Nazis Survivalists Swiss Bank Account Tabloids Texas The Bavarian Illuminati The Bermuda Triangle The Discordian Society The Gnomes of Zurich The Mafia The Men in Black The Network The Phone Company The Servants of Cthulhu The Society of Assassins The UFOs The United Nations Tobacco & Liquor Companies Trekkies Triliberal Commission TV Preachers .

Underground Newspapers Video Games Whispering Campaign White Collar Crime Yuppies .

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