Morning Checklist Reception

1)—Go through last night figures and read log book. 2)—Take cash handover. Check for EDC rolls and bill folio. 3)---Check for all VIP arrival, wake-up call, group arrival if any, long staying guest and make a note of it in Log book. 4)--- Send amenities for VIP arrival and group arrival. 5)--- Check all airport pickup and drop of the day. 6)---Go through all the arrivals of the day and check for blocking of early morning arrivals. 7)---Make keys for today FIT arrival and group arrival. 8)—Update guest comment card and handover to FOM. Send guest Thank You mail. 9)—Clear paid out and encashment from accounts. 11)—Check departure bills after making cash handover for afternoon shift. 12)—Check stationery in stock and requisite any if required. 13)—Once shift handover is given finish up with pending followups.

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