Survival Guide for Backpacking

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Survival Guide for Backpacking Click Here to Visit Maxx Adventure Travel Let the Adventure Begin! -2© Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved .

you will also be placing your co-backpackers to equal danger. It takes you out from your normal routine – and from the usual level of security your home has. Mentally and physically – you should be strong. if you feel you don’t have what it takes. And yes. Any untoward incident may still happen. And while you may have diligently done your homework. even with all the safety measures you have subscribed to. You need not only your physical strength to move on from point A to point B. That is why one must be ready – physically and mentally – before embarking on a backpacking expedition. The burden will also be theirs to constantly watch over you and aid you as you move along. with all the challenging terrains before you – but also the mental toughness to continue on. even if your body may seem to give up. and have read about the place you are in – there is still no one hundred percent assurance that everything will go according to plan or that everything will be safe. then don’t even pursue a backpacking activity. You not only put yourself to risk. -3© Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved .Survival Guide for Backpacking Survival Guide For Backpacking: Preparation Is Key Backpacking takes you out from the comfort of your own home. You become more alert while on a backpacking adventure – as you won’t know what danger might present itself in front of you.

Solo trips are however discouraged for obvious safety reasons.Survival Guide for Backpacking Planning For A Safe Backpacking Expedition Especially if you are still starting. and should not be on how fast & how far you go. Your first backpacking activity should be one that will help you gauge your capacity. your group will be more compact and will be easier to manage & control. choose one that is not that difficult to pursue at your level – in terms of terrain conditions and trip length. Preferably. During the first few backpacking journeys. And it should be more about having fun along the journey. you should be conscious of who you are backpacking with. Stick to the company of those with similar goals – and those that you trust. With lesser heads. you will be with someone more experienced than you are who is willing to guide you as you progress to become a veteran backpacker yourself. -4© Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved . You must be wary about some who may be too aggressive and may put you to risk if you go with them. Another important consideration is the group size.

• Determine the right gear you need. backpacking has its do’s and don’ts. you must learn the basics of backpacking. foot. Remember that your actions will not only affect you. This will also be a lot more fun since you get to try out the theories in an actual setting. And a too large a pack will make you susceptible to leg. make sure you do learn all the necessary things in order to engage in a backpacking expedition. backpackers or hikers. and back injuries as well as falling down. but your backpacking companions as well. One must consider that too small a backpack will compromise your security because you will lack some of the important gear. You have to identify what will make you feel comfortable and safe – then use these as your bases in choosing the gears to bring along -5© Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved . An outdoor club provides a faster way to learn proven techniques. Or you may want to join outdoor clubs that are organized by mountaineers. However you want it. As with other getaways. There are certain rules you must learn how to follow by heart.Survival Guide for Backpacking Survival Guide for Backpacking • Know the basics in backpacking. One must determine the gear he needs to maintain the personal level of security & utility. You may enroll courses in backpacking offered by some of the outdoor groups. Before you get out for your trip. You can also meet and make friends with people who have the same interests with you. schools or local government.

friends and other companions who will go with you. It is always best that you are prepared for any medical situation that may arise. you will be able to maintain a positive and healthy attitude throughout your trip – as you are confident with the information you possess – and you know there will be less surprises with the advance studies you made about the place. Communicate with your family. • Learn First Aid. the security situation there and on what lies ahead. and will be key as well in providing that critical immediate & temporary treatment for major ones. your timetable – how long you will be there and when you should be back. This will not only be useful for you but for those with you as well – as you can readily provide treatment if one of your companions will get hurt. First aid will be important for minor wounds and medical conditions.Survival Guide for Backpacking with you. You must also find gears that have the highest quality – and preferably the smallest and lightest. • Plan carefully. you can trace where you are because you have the map. You must have knowledge about the place you will visit. Acquiring knowledge in backcountry first aid is also very important. you will never know the dangers or problems that may come your way. -6© Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved . You can also prepare or draw a topographical map as to where you will be. When you go to the wilderness. With this. Should you have some trouble in an isolated area. Planning your trip beforehand is critical in successfully finishing your backpacking venture. Give them a hardcopy of your destination.

-7© Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved . • Be in shape. As you go stronger. You would not want to be left behind because you are no longer able to carry your things before you get to your campsite or accommodation. increase the intensity so that you will become fitter and more capable of taking any physical challenges backpacking may present you with. In one of your regular exercises. and you must keep this in mind as you train.Survival Guide for Backpacking Learning first aid is thus valuable for one to increase his chances in surviving from a backpacking activity. Being healthy is necessary for backpacking. Start a regular exercise that you are comfortable doing and be consistent with it. You must know as much as possible your current health condition to minimize potential problems as you partake of such expedition. It is advisable that you anticipate the load you will carry in your backpacking trip and use it as your training load. In backpacking. upper body and abdominal muscles. you must practice and train yourself carrying a load at your back while walking or jogging. You must find an exercise regimen to help strengthen these muscles. Endurance is also essential for any backpacking activity. you need to have strong legs. This physical preparation is necessary for you to be ready in your backpacking trip.

it is necessary that you stop and rest rather than risk getting injured – if you persist and continue walking. knowledge and gut instincts – back off. Bear in mind that you must follow your gut instincts. -8© Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved . hydrate yourself constantly and maintain a normal and stable body temperature when you are backpacking. And when any one of you gets weary. Wear clothes that are light in color so you can easily find ticks that may cause Lyme disease. Pushing forward in uncertain situations might be challenging but this may entail fatal consequences. When you are unsure of your trail or climb – follow your training. Make it sure that you have an appropriate clothing and you have enough supplies in your pack. Think of any alternatives and choose a different route.Survival Guide for Backpacking • Remain healthy and away from diseases You need to eat right. Don’t place yourself in a risky situation that will be difficult to get out from. You also have to use sun-block and bug-off lotions to protect you from sunburn and bug bites. It is important that you rest occasionally. You should keep yourself healthy so that you will have the energy to proceed & complete your backpacking adventure. • Listen to your gut instincts. This holds true if you encounter any bad or undesirable weather.

dress up when you feel cold so you will not catch hypothermia. • Be sure to stay found. A person with hypothermia will experience slow speech. Also. As a backpacker. Hypothermia. Early detection of any possible health concern will allow one to treat himself right away – and prevent the condition from getting any worse. It is very important for a backpacker to recognize and even anticipate the early warning signs of these health problems so he can act accordingly. When you feel hot. He must eat healthy foods regularly and drink water often. you will not have to spend too much time tracing where you are and in finding your way back. -9© Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved . A backpacker must learn to listen to his body. is the result of your body’s temperature that drops below normal. you must ensure that you have the appropriate knowledge & skill on how to efficiently use your compass and map. Hyperthermia usually occurs when you are in a hot. chills. Because of your knowledge in using the map and compass. lack of coordination and acting out of character. This is caused by your internal body heat that was not released fast enough. dry summer temperature. If the worst situation comes and you get lost – you will have no difficulty in finding back the right trail.Survival Guide for Backpacking • Pay attention to your body. you must undress before you overheat or experience hyperthermia. on the other hand.

Survival Guide for Backpacking Staying alert in your trail is also important. backpackers will have a better chance of staying found. Start working in getting yourself to the right trail while making some noise by using a whistle until you are found. You must ensure that you don’t lose sight of your companion at your front and behind you. . Go to the nearest highest place and by applying your skills – evaluate where you are. Check on your map and see where you are approximately located. You have to stay where you are. Pay attention as to where you are. With this. stop periodically – and look at the areas that surround you.10 © Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved . Use your basic knowledge in using the map and compass. do not panic. One must also keep track of each other. relax – and evaluate the situation. And if you realize that you are lost. be calm.

Survival Guide for Backpacking Becoming A Backpacking Survivor Yes. this may sound a bit melodramatic than it should – but if it is risks and dangers to your life were talking about. we have the right to be overly concerned. and being able to do so would be a clear advantage for you. Preparation includes keeping himself healthy and strong – ensuring he has the sufficient endurance when it will be called for. . Being well-informed about these things will prepare you mentally as well – as you begin to picture in detail what to expect from your backpacking journey. Being able to understand the local folks in the area is also a big plus.11 © Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved . Studying their culture and customs will help a lot when situations call for you to interact with them. First and foremost must be the proper preparation by the individual before the actual date of the backpacking adventure. One should also develop his understanding and knowledge of backpacking essentials – as well as those information specific to the backpacking destination of choice. Knowing how to relate with the local people may become useful. This will prevent you from getting into unnecessary contact and trouble with the people there.

Because more than getting the thrills and the fun of being outdoors – still.Survival Guide for Backpacking Being fully educated about using gears and backpacking equipments cannot be stressed enough. As mentioned. In emergency cases. Adventure Travel & Trekking De-Mystified … Learn More .12 © Copyright Maxx Publishing | All Rights Reserved . one must also be able to make use of what nature has to offer in order to come out alive – and a backpacking survivor at that. being able to do first aid treatments in backpacking settings is also a necessity. your number one concern will always be your safety in any backpacking adventure.

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