Thursday 14th February, 2013 Dear Parents of Year 6 Students, Over the past few weeks since the

December break there has been an increase in the number of incidences where important or valuable student property has been misplaced. These items have been misplaced for the number of reasons; however the following three reasons appear to be the most common: Students leave their items in various places around the Year 6 area and the playground Students leave their bags unzipped and items fall out Occasionally items are taken when bags are left open

The Year 6 teaching team try to do their very best to ensure the environment within Year 6 is a safe, caring and trustworthy one; however recently the Year 6 teachers have found themselves spending increased periods of their time helping students find misplaced items, some of these items being of considerable value. NIST has a policy of no toys at school and valuable pieces of sporting equipment and electronic devices could be considered as toys for Year 6 students. As you will no doubt understand, Year 6 teachers cannot take responsibility for students' personal items and are constrained by the preparation and delivery of learning to devote significant amounts of time searching for possessions that have gone missing. We would ask that you speak to your child about the following issues: We prefer that students leave valuable items and sports equipment at home Bags need to be carefully zipped up and hung on the bag hooks in the Year 6 area If students do decide to bring valuable items to school in their bags such as iPods, phones, money or sports equipment, teachers are unable to devote significant amounts of time searching for possessions in the event that they go missing.

I appreciate your cooperation in this matter. With Kind Regards Mr. Glenn Davies (Year 6 Coordinator)

On Behalf of the Year 6 Teaching Team

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