Management Concepts Redefined

Management Productivity Planning

General Definition (At Present)
Getting things done Output centric Management by results

IEM Definition
Helping other people to produce extraordinary results People centric Management by strategy

Effective supervision
Motivation of people

Concern for task and not for people
Maslow’s Theory of Needs with some modifications

Produce performers. Help the subordinates to develop leadership quality
Emphasis on self-motivation, subordinates encouraged to be creative and given autonomy

giving. Rights become Duties given great importance and primary. money oriented environment friendly.Resources Health of the company Profitability Reliance almost on external Reliance almost on internal resources resources Balance Sheet and P/L a/c. Social In terms of good public image. costs not included in Social costs internalized. Trust of Balance Sheet customers and society Attention only on job enrichment Primary emphasis on mind enrichment Hygiene factor Rights and duties Emphasis on taking not on Emphasis on giving not on taking. autonomous Coordinating private and public benefit Structure Growth . People oriented performance. Duties become Rights assume secondary value subsidiary Hierarchical Ultimately dependent on turnover of goods Organic evolution. Private –public benefit In terms of money.

not value oriented and holistic Machine dominates man as human being receives lip sympathy As per qualifications and experiences Value oriented. holistic approach and equal emphasis on both (skills / values) Man behind the machine given due regard. Equal emphasis on quality/quantity with emphasis on subjective aspect Through cooperation by playing complementary role. market driven economy Hygiene ignored factor.System Set of inter-related elements working as a whole. Pattern of particular response expressed through organizational functioning. More emphasis on quantity and objective aspect Keen competition to capture and retain demand. uniqueness. Healthy philosophy of life. Social awareness in marketing Marketing Job satisfaction Creativity Through innovation. trouble shooting Training Functional skills. Emotional stability More stress on natural inclination and character Man – machine equation Man Placement . extraordinary result.

TQM.Quality Product quality by ISO. quality plays minor role Human quality. QC. character. Human value. values. whole man approach. mind enrichment. .

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