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First Aid Two Course Schedule (2012)

First Aid Two Course Schedule (2012)

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Published by: Eric Ty on Feb 17, 2013
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John Ambulance Malaysia
First Aid at Workpalce (Two Days Courses)

Day One
Introduction to First Aid  Definition and requirements  Rapid victim assessment (head to toe)  Managing injuries bases on priority (Triage)  Basic Emergency Principles (DRABC) The Human Body  Introduction to basic Anatomy  Musculoskeletal System  Central nervous system  Circulatory System Respiratory System  Common cause of Respiratory Emergencies  Open Airway (Head Tilt Chin Lift Method)  EAR (Expired Air Resusitation) Basic Life Support  Chain of Survivals  Common cause of Death  Introduction to Cardiovascular System  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR Techniques) DRABC  FBAO - Choking Practical Session:  Patient assessment  Adult CPR Techniques  Airway Obstruction – Conscious (Heimlich Maneuvre)  Airway Obstruction – Become Unconscious  Airway Obstruction – Found Unconscious Victim  Care of Unconscious victim (Recovery Position)

Immobilisation and Transportation Practical Session  Recovery Position  Lifting and Handling Assessment on Theory / Practical Managing Multiple Injuries (Simulation /Mock Drill) .Day Two Bleeding and Shock  Bleeding  Management of bleeding  Type of Shock  Identifying and Treatment of shock Management of Wounds  Type of Wounds  Treatment of Wounds  Dressing (Skill) Burn  Type of burns  Management of burns Injuries to the Bone (Fracture)  Identifying and treatment of fractures (Sign and Symptom)  Joint & Muscle Injuries .  RICE procedure for Bone. and Muscle Injuries  Bandaging (Skill) Head and Spinal Injuries  Identifying Spinal Injuries  Care of the injured victim. Joint.

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