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Aliens 5

Aliens 5

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Published by Willem de Phoops
Reptilians, Grays, and the nature of Creation
Reptilians, Grays, and the nature of Creation

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Published by: Willem de Phoops on Feb 16, 2013
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WO RECENT AUDIO SHOWS SET forth in combination a) the ‘true meaning’ of

the Reptilians as dinosaur variants coming out of the center of the earth; b) Reptilians appearing as rapists and abusers who along with the Grays create as if in a mirage one’s ideal mate, which leads to sexual activity, along with ‘matchmaking’ with real human beings in everyday life — whether or not one is already married. These, again in combination, paint a certain picture. What is the picture? What vista is opened up by these particular projections? It would be hard not to mistake in these dark ‘theories’ on the one hand the same sort of worldtwisting agony that appears with sexual abuse; but also the black and horrible visions of deep schizophrenia — a world defined as horror, as in schizophrenic art where the eyes are blacked out. What if these analyses, these interpretations are true? We might observe that the universe-ashorror model appears in Lovecraft. But while Lovecraft has his intrepid investigators descend into the depths where here and there they brush up against the ancient horror that is the true meaning of Creation, this is separate at least from everyday affairs. Men are allowed to go on blissfully unawares, never knowing they are encircled by doom — the basic structure that defines Lovecraft’s universe. In the ‘Reptilians’ model, Creation as unspeakable horror shows up in your bedroom at night. There is no defense. There is also no exit, as in going happily mad. This is doubly so when the socalled MILAB incidents are figured in, where humans and other creatures collaborate to secure a place for horror in human experience: mothers are compelled to have intercourse with hybrid sons; people are tortured and interrogated about previous abductions during abductions; slavish devotion to Reptilian rapists is fostered through mind control. Is the universe a place of unspeakable horror? Is this its defining characteristic? In the absence of a final answer, an ultimate truth, about the nature of the universe, this still stands as a possibility. We cast around looking for satisfaction, even adequacy in our fellow man and all we find are meat-machines, fools and idiots — Schreber’s fleeting, improvised men. We find that they are in a sense only as real as the two-dimensional figures conjured in the psychedelic experience. We assume that the otherworldly beings, ‘aliens’ are somehow more substantial than our fellow men, wiser and ‘older’, spiritually sound. Master magicians these who race through space and time, who are in touch with the inner light of the universe — et cetera. But if they don’t know what the hell is going on? What if they are all just as mistaken — or even more mistaken than us? We toy sometimes with the notion that reality is a ‘matrix’, a complete deception. What if they are mired even deeper in the deception? What if during an encounter with them one realizes they are not all-knowing, but proceeding totally under an error; in short, stupid fools and assholes?

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