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Feeder Manager Series VAMP 230 VAMP 245 VAMP 255

Further. fault value registration and disturbance recorder capability. negative phase sequence current. configuration and operation of the relays supported by the straight-forward VAMPSET relay management software. ¥ Total Control Extensive bay control functionality including local and remote control of four objects and status supervision of another two objects. All this functionality and a comprehensive set of supported communication protocols make the VAMP Series an outstanding product portfolio on the world market of power system protection and control equipment. measurement. A unique feature of the VAMP relays is the arc fault protection system integratable into the relays.Feeder Manager Series Main Characteristics ¥ Complete Protection Comprehensive selection of protection functions for distribution network overhead line feeders. cable feeders. Besides a comprehensive range of standard protection functions the VAMP series also offers bay control. capacitor banks. Application The protection relays of the VAMP Series are used for the selective protection of overhead line feeders. etc. marine and offshore installations. ¥ Easy Handling and Management Easy commissioning. migration path to IEC 61850. TCP/IP and SPA-bus slave. active. Modbus RTU. the VAMP relays incorporate power quality assessment based on fast Fourier analysis and fault spot location based on fault reactance calculation. ¥ Comprehensive Measurements Wide range of measurement functions including phase and line voltages and currents. ¥ Extensive Communication Large number of supported communication protocols including IEC 60870-5-103. cable feeders. Customer specific configuration is obtained by freely configurable mimic display and logic programming by means of the easy-to-use VAMPSET software. reactive and apparent power. primary circuit monitoring and communication functionality. motor feeders. power factor. capacitor banks and reactors. ¥ Ultra-fast Arc Protection Unique integrated arc fault protection functionality for enhanced safety of switchgear and substations to people and property. Profibus DP. reactors and busbars in power system distribution substations. motor feeders including large motors. industrial power systems. Modbus TCP. ¥ Power Quality Assessment Power quality assessment and analysis including supervision of harmonics up to the 15th order. power plants. ¥ Fault Location Integrated fault location with distance indication for short circuits in distribution networks irrespective of power network earthing system and earth-faults in compensated networks. frequency. After a network fault the relays support a subsequent fault analysis by providing event sequence recordings. 2 . active and reactive energy imported and exported. The extremely fast arc fault protection option adds a new dimension to the total safety of the installation and the reliability of the protection system. THD as well as voltage swells and sags.

Traditional protection relay systems do not provide fast enough protection in an arc-fault situations. also including the signals of the arc protection system.Arc Protection Whether the time-grading or blocking based protection coordination principle is used. which help catching possible variations in the quality of the distributed power. The terminal supervises the harmonics of phase currents and voltages from the 2nd to the 15th order and the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). high-impedance type of earth-faults may cause prolonged operation times of earth-fault relays leading to the significant release of the arcing energy. the traditional protection systems may not provide fast enough protection of substation faults. The VAMP arc protection devices also provide a cost efficient high-speed MV busbar protection. If the arc protection option is selected the relays also measure light via arc sensor channels monitoring the whole switchgear. The VAMP feeder terminal provide separate monitoring logs for sags and swells. The fault will be prevented from spreading and quickly isolated. Such an arc protection system is an optional feature incorporatable in all current measuring VAMP relays. such as computers and automation systems. One of the most important power quality functions is the monitoring of voltage sags and swells. voltages and for recording status information of digital inputs and outputs. By applying a modern. Further. The disturbance recorder functionality can be used for recording measured currents. 3 . The fault log comprises four registers for voltage sags and another four for voltage swells. which may save human lives and valuable economical assets. high-speed arc protection system the damage may be considerably reduced. require an uninterrupted supply of “clean” electricity. Sophisticated loads. Power Quality Assessment The power quality of electrical networks has become increasingly important in modern society. The VAMP relays measure the fault current. The time stamped recordings provide indispensable information for the subsequent analysis of a fault situation. These facts pose a considerable risk to human beings and economical assets. The VAMP 255 feeder terminal is provided with integrated power quality measuring and analyzing functions. Many functions in modern society rely heavily on electric energy and therefore the quality of the energy supply is gaining increased importance Example of harmonics content and voltage sag/swell registration obtained from a VAMP feeder manager. Should an arcing fault occur in the switchgear the arc protection system provides an extremely fast tripping of the circuit breaker.

as well as a reactance value. The fault location is given as a reactance value. The algorithm used can accurately locate short-circuits in any type of distribution networks and earth-faults in compensated distribution networks. 4 . via the configurable analogue outputs and energy measurements can be transferred via binary pulse outputs. as an event to a DMS (Distribution Management System). The measurement functions cover voltages. optionally as a mA signal and as a message over the communication system. The calculation of the distance is based on reactance measurement and homogenous lines with a known line reactance. and the distance to the fault is also displayed on the local HMI. VAMP feeder managers provide accurate short-circuit fault location regardless of the MV network earthing method and earth-fault location in compensated networks. power. The critical data like latest events. energy counters are stored in the non-volatile memory to guarantee preservation of the information in case the relay auxiliary power is lost. voltage sags and swells. The easy-to-use VAMP feeder managers are characterized by clear text parameters and multilingual support to facilitate normal relay management functions. The wear and tear of the circuit breaker is also continuously monitored providing an alarm when the circuit breaker needs maintenance. frequency. This feature of the VAMP relay is a very costeffective upgrade of an existing system. Measurement and Monitoring Functions The VAMP feeder managers offer a complete set of measurement functions to replace the conventional metering functions of traditional switchgear and control gear installations. harmonics. voltage sag/swell logs. The system can then locate the fault. Besides the measurement functions the feeder manager also encompasses a set of system supervision functions.Feeder Manager Series Fault Location The feeder manager includes a sophisticated standalone fault location function. as are the trip circuits from the feeder manager to the circuit breaker trip coils. the distance to the fault is displayed in kilometres. All current and voltage transformer circuits are continuously supervised. energy. currents. If a DMS is not available. The distance value can be exported. etc. The measured information can be read via the communication bus. for example.

PLC’s.Communication VAMP Ltd. is a communication expert with a wide experience in interfacing with different system integrators’ and SCADA suppliers’ RTU’s. gateways etc. S DA CA . using different protocols. DC S o r S A s yst e m Ma i nt e n a n c e T e r m i n a l The VAMP relays are easily interfaced with any renowned and recognized SCADA system ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ Control and status of the process Events Measurements Fault location Time synchronizing using GPS ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ Relay settings. Protocols: ¥ IEC 60870-5-103 ¥ SPA bus ¥ ModBus RTU ¥ Modbus/TCP ¥ ProfiBus ¥ TCP/IP Physical Media: ¥ RS 485 ¥ RS 232 ¥ Fibre optic ¥ RJ 45 TCP/IP or RS 485 5 . You may select the protocol and media according to the system you will apply. Therefore VAMP relays are a perfect choice also when the communication capability of the relays is to be utilized sometimes later. two on the rear plate for connection to the plant control system and maintenance terminal and one RS 232 port on the front panel for connection of a laptop computer. Flexible adaptation of the communication protocols together with powerful and easy to use software tools are the key of successful integration. Both the communication protocol and physical media to be used can be freely selected after acquisition of the protection devices. The VAMP feeder manager series feature three serial communication ports.Modbus RTU. configuration Fault and disturbance analysis Power quality monitoring Primary equipment condition monitoring ¥ Time synchronizing using GPS IEC870-5-103. The VAMP relays communicate using the most common industrial and utility standard open communication protocols. Modbus TCP Profibus or SPA . VAMP protection relays and the VAMPSET tool provide access to practically any power system information you may need.

during a network fault situation.Feeder Manager Series VAMPSET Setting and Configuration Tool VAMPSET is a user-friendly. The phase sequences for currents and voltages can be read on-line from the clear and explicit screen windows for easy commissioning of the relay system. The VAMPSET software size is less than 1 Mbytes. configurations and recorded relay data can be swapped between the operator's PC and the VAMP relays. Supporting the COMTRADE format VAMPSET also incorporates tools for analyzing relay events. duration etc. The VAMPSET software also supports TCP/IP communication via an optional 10Base-T connection. The VAMPSET software is future-safe supporting coming updates and new VAMP products. parameterising and configuring of VAMP relays. free-of-charge relay management software for setting. As a regular feature of the VAMP relays standard COMTRADE type disturbance recording files can be uploaded for subsequent evaluation of any network event recorded. 6 . e.) significantly facilitating the correct setting of the relay even if critical motor data are unavailable from the manufacturer. Featuring true multi-language support the software runs on Windows XP/2000/NT and Windows 98/95 without any need for configuration of the PC. you may conveniently distribute it by e-mail or even on floppy disks saving valuable transport and waiting time – and money.g. Via the VAMPSET software relay parameters. Protection setting example The motor start-up register stores the motor start-up values (start current. Using a standard RS cable the PC running VAMPSET connects to the front or rear port of the VAMP relays. waveforms and trends from data recorded by the relays.

exported / imported Reactive Energy. U<<< f><. I0>>. EqPF Function name Overcurrent protection Earth fault protection Directional overcurrent protection Directional earth fault protection Broken conductor protection Unbalance protection Phase reversal / incorrect phase sequence protection Stall protection Frequent start protection Undercurrent protection Overload protection Residual voltage protection Overvoltage protection Undervoltage protection Configurable frequency protection Under frequency protection Second harmonic stage /inrush Reverse power Auto reclose function Circuit-breaker failure protection * Arc fault protection Capacitor bank unbalance protection ** Synchrocheck Three-phase current Neutral current Current unbalance Average and maximum demand current Phase and line voltages Residual voltage Voltage unbalance Short-circuit fault reactance.IEEE no 50/51 50N/51N 67 67N 46 46 47 48 66 37 49 59N 59 27 81O/ 81U 81U 68 32 79 50BF 50AR 25 IEC symbol 3I>. I02>> Idir>. EEq+. Idir>>>. compensated network System frequency Active power Reactive power Apparent power Active Energy. U>>> U<. I0ϕ>> I2 /I1> I2 > I2 >> Ist> N> I< T> U0>. f>><< f<. U>>. I02>. exported / imported Power factor Phasor diagram view of voltages Phasor diagram view of currents 2nd to 15th harmonics and THD of currents 2nd to 15th harmonics and THD of voltages Condition monitoring CB wear Condition monitoring CT supervision Condition monitoring VT supervision Trip Circuit Supervision (TCS) Voltage interruptions Voltage sags and swells IEC 60870-5-103 Modbus TCP Modbus RTU Profibus DP SPA-bus communication Man-Machine-Communication. U<<. 2 2 2 Number of trip outputs 2 2 4 Number of alarm outputs 5 5 5 Number of optional mA outputs 4 4 4 * *) Option **) Available from release 0411 Protection functions VAM P 23 0 VAM P 24 5 VAM P 25 5 Protection Functions and Selection Table 7 . display Man-Machine-Communication.Idir>>>> I0ϕ>. 3I>>. 3I>> I0>.ha P<<– CBFP ArcI> Hardware Communication Measurement and monitoring functions 3I lo I2 IL 3U Uo U2 Xfault Xfault f P Q S E+. Idir>>. Fault location ** Earth-fault reactance. PC Migration path to IEC61850 Number of phase current CT’s 3 3 3 Number of residual current CT’s 2 2 2 Number of voltage input VT’s 3 1 3 Number of digital inputs 6 6 18 Number of extra digital inputs with the DI19/DI20 option. U0>> U>. f<< 2.

59 UNBALANCE 3 VAMP 230/255 50.48.48. 59.51N.50N.47.27.67N.67N. 49M.Feeder Manager Series Applications & Connection Diagrams VAMP 230/255 Typical application 3 VAMP 230/255 50.27.50N.59N 3 1 3 VAMP 230/255 50.67N.67N.49.59N.51. 79 M 1 1 M VAMP 255 connection diagram * ** *) Note 1.68. 67.81 3 VAMP 245 50. 66. In the latter case the residual voltage is internally calculated.47.50N.37.81 3 VAMP 230/255 50.27 3 VAMP 245 50.67N.51N. VAMP 245 Typical application 3 VAMP 245 50. from a core balance cable CT or it can be calculated from the three phase currents.51N.50N. **) Note Either phase-to-phase or phaseto-neutral voltages can be measured. 51N.50N. 46.37.51N. 59. 49M. 8 . The residual current can be derived from three phase CTs connected in parallel. 66.49.50N.68.67N. 46. UNBALANCE 3 VAMP 245 50.46. 46. 59N.68. 67.51.51. 49.46.50N. 46.59N. 51N.51.79.

The residual current can be derived from three phase CTs connected in parallel. 9 . from a core balance cable CT or it can be calculated from the three phase currents. In the latter case the residual voltage is internally calculated.VAMP 245 connection diagram * ** VAMP 230 connection diagram * ** *) Note 1. Either phase-to-phase or phaseto-neutral voltages can be measured. **) Note 2.

0 181.0 28.. ILPH.0 193..0 137.0 28.0 mm Panel mounting 1..0 181. 265Vac/dc B = 18. DI20 Optional Optional hardware A = None B = Plastic/Plastic fibre interface C = Profibus Interface D = RS 485 Interface E = Glass/Glass Optic Interface F = Plastic/Glass Optic Interface G = Glass/Plastic Optic Interface Optional software A = None B = Four mA outputs Accessories : Order Code VEA 3 CG VPA 3 CG VSE001 VSE002 VX003-3 VX004-M3 VX007-F3 VX008-4 VA 1 DA-6 VYX076 VYX077 Explanation Ethernet Interface Module Profibus Interface Module Fiber optic Interface Module RS485 Interface Module Programming Cable (VAMPSet.Feeder Manager Series Dimensional Drawings 208.) Arc Sensor Raising Frame for 200-serie Raising Frame for 200-serie Note VAMP Ltd VAMP Ltd VAMP Ltd VAMP Ltd Cable length 3m Cable length 3m Cable length 3m Cable length 4m Cable length 6m Height 40mm Height 60mm 10 . 265Vac/dc + ARC Protection D = 18.0 27.0 >20. 36Vdc + ARC Protection E = 40. 36Vdc + DI19. 265Vac/dc + DI19..0 27..0-10. VEA 3 CG+200serie) TTL/RS232 Converter Cable (for PLC.0 Order Codes VAMP 3 C 7 Manager type 255 = VAMP 255 feeder manager 245 = VAMP 245 feeder manager 230 = VAMP 230 feeder manager Nominal current [A] 3 = 1A / 5A Nominal earth-fault current Io1 & Io2 [A] C = 1A / 5A Frequency [Hz] 7 = 50/60Hz Supply voltage [V] A = 40.0 b a 137. 36Vdc C = 40. DI20 Optional F = 18. .0 139.0 mm VYX 077 60 mm 149..0 190. VEA3CG+200serie ) TTL/RS232 Converter Cable (for VPA 3 CG or VMA 3 CG) TTL/RS232 Converter Cable (for Modem MD42.0 P ANEL CUT-OUT Depth with raising frames Type designation a b VYX 076 40 mm 169..0 Semi-flush mounting 21.0 155.

15 . acceleration 0.Phoenix MVSTBW or equivalent 2. no condensation permitted) Weight (Terminal.120 V (configurable) 0 . class III 6 kV contact discharge 8 kV air discharge EN 61000-4-4. Y.Emitted HF field . 50 Hz.Conducted HF field Rated voltage Un .Thermal withstand 1…10 A (software parameter) 0…250 A (0…50 x In [In=5 A]. 1 min 5 kV.Current measuring range Test voltages Insulation test voltage (IEC 60255-5) Surge voltage (IEC 60255-5) 2 kV. 5 kHz. 0…250 x In [In=1 A]) 20 A (continuously) 100 A (for 10 s) 500 A (for 1 s) < 0. Y. average value) < 90% (30 days per year. amplitude ±0.5V A 50 / 60 Hz (45 .2/50 µs.60 Hz. Package and Manual) 5.175 V (100 V/110 V) 250 V < 0.5g sweep rate 1 octave/min 20 periods in X-.Conducted (EN 55022B) .1 000 MHz EN 61000-4-2.2 VA 1A 0…10 A (0…10 x Ion) 5A 0…50 A (0…10 x Io2n) .Fast transients (EFT) .30 MHz 30 . permitted interruption time < 50 ms (110 V dc) Environmental conditions Terminal block: Maximum wire dimension: . Functionality verified by KEMA 11 .80 MHz.and Z axis direction Shock (IEC 60255-21-1) half sine.65 Hz) 16 . Tests and Environmental Conditions Measuring circuitry Rated current In .and Z axis direction Max..Static discharge (ESD) 0.2 kg 0 to +55 oC Package Dimensions (W x H x D) 215 x 160 x 275 Relative humidity Tests performed by third party accredited laboratory SGS.Emitted (CISPR 11) Immunity (EN 50082-2) . 1.GSM test .Continuous voltage withstand .5 J Auxiliary voltage Rated voltage Uaux Type A (standard) 40 .Solid or stranded wire 50 .2/50 µs. pulse modulated .75 Hz Maximum wire dimension: 4 mm2 (10-12 AWG) . class III 2 kV.035 mm 60. 1. duration 11 ms 3 shocks in X-.2/50 µs.Burden Rated frequency fn ..Surge Rated current Io2n . class III 2 kV.5 mm2 (13-14 AWG) Operating temperature Transport and storage temperature -40 to +70 oC < 75% (1 year. acceleration 5 g.Current measuring range Disturbance tests Emission (EN 50081-1) . differential mode EN 61000-4-6 0.Frequency measuring range Terminal block: . 5/50 ns.1000 MHz.150 Hz..36 V dc 24 V dc Mechanical tests Vibration (IEC 60255-21-1) 10..15 . 1. 0.Voltage measuring range .Technical Data.Current measuring range ..265 V ac/dc 110/120/220/240 V ac 48/60/110/125/220 V dc Power consumption < 7 W (normal conditions) < 15 W (output relays activated) Type B (option) 18. 10 V/m EN 61000-4-3 80 . 10 V/m.Burden Rated current Ion . 10 V/m ENV 50204 900 MHz. +/EN 61000-4-5. common mode 1 kV..

VAMP Ltd is a Finnish company specialized in developing and manufacturing of protection relays needed for the electrical power generation and distribution system. Copyright © Vamp Ltd. flexibility and 24 hour care of the customers. VAMP Ltd offers complete MV protection and arc-protection family.fi We reserve the rights to product alterations without prior notice. constant development by our designers possessing experience from three protection relay generations.Box 5 FI-65381 VAASA Finland Tel: +358 6 212 1100 Fax: +358 6 212 1105 Email: vamp@vamp.fi http:// www. Our success is based on competitive standard products.vamp. . All trademarks are the property of their respective holders.O. our long-term partnerships. VAMP Ltd P.

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