TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction A. B. A. B. C. D. E. F.

Current Trends about the disease condition Reasons for choosing such case for presentation Personal History Family Health-illness History History of Past illness History of Present illness Physical Examination Diagnostic and Laboratory procedures. 6 7 8 8 9 13 26 1

II. Nursing Assessment

III. Anatomy and Physiology IV. The Patient and his Illness A. Pathophysiology (Book-centered and Client-centered) 1. 2. Schematic diagram Synthesis of the disease a. Definition of the disease b. Modifiable/Non-modifiable factors c. Signs and symptoms with rationale V. The Patient and his Care A. Medical management 1. IVFs and Oxygen therapy 2. Drugs 3. Surgical Management B. Nursing Management 1. 2. VI. A. A. Nursing Care Plans Actual SOAPIERs

31 34 34 35 37

43 53 88 91 107 109 112 113 115

Patient’s Daily Progress in the hospital (From admission to discharge) Client’s Daily progress General Condition of Client upon discharge and METHOD

VII. Discharge Planning VIII. Conclusion IX. Bibliography

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