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i ADOJOURUVY | ‘Arrangements by Frank Met's Ths book Copyright © 1991 by Amsco Publications, ‘A Division of Music Sales Corporation, New York, NY. All rights reserved. No part ofthis book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means Including information storage and retrieval systems, ‘without permission in writing from the publisher. Order No. AM 73016 US international Standard Book Number: 0.8256.1218.7 UK interational Standard Book Number: 0.7119.1708.6 Exclusive Distributors: Music Sales Corporation 225 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003 USA ‘Music Sales Limited {8/9 Frith Street, London W1V 5TZ England ‘Music Sales Pty. Limited 120 Rothschild Street, Rosebery, Sydney, NSW 2018, Australia Prnted in the Usted States of Americ by ‘Vicks Unegraph sa Pring Corporation Behind The Wheel 46 Black Celebration 23 Blasphemous Rumours 20 Blue Dress 56 But Not Tonight 158 Dreaming Of Me 170 Enjoy The Silence 36 Everything Counts 64 Flexible 183 Fly On The Windscreen 146 Get The Balance Right 74 | Want You Now 86 It Doesn't Matter 193 It’s Called A Heart 122 Just Can’t Get Enough 28 Leave In Silence 94 Lie ToMe 102 Little 15 205 Love, In Itself 112 Master And Servant 128 The Meaning Of Love 200 Never Let Me Down Again 118 New Life 108 Nothing 98 Now This Is Fun 139 People Are People 17 Personal Jesus 4 Pipeline 90 Pleasure Little Treasure 80 A Question Of Lust 31 A Question Of Time 68 Sacred 60 See You 134 Shake The Disease 188 Shame 175 Somebody 14 Something To Do 165 Stories Of Old 153 Strangelove 9 Stripped 50 Sweetest Perfection 40 World Full Of Nothing 180