Rajagopalan Muthukrishnan

Easy way to remember table in SAP
The easiest way to remember the table in SAP is: Just try to remember the SAP terminology of representing the business or business objects... such as Particular Vendor Customer Sales Bank Purchasing Material Master Particular Sales, Delivery, Billing, Purchasing … Finance Tables: Contains I A Ends S D K Meaning Open Item Closed Item Meaning G/L Master Open Item Customer related Vendor related Example BSID BSAD Example BSIS, BSAS BSID BSIK Starts with L K V B E M T Example LFA1 KNA1, KONV VBAK, VBAP BKNF, BKPF EKKO, EKPO MARA, MAKT, MARC T001, T001W Example VBAK, LIKP, VBRK, EKKO Item Table - contains P Example VBAP, LIPS, VBRP, EKKO

Header Table - contains K

Ref: http://www.sap-img.com/abap/easy-way-to-remember-table-in-sap.htm


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