:>ecember 19, 1968, tbe first of two beli......

--,::>rc:- cairyinq SEAL Team 1 approacbes village that will be tbe target of their raid.

The navy's Seal (Sea, Air, and Land) teems are an elite force of highly trained commandos skilled in underwater, airborne, and ground combat. In Vietnam, they carried out a variety of exotic and usually classified missions. Seal Chip Maury photographed this operation in December of 1968as Seal Team 1 carried

The SEAL team begins its assault. Two SEALs fire at VC positions across the Cua Lon River. The operation was carried out under Above. The objectives were to capture and bring back for interrogation as many civilians as could be found and to destroy any structures being used by the VC. .out a surprise daylight raid on a village on the Cua Lon River in Vietcong-controlled territory on the Ca Mau Peninsula. Right.

a team member carries away a bag of Vietcong documents that he had found inside of it. and old men and herding them to the LZ. After setting fire to the hut. The huts were burned. A boy who had been hiding from the SEALs in a canal is captured for interrogation. children. the other Seals raced through the small settlement. Left. documents Above. rounding up the women. . While part of the team returned and suppressed the VC fire.( fire from several armed VC who had fled into the woods at the approach of the helicopters.


the heli- Following pages. Photographer Chip Maury is in the back row at far right.:earn and the villagers it captured. __A helicopter arrives to lift out the ..still under fire but with no casualties.. the choppers were called in.Above.. A SEAL yells "fake-off' as tlie helicopter comes under sniper fire. then taken aboard a navy ship for interrogation. . and a VC flag were seized. Several of the civilians said they had been kidnaped by the VC and put to work in the rice fields in the little village where the Seal Team had found them...:::.. and the team took off. . Captured civilians aboard copter.. SEAL Team 1 shows"bff a VC flag captured in the village. . After the mission. They were finally taken to a resettlement camp in a government-controlled area. . Left.. The civilians were flown to Hai Yen. The entire raid had taken only minutes.

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