Futurama Harvie Krumpet

What? Harvie Krumpet is an Australian clay animation made in Melbourne 8.9 Futurama is based on the life of Fry. a pizza guy is accidentally frozen in 1999 and thawed out New Year's Eve 2999 .

John Di Maggio and Katey Sagal Studio 20th Century Fox .Who? Directed by Adam Elliot Produced by Melanie Coombs Starring Geoffrey Rush Julie Forsyth Kamahl John Flaus Studio Australian Film Commission SBS Independent Film Victoria Creator: Matt Groening Directors (There were to many to independently name so here is a list) Stars: Billy West.

Rough Draft's sister studio in South Korea renders the 30. exposing two frames for each shot). . With the standard practice of "doubles" or "twos" (doubleframing. It runs at 24 frames per second (frame/s). Distributed by Melodrama Pictures (Australia) Monster Distributes (Ireland) Atom Films (USA) Futurama Rough Draft Studios animates Futurama. 12 changes are usually made for one second of film movement.000-frame finished episode.Made? Harvie Krumpet Producing a Harvie Krumptet animation using clay is extremely laborious. It then creates a pencil-drawn animatic with 1000 frames. The studio receives the completed script of an episode and storyboards it into over 100 drawings.

Differences Harvie Krumpet Clay Animation All Australian Movie Furturama Drawings Story boarded in America made in South Korea Tele vision series .

I .Why I Choose Futurama Because like its humour and it would be easy to find information on it. I Choose Harvie Krumpet Because its Australian made and I like its humour.

The End .

Series Directed by Rich Moore Bret Haaland Peter Avanzino Gregg Vanzo Ron Hughart Brian Sheesley Susie Dietter Mark Ervin Dwayne Carey-Hill Chris Loudon (71 episodes. 19992011) (14 episodes. 20032011) (4 episodes. 19992003) (9 episodes. 20002001) . 19992000) (10 episodes. 19992002) (5 episodes. 19992003) (25 episodes. 19992003) (6 episodes. 19992003) (22 episodes. 19992003) (6 episodes.

Scott III Crystal Chesney Frank Marino Raymie Muzquiz Stephen Sandoval Chris Sauve Ray Claffey Jeffrey Lynch Patty Shinagawa Wesley Archer BACK (4 episodes. 20012003) (4 episodes. 2003) . 20102011) (4 episodes.James Purdum Swinton O. 20102011) (3 episodes. 2002) (2 episodes. 20102011) (2 episodes. 19992000) (3 episodes. 1999) (2 episodes. 20102011) (4 episodes. 20012003) (4 episodes. 20102011) (4 episodes.

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