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Watertight-Panel Report En

Watertight-Panel Report En

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Published by: islam456789 on Feb 15, 2013
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SWSSA requires municipalities (or their water
service boards or corporations) to develop full-cost
recovery plans for submission to the Minister of the
Environment.The Panel notes that the considerable
burden on the Minister under SWSSA would,in
most other jurisdictions,be placed on an arm’s-
length regulatory body.This may have been foreseen,
as Section 23 of the Act appears to allow the Minister
to delegate these powers to a different entity.

The Panel suggests that a new regulatory body –
the Ontario Water Board – be created to make the
many decisions called for under SWSSA.The deci-
sions involved are of such public note that they
need to be taken by a regulatory body with the
power to hold public hearings and require change
where needed.The new Water Board could be

The Panel agrees with this approach,but feels
that it does not go far enough:full-cost recovery
plans will not create needed change unless they
also take into account the benefits of forming larger
units.This is why a business planning process at a
higher level has been recommended.It will need to
be backed up with the creation of a different kind
of regulator.

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