Project Execution Steps ----------------------------1.Software Prerequisites ------------------------------1.IIS (web Application Server)-To Check iis ------------------Start---Run---inetmgr.

exe (or)Start---Programs--Administrative Internet Information Services(IIS)Manager To Install IIS -------------------Go to Control Panel Add/Remove Programs Add/Remove Windows Components Select IIS Check Box from Wondows Componet Insert Operating System CD(e.g:Win XP CD)into CD/DVD Click on Next Button IIS Successfully Installed.. 2.Windows Installer 3.1(if Os is XP with SP2) Click On Winsows Installer 3.1 Setup.exe 3.SqlServer 2005/2008 (For Installations Follow Doc File) To Check Sql Server 2005/2008 Start---Run---sqlwb.exe Start---Programs--MS Sql Server 2005---Ms Sql Server Management Studio 4.Visaul Studio 2005/2008 (For Installations Follow Doc File) To Check visaul Studio 2005/2008 Start---Run---devenv.exe Start---Programs---MSVisaul Studio----MS Visaul Studio 2005/2008 Project Execution(Web Application) ------------------------------------1.Open visaul Studio 2005/2008 File---Open---Website Select 'File System' Select Application Folder(ON-LINE SELECTION SYSTEM) Click on open button 2.Go To Solution Explorer Set as a Start Up Page(HomePage.aspx) Change the SQl Server Connection String Go To Solution Explorer Selelct web.config File in Line No:20 eg: server=.;uid=sa;pwd=sa;database=onlinesystem 5.Press F5(Run The Application)



Database Attach(onlineselection.mdf) -------------------------1.Open Sql Server Management Studio Start---Run---Sqlwb

ServerType=database Engine ServerName=. Authentication=Sql Server Authentication Login=sa Password=sa Click on Connect Button 2.Go To databases(Object Explorer) Right Click On Databases Select--Attach option Click on Add Button Go to onlineselection.mdf File---select it Click on Ok Again Click on Ok

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