The GIRL WHO GOT A SECOND CHANCE: a fairy tale a screenplay by Dale Andersen !

"#$ Dale Andersen

!%%"! Cr&'n (alley )*'y Dale Andersen

!%%"! Cr&'n (alley )*'y S+ite ##%, D-. Ladera Ranch, CA /!0/. 10!-1"2-12!" Writers G+ild Re3 4 #0$$!%2

ite ##%, D-. 5ADE IN E6T7 A HORSE TRAIL IN THE WOODS - DA8 S9)ER: SO:EWHERE ON EARTH, LONG AGO - OR :A8;E NOT777 A h&&ded RIDER 3all&ps past, splashin3 thr&+3h p+ddles7 E6T7 NOT 5AR ;EHIND - THE SA:E :O:ENT


Three <&+nted SHAN=ALLAHS, tall, <+sc+lar 'arri&rs, p+rs+e7 E6T7 9) AHEAD > A :O:ENT LATER A fallen branch7 The H&&ded Rider clears it 'ith ease7 E6T7 ;AC= WITH THE SHAN=ALLAHS - A :O:ENT LATER The lead Shan*allah tries ?a+ltin3 the branch7 His h&rse lands a'*'ardly7 The &ther t'& sl&' d&'n, steer ar&+nd7 E6T7 A :ASSI(E T9NNEL TREE IN A CLEARING > A :O:ENT LATER The H&&ded Rider sl&'s at the t+nnel, then dashes in and thr&+3h7 The Shan*allahs arri?e, see prints leadin3 t& the t+nnel7 As they appr&ach, a r&pe sprin3s +p, d+<pin3 the<7 S&<e W&&ds<en, S@9EA=, S@9INT A S@9IRREL8, r+sh &+t and cl+b the Shan*allahs, *illin3 the< bef&re they stand bac* +p7 SB+ea* and SB+irrely chase the h&rses7 SB+int 'al*s +p t& the t+nnel and enters it7 S&+nd &f bar*in37 E6T7 ON THE OTHER SIDE O5 THE TREE T9NNEL - THE SA:E :O:ENT A clearin37 A DOG bar*s at the *ic*in3 and thrashin3 H&&ded Rider ca+3ht in a r&pe net s+spended fr&< a branch7 A f&+rth W&&ds<an, S@9AW=, reaches in, Cer*s bac* the h&&d, re?ealin3 a 8O9NG WO:AN, #/, 'ith fla<in3 red hair7 She snarls7 SB+int 'al*s +p and s<ac*s her 'ith a '&&den stic*7 She y&'ls7 E6T7 A CROWDED ;ADAAR - THE SA:E :O:ENT S9)ER: A ;ADAAR, A 5EW SHORT :ILES AWA8 LA(ELLA EO7S7F Al<sG 5&r G&dHs l&?e, al<sG


HIGG, $/, A LA(ELLA, $1, *neel in be33arIs ra3s and be33arIs b&'ls7 Acr&ss the 'ay, a SLA(E :AR=ET7 E6T7 A CLEARING - LATER THAT :ORNING The 8&+n3 W&<an, still in the net, 'hi<pers7 Nearby, t'& piles &f '&&d: &ne &f +nc+t branchesJ the &ther &f c+t '&&d b&+nd +p7 The f&+r W&&ds<en play 3&lf &n a 3rass strip 'ith '&&den cl+bs and balls7 SB+int p+tts a ball7 It ri<s &+t &f the h&le7 He +tters a silent c+rse7 E6T7 THE ;ADAAR - DA8 LA(ELLA EO7S7F Al<sG 5&r the H&ly (ir3in, al<sG The CO9NTESS and her SER(ANTS and ENTO9RAGE appr&ach7 LA(ELLA ECONTHDF N&' d&nIt f&r3et - HIGG I '&nHtG Al'ays r+nnin3 <y life7 LA(ELLA Al<s f&r the H&ly :artyrsG CO9NTESSI SER(ANT ;ac*G Let the C&+ntess passG S+ddenly Hi33 f&a<s at the <&+th, spits, r&lls in the dirt7 CO9NTESS Oh L&rdG The p&&r <anHs p&ssessedG Hi33 h&'ls li*e a '&lf, brays li*e a d&n*ey7 LA(ELLA :y h+sbandG De<&nHs 3&t his s&+lG Hi33 bar*s at the C&+ntessI Ser?ant, snaps at his an*les7 LA(ELLA ECONTHDF Kes+s blesses the <ercif+l, LadyG Hi33 r+ts li*e a pi37 The C&+ntess 3asps in h&rr&r, snaps her fin3ers7 5i?e 3&ld c&ins clin* int& La(ellaHs b&'l7 E6T7 THE CLEARING - THE SA:E :O:ENT SB+irrely, SB+ea*, SB+a'* A SB+int play 3&lf7

. S@9INT We sell her at the baLaar7 That red hairHs f&r a L&rdHs bed7 Or a p+blic h&+se7 ;+t f&r sil?er, there <+st be n& d&+bt &n her ?irt+e7 S@9AW= (irt+eM H&' '&+ld they *n&'M S@9INT They ta*e the G&&d ;&&* and the7 SB+int ta*es SB+a'*Hs hand and <i<es placin3 it &n a ;ible7 S@9INT ECONTHDF A+cti&neer says, NN&' &n pain &f y&+r s&+l, d& ye s'ear sheIs p+reMN SB+a'* Cer*s his hand a'ay, l&&*s at it as if thereIs a bl&t &n it7 SB+int n&ds a+th&ritati?ely, t+rns, 'al*s a'ay7 S@9AW= H&'Hd he 3et s& s<artM S@9IRREL8 He +sed t& be a priest7 E6T7 THE CLEARING > LATER THAT :ORNING

S&+nd &f a lar3e <an c&<in37 The W&&ds<en 3rab hatchets and 3et bac* t& ch&ppin3 and b+ndlin3 '&&d as ;IG KE:, three h+ndred p&+nds &f s&lid <+scle, b+rsts int& the &pen7 ;IG KE: I eOpected it t& be c+t anI ready7 S@9INT S&rry, ;i3 Ke<7 Speed +p, LadsG ;IG KE: That a 3irl &?er thereM S@9INT Set a trap f&r 'ild pi3s7 She r&de ri3ht in7 Shan*allahs after her7 ;i3 Ke< 'al*s t& 'here the 8&+n3 W&<an han3s, scr+nches d&'n7 They stare at each &ther7 ;IG KE: 8&+ l&&* li*e a b&rder 3irl7 8O9NG WO:AN IH< fr&< De*ia Rash&7

1 ;IG KE: L&ts &f redheads in De*ia Rash&7 8O9NG WO:AN One less n&'7 ;IG KE: I 'as there at the last Shan*allah 'ar7 They 'anted a fe' 3&&d <en7 Still re<e<ber the chief 'h& si3ned <e +p7 Na<e 'as De*iarasha :a<&7 8O9NG WO:AN He 'as <y +ncle7 ;IG KE: WasM 8O9NG WO:AN =illed7 ;IG KE: S&rry7 He sa?ed <y life &nce7 8O9NG WO:AN 8&+ thin*in3 t& b+y <eM ;IG KE: N&7 :y 'ifeId bl&' her t&p7 8O9NG WO:AN S& y&+Ill let the< dra3 <e &ffM ;IG KE: D&nIt <iO <e in &n this7 8O9NG WO:AN 8&+ *n&' 'hat they d& at a+cti&ns7 ;+t I sHp&se thatIs &*ay 'ith - ;IG KE: ItIs n&t 'hether itIs &*ay &r - 8O9NG WO:AN )lease b+y <e7 IH< as*in3, please7 ;i3 Ke< stands, starts t& 'al* a'ay7 She calls after hi<7 8O9NG WO:AN ECONTHDF 8&+ said <y +ncle sa?ed y&+r life7 8&+ c&+ld repay by 3i?in3 his niece a sec&nd chance7 8&+ &'e hi< thatG ;i3 Ke< st&ps, t+rns, a P'hy <eMQ l&&* &n his face7

0 E6T7 A SIDE ALLE8 - DA8 La(ella c&+ntin3 c&ins, Hi33 p+ffin3 &n a ci3ar7 HIGG G&&d day7 5i?e 3&lds, T'& c&ppers7 They r&+nd a bend and ;9:) int& the belly &f SHERI55 WILLIS7 SHERI55 WILLIS Well, :aster :arc+s Hi33ins7 Well 'ell7 A l&n3 ti<e itHs been, Hi337 He st+bs the ci3ar &+t &n Hi33Is hat, sB+eeLes La(ellaHs 'rist7 C&ins dr&p int& his pal<7 He 'al*s &ff, h+<<in37 La(ella pic*s +p a r&c*, sails it past his ear7 Willis st&ps, t+rns7 La(ella 3lares bac*, a sec&nd r&c* p&ised in her hand7 Tense <&<ent7 Then Willis bl&'s a *iss, 'al*s &ff, clin*in3 the c&ins and disappears ar&+nd a c&rner7 HIGG Did y&+ ha?e t& ins+lt hi<, petM LA(ELLA Oh, sh+t +pG HIGG H&' 'e 3&nna eatM He t&&* &+r 3&ld7 LA(ELLA N&t all7 She &pens her pal<, displayin3 a sin3le 3&ld c&in7 E6T7 THE CLEARING - DA8 ;i3 Ke< 'al*s the 8&+n3 W&<an t& her h&rse7 ;IG KE: T&ld He< if they didnIt free y&+, y&+r +ncleId c&<e 'ith a th&+sand &f his friends7 8O9NG WO:AN Than* y&+7 ;IG KE: 8&+ didnIt say h&' y&+r +ncle died7 8O9NG WO:AN It 'as y&+r preci&+s princess7 ;IG KE: She ainIt <y princess7

% 8O9NG WO:AN Her tr&&ps 'ere <ar*in3 the b&rder7 Dra3&&ned &+r <en f&r '&r* 3an3s7 9ncle said n&7 They c+t his thr&at7 They arri?e at the h&rse7 She +nties and <&+nts it7 ;IG KE: S&rry7 S& 'hatHs neOt f&r y&+M 8O9NG WO:AN IHll 3et '&r*, send <&ney h&<e t& :+<7 ThereIs an Inn a fe' <iles +p7 They hire De*ia Rash& 3irls7 ;IG KE: R&+3h place7 IId ad?ise y&+ d&nIt7 8O9NG WO:AN I *n&' 'hat IH< d&in37 She 'a?es as she rides &ff7 ;IG KE: 5&r3&t t& as*G WhatIs y&+r na<eM 8O9NG WO:AN SabaG E6T7 A S)ACESHI) IN EARTH OR;IT - NIGHT A LANDER separates fr&< the Spaceship and blasts &ff7 INT7 LANDER CARGO ;A8 - THE SA:E :O:ENT A y&+n3 <an, A:LA=, !., h&lds &n as the ship sh+dders and sha*es7 TIN :AN, a h+<an-li*e r&b&t, s'in3s fr&< a h&&*7 TIN :AN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG E6T7 ENTERING THE STRATOS)HERE - A :O:ENT LATER The Lander p&'ers d&'n'ards7 The heat shield c&?erin3 the h+ll b+rsts int& fla<es as if it 'ere a 3iant 5IER8 ;ALL7 E6T7 THE DIRT )ATH TO THE INN - THE SA:E :O:ENT La(ella A Hi33 tr+d3e t&'ard the li3hts and la+3hter ahead7

2 LA(ELLA 5i?e 3&lds and the Sheriff ta*es f&+r7 One sec&nd, 'eHre &n t&p &f the <&+ntain, the neOt, 'eHre in a pit7 :&re pr&&f &f G&dHs 'rathG She l&&*s +p at the starry Hea?ens, sha*es her fist7 LA(ELLA ECONTHDF G&d, if this be 3&&d as itIll e?er be, let fire the Earth c&nf&+ndG The 5IER8 ;ALL cr&sses the s*y f&ll&'ed by a SONIC ;OO:7 HIGG Oh, y&+H?e d&ne it n&', )et7 E6T7 THE HORSE)ATH TO THE INN - THE SA:E :O:ENT S&+nd &f la+3hter fr&< the Inn7 )RINCE ANDREAS, !2, his b&dy3+ards, LAN= A ;RIC=, &n h&rsebac*, pass a b&ttle7 LAN= :aids therein be pri<e c+ts, Sir )rince7 N&t a p&r* ch&p in the l&t7 The 5iery ;all cr&sses the s*y f&ll&'ed by the S&nic ;&&<7 ;RIC= The rapt+reG The Ap&calypseG )RINCE ANDREAS D& y&+ thin* it 'asM LAN= N&7 The s*yHs +p there, 'eHre still here7 ItHs a 3lad &<en, Sir )rince7 )rince Andreas dis<&+nts, 'al*s t&'ard the d&&r7 Lan* p&ints t& three fe<ale faces, &ne &f the< Saba, at the 'ind&'7 LAN= ECONTHDF I see ripe fr+it ready t& be pl+c*ed, :y )rince7 The INN=EE)ER and three neHer-d&-'ells, SNORT, ;ELCH A T9;;S, r+sh &+t7 T+bbs, !1, is fat and hide&+sly +3ly7 INN=EE)ER The th+nderG And the flashG SNORT Was a de<&n, 'as it n&tM ;ELCH Or the De?il hi<selfG

/ The Inn*eeper sees )rince Andreas7 He 'hips his hat &ff7 INN=EE)ER Ap&l&3ies, :y L&rdG In the cha&s, I failed t& n&te y&+r n&ble presence7 The Inn*eeper b&'s, r+shes t& h&ld &pen the d&&r7 )rince Andreas t+rns t& ;ric* A Lan*7 )RINCE ANDREAS If <y :+< passes by, d&nHt tell her IH< 'ithin7 Say IH< inc&<<+nicad&, E)&ints t& SabaHs faceF in prayer at the altar &f an an3el7 It 'ill s&&th her saintly bias7 He ta*es his cr+cifiO, *isses it, t&sses it t& ;ric*7 He steps inside7 The Inn*eeper cl&ses the d&&r7 E6T7 A CLEARING IN THE WOODS - NIGHT S9)ER: :ILES AND :ILES AWA8 ON A WOODED RI(ER;AN= The Lander h&?ers &ff the 3r&+nd7 5l&&dli3hts ill+<inate the area7 T'& CREW:EN, h+<an-li*e r&b&ts, stand in the &pen car3& bay7 A<la* stands &n the 3r&+nd &+tside7 CREW:AN # A <essa3e fr&< y&+r <&ther, Sir7 Cre'<an ! reads fr&< a sheet &f paper7 CREW:AN ! S&n7 8&+r stepfather and I are saddened by y&+r ref+sal t& s+pp&rt fa<ily interests7 After <+ch s&+lsearchin3, 'e deter<ined the best c&+rse is t& send y&+ far fr&< the distracti&ns &f the )alace t& let y&+ reflect7 9se this ti<e 'isely7 They disappear inside7 S&+nd &f hea?y thin3s bein3 shifted7 A '&&d crate is t&ssed &+t7 WH9:)))G Then the Tin :an, his le3 hittin3 a r&c* > =RRANGGG - and he r&lls int& a p+ddle7 Car3& d&&r slides sh+t, fl&&dli3hts s'itch &ff7 The Lander r+<bles t& life and r&c*ets +p and a'ay7 A<la* l&&*s +p7 A:LA= O*ay, :a<a7 What else y&+ 3&tM )l&pG A <etallic sna*e-li*e thin3, t'& feet l&n3, lands at his feet7 It stretches itself &+t, slithers t&'ard Tin :an7 INT7 THE INN - NIGHT

#" A )9; inside7 Sn&rt, ;elch A T+bbs drin*7 A WENCH ser?es and d&d3es pinchers7 An ARTIST, 01, sits apart d&in3 s*etches7 The Inn*eeper 'atches the cashb&O7 Three LADIES-O5-THENIGHT, the sa<e &nes seen in the 'ind&', sit by the d&&r7 )rince Andreas raises a b&ttle in t&ast7 The Ladies s<ile7 LAD8-O5-THE-NIGHT # S+ch rich cl&thin37 Wh& is heM LAD8-O5-THE-NIGHT ! A *ni3htM A <erchantHs s&nM SA;A I h&pe he li*es redheads7 The Artist hands Saba a s*etch7 INSERT - The S*etch A dra'in3 &f Saba in a pr&?&cati?ely er&tic, n+de p&se7 ;AC= TO SCENE She bl+shes in sha<e, sh&?es the s*etch bac* at the Artist, C+st as )rince Andreas slaps a sil?er c&in &n the c&+nter7 )RINCE ANDREAS Let the nectar fl&' f&r the ladsG E9nder his breathF 8&n redhead d&es intri3+e <e7 The Wench p&+rs a r&+nd7 Sn&rt and ;elch sin3 NHeHs A K&lly G&&d 5ell&'7N T+bbs d&es n&t C&in in7 A stran3ely-seri&+s l&&* has cr&ssed his face7 The Inn*eeper pr&ffers a *ey7 INN=EE)ER R&&< !, Sir7 In bac*, &n the ri3ht7 E6T7 AT THE ;AC= O5 THE INN AT A WINDOW - NIGHT LA(ELLA I d&nHt li*e snea*in3 in 'ind&'s7 HIGG ;etter than sleepin3 in a ditch7 LA(ELLA Hi33M 5ire in the s*y7 Was it - HIGG N&thin3, pet7 K+st an &dd li3ht7 She ta*es &ne last l&&* +p, shi?ers7 E6T7 ;AC= AT THE WOODED RI(ER;AN= - NIGHT

## A<la* tries p+ttin3 the sna*e in a sl&t in Tin :anHs bac*7 TIN :AN 8&+Hre p+shin3 t&& far in7 A:LA= IH< d&in3 <y best7 TIN :AN )+sh in and h&&* it left7 That s& hardM ThereG 8&+ scre'ed +p a3ain7 A:LA= 8&+ *eep flinchin37 TIN :AN Oh, n& 'ay7 8&+Hre the flincher7 INT7 A))ROACHING A DOOR IN THE DOWNSTAIRS HALLWA8 - NIGHT SA;A This 'ay, :y L&rd7 )RINCE ANDREAS D&nHt say L&rd7 IH< n&t a L&rd7 Tell <e &f y&+r7 Ah7 ;+siness7 SA;A N&t a s+re b+siness yet, Sir, as t&dayHs <y first day7 )RINCE ANDREAS 5irst dayM I <+st be y&+r first client7 H&pe I pr&?e a 3&&d &ne7 He ta*es the li3hted candle fr&< the sc&nce, h&lds it +p t& the shiny <etal N$7N )RINCE ANDREAS WhatHs &+r r&&<M T'&M Is this t'&M SA;A N&, Sir7 ItHs three7 )RINCE ANDREAS Then itIs &ne t& the left &r ri3htM He sets b&ttle d&'n, ta*es a 3&ld c&in, prepares t& flip7 )RINCE ANDREAS ECONTHDF Heads, left, tails, ri3ht7 Call it7 SA;A Tails, Sir7 He flips, catches the c&in7

#! )RINCE ANDREAS Tails it is7 8&+Ire <y l+c*y char<7 He p&ints ri3ht7 Ta*in3 a s'i3, he 3est+res Saba t& 3& ahead7 He f&ll&'s, f&r the first ti<e eyein3 her 'ith l+st7 INT7 ;AC= IN THE )9; T+bbs stands, 'ipes his <&+th, 3est+res t&'ard the bac*7 T9;;S IH< &ff t& see N&ble L&rd7 ;ELCH Lea?inH y&+r c+p, T+bbsM T9;;S It can 'ait7 When y&+ see <e neOt, IHll be a <an &f enhanced f&rt+ne7 ;ELCH Enhanced fr&< &ne c&pper t& t'&M T9;;S La+3h if y&+ 'ill7 IH< set t& in3ratiate <yself 'ith His N&bleness, a<aLe hi< 'ith <y talents, s*ills and abilities7 SNORT Layab&+t b&&Ler li*e y&+, T+bbsM The Artist h&lds +p a s*etch7 INSERT - The S*etch A cart&&n &f a hide&+sly fat, na*ed T+bbs 'ith a pi3 face7 ;AC= TO SCENE E?ery&ne b+t T+bbs la+3hs7 E6T7 A CA:)SITE ON A HILLTO) - NIGHT Ca<pfire blaLes7 The crate lay &pen, 'ith t&&ls and parts &f a CO::9NICATIONS DISH scattered ab&+t7 Tin :an has detached his l&'er ri3ht le3 at the *nee7 He sha*es the 'ater &+t7 A:LA= I *n&' the drill7 8&+Ire n&t here as <y pal7 8&+Ire :a<aIs eyes and ears, spyin3 &n <e7 TIN :AN S& y&+ 3&t it all sc&ped &+t, ehM

#$ Tin :an starts t& reattach his le37 DA)G Electricity crac*les, li3htin3 hi< +p7 The le3 part b&+nces &ff a tree7 The sna*e sh&&ts &+t his bac*7 A<la* r+shes t& help7 TIN :AN ECONTHDF D&nIt t&+ch <eG D&nItG T&+chG :eG Tin :an dra3s hi<self t& his le3 part and reattaches it, this ti<e n& Lap7 Tin :an p&ints t& the <etallic sna*e, slitherin3 in a circle, and t& the sl&t in his bac*7 A:LA= What eOactly d&es that thin3 d&M TIN :AN That Nthin3N has ser?ice pac*s, +p3rades and releases t& <a*e <e the best r&b&t I can be7 O*ayM Tin :an 3i?es hi< a N'ell, 3et &n 'ith itN l&&*7 INT7 IN ANOTHER )ART O5 THE DOWNSTAIRS HALLWA8 - NIGHT T+bbs r&+nds a c&rner, nearly trips &?er a CLEANING LAD87 T9;;S WhereHs N&ble Sir and the tartM She l&&*s +p, shr+3s7 T+bbs sees a stair'ay, 3&es +pstairs7 INT7 A DOWNSTAIRS ROO: Hi33 A La(ella sit at a table7 A candle b+rns7 Hi33 reaches f&r the &ne 3&ld c&in7 La(ella slaps the hand a'ay7 HIGG )et, 'eHre a tea<7 Tr+st <e7 LA(ELLA I tr+st y&+ t& 3& t& the p+bG S&+nds &+tside the d&&r7 Hi33 p+ts a fin3er t& his lips7 INT7 AGAINST THE DOOR O9TSIDE HIGG A LA(ELLAHS ROO: )rince Andreas presses a3ainst Saba, hand +p her s*irt7 SA;A This isnHt decent, Sir7 He pa's her, presses her ti3hter a3ainst the d&&r7

#. INT7 THE 9)STAIRS HALLWA8 T+bbs r+ns d&'n the hall, st&ppin3 t& ban3 &n a d&&r7 N&ble SirG G& a'ayG He r+ns t& an&ther d&&r, ban3s &n it7 5E:ALE (OICE 5RO: INSIDE EO7S7F Har&ld, a thiefIs at the d&&rG :ALE (OICE 5RO: INSIDE EO7S7F ;e &ff &r IHll thr&ttle yeG He ban3s &n an&ther d&&r7 Silence7 He tries it7 ItHs &pen7 N&ble SirM T9;;S N&ble SirM T9;;S N&ble SirG :ALE (OICE 5RO: INSIDE EO7S7F

He peers int& the dar*ness as the c&ntents &f a cha<berp&t are e<ptied &?er hi< and the d&&r sla<s7 He stands drippin37 INT7 THE DOWNSTAIRS HALL SA;A N&, SirG N&G N&t &+t hereG She p+shes hard7 SheHs str&n37 He sta33ers bac*7 She 3i?es hi< an PAnd I <ean itGQ 3lare7 He han3s his head7 )RINCE ANDREAS 8&+Hre ri3ht7 He thr&'s the b&ttle a3ainst the 'all7 It s<ashes7 )RINCE ANDREAS ECONTHDF ItIs the drin*7 I e<barrass <yself and the &nes IH< 'ith7 I ap&l&3iLe7 He dra's a Ce'elled blade7 )RINCE ANDREAS ECONTHDF I pled3e hencef&rth t& be y&+r tr+e 3entle<an7 And y&+Hll be <y lady7 He b&'s, then dr+n*enly readies hi<self t& *ic* in the d&&r7 )RINCE ANDREAS ECONTHDF Gentle<an <+st ens+re his ladyHs r&&< is clear &f any f&+l entities7 She 3asps as he *ic*s hard at the d&&r7 It splinters7

#1 INT7 HIGG A LA(ELLAHS ROO: La(ella A Hi33, h&ldin3 a cl+b, are at the 'all by the d&&r as it is *ic*ed in7 A hand 'ith a Ce'eled blade appears7 )RINCE ANDREAS EO7S7F C&<e &+t, all y&+ sc+r?y d&3sG Hi33 s'in3s and <isses7 The cl+b flies fr&< his hand7 )rince Andreas b+rsts in, sees Hi33, 3&es int& a fi3htin3 cr&+ch7 )RINCE ANDREAS ECONTHDF AhaG Ca+3ht a f&+l entity, I didG Hi33 3rabs )rince AndreasH 'rist7 La(ella pic*s +p the cl+b, s<ac*s hi< &n the n&se as Hi33 t'ists his 'rist, t+rnin3 the blade bac*, dri?in3 it int& his chest7 ;l&&d sprays7 )rince Andreas falls, the *nife deep in his chest7 Saba screa<s7 HIGG Oh :&ther &f G&d, I didnHt <ean itG It slippedG 8&+ sa' it, didnHt y&+M La(ella 3rabs Saba, tries t& c&?er her <&+th7 Saba bites her7 La(ella rips her s*irt f&r a 3a37 LA(ELLA Hi33G Help <e sh+t her +pG Saba *ic*s Hi33 C+st bef&re he c&rrals her an*les7 They all fall 'ith Hi33 A La(ella &n t&p &f the *ic*in3, spittin3, bitin3 Saba7 La(ella st+ffs a ra3 in SabaIs <&+th7 INT7 THE )9; A ten-year-&ld LAD s'eeps the fl&&r7 SNORT DiCa hear itM W&<anHs cry, I all&'7 INN=EE)ER It 'as the 'indG Lad, tell the t'& <en &+tside t& see ab&+t N&ble SirG The Lad dr&ps his br&&<, dashes &+t7 INT7 THE O)EN DOORWA8 O5 HIGG A LA(ELLAHS ROO: Saba lies, tied and 3a33ed7 La(ella A Hi33 *neel by )rince Andreas7 La(ella p+lls a thic* 3&ld c&in fr&< his p&c*et7 LA(ELLA 5ine '&r* that7 H&ly (ir3in &n &ne side7 St K&seph &n the &ther7

#0 )rince AndreasH eyes flic*er &pen, his lips <&?e7 )RINCE ANDREAS :&ther, IH< s&rry7 5&r3i?e <e7 He 3rabs La(ella by her bl&+se, p+lls her t& hi<7 )RINCE ANDREAS ECONTHDF I be3 y&+, :&ther, f&r3i?e <eG HIGG 5&r G&dHs l&?e, f&r3i?e hi<G LA(ELLA I7 I f&r3i?e y&+, S&n7 )rince Andreas si3hs, s<iles, releases her, sin*s bac* d&'n7 INT7 THE )9; ;ANGG The 5r&nt D&&r &pens7 Lan* A ;ric* enter, s'&rds &+t7 LAN= WhatHs happened t& the )rinceM INN=EE)ER Wh&M Did y&+ say theM The )rinceM ;RIC= )rince Andreas, heir t& the Cr&'n R&yal7 Lad said y&+ heard a screa<7 INN=EE)ER TH'as the 'ind, far as I *n&'7 LAN= Where is he, y&+ sac* &f pi3 3+tsM The Inn*eeper p&ints t& the bac*7 Lan* A ;ric* dash &ff7 INT7 THE O)EN DOORWA8 O5 HIGG A LA(ELLAHS ROO: :&&nli3ht &n the c&rpse &f )rince Andreas, a s<ile &n his face7 O+tside, the s&+nd &f h&&fbeats7 Then the s&+nd &f r+nnin3 d&'n a staircase and s+ddenly, T+bbs stands there7 T9;;S N&ble SirG Oh n&7 Oh n&7 He 3&es d&'n &n &ne *nee, p+lls the *nife fr&< his chest7 T9;;S ECONTHDF WhereHs the tartM WhereHs the redheaded 3irlM Did she d& thisM

#% He 'ipes the blade &n his t+nic7 He h&lds it +p7 T9;;S ECONTHDF If I had been here, N&ble Sir, I '&+ld ha?e pr&tected y&+ li*e s&G He thr+sts and parries, as Lan* A ;ric* r&+nd the c&rner7 LAN= The )rinceIs bladeG ;l&&d &n his c&atG WhatHd y&+ d&, y&+ fat sc+<M E6T7 THE CA:)SITE - DA8 T&&ls lay by a partially-asse<bled Dish7 A pi3 carcass han3s by a h&&*7 A<la* starts a ca<pfire7 Tin :an ta*es a c+ttin3 t&&l, snaps it t& his 'rist, be3ins s*innin3 the pi37 TIN :AN Gi?en any th&+3ht t& TreHDeanM A:LA= 8&+ as*in3 f&r :a<a &r y&+rselfM TIN :AN 5&r3et y&+r :a<a7 WeIre C+st c&n?ersin37 TreIDeanIs a fine 3irl7 A:LA= She <ay be that, b+t I d&nIt ha?e feelin3s f&r her7 N&t s+re 'hy, b+t the 3irl I see* <+st be &ne I canHt 3et &+t &f <y <ind, s&<e&ne 'h&Is a c&nstant s&+rce &f '&nder and a'e7 TIN :AN W&nder7 A'e7 S+re d&nHt as* <+ch7 A:LA= If she feels s&<ethin3, I sh&+ld feel it, t&&7 Instantane&+sly7 TIN :AN N&' he 'ants telepathy7 8&+Ire a c&nstant s&+rce &f '&nder y&+rself7 INT7 A ;ARN > DA8 T9;;S EO7S7F I s'ear itG I didnHt *ill hi<G Na*ed, T+bbs han3s fr&< a bea<, 'hip and c+t <ar*s &n hi<7 ;ric* ta*es a red h&t ir&n and presses it t& T+bbsH s*in7 T9;;S ECONTHDF It 'as SatanG

#2 LAN= Nice try7 8&+Hre sc+<7 When the )rince ca<e d&'n the hall, y&+ sa' a <an bri<<in3 'ith all that y&+ lac*ed7 And y&+ hated hi<G T9;;S N&G N&G I l&?ed hi<7 I - LAN= And y&+ sn+ffed his life &+t, didnHt y&+M DidnHt y&+M DidnHt y&+M ;ric* drapes a 'hite-h&t chain &n T+bbs7 SiLLle &f b+rnin3 flesh7 T+bbs screa<s as Inn*eeper enters 'ith ;elch A Sn&rt7 INN=EE)ER His drin*in3 ch+<s7 5ine lads all7 LAN= Well, 'hat did he tell y&+M ;ELCH Said, HIH< &ff t& in3ratiate hi<self 'ith N&ble Sir,H Sir7 SNORT T& de<&nstrate his special s*ills7 LAN= He had &ne special s*ill f&r s+re7 S*ill f&r a<b+sh7 )rince died 'ith a s<ile7 Ne?er *ne' 'hat hit hi<7 T+bbsH head sl+<ps f&r'ard7 ;ric* Cer*s his head +p7 ;RIC= HeHs dead7 LAN= T&& badG I 'anted t& B+esti&n hi< ab&+t the redheaded tart7 E6T7 A 5OR= IN THE ROAD - DA8 One SIGN reads: NCHR8SALO)OLIS RO8AL CIT87N The &ther: NSHAN=ALLAH ;ORDERGN Hi33 A La(ella ha?e Saba tied &n a h&rse li*e a sac* &f p&tat&es7 Hi33 3ets &ff, c+ts a r&pe7 Saba t+<bles &ff7 Hi33 li3hts a ci3ar, ta*es a p+ff7 HIGG Lea?e &r stay7 8&+r ch&ice7 If y&+ lea?e, be f&re'arned y&+Hll be d&d3in3 the dead <anHs friends, y&+r li*eness n& d&+bt tatt&&ed &n their brain7 If y&+ stay, first ti<e y&+ 'hine, 'eHll d+<p y&+7

#/ Saba stands, d+sts herself &ff7 Hi33 p+ffs a'ay7 HIGG ECONTHDF That <an 'as hi3h b&rn7 Cl&thes7 Speech7 De<ean&r7 :ar*s &f distincti&n, p&tentate, a L&rd - SA;A He said n&t t& call hi< that7 HIGG N&t call hi< 'hatM SA;A L&rd7 N&t a L&rd, he said7 HIGG N&t a L&rd then, b+t a <an &f p&'er and 'ealth7 Re'ardHll be p&sted in the R&yal City7 Tr&&psHll be e?ery'here7 We <+st 3& else'here7 LA(ELLA WeIre n&t 3&in3 t& the Shan*allahs7 II< n&t paintin3 <y thin3s bl+e &r stic*in3 a '&&d pl+3 in <y n&se7 Saba clears her thr&at7 Hi33 and La(ella t+rn7 SA;A We c&+ld 3& t& De*ia Rash&7 HIGG WhereMG SA;A De*ia Rash&7 LA(ELLA Is that an act+al placeM SA;A ;&rder t&'n7 5ar fr&< the r&yal sheriffs and c&+rts and the li*e7 A l&&* passes bet'een La(ella and Hi337 Hi33 n&ds7 E6T7 ;EHIND THE ROADHO9SE - DA8 (+lt+res pic* at T+bbsH c&rpse7 In a nearby <ead&', Lan*, ;ric* A The Inn*eeper stand, hats &ff, bef&re a fresh 3ra?e7 ;RIC= We sh&+ld be ta*in3 hi< bac*7 LAN= Aye, he sh&+ld be in a r&yal t&<b7

!" INN=EE)ER ThatHs 'here IHd disa3ree, Sir7 A B+ic* b+rial is ri3ht7 And letHs recall 'hy the )rince ca<e here7 ;ric* A Lan*Is hands 3& t& their s'&rd hilts7 INN=EE)ER ECONTHDF Hear <e &+tG If heIs <&?ed, thereId be 3&ssip7 Especially fr&< '&<en7 Lea?e hi< here and p+t +p a 3rand <ar*er7 Th&+sands 'ill c&<e t& pay h&<a3e and spend <&ney and it '&+ld be t& e?ery&neHs interest t& recall ETa*es &+t a c&in, 'in*sF the )rinceHs n&bility 'ith n& l&&se tal* &f <+rder &r red-headed tarts7 ;RIC= HeHs ri3ht7 LAN= ;+t 'eHre <a*in3 y&+ resp&nsibleG The Inn*eeper b&'s and 'al*s a'ay7 Lan* is deep in th&+3ht7

LAN= S&<eh&' the tart played a r&le7 E6T7 THE HIGH DESERT ROAD TO DE=IA RASHO - DA8 Hi33, La(ella, Saba &n h&rsebac*7 Hi33 rides al&n3side Saba, chattin3 her +p7 They la+3h7 La(ella s<&lders7 E6T7 IN 5RONT O5 THE ROADHO9SE - DA8 ;elch A Sn&rt appr&ach ;ric* A Lan*, 'ith a brace &f h&rses7 ;ELCH C&n?ey t& the @+een that 'e, her l&yal s+bCects, 3rie?e her l&ss7 ;RIC= @+een, y&+ sayM Did y&+ ne3lect t& <enti&n His Hi3hness, the =in3M Lan* st+dies their faces intently7 LAN= 8&+Hre a'are His :aCesty and the @+een are li?in3 apartM ;ELCH Aye and 'e pray daily f&r a speedy and C&y&+s rec&ncile<ent, Sir7

!# Lan* A ;ric* ta*e the reins &f the H&rses7 LAN= Tell +s &f the red-headed tart7 ;ELCH She 'as ne'7 ;+t the Inn*eeper let her sit 'ith the re3+lar 3irls7 LAN= :i3ht 'e 3et a descripti&nM ;ELCH ThereHs an &ld s&d 'h& d&es s*etches7 =een eye7 :i3ht ha?e a pict&rial representati&n7 LAN= Where <i3ht this 3raphic 'iLard beM Sn&rt p&ints t& the Inn and <i<es drin*in3 fr&< a b&ttle7 E6T7 THE CA:)SITE - NIGHT The pi3 r&asts &n a spit7 A<la* 3na's &n a C&int &f <eat7 Tin :an '&r*s &n the Dish, r&tatin3 it7 The <&nit&r displays sn&'7 Only static c&<es fr&< the a+di&7 E6T7 A))ROACHING THE 5OR= IN THE ROAD - DA8 Lan* A ;ric* r&+nd a c+r?e and pass a field 'here t'& ;O8S practice p+ttin3 balls int& rabbit h&les7 The ;&ys 'a?e7 They ride &n and halt at the t'& Si3ns7 They dis<&+nt7 LAN= When they hear ab&+t the )rince, &+r li?es '&nHt be '&rth a c&pper7 ;RIC= S& 'here d& 'e 3&M And d&nHt say t& =in3 Gara<anC&Hs Shan*allahs7 A l&n3 silence 'hile Lan* thin*s7 Then he snaps his fin3ers7 LAN= There is &ne r&yal lady - INT7 THE GREAT HALL O5 THE A;;E8 - NIGHT S9)ER: The Abbey &f :ary @+een &f Hea?en T&rches b+rn hi3h &n the 'alls7 Ar<ed :ON=S stand 3+ard7 S&+nd &f a ladyHs heels clic*in3 &n tile7 A;;OT RODOL5O, %", and ;ROTHER 8A=O;, .", a'ait as )RINCESS ANDRESSA, !2,

!! bea+tif+l in a dar* dan3er&+s 'ay, b+rsts fr&< the shad&'s7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA :y <&ther, the @+eenG Where is sheM E6T7 THE HIGH DESERT ROAD - NIGHT La(ella leads7 Hi33 and Saba, side-by-side, ride behind7 HIGG Ah, petM Saba and I ha?e c&nc&cted a tip-t&p b+siness plan7 LA(ELLA Ha?e y&+7 HIGG A strip tease7 In De*ia Rash&, itHd be tal*-&f-the-t&'n, a s+re-fire <&ney-<a*er7 :enHd 3& 'ild7 LA(ELLA W&+ld they7 HIGG K+st i<a3ine a s&ft, crea<y - La(ella slides a sh&rt cl+b fr&< +nder her saddle7 INT7 THE GREAT HALL IN THE A;;E8 - NIGHT )RINCESS ANDRESSA The =in3 as*s 'hy his 'ife, <y <&ther, is n&t in her palace7 A;;OT RODOL5O Her pris&n, y&+ <ean7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA SheIs free t& c&<e and 3&7 A;;OT RODOL5O A h+ndred dra3&&ns 'atchin3 herM N&, Lady Andressa7 IHll n&t play in y&+r <+d p+ddle7 @+een is n&t B+een, ha?in3 ren&+nced her title7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA She hasnHt the a+th&rityG A;;OT RODOL5O She disa3reesG She 'ishes t& be *n&'n si<ply as Sister Christa7 A :ON= in a chefHs apr&n enters, b&'s7

!$ A;;OT RODOL5O ECONTHDF AhG Dinner7 K&in +s, LadyM )rincess Andressa fiOes hi< 'ith a <+rder&+s 3lare, t+rns and eOits in a f+ry7 He si3nals ;r&ther 8a*&b t& f&ll&' her7 E6T7 THE HIGH DESERT ROAD - NIGHT Hi33 lies cr+<pled in the dirt7 Saba *neels at his side7 SA;A 8&+ *illed hi<G LA(ELLA One can &nly 'ishG La(ella dis<&+nts, <&?es <enacin3ly t&'ard Saba7 LA(ELLA ECONTHDF Get +pG SA;A Stay a'ayG LA(ELLA Get +pG N& first-day-&n-the-C&b 'h&re is 3&in3 t& - Saba la+nches herself at La(ella7 They 3rapple, r&ll in the dirt7 In the distance, a p&int &f li3ht flares +p7 HIGG EO7S7F Oh :y G&dG St&pG L&&*G St&pG La(ella has Saba pinned7 She raises the cl+b7 HIGG EO7S7 CONTHDF La(ella petG N&G St&pG Hi33 3rabs La(ellaHs ar<7 )etG HIGG St&pG L&&*G

La(ella l&&*s, dr&ps the cl+b7 Saba eOhales7 LA(ELLA Oh <y G&dG What is itM Saba l&&*s7 SA;A ItHs De*ia Rash&G ItHs &n fireG E6T7 THE A;;E8 - NIGHT

!. )rincess Andressa appr&aches her Carria3e7 Her COACH:EN a'ait, a<&n3 the< E:A:9, a nine f&&t tall Shan*allah7 She senses sheHs bein3 f&ll&'ed7 She t+rns t& see ;r&ther 8a*&b7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA The Abb&t bla<es <e f&r <y parents7 L&n3 ha?e I stri?en f&r his tr+st7 ;ROTHER 8A=O; Abb&t R&d&lf& tr+sts &nly in G&d7 IH< a si<ple <&n*7 If I can help7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA I *ne' y&+ 'ere a <an &f c&<passi&n7 Say t& the Abb&t ESlides her rin3 &ffF 8&+Ire 3&in3 t& the desert t& pray7 C&<e t& the palace7 Sh&' this rin37 She r+ns t& the Carria3e, st&ps, l&&*s bac*7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ECONTHDF 8&+Hre <y &nly h&pe, ;r&ther 8a*&b7 She cli<bs in, the d&&r cl&ses7 Her face appears in the rear 'ind&' as the Carria3e cr&sses the <&at7 E<a<+ flashes a <enacin3 3rin7 ;r&ther 8a*&b l&&*s at the rin3 and shi?ers7 E6T7 THE CA:)SITE - NIGHT A<la* stares int& the c&als7 Tin :an tests the asse<bled Dish7 He 3ets b+rsts &f 'hat s&+nds li*e speech, b+t <&stly he 3ets sn&' and static7 He c+rses +nder his breath7 E6T7 DE=IA RASHO - NIGHT A <&&nscape &f ashes7 Sc&res &f c&rpses lay scattered7 SA;A EO7S7F Oh G&dG N&G N&G :a<aG Oh G&d, SisG Saba 3all&ps &ff7 Hi33 starts after her7 La(ella st&ps hi<7 He dis<&+nts, 3&es thr&+3h the p&c*ets &f a c&rpse, finds a sil?er c&in7 La(ella 3i?es hi< a l&&*7 He p+ts it bac*7 S&+nd &f a d&&r bein3 *ic*ed in7 Hi33 p&ints t& a ;9ILDING7 They 3& d&'n an alley7 T'& :en in ar<y 3arb c&nfr&nt the<7 These are )L9G and STOR=7 )l+3 dra's a bi3 *itchen *nife7 INT7 THE )RINCESSH CHA:;ERS AT THE )ALACE - NIGHT T'& Shan*allah WARRIORS 3+ard the d&&r7 LORD ;RANDON, .", at a <irr&r, applies <ascara and eye shad&'7 The :AID enters7 :AID SheHs c&<in3G

!1 L&rd ;rand&n c+rses, eOits &+t bac* as )rincess Andressa, 'ith E<a<+, enters7 A pile &f 'hat appears t& be la+ndry stirs and <&rphs by de3rees int& a fat :&n*, ;ROTHER TWITCH7 ;ROTHER TWITCH 8&+r Hi3hness7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA Where is <y h+sbandM ;r&ther T'itch 'a?es at the bac* d&&r7 A ;IRD flies thr&+3h the 'ind&' and li3hts &n ;r&ther T'itchHs fin3er7 It peeps7 ;ROTHER TWITCH Than* y&+, little br&ther7 The ;ird peeps a Ny&+Hre 'elc&<eN and flies bac* &+t7 ;ROTHER TWITCH ECONTHDF )rincess, I ha?e <&<ent&+s ne's7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA I c&+ld +se s&<e7 ;ROTHER TWITCH 8&+r t'in br&ther - )RINCESS ANDRESSA AndreasM What ab&+t hi<M ;ROTHER TWITCH It see<s heHs7 Ah7 Dead7 The :aid 3asps7 She dr&ps a c+p7 It s<ashes7 E6T7 DE=IA RASHO - NIGHT STOR= EO7S7F )+t it a'ay, )l+3G St&r* ta*es the *nife a'ay fr&< )l+37 STOR= ECONTHDF WeHre &n ed3e7 Are y&+ ref+3eesM SA;A 9h n&7 WeHre fr&< - Hi33 steps in fr&nt &f her, si3nalin3 her t& sh+t +p7 HIGG 5r&< Chrysal&p&lisG R&yal city7 5riends &f the @+een, 'e are7 On the '&rd N@+een,N St&r* A )l+3 re<&?e their caps7

!0 STOR= The @+eenG ;less herG )L9G It 'as =in3 Gara<anC& did thisG STOR= Hi< anH ten th&+sand Shan*allahs7 Ca<e in the <iddle &f the ni3ht, they did7 LiB+&red anH craLy-eyed7 )L9G WeHre 'hatHs left, St&r* and <e7 ;a*ers, 'e are7 Had the <id'atch, ba*in3 f&r <&rnin3 ch&'7 All hec* br&*e l&&se7 We hid in the &?en7 STOR= ItHs a bi3 &?en, than* the (ir3in7 INT7 THE )RINCESSH CHA:;ERS - NIGHT )RINCESS ANDRESSA EO7S7F T& deathG )rincess Andressa A ;r&ther T'itch clin* cha<pa3ne fl+tes, as L&rd ;rand&n 3lides in 'earin3 a fl&'in3, fl&'ery 3&'n7 LORD ;RANDON Did I hear the d-'&rdM The :aid p&+rs cha<pa3ne f&r L&rd ;rand&n7 LORD ;RANDON ECONTHDF :y S'eet, 'h& has sh+ffled &ff this <&rtal c&ilM 8&+r <ater, <ayhapM ;ROTHER TWITCH In )aradis+< ded+cant te an3eli7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA 9nhappily, :+<Hs fit as a fiddle7 ;ROTHER TWITCH T+& ad?ent+ s+scipiant te <artyres7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ;+t <y f&&tl&&se frater is n&t7 ;ROTHER TWITCH Aeterna< habeas reB+ie<7 O L&rd Kes+s, =in3 &f 3l&ry, deli?er the s&+l &f y&+r ser?ant, Andreas, fr&< the pains &f hell lest he fall int& e?erlastin3 dar*ness7 A<en et a<en7 This hits L&rd ;rand&n li*e a hard slap7 He faints, his

!% fl+te s<ashes &n the tile7 E6T7 THE A;;E8 - NIGHT Acr&ss the <&at at the f&restHs ed3e, RO8AL SOLDIERS *eep 'atch7 At the Abbey 'alls, ar<ed :ON=S patr&l as h+ndreds &f la<e, crippled )ILGRI:S in r+de tents 'ait eOpectantly7 The D9=E O5 RA:A)O, 0", &n h&rsebac*, 'aits at a side 3ate7 It &pens7 The @9EEN, 1", thin fr&< fastin3, rides &+t t& hi<7 E6T7 THE CE:ETER8 AT DE=IA RASHO - NIGHT Hi33, La(ella, St&r* A )l+3 stand bef&re t'& fresh 3ra?es <ar*ed by cr&sses7 Saba *neels in prayer, cr&sses herself, stands7 Hi33 li3hts a ci3ar, t+rns t& St&r* 'ith a n+d3e7 HIGG H&' ab&+t a 'al*, y&+ and <eM They 'al* past scenes &f des&lati&n7 Hi33 hands St&r* a ci3ar7 Hi33 s<iles a sales<anIs s<ile7 HIGG ECONTHDF N&t <+ch left b+t I fi3+re if thereHs anythin3 &f ?al+e layinH ab&+t, y&+Hd *n&' 'here7 STOR= N&, I '&+ldnHt, Sir7 AnH f&r y&+r inf&r<ati&n, Gara<anC&Hs c&<inH bac*7 Shan*allah 'ay is t&7 St&r* leans in f&r the li3ht7 STOR= ECONTHDF Let &thers d& the l&&tin3, then *ill the l&&ters anH 3rab the l&&t7 Hi33 sn+ffs &+t the li3ht and ta*es bac* the ci3ar7 E6T7 THE WALLED A;;E8 GARDEN - NIGHT The D+*e A the @+een ride side by side7 A :&n* f&ll&'s7 O+t &f n&'here, a )OOR WO:AN li<ps +p7 )OOR WO:AN 8&+ d& <&re 3&&d than y&+ *n&'7 The )&&r W&<an b&'s and li<ps &ff int& the dar*7 THE D9=E 8&+ ha?e +nc&+nted friends 'h& *eep at bay th&se 'h& fear y&+ <&re as n+n than as B+een7

!2 THE @9EEN N& &ne fears <e7 THE D9=E They fear y&+ 'ill say the '&rd and the si<ple f&l* 'ill tear the< t& bits7 They fear y&+ ha?e a<biti&n7 THE @9EEN :y a<biti&n is t& pray and fast7 5r&< &+t &f n&'here, an OLD WO:AN in tatters and her SON, s+fferin3 fr&< elephantiasis, h&bble +p7 OLD WO:AN )ray f&r +s, Lady7 She <a*es the si3n &f the cr&ss7 They h&bble &ff7 THE D9=E And spare a prayer f&r y&+r br&ther t& safe3+ard hi< fr&< y&+r da+3hter7 She spits in <y face7 IH?e n& facti&n, n& <en-at-ar<s7 IH< n&t safe7 IH?e n&'here t& r+n7 THE @9EEN R+n here7 8&+Hre safe here7 THE D9=E :&n*ery s+its <e n&t, Little Sis7 THE @9EEN Then ta*e care and 'hen y&+ see Andreas, say I a'ait his ?isit7 THE D9=E I eOpect hi< s&&n7 HeHs <y &ne friend, the last +nble<ished Ce'el in the cr&'n &f this c+rsRd real<7 He 3all&ps &ff7 She 'atches hi<, a tear r+ns d&'n her chee*7 E6T7 THE CA:)SITE - DA8 Tin :an tests the Dish as it r&tates7 It e<its a pin37 The sn&' is n&' replaced by s&lid h&riL&ntal bars7 D&'n the hill in the 3rass, A<la* scans the h&riL&n 'ith bin&c+lars7 E6T7 A ROAD HEADING O9T O5 DE=IA RASHO - DA8 A WO:AN 'ails &?er a s<all b&yIs c&rpse7 Nearby, a :AN di3s a 3ra?e7 Hi33, La(ella, Saba, )l+3 A St&r* ride past7 STOR= R+n, ;r&ther7 Gara<anC&Hs c&<inH

!/ :AN G&t t& b+ry <e s&n first7 They pass 3+tted, b+rnt-&+t b+ildin3s7 They see LOOTERS7 STOR= R+n, ;r&thers7 Gara<anC&Hs c&<inH LOOTER :ind y&+r &'n b+sinessG Ahead, the hi3h desert l&&<s7 E6T7 A))ROACHING CHR8SALO)OLIS - DA8 G&lden d&<es and sil?er spires shi<<er7 A dra'brid3e G9ARD a'aits7 Lan* ta*es &+t a <assi?e sil?er rin37 LAN= We say 'eH?e +r3ent b+siness 'ith the )rincess7 If the 3+ard <a*es diffic+lties, 'e sh&' hi< this7 ;RIC= 8e G&ds, 'hereHd y&+ 3et thatM LAN= Off the )rinceHs bi3 t&e7 The G+ard <&ti&ns the< t& dis<&+nt7 INT7 =INGHS CO9NCIL CHA:;ER - DA8 )&rtraits &f l&n3-dead r&yalty &n the 'alls7 The ARCH;ISHO), the D+*e, SIR G9L5 and :ASTER STE(EN, in r&bes, enter A sit7 ARCH;ISHO) We are <et f&r the =in3Hs b+siness7 :ASTER STE(EN The @+eenHs b+siness7 THE D9=E )rincess AndressaHs b+siness7 ARCH;ISHO) Sir G+lf, is all in &rderM SIR G9L5 8es, 8&+r H&ly W&rship7 The d&&r &pens7 E<a<+ enters and p&sts +p at the d&&r7 The =ING, 0" and frail, and )rincess Andressa enter7 They sit7

$" )RINCESS ANDRESSA )apa is n&t 'ell7 8et he 'ishes t& see this <atter c&ncl+ded7 Are the 'arrants and charters in &rderM SIR G9L5 They are, Lady7 THE D9=E Sh&+ld n&t Her :aCesty be hereM )RINCESS ANDRESSA Whate?er f&r, Sir D+*eM THE D9=E T& ref+te the cal+<nies heaped +p&n her by her acc+sers, t& - )RINCESS ANDRESSA I a< her chief acc+serG She is <y <&ther, yet <y d+ty is t& <y =in37 The =in3 3est+res7 He 'hispers7 All strain t& hear7 Then777 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ECONTHDF )apa says all *n&' the @+een heaped +ndeser?ed h&n&rs &n her br&ther 'hich the D+*e fears he <ay - THE D9=E I ha?e l&n3 b&rne y&+r bitter sc&rnsG ;y G&d, 'ere the )rince here, heHd tell a different - )RINCESS ANDRESSA WhatM See h&' he pretends n&t t& *n&' the )rince <y br&ther is deadM The D+*eHs face is ashen7 His lips <&?e b+t e<it n& s&+nd7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ECONTHDF Wh& 3ains fr&< <y br&therHs de<iseM Wh& is n&' cl&ser t& the cr&'nM 8&+H?e <+ch t& ans'er f&r, 9ncle7 E<a<+ seiLes the D+*e, dra3s hi< &+t7 The Others re3ard her 'ith &pen fear7 A s<ile &f appr&?al cr&sses the =in3Hs lips7 E6T7 THE HIGH DESERT ROAD - DA8 Hi33, La(ella, Saba, )l+3 A St&r* ride in a 'eary line7 St&r* rises +p in his saddle, p&ints t& a distant spec*7 SA;A What is itM

$# STOR= WeHll s&&n *n&'7 It sl&'ly bec&<es ?isible as a fara'ay 3r&?e &f trees7 E6T7 THE )ILGRI: TENTS O9TSIDE THE A;;E8 WALL - DA8 A :&n* c&<es &+tside7 An eOcited b+LL a<&n3 the )il3ri<s7 :ON= Sister 'ill s&&n be a<&n3st y&+ t& lay healin3 hands &n &ne and all7 She as*s that y&+ &pen y&+r hearts, l&?e &ne an&ther as He l&?ed y&+7 INT7 THE )RINCESSH CHA:;ER - DA8 O+t the 'ind&', the D+*eHs b&dy han3s fr&< a tree7 L&rd ;rand&n A ;r&ther T'itch play chess7 Lan* and ;ric* crin3e as )rincess Andressa t+rns the t&e rin3 &?er in her hand7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA I 'as thin*in3 &f han3in3 y&+ b&th7 ;RIC= Oh spare +s, Hi3hnessG )RINCESS ANDRESSA ;+t y&+ 'ere his b&dy3+ards and y&+ failed t& 3+ard his b&dy7 ;RIC= We ha?e a pict&rial representati&n &f the *illerG LAN= 8es, Lady, 3raphical e?idenceG Sha*in3, ;ric* ta*es a paper fr&< inside his c&at7 E<a<+ appears fr&< &+t &f n&'here, snatches it, hands it t& her7 INSERT: the sheet &f paper The n+de s*etch &f Saba fr&< the Inn7 ;AC= TO SCENE )rincess Andressa l&&*s at the pict+re, lic*s her lips7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA S& this is the red-headed tart7 LAN= A ;RIC= She and t'& neHer-d&-'ells did the blac* deed, Hi3hness7

$! A l&n3 <&<ent7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA I 'ill spare y&+7 5&r n&'7 ;+t thereHs a price7 5ind <y br&therHs *illers7 If y&+ fail, E<a<+ 'ill t+rn y&+ int& r&asts, filets and s'eetbreads7 8&+ ha?e f&rty days7 She dr&ps the s*etch &n the fl&&r, 3lides fr&< the r&&<, f&ll&'ed by the E<a<+7 ;r&ther T'itch <&?es a chess piece7 ;ROTHER TWITCH Chec* and <ateG E6T7 THE OASIS - DA8 La(ella, Hi33, Saba, )l+3 A St&r* halt at a STONE WELL neOt t& three 3arishly c&l&red and 3ayly-&rna<ented WAGONS7 SA;A Gypsy Wa3&ns7 LA(ELLA ;+t 'here are the GypsiesM St&r* p&ints t& a ca<pfire 'ith a p&t &f ste' still c&&*in37 LA(ELLA Why d&nIt y&+ t'& sc&+t ar&+ndM STOR= Sc&+tM 9sM LA(ELLA IsnIt that 'hat s&ldiers d&M )L9G 9h :iss La(ella, itIs li*e 'eH?e7 STOR= Ne?er perf&r<ed as sc&+ts7 We 'ere trained in the c+linary arts7 La(ella r&lls her eyes, l&&*s at Hi337 HIGG D&nIt l&&* at <e, pet7 A l&n3 silence7 SA;A IHll d& it7 LA(ELLA S+re y&+ *n&' 'hat y&+Hre d&in3M

$$ SA;A Ride ar&+nd, chec* thin3s &+t7 H&' hard can that beM Saba rides &ff7 They 'atch her 3&7 LA(ELLA N&' letHs sec+re the area and p&st a 3+ard detail7 Dis<&+ntG 5&r< +pG STOR= Wh& <ade y&+ c&<<ander in chiefM La(ella 3i?es St&r* a 'itherin3 3lare7 He s'all&'s - G9L)G - and be3ins t& dis<&+nt7 Hi33 and )l+3 f&ll&' s+it7 E6T7 THE DRAW;RIDGE LEA(ING CHR8SALO)OLIS - DA8 A c&ld 'ind7 ;lac* cl&+ds pass in fr&nt &f the s+n7 Lan* A ;ric*, cl&a*s 'rapped ti3ht, ride acr&ss the dra'brid3e7 E6T7 THE OASIS - NIGHT Hi33, La(ella, )l+3, St&r* sit at the ca<pfire7 STOR= )r&bably dead7 Gypsies *illed her7 )L9G Or theyHre h&ldin3 her h&sta3e7 HIGG 8&+ sh&+ldnHtH?e let her 3&, pet7 La(ella 3lares at hi<7 HIGG ECONTHDF K+st eOpressin3 an &pini&n, pet7 5r&< the shad&'s, Saba and t'enty G8)SIES e<er3e7 )L9G :iss Saba, are y&+ all ri3htM SA;A Of c&+rse I a<7 INT7 A ROADSIDE )9; > NIGHT Lan*, ;ric* and f&+r GA:;LERS at a table7 S&<e :EN stand and 'atch7 The Ga<blers lay c&ins d&'n7 Lan* deals7

$. LAN= Ei3ht aHhearts7 5&+r aHcl+bs7 De+ce aHspades7 Ei3ht aHspades7 ET& ;ric*F W&+ld y&+ pass the pict&rialM Let He< l&&* 'hile I deal7 Sa?e ti<e7 ;ric* ta*es &+t the s*etch7 The :en pass it ar&+nd7 LAN= ECONTHDF W&<anHs a tart, tra?ellin3 'ith t'& tric*sters7 Re'ard payable in 3&ld7 :AN AT TA;LE WhatHd she d&M ;RIC= 8&+ na<e itG Larceny, c&nni?in3 - LAN= Treas&n and blasphe<yG A :an steps +p7 It7s the :an 'h& 'as b+ryin3 his s&n7 :AN STANDING DidnHt see n& blasphe<in3 &r c&nni?in3 b+t I seen her in De*ia Rash& t'& days bac* 'ith a <an, a '&<an and t'& s&ldiers7 LAN= C&+ld y&+ say 'here theyHre headedM :AN STANDING H&' Hb&+t that re'ard 3&ld firstM ;RIC= T& the p&int7 I li*e y&+r style7 ;ric* 'in*s at Lan*7 Lan* plays a card7 E6T7 THE OASIS - NIGHT The G8)S8 CHIE5, /", and a G8)S8 :AN sit 'ith Saba, Hi33, La(ella, )l+3 and St&r*7 Nearby, G8)S8 WO:EN prepare a <eal7 Hi33 and the Gypsy Chief p+ff &n ci3ars7 G8)S8 CHIE5 Sa' the fellas in Ar<y shirts and I th&+3ht, NOh L&rd, th&se pe&ple called &+t s&ldiers7N ;+t little lady here said y&+ <eant n& har<7 SA;A They 'ere r+nnin3 fr&< a lynch <&b bac* in the t&'n at the Inn7

$1 G8)S8 CHIE5 =ni?es, r&pes, aOes7 Said t& 3et &+t n&' &r else7 AinHt it ri3htM G8)S8 :AN ItHs ri3ht7 ItHs h&' it 'as7 G8)S8 CHIE5 ;e33inH +s t& tell f&rt+nes anI neOt <in+te itHs a nec*tie party7 STOR= Did they say 'hyM G8)S8 CHIE5 D&nHt need a reas&n7 They bla<e +s Gypsies f&r e?erythin3G ;+t since y&+ as*ed, they said a y&+n3 R&yal 'as *nifed at the Inn7 Hi33 3i?es La(ella and Saba a ner?&+s l&&*7 A7 HIGG A *nife, y&+ sayM

LA(ELLA Did they 3i?e the R&yalHs na<eM G8)S8 CHIE5 :&b c&<inH anH y&+ Hspect <e t& say, NHSc+se <e, af&re y&+ han3 <e, c&+ld I *n&' the R&yalHs na<eMN HIGG Her <eanin3 'as, see<s B+eer f&r a l&fty R&yal t& fa?&r a c&<<&n Inn7 G8)S8 CHIE5 T& <y 'ay aI thin*inI 'asnHt B+eer7 G&t the @+een, all ?irt+&+s 'ith her r&saries anH father c&nfess&rs7 H&'Hs a y&+n3 b+c* t& 3et a bit aH the 'ild side 'ith her sha*inH her h&ly fin3erM AinHt it ri3htM G8)S8 :AN ItHs ri3ht7 He ta*es a l&n3 p+ff &n his ci3ar7 G8)S8 CHIE5 N&t easy li?inH 'ith a saint7 ET& SabaF Than*s, little lady, f&r settinH +s at ease7 Children 'ere scared t& death and there y&+ 'ere li*e an an3el, sayinH n&t t& fear7 Let an &ld Gypsy 3i?e y&+ a blessin37

$0 He lays hands &n her, 'hispers7 S+ddenly he l&&*s tired7 G8)S8 CHIE5 ECONTHDF Oh n&'G That ci3ar t&&* a l&t &+t &f <eG I <+st 3&, 3& anH lie d&'n7 The Gypsy :an 3+ides the Gypsy Chief a'ay7 Hi33 3est+res La(ella A Saba t& <&?e &+t &f )l+3 A St&r*Hs hearin37 HIGG It 'as a r&yalG LA(ELLA Hi33G =eep y&+r 'itsG HIGG WeIre 3&in3 t& dieG All &f +sG LA(ELLA @+ic* 'ay t& l&se a life is act li*e a chic*en 'ith&+t its headG St&r* A )l+3 ya'n and head f&r bed7 They 'atch the< 3&7 HIGG D& y&+ *n&' 'hat they d&M Strip y&+ na*ed and '&r* y&+ 'ith chisels and 3&+3es7 We split +p7 K+st +ntil - LA(ELLA Oh y&+Hd li*e itG ;e sin3le a3ainG N&G ItHd be '&rse7 TheyHd 3et +s &ne by &ne7 If they 3&t t& :iss Redhead first, sheHd sell +s t& sa?e her crea<y strip-tease s*inG SA;A I '&+ld n&tG The Gypsy Chief re-e<er3es fr&< the shad&'s7 G8)S8 CHIE5 One last thin37 5&r3&t t& say itHs n&t C+st +s7 TheyIre l&&*inI f&r three <&re7 If y&+ *n&' s&<e&ne, be an act &f selfless charity t& 3i?e a ti<ely 'arnin37 5are'ellG The Gypsy Chief fades a3ain int& the shad&'s7 HIGG Three &thersM LA(ELLA If he *n&'s, 'h& else *n&'sM ET& SabaF Ha?e y&+ been tal*in3M

$% SA;A N&G HIGG What n&'M Where d& 'e 3&M L&n3 silence7 LA(ELLA What 'ere his last '&rdsM SA;A N5&r3i?e <e, :&ther7N LA(ELLA If heHs R&yal, 'h&Hd be his :+<M HIGG Oh n&G 8&+Hre n&t thin*in3 - LA(ELLA We d&nHt say y&+ *illed hi<7 She neednHt *n&' e?ery little detail7 She +nf&lds a han*y, re?ealin3 the )rinceHs 3&ld c&in7 LA(ELLA ECONTHDF O+r passp&rt t& @+een Christa7 E6T7 THE WINDOW AT THE )RINCESSH CHA:;ERS - DA8 :&rnin37 ;irds chirp7 The :aidHs b&dy han3s fr&< the 3ibbet7 INT7 THE )RINCESSH CHA:;ERS - DA8 S&+nd &f dra'ers &penin3 A cl&sin37 ;r&ther 8a*&b, in bed 'ith the sn&rin3 )rincess Andressa, a'a*ens7 LORD ;RANDON Shhh7 I3n&re <e7 IH< n&t here7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA WhatHs 3&in3 &nM LORD ;RANDON N&thin3 dearest7 He slides the dra'er sh+t, 3+ilt 'ritten all &?er his face7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA 8&+ 'ere after the t&e rin3G He stares d&'n, a'aitin3 the c&<in3 rant7

$2 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ECONTHDF W&+ld y&+ belie?e there 'as a ti<e 'hen I act+ally l&?ed this cypherM He be3ins inchin3 t&'ard the d&&r7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA 8&+ stay ri3ht thereG ET& ;r&ther 8a*&bF I i3n&red all the 'arnin3 si3ns7 I 'anted N&+rN l&?e b+t there 'as n& N&+r,N n& N'e7N And finally, 'hat is there t& say 'hen y&+ find y&+r h+sband in bed 'ith y&+r br&therM LORD ;RANDON 5&r G&dHs sa*e, AndressaG )RINCESS ANDRESSA S+ffice t& say IH?e paid and paid7 LORD ;RANDON AndressaG I 'arn y&+G )RINCESS ANDRESSA He 'arns <e7 I th&+3ht sheer 'illp&'er '&+ld s+ffice7 ;+t can y&+ 'ill a thin3 int& its &pp&siteM LORD ;RANDON D&nHt enc&+ra3e herG I 'arn y&+7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA He 'arns y&+7 Well, can y&+, :&n*M ;ROTHER 8A=O; There7 There are <iracles, :y Lady7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA 8es, <iracles7 T+rn a 'enchHs ra33edy-ann dress int& a shi<<erin3 3&'n7 Or a p+<p*in int& a c&ach A f&+r7 ;+t it d&esnHt last7 At the str&*e &f t'el?e, it re?erts bac*7 ;ROTHER 8A=O; ThereHs prayer, :y Lady7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA )rayer7 ;+t in the case &f <y inna<e-&nly h+sband, 'hat d& I pray f&rM 5&r the pi3 t& be ta*en fr&< the <+dM Or the <+d fr&< the pi3M LORD ;RANDON D&nIt <&c* <e, y&+ satanic bitchG

$/ )RINCESS ANDRESSA AhG The an3er7 ItHs 'hat first attracted <e t& hi<7 L&rd ;rand&n s<ashes a c+p, eOits, sla<<in3 the d&&r7 Thr&+3h the 'ind&', he is seen st&r<in3 past, 3i?in3 the han3in3 :aid a sh&?e7 The c&rpse s'in3s 'ildly7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA That re<inds <e7 I need a ne' <aid7 E6T7 THE HIGH DESERT ROAD - DA8 St&r*, )l+3, Saba, La(ella A Hi33 ride in a 'eary line7 St&r* raises an ar<7 They halt7 St&r* stands +p in his stirr+ps, shades his eyes, sB+ints &ff int& the distance7 STOR= The ri?er ?alley7 S&&n 'eHll be dr&ppin3 &+t &f the desert7 And &n the =in3Hs Hi3h'ay enr&+te t& the Abbey and the @+een7 SA;A I canHt 'ait t& batheG )L9G :iss Saba7 K+st as y&+ are, y&+ l&&* li*e an an3el fr&< hea?en7 E6T7 THE CA:)SITE > DA8 Thin3s are still n&t 3&in3 'ell 'ith the pin3in3 Dish7 Tin :an c+rses +nder his breath7 A<la* laLes &n a r&c*, scannin3 the platea+ 'ith bin&c+lars7 S+ddenly, he strai3htens +p7 INSERT - What A<la* sees Saba astride her h&rse7 She is st+nnin37 ;AC= TO SCENE A:LA= OhG Oh G&dG L&&*G L&&* at herG TIN :AN What 'as thatM A:LA= 9h7 K+st a bird in fli3ht7 E6T7 ON A S:ALL RISE ;8 A RI(ER ;AN= > NIGHT T'ili3ht, C+st past d+s*7 S&+nd &f a 'aterfall s&<e'here7

." Hi33 A La(ella +nl&ad7 Saba, )l+3 A St&r* head t& the 'ater7 SA;A If I d&nHt 'ash, IHll die7 LA(ELLA Thin*s sheHs the @+een &f Sheba7 ;e caref+l &f sna*esG )L9G WeHll *eep an eye &n her, :aIa<7 Saba, )l+3 A St&r* ?anish in the reeds at 'aterHs ed3e7 LA(ELLA TheyHll *eep <&reHn an eye &n her7 E6T7 THE SWI::ING HOLE > NIGHT At the p&&lHs far end, a flat ROC= C+ts +p7 ;ey&nd the R&c*, a 'aterfall cascades fr&< a hi3h p&int <ar*ed at the t&p by a 3r&?e &f trees7 Spray descends as fine <ist7 Saba 'ades &+t t& *nee-deep7 As she disr&bes, she s'ays, li*e in a strip tease7 N&' n+de, she *ic*s &+t, s'i<s t&'ard the R&c*7 E6T7 A SHED WITH A DIRT 5LOOR IN A 5IELD - NIGHT A ca<pfire b+rns7 The d&&r han3s &pen &n r+sty hin3es7 Inside, the battered b&dy &f the :an fr&< the )+b7 LAN= S& theyHre c&<in3 this 'ay7 ;RIC= R+nnin3 fr&< the Shan*allahs7 LAN= ;+t 'here are they headedM =ey inf&r<ati&n he didnIt *n&'7 ;ric* ta*es a b+rnin3 stic* fr&< the fire7 ;RIC= ThereHs y&+r 3&ld, lad7 EnC&y7 He t&sses it &n a pile &f 3&lden lea?es7 It b+rsts in fla<e7 E6T7 THE ;IG ROC= IN THE SWI::ING HOLE > NIGHT Saba s'i<s +p t& the R&c*7 She sees St&r* A )l+3, t'enty feet bac*, s'i<<in3 f+ri&+sly7 She la+3hs as she lifts herself +p, standin3 na*ed in the <&&nli3ht li*e a siren bec*&nin3 <en t& their d&&<7 St&r* reaches the R&c*7

.# SA;A Where did )l+3 3&M St&r* t+rns t& see n& &ne in the blac* 'ater7 SA;A ECONTHDF He s+b<er3ed7 HeIs playin3 a tric*7 She la+3hs as the n&se &f a CROCODILE p&ps +p7 Its head brea*s s+rface 'ith )l+3 3ripped in its Ca's, his li<p ar< han3in3 &+t7 Its <&+th cl&ses ti3ht, slicin3 the ar< &ff7 SA;A ECONTHDF Oh G&d &h G&dG Oh G&dG N&G The Cr&c s+b<er3es7 Saba screa<s7

SA;A ECONTHDF Get &+t &f the 'aterG Get &+t n&'G As St&r* cla<bers &nt& the R&c*, )l+3Hs bl&&dy ar< and hand p&p t& the s+rface7 SA;A ECONTHDF Oh G&dG N&G )lease n&G Hi33 A La(ella appear at the sh&re7 St&r* 'a?es 'ildly7 STOR= L&&* &+tG Cr&c&dileG Hi33 p+ts a hand t& his ear7 St&r* cries l&+der7 STOR= ECONTHDF Cr&cG A cr&c 3&t )l+3G SA;A Help +sG )leaseG E6T7 THE CA:)SITE > NIGHT SA;A EO7S7F S&<eb&dyG S&<eb&dy, please help +sG A<la*Hs eyes are &pen 'ide7 He c&<es t& a b&lt +pri3ht p&siti&n7 He stands and starts t& r+n7 TIN :AN Where are y&+ 3&in3M A<la* indicates a distant hi3h p&int <ar*ed by a tree 3r&?e7 A:LA= ThereG IH< 3&in3 thereG Tin :an chases after hi<, the hi3h 3rass s<ac*in3 his le3s

.! and t&rs&, <a*in3 a plin*-plin*-plin* s&+nd7 E6T7 ON THE ROC= AT THE SWI::ING HOLE > NIGHT Saba lies na*ed, cryin3, c&n?+lsin37 St&r* stands at the ed3e, starin3 int& the 'ater at the Cr&c7 E6T7 AT THE WATERHS EDGE - NIGHT Hi33 thr&'s st&nes, tryin3 t& distract the Cr&c7 LA(ELLA See h&' she fla+nts herselfG HIGG )et, 'ill y&+ please sh+t +pM E6T7 ON THE )LATEA9 A;O(E THE SWI::ING HOLE - NIGHT A<la* screeches t& a halt, t+rns t& face Tin :an, 'h& st&ps7 A:LA= I 'ant t& <a*e a 3&&d first i<pressi&n7 H&' d& I l&&*M A<la* 3rins a princely 3rin, stri*es a <anly p&se7 A:LA= ECONTHDF Tell the tr+th7 D&nHt lie7 TIN :AN What d& y&+ 'ant <e t& sayM A:LA= K+st 3i?e <e y&+r h&nest first i<pressi&n7 H&' d& I l&&*M TIN :AN IH< n&t 3&&d at this7 A:LA= If y&+ 'ere a '&<an, '&+ld y&+ re3ard <e as acceptableM Tin :an si3hs the si3h &f s&<e&ne &+t &f his depth7 Then777 TIN :AN 8&+Hre fine7 8&+ l&&* fine7 E6T7 THE ROC= > NIGHT The Cr&c 3lides C+st bel&' the s+rface7

.$ STOR= N& +se7 Only 'ay &+t is thr&+3h the 'ater7 Which is certain death7 SA;A There <+st be an&ther 'ayG I 3&t itG A h&rseG =in3d&< f&r a h&rseG STOR= What are y&+ tal*in3 ab&+tM SA;A ECalls &+t t& Hi33F )l+3Hs h&rseG 5eed it t& the Cr&cG ET& St&r*F While the <&nster is b+sy che'in3 &n )l+3Hs h&rse, 'e s'i< t& safety7 Hi33 and La(ella dash &ff7 S+ddenly, WH9:))GG The R&c* sha*es li*e an earthB+a*e7 St&r* falls and r&lls t&'ard the ed3e7 Saba 3rabs his an*le, p+lls hi< bac*7 An&ther WH9:))GG E6T7 9) A;O(E NEAR THE GRO(E O5 TREES - NIGHT A<la* nears the crest7 S&+nd &f the 'aterfall &?er'hel<s7 WH9:)))GG f&ll&'ed by a sec&nd WH9:))GG A<la* sprints f&r'ard t& the platea+Is ed3e7 E6T7 AT THE WATERHS EDGE - NIGHT WH9:)))GG Hi33 A La(ella p+llSpr&d the HORSE int& the 'ater7 LA(ELLA After 'e 3et her &+t &f this, 'eHre ha?in3 a tal* 'ith her7 And this ti<e y&+ 'ill bac* <e +pG WH9:)))GG A screa< fr&< Saba7 STOR= HelpG H+rryG LA(ELLA WhatHs 3&in3 &n &+t thereM Then theyy see, in the <&&nli3ht, the Cr&c ra<<in3 int& the R&c* 'hich n&' sits at a craLy an3le, St&r* A Saba h&ldin3 &nt& &+tcr&ppin3s t& *eep fr&< slidin3 &ff7 Hi33 p&ps a 'hip7 The H&rse <&?es &+t deeper7 WH9:))GG The R&c* tilts <&re7 Saba screa<s7 St&r* l&ses his 3rip and slides int& the 'aitin3 Ca's &f the Cr&c7 The Cr&c stares <enacin3ly at Hi33 A La(ella as it che's +p St&r*7 SA;A I canHt h&ld &n <+ch l&n3erG

.. HIGG L&&*G Hi33 p&ints +p t& the crest7 A<la* shines li*e a G&d thr&+3h the <ist7 Tin :an stands by hi<, his <etallic face a3l&'7 LA(ELLA Wh& is thatM Wh& are theyM The Cr&c spits &+t part &f a le37 It l&&*s +p, belches7 E6T7 AT THE CREST O5 THE WATER5ALL - NIGHT A:LA= 8&+ seeM There she isG TIN :AN Any <&<ent sheHll slide int& the <&nsterHs <&+th7 A:LA= N&t if I can help itG A<la* pic*s Tin :an +p, h&lds hi< &?er his head and thr&'s hi< d&'n'ard t&'ard the R&c* and the Cr&c7 E6T7 AT THE WATERHS EDGE - NIGHT HIGG One thre' the &ther &ff the cliffG E6T7 IN :ID AIR - NIGHT Tin :an t+<bles 'ildly, tryin3 t& ri3ht hi<self7 TIN :AN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGG E6T7 THE ;IG ROC= ISLAND > NIGHT WH9:))GG The tilt steepens7 Saba h&lds &n ti3ht7 ;el&' her, the Cr&c p&siti&ns hi<self f&r a fresh <eal7 She slips C+st as Tin :an hits the R&c* 'ith a CRASH ;ANG ;OO: and b&+nces int& the Cr&cHs &pen <&+th7 GLOO)G The :&nsterHs Ca's snap sh+t7 He s+b<er3es7 Saba sees her chance, slides int& the 'ater and <a*es a beeline f&r sh&re7 E6T7 HIGH A;O(E AT THE GRO(E O5 TREES - NIGHT A<la* 'atches Saba, her na*ed b&dy shi<<erin3 in the <&&nli3ht, as she <a*es f&r the reeds at 'aterHs ed3e7

.1 A:LA= :a3nificentG )erfect in e?ery 'ay7 E6T7 IN THE :OONLIGHT AT THE WATERHS EDGE - NIGHT HIGG L&&*G SheHs 3&in3 t& <a*e itG LA(ELLA H+nhG :&re than she deser?esG K+st as the Cr&c brea*s s+rface 'ith a th+nder&+s r&ar, ch&*in3, 3a33in3, ch+rnin3 the 'ater7 HIGG S&<ethin3Hs 'r&n3G HeHs 3&ne <adG The Cr&c s'i<s in a <ad circle crashin3 int& the R&c*, s<ashin3 it t& bits in a <i3hty eOpl&si&n7 The Cr&c sha*es, sh+dders, r&lls &n its bac* and, slides beneath the 'a?es7 INT7 THE )RINCESSH CHA:;ERS AT THE )ALACE > NIGHT E<a<+ stands 3+ard at the d&&r7 )rincess Andressa paces7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA 9p and d&'n the land, they tal* &f her healin3 p&'ers, her prayers that fly strai3ht t& G&d in Hea?en7 Cred+lity, &+r nati&nal characterG ;ROTHER TWITCH They id&liLe her7 ;+t they ne?er as* 'hence she recei?ed her 3ifts7 A l&n3 silence as )rincess Andressa di3ests this th&+3ht7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ThatIs ri3ht7 They C+st ass+<eG ;ROTHER TWITCH Wh& *n&'s f&r a fact theyHre fr&< G&dM They c&+ld be &f the E?il One7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA Can &ne e?er be s+reM ;ROTHER TWITCH HTis a slippery sl&pe, Hi3hness7 E6T7 AT THE WATERHS EDGE - DA8 Daybrea*7 Crac* &f a 'hip7

.0 HIGG EO7S7F )+ll, h&rseG C&<e &n, p+llG )l+3 A St&r*Hs H&rses, e<er3in3 fr&< the reeds, strain &n a thic* r&pe dra33in3 a hea?y, as-yet-+nseen &bCect7 Crac*G HIGG ECONTHDF )+ll, h&rseG )+llG The Cr&cHs tail e<er3es, then the tr+n*, finally the head7 Hi33, La(ella, Saba A A<la* re3ard the h+3e reptile, feet p&inted +p7 Saba 'ears A<la*Is c&at t& c&?er her na*edness7 SA;A H&rribly +3ly7 S+re itHs deadM A:LA= (ery dead7 See<s it ch&*ed &n a certain, ?ery ch&*able &bCect7 TIN :AN EO7S7F E:+ffledF HelpG Get <e &+tG A<la* p+lls a bi3 h+ntin3 *nife fr&< a sheath7 A:LA= 8&+ d&nHt ha?e t& 'atch this7 TIN :AN EO7S7F Get <e &+t &f hereG E6T7 THE A;;E8 GRO9NDS AT THE %TH STATION O5 THE CROSS - DA8 ;r&ther 8a*&b *neels at a bas-relief &f Kes+s fallin3 +nder the s&ldiersH 'hips7 ;r&ther T'itch appr&aches, *neels7 ;ROTHER TWITCH I s&+3ht y&+ in the chapel7 ;ROTHER 8A=O; Sister Christa has it as her pri?ate s+ite7 She eats in there, sleeps in there - ;ROTHER TWITCH Le?itates in thereM ;ROTHER 8A=O; ItHs depressin37 ;ROTHER TWITCH The )rincess 'ants y&+ t& *n&' she re<e<bers the ni3ht in y&+r ar<s7 She +ses '&rds li*e N<a3ical,N Nindescribable,N Nbreathta*in37N She l&&*s t& <&re s+ch ni3hts7

.% ;ROTHER 8A=O; She d&esM ;ROTHER TWITCH And she l&&*s t& deeds fr&< y&+ t& <atch y&+r pr&'ess in bed7 ;ROTHER 8A=O; DeedsM ;ROTHER TWITCH Let <e p&sit a phil&s&phic thesis7 Res&l?ed: the @+eenHs p&'ers c&<e n&t fr&< G&d b+t fr&< Satan7 ;ROTHER 8A=O; G&&d L&rdG ;e caref+l, <anG ;ROTHER TWITCH If Sister ChristaIs na<e 'ere s+b<itted f&r sainth&&d, the ch+rch '&+ld apply ri3&r&+s tests7 TheyId as* the sa<e: &f G&d &r SatanM ;ROTHER 8A=O; 8es, b+t - ;ROTHER TWITCH S&<e&ne needs t& <&?e the debate f&r'ard, 'hile there is still s&<e sanity left in this cred+l&+s *in3d&<7 That s&<e&ne is y&+7 ;r&ther T'itch stands, <a*es ready t& lea?e7 ;ROTHER TWITCH ECONTHDF She re3ards y&+ as her &nly h&pe7 ;r&ther T'itch 'addles &ff7 ;r&ther 8a*&b 'atches hi< 3&, then t+rns t& l&&* +p at the <&saic7 ;ROTHER 8A=O;HS (ISION ;r&ther 8a*&b, in a l&incl&th and cr&'n &f th&rns, sta33ers +nder the 'ei3ht &f a hea?y cr&ssbea<7 )rincess Andressa, in a R&<an S&ldierIs ar<&r, brin3s the 'hip d&'n hard7 ;AC= TO SCENE ;r&ther 8a*&b cries &+t as if bein3 lashed, then &pens his eyes as if c&<in3 &+t &f a ni3ht<are7 T'& :&n*s starin3 at hi<7 He stands, strai3htens his r&be, sc+rries &ff7 E6T7 AT THE WATERHS EDGE - DA8 The Cr&cHs 3+t is split &pen7 Tin :an, c&?ered in sli<e, stands drippin3 as A<la* p+lls &+t b&dy parts7

.2 TIN :AN L&&* at <eG IH< c&?ered in sli<eG A<la* p+lls &+t t'& le3s, still C&ined at the pel?is7 TIN :AN 8&+ hear <eM Sli<eG A<la* p+lls &+t a head, cr+shed, still 'ith its hair7 TIN :AN Sli<eG Sli<e and 3&reG A<la* p+lls &+t an&ther head, this &ne n&t cr+shed7 TIN :AN Sli<e and 3&reG And &&LeG Can y&+ belie?e itM O&LeG A:LA= Will y&+ st&p itM 8&+ 3&t a little &&Le &n y&+7 G& 'ash it &ff7 Tin :an l&&*s f&r s+pp&rt, sees n&ne, disappears a<&n3st the reeds, <+tterin37 La(ella pic*s +p a bitten and che'ed head7 LA(ELLA WasnHt this the s<all &neHs headM Saba snatches it and h&lds it as she '&+ld a baby7 SA;A He had a na<eG )l+3G He 'as 3entle and *indG He died h&rribly and +nf+lfilledG CanHt y&+ +nderstand thatM CanHt y&+ sh&' s&<e respectM Saba b+rsts int& tears7 She r+ns +p the hill t&'ard the ca<p7 A<la* 'atches her 3&7 He canHt ta*e his eyes &ff her7 INT7 THE TENT AT THE ENCA:):ENT > TEN :IN9TES LATER Saba pac*in37 La(ella enters7 Saba 3lares at her7 SA;A Well, c&<e &n, help <e pac*7 8&+ 'ant <e &+t &f here, d&nHt y&+M LA(ELLA I t&ld Hi33 n&t t& brin3 y&+7 I 'as ri3ht7 One little thin3, y&+ f&ld ri3ht +p7 )&&r RedheadG Thin*s sheIs the &nly &ne 'h&Is s+fferin3G

./ SA;A E?ery <an IH?e been 'ith is dead7 )rince7 St&r*7 )l+37 I feel li*e the *iss &f death7 8&+M 8&+ d&nHt feel anythin37 8&+Hre the ice lady7 LA(ELLA IH< n&t ice7 SA;A Oh pleaseG 8&+ treat Hi33 li*e a ser?ant7 8&+ bar* &+t c&<<ands li*e y&+Ire a drill ser3eant &r - LA(ELLA S&<e&ne has t&G Hi33 canHt7 8&+ '&nHt7 ;+t itHs n&t easy7 Since the Gypsy said theyIre l&&*in3 f&r three &thers, IH?e had ni3ht<ares &f <en c&<in3 'ith 'arrants7 :en 'ith hard faces and r&+3h hands7 A l&&* &f fear cr&sses SabaHs face7 SA;A ItHs y&+r i<a3inati&n7 ;ad drea<7 LA(ELLA ItIs real7 I can al<&st t&+ch the<7 La(ella st&ps7 A 'ary l&&* cr&sses her face7 LA(ELLA ECONTHDF I sh&+ldnHtI?e t&ld y&+7 )lease d&nHt tell Hi337 Hi33 stic*s his head in thr&+3h the flap7 HIGG Say 3irls, I 'as thin*in3 - SA;A This is a pri?ate c&n?ersati&n7 Hi33Hs Ca' dr&ps, his eyes dart bac* and f&rth7 LA(ELLA DidnHt y&+ hear herM WeHre ha?in3 a pri?ate c&n?ersati&n7 He eOits7 Silence7 K+st a hint &f a s<ile &n La(ellaHs face7 E6T7 SOLAR S8STE: - DA8 A blac* s*y7 In f&re3r&+nd, :ARS7 The S9N, a bri3ht star7 Near the S+n, the EARTH, a bl+e dis*7 A S)ACESHI) p&'ers int& ?ie'7 On its h+ll, an &fficial-l&&*in3 insi3nia7

1" INT7 A CO:)ART:ENT SO:EWHERE IN THE S)ACESHI) - DA8 A 3l&'in3 )LE6IGLAS CHA:;ER7 (isible 'ithin, =RONA, 1", re3al-l&&*in37 She sleeps7 ALAR: s&+nds7 O?erhead li3hts s'itch &n7 The Cha<ber &pens7 A ?ap&r sl&'ly rises7 S&+nds &f sneeLin3, 3a33in37 =r&naHs sha*y hand e<er3es7 T'& h+<anli*e r&b&t ATTENDANTS r+sh +p 'ith breathin3 t+bes7 ATTENDANT RelaO, Lady =r&na7 ;reathe7 =RONA EThr&+3h c&+3hsF Is <y h+sband a'a*e yetM ATTENDANT C&+nt Nadal is +p and ab&+t7 =RONA And A<la*, <y s&nM ATTENDANT WeHre still a day &+t7 =r&na sits +p7 She ta*es a deep breath fr&< the t+be7 =RONA I h&pe ti<e has s&ftened his heart7 She l&&*s t&'ard a c&rner, 'here thereHs a 3l&'in3, c&ffinli*e cha<ber7 (isible 'ithin, TREHDEAN, red hair, bea+tif+l, a s&fter, 'hiter, thinner r&b&tic ?ersi&n &f Saba7 =RONA ECONTHDF Ha?e the techs acti?ate TreHDean7 I 'ant her fresh and 3ay f&r A<la*7 :&re sneeLin37 The Attendants r+sh +p7 She 'a?es the< &ff7 INT7 THE =INGHS CHA:;ER > DA8 )rincess Andressa enters7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA WhatHs the <atter, )apaM =ING N&thin37 )RINCESS ANDRESSA 8&+Hre n&t 3ettin3 y&+r sleep7 She sits neOt t& hi< &n the bed7 =ING D&nHt feel li*e sleep7

1# )RINCESS ANDRESSA Shall I 3i?e y&+ a <assa3e, )apaM He sha*es his head7 =ING That h+sband &f y&+rs, 'hatHs his na<eM D&nHt li*e h&' he treats y&+7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA I d&nHt thin* he li*es <e7 =ING D&esnHt li*e y&+M D&esnHt he careM She dra's ?ery cl&se7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ItHs en&+3h I care f&r y&+, )apa7 She e<braces hi< ti3htly, *isses hi< &n the lips7 They slide d&'n &nt& the bed t&3ether7 E6T7 A :EADOW NEAR THE WATERHS EDGE > DA8 T'& fresh 3ra?es <ar*ed by cr&sses7 Astride h&rses, Hi33, La(ella, A<la*, Tin :an A Saba &bser?e silence7 Then777 SA;A A<en7 HIGG A LA(ELLA A<en7 La(ella 3i?es the si3nal7 They all ride &ff7 INT7 THE ;RIDGE ON =RONAHS S)ACESHI) - DA8 On a <&nit&r, Earth and the :&&n7 A :an, 0", practices p+ttin3 &n strip &f artificial t+rf7 This is NADAL7 The )ILOT and 5IRST O55ICER, h+<anli*e r&b&ts, <an the c&ntr&ls7 Archan3el7 R&3er7 DIS)ATCHERHS (OICE EO7S7F $0% cleared t& &rbit7

)ILOT C&py that7

=r&na b+rsts &nt& the ;rid3e area7 =RONA What 'as thatM NADAL WeHre cleared t& 3& in7 WeHre $0%7

1! 5IRST O55ICER $0$ n&', Sir7 =RONA $0$ ships ahead &f +sM What are $0$ ships d&in3 hereM )ILOT T&+ris<, bi3 3a<e h+ntin3, fishin3, 3&lf7 G&lf 'as in?ented here7 =RONA G&lfM S+ch a 'aste7 Tell the< t& b+<p +s t& the fr&nt7 Say 'h& 'e are and ha?e the< - )ILOT Hi3hness, itHs first c&<e, first ser?ed7 )retty <+ch set in st&ne7 =RONA ET& NadalF I sh&+ldnHtH?e listened7 I said send hi< t& an in-syste< ?en+e t& strai3hten hi< &+t7 8&+ 'anted t&+3h l&?e7 S& 'e sent hi< 'here e?ery b+c*et &f b&lts in the syste< <a*es a pit st&p7 G&d *n&'s 'h& heHs 'ith d&'n there as 'e c&&l &+r heels behind t&+rists and 3&lfersG =r&na eOits, sla<<in3 the hatch behind her7 Nadal shr+3s7 E6T7 A RI(ER;AN= ENCA:):ENT > NIGHT A ca<pfire7 Hi33 A La(ella *eep an eye &n Tin :an 'h& '&r*s the Dish c&ntr&ls7 The Dish e<its re3+lar pin3s, the :&nit&r displays a test pattern7 Saba A A<la* sit al&ne l&&*in3 +p7 SA;A The :&rnin3 Star7 A:LA= ItHs n&t a star7 SA;A 8es, it is7 A:LA= N&, itHs n&t7 SA;A SHp&se y&+Hre 3&in3 t& say y&+H?e been there, seen it +p cl&se7 A:LA= I act+ally ha?e7

1$ SA;A Typical 3+y7 Tryin3 t& i<press7 Well, 3+ess 'hat, Typical G+y, II< 3&nna *eep sayin3 itHs a star7 :y 'ishin3 star7 I see it and 'ish I 'as there instead &f here7 Here IH< a sad little n&b&dy7 There, IH< a B+een in a shi<<erin3 3&'n and a hands&<e bea+ ta*es <e t& dress balls at the palace 'here 'e dance all ni3ht7 8&+ thin* IH< silly7 A:LA= I d&nHt thin* that at all7 SA;A ;+t IH< n&t st+pid, I *n&' itIs a drea<, I *n&' itHll ne?er happen7 A:LA= It <i3ht7 SA;A ReallyM Well, than* y&+, Typical G+y7 8&+ <a*e <e feel '&rth'hile7 A:LA= DidnHt I r+n acr&ss t'& <iles &f br+sh and tall 3rass t& resc+e y&+M Only d& that f&r '&rth'hile 3irls7 SA;A H&'Id y&+ *n&' I needed resc+in3M A:LA= Heard a ?&ice7 SA;A O*ay7 S& <aybe y&+Hre n&t s& typical7 I 'as prayin3, prayin3 NHelp +s, s&<e&ne, pleaseGN A:LA= I heard7 SA;A DidnHt thin* IId 3et an ans'er, didnHt thin* I deser?ed it7 K+st bef&re, IHd 3&ne t& sell <y b&dy7 I felt filthy b+t I needed <&ney7 S& n&' y&+ thin* IH< n&t '&rth'hileM A:LA= IH< n&t thin*in3 that7 SA;A ReallyM O=, s& d& <e a fa?&r7 If 'e bec&<e a c&+ple, d&nHt die &n <e7

1. A:LA= I pr&<ise7

I '&nHt7

5&r the l&n3est ti<e, A<la* peers int& her eyes and she, int& his7 The Dish li3hts +p li*e a Christ<as tree7 Hi33 and La(ella crin3e in fear7 Tin :an r+shes t& A<la*7 TIN :AN 8&+r :+<Is &n the line7 INT7 THE O;SER(ATION DEC= ON =RONAHS S)ACESHI) - NIGHT TreHDean in sh&rt-sh&rts and a ti3ht c+t&ff7 Nadal has his ar<s ar&+nd her, 3+idin3 her thr&+3h a 3&lf s'in37 NADAL K+st +s t'&7 WeHll '&r* &n y&+r s'in3, 3et y&+r str&*e d&'n pat7 TREHDEAN 8&+Hre s+re itHs &*ay 'ith - NADAL Lea?e her t& <e, darlinH7 =r&na r+shes in7 Nadal ta*es his hands &ff C+st in ti<e7 TREHDEAN G+ess 'hatM IH< 3&in3 3&lfin3G =RONA We <ade c&ntact 'ith - - G&lfin3MGM Wh& says y&+Hre 3&in3 3&lfin3M TREHDEAN 9ncle Nate7 He said that 'e - =RONA WeHre n&t here t& 3&lfG N&' c&<eG A<la*Hs &n the screenG =r&na 3rabs TreHDeanHs hand, st&r<s &+t dra33in3 her behind7 E6T7 THE DOOR TO THE A;;E8 CHA)EL - NIGHT :&n*s h&ld the d&&r &pen as the @+een, in n+nHs habit, <&?es past and enters7 The :&n*s b&', cl&se the d&&r after her7 :ON= # A re<ar*able '&<an7 A li?in3 breathin3 saint7 ;ROTHER 8A=O; ArenHt y&+ bein3 pre<at+re in y&+r esti<ati&n &f her, ;r&therM

11 :ON= ! One need &nly see h&' pe&ple - ;ROTHER 8A=O; W&rship herM :ON= ! N&t '&rship7 They see* her healin3 hands, her prayers and t& bas* in the radiance &f her s+bli<e a+ra7 ;ROTHER 8A=O; S+bli<e a+raM Healin3 handsM S&+nds li*e '&rship t& <e7 They 3lare at hi< as he sc+rries &ff7 They cr&ss the<sel?es7 E6T7 CHEC=)OINT ON THE =INGHS HIGHWA8 NEAR THE A;;E8 - NIGHT Si3n ill+<inated by t&rchli3ht: PA;;E8 - 0 :ILESQ A h&rsedra'n CART l&aded 'ith pr&?isi&ns halted7 The DRI(ER and his WI5E stand a'ay as SOLDIERS inspect it7 SERGEANT Cartin3 3&&ds t& the :&n*s is f&rbidden7 ItIs in the ne' la'7 DRI(ER ;+t I t&&* f&&d there f&r yearsG The Ser3eant 3i?es a si3nal7 The S&ldiers h&p &nt& the Cart and t&ss the fr+it and ?e3etables &+t, st&<pin3 &n the<7 E6T7 THE RI(ER;AN= ENCA:):ENT > NIGHT Hi33 and La(ella 'atch in <+ted a'e7 Tin :an '&r*s the Dish c&ntr&ls7 The Dish r&tates rapidly7 The <&nit&r displays =r&na &n a 3reen bac*3r&+nd7 Her lips <&?e s&+ndlessly7 A:LA= WhereHs the s&+ndM TIN :AN The :&&n7 ItIs &ne h+3e ball &f electr&<a3netic interference7 TreHDean s+ddenly appears &n the screen7 She bl&'s *isses7 SA;A :y G&dG She l&&*s eOactly li*e - TIN :AN EOactly li*e y&+, d&esnIt sheM Saba stares at A<la* in sh&c*7 He a?&ids her eyes7 The

10 screen starts brea*in3 +p, as SabaHs an3er starts t& b+ild7 TIN :AN H&pe 'e 3et a better lin* t&<&rr&'7 SA;A EOc+se <e7 IH< tired and itHs late7 Saba stands and 'al*s t&'ard Hi33 and La(ella7 A<la* starts t& f&ll&' her7 Saba st&ps, d&es n&t t+rn7 SA;A ECONTHDF )lease7 I C+st 'ant t& be al&ne7 E6T7 THE )RINCESSH ;ATHROO: > DA8 D&&r &pens7 ;r&ther T'itch, eOits, nearly b&'lin3 &?er L&rd ;rand&n, enterin3 in a beehi?e haird&, 'earin3 a <+H+<+H+7 INT7 THE )RINCESSH ;ATHROO: > DA8 L&rd ;rand&n enters7 )rincess Andressa is ta*in3 a b+bble bath7 A l&?ely 'hite le3 eOtends fr&< the s&apy f&a<7 LORD ;RANDON 8&+Ire n&t scre'in3 that thin37 She raises herself +p, fiOes hi< 'ith a c&nte<pt+&+s 3lare7 LORD ;RANDON ECONTHDF 9sed t& t&lerate hi<7 CanHt brin3 <yself t& stand hi< any<&re7 With all his fa*ery and 'hatn&t7 He thin*s e?erythin3Hs a bi3 C&*e7 She p+lls the drain pl+37 She stands and be3ins t&'elin37 )RINCESS ANDRESSA I '&nder 'here he 3&t that n&ti&n7 LORD ;RANDON Thin*s heHs an intellect+al7 )r&bably la+3hs at y&+ and <e7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA 8&+Hre half ri3ht7 LORD ;RANDON Da<n itG @pen y&+r eyesG 8&+Hre the )rincessG 8&+ need t& ta*e careG 8&+ let hi< see y&+ na*edM )e&ple 'ill 'hisper ab&+t that <&n* - -

1% )RINCESS ANDRESSA That <&n* 3&t +s a spy-a3itat&ra3ent-pr&?&cate+r inside the Abbey7 While y&+H?e been &+t playin3 slapand-tic*le, heHs been b+sy and n&' the Abb&tHs N+<ber T'& is 'ith +s, dispensin3 d&+bt and dis<ay a<&n3st the de?&tees7 They 3lare at each &ther7 L&rd ;rand&n 3&es int& the WC and sla<s the d&&r7 Silence as )rincess Andressa d&ns a r&be7 A screa< fr&< the WC7 He r+ns &+t, 'a?in3 a sheet &f paper7 LORD ;RANDON This 'as p&sted in the crap+lari+<G She rips it fr&< his hand7 She reads7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA POh )rincess, y&+r le3acy 'ill stin* li*e eOcre<ent7 La<ent, f&r all y&+r '&r*s 'ill end in r+in7Q LORD ;RANDON What d&es it <eanM She tears it +p7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA K+st s&<e&ne tryin3 t& scare +s7 LORD ;RANDON Well, s&<e&ne C+st s+cceededG INT7 A CON5ERENCE ROO: AT THE A;;E8 - DA8 ;r&ther 8a*&b at the head &f the table, addressin3 ten 8O9NG :ON=S7 He cl&ses the ;ible he has C+st read fr&< 'ith a p&p7 ;ROTHER 8A=O; 9nity in <ind and p+rp&se7 H&' apt7 E?en t&day the '&rds spea* clear7 8et s&<e persist in 3&in3 their &'n 'ay7 EOa<ple7 Th&se 'h& ascribe Christ-li*e attrib+tes t& Sister Christa7 Is that +nityM The 8&+n3 :&n*s eye &ne an&ther as he 'a3s a 'arnin3 fin3er7 ;ROTHER 8A=O; ECONTHDF It is heresy7 Only Christ is h&ly7 INT7 O9TSIDE THE O)EN DOOR TO THE A;;E8 CON5ERENCE ROO: Abb&t R&d&lf&, acc&<panied by t'& Ar<ed :&n*s, l&&*s in as ;r&ther 8a*&b 'a3s his fin3er7 He fr&'ns and 'al*s &ff7

12 INT7 A NEAR;8 HALLWA8 IN THE A;;E8 Abb&t R&d&lf& and his t'& Ar<ed :&n*s r&+nd a c&rner and c&<e face-t&-face 'ith a RO8AL O55ICIAL, a RICHL8-RO;ED CLERIC, and t'& SHAN=ALLAH G9ARDS7 They halt7 CLERIC Abb&t R&d&lf&, y&+ are s+<<&ned t& the Archbish&p t& ans'er char3esG The Ar<ed :&n*s 3& +p t& the Shan*allahs, fiO the< 'ith 3lares7 The Cleric and the R&yal Official bec&<e ner?&+s7 A;;OT RODOL5O Char3esM What char3esM RO8AL O55ICIAL 9h, hardly char3es, y&+r h&liness7 :&re li*e7 9h7 A<bi3+ities7 :&re Ar<ed :&n*s e<er3e fr&< the shad&'s, r&+3hly disar< the Shan*allahs7 Abb&t R&d&lf& n&ds7 A;;OT RODOL5O Send the< bac* t& the )rincess7 E6T7 AN AR:8 CHEC=)OINT - DA8 In the distance, the Abbey 'alls7 A SOLDIER stands 'atch7 S&+nds &f a 3a<e &f dice in pr&3ress s&<e'here7 A CART c&<es ar&+nd the bend7 The S&ldier <&?es int& the r&ad, raises his ar<7 The TEA:STER, h&&ded, h+nched &?er, reins in the h&rse7 SOLDIER Get d&'n fr&< thereG The Tea<ster d&esnIt <&?e7 SOLDIER ECONTHDF Carts are s+bCect t& search7 ;y the )rincessI &rder, 3et d&'nG The Tea<ster d&esnIt <&?e7 The S&ldier dra's his s'&rd7 SOLDIER 8&+ deafM I said, 3et d&'nG The Tea<ster p+lls bac* PhisQ h&&d7 ItIs )rincess Andressa7 5&+r R&yal SOLDIERS hidden in the bed C+<p &+t7 E<a<+ c&<es &+t &f the br+sh, herdin3 three TROO)ERS ahead &f hi<7 E:A:9 )layin3 dice bac* there, Hi3hness7

1/ )RINCESS ANDRESSA S& <y tr&&ps thin* itIs a h&liday7 I can see 'hy the Abbey resists7 The S&ldiers ta*e c&ils &f r&pe, t&ss n&&ses &?er a branch7 E6T7 ENTERING G9RRAG9EE - DA8 S9)ER: G9RRAG9EE, a 'ide-&pen t&'n &n the r&ad t& the Abbey Sh&ps, bars, lean-t&s and tents sna*e al&n3 a d+sty <ain street7 :ON=S, SOLDIERS, TRI;ES:EN, SHAN=ALLAHS, DR9N=S A WHORES <in3le as CRA5TS:EN and SHO)=EE)ERS ha'* 'ares7 A :AN in a pill&ry, NTHIE5N branded &n his face7 Saba, Hi33, La(ella, A<la* A Tin :an ride in, in h&&ded pil3ri< r&bes7 TIN :AN I feel ridic+l&+s in this7 A:LA= K+st 3& 'ith it7 S&<e DOROASTRIANS are <&?in3 f+rnit+re &+t &f a tent, the :en in c&l&rf+l t+nics, the W&<en in belly-dancer c&st+<es7 LA(ELLA Are y&+ ?acatin3 this sp&tM A :an steps +p7 HeHs the HEAD O5 THE (IGILANCE CO::ITTEE7 HEAD O5 (IGILANCE CO::ITTEE ;y C&<<ittee &rder, they ha?e &ne h&+r t& 3et &+t &f t&'n7 DOROASTRIAN # They say t&&ls are <issin37 8&+ see any t&&ls, LadyM I d&nIt see any7 DOROASTRIAN ! They bla<e +s7 The 'ay it is7 HEAD O5 (IGILANCE CO::ITTEE Sh+t +pG LA(ELLA 8&+ l&&*in3 f&r a ne' tenantM HEAD O5 (IGILANCE CO::ITTEE 8&+ 3&t the fee, tentHs y&+rs7 SA;A I thin* thatHs s& 'r&n37 LA(ELLA What is y&+r pr&ble<M

0" SA;A )r&fitin3 &n a persec+ted 3r&+p7 The D&r&astrians c&ntin+e l&adin3 their thin3s &nt& a cart7 HEAD O5 (IGILANCE CO::ITTEE :a*e +p y&+r <ind, ladyG LA(ELLA WeHll ta*e it7 Saba t+rns her bac* in dis3+st7 La(ella h&lds +p a c&in7 LA(ELLA The tables and chairs, t&&7 A C&+ntessH 3&ld c&in sh&+ld s+ffice7 The D&r&astrians n&d7 LA(ELLA ECONTHDF 8&+r cl&thes, t&&7 We 'ant the<7 DOROASTRIAN ! We canIt 3& na*ed, Lady7 LA(ELLA 8&+ 3et &+rs7 E?en trade7 INT7 THE DINING HALL AT THE A;;E8 > NIGHT A h+ndred :&n*s sit at '&&den tables7 A ;9RL8 :ON= raps a sp&&n &n a tan*ard7 S+dden B+iet7 Abb&t R&d&lf& stands7 A;;OT RODOL5O IId h&ped t& find y&+ all faithf+l7 ;+t thereIs a <ali3nancy here 'hich, G&d 'illin3, I <+st eOcise7 The eOpressi&ns &n the :&n*sH faces t+rn seri&+s7 A;;OT RODOL5O ECONTHDF 5&r beh&ld, a '&lf is a<&n3st +s7 ;r&ther 8a*&bHs face t+rns apprehensi?e7 A;;OT RODOL5O ECONTHDF N&t &ne 'ith bared teeth b+t 'ith deft ar3+<ent and <annered debate7 ;r&ther 8a*&b stands, ed3es t&'ard the d&&r7 A;;OT RODOL5O ECONTHDF ;r&ther 8a*&b, y&+ stand acc+sedG ;ROTHER 8A=O; :eM 8&+ <ean <eM

0# E6T7 LA(ELLAHS TENT IN G9RRAG9EE - NIGHT A si3n: HONEST GA:E INSIDE - GENTLE:EN )LA8ERS ONL8G La(ella and Saba, dressed in belly dancer 3et+ps and head scar?es, clic* fin3er cy<bals and castanets7 A<la* e<er3es, in c&l&rf+l 3arb7 He p&sts a PTA;LE 59LL > CHEC= ;AC= LATERQ si3n7 He s<iles at Saba7 She sn+bs hi<7 INT7 LA(ELLAHS TENT IN G9RRAG9EE - NIGHT A :ON=, a SOLDIER, a SHAN=ALLAH, Tin :an A Hi33 sit at a card table7 Hi33, p+ffin3 a ci3ar, has the deal and a bi3 stac* &f chips7 Tin :an sits acr&ss fr&< Hi33, face hidden inside his pil3ri< h&&d 'ith a thin ci3ar stic*in3 &+t, Clint East'&&d style7 The S&ldier 3lares at hi<7 SOLDIER 8&+r pal 3i?es <e the 'illies7 D&esnIt tal*7 K+st sits there7 HIGG HeHs n&t the 3arr+l&+s type, lac*s the 3ift f&r 3ab7 The Shan*allah t&sses in a chip, +tters a Nhit <eN 3r+nt7 HIGG T'& cards f&r the bi3 fella7 The Shan*allah snatches the< +p, pee*s, thr&'s the< bac*7 SHAN=ALLAH 8eeba*'&G Ha <eh<ee f'af'a3+nG SOLDIER Tell that b&y t& tal* plainG The Shan*allah reaches f&r his chip7 Hi33 s<ac*s his hand7 HIGG Wh&a 'h&a 'h&a, a<i3&G 8&+ canHt ta*e it bac* after y&+ - The Shan*allah reaches a3ain7 TH9:)G The S&ldier sets a cl+b &n the table7 The Shan*allah 3r&'ls7 TH9:)G The :&n* sets a cl+b &n the table7 The Shan*allah st&ps, eyes dartin3 side t& side7 S+ddenly, A<la* stands behind his chair7 E6T7 LA(ELLAHS TENT - NIGHT La(ella A Saba C+<p t& the side as A<la* b+rsts thr&+3h and h+rls the Shan*allah int& the street, landin3 hi< in se'er 'ater7 SabaHs head scarf falls &ff in the <TlRe7

0! E6T7 ACROSS THE STREET 5RO: LA(ELLAHS TENT - NIGHT The Shan*allah sha*es a fist at A<la* 'h& 3&es bac* inside7 5r&< the shad&'s, Lan* n+d3es ;ric*, n&ds at Saba 'h&Hs p+ttin3 her scarf bac* &n7 ;ric* ta*es &+t the n+de s*etch7 ;RIC= ;in3&7 INT7 LA(ELLAHS TENT - NIGHT A:LA= S&rry7 Sh&+ldnHtH?e let hi< in7 :ON= I th&+3ht the bi3 3+y <ade sense7 I '&r*ed at a clinic &n the b&rder7 )ic*ed +p a fe' '&rds7 And 'hat he 'as sayin3 'as, this fella EN&ddin3 at Hi33F Wh&Is ab&+t cleaned +s &+t, hasnHt l&st a hand since he 3&t the deal7 SOLDIER 8eahG ThatHs ri3htG He hasnHtG :ON= WhatHs the secret &f y&+r s+ccessM He lays a *nife &n the table7 The S&ldier sees tr&+ble abre'in3, sc&&ps +p his chips, eOits as A<la* c&<es +p7 A:LA= S&<ethin3 'r&n3M :ON= 8eah, y&+r friend there7 I canHt sp&t h&' heHs cheatin37 TIN :AN HeHs n&t cheatin37 :ON= Well, 'hat d& y&+ *n&'M Silent partner C+st decided t& chi<e in7 A:LA= L&&* pal, if y&+ 3&t a beef, 'hy d&nIt y&+ ta*e it &+tside and - A<la* starts ed3in3 behind the :&n*7 :ON= Stay 'here y&+ are7 Try d&in3 <e li*e y&+ did the Shan*allah, IHll feed y&+ y&+r dic* &n a plate7

0$ Hi33 reaches f&r the pile7 The :&n* slaps his hand a'ay7 :ON= :&ney staysG 8&+ and <eIre 3&nna play <an&-a-<an&7 Tin :an shifts the ci3ar in his <&+th7 E6T7 AN O55ICE DOWN THE STREET - NIGHT T'& :ISCREANTS han3 fr&< a 3ibbet, t'istin3 in the 'ind7 Si3n ab&?e d&&r: N(IGILANCE CO::ITTEE H@N In a HORSECART &n a bed &f stra', Saba A La(ella, still in bellydancer 3et+ps, lay side-by-side h&3tied and 3a33ed7 LAN= EO7S7F This 'arrant says 'e represent the interests &f the )rincess Andressa7 INT7 (IGILANCE CO::ITTEE H@ - NIGHT The Head Of The (i3ilance C&<<ittee l&&*s +p7 His ASSISTANT pee*s &+t fr&< behind a barred 'ind&' at Lan* A ;ric*7 LAN= We C+st arrested t'& '&<en in the stabbin3 death &f )rince Andreas7 HEAD O5 (IGILANCE CO::ITTEE W&<en <+rderersM Here in G+rra3+eeM ;RIC= Half bl&c* +p at a p&*er tent7 E6T7 A LARGE O)EN 5IELD AT THE A;;E8 > NIGHT Chantin3 :&n*s <arch t&'ard a h+3e cr&ss, fire'&&d stac*ed at its base7 They di?ide int& t'& ran*s, an aisle bet'een7 T'& :&n*s lead a third, h&&ded A b&+nd, +p the aisle and sec+re hi< t& the cr&ss7 5r&< the shad&'s Abb&t R&d&lf& e<er3es, re<&?es the h&&d t& re?eal ;r&ther 8a*&b7 A;;OT RODOL5O ;r&ther, l&&* t& y&+r s&+l7 5&r +s, y&+ n& l&n3er eOist &n this Earth7 He dr&ps a t&rch at the base7 The cr&ss is en3+lfed7 E6T7 THE AR:8 CHEC=)OINT - NIGHT 5ire li3hts the s*y7 The distant s&+nd &f chantin3 :&n*s7

0. ;&dies &f the f&+r S&ldiers s'in3 fr&< a tree7 5&+r scared RE)LACE:ENT SOLDIERS stand 'atch +nder the eye &f )rincess Andressa7 T'& h&rses r&+nd the bend7 :&+nted &n the< are the Cleric and the R&yal Official, na*ed, tied facin3 bac*'ards7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA All ri3ht, Abb&t7 8&+ 'in r&+nd &ne7 ;+t a fi3ht is ten r&+nds7 INT7 LA(ELLAHS TENT ;AC= IN G9RRAG9EE - NIGHT The :&n* lies dead at the 'all &f the tent, a h&le bl&'n thr&+3h his <idsecti&n lea?in3 a h+3e, 3apin3, bl&&dy '&+nd7 HEAD O5 (IGILANCE CO::ITTEE This s<ells &f the '&r* &f the t'& <en sent by the )rincess7 ASSISTANT The )rincessG N&' thereIs a de?ilG HEAD O5 (IGILANCE CO::ITTEE :ind y&+r t&n3+e, <anG E6T7 THE :AIN ROAD O9T O5 G9RRAG9EE - NIGHT Hi33, A<la* A Tin :an dri?e a st&len H&rsecart at lic*etysplit speed past the city li<its si3n7 Hi33 sits in bac*7 A:LA= Really slic*G (irt+&s& perf&r<anceG TIN :AN I didnHt *n&' itHd <a*e that bi3 a h&leG A:LA= 8&+Hre pr&3ra<<ed t& *n&'G TIN :AN G+ess I scre'ed +pG A:LA= 8&+ s+re didG ;i3 ti<eG HIGG Will y&+ t'& st&pM TIN :AN IH< 3ettin3 n&thin3 &n the 3irls7 A:LA= =id said they 'ent this 'ay 'ith t'& <en7

01 HIGG :aybe they chan3ed directi&n7 TIN :AN If I c&+ld C+st pic* +p the fin3er cy<bals7 The castanets7 Any <etalG E6T7 DEAD AHEAD IN A GRO(E O5 TREES - NIGHT S9)ER: N&t far ahead A blaLin3 ca<pfire7 La(ella A Saba, na*ed, han3in3 by their th+<bs, stand &n tipt&es &n a flat r&c*7 Saba 'hispers7 SA;A K+st d&nHt <a*e the< <ad7 LA(ELLA EL&+d ?&iceF Oh, y&+ <ean li*e d&nHt say h&' +3ly &r s<elly &r st+pid they areM SA;A ShhhhGGGG ;RIC= HeyG Sh+t +p &?er thereG LA(ELLA Hey, y&+ sh+t +p, Kac*G SA;A Oh G&d, n&' y&+H?e d&ne itG LAN= 8&+ *n&' the tr&+ble y&+Hre inM The )rincessIll be dealin3 'ith y&+7 S& be nice7 WeIre in ti3ht 'ith her7 LA(ELLA D+<b A D+<ber in ti3ht 'ith the )rincessM D&nHt <a*e <e la+3hG LAN= ListenG 8&+ Lip y&+r lipG LA(ELLA N&, y&+ listenG 8&+ <ade a bi3 <ista*eG 8&+Hre <essin3 'ith the 'r&n3 chic*sG SA;A Oh G&dG )lease sh+t +p, La(ella7 She d&esnHt <ean it, SirG

00 LA(ELLA And an&ther thin3, <y <anHs c&nnected 'ith s&<e really scary pe&ple7 When he hears - SA;A SheHs hall+cinatin37 SheHs <a*in3 +p st&ries7 SheHs - LA(ELLA When he hears, heHll h+nt y&+ d&'n7 8&+, y&+r bi3 d+<b pal there, y&+r 'h&le l&ser fa<ily7 E?ery&ne y&+ *n&'Hll end +p &n chain 3an3s sh&?ellin3 elephant crap, capishM LAN= ;+rnin3 y&+r brid3es, sisterG LA(ELLA K+st 3ettin3 started7 Want a piece &f <eM Ta*e y&+r best sh&tG Lan* ta*es a nasty-l&&*in3 set &f t&n3s, ad?ances &n the<7 SA;A Oh please, Sir, d&nHt h+rt herG Help +s, s&<eb&dyG )leaseG E6T7 NOT 5AR AWA8 - NIGHT A:LA= I heard s&<ethin3G Cry f&r help7 TIN :AN WhereM What directi&nM A:LA= CanIt tell7 T&& faint7 E6T7 DEAD AHEAD > NIGHT LAN= 8&+ first, RedheadG Lan* snaps the 3rippin3 Ca's7 Saba screa<s as La(ella balances &n her t&es and ai<s a *ic*7 S+ddenly CLIN=G Lan* st&ps, l&&*s d&'n7 He pic*s +p an &bCect &n the flat r&c*7 LAN= L&&* 'hat C+st fell fr&< the s*y7 He h&lds +p the )rinceIs 3&ld c&in7

0% E6T7 NOT 5AR AWA8 - NIGHT TIN :AN I heard a clin*7 A:LA= WhereM What directi&nM TIN :AN Dead ahead7 And cl&se7 E6T7 DEAD AHEAD > NIGHT LA(ELLA Dan3G 5&r3&t it 'as thereG SA;A )assp&rt t& the @+een7 G&neG S+ddenly, s&+nd &f a <an sin3in37 A spectre-li*e bein3 appears in the trees c&<in3 cl&ser 'ith 'hat l&&*s t& be a head &f fire7 Then Hi33, li3hted t&rch in his hand, b+rsts int& the clearin37 HeIs dressed li*e a <an &f <eans7 HIGG AhG There they areG Than* y&+, 3entle<enG Than* y&+ f&r l&catin3 <y sla?e 3irls7 I 'as '&rried sic*7 Hi33 sets the t&rch in a h&lder, 'al*s t&'ard the Girls li*e he &'ns the place7 Lan* A ;ric* step +p t& bl&c* hi<7 LAN= H&ld it ri3ht thereG They arenHt y&+r 3irls7 TheyIre trait&rsG TheyIre 3&?ern<ent pr&perty n&'7 HIGG Trait&rsM Ridic+l&+sG Lan* h&lds +p the 3&ld c&in as pr&&f &f their 3+ilt7 HIGG ECONTHDF Oh d&+ble 3&&dG 8&+ f&+nd <y c&in7 II?e been l&&*in3 hi3h and l&'7 EWa3s fin3er at La(ellaF Stealin3 y&+r <asterIs 3&ld c&in7 Wait till I 3et y&+ h&<e, 3irlG ;ric* 3rabs h&ld &f Hi337 ;RIC= That c&in 'as the )rinceIs7 WhereId the li*es &f y&+ 3et h&ld &f itM Hi33 Cer*s his ar< a'ay7

02 HIGG If y&+ <+st *n&', I 3&t it fr&< the C&+ntess7 ;RIC= A C&+ntess in thisM I th&+3ht the )rince &nly fancied ser?in3 3irls7 LAN= Wait a <in+teG St&pG This fell&'Is feedin3 +s a line7 WerenHt there three in the pl&tM ;RIC= 8eah7 These t'& pl+s this &ne '&+ld <a*e7 9h7 One pl+s t'& is7 9h7 LAN= ThreeG ;RIC= Ri3ht7 Three7 Hi33 han3s his head7 HIGG All ri3ht7 8es7 I ad<it it7 8&+ 'in7 8&+Ire t&& cle?er f&r <e7 ;ric* pic*s +p a chain 'ith c+ffs and shac*les attached7 He ad?ances &n Hi33, 'h& cal<ly ta*es &+t three ci3ars7 HIGG ECONTHDF ;ef&re 'e 3et t& the le3alities, 'hy n&t ha?e a friendly s<&*eM ;RIC= S<&*eM HIGG A ci?iliLed thin37 II?e these fine ci3ars fr&< a D+*e +p n&rth f&r ser?ices rendered7 He said li3ht +p P'hen y&+Ire 'ith the ri3ht pe&ple7Q N&'Is as 3&&d as any7 Hi33 h&lds &+t the ci3ars7 LAN= G+ess it canIt h+rt7 ;RIC= He did s+rrender peaceably7 HIGG And y&+ 3entle<en are C+st d&in3 y&+r C&b7 N& hard feelin3s7

0/ LAN= 8&+Ire ta*in3 this +n+s+ally 'ell7 Lan* and ;ric* each ta*e a ci3ar7 They li3ht +p7 E6T7 THE A;;E8 > NIGHT K+st &+tside the Abbey 'alls, :ON=S fe?erishly en3a3e in sharpenin3 s'&rds, c+ttin3 l&3s int& p&sts 'ith sharp p&ints, b+ildin3 earth'&r* f&rtificati&ns and ra<parts7 Acr&ss a ?ast &pen field, RO8AL SOLDIERS <an a chec*p&int7 Nearby, t'& ST7 ANDREWIS CROSSES <ade &f .-by-. bea<s7 E6T7 A :ILITAR8 )ARADE GRO9ND > NIGHT T&rches li3ht +p a raised platf&r<7 T'& can?as-c&?ered lar3er-than-life STAT9ES &n the platf&r<7 SERGEANTIS (OICE EO7S7F C&<pan-NEEG Atten-H9TG )rincess Andressa, in 3lea<in3 ar<&r, steps t& the p&di+<7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA At easeG S&+nds &f <en c&<in3 t& Pat ease7Q )RINCESS ANDRESSA ECONTHDF WeIre the &nes f&ll&'in3 the r+les, 3&in3 by the letter &f the la', t+rnin3 the &ther chee*7 WhatIs it 3&t +sM Resistance7 Rebelli&n7 Ridic+le7 ;ehind th&se abbey 'alls, sheIs la+3hin3, la+3hin3 at <e, la+3hin3 at y&+7 II< at <y 'itIs end, b&ys7 Tell <e 'hat y&+ thin*7 SOLDIER # EO7S7F Stran3le the bitchG SOLDIER ! EO7S7F 8&+I?e been t&& da<n easy &n herG ;r&ther T'itch 3i?es the r&pes attached t& the can?ases a Cer*7 The c&?erin3s fall7 The S&ldiers beh&ld 3&dli*e stat+es &f )rince Andreas and )rincess Andressa7 E6T7 IN THE GRO(E O5 TREES > NIGHT Lan* A ;ric* are at the ca<pfire, 3i33lin3 +nc&ntr&llably7 La(ella A Saba still han3 by their th+<bs7 Hi33 'atches7

%" ;RIC= It 'as li*e shin*, shin*, shin*7 LAN= N&7 It 'as *&&sh, *&&sh, *&&sh7 ;RIC= I thin* I *n&' 'hat <il*in3 a c&' s&+nds li*e7 N&' can I please finish the st&ry f&r :r Hi33M It 'as St 5rancis Day 'hen they bless the ani<als anH the ;ish&pHs at the )rinceIs estate in his r&bes and shepherdIs staff7 HeIs in the c&rral 'ith the chic*ens and 3&ats, ha?in3 a 3rand &ld ti<e7 N&' <ind y&+, the c&'Is a s*ittish &ne, l&ses c&ntr&l easily7 5ar<handIs a C&*er7 HeIs <il*in3 her caref+lly, 'ith the <il* 3&in3 shin*, shin*, shin* in the b+c*et, 'atchin3 &+t &f the c&rner &f his eye - LAN= Oh yesG This is 'here the bish - ;RIC= Will y&+ n&t 3i?e it a'ayM The ;ish&pIs chasin3 a nanny 3&at t& sprin*le her 'ith h&ly 'ater and as he r+ns behind the c&', the far<hand starts '&r*in3 the +dders7 EHe de<&nstratesF The c&'Is tail 3&es ta+t, it 3i?es &+t a l&+d :OOOO and S)LATG His r&beIs c&?ered in 'et c&' - ;ric* la+3hs7 LAN= Sh&t &+t h&riL&ntal7 Nearly *n&c*ed hi< d&'n7 He 'as c&?ered 'ith - Lan* la+3hs7 ;RIC= And then a '&<an sh&+ts, PSer?es y&+ ri3ht f&r the shit y&+ dish &+t at :ass, y&+ &ld fartGQ HIGG H&'Is the ci3arM ;RIC= Oh, it 'ent &+t7 5&r3&t I had it7 ;ric* A Lan* b+rst int& 3i33les a3ain as A<la* and Tin :an

%# e<er3e fr&< the shad&'s7 A<la* be3ins +ntyin3 Saba7 INT7 THE ;RIDGE ON =RONAHS S)ACESHI) - DA8 Nadal p+tts7 The )il&t A the 5irst Officer <an the c&ntr&ls7 DIS)ATCHERHS (OICE EO7S7F 8&+Hre n+<ber $0 f&r descent7 NADAL H&' l&n3 bef&re 'eIre n+<ber &neM 5IRST O55ICER Ab&+t se?en <in+tes7 8&+ sh&+ld 3et t& the Lander, 3et strapped in7 )ILOT Ti<e t& 'a*e Her Hi3hness7 NADAL ;elay that7 The )il&t ta*es his fin3er &ff the call b+tt&n7 Nadal ta*es a s<all GREEN C8LINDER, &pens it, p+nches in the data and slides it int& a t+be7 He presses a b+tt&n7 E6T7 =RONAIS S)ACESHI) - DA8 ;el&', the bl+e &f the :editerrranean and E3yptIs c&astline7 5'&&pG The Green Cylinder la+nches fr&< a t+be7 A tiny r&c*et en3ine i3nites and p&'ers it d&'n t&'ard the s+rface7 INT7 A;;OT RODOL5OHS )RI(ATE ST9D8 - DA8 The :&n* in the chefHs apr&n h&lds +p f&+r fin3ers7 A;;OT RODOL5O 5&+r days7 If 'e rati&n, <aybe - The :&n* sha*es his head7 :ON= IN CHE5HS A)RON TheyHre n&t st&ppin3 pil3ri<s7 TheyHre n&t lettin3 any lea?e7 N+<ber &f h+n3ry <&+ths increases by the h&+r7 The Abb&tHs face t+rns ashen7 A;;OT RODOL5O ECONTHDF Ti<e t& tell Sister Christa7

%! E6T7 THE HIGH DESERT - DA8 The Green Cylinder h+3s the s+rface li*e a cr+ise <issile7 It passes hi3h &?er the Gypsy ca<psite7 Then it dr&ps d&'n, passes &?er the s'i<<in3 h&le and r&c*ets &n7 E6T7 THE AR:8 CHEC=)OINT - DA8 A WAGON c&<es int& ?ie', displayin3 3arish c&l&rs and 3ay &rna<entati&n7 In the dri?erHs seat, Lan* A ;ric* s'ay bac* and f&rth7 Lan*, in a red headband, flashes a peace si3n7 LAN= Hey a<i3&sG @+R pasaM SOLDIER What the hell is thatMG# As it dra's cl&se, a painted si3n: P:A=E LO(E, NOT WAR7Q E6T7 ENTERING THE STRATOS)HERE - DA8 A LANDER p&'ers d&'n int& EarthIs at<&sphere7 The heat shield c&?erin3 the h+ll and 'in3s b+rsts int& fla<es7 INT7 LANDER )ASSENGER CO:)ART:ENT - DA8 The ship sh+dders, b&+nces, sha*es7 Strapped int& a seat, Nadal has TreHDean &n his lap7 He h+3s her cl&se and his free hand reaches inside her h&t pants7 She s'&&ns7 E6T7 LA(ELLAHS ENCA:):ENT > DA8 Tin :an stands, 3larin3 at the Dish7 TIN :AN ItIs n&t '&r*in37 A:LA= It 'as fine yesterday7 TIN :AN Well, itHs n&t fine n&'7 Gr+<blin3, Tin :an slides &pen the bac* panel7 He stares at a C+<ble &f 'ires and s'itches and 'hatn&t7 TIN :AN ECONTHDF C&+ld be anythin37 Heat sin*7 EOpansi&n b&ard7 8&+ na<e it7

%$ A:LA= What d& y&+ 'ant <e t& d& ab&+t itM TIN :AN 8&+ *n&', I canIt 'ait till 'e 3et bac* h&<e and y&+r :+< assi3ns y&+ s&<e p&siti&n &f a+th&rity7 I 'ant t& see their faces 'hen y&+ 3i?e the< that blan* stare and say, PWell, 'hat d& y&+ 'ant <e t& d&MQ I can C+st i<a3ine the c&nfidence that 'ill en3ender in - A<la*, in a ra3e, 3rabs Tin :anIs nec* as if t& ch&*e hi<7 SA;A EO7S7F What the hell are y&+ d&in3M As Saba r+ns +p, A<la* realiLes heIs been tryin3 t& stran3le a r&b&t7 He releases Tin :an7 E<barrassed, A<la* A Tin :an t+rn their bac*s t& &ne an&ther7 A:LA= S&rry7 TIN :AN ItIs all ri3ht7 N& da<a3e7 SA;A WhatIs the pr&ble<M TIN :AN Dish isnIt f+ncti&nin37 A:LA= 5irst thin3 he did 'as ta*e it &+t &n <e7 TIN :AN Did n&t7 A:LA= Did t&&7 They start p+shin37 Saba C+<ps in, separates the<7 SA;A St&p itG ;&th &f y&+G ET& Tin :anF Can it be fiOedM TIN :AN )r&bably7 ItIll ta*e ti<e7 SA;A Then 'hy d&nIt y&+ 3et &n 'ith itM

%. He l&&*s at A<la* 'h& 3i?es hi< a Py&+ heard the ladyQ n&d7 Tin :an 3lares and, 3r+<blin3, 3ets &n 'ith it7 SA;A ECONTHDF As f&r y&+, Typical G+y, II< 3i?in3 y&+ a sec&nd chance7 She t+rns and 'al*s a'ay7 A<la* 'atches her, d+<bf&+nded7 A s&nic b&&<7 The Dish sha*es, then be3ins t& r&tate and pin37 The <&nit&r displays a P)LEASE STAND ;8Q 3raphic7 INT7 THE CHA)EL AT THE A;;E8 > DA8 S+nli3ht thr&+3h stained 3lass7 At the altar, a lifesiLe :ary stat+e bathed in li3ht7 In the center aisle, bel&' the d&<e, a plan* bed 'ith br&*en bits &f 3lass and sharp-ed3ed pebbles7 S&+nd &f a d&&r &penin37 Abb&t R&d&lf& enters7 He l&&*s +p as the @+een fl&ats C+st bel&' the d&<e7 A;;OT RODOL5O 8&+r Grace, 'e see< t& be ha?in3 s&<e7 Ah7 Diffic+lties7 A s&nic b&&<7 The Chapel sha*es, the chandeliers s'in37 E6T7 THE A;;E8 GRO9NDS > NIGHT Ar<ed :&n*s p&int at the Chec*p&int7 They see t'& P:&n*sQ nailed t& the St Andre'Is Cr&sses7 They see< t& be ali?e7 :ON= G&&d L&rdG The p&&r bastards7 E6T7 AR:8 CHEC=)OINT > THE SA:E :O:ENT We see the faces &f the P:&n*s:Q Lan* A ;ric*7 Nails ha?e been dri?en int& the<7 E<a<+ p+lls the h&&ds d&'n &?er their faces7 He +nr&lls a paper, h&lds it t& the li3ht7 INSERT: the sheet &f paper The n+de s*etch &f Saba7 ;AC= TO SCENE E<a<+ s<iles, lic*s his lips, 'al*s t& his h&rse7 INT7 A TENT AT LA(ELLAHS ENCA:):ENT > DA8 Hi33 asleep &n a r+3 in the tent7 He lic*s his lips and s<iles as if ha?in3 a pleasant drea<7 S+ddenly, shad&'s and sh+fflin3 &f feet7 Hi33 &pens his eyes7 L&&<in3 &?er hi< are

%1 Saba, La(ella A Tin :an7 La(ella n&ds7 Tin :an st&&ps, 3rips Hi33Is l&'er ri3ht le37 A b&ne snaps7 Hi33 screa<s7 LA(ELLA IH< s&rry, Hi337 I really a<7 Hi33 c+rls int& a fetal p&siti&n, 3rittin3 his teeth and 3rippin3 his le37 Saba A Tin :an eOit the tent7 LA(ELLA ECONTHDF WeIll tal* later7 8&+ need rest7 La(ella eOits7 HIGG Oh G&d, it h+rts7 HeyG 8&+ canIt brea* a 3+yIs le3 and C+st lea?e7 E6T7 LA(ELLAHS ENCA:):ENT > DA8 Tin :an '&r*s the c&ntr&ls, the Dish e<ittin3 a healthy pin37 )l&pG The Green Cylinder lands at his feet7 He pic*s it +p, t+rns it &?er in his hand7 E6T7 A (AST GREEN;ELT NOT 5AR AWA8 > DA8 5r&< s&<e'here cl&se, a *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* s&+nd7 R&llin3 hills stretch 'here 5O9RSO:ES play 3&lf7 On either side &f the lin*s, HELOS and LANDERS are par*ed in neat r&'s, en3ines idlin37 WOR=ERS l&adS+nl&ad car3&7 E6T7 THE THIRD GREEN - DA8 TreHDean, in h&tpants, bare <idriff tan*t&p and a c+te hat, <a*es ready t& p+tt7 WITCH # tends the fla37 Nadal sits in a 3&lf cart neOt t& WITCH !, her fin3ers &n a prayer bracelet7 NADAL Narr&' y&+r stance7 )&int the t&es in7 L&c* the *nees7 :ini<iLe 'ei3ht shift7 StabiliLe b&dy <&?e<ent7 TREHDEAN I canHt re<e<ber all thatG NADAL ET& Witch !F D& 'hat IH< payinI y&+ t& d&7 Tell <e 'hat y&+ see in her7 Witch # thr&'s bac* her head and cl&ses her eyes7

%0 WITCH ! D& <en see* deli3ht in Their dRclinin3 years And ta*e a y&+n3 lassie 5&r randy 3&&d cheerM Oh see the y&+n3 <aidens, All dressed in a r&' They 'i33le, they Ci33le, They cr&ss their le3s s&7 And it sh&+ld be easy Or s& IH?e been t&ld T& reach &+t and pl+c* &ne T& ha?e and t& h&ld T& ta*e her bac* h&<e f&r T& 'ar< +p the bed T& h+33le and sn+33le And 3i?e y&+ 3&&d head7 ;+t this &neIs n& <aiden N& flesh-and-b&nes, she Her brainIs p&sitr&nic Her heartIs )C;7 Her 3+tIs <ade &f plastic Her s*inIs ne&prene A 'ire r+ns thr&+3h her7 SheIs C+st a <achineG S& 'al* a'ay, Nadal G& bac* t& y&+r 'ife A r&b&t '&nHt cheer y&+ Or li3ht +p y&+r life7 NADAL Get &+t &f <y cart7 WITCH ! WhyM I did 'hat y&+ as*ed7 NADAL DidnIt say t& dash <y h&pesG O+tG Witch ! scra<bles &+t, t+rns t& Nadal 'ith a hatef+l 3lare, as TreHDeanHs ball r&lls t&'ard the h&le7 She <+tters s&<e '&rds and the ball screeches t& a halt inches fr&< the c+p7 E6T7 AT CREE=SIDE NEAR LA(ELLAHS ENCA:):ENT > DA8 Tin :an A A<la* c&<e +p as Saba 'ashes7 A<la* has the Green Cylinder7 He stays bac*7 Tin :an clears his thr&at7 SA;A H&'Is Hi33M

%% TIN :AN C&pin37 SA;A II< thin*in3 <aybe 'e sh&+ldnIt ha?e d&ne that t& hi<7 TIN :AN ThereIre si<pler strate3ies f&r seein3 the @+een besides brea*in3 a le3 t& pr&d+ce a crippled 3+y7 SA;A WhatIs 'ith y&+r palM TIN :AN He 'ants a fa?&r7 SA;A CanIt as* <e hi<selfM TIN :AN He fi3+res if he d&esnIt as*, he d&esnIt 3et reCected7 E6T7 LA(ELLAHS ENCA:):ENT K9ST O9TSIDE HER TENT > DA8 Hi33, his l&'er le3 in a '&&d brace, tries the cr+tches7 HIGG I sh&+ld be tellin3 y&+ 3& t& hell7 LA(ELLA 8&+Ire ri3ht7 HIGG After all II?e d&ne7 )+ttin3 +p 'ith y&+r na33in3, y&+r ins+lts, y&+r &bsessi&n t& be in char3e7 LA(ELLA 8&+Ire ri3ht7 HIGG Any&ne else '&+ld ha?e d+<ped y&+7 LA(ELLA 8&+Ire ri3ht7 Hi33 slips, al<&st falls7 HIGG WhyHre y&+ standin3 thereM Help <eG E6T7 A WOODED RIDGE WITHIN SIGHT O5 THE A;;E8 > NIGHT

%2 A <&&nlit hillside7 Distant sin3in3, c&<in3 cl&ser7 )EASANTS, <ale, fe<ale, y&+n3, &ld, appear at the crest and descend t&'ard the Abbey7 They carry bas*ets &f fr+it, lead 3&ats and sheep7 They sin3 a hy<n in praise &f the @+een7 As they e<er3e fr&< the '&&ds int& the &pen field, they cl&se ran*s and <arch t&'ard the dra'brid3e7 The S&ldiers at the Ar<y Chec*p&int scatter and r+n7 E6T7 THE RO8AL O;SER(ATOR8 > NIGHT A d&<ed str+ct+re7 The R&yal Carria3e arri?es7 Andressa steps &+t7 ;r&ther T'itch 3reets her7 aside t& spea* t& an e?il-l&&*in3 :an7 This is DES)ERADO7 We canIt hear 'hat is said7 He b&'s INT7 THE RO8AL O;SER(ATOR8 > NIGHT Occ+lt scra'ls &n the 'alls7 )rincess Andressa sits, the =in3 beside her7 L&rd ;rand&n stands behind7 A clear d&<e &pens t& the s*y7 Directly bel&' stand ;r&ther T'itch and GR9))LE, shr&+ded in blac*, see<in3ly in a trance7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA What d& y&+ ha?e, ;r&ther T'itchM ;ROTHER TWITCH :+ch, Lady7 :y c&llea3+e, Gr+pple, has st+died the salient aspects7 HeIs discerned an i<pendin3 e?ent7 Gr+pple abr+ptly c&<es &+t &f his trance7 GR9))LE :icr&nes *+d&s baG Sa cessna *aedin3 sebastie dild& cisc&#G L&san3el brit cardasshi - ;ROTHER TWITCH The @+eenIs7 9h, Sister ChristaIs star is enterin3 a sect&r &f pr&ble<atic c&<pleOities7 LORD ;RANDON )r&ble<atic c&<pleOitiesM What the de+ce d&es that e?en <eanM Gr+pple p&ints a 'arnin3 fin3er at L&rd ;rand&n7 GR9))LE Cr&sche bi3tit parde*G ;l&&<c&+ - )rincess She t+rns the and lea?es7

%/ ;ROTHER TWITCH IHll tell it7 It starts 'ith a drea<7 The drea<er finds hi<self in a past+re &f fat sheep7 The <&&n b+rns li*e a desert s+n7 An &<in&+s stillness7 A s*in-and-b&nes ti3ress appears7 She bites the nec* &f a la<b7 The bite t+rns the la<b int& a hide&+sly def&r<ed creat+re7 Then a ?&ice7 A sna*e, 'rapped ar&+nd a shepherdIs staff, shrie*s, NSt&p the dar*nessGN Di3itsG GR9))LE Rach<ani &h'ellG

;ROTHER TWITCH EOactlyG 5l&c* is the *in3d&<7 N& d&+bt7 Ti3ress represents Sister Christa7 H&' d& 'e *n&'M 5irst, her clan t&te< is the C+n3le cat7 In additi&n, Gr+pple has di?ined she 'as a ti3er in a past life7 LORD ;RANDON :y <y7 H&' c&n?enient that7 ;ROTHER TWITCH The def&r<ed la<b represents the har< d&ne by her facti&n7 As f&r the sna*e, recall in pa3an ti<es, &+r *in3s 'ere attended by a+3+rs 'h& c&ns+lted sacred sna*es7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA And the dar*nessM GR9))LE )sych& <&ther&fG ;ROTHER TWITCH There 'ill be a battle7 8&+ <+st fi3ht it7 ItHs y&+r &nly h&pe7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ;+t 'ill I 'inM ;r&ther T'itch t+rns t& Gr+pple7 Gr+pple shr+3s7 ;ROTHER TWITCH Si3ns p&int t& yes, b+t - LORD ;RANDON 8&+ belie?e this h&*+s-p&*+sM

2" ;ROTHER TWITCH Gr+pple says the neOt fe' days 'ill be a str+33le bet'een li3ht EIndicates =in3 A )rincessF And li3htIs absence7 ;et'een 3&&d EA3ain 3est+res t&'ard the<F And 3&&dIs absence7 The dar*ness 'ill see* t& e<bed itself deep int& the =in3d&<Hs fabric and eOp+n3e all that is tr+e, 3&&d and bea+tif+l7 ;elie?e itG L&rd ;rand&n claps <&c*in3ly7 LORD ;RANDON Oh bra?&G ;ra?&G G&&d sh&', ;r&ther T'itchG 8&+ had +s 3&in3 there7 )rincess Andressa l&&*s at the =in37 He n&ds7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA Tell +s <&re7 LORD ;RANDON Oh n&' 'ait7 8&+ t'& arenIt act+ally e<bracin3 this B+ac*ery7 She claps her hands &nce7 E<a<+ appears &+t &f n&'here, dra3s L&rd ;rand&n &+t7 Gr+pple la+3hs li*e a hyena7 E6T7 ON A )ATH NEAR A DENSE TREELINE > DA8 A faint *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* c&<es fr&< bey&nd the treeline7 A<la* halts7 He ta*es &+t the Green Cylinder7 A:LA= )r&<ise y&+ '&nHt lea?e <e, n& <atter 'hat7 SA;A WhyM A:LA= K+st d&nHt7 SA;A The fa?&rHs that I stand by y&+M A<la* n&ds7 He stares at the treeline, shi?ers7 SA;A ECONTHDF S&<ethin3 &+t there scares y&+7

2# A<la* 3lares at her7 He ta*es the Cylinder, thr&'s it a'ay7 A l&&* &f res&l?e &n his face, he res+<es 'al*in37 Saba and Tin :an f&ll&'7 They appr&ach the trees7 A:LA= Wal* beside <e7 Saba d&es7 A:LA= ECONTHDF Ta*e <y hand7 Saba d&es7 He ta*es a deep breath, silently c&+nts t& three7 They step int& the treeline7 They ?anish as the *ach+n* *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* see<s t& s'all&' the<7 INT7 THE :ASTER ;EDROO: ON =RONAHS S)ACESHI) - DA8 A di<<ed b+l*head li3ht ill+<inates the cha<ber7 =r&na sleeps7 A <eal, +nt&+ched, rests &n a stand by the bed7 E6T7 THE THIRTEENTH 5AIRWA8 > DA8 The *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* s&+nd is l&+der as A<la*, Saba A Tin :an e<er3e fr&< the treeline7 Saba 3asps in '&nder at the G&lf 5&+rs&<es, the Hel&s and Landers and the 5L8ING :EN7 She cr&sses herself, sin*s t& her *nees7 SA;A Oh L&rdG ItHs G&d and His An3elsG A:LA= N&t G&d7 K+st <y +ncle and ten th&+sand &f his cl&sest friends7 A<la* raises Saba as a h+<anli*e r&b&t AR:ED G9ARD fl&ats d&'n and bl&c*s their 'ay7 AR:ED G9ARD S&rry, Sir7 8&+Ire in a sec+re L&ne7 )er<itted pers&nnel &nly7 A:LA= II< here t& see <y 9ncle Nadal7 The Ar<ed G+ard d&es n&t <&?e7 T'& &ther r&b&t AR:ED G9ARDS fl&at d&'n7 AR:ED G9ARD Then y&+Hd ha?e a per<it7 A:LA= I had it7 I see< t&I?e <isplaced it7 CanHt y&+ chec* 'ith <y +ncleM

2! AR:ED G9ARD S&rry, Sir7 S+33est y&+ 3& find the per<it and ret+rn7 At 'hich p&int, Saba h&lds +p the Green Cylinder7 SA;A I ha?e it7 8&+ thre' it a'ay7 I pic*ed it +p7 She hands it t& the Ar<ed G+ard7 AR:ED G9ARD IIll ad?ise y&+r +ncle y&+Ire here7 The R&b&ts rise int& the air and fly &ff7 E6T7 ON THE :AIN ROAD TO THE A;;E8 - DA8 La?ella dri?es the h&rse cart sl&'ly7 Hi33 lies in the bed in bac*, the brace &n his le37 A b+<p7 HIGG OWWWG Caref+l, da<<itG LA(ELLA D&in3 the best I canG HIGG K+st be caref+l7 LA(ELLA WeIll be at the Abbey s&&n7 La?ella scans the rid3e, sees SOLDIERS descendin37 She sees theyH?e sp&tted her7 She +r3es the h&rses &n lic*ety-split7 HIGG What are y&+ d&in3M Sl&' d&'nG OWWWG THAT H9RTSG OWWWWWWWWWG INT7 A SH9TTLE 5L8ING LOW O(ER THE GOL5 RESORT > DA8 A h+<an-li*e RO;OT pil&ts the Sh+ttle7 Saba, fri3htened &+t &f her 'its, 3rips the seat, her *n+c*les t+rnin3 'hite7 TIN :AN I 3&t his bl&c*in3 sche<e7 A:LA= WhatM

2$ TIN :AN )il&tIs &peratin3 syste< is a ne' release7 He thin*s heHs h&t shit, heHs 3&t <e &n bl&c*in3 <&de7 A:LA= S&M TIN :AN S& I sc&ped hi< &+t and II< 3&nna hac* the bastard7 A:LA= 8&+Hre n&t hac*in3 hi<7 TIN :AN I a< hac*in3 his assG A:LA= What if y&+ hac* hi< and he l&ses c&ntr&l and *ills +s allM TIN :AN Oh, s& y&+ thin* I d&nHt *n&' h&', thin* I d&nHt ha?e c&ntr&lM A:LA= C&ntr&lM EOc+se <eM Li*e bac* 'hen y&+ tried t& st+n that <&n* and ended +p bl&'in3 a h&le in his 3+tM Tin :an c&nsiders this7 TIN :AN O=7 )&int ta*en7 This ti<e I '&nHt7 A:LA= Than* G&dG TIN :AN D&esnHt <ean I c&+ldnHt, th&+3h7 The Sh+ttle 'a33les its 'in3s7 Saba l&&*s ab&+t t& ?&<it7 A:LA= Han3in3 in there, GirlM E6T7 ON THE GREEN WHERE 9NCLE NADAL STANDS > DA8 A hi3h en3ine 'hine as the Sh+ttle descends7 E6T7 THE A;ANDONED AR:8 CHEC=)OINT NEAR THE A;;E8 > DA8 The @+een, &n h&rsebac*, re3ards the c&rpses &f Lan* A

2. ;ric*7 She raises Lan*Hs h&&d as Ar<ed :&n*s r+sh +p7 :ON= IN CO::AND 8&+ <+st n&t eOp&se y&+rself s&G @9EEN Wh& 'as heM She raises ;ric*Hs h&&d7 A :&n* presses f&r'ard7 ItHs the Assistant &f the (i3ilance C&<<ittee, n&' a :&n*7 ASSISTANT I re<e<ber hi<7 He 'as n& <&n*7 He ca<e 'ith an&ther <an7 They had 'arrants fr&< the )rincess7 She raises Lan*Hs h&&d a3ain7 ASSISTANT ECONTHDF ThatIs the &ther7 They had t'& '&<en tied t& the )rinceHs <+rder7 @9EEN :+rderM :y s&n Andreas <+rderedM We 'ere t&ld his death 'as a tra3ic <ishap7 N&' y&+ say it 'as <+rderM The Assistant sin*s t& his *nees7 ASSISTANT ;ef&re I defected, I cler*ed in G+rra3+ee7 These <en had nabbed the '&<en at a 3a<in3 tent7 The &lder had bl&nde hair and a hard face7 The y&+n3er 'as a red-headed bea+ty7 They 3&t <y s+per?is&rIs si3nat+re7 After 'hich, they left7 :ON= IN CO::AND And that 'as the endM ASSISTANT N&7 We 'ent t& the tent7 We f&+nd a <&n* there 'ith a h&le in hi< bi3 en&+3h t& p+sh a <el&n thr&+3h7 ;l&&d e?ery'here7 I ran &ff7 Gr+ntin3 and 'heeLin3, a :AN in a pil3ri<Hs cl&a* p+shes +p and l+n3es at the @+een7 The Ar<ed :&n*s c+t hi< d&'n7 They p+ll his h&&d bac*7 It is the Desperad&7 The @+eenIs slee?e is c+t7 ThereHs a tric*le &f bl&&d7 :ON= IN CO::AND We need t& 3et y&+ t& safety7 ThereHs dan3er e?ery'here7

21 K+st then La?ellaHs h&rse cart c&<es int& ?ie'7 S&ldiersG LA(ELLA S&ldiers c&<in3G

The Abbey bells rin3 dan3er7 A :&n* &n the ra<part bl&'s the alar<7 All r+n t&'ard the &pen dra'brid3e7 E6T7 ON THE GREEN WHERE 9NCLE NADAL STANDS > DA8 A<la*, Saba A Tin :an stand at the ed3e &f the 3reen7 The Sh+ttle flies a'ay7 On the 3reen, Nadal lines +p a p+tt7 CADD8 EO7S7F EOc+se <e7 :ay I help y&+M A h+<anli*e r&b&t dressed li*e a CADD8 appears &+t &f n&'here7 He spea*s in a 3&lf ann&+ncerIs se<i-'hisper7 A:LA= II< here t& see <y 9ncle Nadal7 The Caddy 3est+res A<la* t& l&'er his ?&ice7 A:LA= ECONTHDF HeIs eOpectin3 <e7 CADD8 8&+Ill ha?e t& 'ait7 HeIs b+sy7 EIndicates SabaF And 'h& <i3ht PsheQ beM A:LA= SheHs 'ith <e7 The Caddy <a*es a bi3 deal &+t &f chec*in3 his clipb&ard7 CADD8 S&rry, I d&nHt see her here7 L&&*, s'eetheart, y&+ need a chippy, they ha?e a list at the cl+bh&+se7 All certified f&r y&+r pr&tecti&n7 S&<e &f the l&cal 3irls C+st arenIt - SA;A ChippyM WhatIs he tal*in3 ab&+tM A:LA= ERaisin3 his ?&iceF Sir, IHll ha?e y&+ *n&' this lady is n&t a B+&te chippy +nB+&te7 @+ite the c&ntrary, sheHs <y 'ifeG SA;A WifeM

20 CADD8 Wife7 A<la* n&ds the n&d &f an ins+lted c+st&<er7 CADD8 ECONTHDF (ery s&rry, sir7 SheHs n&t &n the pre-printed 3+est list7 IHll <a*e a pen-and-in* a<end<ent f&rth'ith7 A:LA= See that y&+ d&G Caddy eOits7 A sh&+t and 3rin fr&< Nadal7 NADAL Glad y&+ ca<e, ;&y7 Gi<<e a <in+te t& sin* this and 'eIll tal*7 Help y&+rself at the bar7 TREHDEAN EO7S7F Hi, A<la*7 A<la*, Saba and Tin :an t+rn t& see TreIDean, in her seOy &+tfit and cap, <annin3 a p&rtable, &+td&&r bar7 TREHDEAN C&ffee, tea &r777M TreIDean ass+<es a seOy p&se and 3i33les7 Saba stares f&r the l&n3est ti<e at TreIDean, then t+rns t& A<la*7 SA;A 9<7 S& as h+sband and 'ife, ha?e 'e d&ne any seri&+s c&ns+<<atin3 yetM E6T7 AN O)EN CO9RT8ARD INSIDE THE A;;E8 > DA8 The :&n*s s+rr&+nd La(ellaHs h&rse cart7 ASSISTANT ThatHs her f&r s+reG There 'as the y&+n3 &ne 'ith the red hair and there 'as this &ne7 :ON= IN CO::AND 8&+ say she *illed the )rinceM ASSISTANT N&7 They say she did7 They 'ere ta*in3 her t& t&rt+re and b+rn her7 The :&n* in C&<<and 3i?es a si3nal7 R&+3h hands Cer* the< &+t &f the 'a3&n7

2% INT7 =RONAHS :ASTER ;EDROO: - DA8 =r&naIs eyes s+ddenly &pen 'ide7 She sits +p7 She presses a call b+tt&n7 E6T7 THE O)EN CO9RT8ARD > DA8 La(ella A Hi33 &n their *nees at spearp&int7 The :&n* in C&<<and h&lds +p the )rinceHs 3&ld c&in7 LA(ELLA Sir, 'e ha?e a <essa3e f&r the @+een, secret f&r her ears &nly7 :ON= IN CO::AND Sa?e it f&r the t&rt+re cha<ber, 'hich is 'here y&+Ire 3&in37 T'& b+rly :&n*s lay r&+3h hands &n the<7 HIGG Caref+l &f the le3, lads7 OWWWG E6T7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS CA:) > DA8 R&'s &f TENTS7 SOLDIERS d&in3 tas*s: sharpenin3 s'&rds, c&&*in3 <eals, repairin3 'a3&ns7 A :an in st&c*s: PCOWARDN branded &n his f&rehead7 S&+nd &f fists &n a p+nchin3 ba37 GENERAL EO7S7F :y Lady, I +r3e y&+ t& rec&nsider7 INT7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > DA8 )rincess Andressa '&r*s +p a s'eat &n a p+nchin3 ba37 E<a<+ h&lds the ba3 steady f&r her7 AD(ISORS, )RIESTS, KESTERS, SOOTHSA8ERS, 5LATTERERS and CO9RTIERS l&&* &n7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA N&G I 'ant acti&nG Direct assa+ltG GENERAL A direct assa+lt '&+ld c&st h&' <any dead and '&+ndedM The tr&&ps are ra'7 They need <&re trainin37 )RINCESS ANDRESSA Assa+lt itG ;rea* itG GENERAL If it d&esnIt brea*M What thenM

22 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ItHll brea*7 ;ef&re the assa+lt, 'e send &+t the Giant E<a<+ t& iss+e a challen3e t& sin3le c&<bat7 It 'ill de<&raliLe the<7 8&+ d&nHt appr&?eM GENERAL N&t an &rth&d&O tactic, :y Lady7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA N&, itHs n&t7 She finishes &n the ba37 He <&?es t& a table 'ith a scale <&del &f the Abbey7 She f&ll&'s, t&'ellin3 herself7 GENERAL WeHll ha?e t& cr&ss the &pen space here, then f&rd the <&at here &n p&rtable brid3es, then scale the 'alls here7 The last fifty yards are hardest, &n f&&t, 3&in3 +p ladders in the teeth &f a hailst&r< &f st&nes and arr&'s7 N+<ber &f dead 'ill be <assi?e7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA I d&nIt recall hearin3 this tal* 'hen y&+ t&&* c&<<and7 GENERAL ERe<&?es bad3e &f &fficeF :y Lady, if y&+ 'ant t& lead the ar<y, y&+ ha?e <y resi3nati&n7 An eyeball-t&-eyeball <&<ent7 The General p+ts his bad3e bac* &n, sal+tes, t+rns t& eOit7 E<a<+ bl&c*s the 'ay7 GENERAL ECONTHDF Lady7 =indly tell this piece &f rancid 3&at cheese t& <&?e7 )rincess Andressa n&ds7 E<a<+ dra's bac* and b&'s7 The General eOits7 )rincess Andressa t+rns7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA Get &+t &f hereG All &f y&+G INT7 A )ASSAGEWA8 ON =RONAHS S)ACESHI) - DA8 =r&na, baref&&t, hair a-tan3le, r+shes t&'ard a hatch7 E6T7 ON THE GREEN WITH NADAL > DA8 Nadal t+rns bac* t& his 3&lf cart, &nce a3ain &cc+pied by

2/ Witch # and Witch !7 He sha*es his p+tter at the<7 NADAL I t&ld y&+ &ld pr+nes t& 3itG Witch # p&ints a cr&&*ed fin3er at hi<7 WITCH # Watch f&r a st&r< cl&+d 9p hi3h in the bl+e When =r&na a'a*ens And 'ants t& see y&+ WITCH ! I<a3ine the ra3e that Will b+ild in her thr&at When she sees y&+ ca?&rtin3 8&+ filthy &ld 3&at7 They snap their fin3ers7 )OO5G The cart <&rphs int& a GINGER;READ HO9SE7 The Witches 'a?e fr&< 'ind&'s as it la+nches itself +p'ard7 Saba 3asps, cr&sses herself7 INT7 THE ;RIDGE ON =RONAHS S)ACESHI) - THE SA:E :O:ENT On the screen, i<a3e &f Nadal A A<la* A Saba &n the 3reen l&&*in3 +p at the s*y7 Nadal A A<la*Hs ?&ices can be heard b+t 'hat they are sayin3 cann&t be <ade &+t7 =r&na b+rsts &nt& the ;rid3e7 The )il&t hits a *ey, s'itchin3 t& screen sa?er <&de7 T&& late7 =r&na sa' it7 WaitG =RONA S'itch that bac*G

E6T7 ON THE GREEN WITH NADAL > A :O:ENT OR SO LATER Nadal sits7 Caddy stands behind hi< l&&*in3 &ffici&+s7 :ean'hile, 'hate?er Saba d&es, TreHDean <i<ic*s7 Saba r+ns a hand thr&+3h her hair7 S& d&es TreHDean7 Saba p+ts a hand t& her chin7 S& d&es TreHDean7 NADAL N&' letIs tal*7 HT'een y&+, <e HnH the fly &n the 'all, if it 'asnHt <e bein3 there 'hen y&+r Daddy passed &n, n& tellin3 'hat '&+ldda happened t& y&+r :a - ES+ddenly n&tices SabaF Hey, 'hat a< IM Ch&pped li?erM ArenHt y&+ 3&nna intr&d+ce <eM A:LA= 9h Saba, this is <y 9ncle Nadal7

/" Nadal ta*es her hands, h&lds &n, p+lls her t& hi<7 NADAL EOc+se <e sittin37 A3e7 5eetHre al'ays c&ld7 Oh l&&* at y&+G Spittin3 i<a3e &f TreHDean7 Red hair7 Green eyes7 This is eerieG EReleases Saba7 T& A<la*F Need a <in+te in pri?ate, y&+ and <e, <an& a <an&, capishM EGrins at SabaF N& &ffence7 SA;A 9h, n&, S+re7 IHll +h7 IHll C+st 3& &?er there and - She indicates a bi3 shade tree7 A<la* 3i?es her a panic*ed Pd&nHt lea?e <eQ l&&* as she dra's a'ay7 NADAL 8eah, y&+ 3& and relaO7 W&nHt be l&n37 5a<ily st+ff7 8&+Hd be b&red7 Saba sits at the tree7 TreHDean f&ll&'s c&pyin3 her e?ery <&?e7 Nadal snaps his fin3ers7 The Caddy n&ds, eOits7 NADAL ECONTHDF ;&y, y&+Hre l&&*inH at a <an 'ith n&t <+ch ti<e left7 S&&nerIn y&+ *n&', theyHll be d&in3 <y last rites and IHll be laid &+t all ri3id anH stiff-li*e7 N&r<al lifeIs all I as* f&r the sh&rt ti<e left7 EIndicates TreHDeanF A fe' si<ple pleas+rable p+rs+its7 A:LA= What ab&+t :a<aM NADAL D&nHt tal* <+ch any<&re, her HnH<e7 Caddy brin3s 'ith a thic* t&<e, hea?es it at A<la*Hs feet7 NADAL ECONTHDF Le3al st+ff7 Need y&+ t& si3n &ff7 A f&r<ality, if y&+ d&nHt <ind7 A<la* &pens the t&<e, t+rns a fe' pa3es, fr&'ns7 A:LA= This is a 3eneral release7 Releasin3 TreHDean t& y&+7 NADAL 8ep7 )retty <+ch 'hat it is7

/# A:LA= I d&nHt *n&', 9ncle7 5eels 'r&n37 Nadal sla<s his hand &n the chair ar<rest7 NADAL Da<n it ;&yG LetHs c+t t& the chase7 IH< tryinH t& help 3et y&+ bac* h&<e 'ith all f&r3i?en7 8&+ scratch <y bac*, I scratch y&+rs7 Saba s<iles and 'a?es7 TreHDean s<iles and 'a?es7 E6T7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > THE SA:E :O:ENT K+st &+tside the flap, the General han3s fr&< a 3ibbet7 INT7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > THE SA:E :O:ENT )rincess Andressa stands at a table7 T'& fri3htened NEW GENERALS 'atch7 She cl&ses her hands &?er the scale <&del &f the Abbey, catchin3 it in a pincer, c&llapsin3 it7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA Assa+lt fr&< t'& sides7 @+esti&nsM E6T7 ON THE GREEN WITH NADAL > A :O:ENT LATER A:LA= 8&+Ire 3&nna ha?e t& 3i<<e s&<e ti<e7 I 3&tta thin* ab&+t this7 NADAL N& ti<e7 La+nch 'ind&'Hs cl&sin37 A:LA= I 3&t t& feel ri3ht ab&+t this7 NADAL O*ay, y&+ d&nIt 'anna be acc+sed d&'n the r&ad &f n&t d&in3 ri3ht7 E)+lls a *nifeF 8&+ can say I had a *nife and y&+ had n& ch&ice7 N& &neHll bla<e y&+7 Tin :an r+shes +p and f&rcef+lly inserts hi<self b&dily bet'een A<la* and 9ncle Nadal, ass+<es fi3htin3 stance7 TIN :AN 8&+ 'ill dr&p the 'eap&n, SirG

/! NADAL AhhG 5&r3&t y&+r 3+ardian r&b&t7 EDr&ps *nifeF O*ay7 LetIs try s&<ethin3 else7 Nadal 3est+res t& TreIDean7 NADAL ECONTHDF CI<ere, darlinH7 LetIs sh&' nephe' A<la* s&<e thin3s I ta+3ht y&+7 TreHDean plants herself &n 9ncle NadalIs lap7 He h+3s her cl&se, &ne hand &n her breast and the &ther in her cr&tch7 She s'&&ns as if an &r3as< 'ere a-b+ildin37 NADAL ECONTHDF T+rned her int& a s'eet little seO <achine7 I recall y&+ d&nHt li*e th&se7 8&+Hre &ne &f the< &ldfashi&ned Nr&<antics7N TreHDeanIs breasts hea?e as she b&+nces &n NadalHs lap7 He thr+sts his hand deep inside her7 She &r3as<s l&+dly and 'etly7 She c&llapses a3ainst hi< and p+rrs7 NADAL ECONTHDF All I as* n&' is a little R A R7 8&+ *n&' I deser?e it7 INT7 THE ;RIDGE ON =RONAHS S)ACESHI) - DA8 On the screen, 9ncle Nadal in his chair diddlin3 TreHDean7 A ?isible ra3e b+ilds7 @+ic*G =RONA Gi?e <e a 'eather fr&ntG

5IRST O55ICER ;+t Hi3hness - =RONA D& as I say, y&+ b+c*et &f '&rthless scrap<etalG They be3in p+shin3 b+tt&ns and t+rnin3 dials7 On the screen, TreHDeanHs cap bl&'s &ff7 INT7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > THE SA:E :O:ENT )rincess Andressa l&&*s +p as a s+dden 3+st ca+ses the tent t& strain a3ainst the r&pes7 She l&&*s t& the &pen flap t& see the GeneralHs c&rpse s'in3in3 'ildly7

/$ E6T7 AT THE EDGE O5 THE GREEN WITH NADAL > DA8 TreHDean chases after her cap7 A str&n3 3+st sends the p&rtable bar crashin37 Nadal h&lds &n ti3ht t& his chair7 NADAL The hellHs 3&in3 &nM E6T7 THE (AST GREEN;ELT ON WHICH THE GOL5 CO9RSE RESTS > DA8 O<in&+s r+<blin37 In the distance, t'& TWISTERS bear d&'n7 Cartl&ads &f G&lfers race in panic t&'ard the Landers7 NADAL EO7S7F CH<&n, darlinH, h+rryG ItHs e?ery <an f&r hi<selfG E6T7 THE A;;E8 RA:)ART 5ACING )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > DA8 The 5LAG &n the battle<ent 'hips in the 'ind7 AR:ED :ON=S p&int at the t'isters and at the Landers risin3 en <asse7 E6T7 THE (AST GREEN;ELT ON WHICH THE GOL5 CO9RSE RESTS > DA8 In the cr&'ded s*y, t'& ascendin3 Landers c&llide and eOpl&de, rainin3 b+rnin3 <etal &n the fair'ay7 Nadal 'aits as the Caddy brin3s TreHDean7 He h&lds a 'and c&nnected t& an &<in&+s-l&&*in3 blac* b&O7 The *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* *ach+n* s&+nd see<s t& be c&<in3 fr&< the b&O7 NADAL H+rryG CADD8 C&<in3, SirG Nadal t+rns t& A<la*7 He sh&+ts &?er the 'ind7 NADAL Sh&+ldH?e si3ned, b&y7 Was y&+r tic*et &+t7 As f&r n&', I canIt c&+nt &n y&+7 And 'h& *n&'s if IHll e?er be bac* this 'ay a3ain7 He p&ints the 'and at A<la*, sB+eeLes7 The *a-ch+n* *ach+n* *a-ch+n* 3ets l&+der7 A<la* C+<ps aside as a s<all pr&Cectile 3raLes hi<7 He falls7 Saba *neels, presses a ra3 t& the s+dden bleedin37 Tin :an <&?es fr&nt &f A<la*7 9ncle Nadal t+rns it &n Tin :an, sB+eeLes7 The *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* *a-ch+n* reaches the hi3h pitch &f a *eenin3 bird7 Tin :an t+rns bri3ht red, his t&rs& startin3 t& sin* int& a p+ddle &f <&lten &&Le, f&ll&'ed by face and

/. eOtre<ities7 Tin :an raises a sha*in3 ar<, p&ints it at 9ncle Nadal, fires &ff a sh&t fr&< his fin3ertip7 It blasts a h&le in the 3reen in fr&nt &f Nadal7 After 'hich the ar< dr&ps7 Caddy and TreHDean r+sh by7 TreHDean reaches int& the Tin :anIs p+ddle, retrie?es the sna*e, t&sses it t& Saba7 It lands at her feet7 TREHDEAN =eep it safe7 8&+ <ay need it7 TreHDean snatches +p the bl&&dy ra3 at SabaHs feet7 9ncle Nadal, Caddy A TreHDean speed a'ay7 Saba A A<la* 'atch the< 3&7 Saba pic*s +p the sna*e7 A:LA= Gi?e it here7 IHll disp&se &f it7 SA;A 8&+ startin3 t& 3i?e <e &rdersM A:LA= N&7 SA;A She 3a?e it t& <e7 IH< *eepin3 it7 She stretches it &+t, lays it acr&ss her sh&+lders7 It slithers t& her +pper ar<, c&ils and blin*s c&ntentedly7 SA;A ECONTHDF SeeM It li*es <e7 A r+<ble b+ilds t& a r&ar7 A <i3hty 'ind crashes thr&+3h the fair'ays rippin3 +p trees7 A<la* A Saba are *n&c*ed &ff their feet and s'ept +p int& the air7 E6T7 IN THE AIR A<la* A Saba t+<ble in sl&' <&ti&n7 ObCects fl&at by: )l+3 A St&r* la+3hin3 as they s'i< t& the R&c*J the Witches 'a?in3 as they ascendJ the Cr&c sh&'in3 r&'s &f teethJ the Gypsy Chief 3i?in3 a si3n &f blessin3J )rince Andreas <&+thin3 NIH< s&rryQJ the @+een in 'hite s<ilin3 as she eOtends nail-pierced, bleedin3 handsJ Tin :an <eltin3 and +n<eltin3 and <eltin3 a3ainJ )rincess Andressa snarlin3J 9ncle Nadal teein3 &ff and shadin3 his eyes t& 'atch the ball7 Then the s&+nd &f a r+shin3 'ind7 Then all is blac*7 E6T7 9NDERWATER A ch+rnin3 t&rrent7 Saba A A<la* s'i< +p'ards desperate t& reach air7 A li3ht ab&?e7 They brea* s+rface in the <&at, c&+3hin3, 3aspin37 O<in&+s 5OR:S speed t&'ard the< fr&< the deep7 Saba A A<la* s'i< t&'ard the ed3e, b+t the 5&r<s

/1 are 3ainin37 A p&le is eOtended7 The sna*e stretches &+t fr&< SabaHs ar< and 3rabs h&ld &f it7 Saba 3rabs A<la* by the hair7 And theyHre p+lled &+t C+st ahead &f the 5&r<s7 INT7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > DA8 )rincess Andressa, dressed li*e a 'arri&r 3&ddess, sits &n a 3&lden st&&l as E<a<+ perf&r<s the siOteen-c&+nt <an+al &f ar<s 'ith a <assi?e, d&+ble-ed3ed s'&rd7 INT7 THE GREAT HALL AT THE A;;E8 - DA8 Saba A A<la* 3asp f&r air7 Saba l&&*s +p at Abb&t R&d&lf&7 A;;OT RODOL5O DidnIt s&<e&ne c&nnect a redheaded '&<an t& the <+rderM :ON= IN CO::AND Why yesG I B+ite f&r3&t ab&+t that7 A;;OT RODOL5O L&c* the< 'ith the &thers7 Abb&t R&d&lf& eOits7 A<la* 3r&ans, starts t& 3et +p7 The :&n* in C&<<and 3i?es hi< a ?ici&+s *ic* in the ribs7 :ON= IN CO::AND 8&+ 3et +p 'hen I sayG E6T7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > DA8 )rincess Andressa in chain <ail &n a char3er7 She l&&*s d&'n &n the RO8AL TROO)ERS in battle &rder7 ;ROTHER TWITCH E<a<+ is prepared t& face any '&rthy &pp&nent, Lady7 LORD ;RANDON Why are 'e h+<&rin3 this fra+dM )RINCESS ANDRESSA Sh+t +p7 8&+Hd star?e 'ith&+t <e7 INT7 A DAN= DAR= D9NGEON IN THE ;OWELS O5 THE A;;E8 - NIGHT Li3ht enters ?ia a barred 'ind&' hi3h +p7 Hi33 lies in a pile &f stra'7 A<la*, in pain, is pr&pped +p at the 'all7

/0 LA(ELLA Ti<e after ti<e, I t&ld Hi33 t& 3et rid &f y&+7 T&ld hi< y&+Hd brin3 bad l+c*7 ;+t he has a 'ea*ness f&r y&+r *ind7 EIndicates 3r&anin3 A<la*F ArenIt y&+ 3&in3 t& 3& c&<f&rt y&+r b&yfriend d+ C&+rM Saba sprin3s t& her feet in a ra3e7 SA;A 8&+ ta*e that bac*G LA(ELLA Ta*e bac* that y&+ 'ent t& the Inn t& sell y&+rselfM Li*e e?ery redheaded b&rder sl+tM See<s a rite &f passa3e f&r De*ia Rash& 3irls7 Saba la+nches herself at her7 They 3rapple, r&ll in the stra', bitin3, *ic*in37 S+ddenly, a clan*in3 n&ise7 :ON= IN CO::AND EO7S7F Silence f&r Sister ChristaG INT7 THE 5IRST NEW GENERALHS TENT - NIGHT Spartan dec&r7 The 5irst Ne' General sits at a ca<p table re?ie'in3 battle plans7 The Sec&nd Ne' General l&&*s &?er his sh&+lder7 A sh+fflin3 s&+nd fr&< the bac*7 The Sec&nd Ne' General p&ints his blade at the flap7 The 5irst Cer*s it &pen7 ItIs L&rd ;rand&nG His eyes are 'ild7 LORD ;RANDON 8&+ <+st delay the assa+ltG SECOND NEW GENERAL Delay '&+ld <ean death7 LORD ;RANDON The assa+ltIs a disaster7 ItHll end by destr&yin3 all &f +s7 5IRST NEW GENERAL What d& 'e say t& herM LORD ;RANDON Say the sc&+ts <ade an err&r7 The p&rtable brid3es b+ilt &n their esti<ates are t&& sh&rt t& span the <&at7 Say y&+Hre fabricatin3 ne' brid3es and itHll ta*e a fe' days7

/% 5IRST NEW GENERAL W&+ld she accept thatM LORD ;RANDON A 'iLard, &n 'h&se e?ery '&rd she han3s, f&ret&ld a battle f&r the =in3d&<Is fate7 He said it <+st be f&+3ht7 It canIt be a?&ided7 SECOND NEW GENERAL S& the <&at <+st be cr&ssed7 5IRST NEW GENERAL ThatIs ri3ht7 The :&n*s arenHt c&<in3 &+t7 TheyHre d+3 in 'ith a Pc&<e in and 3et +sQ strate3y7 Wh&le place is barricaded7 LORD ;RANDON ;+t as l&n3 as y&+ delay and n&t cr&ss the <&at, thereHs n& battle7 They thin* ab&+t that7 LORD ;RANDON ECONTHDF SheIs insane7 :aybe s&<e&neHll *ill her7 Then 'e can st&p this <adness7 5IRST NEW GENERAL ;+t 'hatHs y&+r sta*eM If the )rincess l&ses, d&nIt y&+ l&seM He si3hs7 He spea*s in a barely a+dible ?&ice7 LORD ;RANDON )rince Andreas 'as <y friend7 I thin* she had hi< *illed7 Since his death, itIs been a <ad p&'er 3rab7 5IRST NEW GENERAL I ad<it the circ+<stances &f the )rinceIs death are <+r*y7 LORD ;RANDON ThereIs als& this7 I sa' her and ;r&ther T'itch t&astin3 his death7 IH< fri3htened7 I <i3ht be neOt7 IH?e said t&& <+ch7 I <+st 3& bac*7 L&rd ;rand&n eOits &+t the flap and ?anishes7 INT7 THE DAN= DAR= D9NGEON > NIGHT

/2 THE @9EEN Lea?e +s7 EShe s<ilesF I *n&' 'hat II< d&in37 The :&n* in C&<<and b&'s7 The :&n*s lea?e7 THE @9EEN ECONTHDF 8&+Hre fr&< the b&rder re3i&n7 SA;A De*ia Rash&, :aHa<7 THE @9EEN When I 'as first 'ed, I 'as &+t there7 It 'as a Shan*allah 'ar and <y h+sband led tr&&ps7 I 'ent al&n3 despite I 'as pre3nant 'ith Andreas and Andressa7 See<ed e?ery sec&nd &r third '&<an 'as redheaded7 SA;A :ar* &f &+r race, :aHa<7 THE @9EEN 8es7 ;&rder Girls are n&ted f&r their eO&tic l&&*s, in de<and as c&nc+bines and f&r pleas+re h&+ses7 A l&&* &f an3er cr&sses SabaIs face7 THE @9EEN ECONTHDF 8&+Hre b&ld7 I recall y&+r *ind are '&nt t& l&&* y&+ in the eye7 SA;A S&<e <ista*e it f&r ins&lence7 THE @9EEN :y da+3hter '&+ld7 A<la* 3r&ans7 The @+een t+rns, l&&*s at hi<7 SA;A He 'as *ic*ed, :aHa<7 Crac*ed rib7 Hi33 3r&ans7 The @+een t+rns her attenti&n t& hi<7 SA;A ECONTHDF ;r&*en le37 I brin3 hi< t& y&+7 THE @9EEN T& ha?e <e <end hi<M SA;A A LA(ELLA 8es, :aHa<7

// THE @9EEN I tell the< itHs n&t I 'h& heals7 I say IH< b+t an instr+<ent and 'hat happens, happens7 ;+t they *eep c&<in3 and sayin3, N)lease heal7N IHll 3i?e y&+r friends 'hat I 3i?e the &thers7 N&r<ally itIs a 3ift7 ;+t fr&< y&+, IHll 'ant pay<ent7 LA(ELLA ;+t 'e ha?e n&thin37 THE @9EEN 8&+ ha?e secrets7 E6T7 THE O)EN 5IELD ;ELOW )RINCESS ANDRESSAHS TENT - NIGHT E<a<+ stands, s+r?eyin3 the distant Abbey 'alls in the <&&nli3ht7 His shin 3+ards lay &n a lar3e flat r&c*7 E:A:9 Can y&+ *eep a secretM ;ROTHER TWITCH 8&+ *n&' <e7 :+<Hs the '&rd7 E:A:9 When I perf&r<ed the <an+al &f ar<s f&r the )rincess, I t&re s&<ethin3 in <y ribs7 N&' itHs li*e a *nife7 ;ROTHER TWITCH )&stp&ne7 IIll tell her that - E:A:9 8&+Hll tell n& &neG Her desire is <y c&<<and7 N&' help 'ith the shin3+ards7 I canIt bend d&'n7 With a l&&* &f f&reb&din3 &n his face, he pic*s the< +p7 INT7 THE D9NGEON - NIGHT LA(ELLA 8es, :aHa<7 WeIll tell y&+ - SA;A WeHll tell &n &ne c&nditi&n7 S+ddenly, sheHs n&t Sister Christa7 SheHs the an3ry @+een7 THE @9EEN 8&+ dare set c&nditi&nsM

#"" LA(ELLA )lease Saba, d&nHt pr&?&*e her - Saba raises a hand f&r silence7 La(ella cla<s +p7 SA;A C&nditi&n is 'e ser?e y&+7 N& &ne else, n&t the <&n*s n&r the Abb&t7 THE @9EEN Whate?er '&+ld I d& 'ith y&+M SA;A A<la* and Hi33, after y&+ repair the<, c&+ld be y&+r esc&rts, *eepin3 pe&ple fr&< cr&'din3 y&+7 THE @9EEN II?e had <y fill &f b&dy3+ards7 SA;A N&t b&dy3+ards7 Cr&'d c&ntr&l <ana3ers7 What d& y&+ preferM )e&ple pressin3 in, fi3htin3 f&r y&+r attenti&nM Or 'aitin3 in line, 'aitin3 their t+rnM THE @9EEN That d&es <a*e sense7 SA;A La(ella c&+ld be y&+r dietitian7 La(ella &pens her <&+th t& spea*7 Saba 3i?es her a l&&*7 SA;A ECONTHDF SheHs 'ell-s+ited, ?ery eOperienced in r+nnin3 &ther pe&pleHs li?es7 THE @9EEN She '&nHt ha?e <+ch '&r*7 I fast7 SA;A All the <&re reas&n t& ha?e s&<e&ne ens+rin3 y&+ *eep +p y&+r stren3th7 THE @9EEN EAn ad<irin3 s<ileF And 'hat '&+ld y&+ be d&in3M SA;A )ers&nal Assistant7 Dictati&n, c&rresp&ndence, app&int<ents, <ini<iLin3 the cha&s, c&nf+si&n, h+stle and b+stle, ens+rin3 peripheral <atters stay peripheral, lettin3 y&+ f&c+s &n c&re iss+es7

#"# THE @9EEN 8&+H?e a 'ay 'ith '&rds, 3irl7 SA;A Call <e Saba, :aHa<7 The @+een ta*es &+t the )rinceIs 3&ld c&in, h&lds it +p7 THE @9EEN N&' tell <e ab&+t <y p&&r Andreas7 La(ella A Saba dra' cl&se, be3in t& spea*7 We canIt hear7 E6T7 THE O)EN 5IELD - DA8 :&rnin37 E<a<+ A ;r&ther T'itch 3& a sh&rt 'ay and halt7 E:A:9 Here7 N&' iss+e the challen3e7 ;r&ther T'itch brin3s the <e3aph&ne +p7 ;ROTHER TWITCH Are 'e t& c&ncl+de the <en &f this ancient and ?enerable Abbey are n& better than a - INT7 THE CHA)EL AT THE A;;E8 > THE SA:E :O:ENT La(ella, Saba and the @+een stare at the chapel 'ind&' thr&+3h 'hich the challen3e c&<es, l&+d and clear7 ;ROTHER TWITCH EO7S7F )ac* &f rats and <ice sc+rryin3 t& their h&les 'hilst <en s+ch as <y L&rd E<a<+ 'al* &n the earth, s'&rd in hand, see*in3 h&n&rable B+arrel 'ith any '&rthy <an-at-ar<sM Hi33 and A<la* pace ab&+t, their inC+ries see<in3ly 3&ne7 HIGG Let <e ha?e a l&&* at this fell&'7 8e G&dsG Li*e the T&'er &f ;abelG THE @9EEN :y da+3hterHs b&dy3+ard7 HeHs nine feet tall, 'ell-?ersed in 'arfare7 LA(ELLA What d&es he 'antM

#"! THE @9EEN Sin3le c&<bat7 HeHs challen3in3 the Abb&t t& send a cha<pi&n &+t7 A:LA= G&&d G&dG Ne?er seen s+ch a &neG ;ROTHER TWITCH EO7S7F Is there n& &ne in the Abbey 'h& can stand erect &n t'& le3s and say, NI a< a <an, n&t a d&3MGN A<la* and Hi33 l&&* at &ne an&ther7 They shi?er in fear7 E6T7 THE O)EN 5IELD > LATER THAT :ORNING A pi*e st+c* in the 3r&+nd pr&Cects a shad&' half its len3th7 E<a<+, in ?isible pain, stands in f+ll ar<&r7 ;ROTHER TWITCH We can lea?e7 N& &neIs c&<in37 E:A:9 N&7 We 'ait f&r the shad&' t& eB+al the pi*eIs len3th7 Her c&<<and7 E<a<+ p&ints t& the shad&'7 ;r&ther T'itch ta*es &+t a hand*erchief, 'ipes s'eat7 He h&lds +p the <e3aph&ne7 ;ROTHER TWITCH H&' ti<es ha?e chan3edG 8ears a3& <any 'arri&rs '&+ld ha?e pled3ed their s'&rds7 ;+t n&' - INT7 THE CHA)EL > THE SA:E :O:ENT ;ROTHER TWITCH EO7S7F N&t &ne <an &f c&+ra3e 'ill ta*e the challen3e7 Sad state &f affairsG C&'ardice rei3ns s+pre<e7 The :&n* In C&<<and enters, b&'s t& the @+een7 SA;A Is 'hat he says tr+eM :ON= IN CO::AND N&G We ha?e <any bra?e fi3htersG SA;A ;+t n& &ne t& sh+t that <an +p7

#"$ The @+een A the :&n* In C&<<and stare at the fl&&r7 SA;A ECONTHDF If n& &ne 'ill, I 'illG La(ella la+3hs7 E6T7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > THE SA:E :O:ENT )rincess Andressa sits &n her char3er7 A :ESSENGER 3all&ps +p 'ith a dispatch7 L&n3 silence 'hile she reads it7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA D& y&+ *n&' 'hat this saysM :ESSENGER N&, Hi3hness7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA The sc&+ts erred7 Assa+ltHs &n h&ld d+e t& an err&r in calc+latin3 the the brid3e span7 What d& y&+ thin*M :ESSENGER :eM 8&+ 'ant t& *n&' 'hat I thin*M )RINCESS ANDRESSA IHd be c+ri&+s7 :ESSENGER IHd be +pset7 S+ch an err&r c&+ld <ean tr&&ps *illed and battle l&st7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA And if y&+ 'ere 3eneral, '&+ld y&+ send a <ere <essen3er t& tell <eM :ESSENGER IHd c&<e pers&nally, Hi3hness7 I thin* if y&+ had B+esti&ns, IHd 'ant t& be the &ne t& ans'er the<7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA ETa*es &ff her rin3F Ta*e this rin37 Inf&r< the c&'ards they are n& l&n3er in c&<<and7 :ESSENGER Wh&Hs the ne' 3eneral, Hi3hnessM )RINCESS ANDRESSA 8&+, &f c&+rse7 E6T7 THE O)EN 5IELD > TWO HO9RS LATER

#". The shad&'Hs nine-tenths the pi*eIs len3th7 E<a<+ eyes it7 ;ROTHER TWITCH )erhaps I c&+ld d& s&<ethin3 t& infl+ence the shad&'Is ad?anceM E<a<+ 3ri<aces in pain as he 3lances &?er his sh&+lder7 E:A:9 N&, sheHs 'atchin37 CanHt ris* it7 E6T7 ON THE A;;E8 SIDE O5 THE :OAT > THE SA:E :O:ENT The hea?y d&&r s'in3s &pen7 Saba, The @+een, The :&n* In C&<<and e<er3e, f&ll&'ed by an AR:OR;EARER7 :ON= IN CO::AND ItHs s+icideG I '&nIt all&' itG THE @9EEN And yet y&+ canIt 3et e?en &ne bra?e fi3hter t& 3& sh+t hi< +p7 The Ar<&rbearer starts strappin3 ar<&r &n Saba7 :ON= IN CO::AND Sister, II< resp&nsible f&r 'hat 3&es &n in the Abbey7 THE @9EEN WeIre n&t in the Abbey, are 'eM :ON= IN CO::AND I c&+ld arrest her7 SheIs a s+spect in a cri<e7 The Abb&t hi<self - THE @9EEN I pard&ned her7 She '&r*s f&r <e7 :ON= IN CO::AND I h&pe y&+ *n&' 'hat y&+Ire d&in37 The :&n* In C&<<and starts t& lea?e, then he t+rns7 :ON= IN CO::AND I d&nIt li*e this &ne bit7 THE @9EEN G& bac* inside7 He 3&es inside, sla<s the d&&r7 Saba tests the ar<&r7

#"1 SA;A CanHt <&?e7 C+ts int& <y B+ic*ness7 She starts +nstrappin3 the shin3+ards7 THE @9EEN 8&+ need pr&tecti&n7 HeHs B+ic* f&r a bi3 <an7 D&nHt +nderesti<ate hi<7 SA;A HeHs t&p hea?y7 Wei3htHs +p hi3h7 THE @9EEN H&' '&+ld y&+ fi3ht hi<M SA;A =eep hi< <&?in3, tire hi<, 3et cl&se, sl&' hi< 'ith a bl&' t& the *nee7 5inish hi< 'ith <y *nife7 Saba pats her sheath7 ItHs e<pty7 The @+een &pens her hand7 )&&fG The *nife appears7 She hands it bac* t& Saba7 THE @9EEN :&re pe&ple 3et *illed f&r3ettin3 thin3s in the heat &f battle7 SA;A IHll try t& re<e<ber that7 THE @9EEN WeHll d& it y&+r 'ay7 If y&+ die, 'eHll say y&+r 'ay didnHt '&r*7 The @+een 3&es bac* inside7 She see<s t& fl&at &n air7 The d&&r see<s t& &pen and sh+t &n its &'n7 And Saba is al&ne7 E6T7 THE O)EN 5IELD - AN HO9R LATER The S+n beats d&'n7 The )i*eHs shad&' nearly eB+als its len3th7 ;r&ther T'itch shades his eyes7 ;ROTHER TWITCH S&<e&neIs c&<e &+t7 CanHt see 'h&7 E:A:9 IH< thirsty7 I need 'ater7 ;r&ther T'itch hands the 'ater s*in t& E<a<+7 He sha*es it7 E:A:9 ItHs e<ptyG Did y&+ dran* it allM

#"0 ;ROTHER TWITCH Thr&at 3ets dry7 Needed 'ater t& spea* clear thr&+3h the <e3aph&ne7 E:A:9 G& fill it at the <&at, y&+ ass7 ;ROTHER TWITCH ;+t7 ;+t thatHs cl&se t& the ene<y7 ;r&ther T'itch hesitates7 E<a<+ half dra's his s'&rd7 E:A:9 ECONTHDF Get 3&in3G G&G ;r&ther T'itch starts 'al*in3 f&rel&rnly t&'ard the <&at7 E6T7 A RA:)ART ON THE A;;E8 WALLS - THE SA:E :O:ENT :ON=S, )ILGRI:S, A A;;E8 WOR=ERS cheer7 A<la*, La(ella A Hi33 '&r* their 'ay t& the &+ter 'all7 HIGG E?ery&neHs cheerin3 f&r Saba7 LA(ELLA Why cheerM SheHs 3&in3 t& die7 La(ella 3rabs a )il3ri< by the scr+ff &f the nec*7 LA(ELLA ECONTHDF The 3iantHs 3&in3 t& *ill herG Hi33 p+lls her a'ay fr&< the )il3ri<7 LA(ELLA ET& )il3ri<F S&rry7 EKer*s herself free &f Hi33F N& &ne has a pr&ble< seein3 her die b+t n& &neHs 'illin3 t& help herG A:LA= IH< 3&in3 t& helpG He dashes &ff7 Hi33 l&&*s d&'n at Saba preparin3 t& s'i<7 HIGG Thin* I sh&+ld 3& al&n3, petM =eep an eye &n hi<M K+st in caseM

#"% LA(ELLA Oh, d& 'hat y&+ 'antG Hi33 has ta*en his last p+blic reb+*e fr&< La(ella7 He 3i?es her a ;r&nO cheer and r+ns &ff lea?in3 her al&ne7 E6T7 DOWN AT THE :OAT WITH SA;A - A :O:ENT LATER Saba t&+ches t&e t& 'ater7 A DE:ON-LI=E CREAT9RE p&*es its head +p, displayin3 a d&+ble r&' &f teeth7 K+st then, the 'aters be3in t& part7 Saba C+<ps bac*7 A strip &f land appears f&r<in3 a path thr&+3h the <&at7 E6T7 AN O)EN WINDOW HIGH ON THE A;;E8 WALL - THE SA:E :O:ENT The @+een l&&*s d&'n at the parted 'aters7 She t'irls an indeO fin3er7 The 'aters <&?e bac* <&re, 'idenin3 the path7 E6T7 THE O)EN 5IELD WITH E:A:9 - THE SA:E :O:ENT E<a<+ drapes a cl&th &n his head, breathin3 <&re lab&red7 E:A:9 Where is <y 'aterMGM E6T7 DOWN AT THE :OAT WITH ;ROTHER TWITCH - THE SA:E :O:ENT He lies in b+shes at 'aterHs ed3e, sl+rpin3, splashin3 his face, the e<pty 'ater s*in by hi<7 He sees Saba, reaches f&r his blade7 The 'aters be3in t& part7 He 3asps, r+ns in fear7 E6T7 THE DR8 )ATH THRO9GH THE :OAT - A :O:ENT LATER Saba 'al*s the path 'ith ten-f&&t 'alls &f 'ater &n either side7 :ONSTERS A DE:ONS s'i< +p t& the 'alls, hissin37 E6T7 THE O)EN 5IELD - THE SA:E :O:ENT ;r&ther T'itch is 'ithin sh&+tin3 distance &f E<a<+7 E:A:9 D& y&+ ha?e <y 'aterMGM ;ROTHER TWITCH Stran3est thin3, SirG The <&at - E:A:9 DO 8O9 HA(E :8 WATERMGM

#"2 He h&lds +p the e<pty s*in7 E<a<+ h+rls his thr&'in3 spear, piercin3 the :&n*Hs 3+t, i<palin3 hi< t& the 3r&+nd7 E<a<+ sees Saba, still t&& far &ff t& see clearly, e<er3e fr&< the <&at7 He ta*es the pi*e and, +sin3 it as a 'al*in3 staff, sets &+t, the earth sha*in3 as he 'al*s7 INT7 THE GENERALHS TENT - DA8 The Ne' General Ef&r<erly the :essen3erF, in sil?er ar<&r and 3&ld <edals, sits in th&+3ht7 An AIDE appr&aches7 NEW GENERAL The assa+lt be3ins the sec&nd the Shan*allah *ills the challen3er7 Re<e<ber, ti<in3 is e?erythin37 The Aide sal+tes and eOits7 The Ne' General pic*s +p a hand <irr&r, &bser?es hi<self, s<iles and n&ds7 E6T7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > THE SA:E :O:ENT )rincess Andressa sits &n her char3er7 ;ehind her, L&rd ;rand&n sits &n his :are7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA What are y&+ thin*in3, h+sbandM LORD ;RANDON Thin*in3M I 'as thin*in3 h&' - +h h&' 3l&ri&+s it 'ill be 'hen the Abbey falls int& y&+r hands, dear7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA Gl&ri&+s, y&+ say7 LORD ;RANDON 8es7I al'ays 'anted a 3l&ri&+s clerical r&bes7 And a 3reen <itre7 E6T7 THE RA:)ART - :O:ENTS LATER La(ella 'atches the :&n*s, )il3ri<s, Abbey W&r*ers and Others p&intin3 eOcitedly at the acti?ity d&'n bel&'7 )ILGRI: SeeG T'& <en r+n thr&+3h the <&atG :ON= They l&&* fa<iliar7 A;;E8 WOR=ER WerenHt they here 'ith the '&<anM

#"/ )ILGRI: What '&<anM A;;E8 WOR=ER The bl&nde '&<en7 O?er there7 ;+t La(ella is n& l&n3er P&?er there7Q E6T7 THE O)EN 5IELD - THE SA:E :O:ENT S&+nd &f the distant cheerin3 cr&'d7 E<a<+ strides sl&'ly, painf+lly, his ar<&r clan*in37 He n&' sees Saba clearly7 E:A:9 K+st a da<n *idG N&t e?en in ar<&rG E<a<+ sees t'& :en r+nnin3 t& &?erta*e her7 E6T7 WITH A:LA= AND HIGG IN THE O)EN 5IELD - THE SA:E :O:ENT Hi33 st&ps, &+t &f breath7 A<la* st&ps, t&&7 HIGG We 'atch her ri3ht and left, &*ayM A<la* n&ds7 They 'al*7 Hi33 l&&*s ri3ht, A<la* l&&*s left7 HIGG Clear &n the ri3ht7 A:LA= Clear &n the left7 Saba t+rns, 3i?es the< a c&nte<pt+&+s l&&*7 SA;A What are y&+ t'& +p t&M A:LA= 9h7 Watchin37 Watchin3 y&+r flan*s7 S+ddenly a ?&ice 'ith the f&rce &f an earthB+a*e7 E:A:9 EO7S7F ARE 8O9 READ8 TO DIE, LITTLE :O9SEM Saba t+rns7 E<a<+ stands ."" yards ahead, li*e a t&'er in the s*y7 He t&sses his br&ads'&rd +p7 It spins, flashes in the s+n7 He catches it, s'in3s it, slicin3 a tree branch7

##" E6T7 WITH E:A:9 IN THE O)EN 5IELD - A :O:ENT LATER E<a<+ 3rits his teeth7 The pain fr&< t&ssin3 the s'&rd is eOcr+ciatin37 He 'ills hi<self n&t t& sh&' it7 E:A:9 C&<e7 ;eca+se I canHt 3& t& y&+7 Saba, a face &f 3ri< res&l?e, stands ."" yards ahead7 Hi33 A A<la*, their faces n&t s& res&l+te, stand behind her7 E6T7 IN THE DR8 )ATH THRO9GH THE :OAT - THE SA:E :O:ENT ;ATTLE-READ8 :ON=S a'ait the &rder t& attac*7 The :&nsters A De<&ns in the 'ater 'alls try fri3htenin3 the< 'ith fierce l&&*s7 A :&n* stic*s &+t his t&n3+e7 A De<&n eOpl&des7 E6T7 WITH SA;A IN THE O)EN 5IELD - THE SA:E :O:ENT Saba st&ps at the i<paled ;r&ther T'itch7 S+ddenly his eyes &pen7 Grittin3 his teeth, he 3rips the shaft and snaps it in t'&7 He &pens his <&+th as if t& spea*7 ;l&&d and sali?a dribble &+t7 His hand falls bac*, his eyes t+rn +p, he 3&es li<p7 Saba t+rns, l&&*s acr&ss the field at E<a<+7 E:A:9 Where are y&+r friends, little <&+seM Saba t+rns, l&&*s f&r A<la* and Hi337 TheyHre 3&ne7 E6T7 )RINCESS ANDRESSAIS TENT > THE SA:E :O:ENT A NEW :ESSENGER stands neOt t& L&rd ;rand&nHs :are7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA He C+st stands there7 NEW :ESSENGER :aybe heHs t&yin3 'ith her, Lady7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA T&yin3 'ith <y patienceG G&G A 3&ld piece f&r y&+ if he 3ets it d&ne7 He rides &ff &n the :are7 L&rd ;rand&n e<er3es in a ladyHs ridin3 &+tfit7 He sees his <are 3&ne, sta<ps his b&&t7 E6T7 SOLAR S8STE: - DA8

### A blac* s*y7 In f&re3r&+nd, SAT9RN and her :OONS7 The S9N, a faint star7 =r&naHs Spaceship p&'ers int& ?ie'7 INT7 THE ;RIDGE ON =RONAHS S)ACESHI) - DA8 Nadal h+<s as he practices p+ttin37 =r&na enters7 =RONA I 'ant t& call A<la*7 ET& the 5irst OfficerF Open a channel t& <y s&n7 5IRST O55ICER WeIre &+t &f ran3e, Lady =r&na7 =RONA WhatM Why 'asnHt I t&ldM ET& the )il&tF T+rn the ship bac*7 Nadal 3est+res the )il&t t& stay &n c&+rse7 NADAL Dearest, IH< afraid 'e canHt7 =RONA Of c&+rse 'e canG T+rn the ship7 Nadal 3est+res the )il&t t& stay &n c&+rse7 =RONA ECONTHDF Are y&+ c&+nter<andin3 <eM He 3est+res her t& sit7 She d&es7 A l&n3 silence7 NADAL I 'asnHt 3&in3 t& tell y&+ +ntil 'e 3&t bac*, didnHt 'ant t& +pset y&+7 9ncle Nadal fishes the bl&&dy ra3 fr&< his p&c*et7 NADAL ECONTHDF L&n3 and sh&rt &f it is, heHs dead7 This hits her li*e a slap in the face7 NADAL ECONTHDF I 'as 'aitin3 f&r the ri3ht ti<e, c&nsiderin3 the circ+<stances - =RONA WhatM What circ+<stancesM

##! NADAL The s+dden st&r< that y&+7 EHe st&ps hi<selfF The s'irlin3 'inds ca<e &+t &f n&'here7 He fell, str+c* his head7 EH&lds +p the bl&&dy ra3F We tried t& st&p the bleedin37 He said 3i?e y&+ this7 His last '&rds7 =RONA E)resses ra3 t& chee*F Oh G&d n&G NADAL D&nHt bla<e y&+rself7 =RONA I l&st <y &nly child7 TreHDean enters silently7 She s<iles a perfect s<ile7 NADAL N&7 8&+ still ha?e a da+3hter7 E6T7 WITH THE NEW :ESSENGER IN THE O)EN 5IELD - DA8 With diffic+lty, the Ne' :essen3er *eeps the <are +pri3ht7 He n&' sees, &n cl&se inspecti&n, that the &pen field is n&t flat b+t criss-cr&ssed 'ith shall&' ditches hidden by tall 3rass7 He steers the :are &nt& a raised ban*7 E6T7 AT THE @9EENHS HIGH O)EN WINDOW - THE SA:E :O:ENT The @+eenHs eOtended ar< sha*es7 A strain &n her face7 E6T7 IN THE DR8 )ATH THRO9GH THE :OAT - THE SA:E :O:ENT The 'ater 'alls sha*e as if strainin3 t& h&ld their shape7 A De<&n slides thr&+3h, t+<bles &nt& the path7 A :&n* *ills it7 The :&n* In C&<<and r+ns al&n3 the line7 :ON= IN CO::AND Eyes &n the 'allG Eyes &n the 'allG E6T7 WITH E:A:9 IN THE O)EN 5IELD - SO:E :O:ENTS LATER NEW :ESSENGER Her Hi3hness 'ishes y&+ t& pr&ceed t& *ill the challen3er f&rth'ith7 E:A:9 Let the 3irl c&<e7 I 'ill *ill her7

##$ NEW :ESSENGER N&G 8&+ <+st 3& t& her7 Tr&&ps are p&ised t& attac*7 They canHt stay p&ised f&re?er7 E:A:9 And I said, let her c&<e7 NEW :ESSENGER 8&+ dare ref+se the )rincessH direct c&<<andM I 'ill tell herG E:A:9 8&+Hll tell her n&thin3G The Ne' :essen3er 3i?es E<a<+ an N&rders are &rdersN l&&*, reaches t& snatch his chain &f &ffice7 E<a<+ s+ddenly 3rips the <anHs nec*, sB+eeLes7 The Ne' :essen3erHs eyes threaten t& b+rst7 E<a<+ releases his 3rip7 The Ne' :essen3er Cer*s a'ay, 3aspin37 E<a<+ 3est+res &bscenely at Saba, darin3 her7 E6T7 IN THE O)EN 5IELD WITH SA;A - THE SA:E :O:ENT Saba sees E<a<+Hs 3est+re7 SA;A That s&n &f a - She *ic*s the i<paled c&rpse &nt& its side, p+lls &+t the br&*en spear7 She snaps &ff the half 'ith the p&int, brandishes it at E<a<+, starts r+nnin3 strai3ht at hi<7 E6T7 WITH E:A:9 IN THE O)EN 5IELD - A :O:ENT LATER E<a<+ stiffens as he sees her c&<in37 He readies the pi*e7 E:A:9 She c&<es n&'7 Her life 'ill end7 Tell &+r :istress she <ay pr&ceed7 NEW :ESSENGER EStill ch&*in3F 8&+Hre s+reM E:A:9 G&G The Ne' :essen3er t+rns the :are ar&+nd7 In a nearby ditch, hidden in tall 3rass, Hi33 and A<la* cr&+ch l&'7 E6T7 ON A RAISED ;AN= WITH SA;A - THE SA:E :O:ENT

##. S&+nd &f the distant Cr&'d7 Saba is siOty paces fr&< E<a<+, r+nnin3 in a <ad dash7 She c&c*s her ar<, ai<in3 the spear7 E6T7 IN THE O)EN 5IELD WITH E:A:9 - THE SA:E :O:ENT Cr&'d n&ise l&+der7 S&+nd &f E<a<+Hs lab&red breathin37 E:A:9 C&<e cl&ser, little <&+se7 E6T7 A:LA= A HIGG IN THE SHALLOW DITCH > THE SA:E :O:ENT A<la* parts the tall 3rass, sees E<a<+ t&'erin3 ab&?e hi< &n the raised ban*7 He ta*es a c&il &f c&rd fr&< his belt and fashi&ns a l&&p C+st as E<a<+ ta*es a step f&r'ard7 HIGG What p&ssessed her t& ta*e hi< &nM Why a< I hereM I <+st be craLy7 A:LA= N&, 8&+Hre a c&c*eyed &pti<ist7 They cra'l f&r'ard a bit +ntil theyHre C+st bel&' and beside E<a<+7 A<la* h&lds the l&&p end &f the r&pe &+t t& Hi337 HIGG IH< t& p+t it &n hi<M Is that itM A:LA= 8&+Hre s<aller7 He '&nHt see y&+7 HIGG N&' I *n&' IH< craLy7 Gi?e it here7 E6T7 IN THE )ATH THRO9GH THE :OAT - THE SA:E :O:ENT THE @9EEN EO7S7F H+rryG H+rryG The path is t+rnin3 t& <+d7 De<&ns A :&nsters slide fr&< the 'alls, their teeth and cla's flashin37 The Ar<ed :&n*s ch&p the< +p as they e<er3e7 One De<&n h&ps &n a :&n*Hs bac*, sin*s his teeth in deep7 The :&n* screa<s7 E6T7 IN THE O)EN 5IELD WITH E:A:9 - A :O:ENT LATER Saba cl&ses7 She halts C+st &+t &f ran3e7 E<a<+ ta*es t'& B+ic* steps, thr+sts at her7 She retreats7 He tries ad?ancin3 f+rther7 S&<ethin3 st&ps hi<7 He t+rns7

##1 E:A:9 What the - He sees a c&rd ar&+nd his an*le 'hich the cra'lin3 Hi33 has p+t there7 He tries Cer*in3 and *ic*in3 t& snap it7 E6T7 WITH A:LA= IN THE SHALLOW DITCH - THE SA:E :O:ENT A<la* ha<<ers, dri?in3 the sta*e deeper7 The c&rd, tied t& the sta*e, Cer*s, stretches t& its li<it, threatens t& snap7 HIGG EO7S7F Get +p here, :anG I need helpG E6T7 IN THE O)EN 5IELD WITH SA;A A E:A:9 - THE SA:E :O:ENT E<a<+ stabs at Hi33 'ith the pi*e7 Hi33 d&d3es, stays behind hi< f&rcin3 hi< t& t+rn7 Saba sees an &penin3, <&?es in, stabs E<a<+7 He r&ars7 He t+rns &n her7 She retreats7 In t+rnin3, E<a<+ has 'rapped the c&rd ar&+nd his an*les7 N&' h&bbled, he l&ses balance, starts fallin3 f&r'ard7 Saba cl&ses t& deli?er s&<e deep thr+sys t& his 3+t7 :ONTAGE -- )rincess Andressa l&&*s &n, her hands balled int& fists7 )RINCESS ANDRESSA =ill her, y&+ f&&lG -- )e&ple &n the ra<part strain t&7see7 -- R&yal S&ldiers stand in f&r<ati&n, ready f&r the assa+lt7 SERGEANT Wait f&r the si3nal, Lads7 -- Abb&t R&d&lf& in his pri?ate chapel, *neelin3 bef&re the 777i<a3e &f :ary @+een &f Hea?en, sayin3 the r&sary7 :ONTAGE ENDS E6T7 IN THE O)EN 5IELD WITH SA;A A E:A:9 - :O:ENTS LATER E<a<+ falls li*e a h+3e tree c&<in3 d&'n, b+ryin3 all bel&' hi< in the earth-sha*in3 WH9:)))))G D+st and lea?es sl&'ly settle &?er hi<7 And f&r a sin3le beat, all is still7 A<la*, h&ldin3 &nt& the c&rd, p+lls hi<self fr&< the ditch7

##0 A:LA= SheHs +nder hi<G SheHll s+ff&cateG HIGG Where +nder hi<M Where d& 'e di3M Then, SabaHs spear tip p&ps thr&+3h E<a<+Hs l&'er bac*7 A:LA= ThereG SheHs ri3ht thereG :ONTAGE -- )e&ple &n the ra<part see the fallen E<a<+7 They cheer7 -- Abb&t R&d&lf& hears the cheers thr&+3h the 'alls7 A :&n* 777enters, 'hispers7 He l&&*s +p at :ary, <&+ths NThan* y&+N -- The Ser3eant stands in fr&nt &f a f&r<ati&n &f Tr&&ps7 777The l&&* &n his face t+rns fr&< res&l?e t& +nease7 -- )rincess Andressa, sh&c* and dis<ay &n her face, sees the 777fallen E<a<+7 A shad&' appears behind her7 She t+rns7 :ONTAGE ENDS E6T7 IN THE )ATH THRO9GH THE :OAT - THE SA:E :O:ENT G&G G&G :ON= IN CO::AND G&G G&G

The Ar<ed :&n*s r+sh &+t int& the &pen field t&'ard the R&yal Tr&&pers7 They screa< a bl&&d-c+rdlin3 rebel yell7 E6T7 AT THE RISE A:ONGST THE RO8AL TROO)ERS - A :O:ENT LATER In the &pen field bel&', a h&rde &f screa<in3 Ar<ed :&n*s &n the raised ban*s headin3 strai3ht t&'ard the<7 SERGEANT Steady, lads7 Wait till y&+ see the 'hites &f their eyes7 Steady7 The Ser3eant t+rns t& see n& &ne in f&r<ati&n behind hi<7 He t+rns bac* t& see the Ar<ed :&n*s cl&sin37 He r+ns7 :ONTAGE -- ;ands &f Ar<ed :&n*s &?erta*e fleein3 R&yal Tr&&pers and 777c+t the< t& pieces7

##% -- Ar<ed :&n*s s+rr&+nd a h+3e tree, sh&&t arr&'s and slin3 777st&nes +p int& tree7 The Ser3eant dr&ps fr&< tree, dead7 -- Ar<ed :&n*s st&p a N'&<anN tryin3 t& lea?e the scene &f 777battle7 They p+ll bac* NherN ?eil t& re?eal the the 777General Ef&r<erly the :essen3erF7 -- R&yal Tr&&pers s+rrender in dr&?es7 -- Ar<ed :&n*s s+rr&+nd the )rincessH Carria3e7 The :&n* in 777Char3e dra3s &+t L&rd ;rand&n in a <il*<aidHs 3et+p, 777c&<plete 'ith b+c*et and <il*in3 st&&l7 :ONTAGE ENDS E6T7 IN THE O)EN 5IELD WITH HIGG A A:LA= - :O:ENTS LATER E<a<+ lies still, faced&'n7 S&+nd &f battle in pr&3ress e?ery'here ar&+nd the<7 Hi33 and A<la* di37 HIGG SheHs pr&bably dead7 A:LA= N&G SheHs ali?eG I can hear herG A<la* red&+bles his di33in3 eff&rts7 K+st then, Hi33 sp&ts E<a<+Hs bi3 pi*e stic*in3 &+t side'ays fr&< +nderneath hi<7 HIGG )i*eG 9se it as a le?erG R&c* hi< bac* and f&rthG SheHll cra'l &+t7 Hi33 A A<la* 3rab h&ld &f it, start r&c*in3 E<a<+7 A:LA= =eep r&c*in37 Get her &+tG They '&r* fe?erishly, raisin3 the t&rs& sli3htly7 A:LA= ECONTHDF =eep r&c*in37 Al<&st 3&t itG ;+t n&G A<la* is s+ddenly face-t&-face, eyeball-t&-eyeball 'ith a 'ide-a'a*e E<a<+7 E<a<+ raises hi<self +p, slaps a h+3e hand at A<la* and Hi337 They 3& flyin37 With painf+l eff&rt, E<a<+ raises hi<self hi3h, l&&*s d&'n at Saba 'ith a hatef+l 3rin, raises a fist t& s<ash her s*+ll7 She reaches f&r her *nife7 ItHs n&t thereG She sees it ten feet a'ay, t&& far t& reach7 S+ddenly a l&+d sh&t and a bl&&dy h&le in E<a<+Hs f&rehead7 Saba sees s<&*e c&<in3 fr&< the tip &f the sna*e, as if fr&< a 3+n barrel7

##2 Saba r&lls &+t fr&< +nder E<a<+ a split sec&nd bef&re he crashes bac* d&'n7 Hi33 and A<la* r+sh +p7 They 'atch as E<a<+ +tters a death rattle and then lies still7 S+ddenly a WHOO) and a 8EEE-HAW7 La(ella, <&+nted &n h&rsebac*, rides +p 'ith a na*ed )rincess Andressa in t&'7 LA(ELLA G+ards ran &ff 'hen the 3iant fell, lea?in3 her - +h - eOp&sed7 Hi33 li3hts a ci3ar and, 'ith a bi3 3rin, starts t&'ard )rincess Andressa7 HIGG Well d&ne, petG We '&rried sic* ab&+t y&+7 Get s&<e rest 'hile I ta*e the )rincess t& the d+n3e&n7 La(ella crac*s a 'hip7 Hi33 st&ps, p+ts the ci3ar a'ay7 HIGG 9h7 8es, pet7 INT7 A HORSE TRAIL - DA8 Saba 3all&pin3 lic*ety-split7 She l&&*s bac*, la+3hin37 E6T7 NOT 5AR ;EHIND - THE SA:E :O:ENT A<la* sp+rs his h&rse in p+rs+it7 HeHs la+3hin3, t&&7 INT7 9) AHEAD - A :O:ENT LATER Saba steers her h&rse &ff the path, p+lls +p behind a lar3e b+sh7 She 'atches as A<la* Lips past7 A:LA= IH< 3&nna 3et y&+, 3irlG Saba la+3hs and sp+rs her h&rse in a different directi&n7 A<la* screeches t& a halt, t+rns and p+rs+es7 A:LA= ECONTHDF K+st 'aitG IH< 3&nna 3et y&+G INT7 THE )9RS9IT - A :O:ENT LATER A<la* is 3ainin3 &n her C+st as they reach the crest7 ;el&' the<, the Abbey 'ith the dra'brid3e d&'n7 :&n*s line the r&ad &n either side7 Saba sl&'s t& let A<la* p+ll +p beside her7 They ride d&'n t&3ether t& s+stained cheers7

##/ SA;A O*ay, Typical G+y, playti<eHs &?er7 INT7 THE GREAT HALL AT THE A;;E8 - DA8 Saba A A<la*, esc&rted by the :&n*s, 'al* in7 The @+een sits &n a thr&ne, 'earin3 a cr&'n7 A h&st &f )EASANTS A TOWNS:EN are 3athered7 In fr&nt, Hi33 A La(ella7 The Abb&t fr&'ns7 THE @9EEN I *n&' 'hat II< d&in3, R&d&lf&7 The Abb&t si3hs, 3i?es a si3nal7 The :&n*s lead A<la* A Saba 'ith p&<p and circ+<stance +p the aisle7 As they near the fr&nt, Saba 3i?es the @+een a 'in*7 The @+een 'in*s bac*7 A;;OT ThereHs a B+esti&n as t& 'hether they are act+ally <arried7 A:LA= 9h7 We *ind &f are7 SA;A And 'e *ind &f arenIt7 THE @9EEN We can fiO that, canIt 'eM A;;OT 8es, 8&+r Hi3hness7 A<la* 3rins, sB+eeLes SabaHs hand7 They t+rn t& face the cheerin3 Thr&n37 T'& thr&nes are br&+3ht &+t7 Saba and A<la* sit7 T'& :&n*s brin3 &+t CROWNS and place the< &n their heads7 L&+d cheers, the l&+dest c&<in3 fr&< La(ella7 LA(ELLA 8&+ 3&, 3irlG 8&+ 3&G Cheerin3 dies d&'n7 The @+een starts t& re<&?e her cr&'n7 A;;OT Hi3hness, 'e be3 y&+ t& rec&nsiderG Th+nder&+s clappin37 She h&lds +p a hand f&r silence7 THE @9EEN Saba and A<la* 'ill d& 'ell7 They ha?e character, c&+ra3e and intelli3ence7 N&t t& <enti&n, A<la* is &f r&yal bl&&d7 I char3e y&+ all t& h&n&r the< as y&+ '&+ld <e7

#!" :&re th+nder&+s clappin37 Hi33 lets &+t a WHOOO)G THE @9EEN ECONTHDF As f&r <e, I <+st c&ntin+e <y life &f prayer and fastin3, f&r 'hile this place is 3&&d, <y 3&al is t& prepare <yself f&r a better place7 The @+een sets the cr&'n d&'n, 'al*s +p the aisle t& a h+shed Thr&n37 She see<s t& fl&at rather than 'al*7 The d&&r &pens and sh+ts &n its &'n as she passes &+t7 And sheHs 3&ne7 And Saba s<iles her first B+eenly s<ile7 5ADE O9T