Lyrical Chanting

Lyrical Chanting Lyrically doom, your stance to view, my life from chanted beams A glare in my view of escapes I view

, patients is ultimately similar As hysteria sets in like a large-minded fool, what a progressive syllable, congested to trick Money changing aerobatic pro criminals Who choose to follow hustlers that are outlandish criminals Game changer buzzer auto modifier, a simple convulsion of emergency tactics Excluded at practice, as you have already nail bit my compass, which leads your ass to actors Disarray of mix-ups and muddiness is at your first game of statics A jigsaw puzzle is your surprise Maneuver at your funeral as I disappear into the sky A limitless battle with the might Congress and react as I surprise, your ailing body with flowery demise A feeling of hope and a beautiful limelight Where darkness beams, so clear you turn around and flee Into a forest created from simple minded symmetry Horizontal changes are in my view, but I let you engage To hopefully change your psyche As your assaults are interchangeable like a mathematical formula of E=MC2 A single joining link to the sky less walls of threes, Without the blue sky You will change your purview without anticipation of your true instauration As you are first introduced to this type of lifestyle through my congregated eyeballs You exist through my lifeline, It is an enduring practice that you have imitated, oh so well But it is time to dwell without a habitation of a household place As your time has preexisted to run out, It is my time to drop the exhaling potion so that it is potable To all mortals who need it throughout the voluntarily improbable That your existence is not probable As my verdict thus thinks thus acts accordingly, to the law of third degree But especially and ideally through me A change has deepened and thus alternate as my hands palm my face In horror and dismay, I gave you my last derail... Blog -

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