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Hacking Diaspora to Mass Effect v2 0 2

Hacking Diaspora to Mass Effect v2 0 2

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Published by Jeffrey Jones
Document for running a MASS EFFECT pen and paper RPG using the DIASPORA SRD
Document for running a MASS EFFECT pen and paper RPG using the DIASPORA SRD

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Published by: Jeffrey Jones on Feb 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All Asari are natural Biotics from birth, though
not all choose to develop their abilities. Biotics
of other species, such as humans, are indi-
viduals who were exposed to dust-form ele-
ment zero in utero and, beating the odds, de-
veloped eezo nodules throughout their nervous
system. The natural electrical impulses in the
body can create mass effect fields from these
nodules, producing the effects seen as Biotic

In humans, about one in ten exposures will re-
sult in a person with moderate, stable Biotic
talents that are worth training. However, there
is a risk the eezo will cause medical complica-
tions instead, such as terminal cancer, and
even if Biotic talents manifest themselves, they
aren't always permanent. In extremely rare
cases, humans who were exposed in utero, yet

did not manifest Biotic talents, can develop
them in puberty through further exposure to
element zero.

All Biotics are sensitive to mass effect fields,
but each Biotic must first be trained, then out-
fitted with a surgically implanted amplifier in
the brain - usually at puberty - to use their tal-
ents to any useful degree. A Biotic has to es-
sentially develop conscious control of their
nervous system, which is a long, slow process.

Once trained, a Biotic can generate and con-
trol dark energy to move objects, generate pro-
tective barriers or restrain enemies. This is
done using a technique called 'physical mne-
monics'; the Biotic uses a physical gesture to
cause the right neurons and eezo nodules to
fire and create the desired effect. Bio-Amps
are artificial devices used to increase a Biotic's
talent in a particular discipline.

The medical risk to their body, the quality of
their implant, and the extent of their training
are the core concepts we want to integrate.
The first one we can do with an appropriate
Aspect, the second with a stunt, and the last
with a new skill. Players who wish to play Bi-
otic characters should be encouraged to take
all three changes for their character, however if
they don't there are still stories that can be told
about characters who didn't receive training, or
who had defective implants, and so on.

Appropriate Biotic Aspect Development

All phases of generating character aspects are
suitable for themed Biotic Aspects. Biotics
were typically discovered at a very young age,
and thus implanted with their Bio-Amps during
the Growing Up phase of character creation.
Usually, the expensive procedure is performed
by the military, and as a result many Biotics
develop their powers with military application in
mind. They were also probably raised away
from their parents.

Most, but not all, entered military service when
they reached their Starting Out phase, though
some left, or escaped and became mercenar-
ies, or otherwise went rogue. The events lead-
ing to their Moment of Crisis, or after being
Sidetracked, could also have been influenced
by their Biotic Powers. Finally, what now?
Who knows the character is a Biotic? To
whom do they owe the debt of Implants? Are
they on the run, or gainfully employed?


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