Questions:               Explain the meaning and significance of research design in architectural research.

Explain the types of research relevant to ARCHITECTURE. Explain various methods to be adopted in the research of a topic of architectural importance. Make a detailed outline of various stages adopted for the structuring and formulation of a Research Dissertation. Explain the significance of a research report and narrate the various steps involved in writing such a report. What is a hypothesis? Highlight the procedure of developing a good hypothesis. Enumerate the different methods of collecting data. Explain its merits and demerits. Define research plan and explain the scope and limitations of a research plan. Explain the different methods of report and review writing. Give an account of architectural research in India from the earliest times to present era. Prepare a format for a technical report. State and explain the types of sampling and analytical data. Explain in short the objectives of a good report. Write and explain research process in a flow chart diagram.

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