Sentence Patterns

Repetitions Patterns 9, 9A, 10, 10A

Repetition of a Key Term
• S V term Key term or repeated key
– Use dash or comma before repetition Examples She suddenly felt filled with joy – a joy she could not explain but that she fully embraced. He was a part of the older generation, a generation born before the Depression.

Pattern 9 Tips
• You may repeat the word exactly or use another form (brute/brutal; battle/battling) • The key term is a word important enough to be repeated

Repetition With a Variation
repeated key word in same • S V position of the sentence -same word repeated in parallel structure Example Venice presents great gifts to the visitor – great history, great art, great crafts.

Ways to Use Repetitions
• Repeat an effective adjective or adverb in phrases or clauses with parallel construction

• Repeat the same preposition in a series

– She has an incredibly satisfying life, satisfying because of her career and satisfying because of her family.

– He has known her for many years, before she went to college, before she was a star, before she won the Oscar.

• Repeat the same noun as the object of different prepositions
– This government is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

• Repeat the same modifying word in phrases that begin with different prepositions.
– Sidney devoted his life to those selfish people, for their selfish cause, but clearly with his own selfish motives dominating his every action.

• Repeat the same intensifiers
– The baseball game was very exciting, very enjoyable, but very long.

• Repeat the same verb or alternative forms of the same word
– In order to survive in war, a person needs training, a person needs courage, and, most of all, a person needs luck.

Emphatic Appositive at End, After a Colon
word; the appositive (the • S V second naming). (with or without modifiers) • Example
Her room contained a collection of trash: old clothes, soda cans, McDonald’s wrappers.

Appositive Variation
• S V word - the appositive.
– After the dash, the appositive is the echoed idea or second naming and can be single or a pair of series.

Example Those big burger taste great but have lots if calories – over 1,000.

Ways to Use Appositives
• Use a dash rather than a colon before a short, emphatic appositive at the end of a sentence • The second naming must be a true appositive • A dash cannot separate two complete thoughts

Examples of Varied Appositives
1. Adjusting to a new job requires one quality, humor. 2. Adjusting to a new situation requires one quality: humor. 3. Adjusting to a new job requires one quality above all others – a sense of humor. 4. Adjusting to a new job requires one quality: the ability to laugh at oneself.

• Pattern 3 – compound sentence with explanatory statement


• Pattern 10 – emphatic appositive at end after colon

Example Remember Yogi Berra’s advice: It ain’t over till it’s over. Example When I go to the movie, I need two things to really enjoy it: popcorn and a soda.