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Montreal, February 6th 2013 The Embassy of the United States of America 490 Sussex Drive Ottawa, Ontario

K1N 1G8

To whom it may concern: Dear Sir/Madam I, JULIAN ANDRES CANDELO, Canadian citizen, founder and current director of dance academy SENSACION LATINA certify: As a dance group we have the intention to travel to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, all members of SENSACION LATINA have the opportunity to travel only for a weekend this upcoming March 2013 for artistic goals. All members of SENSACION LATINA who plan to attend on the trip, will assist to two workshops in dance academy BAILA CON MIGO located in New Jersey at 6009 Bergenline Ave. W N Y, NJ 07093. The member (dancer) STEPHANIE NATALY GENOY SANCHEZ wishes to attend to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA along with the group. I JULIAN ANDRES CANDELO make myself fully responsible during the stay of member mentioned before. Asserting that the purpose of the trip is only for artistic reasons. This letter was written with the intent to facilitate the information required for the member(s) who wish to travel to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


__________________________ JULIAN ANDRES CANDELO

7064 Rue St-Hubert Montreal, Qc. - 1+(514) 803 0827 Numro dentreprise du Qubec NEQ 2265639874