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The Future of Polyethylene Terephthalate in China-2005

The Future of Polyethylene Terephthalate in China-2005


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The report discusses and summarises the production situation of PET in China from aspects of present production situation, technology, raw materials, consumption, etc. In the appendix of this report, the major producers in China have been introduced based on the extensive telephone interviews. This report provides basic understanding to China’s PET industry.
The report discusses and summarises the production situation of PET in China from aspects of present production situation, technology, raw materials, consumption, etc. In the appendix of this report, the major producers in China have been introduced based on the extensive telephone interviews. This report provides basic understanding to China’s PET industry.

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  • Executive Summary
  • 1. Global Overview of PET
  • 2. PET Market in China
  • Introduction and Methodology
  • Part I Technology Development
  • I-1 Historic PET Technology Trends
  • I-2 Current PET Technology Assessment
  • I-3 Innovations in PET technology
  • I-4 Product Types of PET
  • I-5 Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Technologies
  • Part II Market Trends and Forecast
  • II-1 Foreign Involvement in Chinese Production
  • II-2 Key Factors Influencing PET Production
  • II-3 PET Production Difficulties
  • II-4 Competitiveness of Chinese Production and Supply
  • II-5 Raw Material Supply Situation
  • II-5.1 PX
  • II-5.2 PTA
  • II-6 Historic PET Market Development
  • II-7 Historic Import and Export Analysis of PET
  • II-8 Role of the Government in the PET Industry
  • II-9 Driving Forces in the PET Industry
  • II-10 Historic and Current Market Size
  • II-11 Quantitive Forecasts of PET Market to 2010 to 2015
  • III Consumption Patterns of PET
  • III-1 Analysis of PET Applications
  • III-2 Key Factors Influencing the Mass Consumption of PET
  • III-3 Consumption in Fiber
  • III-4 Consumption in Film
  • III-5 Consumption in Packaging Resin
  • III-6 Consumption in Other Fields
  • III-7 Summary of Major End Users
  • III-8 Demand for PET and Future Growth Areas
  • Part IV Price Trends
  • IV-1 Historic Pricing of PET
  • IV-2 Factors Resulting in Price Changes
  • Part V Company Information
  • V-1 Chinese Traders Importing and Exporting PET
  • V-2 Foreign Companies in China
  • V-2.1 Dragon Special Resin (Xiamen) Co., Ltd
  • V-2.2 Shanghai Lianji Synthetic Fibre Co., Ltd
  • V-2.3 Jiangsu Changzhou Worldbest Radici Co., Ltd
  • V-2.4 Changzhou Andenie Polyester Co., Ltd
  • V-2.5 Far Eastern Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • V-2.6 Hunomik (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd
  • V-3 Profiles of Current Domestic Producers
  • V-3.1 Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Co., Ltd
  • V-3.2 Jiangsu Xingye Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd
  • V-3.3 Liaoning Liaoyang Petrochemical Co. Ltd
  • V-3.4 Guangdong Kaiping Polyester Enterprises Group Co., Ltd
  • V-3.5 Guangdong Zhuhai Yuhua Polyester Co., Ltd
  • V-3.6 Zhejiang Chemical Fibre Joint Group Co., Ltd
  • V-3.7 Shandong Jinan Zhenhao Advanced Fiber Co., Ltd
  • V-3.8 Sinopec Corp. Tianjin Branch
  • V-3.9 Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Complex
  • V-3.10. Zhejiang Tongkun Group
  • V-3.11 Xinjiang Tunhe Polyester Co., Ltd
  • V-3.12 Heilongjiang Longdi Stock Co., Ltd
  • V-3.14 Jiangsu Wujiang Silk Co., Ltd
  • - About Jiangsu Wujiang Silk Group Co., Ltd
  • V-3.15 Zhejiang Cifu Group Co., Ltd
  • V-3.16 Zhejiang Zongheng Group Co., Ltd
  • V-3.17 Hunan Jindi Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd
  • V-3.18 Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd
  • V-3.19 Sichuan Polyester Co., Ltd
  • V-3.20 Zhejiang Yuandong Chemical Fiber Group
  • V-3.21 Zhejiang Hengyi Group Co., Ltd
  • V-3.22 Guangdong Guangzhou Yamei Polyester Co., Ltd
  • V-3.23 Guangdong Fushan Chemical Fibre Complex Co., Ltd
  • V-3.24 Hainan Xingye Polyester Co., Ltd
  • V-3.25 Sichuan Guangkang Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd
  • V-3.26 Guangdong Shantou SOE First Polyester Films Co., Ltd
  • V-3.27 Xinjiang Urumqi Petrochemical Complex Chemical Factory
  • V-3.28 Zhejiang Zhenbang Fibre Co., Ltd
  • V-3.29 Henan Luoyang Nanfeng Polyester Co., Ltd
  • V-4 Potential New PET Manufacturers
  • V-4.1 Anhui TSF Electric Materials Co., Ltd
  • V-5 Closed PET Manufacturing Sites

The Future of Polyethylene Terephthalate in China

- A Preliminary Study
September 2005

Researched & Prepared by:

Guangzhou CCM Chemicals Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, P. R. China

Copyright by Guangzhou CCM Chemicals Co., Ltd. (P. R. China) Any publication, distribution or copying of the content in this report is prohibited. Website: www.cnchemicals.com Tel: +86-20-3876 8926 Fax: +86-20-3876 8956

Content Executive Summary Global Overview of PET PET Market in China Introduction and Methodology Technology Development Historic PET Technology Trends Introduction to DMT Technology Introduction of PTA Technology Current PET Technology Assessment Innovations in PET technology Product Types of PET Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Technologies Market Trends and Forecast Foreign Involvement in Chinese Production Key Factors influencing PET Production PET Production Difficulties Competitiveness of Chinese Production and Supply Raw Material Supply Situation PX PTA EG Historic PET Market Development Historic Import and Export Analysis of PET Role of the Government in the PET Industry Driving Forces in the PET Industry Historic and Current Market Size Quantitive Forecasts of PET Market to 2010 to 2015 Consumption Patterns of PET Analysis of PET Applications Key Factors Influencing the Mass Consumption of PET Consumption in Fiber Consumption in Thin Film Consumption in Package Resin Consumption in Other Fields Summary of Major End Users Demand for PET and Future Growth Areas Price Trends Historic Pricing of PET Factors Resulting in Price Changes Company Information Chinese Traders Importing and Exporting PET Foreign Companies in China Dragon Special Resin (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Lianji Synthetic Fibre Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Changzhou Worldbest Radici Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Changzhou Andenie Polyester Co., Ltd. Far Eastern Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 3 3 5 6 7 7 7 7 9 12 16 17 19 19 20 25 27 29 29 31 34 37 38 51 53 55 56 61 61 62 68 69 70 71 72 74 76 76 78 80 80 91 91 92 93 94 95

Part I I-1 I-1.1 I-1.2 I-2 I-3 I-4 I-5 Part II II-1 II-2 II-3 II-4 II-5 II-5.1 II-5.2 II-5.3 II-6 II-7 II-8 II-9 II-10 II-11 Part III III-1 III-2 III-3 III-4 III-5 III-6 III-7 III-8 Part IV IV-1 IV-2 Part V V-1 V-2 V-2.1 V-2.2 V-2.3 V-2.4 V-2.5


V-2.6 V-3 V-3.1 V-3.2 V-3.3 V-3.4 V-3.5 V-3.6 V-3.7 V-3.8 V-3.9 V-3.10 V-3.11 V-3.12 V-3.13 V-3.14 V-3.15 V-3.16 V-3.17 V-3.18 V-3.19 V-3.20 V-3.21 V-3.22 V-3.23 V-3.24 V-3.25 V-3.26 V-3.27 V-3.28 V-3.29 V-4 V-4.1 V-5

Hunomik (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. Profiles of Current Domestic Producers Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Xinye Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. Liaoning Liaoyang Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Guangdong Kaiping Polyester Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Zhuhai Yuhua Polyester Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Chemical Fibre Joint Co., Ltd Shandong Jinan Zhenghao Advanced Fiber Co., Ltd. Sinopec Corp. Tianjin Branch Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Complex Zhejiang Tongkun Group Xinjiang Tunhe Polyester Co., Ltd. Heilongjiang Longdi Stock Co., Ltd. China Pushi Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Wujiang Silk Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Cifu Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Zongheng Group Co., Ltd. Hunan Jindi Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Sichuan Polyester Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yuandong Chemical Fiber Group Zhejiang Hengyi Group Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Yamei Polyester Co., Ltd. Guangdong Foshan Chemical Fibre Complex Co., Ltd. Hainan Xinye Polyester Co., Ltd. Guangdong Shantou Soe First Polyester Films Co., Ltd. Sichuan Guangkang Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Urumqi Petrochemical Complex Chemical Factory Zhejiang Zhenbang Fibre Co., Ltd. Henan Luoyang Nanfeng Polyester Co., Ltd. Potential New PET Manufacturers Anhui TSF Electric Materials Co., Ltd. Closed PET Manufacturing Sites

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Some PET producers have announced to invest new PET facilities. the import of low-price PET will strike the United States in 2007. It is estimated that the demand of PET in Asia will account for 29% of the global demand. As the application technology gets mature increasingly. Global Overview of PET . 2005. Indonesia and Thailand by . the excessive production capacity of will probably result in the operation rate of PET industry to be maintained at 75%-80%. Middle East and Africa will still account for about 30%. there will be a 1.25 million MTs/year increment of PET production capacity in 2005 and 500. 3 . Due to the strongly resuming demand. The growth rate of PET demand in Asia especially China is the fastest in the world. 2004. Recently the price of raw materials rose again. In 2004. decreasing import as well as few newly-built facilities. Because of the high operation rate and large price increment of the raw materials. Although the growth rate of demand is higher than that in Europe and North America. As the demand off-season comes and the price of raw materials slides down this year. and the price ever rose to USD1. the price of PET decreased USD209/MT. However. the price increment of PET in the United States was as much as USD594/MT.Executive Summary 1. According to statistics. However. Asia becomes the key region of PET demand. the import volume of PET in 2004 decreased 44% to 150. The excessive increment of PET production capacity in Asia has made PET industry in Asia and Europe hopeless to improve the profit ability. and PET producers have increased the PET price RMB88/MT since Aug. it is estimated that the import of PET in the United States will keep stable this year. that in North America will slide down from 50% in 1990 to 41%.000MTs compared to 2003. together with the antidumping tax imposed on the PET imported from India.About the Overall Market Situation of PET In 2004 the supply of PET in the United States was very tense. because on that occasion the price of the raw materials EG and PTA is predicted to drop greatly. which made the operation rate of PET facilities in North America rise from about 80% in 2003 to over 90% in 2004. the price of PET in North America goes up. that in Europe. Although the International Trade Commission of the United States decides to nullify the import tax on PET.000MTs/year in 2006. Eastman Chemical and Wellman all plan to enlarge their PET production capacity. DAKAmericas. 760/MT in Dec. For instance. PET manufacturers still can obtain profit because the cost of raw materials dropped.

At present. Since PET entered the market. which is the main reason resulting in the low operation rate and low profit ability of West Europe PET producers. 4 . Asia-Pacific will follow North America. easy to re-airproof. the press on the profit ability in European PET industry will continue to exist.4 million MTs/year. The market volume of PET bottle has occupied 70% in world bottle marketplace and 57.7 million MTs.5 million MTs. it doesn’t react with other drink and produce ill odor. with the consumption volume of 235.000MTs.000MTs. In 2002 the PET output volume in the world was 26. In future years. oolong. In developing countries. PET producers in West Europe restrict the import of PET through antidumping.8 million MTs in 2003.6% of total consumption.4 million MTs/year. and North America will become the largest market in the world with the consumption volume over 250. In past years.In 2004. At the present the PET has been applied in drink. and the global consumption of PET bottles arrived at 6. which will reach 4. The operation rate will be as low as 60%. It is estimated that fibre-grade PET will only account for about 30% of global PET output in 2015. About PET Product During 1994 to 1999 the production volume of fibre PET in the world had increased at an appropriate speed. If new PET facilities are put into production on schedule. black tea. 54. In 2002. especially in Asian countries the growth of PET polyester and its raw materials was remarkable. the product is used for many fields for its excellent properties such as light weight. transparency. The proportion of fibre-grade PET will drop in future years. but the large quantity of PET export has made producers in West Europe lost its traditional former Soviet Union and Middle Europe market. It is predicted that the global PET volume used to produce plastic beer bottle will exceed 1 million MTs in 2005. bottle and film fields. the overplus of PET production capacity in Asia was about 2.4% in Chinese bottle marketplace.8% of global PET was used to produce chemical fibre. and in 2004 this volume increased to 31. about 14% of global PET output was used to produce film.6 million MTs in 2004. PET is mainly applied in fibre. more than half of global PET was used to produce chemical fibre. In 2004. especially the price of materials is low. It is predicted that such situation will turn better until the price of raw materials falls down. mineral water and other packing fields. In 1995. film-grade PET will take a larger part of PET production in the world. and the application in other fields only accounts for 1. At present. But during 1999 to 2003 the production volume of fibre PET in developed countries had began to drop by a small rate gradually. and this proportion will be up to 17% in 2005. the consumption volume of bottle-grade PET in the world was 5. Because the capability of PET resin is steady.

Chinese polyester filament output increased 24%. about 84% of PET products was used to produce polyester filament and staple fibre (also called terylene). 5 . China is a large PET consumer. far higher than other countries. accounting for 49% of global output (exceeding 7 million MTs).5%. In China. which will drive the consumption volume of PET. From 2005.2. Chinese PET production capacity accounts for over one third of global PET production capacity. China’s market share of textile products in the world will expand from 17% in 2002 to 45% in 2005. it created conditions for Chinese polyester products moving to international market. and its proportion in global chemical fibre output increased from 36% to 40%. the output in China grew rapidly in 2004. and polyester staple fibre increased 22%. The consumption volume of PET products in China increases at the rate of 8. Although the rate of operation of PET in China was not enough. Meanwhile. With respect to the output of chemical fibre. The high-speed development of Chinese polyester industry provided sufficient lowprice raw materials for Chinese textile industry. PET Market in China During 2000 to 2004. the average annual growth rate was much higher than that in the world. accounting 42% of the global output. about 10% was consumed in packaging field and 5% was used to produce film in 2004. and lays the foundation for the continuous development of textile industry.

production. either those who are active in production or those who are idled now. production level. etc.Introduction and Methodology Various sources for this report include: Published articles from Chinese periodicals. This report is presented in five parts: The main body-Technology Development. Some industrial experts have also been consulted in order to learn their viewpoint on the production and market in China. raw materials. Market Trends and Forecast. The information in this report is dated to Sep. export. we verified the authenticity of the information to the best of our ability and crosschecked against information from active industry participants. All the Chinese manufacturers have been located. The detailed findings of each manufacturer has been edited and summarized for reference. consumption. The appendix-Manufacturers in China. magazines. discussing and summarizing the production situation in China form aspects of present production situation. technology.10RMB 6 . journals. Government Statistics & Customs Statistics Telephone interview with Chinese manufacturers Comments from industrial experts Information from Internet Other public media. market view. even if they already stopped. extensive telephone interviews have been conducted. In order to obtain the details situation of Chinese manufacturers. 2005. etc. In most instances. etc. etc. plan. consumption. Consumption Patterns of PET and Price Trends. in order to uncover the situation of each producer from aspects of capacity. Rate: 1USD=8. introducing the major producers in China based on the extensive telephone interviews. The aim of this report is to provide basic understanding to the Chinese manufacturers.

I-1. put its 60. Ltd. then PET can be obtained through polycondensation reaction.Part I Technology Development I-1 Historic PET Technology Trends In 1984. Heating Esterified molecules Polyreaction EG Polyester Chips Cooling Polyester Polyester Filaments Industrial Fibre Engineering Plastic 7 . After polycondensation reaction between PTA and EG. most of the PET manufacturers adopt two production technologies to produce PET polyester. I-1. At present.1 DMT Technology DMT technology adopts the principle that DMT and EG take ester exchange reaction. PET product for distribution is produced. Now in China. Sinopec Yizheng Fibre Chemical Co. few PET producers take this technology in China. DMT technology and PTA technology.000MTs/year PET chips production line into production.. and cutting PET into chips or granules in water. The production flowchart of PET is as follows: PTA Esterification. The following is the brief introduction of the two technologies.2 PTA Technology PTA technology adopts PTA and EG as raw materials.

The reaction contains two steps: The first step is to make PTA and EG take esterification and generate BHET. Time for polycondensation reaction is two hours at least. Thus the polymerization degree and reaction speed can be improved. for this temperature should be higher than melting temperature of polymer (260-265℃) and lower than the decomposing temperature of polymer (300℃). during the esterification phase. The mol ratio between EG and PTA is within 1.2:1. The key points in the second step include: • • • • In order to shorten the reaction time. the reaction pressure should be higher than atmospheric pressure. And the reaction temperature should be higher than the boiling point of EG for the same reason. The second step is to make BHET take polycondensation reaction in the condition of activator to generate PET. The reaction balance should be broken to let this reaction move to the right direction. and be various in terms of various reactors. The optimum reaction temperature is within 275~290 ℃. • • 8 .1~1.

I-2 Current PET Technology Assessment I-2.1 Reactor Tower Chinese manufacturers have imported ESPRF reactor towers and installed them. This reactor can cut down the production cost by 26%, and improve the sales revenue by 22%. The most important point is the quantity of PET polyester is improved greatly. This reactor was invented by EMS Inventa-Fisher Company. I-2.2 Catalyzer At present, about 90% of PET manufacturers in the world still adopt stibium as the catalyzer. Even though stibium has good catalyzing effect, people are more concerned about the toxicity than before. Top PET manufacturers in the world, such as DuPont, Acordis, and Synetix are making effort to develop environmental protection catalyzers. I-2.3 Advantage of PTA Compared to DMT Compared to DMT, raw material PTA has following advantages in PET production Smaller raw material and energy consumption; Smaller EG recycling system; No byproduct of methyl alcohol; Smaller investment; Smaller production flow; Stable production control;

Now in China, most PET manufactures adopt PTA production technology. I-2.4 Pre-moulding Pre-moulding processing is the early step of bottle making. Now some manufacturers plan to do pre-moulding directly with melting PET material. This technology can cut down the production cost greatly. The current difficulty is how to prevent PET from destroying in polymerization process. I-2.5 PET Moulding Technology PET moulding technologies include moulding, blowing, coating, adhibiting, electroplating, printing, etc. The moulding processing of PET can be carried out through the operations of plastic injection, extrusion, plastic blowing, coating, adhibiting, processing, plating, metallizing, printing and so on.


6 Filling Technology for PET Bottles PET bottles filling technology includes cold filling and heat filling. both one-step and two-step can be adopted to mold the bottle top first. The two-step production process of hot filling PET bottle is: 10 . being stretched and plastic blown.6. Pipe blanks molded in the plastic injection position by this method will be directly transferred to next position. The difference is that one-step process is completed by one plastic-injection. I-2. Here the definition of two-step process is different from that of cold filling PET bottle. If the material of bottle top and bottle body is PET resin. stretched and blown plastic after being deposited for more than 24 hours. The automatization level of this process is high.2 Introduction of Hot Filling PET Bottle Molding Technology The technology of hot filling PET bottle was developed on the basis of cold filling PET bottle molding technology. The molding of bottle top of hot filling PET bottle by twostep process referred here is completed by separate machines. However.I-2. There are special requirements on the bottle top. One-step process is also called thermal forming. Two-step technology is that pipe blanks are heated. the investment needed is not large and it is easy to operate and maintain it. the molding process of one-step technology is unlike the process of two-step technology. In general.6. while the production of bottle blanks and plastic-injection. The automatization level of this process is low while the energy consumption is high. I-2. the equipment of this process is simple. The one-step and two-step processes are basically similar. Because of the special requirements of hot filling PET bottle. stretching and blowing molding machine. stretching and blowing in the twostep process are completed by two separate machines. only two-step process can be adopted. then to another position. Chinese drink producers mainly adopt one-step and two-step processes to produce cold filling PET bottle.1 Introduction of Cold Filling PET Bottle Molding Technology At present. if PC is taken as the material of bottle top. The one-step production process of hot filling PET bottle is: PET resin→desiccation→molding pipe blanks by plastic injection or embed pieces→temperature control→stretching and plastic blowing→thermal forming→cooling forming→product. while the energy consumption is low. and the one-step process needs to make corresponding operation to the bottle top when moulding the bottle preform blank while the two-step only needs to do such operations before heating.

PET resin→desiccation→bottle top crystallization→re-heating pipe blanks→stretching and plastic blowing→thermal forming→cooling forming→product. 11 . This method is widely used in hot filling PET bottle production at present.

I-3. I-3. Even minimum oxygen in the packaging container will make the taste of beer changed. These requirements become key problems in the development of plastic beer bottle. Meanwhile. more and more large PET manufacturers have invested much to carry out PET obstructive research in terms of the raw materials. which makes the fresh-keeping period of beer in PET bottles reach 100 days. highly obstructive performance is attached more and more attention. and the packaging requires enduring 6267℃. At present. while the lost of CO2 in the beer will have impact on the bubble effect. they are constructing new factories and plan to carry out large-scale production. preventing aromatic flavor from emanating out. I-3. At present. tea and other drinks needing hot filling packaging. After thermal forming. I-3.1 Performance Improved PET Highly obstructive performance generally means the highly obstructive function of packaging materials to gas. preventing CO2 from emanating out. such as preventing oxygen from oxygenating the food. At present. PEN has a high heat enduring performance. milk and fruit juice industries. equipments. Therefore. highly obstructive PET is mainly used in food and beverage packaging industry.I-3 Innovations in PET technology China has achieved a few of technologic innovations in recent years. which will be a profit spotlight. processing and PET performance improvement. They are thermal forming bottle. preventing water or vapor from damping the products. Therefore. It can be produced into over 80℃ hot filling bottles. and are developing 1. Thermal forming bottle is fit for 85℃ filling requirement. PET/PEN alloy bottle and multilayer complex bottle produced with heat endurable polyarylate. it has strict requirement on the resistant packaging material to meet the requirement of fresh keeping and validity. as the major function of PET packaging material. liquid and other infiltrations. They have experimentally produced 350ml and 500ml PET bottles. 95% of beer in China is produced with pasteurization method.5L and 2L beer bottles. They adopt co-injection and blowing pulling technology. the bottles can endure over 90℃. for the huge future market potential.3 Gas-Resistance Performance Beer is different from ordinary carbonic acid drinks. Shanghai Zijiang Group and Zhuhai Zhongfu Group have invested large quantity of capital in researching and developing new technology.4 Multi-layers Technology 12 . three categories of heat endurable polyester bottles have been developed.2 Heat Endurance Improvement Ordinary PET bottles cannot be used as containers of juice. In order to replace the glass bottles and metal cans packaging in beer.

Now many companies are developing oxygen-absorbing agents mainly for the production and packaging of polyester bottles. Amosorb is a positive interlayer. showed their interest in how to cut down the production cost of multilayer PET bottles at the polyester conference in Zurich. Amosorb is used in the more profitable multilayer bottles.5 Coating Technology Coating technology is to coat epoxide layer inside and outside the PET bottle. Said Farha. Coca Cola’s Chinese and Indian market need lower price-packaging bottles because the sales prices in the two markets are lower than other market in the world. having permanent oxygen-absorbing function. Barnaby Wallace and Mr. EVOH can improve the resistance performance of PET bottles over ten times.Three-layer or five-layer bottles can be produced. which was headquartered in Britain. As transparent polyester. EVOH is an efficient material with high gas-resistance performance. or carry out plasm disposal (ACTIS technology). Switzerland. At first. Mr. I-3. taking PET as raw material and mixing into other materials with excellent gas-tightness property such as PVDC. and wellsealed character is the key performance for the small volume bottles for the higher volume/surface area ratio. the two beverage giants in the world. Wallace commented that the price for multilayer ET bottles is still higher for the beverage manufacturers. The other question about multilayer bottles is the recycling question. used as oxygen absorbing agent in packaging industry. Thus these beverage products need well-sealed packaging. In 1998 Amoco Corporation put Amosorb into commercial production. In China about 70% of products from Coca Cola are distributed by distributors. which means that the low-cost well-sealed packaging bottles will have a huge market potential. Even though the high price and the challengeable recycling job. but some oxygen-absorbing agents will de-function after the drink have injected into the bottles for some time. Farha commented that the using amount of un-returnable drink bottles will increase. So lower bottle cost can increase the profit in Coca Cola (China) and Coca Cola (India). commented by Farha and Wallace. And later BP purchased Amoco Corporation. BP Corporation. The demand of EVOH increased 13 . developed Amosorb DFC that is a kind of polyester. Mr. multilayer PET bottles packaging is very possible to be the leading technology in beverage packaging industry for its good seal character. and is estimated as another method to improve the sealed performance of polyester. Most bottle pieces recycling merchants can’t economically separate each kind of raw materials that multilayer bottles use. the purchasing managers respectively from Coca Cola and PEPSI. EVOH and MXD6 and PEN. So it’s generally after two or three months the beverage was produced that the Chinese consumers can buy it. and can absorbing the oxygen around the bottle’s inner wall and the bottle’s cap.

England. Eval (Europe) expanded the production capacity of factory in Antwerpen to 24.81 million MTs). Hull. It is reported that the resistance property of NPET is stronger than ordinary PET.6 Other Resistant Resin Molding Taking PEN or copolymer and mixture of PEN and PET as raw material.000MTs/year EVOH manufactory in Saltend. Carbonic acid beverage bottles and beer bottles made via ester exchanging reaction between PEN and PET.rapidly along with the rapid demand of PET bottles. They have produced semi-transparent beer bottle sample. In the United States the total market value of PET for bottles was about 4 billion pounds (1. The above two methods have disadvantages of low transparency. The Chemistry Institute of CAS cooperated with Yanshan Petrochemical Company to research PET/MT nanometer composite material (montmorillonite) and its applications. I-3. beer manufacturers packed their products with PET/PEN blend bottles and sold them to Los Angeles. it can be disinfected with alkali and recycled. difficult to be recycled. In the United States and Western Europe. and the market size of EVOH and MXD6 was about four hundred million pounds (180. and the relevant PET/PEN blends extruders and bottleblowing machines have been already put into market. the gas-resistance property and heat endurance of bottles have been improved. Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) took advantage of PET polymerize intercalated composite technology. chemicals resistable. I-3. 2004. Miami and other five cities. complex technology and special requirements on equipment. Nippon Gohsei constructed a 15. Chinese beer industry generally adopts pasteurization method after filling. Although its gas-resistance property is improved.PET Bottles In Oct. which meet the requirement of three to six months of retention period of beer. whose sales number of the bottles added up to 300 million. put together organic-montmorillonite and PET monomer into polymerization kettle and produce nanometer PET (NPET) beer bottle. UV obstructive (UV of wavelength under 383nm can be obstructed). and nine of the top 20 PET bottles manufacturers had used EVOH or MXD6 into their products. On the molecular side chain of PEN. heat resistable (Tg=112~ 123℃).000MTs). there are naphthalene nucleuses instead of benzene rings. which reduces the cost. thus taking PEN or copolymer of PEN and PET as raw material and utilizing through current PET bottle blowing equipment and technology to mold bottles is adapted to the development orientation of beer plastic packaging in China.000MTs/year. So PEN have good performances of gas obstructive. Beer packaged in NPET bottle tastes the same as fresh beer after 4-5 months of deposit. Meanwhile.7 Nanometer. lower gas absorption. The difference between PEN & PET is only on the molecular side chain. Since 2002 the demand of EVOH in Europe has increased with 15% rate. it is only adapted to asepsis filling due to its low heat endurance. resistance property of which is 14 .

This new technology can produce 0. it will not be damaged in the process of transportation and deposit. the transportation weight of each Glaskin TM bottle reduces 320g.8 Diamond film PET Beer Bottle Leidi Technology Group invested about RMB200 million to produce diamond film PET beer bottle in Shenzhen. The thin monox layer can be recycled by current PET recycling equipment. thus less pollutant is produced during transportation.said 3-4 times higher than PET bottle. and its coating rate is as high as 6. the fresh-keeping period is prolonged over 6 months. The future of NPET is favorable. Glaskin TM coating has excellent oxygen and carbon dioxide-resistance property. which offers excellent gas-resistance and fragrance-keeping property to products. put out its newly developed two technologies. Meanwhile. this kind of products has already met the technologic condition of large-scale production. Tetra Pak China Co. It achieves the same effect as glass bottle does. the heat endurance property has been improved. Glaskin TM technology aims at highresistance packaging applied in beer. I-3. Glaskin TM is a patent technology of Tetra Pak.. Its process adopts coating the internal of PET bottle a monox layer.9 Glaskin TM from Tetra Pak China In Apr. for beer and juice market.000-18. Ltd. every product packaged in the bottle can achieve the longest storage life. injecting a layer of high-resistant polymer on the PET bottle top blank. Therefore. all performances of which reached or exceeded that of domestic and overseas PET engineer plastic products after tested by national relevant departments. 15 . 2005. A Glaskin TM bottle including label and faucet only weighs 34g. With stable and reliable performances. Through improving PET’s heat endurance and gas-resistance properties.000 bottles an hour.2-2L consistent high resistance PET bottles. Compared with ordinary PET bottle. while the production cost is lower than that of glass bottle. I-3. The Chemistry Institute of CAS developed intensified flame-retarding nanometer PET. Glaskin TM and Sealica TM. Because the layer is coated in internal surface of the bottle. Sealica TM technology adopts repeating injection technology.

bright chip. widely used polyester with the biggest production volume. chip for water bottle. bottlegrade chip and film-grade PET chip. include capacitance film. Its specifications mainly include chip for carbonated drink bottle. insulated film and so on. Generally. PET chip can be divided into three types: fibre-grade PET chip. Bottle-grade PET chip is used to produce bottles. magnetic-film. Fibre-grade PET chip is used to produce polyester filament and staple fibre. chip for edible oil bottle and chip for hot filling drink bottle. Film-grade PET chip is used to produce film. 16 . super bright chip and cation chip.I-4 Product Types of PET PET chips are the earliest developed. Its specifications include semi-dull chip.

Product Quality 17 . Japan. Facility Almost all major PET producers in China adopt PTA facility to produce PET. aluminum. it’s about 10 hours for Chinese producers while 3. zirconium and natrium and their mixture. Catalyst Amongst most catalysts used by PET production facilities. while foreign manufactures take high EG/PTA and comparatively high temperature for esterification to intensify reaction condition in order to accelerate reaction speed and shorten reaction time. Process The conditions of polycondensation process in China and abroad are basically similar to each other. there are few such breakthroughs in China. neither in foreign countries. The comparison of Chinese and foreign technologies is narrated from following aspects. there are many breakthroughs in foreign countries that solve technologic difficulties of PET such as heat endurance problem and gas-resistance problems. there is a gap between Chinese technology and foreign advanced technology at present. the usage volume of stibiumcategory catalysts accounts for 90%. and the step of technologic innovation falls behind at the same time. the technology applied by Chinese PET producers was introduced from foreign countries. There are few DMT facilities in China. Chinese producers usually adopt comparatively low temperature and pressure. In general.I-5 Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Technologies Before 1990s. the level of the most advanced PET production technology in China is equal to the level of foreign countries at the end of 1990s. Currently. At present. This is similar to overseas PET producers. Italy. French Rhone---Poulenc Company and Japanese Teijin Limited are the major PET producers adopting DMT facilities abroad. Chinese PET producers started to research PET production technology and achieved innovations since 1990s. Technologic Innovation Ability Chinese PET production technology is laggard behind some advanced countries. However. France. while there is a big difference on the conditions of esterification process in China and abroad. Some companies aboard have already started to develop the catalyst system using lanthanon.5 hours for foreign producers. silicon. German. Britain and the United States are the main technology sources. With respect to the total reaction time.

but the technology in China is not very mature at present and the technologic bottlenecks have not been broken. there is few difference between Chinese and oversea PET products in terms of environmental protection.Generally. It is also the reason that the demand of industrial fast injection moulding cannot be satisfied. there are still three major restriction factors in PET production which Chinese PET technology cannot solve. Technologic Bottleneck Currently. German BASF Company. slow crystallization speed and weak stabilization of size. heavy metal and ash. as well as certain pressure-endurance. processing performance as well as the content of aldehyde. Japanese Mitsubishi The packaging of beer requires stronger fresh-keeping and oxygen-resistance properties. The PET engineering plastic products of American GE Company. 18 . including weak intensity of melt.

19 . The total investment of its first-phase project is USD314 million. which is a Sino-Japanese joint venture project started construction in Jun. After being put into production. TSF will produce polyester film for capacitor. SKC South Korean SKC Company. Daxie Mitsubishi PTA project will build 600..000MTs/year PET facility in Zhangjiagang. the largest single production scale in the world. Ltd will hold the remaining 75% stake. power. will have a 900.000MT-grade liquid chemical dock. it will become the largest PTA project. will set up a joint venture. and the cost of production in China is low. It is reported that Daxie Mitsubishi PTA project will take the most advanced technology-. water. Ltd. including labor. 2006. Therefore. come to China and set up factories jointly with Chinese large chemical fibre enterprises. After three phases projects completed. 2005 in Daxie Island of Zhejiang Province.000MTs/year PTA production line. named TSF. and it will be put into production in Sep.000MTs/year PTA facility put into production.14 million. In addition. Xiamen Xianglu Chemical Xiamen Xianglu Chemical Fiber Co.Part II Market Trends and Forecast II-1 Foreign Involvement in Chinese Production Chinese PET market is very large and has great potential.6 million MTs. Mitsui Chemicals Mitsui Chemicals plans to build a set of 100. products produced in China are distributed in local regions. the fourth largest PET film producer in the world. SKC will hold 25% stake in TSF and Anhui Tongfeng Electrics Co.the fourth generation Mitsubishi PTA technology. The total investment of the whole project is about USD1 billion. Those joint or wholly foreign-funded enterprises have driven Chinese PET consumption and the development of industries of PET downstream products. producing and marketing PET film in China in 2006. SKC is a sub-company of SK Group in Korea. and corresponding 50. Mitsubishi Daxie Mitsubishi PTA project. TSF will achieve sales revenue of USD17. etc. who will offer the raw materials of film-grade chip to TSF. and its annual production capacity will reach 2. more and more foreign companies. which have great influence on PET production in the world..

Taiwan Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp. Zimmer AG German Zimmer AG set up Changzhou Andenie Polyesters Co. Italian Radici Group Changzhou Worldbest Radici Co.. the largest non-fibre PET chip producer in China. (Changzhou Andenie) jointly with Jiangsu Changzhou Plastic Group Co. Changzhou Andenie mainly engages in producing and marketing bottle-grade. Zhejiang Province. planned to increase its 30. film-grade PET chips. a wholly subsidiary of Korea Kohap Group in China.000MTs/year. Ltd. CWRC’s PET chip capacity is 270. plans to build a 350MTs/year polyester project in Kunshan. Nanya Plastics Corp.. CWRC also invested Euro 65 million into a 165. FET has two production lines of PET. with total production capacity of 220. Jiangsu Province. Ltd.000MTs/year polyester filament capacity to 130. Its production capacity is 220. With total investment of USD114 million..000MTs/year in 2004. jointly set up by Italian Radici Group.. Ltd.000MTs/year.000MTs/year polyester filament..000MTs/year in 2004. plans to set up a second PTA facility in Ningbo. FET Far Eastern Textile Ltd.. It is put into production at the end of 2004. Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp.. Shanghai Worldbest Co. invested a 600. (FET) is an important polyester producer in Taiwan. (CWRC). it has 50. announced to enlarge its production capacity of bottle-grade PET.000MTs/year polyester staple fibre facility in Sichuan Province. but the schedule has not been fixed yet.- Qingdao Kohap Polyester Qingdao Kohap Polyester Co. which makes its total PET production capacity reach 450. Ltd. FET Shanghai is a sub-company of FET. and Hong Kong Qiule Development Co.000MTs/year. Ltd. Taiwan Nanya Plastics Corp. Taiwan Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp. Ltd. In addition.000MTs/year PET production line project. 20 . Huvis Huvis plans to build a 220..000MTs/year PTA project in Ningbo.000MTs/year polyester staple fibre and 290. which will be put into production in the third quarter of 2006.

II-2 Key Factors Influencing PET Production II-2 .1 International Raw Material Supply During past years, domestic supply of raw materials for PET production, PTA and EG is insufficient. Chinese PET manufacturers have to import PET and EG from foreign countries or regions. The annual import quantity of PTA accounts for about 60% of the total PTA consumption in China. Chinese PET manufacturers have to suspend their production when they are unable to purchase raw materials or the volume of available raw materials is very small. China’s PET production relates greatly with the international raw material supply chain. In 2004, the short supply of PTA made PET output in China only 50% of the total PET capacity. As the largest PTA manufacturer in the world, BP thought that China has the largest PTA market demand in the world and BP is very concerned about Chinese PTA market. A senior executive from BP estimated that the total production volume of BP in Mainland China would reach 3.7 million MTs and the imported volume would reach 4 million MTs by the end of 2005. And he also estimated that the imported volume would be higher than three million MTs for a long time in the future even though the domestic production volume is increasing gradually. A professional in domestic PTA industry estimated that the annual growth rate for PTA would continue the 12~14% growing rate for the huge demand from the domestic textile industry. At present, there is a large supply gap of PTA in China. Although several sets of large-scale PTA production facilities have been put into production since 2003, the dependence degree on export still increased to 56%. In 2004, Chinese PTA increment accounted for about 62% of global increment, which had great influence on PET market. China’s demand for EG is also very big. And domestic supply can’t meet the increasing demand of EG. Thus the Chinese manufacturers have to import EG from foreign countries or regions with very big quantity. II-2.2 Domestic Consumption In China, most PET products are used in three main fields, PET fibre (polyester filament and polyester staple fibre), PET bottle (packaging) as well as PET film. PET fibre is a most important chemical fibre for textile industry, and China is the largest textile and cloth production base in the world. PET fibre mainly includes polyester filament and polyester staple fibre. In general, more than 80% of PET in China is used to produce chemical fibre. In 2004, the output of polyester filament in China grew to 7 million MTs and its consumption volume was 7 million MTs. The output of polyester staple fibre increased to 4.3 million MTs, and China consumed 4.7 million MTs. The total PET consumption for both polyester filament and polyester staple fibre in 2004 was 9.78 million MTs. In 2005, the consumption volume of polyester filament and polyester staple fibre will increase to 8.2 million MTs and 5.9 million MTs this year, respectively.


It is predicted that the output of polyester filament in China will increased to 9.5 million MTs and that of polyester staple fibre will rise to 6.5 million MTs in 2010, both of which will consume 18 million MTs of PET in 2010. Therefore, chemical fibre industry is an important influencing factor for the production of PET. PET bottle is another consumption field of PET products. PET bottle can be used for packaging of beverage, beer, edible oil and other products, thus the market of these products is another influencing factor of PET production. In 2004, 1.2 million MTs of PET was used to produce PET bottles, accounting for more than 10% of total PET consumption. In 2010, the proportion will increase to 15%. In China, at about 5% of PET is used to produce PET film, and this proportion will grow in next few years. Thus the development of film industry influences PET production as well. II-2.3 High Cost of Raw Materials Currently, a major factor that restricts the development and application PET in China is the high cost of raw materials. In 2004, the price of international crude oil rushed to the peak of USD55.67/barrel, soaring 78% compared with the beginning of 2004. The price increment became a direct force to drive the cost of PX and ethane, and then increase the cost of polyester raw materials, PTA and EG. The impact on PET raw materials from the international oil price is still remarkable in 2005.

Chinese PET manufacturers mainly use PTA and EG to produce PET products. In Aug. 2005, the average domestic price of PTA is about RMB7,900/MT, and the average price of EG is about RMB10,000/MT. In Sep. 2005, the prices of PTA and EG will rise to RMB8,260/MT and RMB10,500/MT, respectively. The average price of PET in the same month is RMB13,000/MT. There is only a little profit for PET producers. In addition, because the raw material supply of PET greatly depends on import, the price fluctuation and supply of raw materials in international market have direct impact on Chinese PET industry as well. However, as the chemical fibre, food, beverage, cosmetic, wine and beer industries develop at a high speed, more packaging materials are needed. In order to reduce the cost of packaging cost and bring more profit, more and more investments are or will be put into the research of raw materials. It’s sure that the production cost for PET will reduce and the application range will be wider and wider, with the improvement of processing technology and the expansion of production volume. II-2.4 Competition with Foreign Competitors In 2004, the apparent consumption volume of PET in China was 11.6 million MTs, growing 34.51%. And the apparent consumption volume will increase to 13.9 million MTs in 2005,


and some PET giants have already set up companies in China. These technologies have many unfavorable factors. China is a attractive market for foreign PET producers. such as strict requirements on plastic processing machines. Therefore. 000MTs/year. the second is to improve PET obstructive performance by adopting compound technology and surface treatment technology. PTA and PET. which directly stimulated the price of beverage 23 . It is likely to reduce the import price for PX. II-2. and the United States. multilayer compound technology is the mainstream of PET obstructive packaging technology. PTA and PET by USD5~10/MT.growing 19. Most imported PET is from Taiwan. infiltration-resistance and radiation-resistance is still a blank in China. High cost of raw materials including PTA and EG is the main reason for PET’s price increment. Therefore. Since all Chinese PET manufacturers set this kind of PET products as the major development direction in the future. Japan.6 Bottleneck in Production Technology Gas-resistant PET with good performances of heat-resistance. thus current tariff policy is favorable for Chinese PET producers and it will improve the competitiveness of Chinese PET products. the PET price has increased from RMB8. while China only imports a small quantity of PET. large investment in equipments. Taking beverage industry for example. It is estimated that this volume will keep double-digit growth in next few years. foreign competitors have the advantages in terms of technology. Meanwhile. and that of PET and PX was cut down 1% to 9. it’s estimated that the production quantity of this kind of products will increase at a high speed. On the basis of the tax rate in 2004. The cost of beverage packaging material PET accounts for half of the product cost.7 PET Price Price is a very important factor that influences the sales of PET. raw material supply and sufficient investment. 100/MT in 2005. 710/MT in 2003 to RMB13. During the past two years.5 Customs Tariff In 2005. high production cost and environmental pollution caused by recycling difficulties. complicated processing control. these unfavorable factors have limited the wide application of PET in China. the tax rate of PTA was reduced 0. Chinese government lowed down the import tax for products of polyester chain including PX. II-2. II-2.31%. China needs to import PET products from foreign countries. according to the commitment of China’s entry into WTO. In China. Because the raw materials for PET production in China mainly depends on import.7% and 2%. The price of edible PET materials once roared from RMB 7.5% to 6. which makes domestic manufacturers feel pressed. South Korea.500/MT to RMB14.5%. Chinese PET manufacturers have to compete with manufacturers in these countries or regions.

product to increase sharply. In addition. end users of PET downstream products have planed to use other package materials in stead of PET if the PET price increases to the level beyond their purchasing capacity. It is estimated that the high price of PET is likely to make profit of beverage industry slide down 20% in 2005. 24 .

In 2004 the short supply of PTA made the output of Chinese PET only reach 50% of the total PET capacity. The reason for this phenomenon is that the cost of performance-improved PET materials is too high. Although many cutting-aged technologies were developed to enhance the gas-resistance performance of PET.1 Technical Difficulty Technology is a key factor influencing production. or the improvement degree is not enough.74 million MTs and 1. while as of now none of them was really accepted by PET users.3 Capital Shortage 25 . In 2005. Advanced technology can improve production output and reduce production cost. Technology for PET production is still in the process of research and development. However.2 Shortage of Raw Materials Chinese PET manufacturers have to suspend their production activities when they cannot purchase raw materials or available raw materials are insufficient. and the production capacity of these two materials will increase a lot in recent years. there are some difficulties of PET production. It directly increases the production cost of PET. China’s total demand of PTA and EG in PET production will be 11. the shortage of raw materials will still be a serious problem in Chinese PET production. or the performance-improved PET materials bring difficulties for the recycling of bottles. Although there are some new or ongoing projects of PTA and EG. it still cannot supply enough PTA and EG for PET production.II-3 PET Production Difficulties In China. II-3. beer and wine industry.12 million MTs respectively. Therefore. shortage of raw material as well as capital problem. Current PET material’s oxygen and CO2 resistance performance cannot meet the technical demand for beverage industry. especially the PET bottle manufacturers of beverage and beer industries in China. Chinese manufactures have to import raw materials from abroad. mainly including technical difficulty. II-3.15 million MTs. while the output of PTA and EG will be 3. the gas-resistance performance is a technical problem remaining unsolved at present. Therefore.5 million MTs and 3. II-3. domestic supply of raw materials is far to reach the demand.

26 . Some PET manufacturers in China stopped some of its production lines for capital shortage.PET is a capital-intensive and technologic intensive product. It needs large capital investment in every production sector. Capital problem is another serious problem in PET production in China.

The contradiction of product structure is serious. Chinese PET products are inadequate. while non-fibre products only account for 10%. Aiming at Chinese chemical fibre market. there is a large distance and many problems in Chinese PET production. Polyester fibre products account for about 90%. mainly depending on polyester fibre with low value-added in domestic and oversea market.II-4 Competitiveness of Chinese Production and Supply II-4. The demand of domestic chemical fibre has not obtained great breakthrough. Especially after the textile quota was nullified in 2005.2 Prospect and Opportunities China has the biggest textile industry in the world. Current Chinese polyester industrial chain is serious unbalanced. Thus thin film grade PET consumption will keep incredible growth rate in the world. China has the biggest beverage. The United States and European Union set many handicaps to Chinese chemical fibre export. China is also one of the biggest manufacturing bases of electronic products in the world.1 Distance and Problems Compared to PET production in foreign countries. The upstream and downstream products are out of joint. much more fibre-grade PET will be used to produce polyester filament and staple fibre. especially the environmental protection will be the next barrier to China. Chinese government attaches importance to environmental production. oversea multinational companies and foreign-funded enterprises adopt technologic blockage and grasp Chinese market. which consumes a large volume of fibre grade PET products. which requires producers to produce chemical products in new production manners and management mode to reduce cost and pollutant. which will also maintain a high growth rate of PET consumption in packaging resin grade sectors. - - - - - - II-4. beer and food production industry in the world. - - 27 . far lower than the 35% average level in the world.

- China’s continuous high-speed economic growth in market consumption will ensure the Chinese PET manufacturers believe that producing and market PET products in China is still a promising business. 28 .

the apparent consumption volume of PX broke the key barrier of 2 million MTs to 2.1 Demand & Supply Situation Because of steady growth of demand. thus it is an indirect raw material of PET. However.21 million MTs to 3. and the operation rate of PTA facilities in China reached 100% or even 110% of the total production capacity.8 million MTs. the production capacity and output of PX increase continuously.1% compared to 2000. hitting a historic record and increasing 72. the production capacity of PTA in China reached 4. The capacity construction lags far behind the growth of the demand. the cost of raw materials accounts for about 75%~80% of the total cost of PET production. II-5. At present. Up to the end of 2005. 29 .II-5 Raw Material Supply Situation At present. the global PX consumption is mainly concentrated in PTA field. China is the largest import country of raw materials for PET production in the world. In China. the new capacity increment of PTA was bout 1. due to large demand gap.1 million MTs in China. most PX in China is used to produce PTA. the supply gap of PX in China will be up to 1.6 million MTs. It is forecast that the consumption volume of PX by PTA facilities in 2010 will reach 5. By 2006. During 2002-2003.12 million MTs/year which demanded 2. the production capacity of PX is predicted to increase 1. China imported.4-6. The demand and consumption for PX increase greatly for the following reasons: The increasing demand of PTA and the increasing profit of PTA business drive the overburdened running of most PTA facilities in China. II-5.1. with the consumption volume accounting for about 85% of total PX consumption.1 PX PX is a principal material of PTA. while the production capacity of PX was 2. as Chinese polyester industry grows rapidly. According to custom statistics. It is estimated that 90% of PX output in the world will be used to produce PTA by 2007.5 million MTs/year.36 million. On that occasion. Since 1990s. China needs to import large quantity of PX from abroad every year.74 million MTs. while the increment of PX was only 450. It is predicted that the gap between PX demand and output will widen further. In 2003. The supply of PX produces much influence on PET production.000MTs.50 million MTs.

- Many new PET facilities were put into production in the past years. 2004. are under checking and fixing. 30 . thus the PX supply situation becomes more tensional. regardless to the claims form downstream buyers.1. 2005 for about 40 days. the price of international crude oil keeps on increasing. on the other hand. - Even in sometime. especially facilities in South Korea. RIL’s total capacity of PX is 1.35 million MTs/year. announced to stop its PX facilities in Jamnagar in Oct. Indian Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). 2004. which will probably result in regional tense supply. PX supply control has completely shift to the PET suppliers who can decide the sales price according to the supply/demand situation. a PX giant in the world.2 Pricing of PX The following table describes the price information since Jan. The reasons for the price increment lie in that on the one hand. II-5. Many PX facilities. while the import price of PX kept rising during this period. It shows that domestic price of PX was relatively stable since Jan. huge PTA demand caused the PTA shortage problem. and no new PX installations were put into production.

750 7. 31 .6 million MTs. 2004 Time Jan-04 Feb-04 Mar-04 Apr-04 May-04 Jun-04 Jul-04 Aug-04 Sep-04 Oct-04 Nov-04 Dec-04 Jan-05 Feb-05 Mar-05 Apr-05 May-05 Jun-05 Jul-05 Aug-05 Sep-05 Domestic Price.600 9. USD/MT 835 845 830 865 820 725 770 822 835 880 980 970 950 960 990 980 950 830 930 1. The following table lists the top 16 PTA manufacturers in China and their production capacity of PTA.625 9.500 9.1 Supply of PTA in China In 2004.300 9.800 9.Table II-5.5 million.350 9.000 980 II-5.2 PTA II-5.500 Import Price.830 9.500 9.450 9. Therefore.1.640 9.630 9.650 9.2.536 9.500 9.820 9.2-1 Pricing of PX since Jan.750 9. the output of PTA in China was 3.700 9. CIF MCP. China needed to import large quantity of PX from abroad. RMB/MT 9. These manufacturers are suppliers of PTA and some of them are also the consumers of PTA. while the consumption of PX by PET was 10.720 9.800 9.

Ltd.. Ltd. Jiangsu Capacity. Guangdong Urumchi.000 450. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Zhejiang Shanghai Tianjin Luoyang.. Ltd. thus the rapid development of PET industry in China drives the rapid demand of PTA greatly every year...000 75. Ltd.000 60. 9 Xiamen Xianglu Group Co.000 980. Total Ningbo. Ltd. PTA has maintained a stable consumption rate during the past ten years. Henan Zhuhai. 32 . 16 Jinan Chemical Fibre Group Co. Ltd. Hangzhou. Chinese PTA market will keep on increasing. Manufacturers Location Nanjing. 13 Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Co.000 400. 7 Far Eastern Industrial (Shanghai) Co. 2 Petro China Liaoyang Petrochemical Co.000 1 Sinopec Yangtze Petrochemical Co.000 3. Ltd. It is predicted that the import volume of PTA will be 4~5 million MTs in future five years. 11 Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co.. Ltd.000 500.000 75. As the raw materials for PET production. Ltd.000 350. 10 Shaoxing Zhanwang Group Co. 4 Zhejiang Hualian Sunshine Petrochemical Co...Table II-5. 3 Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co. 12 Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical Co. PTA import.. Shandong II-5. but about 60% of domestic PTA demand depends on importing from other countries.1-1 Major Chinese PTA manufacturers No.000 350. 15 Petro China Urumchi Petrochemical Co.000 450.. Ltd.000 350.000 530. The following table shows the consumption volume in PET production in China and its growth rate in past ten years.... Fujian Shaoxing.. 6 Mitsubish Chemical (Ningbo) Co..000 900. Jiangsu Liaoyang.. 14 BP Amoco Zhuhai Chemical Co. Zhejiang 5 Ningpo Dupont Co. Ltd. Liaoning Yizheng. Zhejiang Shanghai Shanghai Xiamen. MTs/year 1. Zhejiang Ningbo. The consumption of PTA in China’s market has accounted for 30% of the global consumption.850.2.2 Consumption Situation of PTA in China Over 90% PTA was used for PET production in China. Ltd.. 8 Mitsui Chemical (Shanghai) Co.000.2. Ltd.0000 530. Xinjiang Jinan.000 500.

2-1 PTA Consumption by PET in China Year 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Consumption by PET Production.000 4.2. Table II-5.000 8.95% 9.110.525 8.200 9. MTs 4.900 8.740 8.000 5.300 8.960 8. 700/MT.000 9. RMB/MT 8.000 7.850 8.69% 9. CIF MCP.000 11.000 8. 2005 in China Time Jan-04 Feb-04 Mar-04 Apr-04 May-04 Jun-04 Jul-04 Aug-04 Sep-04 Oct-04 Nov-04 Dec-04 Jan-05 Feb-05 Mar-05 Apr-05 May-05 Jun-05 Jul-05 Aug-05 Sep-05 Domestic Price.775 9.030 970 965 1. and average import price was USD890/MT.900.560 8.150 9.000 9.795 8.100 8.536.424.90% 9.000 10. 33 .020 980 980 970 825 850 858 850 845 836 825 820 880 885 845 825 800 810 The above table indicates that both domestic price and import price of PTA had fluctuated in the past months but they didn’t vary very much during this period.860.25% 8.300 9.24% 10.167 7.830 8.000 6.966.405.2.000 5.Table II-5. 2004 to Sep.2-2 PTA Price during Jan.515.99% 9. USD/MT 1.260 Import Price.730 8.15% Growth rate The following table shows the price information of PTA during Jan.20% 9. 2005 in China. 2004 to Sep.29% 13.040 8.750 8.200 8.653.120. The average domestic price stood at about RMB8.

II-5.3 EG (Ethylene Glycol) II-5.3.1 Supply of EG in China In 2004, the output of EG in China was 1.05 million MTs, while the consumption volume of EG in PET production was 3 million MTs. Therefore, China need to import large quantity of EG. Actually, China imported 2.57 million MTs of EG in 2004. The following table lists the top 10 EG manufacturers in China and their production capacity of EG. These manufacturers are suppliers of EG and some of them are also the consumers of PTA. Table II-5.3.1-1 Major EG manufacturers in China
No. Manufacturers Names Owned by Sinopec Sinopec PetroChina Sinopec Sinopec PetroChina PetroChina Capacity, MTs/year 262,000 225,000 159,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 60,000 50,000 42,000 40,000 1,078,000 Percentage 24% 21% 15% 9% 7% 6% 6% 5% 4% 4% 100%

1 Yangtze Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 2 Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 3 Jilin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 4 Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 5 Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 6 Liaoyang Petrochemical Fibre Co., Ltd. 7 Fushun Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

8 Xinjiang Duzishan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. PetroChina 9 Tianjin Joint Chemical Co., Ltd. 10 Beijing Dongfang Chemical Factory Total Sinopec Sinopec

II-5.3.2 Consumption Situation of EG in China At present, EG is mainly used to produce PET and antifreeze in China. In 2004, about 84% of EG was consumed by PET products, and 16.2% was used to produce antifreeze and other products. Although Chinese EG production capacity and output grows rapidly, the supply of EG still cannot meet the increasing demand of in domestic market because of the strong demand from polyester industry. China needs to import large quantity of EG every year, and the import volume presents an upward trend year by year. And this trend will keep in coming several years. The following table lists the detailed records of consumption as well as import and export information of EG in China in recent 10 years.


800 907.400 35.600 199.676 2.900 23.062 170.173 489.100 2.900 3.000 3.094 Import Export Apparent Consumption by PET Consumption by other 35 .500 906.901.402.224 560.000 Volume 205.400 749.572.052.127 2.700 2.034 389.530.418 127.2-1 EG consumption volume for the past years (MTs) Output Year Volume 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 456.300 31.3.000 Volume 4.700 843.200 566.639.500 807.900 707.050.013.600 5.182.737 143.966 2.000 2.005.700 1.100 1.300 308.Table II-5.597.019.700 1.100 558.587.537 228.957.100 969.145.516.300 1.000 Consumption 656.000 Production 550.300 3.906 Production 106.410.844 581.763 740.900 1.482 660.100 2.500 883.083 1.600 1.462.000 23.163 1.400 230.049.200 100 200 2.517 317.600 1.900 788.038 882.156 3.

860 9. Table II-5. 2004 to Sep.110 1.200 10.The following table shows the price information of EG during Jan.500 10.050 1.2-2 EG Price during Jan.960 9.065 1.930 9.100 890 775 800 855 880 945 36 .960 10.200 9.500 9.060 950 985 995 1.030 970 1.800 10.085 1.900 10.750 9.070 1.850 11.870 9.3.600 10.300 9.790 10.020 980 990 1.500 Import Price. 2005 in China Time Jan-04 Feb-04 Mar-04 Apr-04 May-04 Jun-04 Jul-04 Aug-04 Sep-04 Oct-04 Nov-04 Dec-04 Jan-05 Feb-05 Mar-05 Apr-05 May-05 Jun-05 Jul-05 Aug-05 Sep-05 Domestic Price. 2005 in China. CIF MCP.960 9.300 9.890 10. USD/MT 1. RMB/MT 9. 2004 to Sep.980 9.

PET manufacturers and users are optimistic to the future PET consumption market. 37 . The driving force behind the rapid growth of PET in China is the rapid development of food & beverage packaging industry in China. PET growth rate has maintained a high level for over ten years. and China only imports a few of PET from aboard. purified water.II-6 Historic PET Market Development PET industry was started in China in 1987. In China. PET recycling becomes the big problem since the production and consumption volume of PET has become very big. At present. the output and apparent consumption volume of PET in China grew at a double-digit rate. Now in China most of the plastic bottles used in the packaging industry of fruit juice beverage. Terylene fibre industry approached the edge of deficient. China has gradually become the biggest market for bottle grade and packaging resin grade PET. PET capacity in China had expanded 15 times. thus the production volume of PET in China has also increased at a rapid speed. tea drinks and sports drinks are made of PET materials.6%. especially in China. which in Asia. The global PET development speed is dropping. the apparent consumption from domestic end users for PET chips has developed very quickly in recent years. During the past ten years. The average growth rate is 36. Before 2004. far higher than the global average growth rate. or bottle grade PET is the fastest. the average growth rate of output volume speed is 104%. from 1995 to 2004. The price drop of downstream products in petrol and chemical industry in 2004 also cause the profit in PET industry to drop greatly. the output of PET in China can basically meet the domestic demand. With the rapid development of China’s economy. In China. PET has become one of the most important petrochemical products in China. PET bottles’ wide application will continue to drive the development of PET consumption. followed by that of film grade PET while the fibre grade PET has began to slow down the development speed. In 2004 the international oil price went up greatly which affected the market situation of PET’s raw materials and made the cost of PET production increased. the growth rate of packaging resin grade. which is six times to the average speed in the world. even though the PET price increment brought fewer profit to PET supply industry and higher cost pressure to the PET users in China.

600 68144800 191. Table II-7-1 Import and export information of PET in China from 2000 to 2004 Import Year Volume.195 630 657 718 3.300 147. the value went up 48% and the unit price rose 9%.600 167.II-7 Historic Import and Export Analysis of PET Chinese PET products are imported and exported under three HS codes. 39076090: Other primary PET. 39076019 and 39076090.151.297 2. The following table lists the import and export information of PET in China in terms of volume.425.262. 39076019.238 265.400 6.396 342.835 183.418.339 351.404. 39076019: Other PET chips. Comparing the import in 2003 and 2004.500 230. USD MTs 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 506. USD 855 795 717 856 1083 Export Average Unit II-7.671. 39076011.028 8057 95072. 39076090 39076011: High viscosity PET chips.131 477. value as well as unit price from 2000 to 2004.1 PET Import Information in China The import volume and value of PET products in China increased year by year.864 223. the import volume increased 36%.967 123.579 Average Unit Volume Value.279.669 169. Value.179 318. USD 628 1.124 Price.377. 38 . USD Price.589. The following tables record the import volume and value of PET products in China in each month of 2003 and 2004. Explanation: HS Code 39076011.

314 16.164 152.571 39076019 14.682 230.509 626 1.954 14.678.293.466 15.504 18.671.877 18. MTs Month 39076011 Jan-05 Feb-05 Mar-05 Apr-05 May-05 Jun-05 Jul-05 Aug-05 Sep-05 Oct-05 Nov-05 Dec-05 Total 1.121 15.451 11.111 18.544 13.865 1.581 13.842.175 2.264.356 22.676.942 6.366.846 21.532 15.291 17.009 19.443 11.431.053.748.993.773.778.849 20.873 14.162 20.944 9.859.878 Total 22.299 4.906 40.834.082 17.350 19.445 2.716 1.882 7.302 1.245 28.532.165 25.248 2.796 27.985 93.961.814.1.467 5.910 13.253 12.736.266 15.661.766.728 1.946 17.830 1.683 Value.508 1.338.276 12.668 1.973 25.471 6.297.956.884 8. USD 179.751 4.577 39076019 39076090 22.344 2.043.488.396 39 .261 5.701.1 Import volume and value in 2003 Volume.270.005 1.440 2.993 9.131 20.634 667.327 13.770.444 8.361 Total 37.950 20.535 39076011 1.860 26.958.359.603 7.234 39076090 6.868 5.729 116.362.104.457.481 1.141.661.976.198 19.143.333 2.591 28.294 8.997.115 2.339 16.350 6.547 5.320 7.037 10.458.267 7.898 31.406.720 1.589.008.165 1.954.500.755 10.037 13.869 1.457.235.016.Table II-7.845.723 6.072 9.360 18.988 5.202.986 33.570.724 37.227 351.709 6.779 8.860 17.

Table II-7.1.2 Import volume and value in 2004
Volume, MTs Month 39076011 Jan-04 Feb-04 Mar-04 Apr-04 May-04 Jun-04 Jul-04 Aug-04 Sep-04 Oct-04 Nov-04 Dec-04 Total 1,732 1,948 2,526 713 1,115 1,275 883 800 1,835 419 681 535 14,463 39076019 39076090 8,319 17,720 8,985 10,982 14,415 15,281 8,263 19,996 20,264 10,957 22,480 7,840 165,503 19,091 21,157 19,014 23,622 22,117 23,980 26,396 26,236 31,527 27,774 30,979 25,322 Total 29,142 40,825 30,525 35,317 37,647 40,536 35,543 47,032 53,626 39,150 54,140 33,697 39076011 1,841,219 2,170,994 2,855,259 866,808 1,285,818 1,429,410 1,060,891 916,815 2,169,626 620,108 1,007,557 724,239 39076019 6,633,885 15,204,512 8,390,785 10,264,079 13,590,403 14,397,621 8,009,905 19,222,618 20,628,324 11,895,561 25,912,825 9,345,929 39076090 9,128,159 9,996,841 9,871,120 11,706,930 10,963,944 11,474,779 12,958,810 14,392,659 16,806,023 15,282,797 20,466,651 18,883,219 Total 17,603,263 27,372,347 21,117,164 22,837,817 25,840,165 27,301,810 22,029,606 34,532,092 39,603,973 27,798,466 47,387,033 28,953,387 Value, USD

297,214 477,179 16,948,745 163,496,447 161,931,932 342,377,124

II-7.2 PET Export Information in China The export volume and value of PET products in China decreased gradually in recent years, because China consumed most PET products itself. Comparing with the export in 2003 and 2004, the quantity reduced by 24%; the value reduced by 4%; the unit price increased by 26.6%. The following tables record the export volume and value of PET products in China in each month of 2003 and 2004. Table II-7.2.1 Export volume and value of PET in 2003
Volume, MTs Month 39076011 Jan-03 Feb-03 Mar-03 Apr-03 May-03 Jun-03 Jul-03 Aug-03 Sep-03 Oct-03 Nov-03 Dec-03 Total 9,241 5,282 10,769 7,489 10,345 9,554 8,288 5,946 5,479 12,832 14,306 22,017 121,548 39076019 39076090 6,913 5,341 6,790 9,732 9,044 7,940 2,036 5,128 2,879 2,052 1,185 11,195 70,235 2,371 1,180 1,595 3,947 4,415 3,536 3,697 2,292 1,956 2,985 2,188 1,725 31,886 Total 18,525 11,803 19,154 21,168 23,804 21,030 14,021 13,366 10,314 17,869 17,679 34,937 223,669 39076011 6,559,919 4,224,517 8,928,121 6,368,364 8,642,697 7,625,779 6,662,998 5,193,119 4,653,715 11,132,229 12,723,416 19,562,207 102,277,080 39076019 4,816,982 3,826,634 5,575,579 9,709,197 8,800,480 6,200,667 1,496,550 4,056,199 2,380,939 1,701,525 987,855 9,589,576 59,142,183 39076090 2,152,391 1,131,274 1,469,233 3,531,380 4,463,537 3,634,751 3,646,529 2,192,025 1,822,705 2,539,102 1,957,279 1,466,366 30,006,572 Total 13,529,292 9,182,425 15,972,933 19,608,941 21,906,714 17,461,197 11,806,077 11,441,343 8,857,359 15,372,856 15,668,550 30,618,149 191,425,835 Value, USD


996. Taiwan.418.731 1. The following tables record the volume and value of PET products under the three HS codes imported from foreign countries in 2003 and 2004.335 4.692 Total 18.490 52.294 2.575 1.571 3.053.584 153 51 817 1.115 1. USD 10.982.556.239.719.935 2.676 37.332 41.011 8.000.888 20.922 9.218 198. Table II-7.930 12.786.463.057.171 2.413.767.272.905 7.525 814 1.646.201 32.523 3.661 124.073 9. MTs 10.114 8.315.335 136.612 39076019 39076090 Total 16.706 Value.445.352 345.524 1.060.087 746.287.928 7.376 23.513 6.541 169.971 285.543 39076019 39076090 831 1.268 2.761 1.442 810.390.394 2.856 7.971.598.248 10.415.2 Export volume and value of PET in 2004 Volume. Korea Rep and United States are the major import origins of PET for China.056.561 283.503.565.485 20.635.579 748.3 Import Origins According to import records in recent years.593.568 788 847 1.430.589 3.910 33.246 114.003 9.063 3.236 157 209 117 21 9.331 10.126.572 183.120 2.248.259 2.412 7.880.989 41 .377 8.055 759.292.131.590 II-7.233 4.968.695 41.530.104 736 2.083 2.035 28.638 2.285.395 5.860 35.176. Japan.938 17.508 4.617 10.Table II-7.483 2.342 8.208 2.030 9.864 7.140.008 1.949.407 2. MTs Month 39076011 Jan-04 Feb-04 Mar-04 Apr-04 May-04 Jun-04 Jul-04 Aug-04 Sep-04 Oct-04 Nov-04 Dec-04 Total 15.297 39076011 13.883 1.504 205.389 2.018 694.3-1 Import origins in 2003 under HS Code 39076011 No.377 9.505 2.205 9.254 5.655 Value.152.313 5.201.395.046.484 186 19.464 4.221.843 12.110 3.042 6.851 4. 1 2 3 4 5 Origins Taiwan (TW) Japan (JP) China (CN) Korea Rep (KR) United States (US) Others Total Volume.923 64.812 19.875 2.125 14.769 11.823 2.988 2. USD 657.235 10.429.2.

187 29.410 85.284 152.019 171.341.235.084 511.535 107.490 1. MTs 93.099 127.334 1.327 Value.228.245 413.776 5.054 58.821 17.043 1.019 984.Table II-7.3-2 Import origins in 2003 under HS Code 39076019 No.774 9.434 43.212.778. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Taiwan (TW) Korea Rep (KR) Japan (JP) United States (US) Mexico (MX) Indonesia (ID) Malaysia (MY) United Kingdom (GB) Netherlands (NL) Thailand (TH) Germany (DE) Country(reg.263 548.193 2. USD 64.112 896 740 739 288 249 214 178 145 114 100 234 152.254 23.582 9.729 1.981 58.770.519 1.) unknown Hong Kong (HK) Egypt (EG) India (IN) Nigeria (NG) Italy (IT) Spain (ES) Others Total Origins Volume.220 531.954 116.198.985 42 .

041 80.496 4.892 Value.622.679.309 43 .423 516. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Taiwan (TW) Japan (JP) Thailand (TH) Germany (DE) United States (US) Italy (IT) Indonesia (ID) Czech Rep Argentina (AR) Belgium (BE) Netherlands (NL) Spain (ES) Egypt (EG) Turkey (TR) Lebanon (LB) Pakistan (PK) Brazil (BR) France (FR) Malaysia (MY) Mexico (MX) Others Total Origins Volume.318 17.085 2.587.511.948.473 1.863 2.128 2.209 8.954 5. USD 17.537.148 21.980 615.711 624.193 1.725 625.987 6.641 314.983 1.980 1.059 1.995 1.317.369.979 779.Table II-7. MTs 29.081 160.587 4.016 895.449.902 24.896 784.3-3 Import origins in 2003 under HS Code 39076090 No.496 6.034 5.849.817 732.397 6.087.565.504 2.016 2.255 2.647 5.488 1.996 1.673 1.959 2.280 838.347 22.064 12.

148 8.376 Value.680 1. USD 9.123 4.Table II-7.871 24.083 228.341.745 Table II-7.509 90.391 33.948.926 16.3-5 Import origins in 2004 under HS Code 39076019 No.195 2.466.392.189 455.230 90.068 7.187.063 38.710 220.726 346.495 12.375 4.565 62. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Origin Countries Taiwan (TW) Korea Rep (KR) United States (US) Japan (JP) Iran (IR) Mexico (MX) Indonesia (ID) Malaysia (MY) Germany (DE) Thailand (TH) India (IN) Hong Kong (HK) France (FR) United Kingdom (GB) Italy (IT) Spain (ES) Others Total Volume.730 20.788 36.380 580. USD 91.304. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Origin Countries Taiwan (TW) Korea Rep (KR) China (CN) United States (US) Malaysia (MY) Indonesia (ID) Japan (JP) United Kingdom (GB) Germany (DE) Spain (ES) Others Total Volume.506 334. MTs 8.536 74.742 1.658 3.532.963 5.539 1.385 44 .139 197.988.483 4. MTs 94.306 692 282 203 200 117 65 56 45 13 14.654.356 216.294 649 533 338 263 169 146 134 129 432 164.606 758.673 893.669 11.3-4 Import origins in 2004 under HS Code 39076011 No.224 1.731.751 348.809 163.731.573.463 Value.

720 2.490.764 5.046 12.126.361 5.550 1.355 29.109 673.951.787 1.236 1.089 1.781.594 4.187.428.110 2.822 684.853.467.585 6.888 1.942 2.818 4.788 792.118 297.048.120 2.641 1.743 827.434 3.455 4.931.111 7. MTs 39.955 3.709.041.804 3.242.154 2.788.323 3.062 3.268 8.688 4.632.326 10.191 2.966 8. 1 4 5 2 6 8 7 3 9 10 13 12 11 15 16 14 21 19 17 18 20 22 25 23 27 28 26 32 29 30 34 33 35 Origin Countries Taiwan (TW) Germany (DE) Thailand (TH) Korea Rep (KR) United States (US) Argentina (AR) Indonesia (ID) Japan (JP) Italy (IT) Czech Rep France (FR) Brazil (BR) Hong Kong (HK) Egypt (EG) Bangladesh (BD) Malaysia (MY) Mexico (MX) Philippines (PH) Belgium (BE) Peru (PE) Pakistan (PK) Netherlands (NL) Poland (PL) India (IN) Spain (ES) Austria (AT) Guatemala (GT) Lebanon (LB) Uruguay (UY) United Kingdom (GB) Hungary (HU) Romania (RO) Estonia (EE) Others Total Volume.931 45 .209 10.082 4.787.117.859.334 18.302 17.730.949 22.931 814.882 11.022 1.140 4.911.243 2.290.694 1.565 10.922 2.438 11.380 507.264 4.422 7.492.833 3.081.757 5.380 15.770 3.138 28.859 161.371 3.209 2.056.420 12.Table II-7.228 1.815 1.261.859. USD 25.956 1.960 11.658 1.860.172 12.214 Value.3-6 Import origins in 2004 under HS Code 39076090 No.

024.000 230.758 1.4-1 Export volume and value in 2003 under HS Code 39076011 No.500 12.409 14.691.000 1.983 12.108 866 752 807 612 854 554 482 491 279 249 237 208 161 166 491 101.360.000 862.074. USD 60.4 Export Destinations According to the export records in recent years.000 3.432.696.000 1.362.239 46 .208.000 294.855 4.150 4.000 300.000 990.000 287.000 941.250 580. MTs 49.000 1. The following tables record the volume and value of PET products under the three HS codes exported to foreign countries in 2003 and 2004.750 2.668 1.II-7.650 160.700 3.636 2.000 352.000 598.029. Belgium.501 2.920 6. Kazakstan. the top export destination of PET for China are Italy. Turkey.618 Value. Table II-7.754 3. Poland and Germany.000 841.996 662.445 645.361 1.965.794 11.518.000 2.469 120.990 1.145. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Destination Countries Italy (IT) Belgium (BE) Kazakhstan (KZ) Germany (DE) France (FR) Netherlands (NL) Hong Kong (HK) Spain (ES) Uzbekistan (UZ) Ukraine (UA) Lebanon (LB) Slovenia Rep (SI) Egypt (EG) Lithuania (LT) United Kingdom (GB) Russia (RU) Yugoslavia FR (YU) Greece (GR) Thailand (TH) Turkey (TR) Cyprus (CY) Indonesia (ID) Japan (JP) United States (US) Turkmenistan (TM) Others Total Volume.140.

525 1.900 1.208.745 9.000 171.143 70.462.200 1.246.698 47 .000 120.Table II-7.000 689.269 145.000 3.000 3.127.100 145. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Destination Countries Italy (IT) Belgium (BE) Germany (DE) Spain (ES) France (FR) Japan (JP) Indonesia (ID) United Kingdom (GB) Romania (RO) Brazil (BR) Algeria (DZ) Portugal (PT) Yugoslavia FR (YU) Saudi Arabia (SA) El Salvador (SV) Bulgaria (BG) Taiwan (TW) United States (US) Korea Rep (KR) Bangladesh (BD) Greece (GR) Others Total Volume.000 345.000 486.251.044 2.000 1.000.982 2.176.903 2.000 504.451 1.439 992 856 900 684 429 290 252 316 210 121 131 146 120 121 469 59.000 294.141 Value.554 300.714.111 11.000 210.4-2 Export volume and value in 2003 under HS Code 39076019 No.655.000 3. USD 31.896 156.540 7. MTs 26.825.000 8.232.

000 4.000 400.372.290 3.605 3.210 864 380 289 228 199 194 189 186 152 126 315 30.000 3.000 200.460. 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 6 11 9 10 12 17 13 20 15 18 14 16 21 Destination Countries United Kingdom (GB) Sweden (SE) Turkey (TR) Poland (PL) Israel (IL) Romania (RO) Malaysia (MY) Belgium (BE) India (IN) Italy (IT) Netherlands (NL) Morocco (MA) Korea Rep (KR)) Argentina (AR) Singapore (SG) United States (US) Hong Kong (HK) Finland (FI) Peru (PE) United Arab Emirates (AE) Others Total Volume.040.886. MTs 3.119.000 60.625 3.4-3 Export volume and value in 2003 under HS Code 39076090 No.540 261.050 1.568.558 2.000 93.000 1.000 823.000 125.740.300.613 2.494 1.540.600 1.601 2.270 240. USD 4.050 109.276 48 .306 31.Table II-7.957.734 1.591 2.000 2.007 Value.120 240.000.000 3.040 237.010 3.854 2.

408.000 5.878.601 7.935.512 1.859 8.381.045 2.008 1.219 6.254 5.570 2.110 3.644 49 .592.642 1.666 5.188 1.437 2.272 1.370 9.788 89.014 1.008 1.738.940.305.518 1.203.626 4.884. MTs 13.814 1.544.775 5.130. USD 15.Table II-7.189 1.101 1.776 1.571 3.015 79.575 1.101 4.407 6.736.550.780 1.257 1.493 2.144 3.788 Value.794 3.4-4 Export volume and value in 2004 under HS Code 39076011 No.219.622.661.418 2.911 3. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Destination Countries Italy (IT) Slovenia Rep (SI) Kazakhstan (KZ) Ukraine (UA) Israel (IL) Romania (RO) Russia (RU) United States (US) Belgium (BE) Germany (DE) Uzbekistan (UZ) Turkey (TR) Spain (ES) United Arab Emirates (AE) Syrian (SY) Lebanon (LB) France (FR) Hong Kong (HK) Egypt (EG) Yugoslavia FR (YU) Algeria (DZ) Others Total Volume.169 1.423 3.486 2.370.799 7.289 3.725.795.033.

618.081 3. MTs 9.Table II-7.284 445.737.097.086 1.724 1.262 800 767 621 922 700 560 524 672 588 400 400 500 500 2.262 2.074 920.200.377 50 .467 614.049.316 464. USD 10.163 568.065 37.580 1.265 2.385 1.581 893.457 2.505 740.804.063 Value.320.293 450.719.535 536.028 1.533 2.188 575.516 764.098 500.4-5 Export volume and value in 2004 under HS Code 39076019 No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Destination Countries United States (US) Poland (PL) Italy (IT) Thailand (TH) Japan (JP) Korea Rep (KR) Germany (DE) Belgium (BE) Croatia Rep (HR) India (IN) France (FR) Turkey (TR) Bulgaria (BG) Lebanon (LB) Ukraine (UA) United Kingdom (GB) Malaysia (MY) Brazil (BR) Slovenia Rep (SI) Czech Rep Spain (ES) Others Total Volume.281 2.272 743.414 2.861.038 4.780 2.607 35.347 1.815.

276 1. MTs 3.285.663 169.Table II-7.299 3.060 1.808.117 179.096.4-6 Export volume and value in 2004 under HS Code 39076090 No.679. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Destination Countries Poland (PL) Turkey (TR) Malaysia (MY) Hong Kong (HK) Sweden (SE) Spain (ES) United Kingdom (GB) Japan (JP) Italy (IT) India (IN) Others Total Volume.467 455 373 210 210 99 75 60 169 9.700 2.342 123.187 1.590 51 .330.909 319.162 146.454 94.692 Value.799 9. USD 2.198 338.

The rates of antidumping tax imposed on those PET enterprises in South Korea are in following table.1-1 Korea enterprises collected antidumping tax and additionally collected tax rates No. SK Chemical Hyosung Group Rate 5% 11% 13% 11% 8% 6% 13% 52% II-8. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Manufacturers Daehan Synthetic Fiber Co. 2. In China most production activities about PET and PET upstream products are undertook by state-owned companies such as Sinopec and PetroChina. Ltd.II-8 Role of the Government in the PET Industry Chinese government has attached much importance to China’s petrol and petrochemical products supply/demand chain. 2003 to Feb. PTA. II-8.1 Antidumping Policy to PET Origin From South Korea China Tariff Commission decided to implement antidumping tax on the PET products origin South Korea and exported to Chinese market from Feb.5% and 9. Table II-8. including high viscosity PET chips and other PET chips. It is a favorable factor for Chinese PET producers as the production cost. 3. PET to 2%. Chinese government lowed down the import tax for PX. 2008. 6. PTA and PET by USD5~10/MT. KP Chemical Corporation Huvis Corporation Saehan Industries Inc.7%. Toray Saehan Inc.2 Tariff Adjustment in 2005 In 2005. Hankook Synthetic Inc. which can reduce the import price for PX. 52 . The PET chips imported from South Korea to China are under HS codes 39076011 and 39076019.

beer. and it is anticipated that the market share of Chinese textile products will increase to 45% after the quota nullification in 2005. as the industry develops fast. the growth rates of capacity and output of chemical fibre in China will drop to 7% and 5%. polyester accounts for more than 80%. At present. and fall below 10% after 2008.II-9 Driving Forces in the PET Industry The production and market situation of downstream products of PET influence greatly PET industry. Bottle-grade PET chips are used to produce bottles for drinks. the growth rate will slide down gradually. edible oil and can food in past years and the forecast till 2015. II-9. The development of downstream products guarantees PET consumption and drives PET industry to develop forward. Chinese textile products took 17% of the global market. respectively. But the development of chemical fibre industry will still be a driving force for PET industry. The following table lists the consumption volume and growth rate as well as the growth rate of corresponding PET consumption of beverage industry. In future three or four years. the average growth rates will stand at 4% and 3%. In past years more than 83% of the total volume of PET was consumed by polyester industry. beer industry. chemical fibre accounts for about 65% of all materials in textile industry in China. it is predicted that Chinese chemical fibre will still keep growing at more than 10%.2 Packaging Industry PET can be used as packaging in food and beverage industry. while in chemical fibre market. edible oil and can food. Polyester is a major downstream product of PET. The packaging of food and beverage industry is another major use sector of PET. By 2010. In 2002. However. 53 .1 Textile Industry Currently. II-9. During 2010 to 2020. textile industry is a big driving force for PET industry.

06% 17.07% 2010 280.42% 1.60% 35.117 -39.552.43% 2.299 43.42% 2.22% 846.948 -38.894. MTs Beverage Growth Rate PET Use Growth Rate Consumption Volume.17% 25.315 4.42% 2005 165.00% 493.07% 2.547.Table II-9.981 10.747 17.180.169 20.434 17. MTs Beer Growth Rate PET Use Growth Rate Consumption Volume.65% 35.07% 1.22% 386.271 22.15% 20.484.69% 20.12% 57.877.234 23.065 43.118. MTs Can Food Growth Rate PET Use Growth Rate 2003 109.105.684 22.350.475 17.11% 35.136.71% 20.42% 605.43% 2015 529.618.07% 1.911 46.00% 1.60% 57.996.43% 5.345.07% 25.00% 2.43% 4.22% 2.71% 17.83% 17.69% 35.550 50.55% 25.84% 20.71% 25.73% 57.234 30.797 17. MTs Edible Oil Growth Rate PET Use Growth Rate Consumption Volume.224.016.672 19.2-1 Consumption and growth rates of four industries Year Consumption Volume.75% 57.22% 54 .630.00% 2004 138.79% 17.600 27.337 26.

000 1. MTs Designed Year Capacity 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 1.82% 20.500.000 14.000 98.000 500.670.000.000 4.860 351.350.841.04% 130.000 65.530.000 2.000 8.647.000 390.89% 35.574 100. In 2005.191.823 766.597 169.000 562.556.648.000 120.500.12% 43.000 4.05% 60.900 2.000 5.435 756.165 2.860 191.000 4.348 11.000 71.176.500. the production capacity of PET in China has accounted for 35% of global total capacity. The following table records the historic and current volume of PET in China.51% Apparent Growth Rate 55 .000 15.650 136.000. Table II-10-1 Historic and current volume of PET.959.000 2.000 1.000 9.000 420.000 11.000 11.73% 34.605 Output Volume Import Volume Export Volume Consumption 250.52% 30.660 5.659.128.179 20.131 377.473 870.78% 52.000.000 40.460.395 3.373 139.000 1.000 5.500.163 55. which shows that the PET market in China is growing.783 259.II-10 Historic and Current Market Size Chinese PET market size has developed with an average speed of 50.8%.150.000 3.000 172.000 825.950.000 1.762 688.020.

667.200.000 17. bottle grade and film grade.22% Apparent Annual II-11.30% 11.800 15.200 32.700 772.000 766.000 26. The following table is the forecast volume of the production capacity.600 480.800 569.000 20.1 Forecast of PET in China till 2015 In the coming years till 2015.000 25. With respect to the output of PET in China.000 676.600 23.106.000 Output Volume Import Volume Export Volume Consumption 13.000 23.000 311. import and export volume as well as the apparent consumption in China will increase year by year.650.124.964.000 25.000 654.000 32. With respect to the production capacity. Bottle grade PET is mainly 56 .489. In fact. output.896. the growth rate of PET import in China in future years till 2015 will be no more than 16%.000 25.000 27.000 29.32% 12.400 Growth Rate 19.444. However.210.000 28.000 802.993.147. In terms of import and export situation of PET in China. the current capacity of PET in China has already exceeded about 30% of the demand.600 20.000 672.800 29. It was a booming period for PET from 1996 to 2004.400 440.280 432.193. output.000 32.240.54% 8. But generally the growth rate in these fields will slide down comparing to the growth rate before.000 752. Chinese PET industry will keep a double-digit growth almost every year from 1996 to 2007. while that of PET export will not exceed 28%.39% 8. Fibre grade PET is used to produce polyester filament and staple fibre.000 28.246.000 22.II-11 Quantitive Forecasts of PET Market to 2010 to 2015 II-11. the growth rate of PET output will drop below 10%.640 21.000 857.640.000 30.231. the production capacity.820 21.000 523.07% 21.000 27.063.000 31.606.2 Forecast for PET Consumption in Each End Use Sectors to 2015 PET mainly has three specifications.300 21.43% 9.001.800 794. while it will cool down in following years.400 408.84% 8. Such forecast is suitable for the apparent consumption of PET in China as well.1 Forecast for PET volume to 2015.000. MTs Chinese Year Capacity 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 18.800 23. the situation is similar to the production capacity.634.200 669.000 27. fibre grade.960 414.000 556. the growth rate will slide down to less than 5% since 2008.500.100 13.600 324. import and export as well as the apparent consumption of PET from 2005 to 2015.562.206.200 355.605.330.064. Especially after 2008.050.000 710. Table II-11.09% 0.81% 0.870.600 17.10% 8.800.300 29.

878 15.28% 4.723 14. In 1995.387. bottle grade will take up about 20% and film grade will account for about 8% in 2015.792 21.804.03% 14. This trend will last to 2015.879.654 19.51% 10. the proportion of fibre grade declined year by year.083.546 Rate -13. and the consumption proportion will improve from 10.79% 32.232.53% Sectors 65.45% 13.454 192.410.389 243.960. many PET manufacturers will shift to filmgrade PET production area.687.926 Growth Packaging Growth Film Growth End-use Growth Consumption Annual Annual Other Annual Total PET -4.020.3 Forecast in Terms of Specifications It is forecast that the consumption proportion for fibre-grade PET will drop from about 84% in 2004 to about 70% in 2015.991 21. The following table shows the forecast volume of PET by each specification till 2015.1% was used for other products.131 2.29% 6.46% 30.222.156. It is estimated that fibre grade PET will account for about 70% of the total PET.370 274.315.64% -11. As the packaging industry and film industry in China developed.178.940 23. edible oil and so on.136.86% 1.200 18.315 243. which with reduce the fibre-grade PET production volume.174 12.36% 12. Film grade PET is used to produce film.853.27% 23.587.98% 42.37% 736.299 4. 0.11% 5.73% 272.796 16.393 21.229.467 Rate 26.623.2-1 Forecast for PET consumption in each end use sectors to 2015.541.62% 24.228.42% 1.65% 11.710 22.283.514 23.152 12.consumed in packaging industry to produce bottles for drinks.740.93% 40.343 3.911.468.75% 14.268 16.4% in 2004 to 19.914 3. The production volume of performance improved PET bottles will increase at a high speed to meet the demand in beverage and beer industry.084 Rate 25.486 3.415 3.542 32.437 17.20% 1. 98% of PET products were fibre grade.273 18.15% 0.381.600 20.08% 1.248. MTs Annual Polyester Year Fibre Rate 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 11.5% was bottle grade.85% 6.351. fibre grade PET accounted for the most part of all PET products in China.38% 7.875.522.46% 15.43% 1.805 27.28% 1.13% 7.921 857.587.020.850.715 20.959 29.44% 2.797 19.510.47% 13.140 2. The demand for PET will reach the saturation. 57 . Among all the consumption sectors.769 769.43% 10.158.713.16% -1.275.498 6. 1.7% in 2015. the growth rate for bottle-grade PET will be the fastest.126.07% 14.027.41% 13. Table II-11.22% 2.4% was film grade and the rest 0.667 626.09% 6.565 17.530 834.593 5.124 12.800 323.145.105 4.516 25.744 429. over 15% annually.15% 32.881 1.41% 25.501.023 II-11.74% -20.320 666.55% 6.47% 19.229 17.36% 2. At the beginning.867 981.441 478.

MTs/year production Ningbo Dupont Zhejiang Yisheng Chemical Zhejiang Hualian Sanxing Zhejiang Zongheng Shandong Zibo Wanjie Industrial Co. The following table is the information of PTA projects that have already been put into production in 2005 or will be put into production after 2005.. joint investing..4 Forecast for Raw Materials of PET in China II-11. Ltd.000 200. Sichuan Huvis Corporation Ningbo Mitsubish Chemicals Co. In near future the PTA manufacturers are estimated to make strategies such as joint purchase. 530.000 500. PTA supply relates much with PX.000 600.000 500.000 900. run even to 90% of their capacity. Ltd. Ltd.000 600.000 700. including existing ones and potential ones. Ltd..000 600.000 600. to cooperate with PX manufacturers to maintain the PX supply chain and PX price.. although all the PTA projects..000 600.000 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 Early 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006~2007 2006~2007 2006~2007 2008 Time for putting into To 2010. Ltd.000 600.4. Yizheng Fibre Chemical Expansion Project Liaoyang Petrochemicals Co. Zhejiang Tongkun Group Co. Mitui Chemicals Zhangjiagang Co. there will still exist 3 million MTs of PTA shortages in Mainland China. Ltd. Mitui Chemicals Shanghai Project Shenghong Group Corporation Dahua/Longdi Group Co.000 500.. Table II-11.000 500.. Ltd. Fujian Shishi PTA Project Formosa Plastic (Ningbo) Co.000 600.1-1 Information of PTA projects in China Name Capacity. Ltd.000 500.1 Forecast for PTA The demand of PTA in China is expanding. Ltd.II-11.000 800.000 600. Far East Industrial (Shanghai) Co.4. Ltd. Ltd. Tenglong Chemical Co..000 600. 58 .. Shanghai Petrochemicals Co. The following table is the forecast of PTA consumption in coming years till 2015. Zhuhai Biyang Chemical Co.000 600...

2 million MTs/year in the world.000 Growth Rate 9.000 13.2 Forecast for EG Currently the total production capacity and consumption of EG is about 15.000 16.010. 59 . and in China’s market it will be over RMB12. 500~1.1-2 PTA Consumption Forecast till 2015 Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Consumption by PET Production.300/MT in the future months. consumption by PET production as well as consumption in other fields in China.31% 7.000 12. the competition will be very intense.000 22.480.270. And it’s estimated that the two figures will exceed 22.97% II-11.000 20.540.52% 12. And more foreign EG products will flow into Chinese market.4.980. The following table is the forecast of EG in future years till 2015 in terms of its output. MTs 11. apparent consumption. The international price for EG will be over USD1.840.16 million MTs/year in 2007.35% 4.4. import.24% 6.440.000 15. Asia especially China will be the most important EG consumer in the future years.8 million MTs/year and 14.000 21. export.960.500. China will have a strong demand for EG in the future years.630.Table II-11.21% 6.000 14.02% 7. The domestic production capacity cannot meet the increasing demand. The situation of oversupply will appear.000 18. and mass import will be necessary.01% 5.15% 8.5 million MTs/year and 16. 200/MT.000 17.30% 5.760.86% 6.

570 34.246 3.000 30.39% 3.965. 2.430 5.060 952.4.800 4.135.141 4.680 3.21% PET Production 3.83% 5.682 833.250 6.846 Import Export Apparent Annual Consumption by Consumption in 60 .400 4.000 2.000 3.000 34.541.356 728.000 1.273.000 1.478 642.2-1 Forecast of EG in China till 2015.674.413 3.000 1.963.488 5.200 30.900 31.940 4.000 3.340.63% 5.46% 2.000 5.063.801 4.000 1.128.948 912.000 1.68% 6.27% 4.750.961.419.89% 4.600 32.490.Table II-11.000 2.599 803.000 Volume 2.717.321.314.600.719.338.57% 7.000 3.860.087 692.000 3.140 5.321.000 2.000 3.630.763 992.499.000 2.854 762.500 31.000 3.500 4.944.999 877.928.320 Consumption Growth Rate 3.000 3.453. MTs Output Year Volume 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 1.318 4.157.506.000 3.000 3.27% 3.581.444 3.860 33.100 4.770.000.152.77% 5.467.750 35.578.000 5.881.000 Volume 28.000 1.707.000 32.834 Other Fields 602.720.244.587.522 3.482 4.

99% 27.00% 42.332.67% 97.43% 1.46% -1.150.800 1.59% Growth Resin Growth Grade Rate 250 1.III Consumption Patterns of PET III-1 Analysis of PET Applications In the past ten years.860 39.962 95.515 25. The following table records the consumption volume of PET in each end use sectors in past ten years.45% 48.173 1.822.579 The following table is the end use structure of PET in China in 2004.00% 113. MTs Annual Fibre Year Grade Rate 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 245.840 3.423 63.883 126.379 225.74% 61.633 1.47% 169.943 25. beer.150 411.200 124. % 84% 10% 5% 1% Typical End Uses Terylene material.11% 57.48% Rate 250. the consumption proportion is reducing.283 3. the total PET consumption expanded over 40 times.00% 35.783.904 2.659.193.451 33.69% 62.63% 88. Table III-1-2 PET end-use structure in 2004 Major End Use Sectors For Chemical Fibre For Packaging Bottles For Film For Other End Use Sectors Proportion.788 17.500 22.686.365 19.67% 100.250 3. industrial fibre Bottles or pails for beverage.35% Grade 3.21% 41.180.458 4.377.12% 199.071.649.148 5.423 63. edible oil and others Tape films Engineering plastic 61 .00% 266.43% 29.250 11. and the consumption proportion of other end use sectors such as packaging and PET film are increasing with high speeds.250 1.883 126.00% 176.668.675.526 4.42% Rate 1.94% 46. Although chemical fibre is still the biggest user of PET.58% 201.508 255.842.456 177.00% 1.250 11.217.112 75.85% 15.890 45.579 17.335 7.000 3.736 9.507 2.20% 124.09% 33.217.00% 253.58% 57.319 582.709 400.06% 3.038 500.417 2.792.79% 52.094 66.604. Table III-1-1 Consumption of PET in each end use sectors.18% -44.670 8.788 17.450 7.629 Packaging Annual Film Growth Others Growth Consumption Annual Annual Total 41.451 360.000 478.63% 43.85% 92.

.Easy for transport. PET fibre production accounts for about 85% total PET consumption in China every year. especially in daily-use chemical field. .Easy to make into various shapes and packing specifications. . worse heat-resistance performance limits the wide using of PET bottles in beverage packaging industry as well. III-2.Easy to be recycled. .1 The Excellent Performance of PET Materials PET materials have many excellent performances.III-2 Key Factors Influencing the Mass Consumption of PET III-2. The worse gas-resistance performance requirement from beverage and beer industries has not been improved. which limits the widely using of PET bottles. . Compared to other materials in packaging industry.2 Technical Factors As China has not obtained many technologic breakthroughs.Safer. 62 . export and consumption of textile production will all produce an impact on the consumption of PET in China.Lower cost. . sales.Soft. such as the gas-resistance performance. . Meanwhile.Not easy to be broken. . products produced with PET material are more and more popular for following excellent performances: .Light weight. not bombing and hurting people. Of all the textile raw materials in China. The production.3 Chinese Textile Industry Textile industry plays an important role in China’s national economy. . III-2.Smaller occupancy of space. PET fibre accounts for 65%.Smaller energy consumption. some technologic bottlenecks remain unsolved.

814.201 4.76% 15. can food industry and beer industry.119.602 286.35% 11.1 Beverage Industry The volume of PET consumed by Chinese beverage industry increased greatly in the past years.387.14% 23.707.320 304.828 140.76% 16.080 76.892 2.642 167. The consumption volume rose from more than 2. The volume of PET consumed in this industry has kept double-digit growth in past years and the trend will be continued in future years.251.59% 48.466.591 980.623 152.308.853.679 10.52% -4.000 2.459 226.213 41.917 111.622.4.379 119.72% 59.742 523.4. Table III-2.280.884.902.1-1 Beverage consumption and PET consumption in beverage industry Beverage Consumption Volume Year MTs 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 585.232.13% 43.533 2.307 19.900.587.405 453.000MTs in 1995 to about 150.691.618 783.887 1. The following table lists the consumption volume of beverage.358.82% 24.570 26.30% 39.540.861 182.942.929 33.234.564 207. MTs Annual Growth Rate III-2.96% 17.III-2.857 3.838 1.25% 58.92% 277.163 396.424 48.81% 86.82% 11. 63 . III-2.503.17% 3.4 Chinese Packaging Industry PET’s application in Chinese packaging industry is mainly used as bottles in beverage industry.456.4.241.948.141 235.159 1.44% PET Consumption.550 578.96% 27.410 2.559.467.113 81.008.102 2. PET consumption as well as its growth rate in beverage industry in past years and the forecast in future years till 2015.85% 34.000MTs in 2000 and around 1 million MTs in 2005.1 Edible Oil Industry PET bottles are more and more popular with edible oil industry.062 390.064.79% 21.321 2.062 255. edible oil industry.606 348.184.438 11.688 368.072 1.130.

91% 25.658 248.540 107.546 5.279 46.223 750 3. PET consumption as well as its growth rate in the can food industry in past years and the forecast in future years till 2015.313.832 73.087 22.032 307.96% 54.330.73% 224. MTs Growth Rate III-2.154 48.50% 37.051.864 436. 64 .3 Can Food Industry The situation of PET in can food industry is similar to that of beverage and edible oil industry.138 1.737.107.179 72.275 90.331 39.070 107.123 350.4.49% 12.544.980 4.874.07% -4.259 6.24% 69.791.33% 12. PET consumption as well as its growth rate in the edible oil industry in past years and the forecast in future years till 2015. Table III-2.035 66.80% 18.091 37.781.26% 142.231 815.870.936 182.946.23% 35.608 615.937.61% PET Consumption.84% 3.058 9.302 9.027.916 24.415 81.414 1.4.745 36.77% 24. while the price is the major factor limiting the wide consumption of PET bottles in can food industry in China.249 311.000 685.004 1.879.911 585.95% 67.28% 12.659 128.74% 25.38% 20.833. The following table lists the consumption volume of edible oil.111.773 726.140.320.92% 19.872 29.2-1 Edible oil consumption and PET consumption in edible oil industry Edible Oil Consumption Volume Year MTs 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 225.44% 41.562 14.The following table lists the consumption volume of edible oil.787 64.734.443 916.641.852 61.591 701.198.

4.176.06% 3.575.045.476 172.72% 58.068 67. The development of utilization of PET in beer industry is a key factor influencing the mass consumption of PET in China.660 285.447 228.Table III-2.537 107.224.921 85.937 213 792 2.154 16.040 6.722.695 21.796. A lot of technologic researches are being carried out to develop the utilization of PET in beer industry.771.10% 18.333 30.95% 24.38% 48.544 350.108 30.489 95.931.660.761 8.37% 26.282 50.203 24. MTs Growth Rate III-2.88% 22.052.4 Beer Industry As a packaging resin.191 9.3-1 Can food consumption and PET consumption in can food industry Can Food Consumption Year Volume MTs 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 4. PET consumption as well as its growth rate in the beer industry in past years and the forecast in future years till 2015.180.720.570 62.666 19.406 5.832 52.02% 43.83% 37.797 154.776.744.347 146. PET is well received by beer industry.92% 139.38% 26.618 45.970 5.760.269.596. The following table lists the consumption volume of beer.08% 8.914 52.255.062 30.822 104.47% 203.62% PET Consumption.598 78.000 6.52% 65.936 179. 65 .170 7.222 4.15% 30.67% 12.92% 12.189 11.286 202.48% 55.618.786 26.138 272.938 11.236 23.18% -

Table III-2.4.4-1 Edible oil consumption and PET consumption in beer industry
Beer Consumption Volume Year MTs 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 9,450,000 27,125,000 31,760,000 37,970,017 38,582,074 39,455,704 40,318,303 52,026,667 50,285,858 62,914,940 69,874,534 67,142,246 60,888,765 61,983,675 57,753,214 69,241,886 70,525,121 68,678,351 81,397,094 107,431,986 118,417,721 189 868 3,176 5,620 8,334 10,258 17,740 31,216 40,229 55,365 69,875 75,199 94,986 136,364 129,367 152,332 157,976 178,564 201,865 253,539 312,623 359.26% 265.90% 76.94% 48.30% 23.10% 72.93% 75.96% 28.87% 37.63% 26.21% 7.62% 26.31% 43.56% -5.13% 17.75% 3.71% 13.03% 13.05% 25.60% 23.30% PET Consumption, MTs Growth Rate

III-2.4.5 Other Industries with Much Plastic Packaging Seasonings Packaging Seasonings such as soy are a large potential market for PET package. But it’s only at the start stage in China. Pharmaceutical Packaging The market value of pharmaceutical package is about USD1.8 billion/year in China. And most is from glass bottles. The following table lists the consumption volume of PET as well as its growth rate in other packaging end-use sectors in past years and the forecast in future years till 2015.


358 135.200 165.208 325.070 159.86% 37.350 42.16% 7.03% 34.77% 52.702 11.01% 25.128 198.009 57. MTs 199 593 2.99% 13.728 17.34% 23.890 78.938 32.90% 26.95% 80.53% 26.16% 50.06% Growth Rate 67 .Table II-2.69% 12.86% 3.21% 43.800 8.62% 121.35% 29.4.776 72.49% 342.623 5.079 186.525 210.645 99.797 264.12% 17.42% -5.257 142.5-1 PET Consumption in other packaging end-use sectors Year 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 PET Consumption.

910.560.III-3 Consumption in Fiber Fibre-grade PET chips are used for producing terylene products including polyester filament and polyester staple fibre.310.950.000 Volume of Terylene Polyester Staple Volume Fibre 1.000 11.000 Consumption 97.59% 83.99% 95. The following table records the information of terylene production and PET consumption in this industry in past years in China.000 2.54% 89.06% 33.250 1.000 8.000 3.97% 84. Terylene accounts for 80% market shares of chemical fibre products.071.000 4.822.000 33.800.300.000 5.000 8.79% 52.000 2.000 3.250.283 3.74% 87.604. MTs Volume of Year Polyester Filament 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 3.000 10.91% 245.000 478.930.44% 86.000 6.920.000 2.00% 17.800 1.15% 91.990.43% All PET Consumption Percentage in Fibre Grade PET Growth Rate 68 .000 6.458 4.860.507 2.380.736 9.620.170.000 2.000 7.250. Table III-3-1 Historic terylene production volume and fibre-grade PET consumption in China.430.23% 84.62% 93.000 5.000 4.962 95.686.792.750.20% 124.580.000 5.335 7.000 3.200.11% 57.000 9.950.700.960.000 7.35% 41.904 2.000 5.000 4.000 3.377.43% 29.783.330.000 9.610.000 4.000 6.470.332.

tapes and other products. insulation materials.379 225.319 582.III-4 Consumption in Film Film-grade of PET is mainly used to produce biaxial oriented polyester films (BOPET). Chart III-4-1 Consumption Structure of PET film PET End Use Structures in China For Chemical Fibre 84% For Other End Use Sectors 1% For Film 5% For Packaging Bottles 10% For Chemical Fibre For Packaging Bottles For Film For Other End Use Sectors The following table records the film-grade PET consumption and corresponding growth rate in the past years in China.508 255. Packaging materials takes a large proportion in PET film.63% 88.00% 42.74% 61.500 22.12% 199.200 124.250 11. MTs Year 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Consumption of Film-grade PET 1.094 66. which can be processed to packaging materials.000 3.456 177.63% 43. The following chart is the consumption structure of PET film in China at present. light-sensitive materials.00% 253.150 411.59% Growth Rate 69 . followed by insulation materials and light-sensitive materials.85% 92. Table III-4-1Historic consumption of film-grade PET in China.21% 41.

938 32.751 567.179 122.199 184. PET bottles are the most widely used plastic bottles for juice beverage.916 24.740 31.800 8.552 348.524 70 . purified water.570 62.091 37.113 45. Table III-5-1 Consumption of PET in each packaging sectors.623 156.688 370.205.761 8.776 3.058 9.216 40. The following table is the consumption volume of PET in each packaging sectors including beverage.618 45.181 1.658 248.702 11.333 30.250 63.763 85.365 Consumption Consumption for others 199 593 2.591 PET PET PET PET Total Packaging Consumption Consumption for Consumption for Edible Oil 750 3.666 19.623 5.618 793.000 890.009 57.787 64.550 588. MTs PET Year Consumption for Beverage 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2.459 232.728 17. teas and sport drinks packaging. The packaging industry is the second biggest end use sector after chemical fibre and is also the fastest-growth end use sector.036 234.279 46.250 125.176 5.249 Can Food 213 792 2. can food.750 17.936 182.406 5. beer as well as other fields.334 10.258 17.598 for Beer 189 868 3.229 55.540 107.III-5 Consumption in Packaging Resin PET can also be used to produce bottles.620 8. edible oil.938 11.350 42.438 12.

stator and rotor on electromotor. vanes. Only a few factories in China try to produce some products to replace import materials.5% of total PET consumption volume. chair handles. Household electric appliances: coil former in transformers on microwave ovens. motor frame. instruments materials. only accounting for about 0. Now the demand for good performance and low-price PET engineering plastic from domestic users is very large and urgent. electronic and computer materials.III-6 Consumption in Other Fields At present. trundles. household electric appliances. The production cost is low. structures on OA equipments. relay. engine covers. construction materials and decorating industries. Furniture: pedestal. inlet retainers. electronic socket connector. pump shell. Automobile products: carriers. print circuit board. just a common blasting drying equipment and the mould temperature is within 70~90℃. The comprehensive performance of this kind of engineering plastic is very excellent. windshield wipers. frames. panel. PET chips can be made into engineering plastic as well. The detailed products that use PET engineering plastic are as follows: Electronic products: coil former in transformers. 71 . panels. The industrial level of engineering plastic in China is very low. PET engineering plastic is widely applied in automobile. and switches. and handles. pedestal. The requirements for processing conditions are also simple. sensors. brackets. the overall consumption volume of PET in other fields is not large. motor cabinet. structures & computer shells. Mechanical products: gear wheels. fan propeller frame. and large-scale industrial production of engineering plastic has not been realized so far.

Ltd.000 3. Ltd.. Xiamen Xianglu Chemical Fibre Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.000 400. especially BOPET.000 6... Ltd.. is the largest bottle-grade PET consumer. Shantou SOE First Polyester Film Co. Table III-7-1 Top 11 end users of fibre-grade PET in China No. Ltd.000 5. Capacity.000 260. and DuPont Teijin Films Co.000 150. Ltd. Terylene Capacity.. PET is mainly consumed in Zhejiang Province..000 160.. Zhejiang Yuandong Chemical Fibre Group Co. Zhejiang Tongkun Chemical Fibre Group Co. Ltd.000 180. Zhejiang Plastic General Factory Lucky Group Corporation Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co. is the largest fibre-grade PET end user as it has 781.. Ltd. Zhejiang Cifu Group Co. 72 . Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Co. Ltd.. Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Co.000 300.. Tianjin Kodak Light Sensitive Material Co. The following tables list the top end users in each end use section in China.000MTs/year production capacity of PET film. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Company Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co. Sinopec Tianjin Company Sinopec Luoyang Company Sinopec Shanghai Company Petro China Liaoyang Company Zhejiang Dapu Chemical Fibre Group Co.000 300.000 350.000 Table III-7-2 The largest two end users of bottle-grade PET in China No. Zhejiang Hengyi Group Co. MTs/year 14. The following table shows the consumption structure of PET by areas. is the largest filmgrade PET end user for its 14. Ltd.. Jiangsu Province and Guangdong Province. Ltd. 1 2 English Name Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Co. Ltd.000 6. 1 2 3 4 5 6 English Name DuPont Teijin Films Co.000 In China... Ltd.. Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co.000 200.000MTs/year production capacity of terylene. Ltd. MTs/year N/A N/A Table III-7-3 Top 6 end users of film-grade PET in China No.. Capacity for PET Film.000 3.000 280. MTs/year 781..III-7 Summary of Major End Users In China.

12% 1.63% 3.95% 10.75% 12.97% 3.96% 2.51% 29.70% 2.Table III-7-4 PET consumption in different areas in China Area Zhejiang Jiangsu Guangdong Shanghai Liaoning Shandong Hainan Heilongjiang Percentage of total in 2004 28.63% 1.32% 3.21% 31.74% 5.83% Percentage of Total in 2003 33.78% 1.90% 0.01% 73 .

145.000 19.50% 74.310.30% 11.05% 81.000 4. MTs MTs 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 7.850.715 20.47% 19.090. and the content for every PET bottle is 500ml.500.530.200.10% 72.000 10.000 12. But PET supply for polyester staple fibre production relates much to import PET.000 5.25% 70.410.437 17.950.000 8.560.20% 76. Chinese chemical fibre manufacturers will make more efforts on the polyester staple fibre production.000 8.152 12.950. Therefore.950.000 8.796 16.67%.90% 75.723 14.000 16. the output volume of polyester will increase with an average annual speed of 4.250.470.000 83.030.000 19.000 6.000 8.III-8 Demand for PET and Future Growth Areas From the viewpoint of market.550.000 14.600.000 11.85% 79. If 5% of total beer was packed with PET bottles.000 8. MTs Consumption Terylene Output in All PET Consumption Percentage Fibre-grade PET Growth Rate The current beer production volume is 23 million MTs in China.000 6.28% Volume.268 16.000 16.000 7.393 21. the demand volume for PET beer bottles in China per year will be over two billion.840.21%.000 7.200 18.083. Chinese market of PET beer bottle has great potential. Staple Fibre.804.000 10. Table III-8-1 Forecast of involved volumes of polyester filament and staple fibre in future years Output Volume Output Volume of of Polyester Year Polyester Filament. it will be a good way to attract young generation beer consumers and cut down the packaging cost by adopting PET beer bottles.000 9.000 18.853.875. So in order to keep the profit margin.000 10.700.13% 7.180.000 9. Now in China the competition in beer industry is very intense and profit is smaller and smaller. The following table is the forecast of involved volumes of polyester filament and staple fibre in future years till 2015.000 6.60% 78.000 9. 74 .55% 6.178. The fibre grade consumption will increase with an average annual speed of 15.51% 10.900.000 5.130.45%.273 10.29% 6.030.850.060.62% 79. The manufacturers especially the middle and small manufacturers can feel this pressure.797 19.250.300.700.09% 6.000 14.16% -1.000.11% 5. and the output volume of polyester staple fibre will increase with an average annual speed of 7.710 22.15% 0.000 17.650.587.500.250.000 13. It’s forecasted that from 2005 to 2015. currently over 90% of PET used to produce polyester filament is homemade fibre-grade PET in China.750.38% 82.230.000 5.

including chemical fibre industry. will develop in the future years and they will definetely boost the PET industry. packaging industry and film industry. the industries of downstream products.As anticipated. 75 .

76 .Part IV Price Trends Due to the international crude oil hike. raw material shortage and other factors. IV-1 Historic Pricing of PET The following table lists the price of PET in China from Jan. 2003 to Aug. the price of PET in China increased a lot in the past and will keep an upward trend in future years. 2005.

880 8.340 8.725 9.300 8.660 12.755 8.550 11.410 9.850 11.510 11.230 8.335 8.450 9.285 9. RMB/MT 8.660 8.350 10.450 11. RMB/MT 8.255 8.855 8.320 9.350 77 .720 11.690 11.520 11.780 8.355 9.350 12.865 9.860 11.815 8.830 8.530 8.210 8.560 8.550 11.955 10.125 8.Table IV-1-1 Average PET price by three major specifications Time Jan-03 Feb-03 Mar-03 Apr-03 May-03 Jun-03 Jul-03 Aug-03 Sep-03 Oct-03 Nov-03 Dec-03 Jan04 Feb-04 Mar-04 Apr-04 May-04 Jun-04 Jul-04 Aug-04 Sep-04 Oct-04 Nov-04 Dec-04 Jan-05 Feb-05 Mar-05 Apr-05 May-05 Jun-05 Jul-05 Aug-05 Fibre grade.450 10.525 8.815 8.050 11.760 11.350 11.450 11.440 8.855 9.455 8.055 9.430 10.960 8.855 9.810 8.880 11.060 8.735 8.985 9.560 11.240 8.660 13.145 7.650 8.950 Package resin grade.320 Thin film grade.995 9.650 13.680 9.620 8.835 7.930 12.935 8.455 9.465 8.420 8.380 9. RMB/MT 8.895 7.550 10.255 11.550 11.520 8.685 10.325 8.820 11.720 8.250 11.135 8.950 10.480 8.825 11.795 11.560 8.890 11.770 12.290 9.300 12.310 8.515 9.

Therefore. Some large scaled packaging service suppliers are looking for PET material suppliers to ensure they can purchase PET materials with big volumes. bottle caps and film labels made from food grade PET material.000/MT to the peak of RMB14. demand from downstream industries as well as transportation cost. only the large-scaled manufacturers installed the bottle-blowing equipments. Because the draught and bottled purified water are all packed with pails. And some Chinese beverage manufacturers even estimated that they might not achieve the sales target in fiscal year 2004. and the PET price is one of the key factors that decide the profit. supply of raw materials.IV-2 Factors Resulting in Price Changes In general. 500~8. It will be impossible to raise the sales price for their beverage products for the intense competition during this summer season. In Chinese beverage industry. The markup of PET price actually brings much trouble to many Chinese beverage manufacturers.1 Price of Crude Oil In 2004 the crude oil price in New York Market rose to the peak during the past 24 years. 500/MT to RMB14. 000/MT. bottles. bottle cap and film label accounts for half of the total production cost of a 600 ml beverage. The unit price for PET was 30% higher than that in the same time in 2003. With the markup of petroleum and chemicals prices. Chinese beverage manufacturers are very concerned about the price of PET. The cost of PET bottle. On the contrary. IV-2. thus the Chinese beverage manufacturers had to control and lower down the inner cost and expenditures. and the industrial profit might reduce 20% in fiscal year 2004. 000/MT. For the big manufacturers. And only these equipments are in 78 . Large Chinese beverage manufactures disclosed that the markup of PET caused the rapid increase of production cost. And statistical data also showed that the current PET raw material price was 30% higher than the price at the end of 2003. the business of domestic packaging service suppliers is very good even though the PET price rose. the unit price for PET material in China also went up from RMB7. but for the middle and small manufacturers. they have to face the hardship. the markup of petroleum and chemical products caused the markup of food grade PET material directly from RMB7. they can reduce the pressure from cost markup by purchasing PET with big volume. PET accounts for about 50% of total production cost of beverage products. the factors resulting in price changes mainly include the price of crude oil. The markup of food grade PET material’s price affects the profit of the Chinese beverage manufacturers directly because as the package raw material.

full-running condition, the packaging service suppliers can control the production cost of PET bottles. Therefore, most of the beverage manufacturers have to outsource food grade PET bottles from professional packaging service suppliers instead of making by themselves. This is the secret of how the beverage packaging service suppliers earn money. IV-2.2 The Supply of Raw Material The PET Products Chain is as follows:

Packaging resin Crude oil PX PTA PET Thin film


Now in China, the situation of unbalance between short supply of raw material and oversupply of end products is evident. The short supply of PX drove the PTA price increase; and then the cost increment was transferred to PET producers. Thus the PET producers had to face two problems, short supply of PTA and increase of PTA price. IV-2.3 Demand from Downstream Industries In terms of the downstream products, currently over 80% of PET is used to produce chemical fibre in China, thus chemicals fibre is a major downstream products of PET. The development of chemical fibre influences greatly the PET industry. Many textile manufactories in China expanded their production capacities years ago. The demand for PET increased rapidly, which accordingly made the price go up rapidly. China is a big exporter of textile products. But in 2005, the demands for PET do not increase as anticipated. The upward evaluation of RMB, the limit of textile export from United States and European Union press the textile manufacturers in China have to reduce production volume. Thus the development speed of demand for PET was slowed down. IV-2.4 Transportation Cost During the past years, the waterway transportation cost, truck and railway transportation cost in China all increase, which made the PET production cost increase as well.


Shanghai Chemical Industry Supply & Sales Co. Jingyuan (Nantong) Chemical Fiber Product Co.000 100.400 226..94 0.80 0. Liaoning Huiming International Trade Co.91 3.000 17.589.953 189. Xinhui City Jiaxun Electronic Trade Co..82 1. USD/kg 3. Ltd.322 91...000 34. Ltd.50 0. Shanghai Huili Tage Board Co.740 320.00 0.534.78 1.073 2. Table V-1-1 Available Chinese traders of PET under HS code 39076011 in 2003 Average Unit No. Ltd.340..922 428... Ningbo Century Huan Yu Imp & Exp Co.33 0.. Ltd Shanghai S. Ltd.150. Ltd. Ltd..400 17. Ltd. USD Price. Ltd.000 92.849 32..675 68.80 0. Rexam Der Kwei Industrial (Shanghai) Co. by volume and value.200 60.000 174..590. Zhejiang Grand Import And Export Co. & Exp.39 6.000 475.000 2.A.53 0. Zhuhai Zhongfu Polyester Beer Glass Co. Wujiang He Cheng Trade Co.. Xinhui City Xinhua Monofilament Factory Hefa Vegetable Oil (Shenzhen) Co. Taizhou Changshengda Plastics Co. Ltd. Ltd.366.635 200. Ltd.489.940 85.760. Shanghai Heshibi Chemicals Co.000 120.000 34.400 41.375 16..Part V Company Information V-1 Chinese Traders Importing and Exporting PET The following table lists the available Chinese traders importing and exporting PET under the HS code 39076011.062 1. Chenghai Huaxiang Plastics Co..155 108..000 35.86 0.80 1.. Shenzhen Baoan Foreign Economic Development Co. Ltd.035 89.000 20. Tengxing Industry Co. Shenzhen City Minghui Industry Co.222 2..08 1. Jm Shanghai Nonwovens Co. Dongguan Arts & Crafts Imp.650. Ltd..33 0.77 0.500 40.208 114. Ltd.400 2.60 1. Honeywell (Kaiping) Industrial Polymers Co.000 524.90 0.992 1.73 0. Orient International Holding Shanghai Foreign Trade Co.292 178. Xiamen Zhongtian Plastic Co..89 80 .489 256.82 2.200 29. Ltd..78 0. Ltd.000 27. Volume.218 431.000 23.000 2.650 33. Ltd.600 275.600 31..749 2.468 600.80 1. Ltd.. Ltd.037. Of Guangdong Dongguan City Kaiying Trade Co.C Ltd.800 61.380 407..950 32. Ltd.000 36.777 151.000 240.91 2. Ltd.72 0.. Ltd.000 64.40 0. Ltd.000 139. Ltd.913 2. 39076019 and 39076090 in 2003 and 2004. Ltd.862 Value. Ace Mold & Industrial (Shenzhen) Co. kg 2. China Liaohua United Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.71 1.45 1.000 85. Ltd. Fuzhou Dong Li Cosmetics Co. Shenzhen City Ding Tai Technologies Co.91 2. Kunshan Litai Fibre Co.94 2. Ltd.500 203. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Importers Names Xianglu Fibers (Xiamen) Co.000 445.68 0. Ltd.68 3.356 53.000 100.141.793 1. Guangzhou Duolilong Chemical Fibre Co...290 146.000 920.000 78. Beijing Huayuan Asia Pacific Tech Co.96 0. Co.000 60..

35 1.50 2. Ltd.675 5.97 0.000 4.532. Xiamen Hong's Enterprise Co.400 7. Shenzhen Longgang Foreign Economic Development Co.550 1. Ltd.000 40....45 0. Ltd. Fuzhou Jianing Cosmetics Co.34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Shenzhen Nengjianheng Commerce Developing Co.581 3.26 1.02 81 .87 0. Shanghai New Particle Plastic Paint Co.932.760 23.000 9.000 1. Ltd.729 1.27 1.230 20.125 3.795 1.. Deevan Electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd Shenzhen Light Industrial Products Imp.700 1.110 10. Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Group Co.812 23.861 13.92 3.577. Ltd. Ltd.000 6.820 1.105 500 2..092 13.254 128 2. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.000 1.90 0.92 1. Ltd.40 0..025 11.000 2.80 1.90 0.303. Ltd.000 4. Hainan Xingye Polyester Stock Co.000 12..136 29. & Exp.025 10.00 0.649 19..400 20. Yuming Exactitude Industry (Shenzhen) Co.. Company Shunde Xicheng Plastic Container Co..13 0.. Shanghai Hebi Electronics Electric Appliance Co.774 4.90 0.85 1. Ningbo Bonded Area Jinming Int'l Trade Co.85 0.000 2.605 1. Ltd. Ltd..352 2. Huizhou Xinfeng Packing Industry Co. Ltd.90 0. Shanghai Xinxing Imp & Exp Co. Zhuhai Bonded Zone Nan Guang Logistic Co. Zhuhai Chilk Enterprise Inc Others Total 16.300 2.814 2.975 9.419 20..86 1. Ltd. Zhangjiagang Bonded Zone Dong Hai Container Co.50 2. Ltd.740 1.. Jiangyin Beikaerte Steel Wire Products Co. Ltd.260 14. China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co.400 6.400 6. Changzhou Worldbest Radici Co.11 1.883 1.

709 1.26 10 Xiamen C&D Inc 11 Orient International Holding Shanghai Foreign Trade Co..403 715.000 1. Ltd.994.504.899.. 22 Shanghai Huayuanyilong Industry Developing Co 23 Shanghai Huayuan Investment Development (Group) Co.56 0..855 3.. Ltd.042.386. Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Trade Corporation Shanghai Zidong Chemical Plastics Co. 33 Shanghai Ailisheng (Group) Co.000 1.166.152 2.000 2.& Exp.945. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Importers Shaoxing Tianlong Imp & Exp Co.74 0.000 3.368..452 2. 38 Guangdong Jieyang Foreign Trade Developing Co 39 Dongli Compound Fibre Co.386 1. kg 8.494.697 698..120 435.451 976.70 0.017.70 0.69 1. Ltd. Co.100 1. 30 Yuyao Global Trade & Technical Co.78 0..389 2.000 4.000 2..57 0.000 2.032. USD Price. Ltd..000 1.513. Ltd.255.81 0. 31 Shanghai Zhongwei Int'l Trading Co.321 1.. 29 Dupont Hongji Films Foshan Co.001 880. Ltd. 16 Jiangyin Wan Xiang Chemical Fiber Co. 25 Xiamen Huachen Clothes-Weaving Co.64 0. Ltd.. Ltd.68 0.007.64 0. Ltd.77 0.843 727.000 2.000 3.001 967. Shanghai Haixin Chemical Fiber Co. 17 Xiamen Temao Xiangyu Development Co.000 1.063. Ltd.78 0.403.79 0.000 Value..812.. (Nantong) 82 .267..142. Ningbo Century Huan Yu Imp & Exp Co.73 0.738 1.326 2.Table V-1-2 Available Chinese traders of PET under HS code 39076019 in 2003 Average Unit No.843.53 0. 24 Xiamen Xiangyu Taiping Commodity Circulation Co.126.188. 13 China Zhongfu Enterprise Co. Ltd.78 0.011. 34 Zibo Huayang Sanwei Co.79 0.400 4.73 0..657 2. 21 Beijing Alison Import & Export Co.313.547. 12 Beijing Huayuan Asia Pacific Tech Co.600.780 730. 32 Ningbo Bonded Area Honghe Store Co.139.72 0.000 1..55 0.000 3.76 0.890 602.513.79 0. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.116 1. Ltd.78 0.008.. Ltd. Ltd.70 0.61 0.879 1. 37 Shan Bao Zhong Sheng Packing Printing Ent Co.000 1.521 1.634 546.093 1.131 958.933..511. Ltd.751 1.. Volume.000 3.644 1. 26 Orient International (Holding) Shanghai Silk Imp.248 804. Ltd. 14 China Worldbest Group Colt.000 1.000 2. Ltd..091 1.198 764..510 994..001 2.124.000 1.026.000 1.000.692.. Shanghai Poly Technologies Co.286.822.500.68 0.444 3.126.218 0.440 807.101 829.65 0.67 0.775. 18 Sinotrans Shanghai Storage And Transportation Company 19 China Textile Resources General Co 20 Wujiang City Foreign Trade Group Zhaofeng Imp & Exp Co...747 1.200. Ltd. China Silk Industrial & Trading Corp.000 13.000 918.075. 35 Guangdong Province Zhaoqing Chemical Industry I/E Co 36 Shenzhen City Minghui Industry Co.009 811.400 1.000 1.664 2.427.996. 27 Jiangsu Shenlong Business Out-Carving Group Co.232.004.001 2. Ltd..79 0. 15 Shanghai Jianfa Industry Co.000 1. Ltd.80 0.52 0.510.336 1.81 0.84 0.64 0.648 678..000 879.000 3. Fujian Province Qing Long Trade Development Co.498. Ltd. Ltd.69 0.000 1..845.692 2. Ltd. Shaoxing County Light Weave City Weave Imp & Exp Co.000 3.565.000 1.367 6.69 0.128.361.508. USD/kg 6. Ltd.704.000 1.040. 28 Shanghai Xinjiyuan Industry Development Co. Ltd.69 0. Ltd.513.

87 0.. Ltd.000 306. Ltd. 46 Jiangsu Wuyang Group Corp.719 45.000 354.93 0. Ltd.69 0.310 379.. 43 Xiamen Yundang Industry And Trade Development Co.000 504. 44 Shanghai Aj Imp.65 0. 50 Shanghai Ai Li Sheng I/E Co. 49 Hangzhou Anshun Fibre Industry Co..42 0. 52 Shantou Haiyang First Polyester Film Co. 42 Ningbo Yunsheng Imp & Exp Co.800 494.77 0. 54 Ningbo Bonded Area Gaoxin Counter Co.684 212.792 333..326. Ltd.000 337.000 513.408 198. Ltd.63 0. Ltd.Ltd.40 Xiamen Xiangyu Bonded Area Yi Shai I/E Co. Ltd. Others Total 832. 55 Ningbo Arts & Crafts I/E Corp.60 0.655 414.000 494.978 503.293.050 306.520 427...400 347. Ltd.411 168. 56 China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co.430 204..450 323.68 0.880 48.213 376.61 0.778.77 83 .000 494.53 0. 51 Zhejiang Grand Import And Export Co. 47 Shanghai Ruiyuan Import & Export Trade Co..67 0.000 496.70 0. Co. Ltd.400 300.500 342..995 242.304 152. Ltd. Ltd....190 259.80 0..424 238.000 323.792 171.392 365.55 0.925 158.985 0.000 500. 45 Fujian Huamin Import & Export Corp.628 306.649. Ltd. Ltd. 41 Shanghai Union Jibsen International Co. Ltd.77 0. 48 Shenzhen City Hua Datong Rui Industry Co.73 0.59 0.134 116. & Exp. 53 Sichuan Oriental Insulation Material Stock Co.

32 0. Ltd. Ltd.396 3.697.392. kg 8.36 0.500 4.433 634.985 4.652 1. Ltd..563.643.263 1.337 1.& Exp.645 1. Ltd.972 875.139.& Exp.31 0. Ltd. 34 Ningbo Jingyong Imp & Exp Co. 12 Jingang Chemicals (Kunshan) Co..30 0. Ltd.38 0.407.749.408 466.000 1. Ltd. Ltd. 25 Hangzhou Anshun Fibre Industry Co.780 1.30 0.636 653. Ltd.221 2.333 329. Tianjin Company 37 China Precision Machinery I&E Shanghai Pudong Co 38 Ricohtongyun (Shenzhen) Storage Co..087 719... 28 Yixing Luutian Fibre Co.700 1..255.42 0.775 3. Ltd. 8 Deqing An Shun Chemical Fiber Industry Co.348. 24 Tianjin Daanxi Recycling Short Fiber Co.38 0.437.938.704 7.815 108.28 1.253.76 3. USD Price.47 0... Ltd.. 32 Shanghai Sankai Commerce Development Co.242 1.495 979.222 1.000 770.42 0. Ltd.000.. Ltd.631 442.271 375.820.725 423.134 2.545.850 1..06 0. Ltd.293 4. Ltd. 2.613 845. Ltd.632. 20 Whole Wide Home Creation (Shenzhen) Ltd 21 Kunshan Anshun Fibre Co. Ltd.261.040..858..813 748. 18 Churong Environment Protection Plastic (Shenzhen) Co.27 84 .32 0.29 0. Ltd.153.29 0.676 913. 31 Ningbo Younger Int'l Transportation Co.326 2. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.469 1.270 380.30 0.412 832.062.64 0. (Group) Co. 26 Taicang Wancai Regeneration Resource Utilization Co.542. Ltd.803 1. Ltd.30 0.31 0.009 2. 13 China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.001 687.250 2.705 542.36 0.49 0..42 0.529..78 0. 14 Wuxi Hengdalai Engineering Plastic Products Co.376 423.499 586.977 1.238. 39 Shanghai Guochang Chemical Co.30 0.177.915 1. 4 Hangzhou Sanxing Paper Co.27 0. Importers Volume. 22 Changzhou Jin Yang Plastic Product Co.032 546.30 0.564 1. Ltd.817 364. 6 Jiaxing Guangshun Fibre Industry Co.402 800. Ltd.30 0. 36 China Packaging Imp. 17 Zhangjiagang Cheng Xing Chemical Fibre Co.000 2.517 1. 15 Jiangsu Easthigh Group Import & Export Co. 16 Shanghai Dongjin Plastic Fiber Co. 29 Jiaxing Litai Plastic Products Co. 9 Shenzhen Longgang Foreign Economic Development Co.700 231.215 949.305. Ltd.311.746 2.983 2.692.. Ltd.150.724 1.33 0.181 1.463.210.275 874. Ltd. 10 Hongfujin Precisidn Industry (Shenzhen) Co.28 0.000 1.001 789..403 371.30 0.49 0.673 Value.535.291. Ltd. 3 Shanghai Dafeng Chemical Fibre Co.799 774.312.326 211..347 517. Ltd.348 1.040.. Ltd. 40 Kunshan Jianheng Fibre Plastic Co.499 509..80 0.94 0. 27 Shanghai Runnan Science & Technology Trade Co.402. Ltd. 30 Dongguan Shangsha Shinghing Plastics Products Co.30 0. 35 Anhui Anlike Toys Co.133 1.308 0.970 2.30 0.32 2. Ltd.. 33 Jiangyin City Changlong Chemical Fiber Co.. 41 Zhangjiagang Dongcheng Fibre Co.37 0.776 690.130 319.817 228.542 5.654 540.916 299.30 0. Ltd.792 1. 19 Shanghai Jia Yi Chemical Ent Co.715 1.30 0. 5 Hangzhou Guotai Fibre Co. Ltd.057 873.647.701.020.200 3. 11 Ningbo Ding Jia Imp & Exp Co.722.Table V-1-3 Available Chinese traders of PET under HS code 39076090 in 2003 Average Unit No.806.388 885.873. 7 Shanghai Nantian Economic & Trade Co. 23 Jiangsu Light Industrial Products Imp. USD/kg 1 Hunan Native Produce & Animal By 2 Shanghai Runtong Int'l Trade Co..

28 0.115 102.30 0.30 0.893 84.77 0.000 628. Co.450 46. 46 Zhuhai City Qingan Huanan Economics & Trading Co. 60 Anhui Tianfu Fibre Co. Ltd. 57 Ningbo Xinxing Fibre Co..30 1. Ltd..581 399.846. & Exp.52 54 Shanghai Yongfeng Chemical Co..877 31. Ltd. 50 Shanghai Huayuanyilong Industry Developing Co 51 Shanghai Rongda Engineering Plastics Co.29 0.063 479.. Ltd.119 178.921 56. 43 Laohu Powder Painting Manufacture (Taicang) Co.924 40.70 0.30 0. Ltd.430 29.000 268. Ltd.739 61..65 0.995 142.290 42.272 110.070 152.305 189.30 0.860 305.453 106. 55 Hangzhou Hanggang Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Co.150 158.950 104.42 Humeng Foreign Economic & Trade Corp. Ltd.359..360 335.440 134. 65 Yaxing (Taicang) Recycling Resource Development Co. Ltd.474 215.692 0. Ltd.30 0.227..627 78.144 364.890 172.46 0. Ltd.30 0.32 0.156 91.173 116. 48 Jiangyin Longyi Regeneration Plastics Co. Others Total 85 .627 134. 64 Orient International Holding Shanghai Foreign Trade Co.380 183. Ltd. 59 Huzhou Tong Xing Plastic Co.30 0.883 114..39 0. & Exp..800 234. 61 Shanghai Lianan Plastic Product Co. Ltd. 49 Shanghai Feilun Industry Co. Ltd.30 0.28 0.27 0.272 153.742 46. 45 China Ningbo Cixi Imp. Ltd. 47 Cipic Shanghai Imp.540 81.160 64...28 0.650 149.115 210.739 56.832 103. 53 Guangdong Province Dongguan Foreign Trading Development Group Company 709. 58 Ningbo Fengshou Import & Export Co. Ltd.237 93. 63 Zhongluu Industry Co.900 486. 52 Yangzhou Hong Le Toy Chemical Fiber Co..38 0. Corp.333 51. Ltd.34 0. 56 Jiangyin Madi Recycling Co. Manzhouli Corp.407.32 0.30 0..777 188.289 87.985 55. Ltd.27 0. Ltd. 62 Ningbo Zhongbao Imp & Exp Co..100 342.385 179. Ltd.883 91. 44 Hangzhou Keyun Metal Co. Ltd..

.619 23.723 54...556 47..034 49. 7 Taizhou Changshengda Plastics Co..763 17.258 4. kg Value.42 0. 8 Xinhui City Jiaxun Electronic Trade Co..881 1.606.600 5. 18 China National Construction Corp. Ltd.. Ltd. Ltd.87 1.64 3.96 1.92 1.016 15.000 75.000 813. 2 Guangzhou Duolilong Chemical Fibre Co.058.06 1.34 0.. Ltd. 24 Ningbo Younger Int'l Transportation Co. Ltd..10 0.490.145 41.987 36.486 9.69 1.965 10. 27 Dongguan City Kaiying Trade Co. Ltd.675 890.750.65 1.11 0. USD Unit Price.987 45. Ltd. 13 Shanghai Huayuan Investment Development (Group) Co. Ltd...794 69.000 20.05 2.290 83.90 1.391 220.. Ltd. 5 Xianglu Fibers(Xiamen)Co.000 238.00 1.70 3.134 143. 40 Ningbo Bonded Area Honghe Store Co..000 1.071 11. 35 Zhangjiagang Bonded Zone Dong Hai Container Co.91 3.E.. 6 Honeywell(Kaiping)Industrial Polymers Co. 3 Zhuhai Zhongfu Polyster Beer Galss Co. 20 Hefa Vegetable Oil (Shenzhen) Co.85 3. Ltd. 38 Shenzhen Baoan Foreign Economic Development Co..515 32. 26 Fuqing Jiaxing Toiletry Co. Ltd.78 86 . Ltd.50 1. Ltd. 11 Beijing Hua Yuan Asia Pacific Tech Co.097 16. Ltd.000 74.06 2.. 21 Dongguan City Globe Arts & Crafts Imp & Exp Trade Co 22 Shanghai Chemical Industry Supply&Sales Co. Ltd..209 248. Ltd.925 4. Ltd.. Ltd.612 46.60 2. 25 Xiamen Xiangyu Shangyang Trade Co. USD/kg 1 Chenghai Huaxiang Plastics Co.000 380.000 7. Ltd.222 200.246.287 138. 16 Zhejiang Grand Import And Export Co.48 1.86 1.250 483.91 1. Ltd.585 73. 32 Kunshan Litai Fibre Co. Ltd.072 29. 28 Ningbo Huaxi Int'l Trade Co.. 10 Xiamen Zhong Tian Plastic Co.170.000 18.400 105.893 19. Ltd.& Exp...913 20.900 2.000 400.839 37.000 10.494.Z Huajian Electronics Co.16 1.22 3.250 2. 34 Qingdao Ever Speen Zipper Co.000 61.749 479.Table V-1-4 Available Chinese traders of PET under HS code 39076011 in 2004 Average No.800 18.172 364.26 0.138 103. Ltd.000 2.800 689.. 12 Jiangyin Beikaerte Steel Wire Products Co.162 30.818 1..28 0. Ltd. 3..35 1..29 0. Ltd.943 2.974 315.. Ltd. Ltd. 36 Yuming Exactitude Industry (Shenzhen) Co.139 204. 15 Beijing Founder Import & Export Co.000 9.99 1. 37 Shantou S. Ltd. Ltd.000 11.05 0.000 203.53 1.99 1..000 60.000 59. Importers Volume.974 55. Ltd.17 3.91 0. Ltd..263 228.227 2. 4 Jm Shanghai Nonwovens Co. 29 China Packaging Imp..000 187... Ltd. 9 Tianchang City Changxing Terylene Chemical Fiber Co.73 1.725.54 0.366 8.465 20.000 35.388 65.828 122.243 9.825 63.160 9.628 431.. 31 Rexam Der Kwei Industrial (Shanghai) Co. 17 Tengxing Industry Co. Ltd. 39 Shanghai Xinxing Imp & Exp Co.25 1.08 0. Tianjin Company 30 Shanghai Huiyou Storage Co. Ltd. Shanghai Company 19 Ace Mold & Industrial (Shenzhen) Co..779 1. 14 Jingyuan (Nantong) Chemical Fiber Product Co. Ltd.345. 33 Fuzhou Jianing Cosmetics Co.000 16. Ltd. 23 Shanghai Heshibi Chemicals Co.799 40. Ltd..

90 0. Ltd.554 316 23 11 16. Ltd..605 884.970 957.. 24 Shanghai Jiuaifu Logistics Co.83 1.624..125.007.. 9 Shaoxing County Nanfang Imp & Exp Co.450.989.228. Ltd. 23 Shanghai Huayuan Investment Development (Group) Co..109 0. 7 Dongli Compound Fibre Co.927 1.450.06 0. 10 China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co.99 1.018.000 1. 46 Lingwang ( Wuxi) Electrical Equipment Co. 27 Jiangsu Wuyang Group Corp.645.561 3. 13 Shanghai Zidong Chemical Plastics Co.892.467.93 0. 11 Jiangsu Xia Ke Environment Protection Color Textile Stock Co..926.000 5.419 3.968.63 0. 42 Shanghai Zijiang Special Bottle Industry Co.895 6.149..218 3.153 1. Ltd..702 1.692.00 5. Ltd.000 1.521.836 1.79 1.714 6.000 4.93 1.01 1. Ltd. 50 Fuzhou Dong Li Cosmetics Co. 19 Zhejiang Xiongfeng Imp & Exp Co.000 Value. 22 Ningbo Bonded Area Gaoxin Counter Co.96 0.208.554 3. 87 . 25 Guangdong Province Zhaoqing Chemical Industry I/E Co 26 Shanghai Industrial Investment (Group) Co. Ltd.586. 20 Sinotrans Shanghai Storage And Transportation Company 21 Shanghai Ya Tai International Container Freight Station & Transportation Co.050.000.472 5.228.504.Ltd.000 3. 16 Xiamen Tongrun Industrial And Trade Co.08 0.. 5 Shanghai Hua Yuan Enterprise Development Stock Co.. 47 Shenzhen Light Industrial Products Imp.216.50 0.716 1.868.134.500 1.000 2.204.96 0. Total 4. USD/kg 1 Shaoxing Tianlong Imp & Exp Co.000 1.761. 18 Shanghai Jianfa Industry Co..505 1. Ltd. Ltd. kg 21.55 1.842 9.000 2.508.51 0.218 4.684..575 3.(Nantong) 8 Yuyao Global Trade & Technical Co.342...178. Ltd... Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.216 985.000 1.41 Shanghai Fangxin Plastic Mould Co. Ltd. 3 Shaoxing County Light Weave City Weave Imp & Exp Co.. Ltd..667 882. 17 Shaoxing Zhenya Weave Product Co. Ltd.515.278.62 2..725 150 45 2.000 2.345.756 1.000 3.368.99 1.95 0.59 0. Importers Volume. 6 Shanghai Haixin Chemical Fiber Co..545 806. Company 48 Haolai Chemical Industry (Zhongshan) Co. Ltd.000 3. & Exp.810 3..404. USD Price..000 1.423 4..90 2. Ltd.00 3.504.91 0. 15 Ningbo Century Huan Yu Imp & Exp Co.583 5. Ltd.. Ltd.947 1.500.08 0. Ltd. Ltd.340.000 2.80 12 Shaoxing County Yanzhong Trade Co.234 4.689 1. Ltd. Ltd.98 0.002 2. Ltd.84 1. 21.900 8. Ltd. 43 Shenzhen Longgang Foreign Economic Development Co.510.348 2. 49 Shunde Xicheng Plastic Container Co..000 1.89 0. Ltd.85 0.17 Table V-1-5 Available Chinese traders of PET under HS code 39076019 in 2004 Average Unit No. Ltd. Ltd.000 900 300 1.199 14.000 7. Ltd..786 2.676 1. 2 Shaoxing Textile Co. 4 Dupont Hongji Films Foshan Co.768.668 1.98 0.09 0. 14 Zibo Huayang Sanwei Co.226.79 1.03 0.058 1.251 998.02 1..68 0.410 1.920 3.022.441..360 2.000 3.071.22 0.631.522 3.391 4.11 0.000 3.. Ltd. Ltd.000 1.121 1. 44 Deevan Electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd 45 Zhiyuang Plastic Products Co.

360 1.171 268. Ltd.140 122..502.800 500.77 0.28 Zhejiang Grand Import And Export Co.613.. Ltd.000 116.13 0. Ltd.99 32 Ningbo Arts & Crafts I/E Corp.658 512.000 521.000 500. Ltd. 36 Ningbo Jiasaile Trade Co.87 0.953 85.026.000 454.90 2. Others Total 88 ..55 0.713 137. 58 Ningbo Dafa Fibre Co.400 272. 31 Jiangmen Pengjiang District Foreign Processing & Assembling Service Company Of Guangdong 1.74 0..717 270. 35 Jiangyin Wan Xiang Chemical Fiber Co.227 289.580 239. 37 Shaoxing City Longsheng Weave Products Co.403 406.000 651.615 252.88 0.86 0.87 0.031 1.962 550. Ltd.. 53 Dongli Compound Fibre Co.969 455.68 1. 56 Zhangjiagang Cheng Xing Chemical Fibre Co. Ltd. Ltd.170.287 440.000 456.447 0.. Ltd. 43 China National Chemical Fiber Corp.000 171.000 500. 33 Zhuhai Bonded Zone Hefu Fibre Product Co..Weaving Co. Ltd.493 818.173 212.81 0.57 0.126 60.048 500..90 0..356 163.39 0. Ltd. Ltd.654 64. 34 Shanghai Huaxing International Container Freigat Transporation Co. 49 Du Pont Trading (Shanghai )Co L 50 Toray Sanko Precision(Zhongshan)Limited 51 Xiamen Yucheng Zipper Co..63 0.000 500..580 379.170 54.000 100.94 1.84 0.942 100.347 541.278 432.000 500.70 1.496.828 211..91 0. Ltd.000 118.83 1.971 360.000 190.969.78 1.27 2. Ltd.. 30 Kaiping Mingxian Monofilament Enterprise Co..80 1.000 936.171 109....494 695. Ltd.316 108. Ltd. 39 Shanghai New Long March International Trade Co. Ltd.500 105. 57 Shanghai Zheng Bao Textiles Products Co.10 0. Ltd. 41 Jinjiang Fu Xing Zipper Co. 42 Orient International Holding Shanghai Foreign Trade Co.000 400. 46 Shanghai Sino-Trans Zhanghua 47 Jiangsu Easthigh Group Import & Export Co.620 738.10 0.219.241 735.000 500. Ltd.773 421.000 502.87 0.873 178.824 470.353 396.55 1. Ltd. 52 Hangzhou Anshun Fibre Industry Co. 44 China Sinotrans Jin Ling Co Yang Xing Bonded Storehouse 45 Beijing Hua Yuan Asia Pacific Tech Co..328 440..(Nantong) 54 Nantong Huatong Fibre Co.024 300. Ltd. 60 Xiamen Waitu Imp. 40 Jiangsu Shen Long Business Out-Carving Group Co.85 0. Ltd.000 500. 29 Shanghai Justen Packing Material Co..000 136.94 0.79 0.03 0.309 186.797 457.810 954.130 126. 55 Jiangxi Fushida Trade Co. 59 Ningbo Haitian International Co.544 760..437 165.. Ltd.58 0.80 0. Ltd. 38 Shantou Haiyang First Polyester Film Co. 48 Nanhai City Jinglong Non. Ltd. Ltd.01 0.115 572.763 646.

515 253. 30 Dongwan Gaofuda Plastics Products Co. 39 Shanghai Jia Yi Chemical Ent Co.62 1. Ltd.665 4.160 797.41 0. 9 Churong Environment Protection Plastic (Shenzhen) Co.837.082 1.101.754 342. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.813 1.867 3.038. Ltd. 22 Jiangyin Sanqiang Chemical Fiber Material Co. Ltd.612 3.730 12.26 0. 33 Ningbo Fengshou Import & Export Co.58 0.064. 14 Zhangjiagang Cheng Xing Chemical Fibre Co.751..146 663.33 0.854.075 749. 37 Whole Wide Home Creation (Shenzhen) Ltd 38 Yantai Dengfeng Plastics Co.213 479.102.371 8..694 1.646 985.049.. kg Value.156 1.80 0. Ltd.431.284.& Exp.634 11.832.081 429.32 0.478 4.48 0. 31 Dong Guan Foreign Service Co.45 0.49 0.518 618..470 1. & Exp. Ltd..040 1.. Ltd.000 340.603 1. Ltd. 23 Shanghai Runnan Science & Technology Trade Co.824 452..928 962. Ltd. (Group) Co..97 0. Ltd.725 1.118 509..Table V-1-6 Available Chinese traders of PET under HS code 39076090 in 2004 Average No.47 Unit 3 Shanghai Runtong Int'l Trade Co. 18 Yixing Luutian Fibre Co.38 0. Ltd.876.50 0. Ltd.149 136.240 467..44 0.137 1.41 0.66 0.766 1.Corp. 4 Hunan Native Produce & Animal By 5 Shanghai Dafeng Chemical Fibre Co..03 1. 27 Kunshan Anshun Fibre Co..46 0.. Ltd.942. 21 Lili Industry (Shanghai) Painting Co. Ltd. 40 Shanghai Ge Lai Di Fiber Products Co. Ltd.277 1. 17 Shenzhen Longgang Foreign Economic Development Co. 20 Jiangsu Easthigh Group Import & Export Co. Ltd.50 0.437 831.38 2. 89 .495 3.453 2.497 438.419.122. Ltd.572 303.718 1. 10 Jiaxing Guangshun Fibre Industry Co..43 0. 12 Hangzhou Sanxing Paper Co. USD/kg 1 Ningbo Huaxi Int'l Trade Co.079 431.. 17.807 2.747.38 0. 24 Shanghai Yongfeng Chemical Co.378 3..490 664. Importers Volume.40 2.46 1..33 0.248. Ltd.000 2. 36 Zhuhai City Qingan Huanan Economics & Trading Co.494. Ltd.000 696.211.384.201 4.682 420.014 0.219.602 17. 29 Zhejiang Zhenbang Chemical Fiber Co.000 956.. 16 Wuxi Hengdalai Engineering Plastic Products Co.706 4..33 0.409. 19 Shanghai Dongjin Plastic Fiber Co.307 347... Ltd. Ltd.484. 25 Zhongcheng Ningbo Imp & Exp Co.055 827.479 1.802 1. Ltd.270 1..33 0.824.781.981 332.70 0.942.. Ltd.242.300 481..196 287.40 0.772 3. 28 Shenzhen Baoan Foreign Economic Development Co.425.723 378.730 322. 26 Kunshan Jianheng Fibre Plastic Co.300 300.419. Ltd.431 2.696 3. For Assembling Affairs 32 Ningbo Xinxing Fibre Co. Ltd. USD Price.39 0.464 749. 11 Ningbo Younger Int'l Transportation Co.049 229.55 0.071.978 7.345.30 0. 34 Hangzhou Keyun Metal Co.134 1. Ltd.127.271. 13 Jiangsu Light Industrial Products Imp.048 1.116. 2 Hunan Province Xinyu Native Animal By-Products Imp & Exp Co.44 0.67 0.36 0.125 977. 7 Hangzhou Guotai Fibre Co.855.178 2. 35 Shenzhen Fbseg Industry Co. Ltd.19 0. Ltd. Ltd.03 0. Ltd.36 1.804 285.832 537.543 601.142 964. 8 Hangzhou Anshun Fibre Industry Co.664.310 857. Ltd.. Ltd.106 310. 15 China Light Shanghai Imp.103.314.184 3.40 0. 6 Fuyang City Fu Xing Imp & Exp Co. Ltd.

46 China Packaging Imp.708 36. Tianjin Company 47 Ningbo Zhongbao Imp & Exp Co.636 250.420 161.000 805.42 0.50 1.533 215. Ltd. Ltd.05 0.42 0.615 161.884 159.607 361.. Ltd. Ltd.148 222.26 0. Ltd.532 119.500 329.959 233. 42 Dongguan Shangsha Shinghing Plastics Products Co. 48 Tianjin Daanxi Recycling Short Fiber Co. Ltd..580 219.463 99.333 149. Ltd.. 63 Qiyuan Plastics (Shenzhen) Co.034 74.432 236.840 266. Ltd.30 0.. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. 49 Shanghai Jiumao Foreign Trade Co.000 125.269 490.77 0.. Ltd. Ltd.656 36.365 102.384 100.05 0.356 449. 545.30 0.830 195. 44 Ningbo Ding Jia Imp & Exp Co.874 66. 76 China Precision Machinery I&E Shanghai Pudong Co 77 Tianjin Taifeng Commercial & Trade Co 78 China Distribution.931. 45 Shengqin Plastic Cement ( Shenzhen ) Co.333 108. Ltd.77 0. Ltd.000 254.30 0.645 100.046 46..838 30.627 35.80 0..003 205.. Ltd.31 0.550 154. Ltd.32 0.073 110.46 0. 54 Shanghai Dong Hao Int'l Commercial Co.147 229.30 0.354 112.918 120. 66 Hangzhou Hanggang Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Co.139 67.828 179.41 Shanghai Yawei Trade Co.529 260. 71 Shanghai Hanjia Metal Product Co.327 112.905 188.123 350..163 250. Ltd. Manzhouli Corp. 74 Shanghai Lianan Plastic Product Co.215 390.932 0.204 124.. 52 Shanghai Rongyi Chemicals Co. 72 Wuxi Tianyi Int'l Trade Co.. 57 Taicang Wancai Regeneration Resource Utilization Co. Ltd... Ltd. Ltd.364. 64 Humeng Foreign Economic & Trade Corp.35 0..066 100. Ltd.850 164.254 33.320 107.31 0.665 117. Ltd.518 56.000 252.. Ltd.. Ltd. Ltd.555 237.58 0.42 1.35 0..30 0.056 570. 75 Shanghai Feilun Industry Co. 50 Haifu Development(Shenzhen)Co. 56 Anhui Anlike Toys Co.85 0.46 0.54 0.30 0.030 121.489 213..737 36. 73 Zhejiang Xinghe Group Industrial Co. 62 Hongkai Fibre (Quanzhou) Co.231.782 242.. 51 Dongguan City New Technologies Imp & Exp Co.31 0.757 251. Ltd..39 0. Ltd..550 368.504 157.30 0. 61 Yingjunren Plastic (Shenzhen) Co.45 0. Ltd.170 105..62 0.511 76.. 60 Pujiang Bai Lian Imp & Exp Co..30 0.& Exp. 68 Spaceflight Material Center 69 Yaxing (Taicang) Recycling Resource Development Co.61 0. Ltd.549 179.000 707. 53 Shanghai Yongkai Trading Co.513 297.352 151.016 121.90 0.529 123. 70 Ningbo Dafa Fibre Co.174 513..217 83. Ltd. Ltd.103 448. 59 Jiangyin City Changlong Chemical Fiber Co.64 0.54 67 Ningbo Jingyong Imp & Exp Co.000 408.213.450 460. Ltd.42 0.42 0. 65 Dongguan City Qifeng Foreign Trade Co.329 44. Others Total 90 . 58 Jingang Chemicals (Kunshan) Co. 55 Changzhou Jin Yang Plastic Product Co..882 187.30 0. 43 Jiaxing Litai Plastic Products Co.250 242.42 0.

with the production capacity of 320. industrial grade chips as well as other related high quality products.R. Han Jiang Website: www.. Ltd. DSR also provides public utility such as steam. But they refuse to disclose the names of those regions. DSR's production facility is equipped with technologies and equipment imported from Japan. three Solid-State Polymerization lines. Price They disclose current price for bottle-grade chip is RMB10.000MTS/year of special polyester annually.dragonsr. (DSR) is founded in April 2002. The main products of DSR are bottle grade chips.com 1) Company Background Dragon Special Resin (Xiamen) Co. heat through heat-transferring medium and electricity. 91 . DSR has a special PET production line. DSR occupies a total area of 24 hectares. DSR mainly engages in producing and processing PET products for use in fibre and nonfibre as well as other relevant products. Address: Nanhai 1st Road. and they comment it is not high. Haicang Investment Zone. capable of producing different grade of polyester chips. Ltd. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They disclose that DSR is a wholly Taiwan-funded enterprise.1 Dragon Special Resin (Xiamen) Co..000~15. At present. It is a wholly foreign-funded enterprise. and current output is 14. 700/MT. they produce bottle-grade chips but don’t produce film-grade chips. Sales and Export They claim SDR has import and export license.China Tel:+86-592-6888872 Fax: +86-592-6888877 Person to Contact: Mr. The total production capacity of PET products is 320. Xiamen 361026.000MTs/month. with the investment totaling USD274 million. P.000MTs/year.V-2 Foreign Companies in China V-2. And the company is the exclusive distributor for some regions. the United States and Italy. DSR has a continuous polymerization line with a daily capacity of 900 tons of pet polymer.

China Tel:+86-21-57502750-2513 13003226332 Fax: +86-21-37500083 Person to Contact: Mr.92 million..The Phase Three polyester Project with yearly capacity 150. Zhuo Website: www.000MTs/year direct spinning staple fibre facility (Phase Two) in 1990's. They claim the company is a Sino-Germany joint venture..Production They claim the company started to produce PET chip in 1995. They disclose the company carries out production in accordance with purchasing contracts. Address: No.com 1) Company Background Shanghai Lianji Synthetic Fibre Co. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 .Raw Material They claim 80~90% of raw materials of PET is imported from other countries. (Shanghai Lianji) is joint venture invested by Shanghai Chemical Fibre (Group) Co.000MTs last year. Its total investment is USD138 million and registered capital is USD49. Ltd. Ltd. . which has advanced equipment and can produce high-quality products.195 Mingcheng Road Xinhuo Development Zone Pudong Shanghai 201419 P..300m2 and has 528 employees. Germany and Shanghai International Shanghai Growth Investment Ltd. Ltd. .2 Shanghai Lianji Synthetic Fibre Co. and the price of raw material keeps growing recently.V-2. Zimmer AG.R. in 1994.Price and Specifications 92 .. Shanghai Lianji covers an area of 294.shlianji.000MTs/year filament grade polyester facility (Phase One) and a 30. Shanghai Lianji introduced a 70. They disclose it’s impossible for PET producers to have much PET stock because this kind of products needs large cash flow. Shanghai Lianji passed ISO9002 in early time.000MTs/year started construction on August 2002. The production capacity is 300.000MTs/year and it produced 250.

czwbr. Address: No.com 1) Company Background Jiangsu Changzhou Worldbest Radici Co...000MTs/year bottle-grade polyester chips. FDA test and Coca-Cola. CWRC produces the high-viscosity polyester chips that conform to the national GB-13114 food hygienic standard and has been approved by ISO 9002. Ltd. V-2.The company can supply many specifications. Raw Materials 93 . CWRC imports main raw materials from the world-famous companies like Mitsubishi and BP Amoco. and the production capacity is 270.406 million and the registered capital is USD45. (CWRC) was founded by Shanghai Huayuan Co. P. which makes the company one of the largest manufacturer in China.R. Jiangsu Province. CWRC’s water bottle-grade chip. Italian Faostuo Radici Group. West Waihuan Road. The total investment of this company is USD11. semi-dull and bright chips. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim the company has been producing PET products for six or seven years. in 1996.China Tel: +86-519-5100553-663. heat-resistant chip and edible oil chip hold 20%. Current price is RMB10. Changzhou 213022. the daily output is 800MTs. National High & New Technology Industry Development Zone.. 68.2 million. Ltd. including dull. At present.3 Jiangsu Changzhou Worldbest Radici Co. Ltd. Hongkong Qiule Development Co. with the equipment supplied and set up by Italian Noy Company with its annual capacity of 80. ISO14001. 60% and 70% of domestic market. 13606128115 Fax: +86-519-5100559 Person to Contact: Mr..000MTs. Xu Website: www. respectively. 400/MT. Ltd. They disclose there are three production lines of PET in this company.

P. Changzhou Andenie covers an area of 120. but the rate will vary with the market demand. etc. Price At present. Swiss. Xinbei District. 1. tea-drinks. (Changzhou Andenie) is a Sino-German joint venture jointly invested by Changzhou Plastics Group and Zimmer AG in 2004. They disclose the company carries out production according to its purchasing contracts.China Tel: +86-519-5778111. Xinyu East Road. with the total investment over RMB400 million. Germany and SSP technology and facilities supplier Bühler AG.000MTs/year production capacity.. fruit juice drinks. the price of water and oil bottle-grade chip is RMB11. 94 . Changzhou Andenie introduced advanced polyester continuous poly-condensation technology and facilities from Zimmer AG.com 1) Company Background Jiangsu Changzhou Andenie Polyester Co. The company mainly specializes in producing bottle-grade PET chips with 220. V-2. pet sheets and HDI. films. The company exports half of its products to international markets. Yutang Industrial Park. Ltd. as well as drugs.. Ltd. Jiangsu Province.000 square meters. the operation rate is about 80%. The total investment of Changzhou Andenie is RMB400 million and its registered capital was USD12 million.R. and edible oil. 2) Situation in 2005 Production They claim the company commenced production at the end of Apr. USD9 million from Changzhou Plastics Group and USD3 million from Zimmer AG. At present. Guan Website: www. Address: No.andenie. Its bottle-grade PET chips can be applied in packaging of CSD.They claim all raw materials for PET chips are imported from foreign countries. drinking water. The company’s production capacity of PET is 220.000/MT.4 Changzhou Andenie Polyester Co. Changzhou 213033. which is different from other PET producers.000MTs/year. 5778666 Fax: +86-519-5778889 Person to Contact: Mr. 2005 and only produces bottle-grade PET chips.

. SSP. and it exported 11.000MTs/year in 2005. DTY. PET sheet.- Raw Material They disclose that all the raw materials of PET are imported from foreign countries.com. 500.000/MT. Xinghuo Development Zone. The production capacity of bottle-grade chip is 180. P. V-2. They disclose the PET chips of this company sell well currently. because all the products produced in Sep.cn 1) Company Background Far Eastern Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Price and Specification The price of bottle-grade PET chips is between RMB10. The company passed DNV ISO9001: 2000 quality system certifications. textile. 2005. There are workshops for polymerization. Ltd. fruit juice drinks. Address: No. Wang Website: www. (Far Eastern Shanghai) was invested in USD250 million by Taiwan Far Eastern Group in 1996.R. Shanghai 201419. The product structure is as follows: Bottle-grade chip. weaving.5 Far Eastern Industrial (Shanghai) Co.000MTs/year Differential polyester staple fibre.000MTs/year.China Tel: +86-21-6875-1888 Person to Contact: Mr. Sales and Export The company has the import and export license.198.000MTs of PET chips last month. They disclose the specifications of the bottle-grade PET chips include CSD.feis.000MTs/year 95 . have already been ordered. Factories of Far Eastern Shanghai occupy 370. and edible oil.000m2. Ltd. It is a union enterprise using PTA and EG as raw material to produce polyester and other extension products for large-scale chemical industry. chemical fiber. POY.800/MT and RMB11. staple fiber. tea-drinks. Pudong District. Baisha Road. They claim the price will change in accordance with the market. dyeing and finishing. 60. The company will accept new purchasing orders till Oct. drinking water. dyeing and finishing and other relative accessory facilities. and the company claims it will increase to 500.

The company started to produce BOPP film in 1990. V-2.000MTs/year.POY.Price & Packaging The price of PET film depends on the thickness of products.China. about 200.800. Address: No. 96 . About the Parent Company Hwa-Seung Group was founded in 1969 and listed in 1991. Hunomik Shanghai got ISO9002 certificate in 1996 and ISO-9001 in 2003.000m2. Ltd.000MTs/year 2) Situation of PET in 2005 They claim that the output of PET chip is very large. They comment that the price is slightly high in China. Tel: +86-21-51113708 Fax: +86-21-51113709 Person to Contact: Mr. Thereof. with the capacity of 55.Production They claim the company has production facility of PET film.000MTs/year DTY. P. the price is FOB USD1. Li 1) Company Background Hunomik (Shanghai) International Trade Co.933. 34. the annual output of BOPP film is 30. PET..700~1.000MTs/year. In South Korea.. ventilating film and processing many relevant film products.6 Hunomik (Shanghai) International Trade Co. Ltd. . The company specializes in producing BOPP. Zhongshan West Road.S. ventilating film 4. They disclose that the packaging of products for export is in compliance with the export packaging standard.000MTs. Industries Co. In general.000MTs and aluminized film 4.. Ltd. Shanghai. the company has nine production lines. (Hunomik Shanghai) company was set up in 2002 by Hwa-Seung and H.000MTs. It is a wholly foreign-founded enterprise. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 . developed ventilating film in 1993 and launched into PET film field in 1997. Its workshops cover 50. Changning District 200051.R.000MTs. PET film 17. 9.

V-3 Profiles of Current Domestic Producers V-3.1 Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Co., Ltd. Address: Xupu, Yizheng 211900, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China Tel: +86-21-52385017 Fax: +86-21-52385019 Person to Contact: Mr. Sun Website: www.ycfc.com 1) Company Background Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited (SYCF) was founded in Dec. 1993. It is a holding subsidiary of Sinopec. It was listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and Shangshai Stock Exchange in 1994 and 1995, respectively. . SYCF mainly engages in the production and marketing of polyester chip, polyester fibre and producing the raw material of polyester PTA. Its business scope covers the production and marketing of chemical fibre and chemical products, production of raw materials, technologic development of chemical fibre and spinning, etc. SYCF introduced equipment from German, Japan, Italy, France, England, and America. The company has passed ISO9001 (2000) and ISO14001. The company produces more than 200 kinds of polyester and fibre products. By the end of 2003, SYCF and its affiliated firms have 1.31 million MTs/year production capacity of polyester, 188,000MTs/year production capacity of bottle-grade chip, 781,000MTs/year production capacity of polyester filament, and 855,000MTs/year production capacity of PTA. Main products of SYCF include: Film-grade PET chip Fibre-grade PET chip Bottle-grade PET chip Polyester staple fibre Polyester long filament Hollow fibre 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production

They claim the total capacity of PET chip is 1 million MTs/year, and the capacity of bottlegrade chip is 300,000MTs/year. The company also produces filament. Raw Materials


They claim the company produces the raw materials of PET, PTA and EG. The production capacity of PET is 900,000MTs/year. The company purchases part of raw materials from home and abroad. Price

They disclose that current prices of water bottle-grade and oil bottle-grade are RMB10,500 and RMB10,550 respectively. Sales and Export

They claim the company has the import and export license. Purchasing order is better to be contracted 15 days ahead. V-3.2 Jiangsu Xingye Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. Address: Sanfang Xiang, Zhouzhuang, Jiangyin 214423, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China Tel: +86-510-6742579 Fax: +86-510-6229819 Contact of personal: Mr. Huang Website: www.xyhm.com 1) Company Background Jiangsu Xingye Plastics Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Xingye) is a joint venture subordinated to Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group Co. Ltd, which was established at the end of 1999 with enormous production scale and great varieties of products among them mainly are bottle-grade, fibermaking polyester chips and polyester staple fiber. The company specializes in producing the bottle-grade and fiber-making polyester industry. The capacity of bottle-grade and fiber-making polyester chips production lines are 120,000MTs/year. Jiangsu Xingye applies technology and equipments from DuPont USA and Buhler Co., Ltd. Switzerland, respectively. The main products of this company include: Bottle-grade PET Fibre-making PET Industrial PET Polyester staple fibre 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production


160.000MTs/year this year and it will increase to 950. LYPC is engaged mainly in oil refining and producing chemical products and marketing. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 99 . LYPC has 39 large production units with a capacity of refining crude oil of 7.000MTs/year of fiber products. P. The output in 2004 is 350.45 million MTs of oil products and 900. LYPC now has 9 functional departments.000MTs/year of PET. 6 units under its direct control and 3 large joint ventures with 12. V-3. Price & Packaging The price for common water bottle-grade chips is USD1.They claim the company’s production capacity is 550.000MTs next year. 10 production plants.000MTs of light chemical oil annually. They comment this price is comparatively cheap. In general.000MTs. each about 21MTs. The company has bright film-grade and carbonated bottle grade chips in stock currently. Liaoning Province. Chemical Sector has PE unit. LYPC has been awarded with ISO 9000 quality certifications for all of its leading products.035 FOB Zhangjiagang.cn 1) Company Background Covering an area of 16 square kilometers. PP and PA units producing 400.000MTs/year of N66 salt (including AA). Fiber sector contains PTA.5 Torch Street.R. which was founded on the basis of Liaoyang Petroleum Chemical Fibre Company. aromatics unit and nylon 66 salt unit which produces 90. LYPC has marketed its products all over China and exported to foreign countries.5 million MTs/year. LYPC currently has total assets of RMB13.cnpc-lh. If clients only need 1~2MTs. Liaoyang 111003. they can offer less than container load.com. Sales and Export They claim the company has the import and export license.3 Liaoning Liaoyang Petrochemical Co. while hot-filling bottle-grade chips products will be available next month.China Tel:+86-419-5153122 Fax: +86-419-5154911 Website: www. the products for export will be packed in container. Liaoyang Petrochemical Company (LYPC) is a subsidiary of CNPC.5 billion. Hongwei. Address: No. Ltd.000 staffs and workers.000MTs/year of plastic materials and 50. Fuel Section can produce 1. PET.

medium viscosity chip for use in sewing thread. Address: No.kaiping-polyester.. Price The price of water bottle-grade is RMB10.400/MT.- Production They claim the company has PET stock at present. which has been listed. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim the company started to produce PET products in 1996 and the design capacity is 400.1. Ltd. P. Guangdong. 2228111. Shagang District. The company has two freight docks. bright chip. located in Guangdong Province and covering 700. bright fibre grade chip for civil use and industrial use. Ltd.4 Guangdong Kaiping Polyester Enterprises Group Co. Honeywell (Kaiping) Industrial Polymers Co. (Kaiping Polyester) is a largescale collective group. The company’s subsidiaries include Polyester Chip Factory. 100 . Color Venter Particle Factory. 300/MT and that of oil bottle-grade is RMB10.com. high viscosity chip for industrial use.R. Ltd.000MTs/year. Meihua Road. The total output of PET products is over 300. Kaiping 529325.. V-3. Fax: +86-750-2228836 Website: www. The main products of Kaiping Polyester include: polyester chips color fibre particle polyester filament polyester industrial silk cotton cloth series The species of PET chips include: Semi-dull fibre grade chip. as well as Kaiping Chunhui Co.000m2 of land.000MTs last year.cn 1) Company Background Guangdong Kaiping Polyester Enterprises Group Co.China Tel: +86-750-2213758.. film grade chip and bottle grade chip.

The viscosity degree is higher.R. covers 230. 80 are engineers and technicians. 140.000MTs/year 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production 101 . It exports products to Japan and West Europe. Zhuhai Yuhua has 650 employees.000MTs/year PET for film. The company,it's a great modern manufacture mainly producing polyester chips. The company got the certificate of UKAS & RAB.yuhuapet.China Tel: +86-756-3311868-31222 Fax: +86-756-3311483 Contact personal: Miss Zhu Website: www. Zhuhai 519080. Zhuhai Yuhua specializes in producing polyester chips. which are purchased in China and imported from foreign countries sometimes.. highly viscous chip for industrial use.. HR201. H2018 have been approved by Coca-Cola and H203 have been approved by PepsiCo. The price varies in accordance with the viscosity degree of products. Ltd. Species and Price They claim the packaging is 1MT. 10. 150. V-3.com 1) Company Background Guangdong Zhuhai Yuhua Polyester Co. (Zhuhai Yuhua). Ltd. Guangdong Province.000m2 of land and its construction area reaches 100. Its products of bottle grade PET have been approved by FDA test.5 Guangdong Zhuhai Yuhua Polyester Co. The company produces many species including light fibre chip. P. and the price will be higher.000m2. Its structure of major products is as follows: PET for fiber. light fibre chip for industrial use.000m2 testing building.000MTs/year PET for bottle. etc. EEC test and H203. which is equipped with hundreds of advanced analysis apparatus. Packaging.The company adopts glycol and PTA as the raw materials. Address: Tangjia. established in 1988. The company set up a 2. Among them.

UCFG covers an area of 380. Address: Under Qishan Bridge. Shaoxin 312000.8 billion.000m2. V-3.6 Zhejiang Chemical Fibre Joint Group Co. At present. 000MTs/year. (UCFG) was built in 1984 by China Orient Asset Management Corporation. Coca Cola bottle. polyester staple and other products. oil bottle 202 and so on. etc. which is effective for about one month. Ltd. . the total assets of UCFG reached RMB1. China Huarong Asset Management Corp. cation chip. In the beginning of its establishment. By the end of 2002.000MTs/year of polyester filament. Southeast Asia. China Development Bank. etc.China Tel: +86-575-8368288 Fax: +86-575-8327026 Person to Contact: Mr.000MTs/year for PET chip. with the capacity of 150. 102 . polyester long filament. The main products of this company include: PET chip Polyester filament Polyester staple PET chip has many specifications.R. flame retarding chip. P. tea bottle. Zhejiang Province..000MTs/year. with a total capacity of 150.. UCFFG has six subsidiaries and holding companies. Ltd. including semi-dull chip.. Sales and Export They claim their products are sold throughout the country and other countries such as Europe.. Ltd. They disclose most consumers are willing to buy oil bottle chip 202 materials. Price & Species They claim the company has fibre polyester chip and non-fibre polyester bottle chip. the company only had 5. China Cinda Asset Management Co. Its registered capital is RMB860 million. the company’s production capacity has increased to 300. 600/MT. The price is RMB10. Wang 1) Company Background Zhejiang United Chemical Fibre Group Co. and other companies. The company also produces chips for mineral water bottle.They claim the company produces fibre materials.

000MTs/year Jinan Zhenghao owns following subsidiaries and holding companies: Jinan Santai Fire-retardant Products Co..1 and OHSA18001. Ltd. ISO10012. Ltd. Shandong. Jinan Zhenghao has passed ISO9001. The product structure of this company is as follows: IPA.... V-3.000MTs/year Polyester filament. 260. Address: No. P. 80 employees work for it and 29 of them are engineering technologists. textile material.39 billion.. Industrial and Trade Co. Xi Website: www. Tel: +86-531-88068236 Person to Contact: Mr. LiXia District.2. 103 .. 100. specializing in producing. The company has RMB220 million of fix assets. 29. Jinan Zhenhao Polyester Co. 22. About Jinan Zhenhao Polyester Co.China. (Jinan Zhenhao) was founded in April 2002..R.600 employees.2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They disclose the company does not produce bottle-grade PET chip. Ltd.7 Shandong Jinan Zhenhao Advanced Fiber Co.com 1) Company Background Shandong Jinan Zhenhao Advanced Fiber Co. Ltd. Jinan Zhenhao Polyester Co. Huaqianchang Road. Jinan Weide Fibre Fabrics Co. processing and marketing chemical fiber..000MTs/year PET melt and chip. Jinan Huaxian Scientific.000MTs/year. Its asset is up to RMB2. is a holding company of Jiannan Zhenhao. ISO14001. Ltd. Ltd.jnzhaf. The production capacity of semi-dull chip is about 200. Ltd. semi-dull and bright chips. Jinan Zhenghao Trading Co. JiNan250100. 110. Ltd.. Jinan Zhenhao has 1.000MTs/year Polyester staple. The company owns 9 subcompanies. fabric and garment. The company can offer cation. Ltd.8% of who are technologic support members and 89 people are senior technologists.

and the daily capacity is 500MTs/day. The capacity of PET chip is 160.000MTs of filament. including 743 technicians. Tianjin Branch’s total asset is RMB6. with the total production capacity of 260.000MTs/year.cn 1) Company Background Sinopec Corp. Tianjin. and some are sold to Heibei Province.tpcc. Up to now.000MTs/year. chemical and chemical fibre. 104 . Sinopec Tianjin has 20 production facilities covering refining. P.000MTs/year.500/MT.000MTs/year facility has stopped production. Its oil processing capacity is 5 million MTs/year.China. and they comment that the product can bring much profit.The company adopts the China-developed technology to produce PET. Tianjin Branch. Raw Material They claim the company produces PTA as well. Sales The products are mainly sold in Shandong Province.000MTs/year of staple fibre and 8. including 30. Dagang District 300271. the facility of PTA has stopped for maintenance.8 Sinopec Corp. A set of 100. Tel: +86-22-63822777. +86-10-51586861 Fax: +86-10-51586884 Website: www. Price They disclose the price of PET chip is about RMB10. PET fibre capacity is 100.000MTs/year.76 billion is fixed assets. chemical reforming capacity is 150.000MTs/year of PET chips. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim that current output of PET products is very small. Normal output is 400~500MTs/day.638 staff members. At present. about 60~70MTs/day. 60. 2000 through restructuring the main business of Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical Corporation. among which RMB2.R. It has its own special Oil Wharf and tank area in Xingang Seaport. Sinopec Tianjin has 4. They claim the company has two sets of facilities. Tianjin Branch (Sinopec Tianjin) was founded in Apr. V-3. Tianjin Branch Address: Sinopec Corp.com.46 billion.

P. Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical Corporation imported its main technology from Zimmer AG. DMT. 80. film-grade chips facility. 60. Henan Province. 105 . 90. LuoYang 471012.000MTs/year. polyethylene facility. light diesel. V-3.000MTs/year. para-xylene.000MTs/year. Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical Corporation obtained ISO9002 quality system certificate. heavy aromatics. .000MTs/year. coke. etc. 200. polypropylene facility.000MTs/year. PET Staple Fibre facility. The price is RMB10. Chemical Fibre Section: Polyester facility. 2) Situation of PET of 2005 Production They claim the “Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical Corporation” does not exist any more.000MTs/year. FDY and POY filament facility. Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals of Japan. R.000MTs/year.000MTs/year. Union Carbide Corporation in the United States. PTA facility. including lead-free gasoline. Ethylene Section: Ethylene facility.China. PX facility.000MTs/year. 22. 120. 200. benzene. 300. Lummus. 250. PLG.Sinopec Tianjin mainly produces 31 kinds of products of oil. jet fuel. Shell in Netherlands. Neumag Company of Germany. Polyether Polylol facility. It is called Sinopec Corp. 100. Price The company produces fibre-grade PET chip. chemicals and fibre. PET staple fibre and filament.000MTs/year.9 Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Complex Address: Jili District. Mitsui Chemical.Sales The sales of this company have been unified. 48. petroleum asphalt.000MTs/year and EG facility. fuel heavy oil. 600.000MTs/year. which is taken changed by the sales center in Beijing. kerosene.200 at present.About Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical Corporation Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical Corporation has following production facilities: Chemical Section: Aromatics Complex facility.000MTs/year and differential staple fibre. Tianjin Branch. 2.000MTs/year. PET chips. EO facility. 000MTs/year. 43. . They claim the production capacity of PET is 200.

Price 106 . The capacity of polyester filament is 90. DuPont. PTA facility.000MTs/year. that of PTA is 250. including aromatic hydrocarbon facility. direct spinning polyester filament and direct spinning polyester staple fibre.4 billion.Tel:+86-379-66996147. Sinopec LPC specializes in oil refining. Sinopec LPC has more than 8. It covers 6 million square meters and its total fixed assets exceeds RMB10 billion. which was invested in RMB6.000MTs/year. Its major products include: POY FDY Polyester staple fibre PET chip PTA PX Benzene The Chemical Fibre Plant of Sinopec LPC introduced the technology and equipment from American Amoco.200 professional technicians. It was started construction in 1998 and put into production in 2000.000MTs/year. Chemical Fibre Plant of Sinopec LPC The Chemical Fibre Plant of Sinopec LPC was invested by Sinopec and Henan Provincial government. The capacity of PET melt and chip is 200.000MTs/year. +86-10-51586861 Fax:+86-10-51586884 Website: www. including 2. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim the production capacity of PET is 200. and that of polyester staple fibre is 100.000MTs/year. The plant carries out production in accordance with purchasing orders.lypcc.100 employees. chemicals and chemical fibre. It has 1.500 employees.cn 1) Company Background Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Complex (Sinopec LPC) is a state-owned enterprise directly subordinate to Sinopec. The Chemical Fibre Plant has five major production facilities. but the output volume is not as large as it. UOP and Japanese Toray.com. polyester facility.

Zhejiang Tongkun has 26 wholly subsidiaries and holding companies.zjtkjt. IT as well as printing and dyeing fields. the group sets foot in real estate.200 at present. agriculture. Sales They disclose the sales of its products are taken charged by the sales center in Beijng. It is a state-owned enterprise. and most PET chips are used to produce polyester filament and staple fibre by the company itself.China Tel: +86-573-8183758 Fax: +86-573-8183701 Person to Contact: Mr. finance. Zhejiang Tongkun mainly produces polyester chip and polyester long filament. Tongxiang Development Zone. in 2004.10. Zhejiang Tongkun Group Address: No.8 billion. and the name once changed into Zhejiang Tongkun Chemical Fibre Group Co.000MTs/year.R. 107 .. trade. Meanwhile.The company produces fibre-grade PET chip. At present. Only a small part of PET chips are sold out. It sells its products all over China and exports them to over 10 countries and regions including India and Italy. in 1999 and Tongkun Group Co. Ltd. Its products include: POY.. . 2. Ltd. and that of chemical filament fibre is 600. DTY DT FDY filament PET chip The production capacity of polyester is 720.000 employees. including RMB1 billion of net assets.000MTs/year. Guangming. Zhejiang Province. the total asset of Zhejiang Tongkun is RMB2.com 1) Company Background Zhejiang Tongkun Group (Zhejiang Tongkun) was established on the basis of Tongxiang Chemical Fibre Plant which was set up in 1981. Hangzhou 314500. It has more than 7. Zhu Website: www. . The price is RMB10. V-3. P.

000MTs/year and 550. which was put into production in Oct.000MTs/year polyester and melt direct spinning production line. which was put into production in Jun.000MTs/year and that of bottlegrade is 20.000MTs/year in the “China-Tongkun Industrial City of Chemical Fibre”. Up to 2004. no semi-dull chip. 2000. Zhejiang Tongkun passed ISO9002. Sales and Export The company has the import and export license. Zhejiang Tongkun invested RMB580 million in the 180. which was put into production in Sep 2003.000MTs/year polyester project was put into production. 2002. They disclose the company produces fibre-grade chip but not film-grade chip at present. Zhejiang Tongkun invested RMB120 million in the 160. 500. HIMSON in India.000MTs/year. In Aug. The price of bright chip is RMB10.000MTs/year PET chip project. etc. The production capacity of fibre-grade PET chip is 180. the production capacities of polyester and melt direct spinning long filament reached 700. UB20 LAUDA in Germany.Zhejiang Tongkun introduced equipment from TMT in Japan. 108 . Zhejiang Tongkun invested RMB310 million in the project of “China-Tongkun Industrial City of Chemical Fibre” and 180. In Jul. HONEY WELL in the US. In Jan 2001. 2000. They claim the market of PET this year is unfavorable. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim the company started to produce PET chip in 1999. Price and Specification The company can offer fibre-grade and bottle-grade chips. About PET Project In Apr. 2002.000MTs/year modified melt direct spinning long filament project. 204. Zhejiang Tongkun invested RMB310 million in the 180.

tunhepet.000MTs/year. . as there are many buyers waiting for the products. 800. The company passed OHSA1800. Address: Yan’an South Road.Price The price for bottle-grade chip in its latest purchasing order is RMB10. P. .. At present.87 hectares. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 .com.000MTs/year. Tunhe Polyester has imported continuous polymerization technology from German AQUAFIF and SSP technology from Italian SINCO. ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001.They disclose Zhejiang Tongkun got RMB10 billion sales revenue from long filament and chips last year. The production capacity of bottle-grade chip is 60. Among them. Ltd. The company also produces fibre-grade chip. with the production capacity of 60.000MTs/year.000MTs/year.R. The production capacity of multifunction and differential polyester chips is 60. The company carries out production in accordance with the purchasing contracts. Ltd.Production They claim the company hasn’t PET chip in stock at present. Chanji 831100. Current operation rate of its facility is 100%. 109 . Its major product is bottle-grade PET resin. V-3.. Tel: +86-994-6580589 Fax: +86-994-2722024 Person to Contact: Miss Ma Xiaohong Website: www.Sales They claim that the current market situation is comparatively good. with the capacity of 110.. Xinjiang.cn 1) Company Background Xinjiang Tuhe Polyester Co.11 Xinjiang Tunhe Polyester Co.China. 90% workers graduated from the technical secondary school or collage. Ltd. The price will vary with the market. (Tunhe Polyester) is a wholly subsidiary of Tunhe Industry & Trade Co. The company covers an area of 13. there are 225 employees in the company.

. Xiao.. and the two factories work for 24 hours a day.R. Heilongjiang Longdi has the import and export license. 300/MT. Miss Shao Website: www.000MTs/year. Price and Specification The company produces bright and semi-dull chips.000MTs/year and polyester industrial filament is 37.V-3. that of polyester textile-grade staple fiber is 90. the United States and Italy. Ltd. the production capacity of PET chips is 160.biz 1) Company Background Heilongjiang Longdi Stock Co. that of filament is 36.longdi. Sales 110 . Heilongjiang Longdi imported the key equipment from Germany. They disclose that the current output of PET products is not large. It sells its products all over China and exports them to Europe and America.Production They claim the company is a state-owned enterprise with total assets of RMB3 billion. Heilongjiang. (Heilongjiang Longdi) was set up in 1975 on the basis of former Heilongjiang Polyester Fiber Factory. +86-451-53717706 Fax: +86-451-53717949 Person to Contact: Mr. which started to produce PET as early as 1985. P. They disclose the company has more then ten factories. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 . Japan. At present.116. The price is RMB10. It does not produce film-grade chip. The Company passed ISO 9002 and ISO9001: 2000. while only two factories are producing PET due to capital problem in the company. Address: No. Acheng city150316. Ltd. Heping street. It is a listed company.000MTs/year. They claim their equipment is worldadvanced. The company carries out production according to the market demand.000MTs/year.12 Heilongjiang Longdi Stock Co.China Tel: +86-451-53715382.

2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim that the current PET capacity in the company is 150. including over 500 technicians and professionals. American and Southeast Asian countries. and 3D images and laser anti-fake products for packaging and advertising. plastic packaging bags.They disclose the company only sales part of PET chips and most chips are remained to produce industrial filament.150. V-3. Minjiang West Road. China. Address: No. plastic pipes and fittings. while the industrial filament is profitable. while the production base is in Yinbin Sichuan Province. Push Plastic & Polyester Department. Mr. Push Subsidiary Companies and Push joint ventures.R. Sichuan Province. (Push Group) was established in 1997.. Price and Species 111 . Push Plastic Building and Packing Materials Department. P. Chen Website: www. detergents and cosmetics. The company carries out production in line with their purchasing orders. Ltd. and the total investment had exceeded RMB2.0 billion by 2004.. molds. Push Group has RMB3 billion fixed assets.000MTs/year. Push Group consists of three units: Push Group Push Plastic. etc. etc. Tel: +86-831-3565889. polyester chips. 340. +86-13829178189 Fax: +86-831-3553188 Person to Contact: Mr. PET bottle preforms.cn 1) Company Background China Push Group International Co. Push Plastic Pet Preforms Department. Products of Push Group are exported to European. Ltd. The initial investment for Push Group was RMB300 million.com.13 China Push Group International Co.000 employees. At present. Miu. Push Plastic includes Push Plastic Closure Department.pushi. The claim PET chip cannot bring much profit because of expensive raw material. It is a wholly subsidiary company under Wuliangye Group. Yinbin 644007. They disclose that PET products are stored in Dongguang Guangdong Province. Its products include plastic anti-fake bottle caps.000m2 production facilities and over 4..

. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production 112 . Longqiao. mainly engaging in producing and marketing high-grade silk.. Shengze Town. Wujiang 215228. 120. China Garment Group Co. Xinsheng Silk Weaving Mill. Liaowu Silk Weaving Mill.R. (JWSC) was set up by Jiangsu Wujiang Silk Group Co. scientific technology and trade.silkgroup. Ltd. 12 trillion stitches/year JWSG has many brands for its silk products such as Xinsheng. Ltd. Ltd.. The total asset of the group is RMB4 billion.. P. computerized embroidery. Ltd. Tel: +86-512-63597063 Fax: +86-512-63597063 Person to Contact: Mr. JWSC integrates real estate. 80 million meters/year Computerized embroidery.They refuse to disclose the domestic price of PET products. Chen Website: www. Xinhua Silk Weaving Mill. and Suzhou Foreign Economic Development Corporation.com 1) Company Background Jiangsu Wujiang Silk Co. Ltd. The total registered capital of JWSC is RMB313 million. and Xinda Computerized Embroidery Plant.. They claim the PET products in the company are bottle grade PET.. (JWSG) has five factories: Xinlian Silk Weaving Mill.000MTs/year Silk. The products can be used in engineering plastic as well if it is processed to improve the performance..000MTs/year Chemical filament. Add: Shunxin Middle Road. special filature. Jiangsu Province. Jiangsu Wujiang Silk Group Co.130/MT. V-3. About Jiangsu Wujiang Silk Group Co. Ltd. 130. etc. Sales and Export They claim the company has its own import and export license. Camellia... Jiangsu Silk Group Co. Ltd. while the price FOB Guangzhou is USD1.14 Jiangsu Wujiang Silk Co. The product structure of JWSG is as follows: PET chip. It was listed in 2004. China Silk Industry Corporation.China.

Zhejiang Cifu has more than 3. The output is 150MTs/day.S..A.com 1) Company Background Zhejiang Cifu Group Co. (Zhejiang Cifu) was established on the basis of Shaoxing First Polyester Plant in 1986. because film-grade chip is unprofitable. which produces 400. Specifications They claim the company offers bright. The company produces cation and other special chips but not film-grade chip. P. Miss Li Website: www. It specializes in the research.000MTs of melt direct spinning and 100. It is a comprehensive enterprise with USD500 million of total assets. cation dyed of DTY. film and yarns are imported from the U. The company has 6 production lines of small polyester. covering 2 million m2. Germany. Zhejiang Cifu consists of two factories.000MTs of chip spinning).. 113 .600 staffs and over 10% have been educated in college. POY and FDY 400 thousand tons (including 300. Japan. Zhejiang Cifu sells its products both in China and abroad..15 Zhejiang Cifu Group Co. semi-dull. V-3. Shaoxin 312073. The company has passed ISO9001.cifugroup. cation and other special chips.They claim the company started to produce PET chips ten years ago. 13806743401 Fax: +86-575-5101220 Person to Contact: Mr. France and Italy. 5621130.000MTs of different specifications of semi-dull. All the key equipments of polyester. China Tel: +86-575-5101220. development and production of raw materials of chemical fibre. seven corporations and one research institute center as its subcompanies. Ltd.R. Xu. BOPET and medicine fields. Address: Binghai industrial strict. Its major products include: Polyester silk DTY FDY POY Polyester film BOPET PET chip. Ltd. Zhejiang Province.

(Zhengjiang Zongheng) was built in 1995 on the basis of Shaoxing Yarn-Dyed Fabric Co. Ltd. which can produce 200. It has 4.. Ltd.000m2 including 280. including film-grade. They claim their products are sold both in China and oversea countries.. Sales and Export The company has the import and export license. Zhengjiang Zongheng covers an area of 667..In 2003. 114 .500 employees.htm 1) Company Background Zhejiang Zongheng Group Co. Doumen County 312071. They disclose the company cannot offer semi-dull chip at present. Zhejiang Cifu invests USD15 million to build China Union-Cifu Medicine Manufacture Enterprise.000m2 of construction area. Tel: +86-575-8038368..cn/rx/ZONGHENG/twjs.6 billion. China. because its production is in accordance with purchasing contracts. It has five economic entities. V-3. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim that the company has ten production lines of PET. Address: Industrial Economical Development Zone. 8038160 Person to Contact: Mr.R. fibre-grade. Meanwhile. 8039725 Fax:+86-575-8038161. Zhejiang Province. covering.000MTs of BOPET. Its total assets reached RMB1. and so on. Price and Specification They claim the company produces many specifications of PET chips. The price of film-grade chip is USD110/MT. P. Ma Website: http://www.. cation.000MTs of high-speed film grade BOPET material and 120. Ltd. Ltd. It is predicted to be put into production in 2005.000MTs/year and the daily output is about 300MTs. Zhejiang Cifu invested USD200 million in setting up Zhejiang Euro-Asia Film Materials Co. The capacity of film-grade chip is 200. such as Europe and Southeast Asia.16 Zhejiang Zongheng Group Co.zgsc.

The product structure is as follows: PET chip. Ltd. 12 production lines of FDY and 4 production lines of POY.087 billion. with the total investment of RMB1. Address: No.000MTs/year. 100... 120 million meters/year The company sells its products all over China and exports to Southeast Asia. The production capacity of polyester and filament of Hunan Jindi is 100.China Tel: +86-732-8661334 Fax: +86-732-8660740 Person to Contact: Mr.000MTs/year Differential fibre. The company introduced major equipments for polyester and spinning from Switzerland.000MTs/year. Main products of Hunan Jindi include: PET chip POY FDY DTY 115 . Europe and so on. Germany. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 They disclose the company produces PET chips in accordance with its plan and it is unable to supply PET products to others. The company covers 334. P. respectively. The registered capital of the company is RMB250 million. V-3. etc. Liu 1) Company Background Hunan Jindi Chemical Fibre Co. 38.. They refuse to reveal more information.R. Yuetang District. Hunan Province. including 248 professional technicians. Ltd. and France.The company has six batch polymerization production lines.000MTs/year Garment materials.000m2 and has 590 employees. was established by Hunan Economic Construction Investment Company. Xiangtan 411101. The company passed ISO9001: 2000. Xiangtan Economic Construction Investment Corporation and Xiangtan Chemical Fibre Factory in Feb 1995.17 Hunan Jindi Chemical Fibre Co. 160. 40. Shuyuan Road.

000MTs/year Synthetic fiber raw material and synthetic fiber.38 million MTs/year 116 . The company produces over 60 different types of products in 4 categories. manufacturing of plastics and synthetic fibers. Sales They claim the company has the import and export license. It produces semi-dull fibregrade PET chip. 950. synthetic resins and plastics.500 staff members on the regular payroll.000MTs/year. such as petroleum products. R. They claim the production capacity is 100.48 Jinyi Road Jinshan 200540 Shanghai China P. covering an area of 9. Ltd. SPC has total assets of RMB 28. 200. Ltd. synthetic fiber raw materials and synthetic fibers.000MTs/month.spc.1 million MTs/year Synthetic resin and plastics.000MTs/month. Tel: +86-21-57949409 Fax: +86-21-57930116 Person to Contact: Mr. Price They disclose the factory price is RMB10. and current output is 8. Their filament products are exported to foreign countries.4 square kilometers. intermediate petrochemicals. 1.000MTs/year Petroleum and petrochemical products. synthetic fibers and plastics. SPC has 72 sets of main production plants including oil refining. The company carries out production in accordance with purchasing contracts. By the end of 2004. 5. Address: No. V-3. At present. (SPC) was set up on the basis of Shanghai Petrochemical Complex in 1972.com. petrochemical processing. 950. 14 million MTs/year Ethylene. The company itself consumes 4.8 billion and 28.18 Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co.2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim the company started to product PET chip in 1999. It specializes in highly integrated production and operations of petroleum products. The product structure of SPC is as follows: Crude oil. Zhang Website: www.cn 1) Company Background Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. petrochemicals.

China. Zigong Investment Company and Sichuan Textiles Group Co.com 1) Company Background Sichuan Polyester Co. 70. Da’an. 117 . At present. the production capacity is 8.Sales They comment that current market of PET is unfavorable. the price of raw materials rises accordingly.911 million.000MTs/month. At that time. Address: No.scjz.800/MT. As the price of petroleum goes up. Tel: +86-813-5304128 Fax: +86-813-5304138 Person to Contact: Mr. Sichuan Province.000m2. Sichuan Polyester covers an area of 220. Ltd.000~11. It started to produce PET in 1982. was set up by Sichuan Investment Group Co. They disclose that the price of PET chip went up last week.. Ltd.000MTs/year Polyester filament. 332 of them graduated from colleges and 56 employees have senior and medium professional titles. Sichuan Polyester introduced the technology of polyester production line from American DuPont and equipment from Mitsubishi (Canada) Company. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 . Kong Website: www. Ltd. Juxin Road. Ltd. -Price and Specification The specification of PET chip has bright and semi-dull chips.It has 963 employees.88. 20. P. technology of polyester staple production line from Japanese TOYOBO. . The production structure of Sichuan Polyester is as follows: PET chip. Its total assets were RMB144.000MTs/year Polyester staple. SPC was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and the New York Stock Exchange.Production They disclose that SPC’s PET chips are produced by Polyester Department of SPC. the production capacity was 80.. PET chips cannot bring much profit. V-3.. 100. technology of filament production line from Swiss Inventa and equipment from Barmag AG.000MTs/year.19 Sichuan Polyester Co.In June 1993. Zigong 643010.R. Current price of semi-dull chip is RMB10. in 1993.000MTs/year..

yuandonggroup. Sales They disclose most PET chips are kept to produce polyester filament and staple. Major products of Zhejiang Yuandong include: POY FDY 118 . Zhejiang Yuandong possesses 4 complete sets of polyester plant with the capacity of 200. 13867506688 Fax: +86-575-4815967 Person to Contact: Mr. 80.com 1) Company Background Zhejiang Yuandong Chemical Fiber Group (Zhejiang Yuandong) specializes in polyester. totaling 800. 300. polyester staple fiber. 1. -Price The factory price is RMB10.000MTs/year for melt direct spinning of filament using Germany Barmag high speed winder. At present.000MTs/year DTY and 120 million meters colored fabrics for customer processing. And 100. Shaoxing.R.000MTs/year. East Street.China Tel: +86-575-4816306. The company produces PET chips in accordance with the purchasing orders. polyester filament. P. Ma’an Town.000MTs/year chip spinning of filament using high-speed winders from Germany Barmag. Zhejiang Province. Only a small part is sold out. real estate.2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim the output of PET chip is not large at present and the total production capacity of polyester is 90. There are also more than 100 sets of Japan Morata draw texturing machine type 33H and the world advanced dyeing & printing equipment with the capacity of more than 280. draw texturing. heat and power plant. V-3.000MTs/year polyester chips. 500/MT. Li Website: www.000MTs/year each from Germany Zimmer AG.000MTs/year melt direct spinning of differential staple fiber adopting Germany Zimmer technology & Fleissner equipment). dyeing & printing. They disclose the price changes frequently because the price of raw material goes up quickly.20 Zhejiang Yuandong Chemical Fiber Group Address: No. Japan Morata & Teijin seiki.000 MTA polycondesation capacity (in which 420.

Currently it only produces fibre-grade PET chip. 35 million meters/year 119 .000MTs/year Polyester staple fibre processing.000MTs/year Garment fabrics. .com 1) Company Background Zhejiang Hengyi Group Co.hengyi. V-3. They disclose current output is about 600MTs/day. Address: Yaqian Town. It changes in accordance with the market situation.Sales and Export They claim the company has the import and export license. Zhejiang Hengyi specializes in the production of polyester. It carries out production in accordance with purchasing orders.China Tel: +86-571-82799247..DTY Staple fibre PET chip 2) Situation of PET in 2005 . 300. Hangzhou 311209.. Shi Website: www. Ltd.Price The price is about RMB10. filature and weaving as well as R & D and trade. 300/MT at present. Ltd.000MTs/year Met direct polyester filament. The company itself consumes some PET chip to produce polyester filament. (Zhejiang Hengyi) is a state-owned enterprise established in Oct. The product structure is as follows: PET chip. Zhejiang Hengyi covers an area of 530. 520.R.Production They disclose the company has produced for four or five years. 82797888 Fax: +86-571-82759919 Person to Contact: Mr. 80. Xiaoshan District. Zhejiang Province. They claim the raw material PTA is imported from foreign countries and its production facilities are introduced from German. . The total asset of this group is close to RMB5 billion. P.000m² and employs more than 4.21 Zhejiang Hengyi Group Co. 1994.000 staff members.

R. The company has the import and export license.. Guangzhou 710730. and they claim the price is not high in the market. Ltd. The company also produces polyester filament and polyester staple fibre. thus it only sells a part of PET chip. . . Ltd.Sales and Export They disclose that the company consumes PET chip to produce filament and staple fibre. Its workshops cover 80. Address: Dongji Sub-zone.600/MT.000MTs/year. The fibre-grade PET chip in this company is semi-dull chip. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 . and the capacity of 75. Guangdong Province. ] They claim the production technology and facilities are imported from DuPont Company.Production The company only produces fibre-grade PET chip.000 area of land.22 Guangdong Guangzhou Yamei Polyester Co. 120 .. Miss Ni Fuzhen 1) Company Background Guangzhou Yamei Polyester Co. (Guangzhou Yamei) is a China.Zhejiang Hengyi exports its products to foreign countries.Price and Specification They disclose that the current price of fibre-grade PET chip is RMB10. Huang Changzheng. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim Guangzhou Yamei produces PET chips. The company passed ISO9002 in 1998. +86-20-82215900 Person to Contact: Mr.China Tel: +86-13925187591. Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone. US and Japan trilateral joint venture enterprise with investment of USD70 million. P. V-3.

fcf.China Tel: +86-757-83986807 Fax: +86-757-83986811 Person to Contact: Mr. Ltd. Guangdong Province. senior engineering technicians account for 10% and medium engineering technicians account for 30%..000MTs/year and the rotary drum type polyester viscosity increment facilities of 7000MTs/year.cn ` 1) Company Background Foshan Chemical Fibre Complex Co. since the Property recombined in 1997. V-3.000MTs/year continuous polyester production equipment and the intermittent polyester production equipment of 14.com. such as cation-dyeable chips ordinary bright chips used for film masterbatch chips used for film other function chips used for film 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production 121 . The continuous polyester viscosity increment facilities of 20. Foshan Synthetic Fiber Plant and Spinning Thread Plant. The company has more than 400 experts and technicians. Fuluo Road. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited in South China.R. The company has four factories: Foshan Polyester Chip Plant. (Foshan Chemical). Dong Website: www. Address: No.000MTS/year.. accounting for 1/6 of total staff.45. Main products of this plant include: semi-dull and bright chips. P. The part of Sino-foreign joint capital in Foshan Chemical Fibre has been renamed as Yizheng Chemical Fibre Foshan Polyester Co.. Chancheng District.- Price and Specification They disclose the company produces fibre-grade PET chips including bright and semi-dull chips. Among them. Ltd. Foshan Polyester Filament Plant. The company passed the GB/T 19002-ISO 9002 Standard Authentication in 1998.000 tons/annum. Total production capability of the company is 150. Ltd.23 Guangdong Fushan Chemical Fibre Complex Co. Foshan. About Foshan Polyester Chip Plant This plant is equipped with the production capability 72. chips used for non-ordinary type fiber.

R. They also disclose that this company is a state-owned company and it is in the process of restructuring. Address: No.19. Hainan.000MTs/year. Tel: +86-898-68669470 Fax: +86-898-68664045 Person to Contact: Mr. Its production capacity is about 180. and only a small part is sold to others. With respect to PET filament. Hainan International (Oversea) Investment Co. They claim the situation of PET market is the worst in 2005 among recent few years and believe it will turn better in 2008. The company has two production lines of PET. The daily output of PET chips is 230~240MTs. BOC Haikou Trust and 122 . P.000MTs/year. thus the both production lines of PET are carrying out full-scale production. Raw Material They disclose raw materials are expensive at present. 000/MT. also produces PET chips.. Ltd. The production capacity of filament is 35. which is a downstream product of PET chips.. is very large.000MTs/year and it is the midseason for filament at present. Sales and Export They disclose most PET chips produced by the company are used to produce filament. Xinye Road. the output of Guangdong Kaiping Polyester Enterprises Group Co. Wang 1) Company Background Hainan Xingye Polyester Co... They products were exported to Southeast Asia sometimes but they are mainly sold in China at present. Ltd.24 Hainan Xingye Polyester Co. and the company also produces polyester filament. Ltd. V-3. Other Information They disclose that Guangdong Zhuhai Yuhua Polyester Co. and all materials for PET are exported from foreign countries.They claim that the production capacity of PET chips in this company is about 70. (Hainan Xingye) was set up by Hainan Textile Industry Company. about 400..000MTs/year. Haikou. Gang'ao Industrial District.China. Price Current price of PET chips is claimed to be about RMB11. Ltd. Ltd.

Because raw materials are expensive. The total investment is about RMB 350 million. They disclose the company will not sell PET chip in the future. the capacity of PET filament reached 60. the company’s operation is in the process of loss.Production They claim the company has been produced PET chips for about ten years.000MTs/year. Ltd. the capacity of PET Polyester reached 60. accounting for 35%.R. China Communications Bank Nanhai Branch and Zhongji Hainan Industry Co. The capacity is 160. In 1992. Main products of this company include: Polyester chip.. The production capacity is 60. Address: Shaoxin Road. At present. Zhou (Sales Manager) 1) Company Background Sichuan Guangkang Chemical Fibre Co.China.Sales They say almost all the PET chips of this company are consumed by the company itself to produce filament. It covers an area of 117. Chemical products. Hainan completed its first phase of PET project was completed. Ltd. . Tel: +86-838-5101959 Fax: +86-838-5100500 Person to Contact: Mr. while the price of polyester products is comparatively relatively low in the market.. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 ..000MTs/year In Jul 2004 Xingye Polyester expanded the bottle-grade PET polyester chip production installation. 123 . In 1995.25 Sichuan Guangkang Chemical Fibre Co. The capacity of PET downstream product filament is 60. Chemical fibre.000MTs/year. Ltd. Sichuan.000MTs/year. At present. P. Guanghan.(Sichuan Guangkang) is a joint venture. Spin materials. 000m2. V-3. Sichuan Guangkang has 325 employees and more than 100 of them received education in technical school and college. In 2002.Investment Company.000MTs/year.

Huange Road. 000. it supplies PET products to long-term clients as well. Shantou 515041. Guangdong Province.000MTs/year. P. but they disclose this price is negotiable. At present.000MTs/year.000MTs/year PET project in 1995. Ltd.R. of the 60.85. and started the first phase. its production capacity is 40.soe-film. The main products of Sichuan Guangkang include: Bright fibre-grade PET chip Semi-dull fibre-grade PET chip High-viscidity PET chip 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim the company is a listed company and produces bottle-grade chips but not filmgrade chips. V-3.000MTs/year non-fibre-grade PET chip.China (PET resins factory) Tel: +86-754-8231485. In addition the company is exclusive producer for PET in southwest District and northwest District. Guangdong Province. Shantou515041.26 Guangdong Shantou SOE First Polyester Films Co.Cai Website: www.China (PET films factory) No.R. Xu.cn 1) Company Background 124 . Mr.78 and above 0. Here the products occupy 95% of polyester chip in marketplace.37.com. Sales and Export Most PET chips produced by this company are consumed by the company itself. However.000MTs. The price of bottle-grade chips is RMB11. The Production capacity is 40. 30. Daxue Road.The company introduced technology and equipment from INVENTA company of EMS Group in Switzerland. The company has passed ISO9002 and got American FDA certification. and monthly output is more than 3. 8603975 Fax: +86-754-8251298 Person to Contact: Mr. Address: North side of Xigang Bridge. Price and Specification They disclose the company can offer bottle-grade chips with viscidity about 0. P..

etc. The bottle grade PET resin acquired the authentication of Coca cola and PEPSI cola and FDA. Shantou SOE is a subsidiary of Guangdong Shantou Ocean Enterprise (Group) Company (SOE). Ltd. Ltd. homo.. Shantou SOE has equipped two sets of independent additives preparation systems.Shantou SOE First Polyester Films Co.stamping foil grade PET films metallizing grade PET films laminating grade PET films laser homographic anti-counterfeit trademark grade PET films high transparency PET films for golden and silver card application black PET films The thickness range of its film products is 8-36 micron (0. Ltd.008-0. The company introduced complete film production line and technology from Germany Brückner Company and PET production equipment and technology from Germany ZIMMER Company.. etc..036mm) and width range is 330mm-1500mm. (UL) and packaging grade PET film acquired the authentication of American Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The capacitor application PET film acquired the certificate of American Underwriters Laboratories Inc. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production The company is a joint venture. Major PET chips include film grade and bottle grade bright chips. SOE consists of Shantou SOE First Polyester Films Co. Quanzhou Quangang SOE First Polyphenyl Co. It produces PET and BOPET.PET and co-PET chips. Shantou SOE’s quality guarantee system passed the auditing of Chinese GACC GB/T 19002 and Germany TÜV ISO 9002 in July 1995. 125 ... specializing in manufacturing and marketing of polyethylene terephthalate (PET chips or polyester resins) & Biaxially Oriented Polyester Films (BOPET films or PET films) in China.. video base film and packaging PET films. Film products of this company include: audio base grade PET films packaging grade PET films hot . (Shantou SOE) is a joint venture company. Ltd. Shantou SOE First Polyphenyl Co.. film grade PET chips are include audio base film.

the production capacity is 3. film grade chips accounting for 1/3 and bottle grade chips accounting for 2/3 The price for PET film is ranging from RMB10.upc-chem.27 Xinjiang Urumqi Petrochemical Complex Chemical Factory Address: Dongshan. Sales and Export The company has imported and export license.000MTs/year and the output last year is claimed to be 3.China Tel: +86-991-69015711 Fax: +86-991-6912828 Website: www. At that time the designed capacity was 12. But because production capacity is little. Price & Packaging They claim the company has many species of PET film products. They disclose their clients purchase PET products to produce drink bottle. The price for film chip with additive is RMB10. P. canned bottle.They claim the company has been producing PET film for more than ten years. They disclose that at present his company has no PET stock for packaging industry. They claim the production technology and facility of BOPET was imported from German Bruckner. R. they claim the company started to commence the production in 1990. At present. The prices are effective for about one month. V-3. Urumchi 830019. The company adopts glycol and PTA as the raw materials.000MTs/year currently. 000~RMB30. film chip with additive and bright film chip (without additive).com 1) Company Background 126 . and they can produce different species according to clients’ requirements.000MTs. the consumers mainly distribute in local area. table-water bottle and so on. which are produced by the company itself. and it increased to 15. Their products are sold in China and aboard such as Europe and America. 500/MT. Species. They comment that the prices are slightly high. later than PET film production. 500/MT and RMB11. With respect to PET chips. They disclose that the market of PET chips was not very good last year. Xinjiang. and film grade chip has two species. 000. PET chip includes film grade and bottle grade.000MTs/year.

Tel: +86-574-63070099 Fax: +86-574-63070888 Person to Contact: Mr.China. Power Plant as well as some specialized service organizations such as equipment installation.Xinjiang Urumqi Petrochemical Complex Chemical Factory (UPC) was established 1975 and has been subordinated to CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) since 1998. They estimate the price will go up next month. Sales and Export They claim UPC has import and export license. Ltd Address: Hangzhou Bay New Zone. But usually they don’t export PET chips V-3. Current price is RMB10.com 1) Company Background 127 . amino-plastics. long-efficient urea.zbcfc. burning-proof bubbling foam materials and liquid ammonia.. Current output is 700~800MTs/month.000MTs of melamine and the formaldehyde units with production capability of formaldehyde of 30.000MTs/month at most. Zheng Website: www. 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim UPC has produced PET chips for several years. 200/MT. UPC consists of Chemical Factory. Products of UPC are sold in China and exported to many countries and regions such as Russia. Southeast Asia and Middle East.000MTs/year. Zhejiang Province. P. Plastics Plant. Price and Specification They claim UPC doesn’t produce bottle-grade and film-grade chips but fibre-grade. The Chemical Factory of UPC possesses the melamine unit with an annual capability of 12. Cixi 315334. It has already established serial development and production organization of relative products such as amino. material supply. engineering and transportation. The Chemical Factory of UPC has passed the ISO9001: 2000.28 Zhejiang Zhenbang Fibre Co. resin powder.R. 1. carbon dioxide.

com 1) Company Background Henan Luoyang Nanfeng Polyester Co.. Ltd..300 employees and covers an area of 635. and holds the stocks of Ningbo Donghong Fibre Co. (Zhejiang Zhenbang) was founded in 1990.2 polyester fiber factory.R. P. The company was established in May 1997.China Tel: +86-379-63382392 Fax:+86-379-63382783 Person to Contact: Mr. They claim the company is an integrated enterprise and have been producing PET chip for two years. Its annual capacity is 200.000MTs/year.. Its main products include: polyester chips staple fiber filament DTY elastic fiber colored PP filament 2) Situation of PET in 2005 They disclose that the company’s production facility is in the process of maintenance and it has stopped production. The company also produces filament with PET melt.29 Henan Luoyang Nanfeng Polyester Co. Ltd.000MTs/year. All PET chips produced by this company are for sale. It claims on its website that it is the first private enterprise in the staple fibre and elastic fiber industry in China and. The company’s differential PET chips include: 128 .Zhejiang Zhenbang Fibre Co. Zhejiang Zhenbang owns No. Ling Website: www.000 square meters.. It has 1. V-3. was the first company that successfully operated 100MTs/day (single line) polyester staple fiber line. Ltd. Luoyang 471003. The production capacity is 20. Ltd and Ningbo Anbang Fibre Co.1 polyester fiber factory and No. Henan Province. Ltd. The production capacity of PET chips is 1. Its total assets have reached RMB1 billion. and also provides consultation and service of polyester producing system.000MTs/month after maintenance. The production will not be resumed until Sep 15. Luoyang Nanfeng specializes in the research and production of different polyester chips.lypet. (Luoyang Nanfeng) is held by China Airbome Missile Academy. Address: Lichun West Road.

600/MT. but the quantity is small. Price They disclose that the factory price is RMB10. 129 .000MTs/month. They are willing to offer bottle and film grade chips for long term. The company also produces bottle and film grade chips.Fire-retardant poly ethylene terephthalate chips Cation deep dyeable pet chips Alkali solubility pet chips Pet chips of low melting point for color batch Pet chips of low melting point for heat-bondable fibers Alcohol-modified pet chips Other functional pet chips 2) Situation of PET in 2005 Production They claim the company has been producing PET for six or seven years. The production capacity is 1. The company carries out production according to purchasing contracts. They disclose that the company mainly produces special PET chips. 500~10.

solar control window film for automobiles and buildings. and also produce imaging. The company will be put into production in 2006..V-4 Potential New PET Manufacturers V-4. SKC holds 25% stake and Anhui Tongfeng holds 75% stake in the company. According to the contract. the registered capital of Anhui TSF will be USD12 million. SKC is the fourth largest polyester film producer in the world and the largest in Korea.. Anhui TSF will produce polyester film for capacitor. and Anhui Tongfeng Electrics Co. metallized film and film capacitors. (Anhui TSF) in Tongling. 130 . P. Address: Tongling.R. About Anhui Tongfeng Anhui Tongfeng is a large corporation in China specializing in the development of electronic information materials. products series of artificial crystalloid materials and crystalloid frequency elements and product series of ceramic chip-style inductor. which can be used in almost all white goods. information and electronic materials such as thermal ribbon for video printers. It is a sub-company of SK Group in Korea. Anhui Province. Ltd. 2004. latest type electronic elements and energy-saving power equipment. Ltd. Ltd... Anhui Province on Nov. Anhui Tongfeng mainly produces a complete series of capacitor film. Ltd. (Anhui Tongfeng) signed an agreement to joint set up the Anhui TSF Electric Materials Co.China 1) Company Background SKC Co. and dicing tapes for protecting and holding semiconductor wafers. SKC mainly produces polyester film. About SKC SKC was established in 1976.1 Anhui TSF Electric Materials Co.

131 .V-5 Closed PET Manufacturing Sites Not available.

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