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The Secret Phenomenon

The Secret Phenomenon

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Published by Tyrone Brackens
Truth and Wisdom !

Enjoy !
Truth and Wisdom !

Enjoy !

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Published by: Tyrone Brackens on Feb 17, 2013
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Discerning the future with God
Written by “Stephen Choate”


Intro Insight
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Secret Phenomenon Future writing’s
Who is God? Christ revealed Written judgments Supernatural earth Scientific spirituality Miracle encounters The gift of prophecy Dreams & divinity Prophecy fulfilled Hidden knowledge Free prophecy request 8 17 24 50 56 63 76 82 92 101 106


4 .

the Church & the life hereafter may change. 5 . After you finish reading this book your perspective of God. It is one of a kind. This book is not for the weak minded. From the visitation of Christ to the world of science. Some of life’s most unanswered questions will be answered by experience as the author will even testify to his own encounters. this piece of literature is sure to inspire many. Beyond spiritual metaphors.Introduction to Secret Phenomenon Secret Phenomenon will explore the depths of God through modern day prophecy. Very few writings connect science unto God. It is a unique manuscript. you will know in today’s language that God is omniscience. You will be equipped as this discovery reveals right records of intense spiritual information. beyond ancient parables. Secret Phenomenon will do just that! You will understand God from a scientific point of view. but rather for those whose desire is to achieve greater knowledge before God & the universe which surrounds us. You will be intrigued as you discover the future through the eyes of Stephen Choate.

I believe it will bless a lot of people as they study what is written within these pages and the pages to come.Future writing’s revealed Secret Phenomenon will not end here! This is volume one. Secret Phenomenon is in a league of its own. I am not sure how many volumes I will release. I look forward to all of them and hope each work before God blesses you tremendously! 6 . Volume 2 is expected to arrive by the year 2010. but each volume will have its own identity. Study any prophetic manuscript and you will recognize its rarity. I know as time goes on more thing’s will be published and created. Other products that are on the horizon include:  Exploring the 21st century  Travel the Millennia  Secret Phenomenon volume 2 I have a lot of ideas that God has given unto me. I am excited to release Secret Phenomenon in volumes rather than just one book.

7 .

The sun is the first. He expected me to say the “Sun”. Fire is the 2nd oldest form of energy known to man. So how did this young 7 year old boy understand this without having read the Bible? Simple! Divine visitation came at a young age. I remember I had a specific assignment for art class. God is like the sun. God showed himself to me as I witnessed his fullness revealed. At the age of seven. the sun is an all-consuming fire. that is why the ancient called God fire. long ago saw God as a force like fire. my principal saw what I was doing since I started my homework early. While I drew it. He was proud of me and asked me what I was drawing. Because the people of God. I remember my homework was to draw a sun. The ancients compared God to fire. The ancients called him an all consuming fire. I told him I was drawing God. 8 . god is like fire. fire is a form of energy. That is a more accurate reflection to God. As we know. Look at the sun.Who is God? Chapter 1 Hebrews 12:29-“For our God is an all consuming fire” From a biblical perspective we can say God is like fire.

I have never personally seen beyond the energy (The very power of God) or knew the Father as a man like us. The one thing I love about major religions although I do not endorse them is that they recognize this power within their own religious system of belief. Christ means “Anointed one”.Secret Phenomenon volume one Translucent gold light combined with the ability to change the atmosphere’s temperature on earthly levels. God is beautiful. The most accurate reflection of God is found in Jesus Christ. Yet the interpretation can be different. God is spirit & God is energy! Let me add. Christ is a hybrid between man & God. Anointed one means “Energize one sent by God”. He is like an Angel. a living channel of power that holds the balance of universe together. God is a nice guy. God was always a force to me. 9 . we may not understand God until we cross over to meet him. “Energy with divine personality”. yet his authority is higher. Because of this. yet God is in different form than our natural flesh is. But the examples are similar. God has given him authority over life & death. Christ is the human-form of God who came from God.

Fire is energy.Who is God? Remember what the Bible says. because energy was present. God is that energy. Those things are good. “Fiery one sent by God”. That anointing is the same form and power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Then and only then will you discover that hidden energy which is the Spirit of God moving on your behalf to energize you by the anointing of his touch. Without his energy you will not be fully energized! So many people walk through life relying on the next caffeine drink or energy bar to get them through the day. “God is an all consuming fire”. 10 . “God is the energy of life”. but if God is absent the maximum amount of energy you could experience will not be available until you commit your time to God. No man can come to this all-powerful being (God) unless that person comes to Christ first. Still others rely on natural exercise or right sleeping habits. Death could not hold him. When you connect to God through Christ your experience will always be better. Jesus Christ is the fiery one who walks in his Father’s light. Christ is the bridge to God. so another interpretation for the Christ is.

Jesus said you will be like the Angels in heaven as you are uniquely recognized for who you are and not what gender you represent. Symbolic terms & titles were common in the Bible. Look at their smile. God does not represent gender. We know God as Father God. God is more than gender. And you are not a man or a woman after you leave earth. God is a spirit. it must be eternal & forever. but do we recognize God as Mother God. God is energy because fire is a form of energy. shake someone’s hand. Since energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Since God is fire as the ancients knew it. Ancient man has called God “HE” because “THE MAN” has dominated as man dominated the earth. You must realize that since God created both male & female God must have both qualities. 11 . God is God! God has both qualities of compassionate power and divine expression that is mirrored within every generation. Want to know what God is like? Look around. We call God “HE” but is God really a man? God is not a man.Secret Phenomenon volume one The 1st law of thermodynamics says that “Energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed”. That is why God must be energy.

We are apart of God. we will know who we are. What will move God is faith alone through Jesus Christ. But when they do it may surprise them to find out that God is not a man in the clouds. Once modern day science graduates unto higher levels of knowledge they will eventually discover God. yet not God divine. That faith is like fuel to God. but God is greater. Many modern day ministers teach that the spirit of God always dwells in the temple of God. We are like God. created and thought of. We are God applied. Or better yet it is a magnet to God. the pursuit of God is what shall active the revelation of God. yet in a fallen state. Although scientific examples which connect to right interpretation can be presented. God will visit you. We are the very thoughts of God applied before physical form. The mystery of God cannot be told in logic alone.Who is God? That is the likeness of God in us! We are mere images of God within the earth. Scientific instruments alone cannot move the mind of God over matter. 12 . Once we realize we are the mirror of God. When you have faith. but a force within our universe and is known as energy.

Sometimes the spirit of God will leave the temple of God because of sin. God will resist people according to their deeds. When your mind is renewed. but faith combined before obedience. Beyond the Bible alone or any religious writing you have within you right & wrong concepts that will guide you along life’s journey. Follow the LORD. What promise was given thousands of years ago may not be God’s promise to you. your gut instinct will prove well over time. You are divine! Since you are divine. Historical revelation when taught every Sunday becomes constant repetition.Secret Phenomenon volume one That is not true. God will not tolerate sin. true navigation comes from God. True navigation does not come from history alone. so before his power dwells again within the temple (Your body) there must be conversion in the mind. God is attracted by faith. In today’s Church we rely on historical revelation alone. God will protrude! Protrude simple means that God will thrust forward at you. 13 . He is attracted to you according to your behavior. you have within you already the knowledge of righteousness.

why do so many Christians talk about Christ more than God? Christ is not God the Father. We have the Bible (Past revelation) but do we carry present revelation or knowledge concerning the future? I know I do. Christ is the way to God. but most of the Church doesn’t. So if God is greater. and religious groups. they are not dumb. The rational mind has invaded our society. Let me shock your mind for a moment. present & future revelation from God. But we should listen to what Christ said.Who is God? We must have past. We must teach people to follow God through Christ rather than Christianity alone. he even said that “God is greater than me”. denominations. Christianity does not exist. Beyond this life. 14 . Christ taught us to follow God. “Christianity was a man-made name”. the world is smart. That is what they called them. People get caught up in Church names. It was the title given by the Roman soldiers unto the believers of Christ during their age. so the name stuck. We are followers of Christ. See folks. Christ is the Messiah. That is why the Muslims & Jews do not agree with Christianity. However Christianity defines what lies ahead.

he is the true source of life. Powerful information! Daniel 7:13-14 13 ‫חזה הוית בחזוי ליליא וארו עם־ענני ׁשמיא כבר אנׁש אתה‬ ‫ולה יהיב 41הוה ועד־עתיק יומיא מטה וקדמוהי הקרבוהי׃‬ ‫ׁשלטן ויקר ומלכו וכל עממיא אמיא ולׁשניא לה יפלחון ׁשלטנה‬ ‫ׁשלטן עלם די־לא יעדה ומלכותה פ‬ 13 I saw in the night-visions. and glory. God did not pray to Christ. behold. there came with the clouds of the sky one like a son of man (‫[ שנא רבכ‬kibar 'anash]). Daniel the prophet even saw the difference between the Christ & God! Jesus is the “Son of man”. So if God did the work. and. and they brought him near before him. God is the “Ancient of days”. 14 There was given him dominion. and he came even to the ancient of days. The Father is & will always be greater than Jesus Christ. of energy where Christ Jesus came from. and languages should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion. which is greater? God is greater! God will always be greater.Secret Phenomenon volume one Because we have made the Messiah greater than God. and a kingdom. nations. Christ Jesus prayed to God. it wasn’t that Christ raised himself from the dead. that all the peoples. which shall not pass 15 . God was the one who raised Christ from the dead.

and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.away. 16 .

A lot of people believe in Jesus Christ. yet they do not realize that you can tap into heaven today. Because God is life.Christ revealed Chapter 2 John 3:16: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. The only way to receive the anointing which is the energy of God is to 17 . You can get a taste of heaven today. The overwhelming bliss you receive is amazing! Many in society believe in heaven. yet many of those people don’t live the right way before God. It is the anointing of God that will reveal heaven before you. on earth as it is in heaven”? Jesus Christ understood what it was to walk in his glorified body on earth. The results of eternal life cannot be defined in words alone." Eternal life is found in the person of Jesus Christ. that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Why do you think Jesus prayed. When you connect to Christ as he is the way to God you connect to eternal life. Let’s get more specific so that you receive the full benefit of eternal life. “Let your Kingdom come (God) let your will be done. The application of what Jesus taught will bring eternal life. Christ is the way to life.

The only way to God is through Jesus the Christ. nobody can truly receive eternal life unless they follow Jesus Christ. 18 . They know a belief system as it was taught to them. Our spirit man came out from the very energy of God to this dimension in time.connect to Christ as Christ is the way to God who is eternal life. the savior of the world. No book can fully explain the beauty of that world or the great city of God which exists beyond this world. It is a world within the universe as it is hidden before every naked eye. What’s so power is that all of us who are human came from that location in the universe. Secret Phenomenon volume one Jesus is the Christ. Because God is eternal life. For anyone who denies this. We were called to experience the earth and for a reason we will fully understand why we were sent after we expire on this plane. Yet the revelation of visibility can come if one is connected to Christ. Consistent communication unto God through the name of Jesus will activate insight before the knowledge of Heaven. To return back. The long awaited Messiah to the Jews. they do not know God. He is the way to God. we must know Jesus Christ. God is everything life. Heaven is a mystery.

Salvation prayer If you have received Jesus Christ I applaud you! You are family now bless God. Your prayer will be honored as you discover true life who is God the Father as it is found through Jesus Christ. I confess my mistakes to you. Lead me to eternal life as it is found in the person of God. Lead me to God. I call upon your name. Help me know you. remember to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Help me recover from my fallen nature.everything beautiful. the only 19 . God is complex. Christ revealed When you gaze into a lagoon in the Caribbean and see its awe striking scenery. Well that was God’s idea too. I believe you were crucified and God raised you from death because death could not hold you. Christ was the greatest teacher. I acknowledge that I have made many mistakes. Christ was the only one. Help me now. Nobody has split time. Help me discover the reason why I came to earth. As you seek God. I believe you are the Son of God. When you look at the universe around you. If you have not received Jesus Christ as the true way to God so you know eternal life then pray this prayer now and do not hesitate! “Jesus. it was God’s idea.

Now many who are from an African or Middle Eastern descent may tell you for sure that Jesus was a colored man. Jesus was not white! However if he was I would still 20 .true way to eternal life as it is found in God. Now yes you may witness white people in the Middle East. The Gospel is not about the color of man. But if you look close enough when he is encountered you can tell he was a colored man while on earth. I honor you today-AMEN” Secret Phenomenon volume one Jesus Christ will lead you my friend. I also believe this is true for many of the Saints of old. But I am a white man. Thank you for this chance. If you look into the region of the Middle East today you will see what he could have looked like. but the color of the heart. The reason why this is being revealed to you because practically every Church has a painting of Jesus Christ as a white man. The color of Jesus on earth Jesus was not a white man as many have taught. for this change and for eternal life. When Jesus walked the earth he was a colored man. He has honor like you’ve never seen before. The Glory of God surrounds him. I make my confession known to you as I have witnessed the Messiah up close. He cannot fail you.

It was not the color of man. I also remember that as he turned and I saw his back. too bad! These are the facts my friend. When you looked into his eyes. his hair.follow him bless God. Well. He wore a white robe with a golden sash in the middle of his person. That is why they followed him wherever he went to. his eyes. People saw the color of his heart which was love. his hands. you felt like a little child if you 21 . no matter how old you are. it appeared to be something of a purple color. I saw I every feature and part of his person. I saw his face. it Christ revealed was the color of God that they saw. that intertwined into his ankles. The visitation of Christ When he appeared to me. I remember seeing his belt and it glowed. now he is clothed in Glory. Also when I remember Christ. I remember I also saw his face. but it looked like he was carrying something. he burned so much love towards you. not sure what it was. Jesus was a colored man. It was a strong golden color that moved and glowed. This information may be politically incorrect in today’s age. He had sandals on. especially around his cheeks. his feet. If you are any age. his beard was covered in this diamond dust of Sapphire glitter and his face was anointed with oil. his beard. his robe and everything he was.

Whether you believe it or 22 . creates. he is the direct reflection of God the Father. You just know. he is a true friend within a time of need. born in Bethlehem. the Christ who was sent from Heaven. Christ also looks very old. no not one. He is a true phenomenon of God's Glory. He is the essence of everything pure and true. I cannot explain what I saw. the one that was made "Higher than the Angels". that if you were to see him like I saw Secret Phenomenon volume one him. There is also a Glory that follows the LORD. Joshua.were to see Jesus. he's not! He has such a strong presence about him. he makes you feel like a "Little child". you may never believe my story. you would never doubt or think anything of such unbelief. the one I saw as "Ancient Messenger". one day you will encounter the truth of his existence and know beyond a shadow of any doubt that he is the Messiah. He stands about 6 feet tall. No matter your age. the Gateway to Heaven. I have news for you. hell and the grave. When he moves. No one is like him. For those who think he is just a prophet. it’s very unique. even as he looked so young to me. Yeshua. There is something about this diamond dust that surrounds his face that tells it all. even if you are older or taller. he is the Alpha and Omega. He is the one who rescues. no matter your opinion. But Christ is so real. "Ancient" yet very "Young" at the same time. that he is the Christ. Israel to save us from our sins. but when you see him. the Son of God. yet old at the same time. the one who holds the keys of death. "He is the Lamb of God". everything around him seems to follow him. his name is "Jesus.

23 . He is the way to fulfillment. no one compares. No religion can overthrow him. he is the "Greatest messenger sent by God”. he really does care and wants you always to be happy.not. No other is like him.

Money will be at an all time low. Jury’s will also be different. a new system structure before jury’s will appear strange as time reveals a new judgment call before those who stand trial says the LORD A Major motion picture company will fail A new change will come before Hollywood film. This will be called the season of financial deception says the LORD. piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit.Written Judgments Chapter 3 Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick. “A new disturbance will be felt in certain regions as America allows criminals to go free”. and powerful. News will spread as inmates are released before the time of their appropriate sentence says the LORD. You will see the lion in that day. yet the media will tell you things are returning to greatness. it will suddenly expire as a new name is written before the 24 . and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. and of the joints and marrow. and sharper than any two-edged sword. Justice system from 2009 onwards God says.

The fantasy world of these games will begin to progress before a new time line. Secret Phenomenon volume one Video games Electronic gaming will soar before a new popularity. As the middle half of this century comes. This is the time where Hollywood turns to the North for financial protection. The cover up will stir many as 25 . But out of this a new friction shall come. they will make a foolish decision.Hollywood hills. In the distant future it will be listed in popularity next to some of the most popular sports of our day. Something new will progress before a sudden threat. a new bluff will arrive as a threat comes suddenly. It will be a farce. A sudden acceleration will come before competitive gaming. New money will come as prizes are giving away. The next sport will find a place before media. video games will be so different that voice commands will be a common way to play says the LORD Terrorist activity You will hear about terrorism camps & groups. Videos will continue to come. America will react. it will be nothing.

A sudden panic will come as IRAN declares new war. Young men will be defeated. you will see it in the media. You will hear about this on the news. This is 26 . A new challenge will be felt suddenly. but it shall be short lived says the LORD. but the concern of the LORD is ISRAEL & IRAQ. Written Judgments Nuclear power You will see IRAN develop a new missile. they pose a threat to America. young men shall loose life. Those that are wealthy will begin to buy. This is the time & the season where American repentance also comes. Then you will begin to see a new war emerge. They have the ability to sting America. Families will be forced to live in undesirable places because of job loss. Foreclosure in America New homes will be purchased at an all time high. The shaken will come.politicians create stifle before the controversy of that day says the LORD. They will succeed. Homes will be at an all time low. Many will say. Those that loose homes in this season shall come before a new quest.

A new connection will unite money before the system of Australia. The style & method of its ballet will be different. The LORD says. Great favor dwells in Sidney. but there is a lot of Gold in this land. Create a platform. New change will be seen in this nation. The time will come where a new rule appears before the law of this vote. I will shelter her land with new rain. Now is the time to prepare wisdom’s table. Even the British will leave as a new land accepts them. “Many do not know. The voting system will switch.the time to be smart says the LORD. Population will increase. Invest in homes today. great favor dwells in the land down under. many from America will desire the land of Australia. The days will come where many from Africa. if you have the money invest! Do not rely on men to carry you. Secret Phenomenon volume one Australian prophecy The zeal of this land will not remain aloof says the LORD. there are secret rocks of value in the land which many do not know about” A new voting system forms America will choose a new system. develop your independence. 27 . Righteous positions will bring a new measure of discussion. Australia is mine says the LORD.

Thailand will turn to God 28 . New neighborhoods will be planted. Many people will buy property in this current season. but it will offer something different to its people. The city of Detroit As time grows before the gloom of this city you will begin to see a sudden resurrection. Many workers in America will be forced to leave work. Even Asia says the LORD. so in time shall this increase. Just as you have seen before. Then by the year 2015 something new will emerge from this city. I also see a re-direction of movies and new ideas which involve Hollywood film. You will see the re-location of work before those who live in Asia. Detroit will bounce back. Many talents.Previous corruption will fail as a new witness prevails says the LORD Written Judgments Car companies unite A swift change will come before car companies. from film to art & even music. A new breed of people will join Detroit. The work they did will be handed over to a foreign nation.

Because oil arguments will arise. You will also see a new hockey team come 29 . The days will come where it appears that Russia shall try to overthrow the land of ice and the peaceful position of Canada. The Gospel will intrude before the belief system of Buddha. The one who held the puck before Mr. Those from Singapore shall carry my Gospel. This shall come before the land where the Eskimos dwell. Do not fear. Hockey says the LORD.As years progress into time you will see the sudden change before certain temples within this mystical nation. but only in its most Northern position says the LORD. for I will allow China to come before this land. Prophecy to Canada You will see a great change come before the stability of Canada. A sudden switch will occupy the mind as a Secret Phenomenon volume one new turning comes before this ancient land. It will guard Canada because of banking systems and the control of Chinese power. those from the west shall bring Thailand to me. I will bring Thailand to a higher level of knowledge which will cause a new division amongst its people as my word penetrates into the very atmosphere of its land says the LORD. The Great one will appear on the future currency of Canada.

A new reign of chaos shall begin as 2010 invites the enemy in. You will hear of new turmoil 30 . A new disgrace will flow before the streets of America. now is the time to cry out to the LORD. I also see a new population in Canada. A new military will form as Canada becomes stronger says the LORD. “Obama nation elimination!” A new insurrection will form before this President. His family will shake as a new firestorm comes without notice says the LORD. You will also hear talks about the Kodiak bear. Now is the time to pray. Written Judgments The year 2010 A sudden chaos shall fill the land. Canada will be the land of refuge. Martial law is soon to come. This will relate directly to the one who holds the visual work of destiny for America's behalf. I see the city of Winnipeg. for his shadow shall betray him says the LORD. This is the year in which America’s vision shall be snuffed out. A new violence will form as a dark cloud over this land. the land of peace. A new insurrection shall come during the reign of political chaos. The Obama controversy I hear the word of the LORD saying. You will see a new contingency come suddenly.to Canada.

For the way money is transferred.as a shaken occurs within the White House. From the year 2025 & beyond You will see a sudden change come for as it connects to the world’s system. “It shall be different”. America will be different after this. She will challenge her control as a new alliance forms before Asia. Favor will fall as a new shaken occurs. This will be the time when American leaders turn a blind eye before the once forgotten Soviet Union. Secret Phenomenon volume one The year 2021 In that day you shall hear of a new war. the curse of poverty reveals itself in military form says the LORD. You will learn a new trade in this season as well. So shall you see a new uprising as this curse. America will backlash at the once forgotten Soviet union. For the American flag will seem different. 31 . A new nation will form as a woman arises out of the ashes says the Spirit of God. yes I tell you. a new currency will come to the table of American politics as the journey of bank expansion continues.

but the food you see today will shift in time. Written Judgments I see some type of robotic device that will even choose the commands. It’s name will remain. This is the time where the world looks into the power of the dollar & says no more to the dollar & yes to the coin.New coins will appear. McDonald’s beyond the present This popular restaurant will suddenly change before time. You will also hear about a scare. The earth will live on. Its technology will be so different that even the military of that day will want it. unity will prevail. 32 . A new knowledge will form in that day. a new military system shall fill the sky. You will see a new shoe made that will startle many people. They will collect samples of the wind & samples of space rock in that day. I also see rocks scattered throughout the ocean as they have fallen from the sky. Realizing how delicate she is. You will also see a salad buffet. A new space machine will be built. a great scare that will come from the sky. The way people walk will be different as well. new ideas will form. but it shall be shaken.

I also see flat screen Television’s in McDonalds as well as video games. I see its employees in the future & they seem very nice. Marijuana will be legal 33 . McDonalds will even try to introduce Asian food. As odd as this might seem. They will desire the movement of products online versus selling from the store. They will either eliminate the garden center or talk about its elimination.Soups will be offered as well. this is what I am seeing. you will see Wal-Mart desire something new. They will also learn how to shift directions before the image they present. I see a new system that will come to Wal-Mart. I also see Wal-Mart buying out a major company that sells clothes. Secret Phenomenon volume one Wal-Mart of the future I see Wal-Mart learning new quality. A new system will come to Wal-Mart which will cause a new demand to come before the products they sell. They will learn to save money as it connects to energy. You will see a greater market for McDonalds which will connect specifically to the children of that day. In fact. You will see a new demand come as Wal-Mart becomes a more popular system.

“America will witness a switch in address as it connects to the political pillar’s that have been established in Washington D. This will be a historical time. They will learn new alternatives as it reveals their greedy desire to advance by illegal Written Judgments means. Prophecy America will witness a new fireball from the sky. when Marijuana has more profit? Washington D. then the farmers will say. God says. Criminal activity which came from South America. But in that day you will look into America.A new reign of money shall come forth. Not completely though. For a new systemic switch will come into America. Why should we grow corn. A shaken shall occur as a new direction forms before the federal government says the LORD New York City 34 . A new destruction will manifold before America. A sudden panic will envelop the nation’s capital says the LORD.C.C. Poverty will return to those who sold marijuana as they came from southern nations. Central America & Mexico shall stop in that day.

beyond the tradition of what was planted centuries ago. She left her dwelling place. I saw what Daniel saw: mene mene tekel upharsin 35 . She left the very core of what was taught before Mount Everest and what we learned from these men. America will look different in that day as it connects to a new tunnel.A sudden advancement will come to this city. New ideas will form as it connects to the re-construction of buildings in New York. Secret Phenomenon volume one Vision of America I saw the eagle screaming into the sky. She decided to go it alone as it connected to her new laws & the domination of eastern power. You will see New York. She desired to travel beyond these hills. But will these buildings last 60 years say the LORD (From 2009)? Wow! I’m not even sure what that means. her traditional spot in history. you will remember the twin towers. but the LORD presented secret information which revealed to me the future of New York. Perhaps they will re-build New York by removing old buildings. the wisdom that they gave. She betrayed the teachings of her forefather's. Then I saw before me ancient writing's. I saw the eagle leave the foundation of stone & rock. I saw her power come off of Mount Everest.

God will judge America.I forgot the meaning of this. The alliance between Iran & Russia will be felt into time. Written Judgments God has numbered the days of America. woe unto the skies of that day. 36 . WOE unto America. but certain parts will be. The Spirit of the LORD says. Not every portion will be occupied. and finished it. Eastern Europe & Russia. You will see the lion & the eagle fight before the bear. TEKEL: You have been weighed in the balances. because she is unholy. She will rise before the LION & make a treaty that protects. The Medes & the Persians bloodline connect to modern Iran. Daniel 5:26-28    MENE: God has numbered your kingdom. America will split. and found wanting: PERES: Your kingdom has been divided. and given to the Medes and Persians. so I looked it up. Then the dragon will intervene for when they are weak.

Many will flee to the mountains. It will take centuries until the day of defeat returns to those in the east. I will show forth a new change as America looses the power to soar.     The Bear.China Secret Phenomenon volume one When you see America become more of a threat to eastern nations. her power will be reduced from an eagle unto a small falcon says the LORD. America will not die. It will take many years to restore what foolish decisions she made. those nations will then devise a plan as they have already talked about to cripple the eagle. So shall you know the power of an eastern nation which planned these years ahead of time. chaos will create a new split which will baffle the people of that day.England The Eagle. many will flee into Canada.Blood will fill the land.America The Dragon. But her power will be different. they want to cripple her. Wayne was the greatest hockey player to 37 . Currency of the future Canada-“I see Wayne Gretzky on Canadian money”.RUSSIA The Lion. she will live on into centuries to come. In that day. They do not want to destroy America.

Asia-“The Far East will combine their pride in that day”. the Far East will deliver her by the power of money. 3rd world nations will rule in the future You will see power handed to 3rd world nations. In the future his image will be stamped on Canadian currency as historical honor is revealed within the future of this new generation. America-“American money will be the talk of this age”. The heartbeat of Asia is China. The east embraced her. I will cause a new concern to arrive for as it connects to China. Its golden structure will cause many to rejoice. You will see a new currency form before multiple nations that will bring an even greater strength to Asia as a whole. but the trade off will be unusual. as if certain areas have become a paradox of what you see today. 38 . You will also see a coin come to the forefront of media attention as it reveals a spaceship. For the future of America will seem like a distant gravestone. Then in that day. For a new system shall be made which will Written Judgments rivet the minds of those who live within the systems of the west. For a new coin will be made after the America image. They will rejoice in that day.ever play the game of hockey.

"POLICE STATE" recently. that bloodline will live in a foreign nation says the Spirit of God! Secret Phenomenon volume one Tumultuous times in America-2010 & beyond The Spirit of the LORD has been using the words.Africa will seem more advanced than the America of today. "TUMULTUOUS" (highly agitated. So I wanted to announce this so others who read this book are rightfully informed. distraught. For those who read this message as it was written in the 21st century do not fear. For the poverty you see in Africa shall not be forever. This word also connects specifically to the word. Centuries into time. for your children’s children shall flee the nation as a new nation welcomes your bloodline says the LORD. During this season AMERICA specifically will be faced with great controversy that connects directly to this political administration that is presently standing in power. Your children who were born in America today. turbulent). as the mind or emotions. 39 . you will see the dime form something new. Then as America sinks. The LORD also used the words. "RIOT". you shall see a new revival of land use within Northern areas of interest & African nations says the LORD.

Written Judgments Interaction will develop overtime. Church becomes more popular online The days are upon us where Church becomes more popular in front of the computer. this can be a good thing. A plan will be devised from a vision that will be compromised. This will involve great changes which connect to online interaction & Church services. then at a building. Control will come because of what will be done. Many people who are shy or quiet by nature will prefer this new way of Church. For the future. They far outnumbered those in the building. I saw the people who still attended the building. The LORD has given me specific times that will reveal these words manifested. Then I saw the numbers who stood before computer screens. Pay attention to 2010 but also 2011. but also a bad thing as well. but also others who stand before America's system. I really feel that the next 1-2 years will be the time we must pray about as it connects to the welfare & overall protection of America.We must pray for the safety & protection of American's. 40 .

The people were more in tuned with God while in front of a computer. 2008 I prophesied that these are the "Days of JFK". we will have a democratic President who will be young. I love the real thing. I prophesied this before Russia went to war with Georgia. Social security will eventually loose security itself as a new system forms before the day of American divide says the LORD The Days of JFK March 11th. This prophetic word is controversial. Everything so far has happened. then at the local Church. Cuba will be in the news as it connects to major changes in government. I also prophesied this before Obama announced changes in Cuba that connect to the United States military 41 .I think face to face interaction is so needed in today's Church. A NEW ID card will to replace the Social security card. Secret Phenomenon volume one But if these are truly the days of JFK. Although I enjoy the alternative of online media. Social security will change As time goes on. But what I saw in time was very different. Russia will also be in the news as it connects to war or the thought of war. Social security will change.

the LORD showed me a great concern as it connected to the nation but also the nations in connection to America. 42 . Changes will come. We must pray for America & its leaders. The LORD told me that changes would come to America that will affect the rest of the world within 2 years of 2009. but sometimes prophecy reveals disaster. I do not want to prophesy disaster.   Obama is the 44th President of the United states From the start of Obama's campaign to the days of JFK 44 years Obama is Irish from his Mother's side JFK was Irish Obama is Democratic JFK was Democratic JFK was 46 years old in office Obama was 46 years old before he became President Lyndon B Johnson(JFK's vice president) was the 36th President of the United states Joe Biden was in congress for 36 years until he became the vice President in 2009         Written Judgments We must pray for the safety of our nation’s leaders. Now let me show you some unusual connections. Before anyone was elected.prison at Guantanamo bay.

Privacy control will come due to population. This will cause great curiosity to begin. but also great controversy for those that are older. Equal money is the goal before this new project. Your current currency will change. New ideas that copyright but also correct abuse & confront controversy before media venues will come. Secret Phenomenon volume one Privacy control New regulations will be thought of by government. A new system will be put into place that will control certain messages from being expressed. I also saw some type of new coin that was introduced before America. But people may not even be aware of the system that monitors. The LORD says. A new technology will be introduced 43 . "New currency has been thought of & even designed for appearance". For a new system will be put in place that will replace old systems that relate to money. it will also eliminate the need for exchange. It appears to have some type of socialist agenda. I saw what appeared to be a red bill. When these changes come to pass. Equal wealth.Monetary system changes A new currency will come.

I see certain nations that will begin to operate in Privacy control more than ever. entertainment may be different because of this new thing that eventually comes before the world system. They will not call it that. but also new filters that will come to internet & also Television. but by their crafty presentation they will sell children. However. Judgment will prevail 44 . Some will even be bought.before the world. They will tap into forbidden knowledge that will carry artificial genetics into future societies. I see communication devices. but its primary use will be to target any threat from any one person. "Forbidden knowledge will carry future societies to the grave". The media will be affected by this in a good way. Written Judgments Worldwide Cloning Eventually Asian & European nations will begin to use the cloning method. This will be a direct connection to evil activities which defy governments specifically. For the Spirit of the LORD says. These children will be manipulated by science.

This is not the natural way to have children. One day the world will see travel to different planets beyond what we have seen today. This has disappointed me. I will intervene in that day & cause men to see the evil they have committed. This will prove fruitful during the 2030's. Successful manifestations will also come though. For the Far East & even Europe will begin to control the gene of man. Brain damage will be the result of controlled creation. 45 . Something big will come by 2030's that will rock the way we see the Universe. Artificial intelligence will be sent to space to reveal the desire of man. Secret Phenomenon volume one Life beyond earth Technology will eventually locate certain manifestations of life beyond earth. But by trial and error says the LORD. Hence the LORD is again. They will also discover unusual structures & images before different planets. So shall it prove disaster in time as men try to make profit from their controlled creation. For they have become like me says the LORD. To certain people this new method of creation will appear to be good. But God does not approve.before these.

But it will prove fruitful 46 .America looks like Asia While I was in the spirit during my time in meditation the LORD showed me America. Also I saw Asian influence everywhere. Written Judgments Microchip planted into people Specifically I saw young children that had some type of new device implanted in them. They will sit in the seat of America. The Spirit of the LORD says. but I can tell you a new beast has been born before China. the mentally ill. Young people. "The Asian economy will thrive because of America". I am not sure what Asian nation would try to control or manipulate the structure of America. It was different. I also see some type of occupation that could eventually come. This could be financially or it could be physically. This is a security device that will protect & ensure the safety of that person. the elderly and also certain criminals will eventually have this new device put with their physical body. This will create temporary controversy.

Secret Phenomenon volume one This new knowledge will be a gift to many. The LORD calls it "SAFETY CONTROL". But it will be nothing of the sort. It will add years to life. Because of this new implant.also immediately. This new technology will also dry 47 . Artificial implants Science will learn how to manipulate Human DNA for the advantage of saving or protecting life. Certain people will think it is the mark of the beast. thus changing population before the nations. criminal activities and help safeguard certain people from going astray within society. This device will be linked to a tracking device that will be able to monitor that person’s specific location. This new energy will cause great concern for Middle Eastern nations. Eventually it will be used & also brought before public attention. Nations who are without true wealth may still embrace the use of oil. it will cause safety to prevail. This will prevent kidnappings. They will use DNA combined before technology which will duplicate or clone human organs & bodily structures. This new discovery will be like having a 2nd chance at life. New energy in future society New energy will come.

Do not be surprised for when this new energy source arrives. Oil brings money. 48 . Money amplifies every message. It may be as simple as water combined with chemicals.up the message of Islam & affect it greatly. the Middle East will suffer because of this new energy source. Much of the oil you see is found in the Middle East. In time.

the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man. the which when a man hath found. when he had found one 49 . the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field. he hideth. seeking goodly pearls: Who.Supernatural earth Chapter 4 Matthew 13:44-46 Again. and buyeth that field. and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath. Again.

Heaven is much like earth. Not too long ago they proved scientifically that speaking in tongues is a phenomenon because the frontal lobe of the brain is in active. Certain people within the scientific community may have a biased belief system that prevents them before increased investigation which can lead to the knowledge of God’s reality. Life beyond earth is a fact. So what causes people to speak in that foreign language? God! My personal testimony of the other side of life will involve the revelation of God's Kingdom. and bought it. Evidence follows those that truly follow God.pearl of great price. what it feels like being out of the body & how we communicate before that other world. How is it that while we are alive in this body. However. logical deception is present before humanity. went and sold all that he had. evidence will present itself. perhaps this is just the mindset of man or the logic he creates. Once increased investigation accelerates before the study of truly anointed men & Secret Phenomenon volume one woman of God. For a moment I would try to agree with science since I am also logical. we can have the knowledge of eternity? Science may say. It is located within a dimension that 50 . First of all.

you will walk through a tunnel and travel into a form of light. It is the living presence of God in everything you see. Imagine the rain forest in the Amazon. then you will arrive at a gate. You may see others walking through that same tunnel. but is far greater than anything you have seen here. Everything is brighter. yet it is magnified beyond anything you’ve experienced on earth. not even a shadow! Unusual plants that look like palmetto trees grow out from the City walls. The City is covered with a golden translucent light as I explained earlier.appears as earth. Beyond the gate you will enter a new world that is different than earth.After your body dies. In the sky of heaven it contains a golden energy. everything is more glorious. Supernatural earth Heaven is like earth. No darkness exists on that plane. It is consumed by pure energy within the atmosphere. 51 . Now picture that as gold. that’s heaven’s atmosphere! Every good feeling you have on earth is present their. You’ve seen the white misty type color that fills the sky. No darkness is found anywhere. but one thing you may also see in Heaven is an Ancient City that looks like a Middle Eastern City but yet more Glorious than anything you have witnessed on earth. This energy is everywhere.

Golden streets, white domed-shape buildings that appear like Telescope buildings before earth will be found there. Heaven is awesome. It is the dwelling place of God's people. Exclusive to those that would trust in God, commit to God & follow the teachings of Messiah (Christ Jesus). Communication is almost telepathic. Communication is emotional. You can feel the thoughts of people, angels or beings you encounter. The language of Heaven is different than earth. You adjust immediately! It is the mind of your spirit that speaks. Being out of the body is unique. You feel freer than anything you could possibly imagine. You feel like pure energy as well. Also, when you walk in your glorified body you will look & feel younger. When God's spirit comes upon you, you will even feel taller, more powerful than you do on earth. Secret Phenomenon volume one After you expire, your mission does not end. You will be used of God to help others in the Kingdom & beyond the Kingdom. Samuel the prophet visited Saul after Samuel returned to God. Elijah & Moses visited Christ before the Apostles after they returned to God. This is biblical. The truth is, you don’t really die, you return to God! Now let me tell you what most of the

Saints do not know. Heaven can be encountered while on earth! Jesus said, "Let thy Kingdom come, let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven". This was a part of the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus prayed that God's Kingdom would come to us. When God's Kingdom comes to us, we are able to change the culture or atmosphere of any location within a natural location. Heaven is like a planet, another world beyond this world, connected to the same universe yet before another dimension. Heaven cannot die, because everything is energy in that world. Every living thing is consumed by God. Because God is energy and energy cannot be destroyed according to the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, nothing can truly perish. It’s scientifically impossible! Yet how do we prove this world to others? Live for God the way you should. People are smart, they can tell if you are different or not. Supernatural earth The light of God will expose the dark places. Since you are the temple of God, you can carry that light within you. But it’s a matter of choice. Do you want God or do you want the things of the world? The more God you have, the more light you will have. That spiritual light will create within you the visual concept to see beyond this plane & discover the

next. You will get a peak of what Heaven is, while on earth. The trick is stick to God! It’s that simple. The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. He is the way to God. God’s home is heaven! In heaven even the plants have personality. The life of God is so great it cannot be explained in human logic or words alone. It must be experienced in order for you to gain the knowledge of Heaven. After Heaven is experienced the system of earth seems strange. Heaven is a wonderful place. The universe is infinite because God is infinite. I would imagine that earth is smaller in comparison to Heaven. I’ve heard stories from some of today’s prophet’s as they have proclaimed that even dinosaurs live in Heaven. Imagine that? The City of God is magnificent. The only buildings on earth that compare to the buildings you see in Heaven are those found in the Middle East.


and of great power: his understanding is infinite.Scientific spirituality Chapter 5 Psalms 147:5 Great is our Lord. 1st law of Thermodynamics The first law of thermodynamics. states that 55 . an expression of the principle of conservation of energy.

Christ means "Anointed one". Another interpretation of anointing is "ENERGY of God or to be ENERGIZE by God". Wow! Isn't that powerful? So what does this lead to us believe? From a scientific perspective what would science call God? I have the answer & I have known this for a while now. Hebrews 12:29 says: For our God is a consuming fire. we can say. What is fire? Fire is a form of energy. it must be made of matter or energy. In order for anything to exist. That's why they called him Yeshua the anointed one. Jesus was known as the "Anointed one". Jesus means Yeshua in Hebrew. So instead of saying. Yeshua the ENERGIZED one sent by God is an accurate interpretation of Secret Phenomenon volume one Jesus literal title. In English it sounds more like "Joshua".energy can be transformed (changed from one form to another). but it can neither be created nor destroyed. Jesus Christ reflects the word ENERGY within his title. The anointing of God brings energy. "Energy cannot be created nor destroyed". "Our God is energy". Science I'm sure would think it fascinating if they could prove beyond any reasonable doubt that God is reality. For our God is a consuming fire. 56 .

Scientific spirituality Imagine that! Extra dimensions in the same Universe? I've studied string theory. ENERGY IS ETERNAL!". Cosmological solutions exist in a wider variety of dimensionalities. Could string theory reveal the Kingdom of God? Could it reveal Hell or other revelations from scientific perspective that 57 . Since "ENERGY cannot be created nor destroyed. he is the essence of all energy combined before divine personality. God is made up of energy.God is the life source of all energy & matter. String theory An intriguing feature of string theory is that it involves the prediction of extra dimensions. Jesus is your personal navigation system sent by God to direct you to eternal life which is found in God. but flat space-time solutions do exist in the so-called "critical dimension". He is the only way to receive life. a count of degrees of freedom which reduces to dimensionality in weakly curved regimes—are related by dynamical transitions. The number of dimensions is not fixed by any consistency criterion. Jesus. "His true son" is the way to this life. and these different dimensions— more precisely different values of the "effective central charge". they say within the Universe itself there could be as many as 11 or 12 dimensions total.

You were born from God before the flesh arrived. Life is a mission. Your true home is found with the Saints of old. You have a specific purpose while on earth. it is a gift to a new world.we do not currently know? I believe the future will uncover the riddle of God to humanity. evolution is change in the genetic material of a population of organisms from one generation to the next. You existed in God first. Discover God today! Understand your position before his great Universe. because men are unlearned. God makes sense. not just spiritual experiences. Secret Phenomenon volume one Evolution In biology. This could bring true revolution before the evolution of education within the earth. differences accumulate with each generation and 58 . why he is & the purpose of life altogether. When education is present. and then were grafted into this dimension. Only a few who truly walk with God understand who he is. Before you were. Though the changes produced in any one generation are small. men will begin to learn about God from scientific study. As time evolves. You came from another dimension. God is a mystery. you already were.

the exaggeration of evolution says that we came from Ancient apes. the similarities between organisms suggest that all known species are descended from a common ancestor (or ancestral gene pool) through this process of gradual divergence. Indeed. But evolution is exaggerated. Evolution does 59 . Evolution says that we came from one position in the Universe. However. This process can culminate in the emergence of new species. but we were made in the image & likeness of God. Both are true. because substantial changes in the organisms. We did not come from ancient apes. God spoke everything into existence. our spirit was born from God. Intelligent design reveals that the universe was created by a designer. over time. Evolution is valid as it connects to the way man looks overtime. We have advanced as a human race. Every living thing came from the word of the LORD. Both should be taught. One society has done is rejected intelligent design and distorted evolution. it is also distorted.can. Evolution is a fact. That is correct. But a balance of truth is needed. Scientific spirituality Evolution and intelligent design should be taught side by side in schools.

so evolution is right. Everything grows. Secret Phenomenon volume one Evolution is a reality. those that are known as 60 . Many cannot comprehend the fact of God They do not understand the LORD because they do not believe. Science has proven that certain things can evolve over time. Only by faith in God combined alongside consistent communication (Prayer. Many disregard the fact of intelligent design. Evolution is a scientific theory. God is a true reality. The evidence of God is found within every true follower of Jesus Christ.not reveal creation. It reveals how the universe evolved. but realize one is far greater than the other. We must embrace both. study of scripture) can one see the full reality of God. Examine the prophets. worship. yet distorted. Hebrews 11:6 says: But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is. does not mean that it becomes a different species. and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. If faith is not present. Both must be studied. But just because they look different. We were always humans. God is not exaggerated. but evolution is. evidence will never follow. God is a reality.

using Quantum Physics. God provides ideas concerning eternity. It is truly ignorant to call yourself a place before true education when intelligent design is revoked from the teacher's presentation. You will see an unusual amount of evidence that will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that God is reality. Since eternity is past. What does all this mean? Sounds like I'm speaking Japanese right? You’re going to love this! This means that "MIND OVER MATTER IS LITERAL!" It 61 .apostles. one of which is the quanta. Meaning changes the valence & function of a quanta particle. Quantum Physics says that at a subatomic level all of material reality is supported not by atoms. Because it covers 2 things evolution is not able to present at this moment. Evolution provides ideas concerning history. but by subatomic particles. miracles happen "scientifically". Quantum Physics Quantum Physics supports the ideas of miracles happening. present & future. In the world of science. God's information will always be greater. Intelligent design should be taught next to evolution within the classroom of every American school. Scientific spirituality The quanta particle is a chameleon.

is scientific fact! We know that by studying the law of attraction. Whatever you sow you will reap! Whatever you speak that is from God will eventually happen. whatever you believe can happen will eventually happen. Because God's word rules over the realm of matter! 62 .

Miracle encounters Chapter 6 Now Stephen. full of grace (divine blessing and favor) and power (strength and ability) worked great wonders and signs (miracles) among the people. Acts 6: 8 63 .

The LORD continues to show proof of his existence. In my dream I started to realize that it felt like judgment upon their house. "This dream was real. Directly and by the witness of others who are the Saints of God. I begin to ask the LORD. I have witnessed many miracles throughout the course of my life. I even showed 64 . The house caught fire and was completely destroyed. Although I am not quick to accuse or judge. You may think one miracle could be a coincidence. it felt so real". how can anyone deny God’s reality? Dream of fire came to pass! I remember seeing a fireball come down from the sky and hitting the house. I remember telling my friend about the Dream and he couldn't believe it.Miracles in today’s age are absolutely real. as if something was wrong with them. After thinking to myself while awake. will this come to pass? Is this a prophetic dream? Secret Phenomenon volume one Within 3 days after I had that dream. But after reading these. Every day he shows proof. the house that I saw in my dream was struck by lightning in a storm. I knew in my dream this was a fact.

Every day after school I would watch him. Miracle encounters There was no explanation of why the cable receiver was not working. but it didn't work. so they would change the channel on me almost all the time. She tried to change it. it testified to the reality of God. I was still in high school. My enjoyment after school was seeking the LORD and reading the bible. I remember one day that I would watch Benny Hinn. which is the best Christian network out there. Through this miracle. She called the cable company up and made a complaint. To her amazement every single channel was TBN and had Benny Hinn preaching the Gospel. they did not like this. he could not fix the cable box and said that he has never seen anything like this before. he was amazed. my Mother turned on the TV to check the weather. Every channel becomes TBN I remember that I was 17 years of age. When my family came home from work. When the technician arrived. as he has the power to invade 65 . The next day. So I asked the LORD to make every channel TBN.him the house. God speaks while people sleep.

this physical world and is not restrained by what we believe, but moves upon our faith in him.
Stolen vehicle recovered

I remember that I prophesied to a family member. I told them to quit their job and that they would be happier with something new, I even told them where to apply, as God showed me. They rejected the word of the LORD and in response cursed me. After I left this persons house while visiting, she told me that she didn't want to hear my premonitions. After this was said, I told her that because of how they treated me, God would judge them. They laughed at me of course. A day later, their vehicle was stolen. The protection of God can lift from someone if they defy the word of the LORD. But true prophecy always carries redemption or solution where as God can give that person multiple chances to change. Later that night I asked the LORD where the vehicle was. The LORD gave me a dream that night. When I woke up, I knew immediately where the car was. As soon as I woke up, I went over to their house.

Secret Phenomenon volume one After I returned to them again and told them where to find it, they said again, "We don't want to hear your premonitions". After trying to find the car on

their own, one of them secretly went back to me and asked me what God showed me. I told them that I saw the car in my dream by the gas station, 10 miles away at a specific college and street. I also told them you must go there by 12pm EST or you will lose your vehicle. When they arrived at that location, not only did they find the car, they also saw a woman who was leaving the driveway around 11:50 AM EST. God's advice is always perfect. There were a total of 5 witnesses who encountered this revelation and all were stunned after it happened. After this DREAM REVELATION came to pass as valid, people in my family did not look at me the same.
Awe of the atheist

This is one of the most unique stories I have in prophecy which confirms the truth of God's word over the doubt of a young man. While I was in High school and in 9th grade I was friends with an atheist.

Miracle encounters He was a good friend of mine and I remember telling him about the Gospel as to witness the truth

of Christ's reality before God. He was always interested in talking with me, but did not understand always. Because of his understanding he doubted God. One day as we were walking to class together, he told me that he wanted to believe in God, but needed proof. As he said this, the Spirit of the LORD came over me and I said to him. "Within a week, God will open your eyes". In my mind, I never thought anything of it and believed that he could one day have his divine encounter with the Holy Spirit at Church or something of that nature. But to my surprise he came to me a week later. While he was sitting at the lunch table with me at our school, I noticed something very different about him. Usually he was very talkative, but after he saw me, he became very quiet and had a real respect for me. Something very unique happened to him, so I asked him what happened and are you ok?

Secret Phenomenon volume one He reminded me of what I told him a week ago and said, do you remember what you said to me?

He was so numb looking that day when I saw him. After he told me his story I gave him my only bible at the time. God will open your eyes?" I said yes of course. before he came to school and saw me that day he was in Heaven. He mentioned that he also saw people there and everybody was so happy. I was amazed just looking at him as beforehand he was an atheist. not one person was sad. now believer. He described everything as it was written in the "Book of Revelation" which is the last book of the bible as it describes heaven. With 69 . a young girl of angelic qualities took him around the city from what he described as a brief tour before paradise. That night. The LORD transported him by his word and at the moment of his revelation."Within a week. Miracle encounters I will never forget the presence of the LORD upon him. He then described a young girl who looked ancient at the same time and who took him to a city in which he was filled with awe. This amazing story and revelation before my eyes will live on and I will never forget about his encounter.

Just months later I learned how to prophesy on a high level of accuracy. She told me that the LORD told her to give it to me. I never told her my desire.000 70 . Baptized in the Holy Spirit When I was 16 years old I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Just days later I received a Gold coin from one of my ministry partners. It was at this time that I was invited to join a ministry. As I was watching I asked the LORD in my heart for a Gold coin. but with God. "Nothing is impossible".man. It was the afternoon. I saw a show on pirate ships and how they found gold coins at the bottom of the ocean. I was in awe after this experience. My parents were gone. things can be impossible. National geographic I remember one day I was watching national geographic. I remember watching TBN that day. Secret Phenomenon volume one The dream of $12. After I asked the LORD to baptize me in his Spirit I literally felt a rush of fiery wind go through my entire body.

He came back to me and told me what his grandmother had done. translucent white energy which moved with such force & power I thought this energy was going to kill me. After this I then arrived in my kitchen as I continued to walk. As soon as I opened the backdoor I saw a golden. The Golden Light One day as a child I woke up. This force was above me. I felt at home. God showed me the future by a dream.In the year 2002 I had a unique dream that my friend won twelve thousand dollars. He didn’t think anything of the dream. I remember my house was filled with a unique presence that I will not forget. He was in awe as I was. That Christmas he received a check from his Grandmother for twelve thousand dollars. I saw something I will never forget. I felt at peace around it. it was moving so fast! Never in my life have I seen anything like this. Then as I opened the backdoor. I told him the dream the following day. Miracle encounters 71 . it was moving. It was like a white fire all around me. As I walked through my bedroom I arrived in my living room. This presence was still around me. bronze.

Secret Phenomenon volume one 72 . I could sometimes see the color of what I saw that day as a child.You might be asking. the distortion of human-logic will corrupt the true perception of how we were meant to understand the Universe as a whole. did I know that this force was God? No I didn't. but the colors remained the same. He is a force that cannot be explained. During my teenage years this same presence I saw returned to me. yet this power did not take me out. I have never felt that afraid in my life. Without God. But I knew it had the ability to do so. I fell to my face and thought I was going to die. yet the intensity wasn't as great. The time that I figured it out was the time that I truly began my walk with Christ. It was stronger than anything I have ever witnessed and brighter than the brightest sun. I didn't know what it was. God is amazing. This force that I saw was the very Glory of God's existence. I could not endure the power for when I saw this Golden light. a true power that one must encounter in order to understand the dynamics of life as it is.

I looked closer at this man. It had bright orange colors that was thick and moved around him. it looked just like my backyard. Everything around me looked like earth. I then saw his face. I remember thinking to myself. Miracle encounters 73 . But it seemed so real. who could this man be? As a 7 year old boy. "Why isn't it dark". In my dream I was in my backyard where I currently lived at the time. I felt as if I was awake. I didn't think I was dreaming at that time. I thought. I began to recall that dream.A dream I will never forget I remember I had the most unusual dream. He was gazing into this energy. for when I saw that golden transparent light that was moving and living. I remember I was only 7 years old. But everywhere I could see. I remember that it was also 4oclock in the morning. I simply wondered and thought. I was memorized. I had a unique dream. Then as years passed before my eyes. Then below the pear tree. before the end of the porch in my yard I saw a man. After I had my encounter as a young boy. there was this living energy that was in everything. maybe it was just a dream. I looked at the sky and it was the bluest blue. I couldn't understand how it could be 4oclock and it was light outside! As a child.

Then it happened. Massachusetts. the man in the dream whom I saw under the pear tree. Throughout my childhood he must have been my best friend. Now I am the dream. while behind him stood 3 individuals. He was sitting down on the couch.As I became older I saw strange qualities in myself that resembled that man I saw. I had an encounter I will not forget. As I was playing with my Lincoln logs. There appearance was awesome. I enjoyed his company more than my own friends. I saw myself for what I was. I just sat there and looked at them. When a family member was watching Television I saw 3 other people stand behind him. They appeared to be quite peaceful. I came from the world of God which is his Kingdom. I now look like the man I saw in my dream. decades ago. As a 7 year old boy. One day I slept over his house in Wayland. Angelic encounters I was born to see what others could not see. Secret Phenomenon volume one 74 . what I would become. As a young boy I remember I would spend alot of time with my cousin Ryan. I was 3 or 4 years old. The appearance of blue sapphire came out from the robes they were wearing. One day while I was with my family.

I love the things of God. Many people may deny miracles. Nothing excites me more than seeing people know him. supernatural healings and other God kind of encounters. they gave me so much joy while they stood there. If they did they would give a different reaction. so pure and so at peace. I will never forget that night. But I can tell you one thing. People don’t understand God. I thrive on his work.Why they were standing there for the longest time I don't know. Every week I hear about miracle encounters from others. My prayer is that people would follow God versus a book alone or Church gathering. I had a unique contentment that night. 75 . I felt so clean. today I believe they were Angels. Nobody is like him in all the earth. Although I did not understand who these people were. I knew something others did not know. My prayer is that every believer would encounter God through a more definite experience in the divine. Today’s experience Every week I see prophecy fulfilled.

The gift of prophecy 76 .

You must be baptized by the Spirit of God in order to prophesy in depth. Many prophets recall having visions of a scroll that they eat before they are able to prophesy on a high level. During the days of my childhood I even prophesied one time at a Christmas festival. before I was baptized in the fire of God's spirit which came to me years ago I did have dreams that revealed the future. evangelists. pastors and teachers. and some. and some. you must be spirit filled. prophets.Chapter 7 Ephesians 4:11 And he(God) gave some to be apostles. True prophecy comes from God. In order to consistently proclaim by accuracy the word of the LORD in depth. Prophecy is a real gift that is God-given. I will elaborate my personal experience to you so you may have a better understanding how prophecy works in God. Many other religions also embrace the term "Prophecy". The foretelling of events or revealing of secrets is the main perspective of this wonderful gift. However. and some. Don't let this wreck your understanding of prophecy though. Secret Phenomenon volume one 77 . I had this encounter myself.

But yet a physical manifestation came. because this was a vision before the mind of my spirit. The word of the LORD is consumed by MERCY but also JUSTICE. the LORD explained to me what I was seeing. I remember the sweetness of chocolate coming over my mouth. The gift of prophecy 78 . This is the word of the LORD. God's true word is not always about empowerment. I thought that was unusual. then I took it. After this I ate it. Many of the prophet's who walk in prophetic circles of today may even tell you that. This sweet flavor intrigued me. After I swallowed the scroll. I than became sick in my vision and did not feel well for a moment. When I saw it. Sometimes God's word is JUDGMENT.While I meditated after recently being filled with the Holy Spirit & by the evidence of speaking in tongues I saw a vision. Other times it is supernatural restoration or advancement. it is full of life & power. It offers hope to humanity. My word is sweet. After this encounter. yet the truth of my word can sting because of truth presented. The LORD's preference is mercy though. In this vision I saw a SCROLL.

If you do pray in the spirit (Tongues) you should ask God for prophecy. but especially that you may prophesy. present & future connect to prophecy True prophets have had visitation The prophetic word can create The prophetic word can destroy A pastor cannot fully mentor a prophet A prophet must mentor a prophet God/Christ is always the greatest teacher of the prophet A true prophet will recognize the Messiah(Jesus Christ as God's son) A false prophet will not recognize the Messiah(Jesus Christ as God's son) Prophetic people should always spend time with other Saints who are gifted likewise Prophecy cannot be mastered overnight Missing God does not mean you are a false prophet. Paul the Apostle told the Church at Corinth this powerful scripture: 1 Corinthians 14:1 Pursue love.You yourself can prophesy! You must be filled with the Holy Spirit though. it means you were wrong Accuracy reveals the knowledge of God You can tell how well people know God by how accurate they are & what level of knowledge they are on A false prophet is someone who consistently misses God. Ask God for the gift if you don't have it yet. but also has strayed from the truth of God's message Secret Phenomenon volume one 79 . yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts.                   Prophecy is from God Prophecy is conditional Prophecy is direct Past.

you will know that he is greater than any other prophets. the truth & the life. Jesus made claims that no other Ancient prophet made. but no power from God exists within their message. he is different. the revelation of God is limited by law alone. For those that walk in deception or believe a lie. Muhammad tried to correct his claims by saying before people he is merely a prophet. He is more than a prophet. Because the Spirit of God is drawn to truth. Once you meet him face to face. nothing more. Muhammad was a fraud who thought he was a prophet. He was Jealous of potential ruler ship. God's power will always manifest before those that walk in truth. "Daniel. Moses and still others from history" His distorted perspective revealed that he was never filled with God's spirit. Jesus is not the Father. He was apart of creation with God the Father. power will not follow them from the Highest God whom they call ALLAH. I myself have seen Messiah face to face. He visited me when I was just 16. Without Christ. I have never met a Muslim who carries the anointing of God or has witnessed any miracle that would even befuddle the world. This was the one that would be so different than the rest. Just like Elijah the prophet. the only one who had equal authority with God the Father who even had the power to forgive sins! Muhammad was the GREATEST FALSE PROPHET who was the founder of ISLAM(An entire religion was made after this messenger who did not acknowledge Christ from the same point of view as the Ancient prophets did. whether God allows visitation on earth or you pass on to meet him face to face. That is why King Herod did not want a New King to come before Israel. The Spirit of God does not move among them. he is the Son of God.    Time is the revealer of true prophecy Jesus Christ was the GREATEST PROPHET(Although he is also the Son of God) He is the way. Jesus is very powerful. But all true prophets recognize Jesus Christ as the only way to God. The God who responds by FIRE is the TRUE GOD & KING! I love the Muslim community. Isaiah. The gift of prophecy 80 . But not like us. But I have met thousands of Christians who walk in Spirit-filled power. but influenced by evil which tried to control the Gospel message & power from entering the earth. The evidence is obvious. Christ is the only true messenger sent by God that was deemed higher than any other official on earth.

Jeremiah 20:3 Reveal character and what is in a person’s heart: Isaiah 9:9 and 17. John 1:47 Interpret enigmas: Daniel 5:5-29 Reveal what is going on from a spiritual perspective: 1 Chronicles 5:20. John 4:18. Ezekiel 20:1-31. 1 Kings 11:2939. 2 Chronicles 20:15-17. Matthew 24:2. Strengthen (“edification” KJV): 2 Samuel 7:8-12. 2 Kings 2:24. Ezekiel 5:11. 9:22 and 23. 19:15-19. 1 Kings 13:20-24.               Tell what will happen in the future: 1 Samuel 10:1-6. Acts 11:28. 5:10. 5:23. 2 Samuel 12:7 and 8. 29:21. Amos 7:14-17 Direct: Judges 4:4-6. Daniel 2:1-45. Isaiah 52:1353:12. Jeremiah 32:13-15 Name (showing God’s opinion): 2 Samuel 12:25. Haggai 2:1-5 Exhort: 2 Chronicles 15:1-7. Joshua 14:13 Curse: Joshua 8:26. John 8:42-47 Can have messages for individuals: 1 Samuel 10:1-6. Haggai 1:3-12 Comfort: 1 Samuel 9:20. Jeremiah 2:21. Isaiah 22:15-25. 9:1 May interpret other people’s dreams: Genesis 40:8-22. Jeremiah 28:16. 22:17-37. Jeremiah 45:1-5 Bless: Genesis 48:20. Daniel 9:11. or through others: 2 Kings 5:10. 21:11 Speak of past events: Judges 6:7-10. Jeremiah 1:16. 42:7     81 . 6:8-10. 2 Kings 9:1-13 Reprove (sometimes harshly): 2 Samuel 12:1-14. Jeremiah 36:30 and 31. 16:13. for groups: 2 Kings 3:12-19. 2 Kings 4:1-7. 4:4-37 (or their own as in Daniel 7) Might not get a revelation about a situation immediately: Jeremiah 28:5-17 (especially verse 11). Ezekiel 14:2-4. Isaiah 35:1-4. Malachi 2:3. 29:13. or for entire nations: Amos 1:11-2:16 Have given prophecies to people about a third party: 1 Kings 14:7. 48:4. Matthew 16:23. 23:12-36 Foretell death or disaster: 1 Samuel 2:27-36. 41:15-28. Jeremiah 48:10 Call out kings and ministries: 1 Samuel 10:1. Deuteronomy 33:1. 2 Kings 1:3May deliver the message themselves.

Dreams & divinity 82 .

You've solved the king's mystery. He knows all. does all: He changes the seasons and guides history. Secret Phenomenon volume one 83 . The dreams of God are different than simple activity from the brain. he provides both intelligence and discernment. Daniel blessed the God of heaven. Now let me explain different dreams to you. other dreams are in fact from God. but also spirit. tells secrets. While some dreams may be from the mind. And now you've shown us what we asked for. sees in the dark—light spills out of him! God of all my ancestors." Dreams are found in every human. forever and ever. You will enjoy this literature if you are a fan of prophecy. "Blessed be the name of God. The reason why God gives dreams is because he enjoys communicating to his creation. The reason why so is because we are not just flesh. He raises up kings and also brings them down. all thanks! all praise! You made me wise and strong. saying. He opens up the depths.Chapter 8 Daniel 2:19-23 That night the answer to the mystery was given to Daniel in a vision.

joy or other types of feelings that are triggered by the mind itself. in my dream I walked a golden pathway that was surrounded by an animated earth. Dreams of the mind can be not easily understood. Light was Dreams & Divinity 84 . "I used to have the same dream when I was a boy. it was stunning to perceive. because the mind cannot generate the same revelation which is found before God. They are not the product of the mind. Dreams from God Dreams from God are unusual.Dreams of the mind Dreams of the mind are in every individual. The joy I had during that dream was breath taking". This sensation can lead to fear. For example. confusion. Dreams from God are not random thoughts from the brain. They are clear cut revelation which provides in depth information before a visual experience. Just because you have a dream like this. The physical mind can be active even while we sleep. Sometimes they are random thoughts which provoke a strange sensation before you wake up. it does not mean God is speaking to you or showing you something.

Secret Phenomenon volume one 85 . Pay attention to your dreams. God may be speaking & if he is you need to pay attention. Open vision is revelation from God before a visual revelation which is produced by the Spirit of God's mind. the feeling of being awake or knowing that you are dreaming is another indicator. he never fails. Dreams from God can be remembered. This leads to open vision. Also. This was a Godgiven dream. Random thoughts from the brain are temporary because they are produced by a temporary bodily function. What God was showing me was Heaven itself. Dreams from God are eternal. It reveals the possibility or definite results of what is to come. The LORD will share his mind with you that connects to your life or perhaps future events. We must listen to him. thus the one who encountered that specific dream will remember that one specific dream for the rest of their life. The revelation of visibility is powerful when perceived.everywhere & in everything. because God's word is eternal. Everything he says has amazing importance. Longevity in memory connects to every God-given dream.

It was the strangest feeling. he has everything you are. after I woke up I felt as if I was in another dimension. probably around the age of 7 or 8 years of age I had fear-felt dreams myself. I also remember having the feeling that someone was trying to control me. The enemy loves to motivate by fear. everything good follows. The natural reaction in a dream state like this would be fear. you would react a certain way that could affect every part of your life. That is why Dreams & Divinity 86 . When communication to God comes. My Mother told me to pray when these dreams came to me. I remember I had certain dreams that tormented me. An evil presence tried to come over me that would bring so much fear. The spirit of fear has the power to control the mind. Those that are attacked by evil while they sleep are being attacked for a reason. Its funny. As a child. He saw it. I prayed. then wanted to strike fear in me so that he could control the way I thought.Dreams influenced by evil Sometimes people can have dreams that are influenced by evil spirits. The enemy knows that when he has your mind. This feeling caused me not to know where I was. If your thoughts were motivated by fear. then the dreams stopped coming. because the enemy probably knew about my encounter with God before that time. You react to everything by thought.

but also compare this ability to the prophetic gift. This may rock your doctrine. evil dreams do not exist. Good things will come to those that follow Christ. Both are similar. Since my walk with Jesus Christ began. and over the cattle. and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea. I believe evil dreams are present because of sin. (Genesis 1:26-27 Psychic ability is the likeness of God! Not all psychics carry demonic spirits as some think. Because the ability was given by Secret Phenomenon volume one 87 . male and female he created them. and over all the earth.it is good to pray before you go to sleep.” So God created man in his own image. Then God said. and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth. I will also explain why Psychic ability can be evil. Psychic ability is viewed by the Church as an evil way to communicate beyond earth. Let me shock you for a moment! Psychic ability is from God! I will reveal to you exactly what Psychic ability is so you are properly educated before spiritual topics. but listen! What makes psychic ability evil is not the ability itself. in the image of God he created him. after our likeness. and over the birds of the air. Not all psychics are spoken to by spirits directly. perhaps the enemy is attacking someone or God is warning someone of potential danger. but both are not exactly the same. “Let us make man in our image.

woman & child. hear & see. That gut instinct is Psychic ability. touch. It is the divine ability that has been given to every man. but that's what it can be classified as. They are using their gift to build the Kingdom of SELF.God. We can call them different titles. Now think CHILD OF GOD! Even Satan was gifted by God. There are only a few who are light years ahead of traditional Church mindset. I've talked to many Mother's that speak about gut instinct as it concerns a child or family member. Satan used his ability to over ride the system of God and become God himself. What makes them or anyone evil is how they use the sense. psychics. But if we are Dreams & Divinity 88 . The prophet's are known for building the Kingdom of GOD. taste. And yes He failed miserably. Without a doubt they would tell you YES! Now let me rock your boat one more time ok? Everyone is PSYCHIC! Most everyone was born with the sense to smell. But what made Satan evil was how the gift was used. If you told the common Saint is Psychic ability evil. I believe the Church has to be educated further. But just because someone is more in tuned with premonition or psychic ability does not make them evil. mediums and those that contact the spirit world are tapping into a mystical realm with a God-given gift. The likeness of God revealed is exactly what Psychic ability is. Many of today's fortune tellers.

God is the giver of every good thing. The most gifted Psychics are called to be Prophets. what is the difference between a Psychic & a Prophet? A Psychic can help people & offer solutions to many. rather than being direct & building the Kingdom of God. your true home is found in heaven. The difference between the 2 is simple. This is the plan of God as it connects to every and all heavenly gifts. but to draw all men to himself. but spirit as well. But most famous psychics are known for building the Kingdom of Self as they help others. Before you lived on earth. The spirit of man is made by God. Because that is where you were thought of first. The Spirit world is more physical than this realm is. You have seen God's presence before and perhaps many other things from his Kingdom. You were born from God before your parents. Now that you know everyone is Psychic. All spirits are super physical. Not for the purpose of evil. Secret Phenomenon volume one 89 . Since this is true. Thus. The reason why this is true is because we are SPIRIT! Our true self is not merely flesh & blood. But if science was able to discover the spirit of man. he is the one who gave that gift to them. we also have a God-given gift that is engrained within our spirit-man that has the ability to perceive or feel things that are coming from the spirit realm. you lived in God. We call it supernatural as if it is some fantasy world. they would refer it as a form of ENERGY. but never know the one who gave it to them.born from the likeness of God. Those who are Psychic may know the gift.

Yes it is also true that some Psychics can speak to those who have passed on. 90 . but not always. The prophets carry the word of the LORD which is a direct line of communication from the KING himself. God is the giver of every good gift. The prophetic word has the ability to create.The prophetic is simple. Psychic ability is the likeness of God. The gift of God is clean. Thus the prophetic word is always greater. Psychic ability has the power to direct. The prophetic gift is the DIRECT communication from God which brings greater solution to humanity than Psychic ability alone. Those who are prophets build the Kingdom of GOD versus the Kingdom of SELF. One must be filled with the Spirit of God before they can truly utter the mysterious of God within the earth. The Psychics do not carry the prophetic gift on that level. Psychic advice cannot do this. The prophets know the gift & the one who gave it who is God. Those who are psychics do not know God on the level that the prophets do. but also evil spirits as well. Some may even be possessed. The psychics know the gift of God which is his likeness within them. They have access to more information than the Psychic because they are not limited to the "LIKENESS of GOD" which is discernment or the ability to see beyond. direct but also create a miraculous atmosphere over the one they speak to.

Prophecy fulfilled 91 .

We gathered together before the snow.Chapter 9 Psalms 33: 6: “By the word of the LORD were the heavens made. It must have been 92 . It wasn’t until the age of 16 that Stephen truly learned how to master his prophetic gift. Stephen had his first prophetic encounter at the age of 5 where he prophesied the word of the LORD to a crowd in Sturbridge. honor & Glory belong to the LORD. Then I opened my mouth before them. I remember seeing a crowd before me. Christmas lights where everywhere. Massachusetts declaring the truth of Jesus Christ.” These are some of Stephen’s prophetic fulfillments. All praise. Sturbridge Massachusetts Decades ago I remember going to a winter festival with my Mother. and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. time’s when Stephen missed God & the perception of others which connected to his life. only 5 years of age. In this chapter you will examine his track record in accurate prophecy. I was just a small boy. I saw them looking on as they walked before a Christmas manger.

I explained to them who he was as if I knew him personally. I did not hear the story. “When Jesus fed the 5000. When Moses & Elijah met with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration before the Apostles I saw it. the LORD revealed to me the imagery of accurate history. I could see the stories as reality. it reveals the history of God & contains the very word of God in it. 93 . I know the Bible is true. I was amazed as I read this book. revealing to them that Christ was true & was in fact sent by God. The seer’s eye was immediately unlocked. almost 16. I remember my Mother smiling at me while others rejoiced at my Christ-centered presentation. It’s as if it was alive. I told them about Christ. It was in the month of February as I recall. I spent hours each day reading the Bible. I saw it as I read it”. For example. They looked at me with amazement thinking that the information I gave them should have come out from an older boy. Yet I was unlearned in my presentation.Secret Phenomenon volume one a crowd of at least 15-20 people. After my first few hours of reading the Bible. While I read the Bible. I saw the story. I was 15 years old. It bears witness to God.

He said for those watching. At that moment. but full of the spirit. While I was watching a famous minister. a heavenly one. I entered into ministry publicly. 94 . I asked the LORD for his spirit. he extended his hands to mine on the Television screen. I was only 16 years old. I felt energy. so that I can walk in power.Prophecy fulfilled Baptized in power. I felt wind. I remember I was watching TBN that day. I was alive again! At that moment I began to speak in a foreign language. Then as I learned prophecy. At that moment I was filled with the Holy Spirit. After the first 2 months of me speaking in tongues I began to prophesy. released to prophesy At the age of 16 I asked the LORD for the gift of tongues. It felt like a cold fire moving through my body. pray & ask the LORD for the gift of his Spirit.

He said to me. Later that year he took me to meet his good friend Frank who is an Apostle. During all the years I have known him I have never seen him miss God. I remember Larry smiled at me when Frank prophesied the word of the LORD. He stands in the office of a prophet. I wasn’t surprised. He also stated that it would be on a profound level of accuracy and knowledge. all for the Glory of God. Frank prophesied that I would bless the masses with both personal & national prophecy. “I think that’s for a later time Stephen”. 95 . In our first visit which occurred in 1998 he told me I was called of God to be a prophet and to declare the word of the LORD. In early 1998 I met a man by the name of Larry Reese. I recognized myself as a prophet of the LORD. His closing words revealed that I would bring awe to both the body of Christ and the world.Secret Phenomenon volume one The call of God During the year 1997 & 1998 I began to recognize the office I was called to.

That’s 9 years later! Sometime’s when God speaks to you it seems like it will happen tomorrow. “They are talking about computer chaos. He said he would do this through a foreign power. Not always so! It may take years for fulfillment. Y2K-“Prophecy given 1998-Fulfilled 2000” In 1998 I prophesied the word of the LORD concerning computer chaos on an international scale. Although nothing happened. 96 . God said that he was going to go into the land & uproot the government. even on an international level says the LORD” Prophecy to Afghanistan-“Prophecy given 1998-Fulfilled 2001” In 1998 I prophesied the word of the LORD concerning Afghanistan. If it’s God your prophecy will come to pass. Don’t let go. It wasn’t until the year 2007 that I began to receive national recognition as a prophet.Prophecy fulfilled Larry was right. During this time I was unaware of the Y2K scare. the LORD did say to me in the summer of 1998.

God told me that the nation was about to change on a dramatic scale. Prophecy to Iraq-“Prophecy given 2001-Fulfilled 2003 onward” I truly believe that if I was as developed as I am today in my prophetic gift I would have known about the attacks of September 11th 2001. Yugoslavia was the 3rd prophecy I gave during the summer time of 1998. The government itself would be changed.Secret Phenomenon volume one Over 200 witnesses heard this prophecy as it was given in the year 1998. The following year the Kosovo War occurred proving God’s word true. Prophecy to Yugoslavia-“Prophecy given 1998-Fulfilled 1999” In the summer of 1998 I prophesied 3 major changes which would come into the world. 97 .

“June of 2009 going into July of 2009 they will celebrate Michael Jackson as it was in his younger years say the LORD”. I began to prophesy. Before these men I spoke concerning the life of Sad am Huissan. I mentioned the concern of his life. He knows the end before the beginning. “Michael J. His raw talent was God given. Then on June 24th 2009 I had a vision of 2 celebrities. his sons & the nation of IRAQ. Fox & Samuel L. We had a good time of fellowship & prayer. 98 . In the later part of 2008 the LORD began to impress upon me a great celebration that would take place over Michael’s life. God said to me or I should say through me. God is simply amazing! Michael Jackson’s death-“Prophesied December 29th 2008-Fulfilled June 25th 2009” MJ was simply the best.Prophecy fulfilled At the end of 2001 I remember attending a Bible study at night. During our time of prayer the spirit of God came upon me. Jackson”. These words came to the light of fulfillment as by March of 2003 an attack was made known before the IRAQI nation. God sees everything. Around 10-15 people showed up who were all men.

locations. When you take the first name of the first vision you have Michael. healings & so much more I have seen it and I have said it. They don’t understand prophecy. deaths. The problem with today’s Church is simple. I have literally seen thousands of prophetic words come to pass. birthdates. Jackson”. The ancient prophet’s missed God when they learned prophecy as well. miracles. Out of all the fulfillments I have seen just a few misses. months. You might reject it. When you take the second name of the second vision you have Jackson. timelines. births. “Michael Jackson”. but God told me it was true. In fact let me startle you with a revelation.Secret Phenomenon volume one The first vision was Michael J. Fox. the second vision was Samuel L. Those that compiled the scriptures together edited as many flaws out of the original manuscript to make it look more truthful than what really happened as those ancient 99 . Personal prophecy From specific names. Put them together you have.

When you live a Holy lifestyle you activate an even greater knowledge in God. It’s like anything. As you gain the knowledge of God you will learn how to speak the word of the LORD concerning dates and times with great accuracy. God can use anyone. If you are a minister in your Church. That means nobody can be 100 percent correct at first. Yes even you! Prophecy is a gift. Practice makes perfect. how do you expect them to walk in accuracy? Practice makes perfect.Prophecy fulfilled prophet’s spoke God’s word. You might be offended at these words. The art of this gift comes with great consistency and practice. The biggest downfall is interpreting the times of prophecy. Men prophesy from a fallen nature. If they cannot practice. It takes time to fully nurture the gift as you learn prophecy. you should create a classroom each month so that your members can learn the gift. But you must realize this. 100 . Calling out dates is good when you are right.

101 .

To those who through the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ have received a faith as precious as ours These are just 3 examples in scripture. a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Did you know that every Apostle wrote a similar greeting in like manner? Can you see what’s missing from 102 .  Romans 1:1 Paul an apostle of Christ Jesus.  James 1:1 James.Hidden knowledge Chapter 10 Apostolic letters Amos 3:7Surely the Lord God will do nothing. Examples are found below. To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings  Peter 1: 1 Simon Peter. but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God. If you have ever read the New Testament you will see a common similarity within every first greeting made by the Apostle who is writing. a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ.

The Bible reveals his position before God as a messenger. comes. Jesus Christ claims that the Holy Spirit is a God-sent guide and his authority is subjected to what he hears. The Holy Spirit is apart of God. the Holy Spirit is divine. But the question is simple. the Spirit of truth. For he will not speak on his own authority. However I am not implying this is true. he will guide you into all truth. Why is it that none of the Apostles recognize the Holy Spirit as the 3rd person of the trinity? It is nowhere to be found in the Bible. But these scriptures have startled me. so I must share them with you! However so.Secret Phenomenon volume one there acknowledgement? The HOLY SPIRIT! Why would the Apostles acknowledge God the Father & Jesus Christ but not put the HOLY SPIRIT in equal union with them? The words of Jesus Christ John 16:13But when he. 103 . and will tell you what is to come. which is directly from God. “Is the Holy Spirit God?” Did God create different life-forms like us? The answer is a resounding YES! God did not just create angels. but will speak whatever he hears. humans or what you see on earth.

The mystery. We have not arrived as a human race. This will befuddle the narrow minds of your society. The age where science discovers the knowledge of life beyond earth. The dawn of time applies to the natural realm. the revelation of God is found before those that carry his secrets. the secrets. This is the age of new knowledge says the LORD. Knowledge evolved. The Dawn of Time revealed The dawn of time is an amazing subject to talk about. Science will eventually discover life on other planets & traces of life that were once there. Life was current. We will always learn. The physical is connected to time. Other planets look different than earth. He created what you know & what you have never heard about. Eons ago. the LORD showed me how life was present upon other planets. but other planets did in fact carry life. 104 . But it shall cause new joy to form as discovery reigns true over this type of thing says the Spirit of God. the spirit is connected to eternity. Now how did the planets die? I wish I knew the answer.Hidden knowledge God created the cosmos.

God created the unseen realm. Without Christ. The Father will not reveal himself. God formed worlds. When honor is present. When he made the earth. The fullness of God's revelation is found within the person of Jesus Christ.Secret Phenomenon volume one Science believes that a big-bang started the existence of the Universe. revelation will flow. God started in the water. revelation is current. Loyalty unlocks God’s reality. Our natural minds do not have the capacity to fully understand all the knowledge of what we know as the universe. nobody can truly understand God. Prophetic demonstration will appear. The reason why many people laugh at the reality of God is because God is not present before them at the time. The expression of God went forth like a field of "ENERGY" into the void. Only God has the ability to understand the fullness of his creation. 105 . unless honor is given to the Christ. Nobody knows why this big-bang occurred. It is a mystery to many. Revelation comes to the faithful. he created stars. God started in the dark when he made the universe. but also what we can see. signs & wonders will manifest. When God is present. space and everything within the cosmos around us. God is awesome. Angelic activity will come. Miracles.

Thank you for reading Secret Phenomenon volume one! Secret Phenomenon Volume 2 will include:                Secrets of 911 Earth expansion Future societies Prophecy to Washington DC Prophecy to New York Prophecy to London Prophecy to Moscow Space travel Inventions Foods of the future Computer technology Celebrity predictions Political predictions Future President’s The divided states of America 106 .

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