Can Business Process Management Make a Difference?

Management Information Systems 28.01.2013

1. Why are large companies good candidates for BPM? 2. What were the business benefits for each company? How did it change their business? 3. Possible problems with extending BPM across a large number of business processes. 4. What companies stand to gain the most by implementing BPM?

Large companies and BPM
• Large companies are good candidates for BPM
Disparate Existing Tools and Applications Identical Process Steps Lack of Data Consistency Decentralized Documentation Unstructured Process Knowledge Process Assessment Difficulties Low Speed to Market

Business Process Management
Streamline Business Processes Capitalize New Opportunities Optimize Use of Resources Sustainable Growth and Performance

Business benefits
• AmerisourceBergen, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical services companies • Metastorm BPM software for analyzing, managing, and redesigning business processes • First BPM project intended to automate and implement an online collaborative contract and chargeback process • Results encouraged the company to expand BPM to other areas of the business

Business benefits
• Diebold, global leader in integrated self-service delivery and security systems and services with worldwide operations • Progress Savvion’s BusinessManager BPM solution to understand and improve order fulfillment process • BPM project generated real time visibility of the order process to analyze, control, and improve its execution • Pleased with the results, Diebold immediately used BusinessManager for other processes

Possible problems

Spanning a large processes with one BPM:

Companies that stand to gain the most
1. Large companies •Synergies in compliant process across several divisions •Overview: Extensive list of different products and business processes •Decrease number of employees and process failures by automation and process redesign

Companies that stand to gain the most (cont.)
2. Customer-orientated companies •Fast response times •Immediate feedback •Automation: customers work themselves (self-service) •Customer convenience and satisfaction •Depending on reliable customer data in different entities and divisions

Companies that stand to gain the most (cont.)
3. Online companies and start-ups •Modern processes and technologies  lower resistance to changes  faster adaptions of redesigned processes •Collaboration across different functions •Lower budget  simpler processes

4. High risk Businesses (e.g. financial) •Risky processes

What is your personal experience with BPM?

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