Aries Vasquez Period 2 2/12/13 Cultural Etiquette What is Cultural Etiquette? Code of behavior.

Country Name Flag Philippines Japan Colombia

The people Meeting and Greeting Body language Corporat e Culture Helpful Hints

They are loving ,caring, and sensitive people.

Japanese people has a really traditional society. They tend to shake hands Japanese people do a with people present in hand shake when places. meeting other people. If they don’t understand They do not stand close something they open their to another Japanese mouths. person. Most of the time Filipinos Japanese degrees are are relaxed people extremely appreciated. They all speak softly and Japanese doesn’t like they control their using the number 4. emotions in public.

Colombia has the most successful economies. Colombia always shake hands when getting in or out a room. Colombians usually smile at other people. Colombians are usually punctual in business. They don’t offer your opinions about local politics and religion.

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