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IIJT Tally test

Total Questions: 50 Maximum Marks: 50 Duration of the Test: 60 mins

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General Instructions Please follow the instructions given by the Executive carefully before you start answering this test. If a page is not printed or misprinted, please inform the Executive immediately for replacement. You are allowed to use ONLY BLACK/BLUE BALL-POINT PEN to mark your answers. Do not make any stray marks on the question booklet Please leave behind your question booklet at the end of your test. This test consists of 50 Questions ONLY, with a combination of Multiple Choice, True/False & Yes/No questions. Multiple Choice questions has 4 (four) options with ONLY ONE correct answer. Each Question carries one mark There are 10 pages in this set including instruction sheet. Please switch off your mobile phones.

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1. We can change company information from__________. (a) Company Info Back up (b) Company Info Alter (c) Company Info Split Company Data (d) None of These 2. "Input Tax Credit on Capital Goods" ledger is created under______________. (a) Current Liabilities (b) Sales (c) Purchase (d) Duties & Taxes 3. The shortcut key for purchase order is__________________. (a) Alt + F4 (b) Alt + F8 (c) Alt + F9 (d) Alt + F5 4. Vat Payable ledger is created under _______________. (a) Current Assets (b) Current Liability (c) Sales (d) Purchase 5. Goods received on account of purchase are entered in_________________. (a) Delivery Note (b) Receipt Note (c) Purchase Return (d) Rejection In

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6. Which option is activated, if one item is given free with every two items sold? (a) Actual and Billed Qty (b) Maintain Bill wise Details (c) Maintain cost centers (d) Track additional cost of purchase

7. Shortcut of Contra Mode is_________________. (a) F4 (b) F5 (c) F6 (d) F7 8. Shortcut used to switch between Invoice and Voucher mode during Sale/ Purchase entry is ______. (a) Alt + D (b) Ctrl + B (c) Ctrl + V (d) None of these 9. Godown option is available in_________________. (a) Accounts Info. (b) Inventory Info. (c) Both Accounts and Inventory Info. (d) None of these 10. Manufacturing Voucher type is created under _________________. (a) Journal (b) Manufacturing (c) Memorandum (d) Stock Journal

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11. Vat adjustment class is created under________________. (a) Journal (b) Stock Journal (c) Sales (d) Purchase

12. What is full form of CST? (a) Custody Sales tax (b) Customer Sales Tax (c) Central Sales Tax (d) Custom Sales tax 13. Shortcut used to switch between Accounting Invoice and Item Invoice is____. (a) Ctrl + A (b) Alt + A (c) Alt + I (d) None of these 14. What is the group of "Tax paid on capital goods" ledger? (a) Duties & Taxes (b) Misc. Expenses (Assets) (c) Current Liabilities (d) None of these 15. Which option in F11 is used for activating Scenario? (a) Integrate Accounts and Inventory (b) Allow Invoicing (c) Enable Cheque Printing (d) Use Reversing Journals and Optional Vouchers

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16. Shortcut key used for "Manufacturing Journal" Voucher is____________. (a) Alt + F5 (b) Alt + F6 (c) Alt + F7 (d) F7

17. Alt + C in Tally used to _______________. (a) Activate Auto Value Calculator (b) Create ledger accounts (c) Create a new column in reports (d) All of these

18. What is the Maximum and Minimum financial period maintained for a company in Tally? (a) 6 Months (b) 1 Month (c) 12 Months (d) 24 Months

19. Shortcut of "Memorandum" voucher mode is________________. (a) Ctrl + F10 (b) Alt + F10 (c) F10 (d) None of these

20. VAT is charged by_______________. (a) State Government (b) Central Government (c) Both a & b (d) None of these

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21. Tally Vault password is assigned through_______________. (a) Company Creation Screen (b) Security Control (c) Gateway of Tally (d) None of these

22. Daybook report displays, vouchers passed for the_______________. (a) Current month (b) Current date (c) Current financial year (d) Any period as we specify

23. Purchase account is a default ______________. (a) Ledger (b) Group (c) Cost centre (d) None of these

24. Memorandum Voucher is _______________. (a) Regular Voucher (b) Unconventional Voucher (c) Both a & b (d) None of these

25. Is there any difference between Cost category & Stock Category? (a) Yes (b) No

26. It is mandatory to provide product price during order entry. (a) True (b) False

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27. Input Vat ledger is used in_____________. (a) Purchase (b) Sales (c) Sales Return (d) None of these

28. List of Memorandum Vouchers is displayed from___________. (a) Cash Bank Books (b) Inventory Books (c) Exception Reports (d) Accounts Book

29. Backup option is available in _______________. (a) Gateway of Tally (b) Company Info. (c) Display (d) Security Control

30. "Use Tracking Numbers" this feature is used to record_________________. (a) Sales Challan (b) Purchase Challan (c) Purchase Order (d) Both a & b

31. Shortcut of Optional voucher is______________. (a) Ctrl + L (b) Ctrl + Y (c) Ctrl + T (d) Ctrl + M

32. Tally does not allow us to alter the financial period after company creation. (a) True (b) False Version A Page 7 of 11

33. The shortcut of sales mode is_______________. (a) F6 (b) F7 (c) F8 (d) F9

34. "BOM" option is related with ________________. (a) Manufacturing (b) Trading (c) Servicing (d) None of these

35. Delivery Note is used to pass________________. (a) Sales Challan (b) Purchase Challan (c) Manufacturing Challan (d) Trading Challan

36. Tally is developed by________________. (a) Vedika Software (b) Coral Soff wares (c) Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (d) Tally Academy

37. Shortcut key for Rejection In voucher type is________________. (a) F5 (b) Alt + F6 (c) Ctrl + F6 (d) F6

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38. What is the shortcut of Purchase Challan? (a) Alt + F9 (b) Ctrl + F9 (c) Alt + F8 (d) Alt + F6

39. What is the shortcut to shut company? (a) Ctrl + F1 (b) Alt + F4 (c) Alt + F3 (d) Alt + F1 40. Ctrl + N is used to ______________. (a) Create a ledger (b) Delete a ledger (c) Delete a voucher (d) Invoke calculator 41. Budget feature in Tally is activated by pressing_______________. (a) F10 (b) F11 (c) F12 (d) None of these 42. The default Godown in Tally is____________. (a) Main Location (b) Single Location (c) Primary Location (d) None of these

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43. Pressing Alt + F2 in Gateway of Tally ________________. (a) Changes current date (b) Changes reporting period (c) Changes Accounting Period (d) None of these 44. While creating TDS ledger, Type of Duty/Tax should be______________. (a) TDS (b) VAT (c) Others (d) CST 45. The shortcut key used for Bank Reconciliation is ________________. (a) F6 (b) F4 (c) F5 (d) F2

46. To enable TDS option we will have to press__________________. (a) F12 (b) F11 (c) Both a & b (d) None of these 47. Sales Challans are recorded in __________________. (a) Receipt note (b) Delivery note (c) GRN note (d) Stock Journal

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48. How many default ledgers are there in Tally? (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5 49. It is not possible to raise a single invoice against multiple Challans. (a) True (b) False 50. During company creation if we select "Maintain:-Accounts only", then later on we cannot change it to Accounts with Inventory. (a) True (b) False

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