The research firm (Gartner Inc) has pegged the WAN optimization market in India at approximately $30 million for 2012. wan  Currently . virtualization and consolidation are contributing to the continuing growth of the WAN optimization market which lead to the increase in demand of WAN connectivity. and educational institutes which display results online and have automated their admission process.  The APAC WAN Optimization Controller market recorded growth of over 21 percent YoY in FY2011-12.Market Information (Provide Market size & growth information on WANOP Space)  Wide-area-network(WAN) Optimization market size reached 1 billion dollars in 2009 and the market is expected to grow 4. Online search engine companies are also scouting for trusted partners for WAN optimization.4 billion dollars by 2014.  Opportunities are coming from online gaming. . Web servers.

 International competition.  World class support.SWOT Analysis (ARYAKA NETWORKS INC.) S Please list your input below  Low cost leader. T  Adoption of new technology . .  Economies of scale.  Substitute products (MPLS). W  Brand awareness O  New markets.  Unique products.  Emergence of new deployment methods.  Expanding globally.  Government regulations.

T  Inability to support disaster recovery . .  Wan optimization technologies are becoming one of the key enablers of major IT projects .SWOT Analysis (RIVERBED TECHNOLOGIES INC.  Failure to really consolidate servers.  Emergence of cloud and mobility is changing the definition of wide area network.) S  Global presence W Please list your input below  Specialized in network optimization and performance  Broadest of set of capabilities in the industry O  Emerging technologies.  Global competitors.

.competitive pricing  Place -global expansion  Promotion. •From the SWOT analysis the strategy I would recommend is the 4p’s : Product. website etc.WAN optimization solutions ( Flank Strategy)  Price. sales.Recommendations* Please list your recommendations below (* Recommendations for Aryaka should include Strategy & actionable item with references to messaging.brand awareness can be enhanced through direct marketing .) •Within less span of time Aryaka reached the world class provider of WAN optimization solutions to its customers.e-mail marketing and social media marketing.

Competitive Matrix (ARYAKA VS RIVERBED) Please fill in appropriate X and Y coordinates and then place Riverbed in appropriate quadrant C o s t l e a d e r s Y h i p ARYAKA Riverbed X Industry attractiveness .

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