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Bihar  Innovation  Forum  II  
Concept  Note  

January,  2013    



 honey  production  (EDA  Rural  Systems)  and  fox  nut  cultivation  (SAKTI  SUDHA)         Key  Project  Results  2007-­‐2012       Jeevika  has  made  considerable  progress  in  improving  the  livelihoods  of  the  rural  poor  in  9  districts  of  Bihar:   850.   fishery   (SAKHI). BACKGROUND     The   Bihar   Rural   Livelihoods   Project   or   ‘Jeevika’   (which   means   livelihood   in   Sanskrit)   was   launched   in   2007   with   the   objective  of  improving  livelihoods  of  rural  poor  households  through  social  and  economic  empowerment.   Honey  ProducOon.  2007     n Introduced   by   BRLPS   in   recognition   of   the   importance   of   identifying.   Fox  Nut   CulOvaOon.000   Number  of   community   resource  persons   trained     Technical   partnerships                       with  private.   private   and   civil   society   sectors.   and   (b)   enabling   them   to   access   and   negotiate   better   services.   Jeevika   is   implemented   by   the   Bihar   Rural   Livelihoods   Promotion   Society   (BRLPS).   the   project   focuses   on   -­‐   (a)   creating   and   strengthening   institutions   of   the   rural   poor   –   women’s   self   help   groups   (SHGs)   and   their   federations.  public   and  NGO  sectors   for  Dairy.5  million)   CumulaOve  savings   and  corpus  of   these  households   Rs.  To  achieve  its   objective.  transparent  and  competitive  process     n Over   150   proposals   received   from   innovators   and   social   entrepreneurs   from   the   public.  Arts  &   Cra[s   2     .       Bihar  Innovation  Forum  (BIF)  I.  Fishery.   system   of   rice   intensification  (PRADAN).  BRLPS  went  on   to   develop   direct   partnerships   with   5   innovators   in   the   areas   of   dairy   (COMFED).  30  crore     (US$  5.  162  crore   (US$  30  million)   CumulaOve  credit   flow  from  16   commercial  banks   to  these   households   12.   Rice  CulOvaOon.  25  of  these  were  shortlisted  and  showcased  at  the  BIF  I  event  in  Patna.  Government  of  Bihar  and  is  supported  by  the  World  Bank  to  the  tune  of  about  US$  200  million.  Bihar.Bihar  Innovation  Forum     Concept  Note           1.000     Number  of  rural   poor  households   mobilised  into   SHGs     Rs.  Subsequently.   nurturing   and   supporting  innovative   ideas   to   address  the  livelihoods  needs  of  the  rural  poor  across  key  sectors     n Pioneering  approach  that  aimed  to  find  solutions  to  improve  rural  livelihoods  beyond  established  channels  through   an  open.   credit   and   assets   from   public   and   private   sector   agencies.

  government.  Government  of  India  over  7  years     n The  World  Bank  is  supporting  NRLM  through  the  National  Rural  Livelihoods  Project  (NRLP)  with  an  outlay  of  US$  1   billion  to  enable  MoRD  to  increase  effectiveness  and  results  of  NRLM     n State   Rural   Livelihood   Missions   are   being   appointed   to   implement   NRLM   at   the   state   level.   The   BRLPS   has   been   designated   as   the   State   Rural   Livelihood   Mission   for   Bihar   and   its   mandate   for   rural   livelihood   improvement   has   expanded  to  cover  the  entire  state  with  the  goal  of  reaching  1.  Jeevika  will  be  integrated  with  the  National  Rural  Livelihoods  Mission  (NRLM).   social   entrepreneurs.   business   sector.   civil   society   organizations.  NRLM  will  involve  a   US$  5.5  million  rural.  poor  households  across   Bihar       Bihar  Innovation  Forum  II.   development   agencies   and   academia   -­‐   by   providing   incentives   and   encouraging   investments   in   the   rural   poor   and   leveraging   their   respective   strengths   in   developing   viable   business   models   at   scaled  up  levels     n Government  of  Bihar  is  the  first  state  government  in  the  country  to  pioneer  such  an  event     3   .  2013     n BIF  II  will  play  a  critical  role  in  achieving  rural  livelihood  improvement  at  this  grand  scale     n It  will  facilitate  continuous  integration  of  innovations  from  different  fields  in  the  livelihoods  improvement  agenda     n Focus   will   be   on   co-­‐opting   all   the   different   players   –   innovators.Bihar  Innovation  Forum     Concept  Note           Jeevika’s  Integration  with  the  National  Rural  Livelihoods  Mission     n Going  forward.25  crore  or  12.1  billion  investment  by  the  Ministry  of  Rural  Development  (MoRD).

  social   entrepreneurs. OBJECTIVES     n Support  to  high  impact  innovations  from  across  India  for  replication  in  Bihar   Identify. APPROACH     IdenOficaOon  of   InnovaOons   • Pan  India  call  for  proposals  to  surface  high  rural  impact  innovaeons  in  8   livelihood  themes   • Surfacing  of  grassroots  innovaeons  from  within  Bihar  through  district  fairs   Showcasing  &   Awarding  InnovaOons   • Showcasing  35  finalists  in  8  livelihood  themes  at  the  BIF  II  event  in  Patna   • Cash  awards  for  16  winners  in  the  8  livelihood  themes   Post  Forum   Partnerships  for  Scale   Up   • Capacity  development  for  finalists  and  winners  through  sectoral  boot  camps   • Technical  and  financial  partnerships  for  -­‐  scale  up  of  select  innovaeons.  non-­‐profit  or  hybrid     n Support  to  early  grassroots  innovations  from  within  Bihar   Identify  and  recognize  early  stage  grassroots  innovations  and  provide  mentoring  and  incubation  support     n Facilitate  partnerships  among  different  players   Develop   partnerships   with   various   stakeholders   -­‐   innovators.   sustainable   and   scalable   rural   livelihood   solutions   from   across   India   with  high  potential  for  replication  in  Bihar     n Focused  promotion  of  social  enterprises/entrepreneurs  or  inclusive  businesses   Special   support   for   social   entrepreneurship   models   which   expand   access   to   goods.  These  models  may  be  for  profit.   and   livelihood   opportunities  for  those  at  the  base  of  the  economic  pyramid.   business  sector.  government.   provision  of  incubaeon  and  mentoring  support.  development  agencies  and  academia  –  to  provide  customized  support  to  innovations   to  maximize  their  impact  in  challenging  socio  economic  contexts       3.  development  of  impact   monitoring  systems     4   .   civil   society   organizations.Bihar  Innovation  Forum     Concept  Note           2.   recognize   and   support   high   impact.   services.

 local  level  value  addition.  National  Rural  Employment  Guarantee  Scheme  and  others     viii) Access  to  Services  –  Innovations  in   access  to  services   may  include  mechanisms  that  enhance  public  and  private   delivery  of  essential  services  such  as  health.  education  and  others       5   .  post  harvest  management.   use  less  power  and  improve  rural  connectivity  in  the  context  of  other  livelihood  themes  mentioned  here     vi) Non-­‐farm   Sector/   Skill   Development   –   Innovations   may   include   creation   of   income   and/or   employment   generating   opportunities   linked   to   skill   development   in   sectors   such   as   services   (e.  internet  access.  etc.Bihar  Innovation  Forum     Concept  Note           4.   insurance   and   remittance  products  that  mitigate  risks  and  vulnerabilities  of  the  poor  as  well  as  financial  solutions  that  increase   efficiency  and  reduce  the  transactions  costs  for  the  poor     iv) Rural   Energy   –   Innovations   in   rural   energy   may   include   products   and   services   that   harness   renewable   energy   sources  such  as  solar.   local   level   value  addition.  access  to  markets     ii) Livestock  –  Innovations  in  pro-­‐poor  livestock  sectors  such  as  dairy.  poultry.  hydro.   processing.  durable.  telephony  and  others  that  are  affordable.  cottage  industries  and  others     vii) Access   to   Entitlements   –   Innovations   in   access   to   public   entitlements   may   include   delivery   or   convergence   mechanisms  that  enhance  access  to  and  benefits  from  various  government  schemes  and  programs  such  as  the   Public  Distribution  System.g.  water  and  sanitation.  processing.  wi-­‐fi.  wind  and  biomass  such  as  biomass  based  community  grids.  processing  and  marketing       iii) Financial   Services   –   Innovations   in   financial   services   may   include   better   savings.   manufacturing.   BPO).  goat  rearing  may  include  enhanced   quality   and   quantity   of   animal   feed. THEMATIC  FOCUS     BIF  II  will  focus  on  8  livelihood  themes  and  their  indicative  descriptions  are  as  below:     i) Agriculture   –   Innovations   in   agricultural   and   food   security   enhancement   may   include   improved   productivity/production.  easy  to  use  and  maintain.     v) ICT   Based   Solutions   –   Innovations   in   ICT   may   include   information   and   communication   technologies   such   as   computing.   increased   production   through   scientific   animal   management.   credit.  design  innovations  in   stoves  and  lanterns.

ASSESSMENT  CRITERIA     All  proposals  will  undergo  a  thorough  assessment  process  involving  independent.  private   (including  social  enterprises  and  MSMEs)  and  civil  society  entities  registered  in  India     n Proposals  must  be  relevant  to  the  8  livelihood  themes     n Proposals  submitted  can  be  for-­‐profit. ELIGIBILITY  CRITERIA     n Proposals  can  be  submitted  by  public  (including  government  departments  and  academic  institutions).Bihar  Innovation  Forum     Concept  Note           5.  Assessment  criteria  will   include  but  are  not  limited  to  the  following:     n Impact  -­‐  Demonstrated  on  ground  positive  impact  on  rural  livelihoods     n Scalability  -­‐  Potential  for  scale  up  in  terms  of  both  geographical  and  beneficiary  coverage     n Innovation  -­‐  Novelty  or  uniqueness  of  intervention  that  sets  it  apart  from  others     n Sustainability  -­‐  Financial  viability  (as  opposed  to  commercial  viability)  that  enables  operational  expansion     n Inclusion  -­‐  Coverage  or  involvement  of  disadvantaged  groups  including  women.  expert  juries.  disabled     n Replicability  -­‐  Adaptability  to  different  geographies  and  socio  economic  contexts     n Growth  Potential  -­‐  Expansion  potential  to  achieve  commercial  viability         6.  SC/STs.  non-­‐profit  or  hybrid  models                     6   .  OBCs.

 While  it  is  being  organized.  producers.  some  partners  contributing  in  different  capacities  include:       n Knowledge  Partners:  World  Bank.   commercial   banks   and   rural   communities   and   fills   the   various   backend   gaps   that   usually   hinder   scale.   It   offers   unparalleled   access   to   the   state   government.  World  Bank  Institute   n Technical  Partners:  GIZ.   poor   households   organized   as   SHGs   and   federated   as   village   organizations   and   cluster   level   federations.  distribution  networks.Bihar  Innovation  Forum     Concept  Note           7.   Eventual   access   to   1.5   million   households   to   be   supported   under   the   NRLM.  Development  Marketplace.  Key  benefits  for  finalists  and  winners  include:     n Immediate   access   to   a   massive   community   institutional   platform   comprising   850.000  community  resource  persons  and  250  bank  mitras     n Showcasing  and  recognition  by  the  Government  of  Bihar  as  well  as  by  its  media  partners     n Opportunity   to   partner   with   the   Government   of   Bihar   for   scaling   up   innovations   through   formal   partnership  modalities     n Token  cash  awards  of  up  to  7  lakhs       8.  managed  and   coordinated  by  the  BRLPS.  technical  support  staff   as  well  as  in  other  capacities       n Opportunity  to  leverage  existing  relationships  with  16  commercial  banks  servicing  these  SHGs     n Last  mile  delivery  and  field  level  logistical  and  implementation  support  from  BRLPS  through  project  staff  as   well  as  12.25   crore   or   12.   These   households/SHGs  can  be  leveraged  as  consumers. PARTNERS     BIF  II  is  a  collaborative  effort  supported  by  various  partners.000   rural. BENEFITS/VALUE  PROPOSITION  FOR  FINALISTS  AND  WINNERS     The  value  proposition  offered  by   BIF  II  goes  beyond  showcasing  of  innovations  and  offers  an  opportunity  to   the   innovators   and   social   entrepreneurs   to   work   in   partnership   with   the   Government   of   Bihar   to   reach   unprecedented   scale   and   serve   the   rural   poor.  Intellecap   7   .   growth  and  sustainability.

 16  winners  will  be  selected           10.  Bihar       For  more  information  please  contact:     Srashti  Singhal  at  srashtisinghal88@gmail.  35  finalists  will  be  selected  for  showcasing  at  the  Bihar  Innovaeon  Forum  in  Patna   From  the  35  finalists.   Debaraj  Behra  at   8   .Bihar  Innovation  Forum     Concept  Note   or. APPLICATION  AND  SELECTION  PROCESS       BIF  II  compeeeon  will  be  launched  by  BRLPS  by  issuing  a  pan  India  call  for  proposals  which    will  be   open  for  6  weeks   Only  online  applicaeon  opeon  will  be  available   Received    applicaeons  will  be  evaluated  by  independant  juries  of  naeonal  and  internaeonal  experts   against  the  assessment  criteria   100  proposals  will  be  selected  for  rigourous  onsite  due  diligence     Post  due  diligence.   IMPORTANT  DATES     n February  2013  -­‐  Formal  issue  of  Call  for  Proposals  by  the  BRLPS   n May/June  2013  –  Bihar  Innovation  Forum  II  to  be  held  in  Patna.

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