Narrative analyse

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Title The Main Character


Lutung Kasarung

: Purbasari and Lutung Kasarung :

 The Other Character  Plot A.

: Purbararang and Prabu Tapa Agung


: Prabu Tapa Agung was an old king.

had two daughters. Purbararang and Purbasari. Prabu Tapa Agung wanted purbasari to be the new king.





purbasari skin, the purbasari had to stay in the jungle, but purbasari always accompaned by a monkey that had magician power. It name was lutung kasarung. Lutung kasarung helped purbasari to get her beautiful skin. Then purbasari back to the palace. Purbararang still wanted to be the king. She had to came up with another bad idea but she lose.


: Lutung kasarung canged into a very

handsome man and became purbasari fiance. Purbasari forgave purbararang and let her and her fiance to stay in the palace.
: Don’t be jealous and tricky to

Moral value
brother or

sister, we must be patient.

Nama Kelompok 1. Daffa Djoko N.(06/IX C) 2. Rizki Agung W.(24/IX C)

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