Institute of Business Administration Course: Accounting Information System with SAP Summer 2010

Course Description:
Having become a member of University Alliance Program of SAP worldwide, IBA offers its second ever SAP integrated course this summer. The course Accounting Information Systems with SAP is a fully SAP integrated course which covers fundamentals of SAP Financial Accounting FI, Managerial Accounting CO, Materials Management MM and Sales & Distribution SD. The AIS course is different from other basic accounting courses in that it focuses on the processes and the working and interaction of various organization elements rather than the accounting information itself. As against the traditional AIS curriculum, this course is more focused on business processes in SAP with minimum discussion of the technical aspects of systems development. The course is delivered with hands on experience on SAP made available through IDES. More than 50% of the course is therefore given through interactive lab sessions. The course starts through general review of accounting cycle and SAP navigation hands on, followed by practical know how of basic business processes in SAP Financial Accounting (FI), Managerial Accounting (CO), Materials Management (MM) and Sales & Distribution (SD) coupled with the appreciation of the need and importance of internal control systems within the business processes.

Course Objectives:
Following are the broad course objectives of this course: 1- To instill an understanding of how accounting information system work at organizations with special reference to SAP ERP 2- To learn SAP architecture and Organizational structure in SAP FI, CO, MM and SD 3- To appreciate the importance of various types of internal control measures within business processes and in SAP sample processes 4- To learn the basic business processes in SAP Financial Accounting (FI), Management Accounting (CO), Materials Management (MM) and Sales & Distribution (SD) and their interactivity with General Ledger

Who Should Attend
IBA students may take this course as a Finance or MIS elective. It is advisable that students take this course in their last semester as this will give then maximum edge in finding some suitable job.

accounting domains i. Human Resource and Payroll Cycle. He is a fellow member of Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan and Associate member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants UK. Production Cycle. their uses. financial statements. He has been trained by SAP certified consultant and is also shortly being certifying as SAP consultant in CO.8 . All other students / professionals from academia / industry who want to have an appreciation and understanding of SAP Financials with hands on experience Though this course will equip the candidates with conceptual understanding of SAP architecture and organizational structure. accounting cycle. and General Ledger Cycle Session 5 Guest Speaker Session / Industry Tour Sessions * 6 .Faculty: MUHAMMAD ASIF JAFFER Accounting cum Finance people form Industry where SAP has been implemented or is being implemented. or even where another ERP is in practice but who desire to get firsthand knowledge of SAP Financials concepts and hands on. ERP and SAP An Introduction and Overview Session 2 Fundamentals of Accounting A recap from preliminary accounting courses. Expenditure Cycle. Session * 3 Introduction to SAP ERP (Hands On)* SAP Navigation Course Session 4 Overview of Business Processes Basic representative business processes in a typical manufacturing concern. Revenue Cycle. yet it is not targeted towards SAP academy and as such is from SAP users perspective Prerequisites Having taken course on Financial Accounting or have sound knowledge of steps in Accounting Cycle Faculty Faculty for this course is Muhammad Asif Jaffer.e. He has 9 years of industry experience in Accounting department. Course Outline: Session 1 Introduction to AIS Course. financial and managerial accounting etc.

Thursdays.17 Sales and Distribution Cycle: SAP SD (Hands On)* SD Information System Concepts SD Organizational Structure in SAP Inventory Master Records Customers’ Master Records Sales Order to Customer Collection in SAP Important reports in SAP SD Session* 18 Bird Eye View of SAP Human Resources and Production Planning Discussion of general organizational structures in SAP HR and SAP PP and basic business processes there under Room Number IBA Laboratory # 16 at City Campus Course Schedule Tuesdays. Saturdays 6:00 pm to 8:15 pm .Faculty: MUHAMMAD ASIF JAFFER Financial and Managerial Accounting Processes and Organizational Structure in SAP FI (Hands On)* GL Information System Concepts FI organizational structure in SAP CO organizational structure in SAP FI and CO Master Records Making journal entries in SAP General Vendors’ and Customers’ Invoices Processing Bank Accounting in SAP FI Cost Centre Accounting Important reports in SAP FICO Sessions 9 .10 Internal Controls and Information Systems Security Information Security. Business Process & Application Controls Sessions * 11 – 13 Material Management and Purchasing Cycle: SAP MM (Hands On) MM Information System Concepts MM Organizational Structure in SAP Inventory Master Records Vendors’ Master Records Purchase Order to Vendor Payment in SAP Important reports in SAP MM Session 14 Guest Speaker Session / Industry Tour Sessions * 15 .

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