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Published by: Maroo Goli on Feb 15, 2013
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First, please apply following licenses: 1. Shops & Establishment 2. Police permission for running Restaurant 3.

Permission from Health Department (local) 4. License under Food Safety & Standard Act, 2006 Regards Haresh Parmar M - 9099054843

For the Licenses for a restaurant you require the following, 1. Food & Drug license 2. VAT number registration 3. Registration under sales tax 4. NOC from local police station 5. Shop Act Optional 6. Liqueur License 7. Entertainment and music License The process of the necessary licenses a local CA could help you optain the necessary for a APX fee of Rs 6000/-. From there on every year you would require renewal of those licenses which can be handled by you directly as well. Papers you need in order to hand over to your CA. 1. 3 years IT return 2. Bank Statements 3. Address and ID proof (local) 4. any documents supporting your designation in your current business or your profession 5. Police clearing certificate to check for background history. 6. Ration card If you do need to know more about licenses please contact me at vaka280584@him.ch Thanks

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Mess.Ms.31-07-1998.) under parking head as laid down in G. with premises No. N. approved by the Town Planner. Hyderabad City in triplicate along with the following documents.10/.O. from Chief Medical Officer. Licence to run the establishments are granted up to the period 31st of December of the respective year which is renewal for every calendar year.P. BARS & RESTAURANTS. Licence is not transferable. Excise Licence in case of Bar & Restaurant.H) Department dt.000 Rs 2. . Hyderabad. to run the establishment. Municipal Administration Department dt.156 Home (Pol.000 Rs 5. (Floor Area Ratio Regulations & Standards of building requirements in A. both for the establishment and also for parking space provided in the premises should be specified in the deed with specific measurements.LICENCE TO RUN ESTABLISHMENTS LIKE HOTELS. How to apply Application for grant of licence should be submitted in the specified format addressed to the Commissioner of Police.05-072001. with measurements separately in Sq. Partnership deed if there are more than one partner. Mtrs.000 15. Trade Licence issued by GHMC. Dhaba. Licence fee payable for various establishment in terms of G. Fast Food Centres and other food joints. enabling any one of them to take all licences of various Departments in his name.000 1 2 3 4 5-Star Hotel 5-Star Hotel Bar & Restaurant Restaurant/Hotel.423. Establishment No Renewa Licence l of fee Licence fee Rs Rs 5.O. LODGES. Mtrs.stating that the parking area of Sq.A. OTHER FOOD JOINTS Who is eligible Any person not below the age of (21) years shall apply for grant of licence to run the establishment under the provisions of Hyderabad City Police Act.No. Parking place to be provided in accordance with the regulation under F.C.O. S.000 Rs Rs 3.000 Rs 2. GHMC. showing the purpose for which the site is leased out.Ms. Passport size photos to be affixed on the application form. shown in the site plan is used only for parking purpose and not for any other purpose. with regard to use of site for business purpose. Blue print of the site duly showing parking place and built-up area with individual rooms/halls etc. Title deed/lease deed or rental deed.R.No.000 Rs 5.000 10. Declaration on a non judicial stamp paper of Rs. No Objection Certificate issued by Divisional Fire Officer.

3 separate sets) duly signed by the applicant. . Sweet shop Rs 5.e. Commissioners of Police concerned (15) days before the date of expiry of licence along with renewal licence fee as indicated above. Renewal of establishment licence – Application should be submitted along with the specified proforma duly filled in to be submitted to the Zonal Dy.5 6 Lodge Tea stall.000 Rs 1.00 All the above documents should be attested by a Gazzetted Officer in case of Xerox copies and all papers to be submitted in triplicate (i. Juice Centre.000 R .2.000 Rs 2. Bakery. Ice Cream Parlour.

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