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Ma'at: The 11 Laws of God

Ma'at is the Kemetic god-principle that represents law, order and love. It is interesting that they put law and love together in the same principle because in their philosophical view law was not about force and punishment. Instead it is/was the natural outcome of love which is, in the words of Ra Un Nefer Amen, the expression of our oneness with each other and with God. Unlike the 10 Commandments the 11 laws of God are not a finite list of Do’s and Don’ts. Instead, they are principles which the Creator set in motion so we can live a victorious life if we live by them. Western culture has programmed us to go from pleasure to pain, pleasure to pain according to circumstances outside our control. We seek to maximize the circumstances that bring us pleasure and minimize the ones that bring us pain. Kemetic spirituality teaches us that many of the emotions we experience are programmed reactions to circumstances. The Creator has given us the tools to deprogram and reprogram our reactions so we can instead respond in a way that is conducive to our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health. We go from pleasure to peace to pleasure to peace. Isn't faith enough to do all this? Don't be afraid to be honest. We know many people who believe very strongly that God has provided all their needs and yet they have no lasting joy or self control because they are constantly waylaid by emotional ups and downs so we must learn to rise above emotions. The Kemau recognized the Self as the true individual with the personality as the part of our makeup which houses our emotions and can be programmed. Society has already programmed us through the media to be "conformed to this world." Isn't it time for us to start programming ourselves to be "transformed by the renewing of our minds?" Here are the 11 laws. For a full explanation of these principles be sure to pick up a copy of Amen's book Ma'at: The 11 Laws of God. 0. Law of Amen (Amen Ra) You were created in the likeness of a peace which cannot be disturbed. Regain your original state of peace to attain to your reason for coming into existence--the enjoyment of life. 1. Law of Ausar (Osiris) Your nature is an unconquerable peace. Therefore, nothing and no one in the world can be against you. All experiences come to you to promote your reclamation of peace, that you may in turn acquire wisdom and power. 2. Law of Tehuti (Toth) When your thoughts, feelings and actions reflect the Word of God then the power of God’s spirit and a peace that nothing can challenge will flow through your being.


4. Fulfilling God’s need is the highest act of love and only through your love for God can you fulfill your love for others. ` . Choose to follow God’s law with the love and joy that comes from understanding and the wisdom and power of God’s spirit will flow through your being.3. Law of Sekher (Sokar) When the emotions of Man manifest in response to the Word of God they have the power to influence any and all events in the world. 10. Law of Auset (Isis) Prepare to sacrifice everything to become the vessel of God on earth and you will. 7. in turn. receive everything. 5. You will have the comfort of controlling these for yourself. Become God’s love in the world for the protection of the world. Law of Herukhutt (Horus the Elder) Know that God neither punishes nor rewards nor protects. Law of Geb (Geb) Know that from heaven you came and to heaven you will return. Are you a human or a divine being? 8. seek not enduring works on earth. 6. Are you a human or divine being? 9. Law of Ma’at (Ma’at) God needs you in order to come into the world. Law of Sebek (Anubis) It’s not what you think or affirm. It’s who is thinking or affirming. Law of Heru (Horus) You have the power but not the right to ignore God’s law. Law of Het-Heru (Hathor) It is not what you imagine but who is imagining.

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