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Radiohead No Surprises This song is slow, and reminds me of a lullaby with the guitar plucking sounds in the background.

The singer slurs the words together, giving the song a soothing feel. The words were so slurred together that it was hard for me to even hear the lyrics, and I was only able to clarify the words once after I looked them up. This song never caught me off guard, and was predictable. True to its name, the song had no surprises. The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Part One This song starts out sounding like a typical guitar song, but later on, techno noises come up in the background. The noises make it easier to visualize Yoshimi battling robots because they are very robotic sounding. The purpose of this song is to describe the upcoming battle between Yoshimi and the evil robots and to get me to root for Yoshimi since she is the topic of the song. Jenny Lewis Rabbit Fur Coat This song follows the mother and the Rabbit Fur Coat. The song is very violent, yet the background music and singing is very calming. I am confused as to why the music would be so soft and sweet, yet the lyrics are not sweet at all. If I were to just see the lyrics, I would assume that the background music was some sort of rock music. I think that not having a harsh sound to the background music and singing forces me to listen more to the lyrics and what is going on in the song. M. Ward Chinese Translation There were lyrics to this song, but it seemed like the music took up more time in the song. The purpose of this may have just been to focus on the sound and beat of the song instead of just focusing on the lyrics of the song. The singers voice somewhat muted voice may have also contributed to this because it didnt make me pay attention to what he was saying; I paid more attention to the feel of the song.