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Document: Datasheet

Date: 13-Apr-12

Model #: 1187

Product’s Page: www.sunrom.com/p-1064.html

Power Line Communication Modem (PLC)
Power line modem is useful to send and receive serial data over existing AC mains power lines of the building. It has high immunity to electrical noise persistence in the power line and built in error checking so it never gives out corrupt data. The modem is in form of a ready to use circuit module, which is capable of providing 9600 baud rate low rate bi-directional data communication. Due to its small size it can be integrated into and become part of the user’s power line data communication system.

• • • • • • Transmit and Receive serial data at 9600 bps Data Tx/Rx LEDs Powered from 5V Low Cost & Simple to use Built in Error Checking Direct interface with microcontroller uart txd, rxd pins

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • Home Automation Automatic Meter Reading Process Control Heating & Ventilation, Air conditioning Control Lighting Control Status Monitoring and Control Low Speed Data Communication Networks Intelligent Buildings Sign and Information Display Fire and Security Alarm System Remote Sensor Reading Data/File Transfer Fire & Security Alarm System Power Distribution Management

Back View of Modem

Transmission is based on byte by byte basis. then we will have to transmit ‘T’. Once your application gives serial data to transmit on its RX-IN pin. as a result. For example we want to transmit character “TEST”. then transmit ‘T’ and wait 500ms. data transfer transparent to user's data terminals High noise immunity and reliable data communication Simple serial interface to user's data devices of 9600 bps Built-in on board AC coupling circuit with direct connection to mains Built-in carrier generation and detection Multiple units can be connected to the power line of the distribution transformer TTL level serial interface to user's data devices Built with industrial grade components for operation under harsh environment Indicates Transmit and Receive with LEDs Built in Error Checking so it never gives out corrupt data. Application Diagram 5V AC Power Line Customer’s Device GND TXD RXD Sunrom. multiple units can be connected to the mains without affecting the operation of the others.Information The module provides bi-directional half-duplex communication over the mains of any voltage up to 250V AC and for frequency 50hz or 60hz. There is no hassle of building interface circuits. 2 Sunrom Technologies Your Source for Embedded Systems Visit us at www. Once transmit process is complete it switches back to receive mode. That is why it takes 500ms for one byte.com PLC Modem Model: 1187 5V GND TXD RXD Customer’s Device Specs Overview • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Embedded ready-to-go Power Line Carrier Modem module with SMT components Small form factor for easy of system integration Bi-directional half-duplex data communication over the mains Applicable to universal mains voltage and frequency up to 250v. but the purpose of this module is transfer of small data bytes like sensor readings and remote control for which this speed is ok to implement.com PLC Modem Model: 1187 L L N N L N Sunrom. Data communication of the modules is transparent to user’s data terminals and protocol independent. This can be quite slow speed for big data transfer. Interface to user’s data devices is a simple data-in and data-out serial link.com .60 Hz Protocol independent. The transmission of data is indicated by Red LED. then transmit ‘E’ and wait 500ms. 50 . you will have to wait at least 500ms(mili second) before a new byte is given to module again since the module waits for zero crossing of AC mains to transfer a bit. Half Duplex communication means it can either transmit or receive data at a time but not both at same time. then transmit ‘S’ and wait 500ms. Normally module is in receiving mode all the time listening to incoming communication on the power line. then wait 500ms. The reception of data by modem is indicated by Green LED which is on TXout pin itself. For AC 50Hz system the zero crossing of AC signals happens every 10ms and modem needs 50 zero crossings to transmit one byte with error checking data.sunrom. Once you give one byte to module for transmission. it switches over to transmit and transmits the data through power line.

Just configure your microcontroller to communicate at 9600 baud rate.0592 18 C10 33p 3 Sunrom Technologies Your Source for Embedded Systems Visit us at www.7/A15 P3.sunrom.1/TXD P3.5/MOSI P1.5/T1 P3. there is no worry to get shock on the low voltage side when working with it which is shown in blue box below. Do not Touch Interfacing Pin Details Pin RX-IN TX-OUT +5V GND Pin Name Receive Input Transmit Output Power Supply Ground Details Input serial data of 5V logic level Usually connected to TXD pin of microcontrollers.1/T2EX P1.6/WR P3.4/T0 P3.5/AD5 P0.0/A8 P2.Shock Hazard It has built-in on board AC isolated coupling circuit. Must be common ground with microcontroller. Due to isolation on AC part.0/AD0 P0. The TXD pin of MCU will go to RX-IN pin of PLC modem The RXD pin of MCU will go to TX-OUT pin of PLC modem Ground & +5V Power Supply between PLC modem and MCU should be connected.3/A11 P2. Blue Box Isolated Part.3/AD3 P0. AVR.3/INT1 P3.2/AD2 P0.7/AD7 P1.1/A9 P2.0/T2 P1. Ok to Touch Red Box AC mains section.3 P1.2/INT0 P3. which allows direct and simple connections to mains.5/A13 P2.0/RXD P3.6/AD6 P0.6/MISO P1.7/RD 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 29 30 U4 PLC MODEM SUNROM#1187 RX-IN TX-OUT U2 AT89S52 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 31 P0. This document below has remote control application notes below with source code. Interfacing with microcontroller You can interface the module with directly microcontroller pins since the level of module is at 5V level. VCC + XTAL1 C8 10uF 16V R1 10K 9 RST VCC TTL UART INTERFACING C1 100n P2. Output serial data of 5V logic level Usually connected to RXD pin of microcontrollers. Shock Hazard.4/A12 P2. PIC or such. Regulated 5V supply input. Ground level of power supply.6/A14 P2.com 3 4 +5V GND .2 P1. When AC main line is connected to module do not touch the non insolated part which is shown in red.2/A10 P2. You can use any microcontroller like 8051.7/SCK EA/VPP VCC 40 1 2 VCC PSEN ALE/PROG XTAL2 GND 20 19 Y1 C9 33p 11.4/AD4 P0.4/SS P1.1/AD1 P0.

sunrom. U5 PLC MODEM SUNROM#1187 RX-IN TX-OUT VCC C16 100n U6 MAX232 11 9 12 10 + C13 10uF 16V 1 3 2 + C14 10uF 16V 16 14 8 13 7 4 5 6 C15 10uF 16V + + C12 10uF 16V P2 DB9-CONN-F 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 You can also use our Max232 Board Model 1104 +5V GND T1IN R2OUT R1OUT T2IN C+ C1V+ 1 2 3 4 VCC T1OUT R2IN R1IN T2OUT C2+ C2V- http://www.sunrom.com . 4 Sunrom Technologies Your Source for Embedded Systems Visit us at www.html It will appear as virtual serial port on PC to which you can communicate two ways through any software which can transmit / receive by this serial port like hyperterminal or custom made software.html VCC RS232 INTERFACING VCC Interfacing to USB Port and Powering from USB Port U7 PLC MODEM SUNROM#1187 RX-IN TX-OUT U8 USB to Serial Board SUNROM#1151 RX-IN TX-OUT GND +5V 15 GND You can use our USB to Serial Board Model 1151 1 2 3 4 +5V GND USB INTERFACING 1 2 3 4 http://www.Interfacing with RS232 If you wish to interface the module with RS232 level like a PC serial port or any other device you need a level convertor such as MAX232 as shown below.com/p-245.sunrom.com/p-244.

5/A13 P2.0/RXD P3.0/T2 P1.7/RD 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 29 30 SW1 SW U9 PLC MODEM SUNROM#1187 RX-IN TX-OUT U3 AT89S52 P0.6/AD6 P0.4/A12 P2.6/WR P3.0592 C21 33p Q2 BC547 5 Sunrom Technologies Your Source for Embedded Systems Visit us at www.0/RXD P3.1/AD1 P0.4/AD4 P0.sunrom.6/AD6 P0.4/AD4 P0.3/AD3 P0.1/A9 P2.7/A15 P3.sunrom.4/SS P1.4/SS P1.0/AD0 P0.0/T2 P1.7/SCK EA/VPP VCC 40 1 2 VCC PSEN ALE/PROG XTAL2 GND OFF SW2 SW 20 19 Y2 C11 33p 11.6/A14 P2.1/AD1 P0.5/T1 P3. When ON switch is pressed.5/AD5 P0.2/AD2 P0.7/AD7 P1.6/WR P3.0592 18 C18 33p Receive Code View VCC REMOTE UNIT RELAY C3 100n P2. The receiver side listens to the data through power line modem and switches on or off relay accordingly.1/T2EX P1. Source Code for this application can be downloaded from link below http://www.2/INT0 P3.3 P1.3/AD3 P0.4/A12 P2.com/files/1187a.6/MISO P1.3/INT1 P3.6/A14 P2.7/RD 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 29 30 U11 PLC MODEM SUNROM#1187 RX-IN TX-OUT U10 AT89S52 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 VCC + C20 10uF 16V R3 10K 31 P0.0/AD0 P0.0/A8 P2. In this application there will be first unit which will be control panel with ON and OFF switch.0/A8 P2.3/A11 P2.5/MOSI P1.1/TXD P3.Remote Control Application To show what the PLC modem is capable of we will see one remote control application. character ‘A’ is transmitted.2 P1.4/T0 P3. When OFF switch is pressed character ‘B’ is transmitted through PLC modem.1/T2EX P1.7/SCK EA/VPP VCC 40 1 2 VCC VCC R5 1K D3 1N4007 D4 LED 1 2 PBT2 VCC LS2 5V Relay 5 3 4 3 4 +5V GND 3 4 +5V GND ON CN2 PSEN ALE/PROG XTAL1 GND RST XTAL2 Y3 18 9 20 19 R4 4K7 C19 33p 11. Transmit Code View 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 VCC + XTAL1 C17 10uF 16V R2 10K 9 RST 31 VCC CONTROL PANEL ON/OFF C2 100n P2.4/T0 P3.5/A13 P2.3/INT1 P3.1/TXD P3.2/AD2 P0.zip The source code is in Keil C51 compiler.5/MOSI P1.2/A10 P2.3/A11 P2.3 P1.2 P1.2/INT0 P3.7/AD7 P1.1/A9 P2.com .5/T1 P3.2/A10 P2.6/MISO P1.7/A15 P3.5/AD5 P0.

com .sunrom.Module Dimensions 6 Sunrom Technologies Your Source for Embedded Systems Visit us at www.

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