As I entered the darkened, vacant hallway, I felt the chilled air touch my skin which added to the gloomy

atmosphere. At the other end, a bleak ray of light that seeped through the wooden planks used to cover the window glass, illuminated the jewels, embedded in the old, wooden chocolate box, which was now covered in cobwebs and dust. The carvings of the fire breathing dragon on the box clearly indicated that it was, of a Chinese origin. Besides the Chinese box, lay a very elegant and beautiful crystal swan. The moment I picked up the crystal swan, I heard a horrific moaning sound from the room besides the hall, which sent shivers down my spine. Fear and anxiety gripped me and the crystal swan dropped down on the floor and broke the silence by dispersing into countless number of pieces. Suddenly the bookshelf started to move, moved as if it was being pushed by a hundred men. From behind it, which I guessed must be a secret passage of some kind, emerged the creature that had pushed the enormous bookshelf as if it was mere stone in his way

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