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How to Become a Better Singer Fast

How to Become a Better Singer Fast

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Published by yukikokadakia
Best Information about How to Become a Better Singer Fast
Best Information about How to Become a Better Singer Fast

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Published by: yukikokadakia on Feb 15, 2013
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How to Become a Better Singer Fast

Singing is a talent. And there are many people who are born with this talent. Although that is the truth, it doesn’t mean that only those gifted ones are able to sing that well and get a career in music. Singing lessons and tutorials are quite effective in improving one’s singing voice. But with that aside, people do not need to spend so much money on voice lessons when there are efficient ways on how to become a better singer fast. The following guide and exercises can help how you can sing better while staying at home: 1. Take Care of Your Voice The most important of all to be taken into considerations in singing lessons is that you should take care of your voice. Voice shouldn’t be taken for granted because unlike musical instruments, the throat can get tired quickly if it’s used nonstop, and this in turn would produce bad quality of the tone of voice. 2. Find the Vocal Range Where Your Voice is Comfortable Knowing what your vocal range is important in taking care of the voice so as not to put too much strain on the voice by singing songs with a higher vocal range than what it can allow. Identify if you are a sopranino, soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass, or contrabass. 3. Relax Your Voice Supporting Muscles The muscles that support the quality of the voice are the tongue and the lips. You must know how to relax these parts of the mouth otherwise the result of your singing voice would be off-key, there would cracking of the voice, and there’s also the factor of running out of breath. The following are tips on how to relax the tongue and lips as instructed by the famous vocal coach teaching voice lessons, Jeannie Deva: How to Relax the Tongue The tip of tongue should remain relaxed at the back of the lower teeth, especially during longer notes. Consonant sounds would require you to move the tongue often but


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leaving out the tension from the tongue will make singing with better tone much easier and more comfortable. How to Relax the Lips Do not sing while exerting much amount of tension from the mouth by exaggerating the lip movements. Check how you use your lips in singing by watching yourself sing along a recording in front of a mirror. If the tension from the lips is too much, it won’t get the voice to work nicely as you want it because the muscle efforts will back up into your throat and you’ll end up pushing against the tension. Learn to relax the lips and cheek movements. 4. Know How to Use Support The other parts of the body, such as the trunk, or the hands, can help on how to become a better singer fast. These parts of the body help you find your support and use it efficiently in singing better. You can find the voice support by using the hand to feel the trunk muscles while coughing or singing. There should be continuous resistance so that the airflow will stop coming all at once for pitch control, improvement of tones, volume and relaxation. If you want to get more information about how to become a better singer fast, please click here.


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