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Author: Chris Pizza Based on lesson by: Chris Pizza Date created: 2/6/13

Subject(s) - Social Studies Topic or Unit of Study- The United States Civil War Grade/Level- 6th 8th Grade


Standards- Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework Assessment Plan- Lecture, Watching the Brain Pop Video, Taking the Brain Pop Quiz Assessment/Rubrics- How well the students do answering the quiz questions will help me dictate if they fully understand the lesson.

Goal(s)- To teach students the causes of the civil war, the major players in the war, events of the war, and the end results of the war Objective- Students will be able to identify the factors that led to the Civil War. Students will be able to identify the key players in the war as well as the major events that conspired during the war. Students will be able to analyze the results of the war as well as the effects it had on our country today. Purpose- Learning about the civil war is critical in understanding how the war helped to shape the United States of America into the country it is today. Procedure- First, I will give a lecture teaching the students about the civil war. Second, I will show the students the Brain Pop video using the IPAD. Third, we will answer the questions on the brain pop quiz in small groups. The groups can use any resources they need to find the answers and respond. Special Needs Component N/A [modification(s)] Sample Student Products- N/A Model(s) of Instruction- Collaborative Direct Instruction Time Allotment- 40 minutes (the part I am doing in class is only about 10 minutes) Author's Reflection(s)/Critical- N/A Analysis


Instructional Materials- Microsoft Word Document, IPAD Resources- Brain Pop Application on the IPAD, Textbook (to obtain information for the lecture