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Lesson Plan 3

Lesson Plan 3

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Published by Ara Espina
courteous expressions, lesson plans for tutors, preschool
courteous expressions, lesson plans for tutors, preschool

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Published by: Ara Espina on Feb 15, 2013
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Name: Skill: Speaking Topic: Greetings and Courteous Expressions Activities Warm Up Sing a song. Hello. Hello.

Hello, how do you do? I am fine. *clap 3x* I am fine! *clap 3x* (Repeat 2x) Hello. Hello. Hello, how do you do? I am hoping you are okay. Analyzing the lyrics of the short warm-up song. Evaluation of ______________

Presentation (Experience) Presentation Extract the courteous expressions from the warm-up song. (Analysis) Practice 1 Tutors will give random situations and the tutees will act and say a courteous expression that is sufficient to that situation. 1. A visitor arrives in your home. 2. To express gratitude to your mom. 3. You accidentally bumped someone. 4. You want to talk to a friend in another classroom. Practice 2 Tutees will construct a sentence containing a courteous expression and then, he/she will say it in front of the class. Practice 3 Tutees will give more courteous expressions aside from the ones given by the tutors. Production: The students will choose a partner. Then, they will act out a phone Role playing call conversation. A: Good afternoon! Marasigan residence. Who is this? B: This is (say your name). Can I speak to Ariel? A: I am sorry but she’s not here. B: Thank you. Can you please tell her that I called? A: Yes, I will. B: Thank you very much! Goodbye. Have a nice day! A: Goodbye! Have a nice day, too!

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