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Published by: rb765 on Feb 15, 2013
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By John Durham Disclaimer
For any given “machine” to work there are various operating systems you can go by to get the same result. For instance: There is a Toyota Camry which drives smoothly off of a standard fuel driven operating system. Then there is a Toyota “Hybrid” Camry, which operates off of a completely different “electronically driven” system. Both systems have similarities, but are also vastly different in some areas. In another instance; One can lose weight on a diet of properly mixed proteins and carbs, or the body can switch to an operating system of no carbs at all and still achieve the same weight loss, each strategy operating on different principles , laws and systems. There are MANY ways to achieve the same result; some are healthier than others, some work in the long term, and some work but only in the short term. All Im about to show you is “Mine”. Mine is a healthy way that works big, and works in both the short and the long term. I have developed this knowledge over the last couple of years, and have been anxious to share it with you in my own unique way. I can HONESTLY tell you that used verbatim as described, without leaving out any of the elements prescribed, it will work- and you absolutely will start making money, no matter how new you are; however, I cant be responsible for how you use the information. I can tell you that the potential to make as much money as you want is here, and its true- but I cant tell you how much you will make, because I don’t know how dedicated you are to doing things the right way. All I know is that this is that this is an EXCELLENT start that will “show” you the right, most natural way, and I hope it plants a seed of inspiration that ignites your dedication to posting integrity and greatness! And yes, that does bring money by the truckload. In closing to this intro, I hope this report benefits you, your readers, and every forum you post in, and I hope it puts some money in your pocket! It will if you pay attention and do as prescribed.

lol There are a lot of ways that man has developed for making money by doing what comes naturally to them and just being themselves.. if you are in front of people who relate. and pretty soon people are reading my posts. because I am talking about something that I love. It is that “time” in the universe.. a lot of people think that... John Durham Introduction: Have you ever asked yourself “Why is making money so hard? Why aren’t we just equipped with a natural way to attract money ?” In short: “Why I cant I just get paid to do nothing else but just be ME?” Well.. and that other people are also interested in knowing about... so “Yes”. singer/songwriters that have no talent and look like that just crawled out of a ditch after a Halloween party make money by doing things like expressing their weirdness through dressing in a “meat suit” and things like that. and that medium is “forum marketing”. . and even ASKING me to write more on the subject. the answer is that human beings have been asking that question for so long that a solution was inevitable. but that’s not why. interested in what I have to say. you can get paid for doing nothing but just being who you are..through the opportunity that forums provide for ALL of us...in many ways. because I happen to be in front of a group of people who are interested in some of the things I love most..and that attracts others with the same interest.But we aren’t talking here in this report about being a television star .. I get paid for being myself. have a lot of knowledge about...Sincerely.. This is your opportunity to literally sell who you are to the world and have them pay you just for being you! You think I get paid because I have some special talent right? Yeah I know... People are getting paid to be on “reality shows” and just act like their dorky selves. and I hang out in a place where those people ARE. then it works. whereby people can attract major markets by simply being who they are. I get paid. and buy your kind of person. and we chat and chat and chat about it. We are talking about another medium that has been developed. and they are clicking my signature link buying my products to learn more.. In fact there are several. and so everyday I have people I can have interesting discussions with.

..I couldn’t write five paragraphs about it with any conviction. and you may see my talent as being very low in that setting. All because of Talent? No.. while everyone else is scrambling around chasing their tails in the foreground. Im going to systemize this for you. nobody asked for product yet.Whats more. This is a different day and age. the one that’s still working in the back ground. lol. where do these newbies get their ideas? You know all those little irritating guys plugging their product in posts and exhibiting bad form by doing things like pointing to their sig? Those are the guys that started out with a product and a sales page!! I want to take you back to the old school. in a way that you can easily follow through with reading ahead.. our conversations stay on the internet forever.. So it isn’t about a talent so much.. There wouldn’t be much chance that my thread would become popular..henceforth you will! “The first thing I need is a product and a sales page right?!” What? Whoa whoa. you are going to get a lot out of this. and they keep attracting new participants for years to come. its about being in front of people who relate to things that you really know a lot about and have a passion for expressing and sharing. Now all of that is pretty vague and at this point you may be thinking “Am I going to have to dig into some deep vague soul searching abyss to figure out what you are talking about John?’ No .. Let me prove it to you: You could stick me in an adsense forum and I would be the most ignorant idiot. “Starting out with a product and sales page.. calm yourself down.... .. Keep going. What kind of crazy talk is that? Sheesh. In short: FORUM marketing is an answer to the age old question “Why cant I get paid just to have fun being me?” Well.”. and if people started asking me to expound about the idea on a thread I wouldn’t have very many places I could take it. And forums are a different venue with different elements than the offline world..

Much like my technique for telemarketing. Does that sound cool? It is. They have to ask you for it. we are going to talk about finding out what YOU have to offer that people want to hear from YOU.and its going to bring you income.. You are going to be self supporting.. they may be even asking “Tony Robbins” for it.First Rule: You don’t force an idea on people in forums. we are rather trying to “discover it”.” I understand. because you are going to get paid just to be yourself. ... but its nothing to dread. Believe me. so lets systemize getting down to what that entails before we start. Here’s the first step: A: Define 3 subjects that interest you that you know something about. In this report we are not going to talk about how to push an idea onto a forum. In the following section Im going to prove that to you. but are they asking YOU? In the forum world it works like this: “We will tell you when we want to hear from you” That’s the attitude that you need to know ahead of time that you are going to be facing.. Do you want to put all of your time. ”that’s another vague statement”.? Sure. this is a pleasant system to work because you only really deal with people who are highly interested in your idea. Basically we are going to either find or CREATE a market which responds best to YOU just being YOURSELF. In this stage we are not going to try and “outline” what we have to offer yet. Step One To Posting For Profits “Understand that YOU have something to offer. and that you enjoy talking about and expounding upon.. The universe is designed so that you can get paid just for being the best YOU. money and energy into a product when no one even asked you for it.

and even seems bothered by small talk.... the failed attempts before this game was released..... He will talk so long that you cant shut him up. can very easily be inspired into talking about this game and he will go on with you forever. that you think he doesn’t even like you.. even if you usually hate video games.... and they know all kinds of intimate things about growing . that’s not why you cant pick up your weapon. and the myths and misconceptions people have.. how its played..For instance I know a guy “Andrew” who is so unresponsive when you talk to him.. The most unlikely sales person. now I understand why I cant pick up my weapon when I am on this level. He knows all about the company that created the game. and you can hardly pry a conversation out of him. but they are very good with plants.and if you say little things like “Oh. the introvert who never talks... he is like a stone. will correct you... and the sharing of its history. any bans on it or censorships. because.. and tell you the true facts according to him.. That’s why finding the areas where you are like a fish in water are important for the long haul. its because.... Andrew doesn’t budge.so you cant just copy and paste a bunch of stuff together..He will tell you the whole history of the game. but his passion for this game. when in their natural element is brilliant and passionate..He hardly talks at all. Another person may never talk.. and may be unresponsive.. even the behind the scenes stories of why the game was created. Its important to find your natural elements because we aren’t just going to write ten pages and sell them like a one off. you will like this point: Andrew may seem like the most unlikely person in the world to be a salesman. if you are going to be a pro and make a full or part time living at this and not just an insignificant sale here and there..” This guy who never talks.... you have to know how to express freely about your subject. “No. makes you feel like you have an inside knowledge or a more intimate connection with the story behind that game. “ He will keep going and and he will say. how to beat certain levels. and he knows what he is talking about too! Now.. Moving on.. and even seemingly not interested in ANYTHING.you are going to have to expound on your subjects in threads to people.. But when Andrew hears you misquote a fact about the video game Wizards Of Warfare.when he is done.. ”Passionately”! Andrew.He COULD! He may even inspire you to wish you could play it.and if ANYONE could sell that game to you.. like a fish is in water...

he just had specific areas of interest. or in the case with spiderman comics... you get a rise out of them and suddenly they open up and have a lot of valuable things to impart. you can do this. and that he didn’t have specific areas of interest and knowledge that he was capable of expounding upon in a way that would interest some people.. Christian forums are HUUUGE! .. or radio repair.. I think that you will agree.. but that didn’t mean he couldnt be FASCINATING. or religious studies.. “YOU have something to say”. have specific areas of interest) and when that subject comes up they have a lot to say and want to share what they have learned.. Ministers can make money with forums.. and when you say something like “I have always heard you should talk to your plants.... Some people are generally quiet.... give away a free lesson. until you talk about God. If you can speak to a congregation. or others are still quiet when you talk about a broad subject like “God”...really? You have a six week teaching on how to find your calling? You couldn’t record that.he was a know it all. and opt people into a six week course? Are you licensed to license other ministers? And you couldn’t put together a program to certify other ministers that they could pay a small fee for upon passing your program to become licensed? You couldn’t put together a newsletter with free weekly audios and keep speaking engagement offers coming in from that? Yeah you could... My brother was an introvert growing up. You have specific areas of interest. but if you talked about spiderman comic books. or Michael Jackson you couldn’t shut him up. in the case with plants. He also like to talk about “radios” and how they worked because he was constantly tearing them apart and putting them together....them.. Don’t tell me you don’t. Last example: I know a minister who said “I don’t have anything to offer online”.. He was a generally unresponsive person.All of those specific areas of knowledge and passion. Its not that he was a boring person with nothing to say. are areas of knowledge that could be valuable to people. or in the case with video games.but they have done studies of a certain BOOK of the Bible (ie.”.

In each of these three categories of your interest.. even the biggest introverts. Got that? DO IT!!!!!!! Okay lets move on. Be objective and this will work. Point: You do too. try to find three forums that match that interest and have a fairly sizable market. Here is where the disappointment may come in for many of you. so the first thing you will look at is the number of member. and you have 3 of them at home and you just love Bengals.. because you will be going into “non marketing” forums as a knowledgeable “marketer”.. We want to go to google and start looking up forums on those areas. Lets say you love cats and have some special knowledge about how to properly care for Bengal kttens. Before you waste too much time in a forum make sure it has a significant amount of members.Forget. and it shouldn’t be disappointing at all. If it has less than 5-10k members or so. first step is getting past the idea that you don’t have anything to say or offer. So. ministers for a minute though “Everyone” has a few areas like that in their life. now we want to to do some soft...” That’s even better.. . those forums where you need to hang out are not going to be places like the Warrior forum. We want to do a BROAD search for “cat forums” or “cat lovers” or “cat breeding” and go visit those forums. it may not be prime for marketing in. “For many of you. and here is the system for doing that: “Identify with three things you love and/or can express about. answer questions about. in fact many of them have A LOT more areas like that than others. or marketing forums.. expound upon. light. What do I do after I have outlined those three areas of my main interests? This is where it gets fun. non technical research.” Write them down. You want to hang out in LARGE forums. where they could offer a lot and share with others.

. and he will sell HUNDREDS of those hand made guitars... and some kid asked a question about what the best wood was to make one yourself to get the best tone.he simply gave such a fascinating andswer on the subject. only talk about what you know. .. I told myself someday I would go back and buy one. that a person like me who is apt to be fascinated by something like that. and only in places where people are interested in that subject. but that’s not the point.Here is why its important to be true to yourself about these areas of interest: Because if you just piece together a report from research.. on which you are well equipped to hang with the best of them. Let me give you an example: I was on a forum about Stratocaster guitars. Why? Because each of your posts are going to be scrutinized by the top authorities on the subject in that forum. Well some guy who had a hobby of building guitars answered and gave this kid the most awesome lowdown on how to pick the right wood and how to get the best tone and the different things you do in the building process... I wanted MY questions to be handled like that! I wanted to know how I could know more about this guy... over the years THOUSANDS of people like me will come across his interesting post and click his link.. and I probably will. and your thoughts have to be able to stand up against that. How are you going to express strong opinions? It doesn’t stop with starting a WSO and it doesn’t start their either.. This mans answer was so interesting to me that I clicked on his signature to find that he hand builds custom guitars and that he had some beautiful instruments for sale at high ticket prices in the $3.... So. he did not point to his sig and say “check out my sales page” – That is BAD BAD BAD FORM to do that. based on what? The education he provided and the caring way he handled that kids question. You will love this because basically you are having a blast talking about your favorite subjects . Important note: This guy didn’t say anywhere in his post that he sold guitars. decided that they wanted to know more of what this man had to say or offer. You cant fake it. then what are you going to talk about for hours on your threads? How are you going to expound upon it with integrity..000 range.... You are going to have to be able to speak freely on your subject to gain any credibility...

. this isn’t a “guitar” forum. Just see where you fit in. Remember: Some seeds grow. those are buying signals.There were a lot of other answers on that thread that didn’t stand out to me or inspire me to click a link.. You don’t pick a niche. or on a blog or whatever. Next we FIND those... There are virtually hundreds of guitar forums for all kinds of different brand guitars....little niches within the broad subject where you may be very valuable. You see. In another example from that same forum. it’s a highly specialized “fender Stratocaster” guitar forum. or by being helpful and answering someones question. then you don’t simply “pick a niche” You have to let your niche pick “YOU”.Each post is a seed. some seeds don’t... That’s what JD is talkin about.. this is easy.. You can do this by expressing a strong opinion.. or by expounding on something that someone said in agreement or disagreement by quoting them. You just plant the seeds.. there are a hundred places in any forum.. When people start asking questions or responding to your posts.then go to google keyword research tools and “pick” a niche.. or if you just want to get a few sales from your posts from the outside search engines here and there.. .you go into these forums and you surf around finding conversations that interest you. How To Pick A Niche If you are going to advertise on pay per click.. but MY guitar is a Stratocaster so that interests me and I hang out in that forum which has over 100k members. and all these people were like “How do you do that” and they started asking him to write out the tablature and sell it or make them some backing tracks and put them up for sale... even for such a specialized niche.”guitars” are a broad subject of interest. But if you want to BLOW UP A THREAD LIKE CRAZY in the short term and start a living wildfire.. when you are in a forum that’s about something you love. There was another guy who had put a 30 second clip of himself on a thread doing whats called “sweep picking arpeggios” ... and you try to get in and be a part of the gang and throw in your two cents. On another note: Mind you.

Also remember. When people start responding to your style or vibe on a particular subject. then you may be onto a good subject for you.. So how do you recognize when something is growing? Here’s how: You start seeing buying signals... and just give a little here and there as people pull it out of you until you have the right of way to just start blowing it up.. Just make sure you know what you are talking about if you disagree. but at that point you want to move to the next stage. and when its not. When its not growing... For now.. as long as its not a spammer competitor asking a “pointed” question. Now if someone asks “Do they make that for puppies. Also. Any question they ask you indicates that there is interest in the subject.. . your post doesn’t have to be “positive” all the time.. and feel good that you contributed your two cents.and you can create activity like that too. but after you post it.You have to learn to recognize though.My dog has the nicest coat.. and it really works. don’t post again on that thread for now. if no one comments.leave it alone. Now you take the opportunity to educate a bit..... Example: You are on a thread about organic dog food . when a seed is growing......so you can nurture it or keep your peace. so if you are doing this right then its easy and fun. and sometimes comments.... don’t mess with it.. when you post on someones thread... So here is how you plant a seed.and give the subject its own thread..and proceed to nurturing your seed. threads stay here forever. we are just talking about feeling around a forum for where you fit in. or just adult dogs. it could be expressing a strong opinion that’s either in agreement or opposition to what someone else said.. That is a buying signal. then go on. eventually SOMEONE will benefit from that response.. What is a buying signal? “Any question”... or an idea. Moving on.?” Then there is interest..sometimes they do that to throw you off.... Leave it alone. Don’t over do it if you are new and no one knows you. you are there to have fun and hang out in a crowd where you clearly belong. and you chime in “Hey I always use x brand.. remember. And no one responds.” or whatever.. just a few 3 line paragraphs at most.

we build them off of rules. So we post a nice helpful educational thread on the subject with an enticing headline. So if a “few” people show interest.. or where you fit in and can really help people. Now please note that you can tweak your Subject line as much as you want to optimize it for the best response if it doesn’t take off at first. If someone says “Hey I always wondered about that brand.. Now that we have seen a flame from one of our sparks. or a report already written. Once enough interest is shown. Sell the benefit. which basically means we have enough indications of interest that it may be worth putting up its own thread over. then just try to make sure that person has been helped and move on. are you going to put up a WSO just because one person showed interest? No.. thanks for the tip. then you haven’t cornered a market.we want to try and start a “fire”.. I call this first part of the process “putting out sparks”. and you canlaunch another great post from that.some comments can also indicate interest. we are going to do the next step and try to “Start a Fire” Note: Dont try to move on to this step until you have a clear green light on a subject in the first steps.. then you may be onto something. I mean it only makes sense... because you are just basically posting around seeing what brings a rise. you just have an exception in that person.we’ll find out in the next step. After a “few” people show interest. only one person is giving you buying signals.however if “others” start giving you buying signals... you have a spark that will turn into a flame.. You don’t put out sparks with an “agenda”.. eventually one of those sparks will turn into a flame. Then you can move forward. Always show in the subject line how it can benefit the readers to click. If others don’t. you can and should put out sparks for the purpose of just finding out what people want to know and are interested in from you. .If after a good educational post. or showing signs of interest. To sum this up: Questions are the strongest buying signals but they aren’t the ONLY ones. then its starting to look like it may be a rule. keep educating and helping people..” It shows interest. if you can hold down the fort and keep the energy flowing. and we don’t build businesses off exceptions.

Only nurture posts and threads where interest is indicated... It isn’t the solution that enough people are looking for... or it will cool down and you wasted an opportunity to start a wildfire. Here’s why its important to drop it the moment you see it isn’t catching: Because if you “push” something that clearly no one solicited. When you have found something that people want you to expound on. Remember. Give your BEST nuggets in the OP of this new thread. if you see thast an idea is really catching on. But we haven’t “arrived” yet.. By unique I mean... you have interested people built in from other threads now who will come support it . Now finally. your thread may or may not take off... its going to be mediocre and not worth your time anyway. give that subject its own thread.because when a meal is good. When promoting an idea: Educating people who are interested is the key.. maybe it just wasn’t time for this idea....... don’t hold back the good stuff. I generally think if it doesn’t get 500 views at least in the first 24 hours then its not going to catch very strongly.. you MAY have something that can blow up into a wild fire.Those are the threads that are powerful and will make you $5-$10.people want seconds. how you have an “up”.you don’t have to be afraid to give too much. it’s a mediocre thread. one of them turns into a wildfire. So get on the batters plate... and for every five fires I try to start..Here is where the true test comes in....for every 100 sparks I put out. and if it doesn’t have 2000 within 3 days or so. Stick with your thread. WARNING: Don’t wait two days between posts if there is interest... Do not be afraid to give it all you have. so its not spamming or being predatory now..Now what you have to understand is this. I get 5 flames.. people are expressing interest in this. So if they like your subject and your posts.. You have an idea that has the “potential” to blow up a thread. then start a UNIQUE Thread about it...then you look like a spammer with an agenda... So “drop it” and try it another time. and stay on top of it. Consider dropping these little post seeds all around to be “prospecting for a good thing to expound upon”. they will still buy your information. ONE turns into a wildfire and gets thousands of views its first week. If it doesn’t create that kind of desire and hunger with your audience.000 in the first week of launching your sig. For every five fires I start by the processes above.then you give it its own thread. you can give the full course if you want to and hold nothing back.. thus permission to keep talking. “How do I know when Im kicking a dead horse or when my fire isn’t working?” Well.but it still may or may not. ..

I get mediocre results every time. but the guy keeps pushing it on their forum.dont get vested in ideas before there is interest.. ONCE I “did” push an idea that no one really asked for “The telemarketing Kung Fu Report” and to this day it hasn’t made $1500. then they want to be one of them. That is STILL putting the cart before the horse.Talk about everything. Should you have a sales page yet? No. You have to make sure there is interest in the product and also interest in getting it from YOU. To not consider relevance. So.They hate droning threads that no one is interested in.DONT HOLD BACK SECRETS. Again... This is important: Don’t just start a WSO because you see a topic where a lot of people are interested. Sometimes there is interest but they only want to hear it from the person who ignited their interest. So .its always what the market indicates they are interested in.. ie. I have never ONCE written a WSO that was “my” idea.. You will get loyalty from the people you help and plant seeds of admiration which can later grow into loyalty with onlookers if you stay focused on really helping every person with a question ... if I don’t follow this system. The forum owner knows “This isn’t my crowds thing.... at this point we have planted a bunch of seeds and have seen what people do and don’t respond to from us.Get in there and see if they are interested in hearing it from “YOU”. . If people see that you care for your own.. Even for ole JD here. is to have bad forum etiquette. it isn’t relevant”. they will still want to know more if this is the kind of fire Im talking about.you are spamming basically. How? By really getting into your thread and helping people.. Now should you have a sig yet? No. and that was six months ago.put your heart in it.You do that through creating loyalty. Well actually..... if you are pushing a subject that no one is interested in because you are so vested in your idea..On another note: Forum owners LOVE intense threads about stuff that interests their people.. again. the indicator of relevance with a market is “expressed interest”.

. you have a promotion that can blow up! Never before then.. Its natural. NOW YOU WANT TO CREATE A PRODUCT . all the while sticking with your thread to make sure the fire doesn’t die down when you are writing. always coax the right idea out of it by implementing the process above. Only write content that makes your authority on a subject obvious. And a Sig! YAAAAY! Before we go there though I want to cover some more nbotes on proper posting. just talk about what you know and care about helping the readers. then leave it alone and go to another burn pile. So now. do it like I am here. Now you should have a few thousands views. Allow the market to tell you what they want from you through the above process and you will have what I have “$100.. while they are hot. NEVER push the idea that you have a service or product for sale. That’s how I do it. just give them more like they are asking for. .. you cant really mess up too bad. Remember this is a subject you have no problem expounding on. SALES PAGE. Don’t force subjects. and the indications from the thread views is saying there is enough interest and that people are buying the idea from “YOU”. If it doesn’t.What you want to do NOW.then “create one”. what we hope to happen is that your thread will blow up and get thousands of views within a week which indicates a good demand for a product to be created. of what you are already giving and being. and you ALREADY have a group of people saying they are interested. they already respect your knowledge. When you write a report.000 per year” from your forum signature.. and it’s the natural way that you can make money for just being you. and let people decide for themselves if they want to know more about your business. just tell your truth. If you are onto something people will tell you they want to know more through buying signals and you have a green light to proceed to the next step.. that you have gotten a flame or two from your sparks is to start a fire and nurture it on a subject and if that fire starts turning into a wildfire and people start ASKING you to do a WSO or report. its not hard. A “fire” is basically a unique thread on the subject that is generating energy.you want to stick a fresh product down on those sizzling hot coals ..THEN you want to take 72 hours and quickly create a product to meet the demand. It isn’t pretty or effective. NEVER force anything on a forum. NOW.

NEVER ask for thanks or for an optin in a post. and that’s how I deliver.type it up in word.I have never sold a fancy designed report before and I do fine. then go around to other threads that are similar and offer your solutions. So we have a power generator. As far as you signature.. Its really about .... always “attract” them through good content and being helpful. as long as they aren’t disturbingly grotesque. a wildfire.. Doing a report should take you seventy two hours. Its that simple. although those are both important in the long haul. Im not going to get too much into product creation because you are seeing me do it right now. There are other ways. Time for the sig and product.. ask for opt ins on your opt in pages.matching up the right frequencies together to create “power”. and we planted enough seeds that sprouted that it justified a thread of its own. and also a product download page which is just a basic page with a link to the file that is clickable on the page. and out of five of those threads one blew up and is now a wildfire. Also .. ask in your ad copy. via your signature. When you set up your checkout buttons on paypal or whatever you use. ask in your sig.we identified what people wanted to hear from us.. I am simply typing what I know. tightly focused post trail that people can read and get a concentrated schooling on your subject.. and then covert it to PDF in two clicks. Also remember that every post you make is a channel of prosperity. They don’t have to be designed fancy. people want the info. Now Im not going to get into how to manage a mailing list in this report. You can create one with word press. and when you have 300 posts that means you have 300 backlinks to your products.. unless you have another type of product in mind other than a report. most forums have a user control panel where you can go in and set up your signature to lead to any sales page that you want.. once you have found a subject that people respect your knowledge on and are interested in hearing from you.. and Im not going to get into how to optimize your posts with keywords. you can set the options to direct the visitor to any web page you want after the sale.. The way I usually do it is to set up a sales page for the product. or use the forums classified ad section. soon you will have built a highly relevant. not your post.. So now you want to have a SALES page up for your product... so I usually have my paypal button direct . and that’s really all you have to do. that is generally mine. This report is an education about how to “convert” people with your posts into customers.but NEVER solicit a response in your posts. This report is about “Power Posting”.

if you followed all the above. and you don’t have to work as hard to start fires in order to get your reports blow up afterward.. because you already have a built in audience the next time around.within the body of you ad copy but MOSTLY you want it to be one benefit right after another all the way down the page! You don’t have to get too fancy because if you have done this right you already have a lot of people interested in your report. this isn’t a copy writing course.. So you start at the top of your copy with the biggest benefit to the consumer at the top of the page: “Learn to sweep pick arpeggios like a pro and have all the chicks at your gigs dying to go out with you because you look like such a bad ass on the guitar” 1: Get more offers to play gigs 2: Impress your friends 3: Be able to play as fast as anyone.. Basically the sales page is going to consist of a few basic elements: A Headline A Body A strong call to action.... and lay it on top of that hot fire you created..but if you have sold you market to this point . Your sig link should always demonstrate a benefit and a call to action. In closing on this report. like creating urgency. and you should start seeing some significant sales start pumping. Then say “Buy it now”. Again. A Guarantee... Now there are all kinds of things you can add to that formula. you can embellish your copy any way you want to.tell them all the benefits they will receive from buying this. You get the picture. ie: “Guaranteed to increase your posting profits! Click Here To Get It Now”. If you don’t own a forum like I do. then your ad copy will be a breeze and should just be a natural extension of your posts only with a buy now button! Now stick that link in your sig.. you create a mailing list. . its best to have the checkout lead to an optin page where people can opt into your mailing list and deliver the product that way.them to the down load page after they checkout.Because when you do that.

then go start a fire with it (a unique thread).If you have done all the things above you have the makings of a profitable report or offer to put into your sig that people will buy. H: When a fire starts breaking out into a WILDFIRE by popular opinion and getting a few thousand views.. . WALAH! You are on your way to making a living at this and having great promotions! Now. I hope you have been inspired by this short report and. lay a hot product on it. I have shown you that it doesn’t require special talent. F: Try to generate interest in that thread by nurturing it being helpful and sticking on it G: If it looks like a dead horse... D: When you start getting buying signals.next time you see me online you will know what Im doing. If not. I hope you have enjoyed this information as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you and we will be sharing more in the future if so.. But if you try to do short cuts you are only going to make a small sale here and there and this will just be an extra few dollars for you here and there. If you post the way Im saying people will click on your links all day long. I have shown you that EVERYONE has it in them..So whats stopping you? Go make some money newby and add value to some peoples lives.Not 100k per year like me. If you what I said above you will achieve exactly that. Here is what you do: A: Find a market that you are natural in. C: Discover an area you can talk about that gets a lot of buying signals from those reading or participating by dropping seeds in different threads that interest you. Lets make a check list. confirm that its not a fluke by monitoring how “much” interest there is. E: When it looks like a flame. I have shared with you EXACTLY what I do.. only that you find the right “water” where you are brilliant. go tend another fire. B: Start posting and making friends and finding out where you fit in. just keep watching and learning from people who do it right and you cant go wrong! Until next time... quit kicking it. BEFORE I END THIS REPORT.

Wishing you all the prosperity in the world. -John Durham .

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