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Project Quality Checklistfinal

Project Quality Checklistfinal

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Published by: Yousuf Hussain on Feb 17, 2013
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QUALITY CHECKLIST August 1, 2009 Project Name : Big Logistic Inc.

Relocation Project Checklist Purpose: Ensure the Smooth First day operation after relocation Ensure premises is ready for daily operations (Clean and free of trash) Ensure Check in and out scanners working properly. Ensure all internal and external communication devices works (fax, paging, telephones, e-mails, etc) Ensure all employees have been assigned their workstations. Arranged an introductory tour of new facility to all employees. Ensure all Access cards distributed to employees. Assigned Parking spots and tickets to all employees. Create a team to help and guide employees on first day. Ensure Standby Generator work properly Ensure Back up Lights works in case of power failure Cafeteria and vending machines set up. All fire exits are visible and ready for use in case of fire. Site Specific Health and safety Plan Approved Site control and security planned and arranged

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