Aliens, a word that makes us look beyond our planet. But do we need to look that far?

Are they really those that dwell in a different planet? No, they're not that far. In reality, we define them in our surroundings, in our daily life, in our day to day activities.

Today, we, the students of NITK, throw light and introduce you to ALIENS we create in our society.

Scene 1 : [ Child cries. "Sir, it's a baby BOY, Congratulations!" BOY is playing. ] [ sound : lively music ] [Act] A child, innocent mind. Free from the phantasm of society. But how long?? Scene 2 : Bullying [School scenario. BOY comes with 3 friends bullies a kid.] [sound : ] <2 guys pushes down the KID. BOY helps him up then messes his hair, takes specs, throws his bag. KID collects his things when the BOY snatches his Tiffin and leaves.> All grown up, he has left his innocence at the tender school age. [Act] Bullying is the use of force to abuse or intimidate others. A victim of this anti social act is noticeably rejected and isolated by peers, therefore, an alien to the society.

Scene 3 : Groupism, Politics, Ragging. As adulthood approaches he is involved in social dynamics. Groupism, Politics, Controversies becomes his description. [ College scenario: BOY is in attitude with one of his friends. some more of his classmates try to join him but his pushes them away. ] Discrimination in any aspect of race, caste, religion, is a heavy anti-social tool, producing aliens in our very own society. Scene 4: Once innocent boy is now a man in the corporate world. With his moral blinded by acts of abuse and neglection against his old father. [BOY is a working man and has an old father. He makes his father do physical labor and later kicks him out of the house. ] Scene 5 : [BOY is standing in the middle surrounded by all the people in his life that were alienated as aliens.] Knowing or unknowing acts of our produces aliens here in our own society. But little do we know that by rejecting and isolating others in our life, it is we who is actually isolated. Now we know that aliens exist in our society, but we are forced to ask, Who is the alien??

CAST BOY : Milind School friends (3) : Pandey, Gagan, Sumit KID : Aloke, Barla College Attitude Friend: Gautam, Pandey College Class mate (2): Ayan, Sameer Father : Sapan Narrated and Directed by : Nikhil (Team Captain) (Gang Leader) (commander) (Coach) (Financer) :P

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