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Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies

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Published by Ercilia Delancer
List of strategies for ESL/ELF students to implement to increase their retention of materials presented to them.
List of strategies for ESL/ELF students to implement to increase their retention of materials presented to them.

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Published by: Ercilia Delancer on Feb 16, 2013
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The following are some learning strategies researchers have found to be helpful to students learning a foreign language: Writing out/repeating orally the correct version. Deciding why something is incorrect and how to correct it. Looking to see where one has made a mistake. Making a mental note of the corrected version to avoid making a mistake another time. Using one’s ear for the language to make decisions. Using one’s eyes for the language (how something looks) to make decisions. Comparing one’s performance/understanding with that of others in the class. Judging one’s progress by referring to grades obtained. Looking over work completed in class, including re-reading new vocabulary or grammar notes, following up areas covered to ensure they have been understood. Prioritizing tasks to be completed. Determining one’s weakness in English and deciding what ought to be done to deal with these. Referring to emphasis markers to assist in the completion of tasks. Making judgment about or reacting personally to the material presented. Using a combination of questions and world knowledge to brainstorm logical solutions to a task. Guessing from pictures accompanying a text. Practicing English in authentic settings. Relating part of a task to each other, ability to see how they are connected. Writing down key words and concepts during the language task to assist in its completion. Creating a new phrase or sentence by combining items previously learned in a new way. Repeating a chunk of language in order to learn it. Practicing grammatical rules through oral or written exercises. Checking one’s work after a period of time has elapsed to look at it with fresh eyes. Remembering a word by creating a mental image of it. Being prepared to risk looking foolish or being incorrect in one’s use of English.

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