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Luzac's Semitic text and Translation Series.

Vol. XIV.

Luzac's Semitic text and Translation Series.

Syriac Text and Translation, with Notes, Introduction, etc. By E . A. Wallis Budge. 21s. net.

K I N G OF BABYLON, ABOUT B C. 2200; to which are added

a series of letters of other kings of the First Dynasty of Babylon. Vol. I : Introduction and Babylonian Texts. By L. W. King. 21s. net.

K I N G OF BABYLON, ABOUT B.C. 2200; to which are added

a series of letters of other kings of the First Dynasty of Babylon. Vol. I I : Babylonian Texts, continued. By L. W. King. iSs. net.

VOL. V :

By E . A. Wallis Budge.

12s. 6d. net.
MARY, AND T H E English




Vol. I I :


By E . A. Wallis Budge.

10s. 6d. net.



Vol. I : Cuneiform Texts. By

R. C. Thompson.

12s. 6d. net.
Vol. I I : English Translation



and Transliteration.

By R. C. Thompson.

12s. 6d. net.


K I N G OF BABYLON, ABOUT B.C. 2200 ; to which are added

a series of letters of other kings of the First Dynasty of Babylon. Vol. I l l : English Translations, with Transliterations, Commentary, Vocabularies, Introduction, etc. By L. W. King. \%s. net.


Vol. I : Syriac Texts.

By E . A.

Wallis Budge.

12s. 6d. net.

VOL. X :



Vol. I I : English Translations.

By E . A. Wallis Budge.
VOL. X I :

12s. td. net.
Vol. I l l : English Translation



of the Metrical Life of Rabban Hormizd by Sergius of Adhorbaijan. By E . A. Wallis Budge, 10s. 6d. net.

Translations, Transliterations, Glossary, Introduction, etc. By L. W. King. 18*. net.
VOL. X I I I : T H E SEVEN T A B L E T S OF C R E A T I O N . Vol. II:

Supplementary [Babylonian and Assyrian] Texts. By L. W. King. 15j. net.

transliterated and translated, with Introduction. By R. C. Thompson. (In the Press.)

Vol. I.


transliterated and translated, with Vocabulary, Indexes, and an Introduction. Vol. I I . By R. C. Thompson. (In the Press.)

Ethiopic Version, translated from the Arabic by Enbakom, for the Ethiopian king Galawdewas, A.D. 1553. Vol. I, Part 1 : the Ethiopic Text. By E . A. Wallis Budge. (In the Press.)

Ethiopic Version, translated from the Arabic by Enbakom, for the Ethiopian king Galawdewas, A.D. 1553. Vol. I, Part 2 : the Ethiopic Text, continued. By E . A. Wallis Budge. (In the Press.)

Ethiopic for the English Budge.
VOL. X I X :

Version, translated from the Arabic by Enbakom, Ethiopic king Galawdewas, A.D. 1553. Vol. I I : Translation, Introduction, etc. By E . A. Wallis (In the Press.)


a series of Babylonian Historical Texts with English Translations. By L. W. King. (In the Press.)




. ' >• ?.. *: .» ! » • ' * s fM'fiS. i n ) . • ' .•/ ^ -.PLATE I.r -*: '. ip^ : ' H&$i§f* b 4 "• .• ' r • « • • < 2 I •-•'••'V .' • ' / • " . . ' ' • ' .•/ ' % ' • ' I- . * t0 ^". . . Hf«w. p «-'Z # * Part of the tablet supposed to contain a mention of the Babylonian Garden of Eden (K.:••• < if l»" -•• 1. .



49^ 13*11 TO MY FATHER. M. THOMPSON.D. > ^ to ^ . REGINALD E.


e. and there is reason to believe that the material now published represents about one-half of that belonging to the three Series mentioned above which was known to the scribes of Assurbanipal. together with the texts of a considerable number of compositions of a similar character. etc. Of the condition of the archetypes in pre-Babylonian times we have no information whatever.. An examination of these two Parts will show that they contain copies of all the Tablets belonging to the Series UTUKKI LIMNUTI. etc. T H E object of the two volumes which form the present work is to supply the student of Assyrian Demonology with English transliterations and translations.Preface. i." and " Headache. of the documents printed in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Parts of Cuneiform Texts from Babylonian Tablets. These collections of Evil Spirit Texts form large and important sections of the native literature concerning Babylonian and Assyrian Demonology. ASAKKI MARSUTI. but there is no reason to doubt that the versions which were adopted as standard . " Evil Spirits/' " Fever Sickness.. and T I ' I . with the necessary notes.." which have now been identified. which have been recently issued by the Trustees of the British Museum.

and M. however. of both these scholars were necessarily incomplete.B. in short.. In the year 1887 Professor Sayce. London. texts in the reign of Assurbanipal represented substantially the readings of the primitive documents. for the simple reason that only a portion of the available . Bart. Origines Accadiennes.XII PREFACE. 1875. justified in assuming that we have in our hands at the present time tolerably accurate copies of the exorcisms and spells which the Sumerian and his Babylonian successor employed. T h e translations. and. Lenormant had already dealt. to avert the attacks of devils. Rawlinson. and to various other scholars.. as well as of others. some six or seven thousand years ago. as much of the text: of the Fifth and Sixteenth Tablets as had then been identified. in his Hibbert Lectures. C. W e are. who published in the Fourth Volume of the Cuneiform Inscriptions of Western Asia. to ward off malign influences of every kind. in which he gave renderings of several of the texts relating to Evil Spirits. gave English translations of the greater number of the texts with which M.C. During the period of the preparation of the seventy plates which form the Fourth Volume printed copies of many of them were supplied to M. Francois Lenormant. Lenormant issued some months before the appearance of the British Museum publication his La Magie chez les Chaldeennes et les. T h e first to make known to the world the character of the Evil Spirit Texts was the late General H . G.

and the Series relating to Fevers and Headaches. Subsequently several of the texts of this class have been studied and referred to in the publications of various Assyriologists. they have been indicated by the letters u A. T h e present publication is intended to do for the " Evil Spirit " Series. but the present work represents the first attempt which has been made to deal with any of the groups of the Evil Spirit Texts as a whole. and of course no connected translations of them have before appeared. In ." etc. T h e reader's attention is called to the fact that where it has been impossible to assign to Tablets their correct position in their Series.. and it is believed that about one hundred and sixty of these are published in Cuneiform Texts from Babylonian Tablets. and Professor Tallqvist for the Maklu Series. what Professor Zimmern has done for the Shurpu Series." " C.PREFACE. for the first time. who made no pretence of publishing in his immortal Corpus of cuneiform texts more than specimens of the various classes of literature which were known to the Babylonians and Assyrians. XIII material had been published by the late Sir Henry Rawlinson." " R. Parts X V I and X V I I . In this and the following volume of Messrs. etc. Luzac's " Semitic Text and Translation Series " transliterations and translations of about two hundred and forty tablets and fragments belonging to various collections in the British Museum are given.

e. translating the texts the renderings into English have been made as literal as possible.XIV PREFACE. the place where the plant grew was said to be the couch of a god." and mention is next made of the "mouths of the rivers. a number of misconceptions have arisen during the last few years as to the purport of certain magical texts. T h e text of this tablet mentions a place called Eridu.). the Ocean or Sea . T h e material given in the following pages will be found to afford abundant proof of the fact that a considerable proportion of the magical practices which are in use in the East to the present day were well known to the inhabitants of Mesopotamia several thousands of years ago. which grew beside the abyss. 183 fif. As was to be expected. but. . who are said to dwell "in its interior." Such are the statements of the tablet. and as an example of this may be specially mentioned the views which have been promulgated concerning Tablet " K. and that many of them were borrowed by the Hebrews and other dwellers in Syria and Persia from their neighbours on the Tigris and Euphrates. i. and wherever possible the Assyrian word has been translated by the same English equivalent. for it has been confidently asserted that this document contains an allusion to the Biblical Garden of Eden. Immediately following these statements is a reference to Shamash and Tammuz. of dense growth and shining appearance." (11. and a plant or tree named kiskanu.

T h e text actually states that the gods themselves made use of this plant to work a miracle of healing. grew in Eridu. and they have identified the tree or plant with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. always provided that suitable Words of Power were recited by a duly qualified person. and the implication is that as the kiskanu plant was on this occasion of great benefit. the original of which. and it is now clear that the text is an incantation and nothing more. before the plant itself was used as a remedy. XV basing their opinion on certain interpretations of the above text. that a certain kind of plant or tree. it may again be made to perform the healing of a sufferer. indicated to the magician. however. according to tradition. This document. and afforded a dwelling to Shamash and Tammuz. some Assyriologists have asserted that the Babylonian Garden of Eden was in the immediate vicinity of Eridu. which was believed to grow in the Hebrew Paradise. Thus there is no reason for believing that the text of Tablet " K " contains any allusion to the Garden of Eden. or that the plant kiskanu is anything more . who was about to treat his afflicted patient. contained magical properties . the opening lines of which have been so strangely misunderstood. and acting on this information the magician was directed to make use of a portion of the kiskanu plant or tree on behalf of the said patient. Quite recently. and appropriate ceremonies were performed.PREFACE. the missing portion of this text has been identified.

E. A. Wallis Budge for much kind help. CAMPBELL THOMPSON. than a herb or shrub which was used in working magic. 1903. R. W. King I owe many thanks for his friendly help in this work. and the new fragment leaves no room for doubt that the line in which they are mentioned merely explains the locality from which the gods obtained the plant. " T h e mouths of the rivers " have nothing to do with the four rivers of the Hebrew Paradise. from the confluence of two streams or rivers. Further. and for his numerous suggestions in such parts of the volume as deal with comparative magic. my thanks are due to Dr.XVI PREFACE. LONDON. June ist. namely. and still less does it in any way represent the Babylonian equivalent of the Tree of Life. L. T o Mr. In conclusion. and especially his assistance in reading doubtful signs on the clay tablets. the identification of the kiskanu plant with the " vine " has nothing to rest upon. .

627 + 8. 9. " — N o .296 + 46.129 + 81-7-27. 47. 33.—K. 4. 2.870 : K.442 : K.390 (probably parts of the same tablet): K.T.082 (Part XVI. Plates 47-48).889 + 5.921 : K. 4. 36. 4. 5.632 + 4. XVI > Plate J 7) + K . 2. 5. TABLET " A .378 : K. 287 (fragments of the same tablet).954 : K. 45.539 • No.658 + 9. Plates 12-16) : K. TABLET III.288 : K. 271 : No. 12.947 ( P a r t Plate 49). 541 (probably parts of the same tablet) : D. 7 : K.LIST OF TABLETS. 5.712 : No.857 + 4. 5.943 * + 6. 2. K.043 : K .507 + 3.892 + 4.798 : No.374 + 46.5>096 + 5>725 + i3>54-7 : K .219 (Part XVI.8>5o8 : K. TABLET XVI. TABLET V. 4.690 (Part XVI. 1.367 : K. 35.405 + 10.355 + 3.408 (Part XVI.410 + 5.641 + 5. 2.123 (fragments of the same tablet): K.122 : K.294 + 5. 4. 36.256 and K. 715 and Rm. 3.3> 121 • K. 2. 224 + 2. 10.938 and K. 249 : K. This tablet precedes Tablet " B.448 : 81-2-4. 4. 2. 4. 9.T.904 + 5. Plate 50).T.4>9 88 ( P a r t XVII > TABLET XV. TABLET IV.262 : K.363 : K. Plates 19-23): No.166 + 5. 13.589 (Part XVII. 34. 46.238 : S.810 : K.965 (Part XVI.852 (Part XVII. Plate 41). 8.977 + 3> IJ 6 : K.212 and K. 4.130 + D. 4. 410.156 + 5.000.—K. 38.175 : K. n : K. Plate 46).406 and K. b : No.611 : No.220 : K.038 + 5." B .—K.856 (Part XVII.020 + 5. Plate 18). k : K.578 + 4.218 : K.473 : K. 47. 4.255 + S. 12. 2. 4.106 : No.—K.000. TABLET X.—K.425 : K. 2.736 (Part XVI.887 and K.968 : K. SERIES UTUKKI LIMNUTI. 38.534 : K. Plate 50) : No. 45. Plates 1-8) : S.536 : No.—NO. 996 (Part XVI. 2. 14. 1.744 (Part XVI. 12. Plates 24-26): No.314 : S. Plate 3). 9. 55. 46. 3. 5.594 (Part XVI. Plates 9-11) : No.528 + D.

905 + D . 4. Plate 37). 314 (probably parts of the same tablet) (Part XVI.191 + 35. 52."—K. 150 + Rm. 2.697 + 11. bb (probably parts of the same tablet) : K. TABLET " C.447 : K.886 : K.133 + 5.227 + 5. TABLETS " H . Plate 38).955 + 11.970 : K. 8. 4.143 and K.030 : K. 5. 4. 5. TABLET " D. 5. 55. 4.903 (Part XVI.311 and S. TABLET " G.626 + 5. 5. Plate 46).661 + 4. 4.120 : K . Plates 30-34) : K.470 and K. 3.602 : K. 2.115 + 12.116 + Rm.000. 36.548 and No.867 and K. Plates 35-36)."—K.185 (Part XVI. 60.871 : K.825 (Part XVI. 4. " " I . 8. etc. 769 (parts of the same tablet) : K. 4.939 + 5.525 + 7. Plates 40-41) and small fragment K. Plates 27-29).244.079 + 12. TABLET " E. 111 + 2.632 + 7>633 • K.435 : K.060 and K.022 : K.863 + 13. " " J . 2 4 3 : K.005 (Part XVI.295 + 7.251 : K. TABLET " B. 3.054 (Part XVI. 5."—K. Plate 4 1 ) : K.886 (Part XVII.292 (parts of the same tablet) : K. 5. 793 (Part XVI. 35. 6.543 : No. aa (probably parts of the same tablet): K. TABLET " F. .330 : No.576 : K. 3. TABLET " K.100 and Rm.0 + 83-1-18."—K.183 (parts of the same tablet): K.290 + 8. T .040 : S. 2 .000. TABLET O F A SIMILAR SERIES.955.086 + 5.179 (Part XVI. 332 : No. 4."—K. 10. 69 (probably parts of the same tablet): K.456 : No.821 + 4. 4.476 : 81-2-4. Plate 39). 4."—K.4. 5. 11. 12. 38.009 + 5.911 ( + 4. 5. 9 7 1 + 6.059 (probably parts of the same tablet) : K. 269 : K. Plate 41). " — N o .75 + 12.164 + 5. 11.) : K.959 + 5>i7 8 and K.917 : K. 5.152 + 5. 5.479 + 55. 5."—K. 4. 3 3 7 + 4 .391 and K.608 (parts of the same tablet) (Plates 42-49). 5.193 (Part XVI. 5.XVIII LIST OF TABLETS.754 + 5.336 + 9.235 + 4.056 + 35.690 (reverse) : No. 55. 4.

Jnfrobucftotn .


and it is owing to this that we can speak with tolerable certainty on many points of the early religion of Babylonia. between good and evil spirits.3nfrobucfion. which they took over from its primitive inhabitants the Sumerians. T o the latest times. doubtless grafting to it many of the beliefs of their forefathers. have always held a firm belief in the existence of evil spirits. they retained the doctrines in their original language. down to a century or two before the Christian era. ghosts. whoever they may have been or wherever they may have migrated from. which gradually led to a distinction. the mystery of disease and sickness. in common with the rest of mankind. found a theology ready to their hands in their adopted country. There is little comparatively that shows traces of original Semitic composition in the books and documents relating to spirits. T h e phenomena of death. T h e early Semitic people of Babylonia. and all kindred powers. making interlinear translations of them for use in the temples and among the doctors. although slight at all times. and all the other events of common occurrence in daily life gave rise to speculations about the unseen world. the earliest times Eastern races. for by far the greater part FROM .

" which would probably be ikkimu. since at that early period the Semite can hardly have been much more than a nomad possessing only the beginnings of a civilization. he seems to have had some idea that the soul or EKIMMU. and this is not unnatural. either with or without a Babylonian or Assyrian translation. although receptive on all points. but beyond this it is exceedingly difficult to say how much of his later psychology and eschatology was original. 1 The original meaning of ILU. like the Hebrew 7X is of course unknown. or were translated either exactly or paraphrastically. it is a remarkable thing that that portion of the Semitic stock which entered Babylonia. literally " the thing which is snatched away. Indeed." 2 possessed supernatural powers. with. and we are therefore justified in assuming that the Sumerians believed that their gods inhabited the sky.XXII INTRODUCTION. and the numerous Sumerian words for the various forms of spirits and demons were either incorporated bodily in the newcomers' language. . ILU . or at least an existence . plural. and how much was borrowed. The Sumerians indicated the word " god " by a star (^£). H e recognized " g o d s " (singular. of course. This much seems certain. ILANI l ) in common with the rest of his stock . of the enormous mass of material of this class is written in the Sumerian language. seems to have been very limited in original ideas regarding the ghost world. the necessary phonetic changes. 2 The form ekimmu is distinctly against the view that it means " t h e snatcher.

. Indeed. the Hebrews using DHKB? (i. he seems also to have unconsciously adapted and enlarged his ideas to." is the ordinary word in Hebrew for this. with the exception of the Arabs. among the other Semitic tribes. LABARTU. a n d LAMASSU .. and in Rabbinic times pTX£J> LILU). that words like UTUKKU " spirit.fit their beliefs. EKIMMU.e. SEDU) and IT1?*1? (i. SEDU. LABASU. It is therefore evident that when the Semitic Babylonian took over the learning of his Sumerian predecessors." ALU " demon." are probably free renderings of Sumerian words for which the Babylonian had no exact equivalents. the comparative paucity of words signifying demons is very marked. n i l . and corresponds to EKIMMU." were all borrowed from the Sumerians. and most of the few which they employ are borrowed directly from Babylonia.e. and the names of two others. RABISU " lurker" and AHHAZU " seizer. and v>^> (i. All these words occur in set phrases constantly in the incantations. which is another word used by the Rabbis to mean " spirit. receiving their doctrines in their entirety as worthy of implicit trust.." LILU some form of ghost with feminine counterparts LILITU and ARDAT LILI. and of the other names for spirits we find the following list : ILU. of these the first two have already been explained.DEMONS AMONG T H E SEMITES XXIII however.e. LILITU). but of the linguistic origin of the remainder very little is known. and probably GALLU " devil. and in the belief that his teachers .

the fiends and devils who were of the same nature as the gods. or ghost. since it is once at least used of the For the special meaning of this word in magical texts. evil Devil. the gruesome spirits which were half human and half demon . and the six chief of these are enumerated in the constantly recurring line UTUKKU LIMNU ALU LIMNU EKIMMU LIMNU GALLU LIMNU ILU LIMNU RABISU LIMNU. secondly. evil Ghost. xxviii. evil Demon. Each of these three kinds was divided up into classes according to the several characteristics of the evil spirits which composed them. T h e first evil spirit.XXIV INTRODUCTION. or brought storms and pestilence. 1 . all ready to torment the hapless wanderer. (i) T H E VARIOUS CLASSES OF E V I L SPIRITS. T h e primitive Sumerian recognized three distinct classes of evil spirit. see infra. and thirdly. and so wandered up and down the face of the earth . was originally a spirit. for this list is frequently amplified by the additions LABARTU LABASU AHHAZU LILU LILITU ARDAT LILI. evil Fiend. must necessarily understand the supernatural powers peculiar to their own country. spectre. all various forms of malignant spirits. UTUKKU." but this by no means includes all the powers of evil. who rode on the noxious winds. p. evil God. 1 First came the disembodied human soul which could find no rest. " Evil Spirit.

for the god opens the earth and the UTUKKU of Ea-bani rises up " like the wind. W. 5 1 . 5. 1. probably a transparent spectre in the human shape of Ea-bani. it was a ghost or spectre that either lurked in the desert lying in wait for man. 7. This form of magic—necromancy—was a favourite method employed for looking into the future in the East in ancient times... 2 1 . Tablet III. 75. for when Saul goes to visit the "woman with a familiar spirit" at En-dor she brings up Samuel out of the earth. and he answers the questions which Saul wishes to ask. King.A. 20. 28. Babylonian Religion. XXV spectre of a dead man raised from the Underworld. xxviii. p. and his prayer is answered. p. 1 Sam. 2. How far the UTUKKU differed from the EKIMMU (which is the proper word for a departed spirit) is difficult to say . 1 T h e same ideas and beliefs were current among the Hebrews. . ii.RAISING T H E DEAD.I. and a remarkable instance of it occurs in the Epic of Gilgamish." that is. and from this and the story in the Gilgamish Epic it is evident that such practices as necromancy were not uncommon. W. T h e story runs that the hero Gilgamish appeals to the god Nergal to restore his friend Ea-bani to him. r. 4 or it might have its home 1 2 3 4 L. who converses with Gilgamish.2 Among the Assyrians " Raiser of the Departed Spirit" 3 was a recognized title of the sorcerer.

" 1. ready to rush out from its hiding-place to " envelop him as with a garment.. Sumer.. p. or ears. 6 and although they would naturally not be visible to human beings. 3. 3 It is a horrible apparition." 1. . " 4 See Tablet " B. 5 T h e Rabbis were of opinion that a man might have children by allying himself with a demon. 3 For these see Tablet " B . Entdecktes Judentum. or graveyard. u. yet when that man 1 W. a half-human. is a demon that hides itself in dark corners and caverns in the rock.A. 152. 5 Eisenmenger. limbs. ii. coming into the bedchamber by night. it steals sleep away from weary mortals by standing over their beds and threatening to pounce upon them should they dare to close their eyes. and it reappears in the Rabbinic stories which relate how Lilith bore to Adam demons and spirits. 1 and evil would befall him on whom it merely cast its eye. 413. haunting ruins and deserted buildings and slinking through the streets at night like a pariah dog. and Haupt. 3. 421.4 This latter tradition remained current long after Babylon had fallen. 18. at times without mouth. 17.I. Keilschr. half-devilish creation borne probably by the ghoulish LILITU or ARDAT LILI to some man to whom she has attached herself. in the mountains." or. 6 Ibid. 179. 2 Tablet " C. p. i.XXVI INTRODUCTION. Akkad.. i. p. 82. sea. It lies in wait for the unwary. the ALU. ii. 2 T h e second of the six.

Job. 50. 2 1 . p.. the hair of my flesh stood up. W. i. 3 " H e whom . " H e whom an evil Demon hath enveloped in his bed." 4 " Handmaid" and " m a n " are translations of the Assyrian words which have special reference to persons of marriageable age. " H e whom the Handmaid 4 of the Night-Phantom hath wedded.. " T h e n a spirit passed before my face. 5 ikrimuy Syriac ^OJO. the soul of the dead person which for some reason Ibid. [a Hag-demon] hath seized. " He—the hair of whose body an evil Fiend hath set on end. 425. 3 Cf. " T h e man 4 with whom the Handmaid of the Night-Phantom hath had union V T h e third is the EKIMMU or Departed Spirit. u H e whose limbs an evil God hath racked (?). 1 There seems to be an allusion to this monstrous connection in the following extract from an Assyrian hymn to the Sun god :— 2 u H e on whom an evil Spirit hath rushed.A. v. XXVII was dying they would hover round his bed. . 15. and after his death would hail him as their father. . " H e whom a Robber-sprite hath afflicted. 41. " H e whom [a Ghoul] hath cast down.LIL1TH. evil Ghost hath cast down in the night. " H e whom a great Devil hath smitten. " H e whom an.I. iv.

" where they remained trying to eke out a wretched existence by feeding on dust and mud." which occurs so often in the magical texts to indicate the patient. roaming up and down. plaguing and tormenting him until such time as a priest should drive it away with exorcisms.. " t h e House of Darkness. 1 it fastened upon him. If for any reason these attentions should cease. " wanderer. then it was forced by hunger and thirst to come forth from its abode in Hades to seek on earth the food and water which no longer filtered through to satisfy its wants. the souls of men and women who died in the ordinary course of nature entered into the Underworld. cannot rest. the House from which none that enter come forth again. If it found a luckless man who had wandered far from his fellows into haunted places.XXVIII INTRODUCTION. and the spirit of the dead man be forgotten. This is the interpretation. " T h e evil wind-gusts H a v e come forth from the grave . and wanders as a spectre over the earth. 1 . After death. of the word muttaliku. and receiving the offerings and libations paid to them by their descendants and relations on earth. it sought what it might devour. and. This is expressly stated on a tablet of this class which runs :— " T h e gods which seize (upon man) H ave come forth from the grave . the seat of the god Irkalla.

ii. about B. " They neither stand nor sit. the evil Devil. Even in the enlightened period of the later Assyrian empire. " Nor eat nor drink. he was obliged to wander into unclean places to eat such filth and drink such dirty water as he might find in the course of his wretched wanderings (Budge." vol. " On earth they are not understood. if offerings were not paid to the deceased." l Or again :— " T h e evil Spirit." 2 In making offerings to the dead lies the base of the principle of ancestor-worship . " I n heaven they are unknown. this belief was prevalent among the Tablet " Y. Among the ancient Egyptians. like a whirlwind Hath come forth from the grave. " From the earth have come forth ." vol. 1 . 2 Tablet " CC. Book of the Dead. 650.C. " All that is evil in their hosts. the evil Demon. They have come forth from the grave . " From the Underworld unto the land they have come forth .ANCESTOR-WORSHIP. XXIX " T o demand the payment of rites and the pouring out of libations. ii. the descendants give food and drink to the manes of their forefathers that they may not need to return to earth to demand from the living the care and attention that is their due. chapters 52-53). the evil Ghost.

Babylonian Religion. " T h e man whose spirit hath none to care for it— " Thou and I have oft seen such an one— " T h e dregs of the vessel. " And that which is cast out into the street are his food." But under certain circumstances the soul of a dead man never entered the Underworld. p. it describes the Underworld :— 2 " T h e man whose corpse lieth in the desert— " Thou and I have oft seen such an one— " His spirit resteth not in the earth . col. Gilgamish Epic. for we find Assurbanipal desecrating the ancient tombs of the Kings of Elam and carrying away their bones and causing the rites paid to them to cease. 70ff. 1 In the Epic of Gilgamish. the leavings of the feast.I. " Or a ghost with none to make offerings to it. 5. 176 . v.XXX INTRODUCTION. Tablet IV. In the Fourth Tablet of the Series " Evil Spirits" various disembodied ghosts are exorcised and addressed individually :— 3 " Whether thou art a ghost unburied. King. when the wraith of Ea-bani has been raised from the dead by Nergal. highest in the land.A. " Or a ghost that none careth for. v. Tablet xii." 1 2 3 W. so that their spirits might have no rest. . as is clear from the poem quoted above. 6. T h e e^zmmuspirit of an unburied corpse could find no rest and remained prowling about the earth so long as its body was above ground..

:— " H e that lieth in a ditch .. . XXXI " Or a ghost that hath none to pour libations to it. 1 . " Or in the ruins. 156. . " Whose head is uncovered with dust. W. .. H e that no grave covereth . . on the eldest son and direct descendants. u. There are other instances in which souls which cannot obtain rest are mentioned. e.. " H e that lieth uncovered." This last line shows that the duty of making oblations to the dead devolved. " T h e hero whom they have slain with the sword. * • K. ii.A. col." * u But in addition to the ghosts of the unburied or uncared-for dead. Among these may be mentioned the following :— " H e that hath died of hunger in prison.g. " T h e king's son that lieth in the desert. until they were laid to rest by exorcism. 1. . ii. 86. " Or a ghost that hath no posterity. as was natural. and this is one of the reasons for the overwhelming desire of the Semite for children to perpetuate the family name.VARIOUS FORMS OF GHOSTS. Sumer. p. Akkad. . the souls of men and women who died violent or unnatural deaths or who departed this life before fulfilling or completing certain duties could obtain no rest.I. 6 ff. Keilschr. " H e that hath died of thirst in prison. and were compelled to remain as disembodied spirits to haunt mankind. and Haupt. 17.

" who has the same characteristics as the Lilith of Rabbinic tradition. col." The LILLT. ii. Other ghosts are the women who die in childbirth or while nursing their babes. Keilschr. 55. 2 K... Akkad. " H e that hath posterity l and he that hath none. and it seems most probable that this line is only a scribe's parallel to the previous one. 3 See pp. 41. " H e whom the bank of a river hath made to perish. Sumer. will be referred to again later on. and ARDAT LILI (" Night-wraith." 2 Many of these ghosts are merely elaborations of the preceding class. p. 1. the text being entirely a grammatical composition for the use of students. Woman of the Night Spirit " ) occur constantly in the incantations. W.. LILITU. 88. u H e that a storm hath overwhelmed in the desert. 156.I. u. " H e that hath posterity" is quite similar: see^p. " H e that hath died in the desert or marshes. and Haupt. T h e idea is that they will return in some form to seek their child. " T h e Night-wraith that hath no husband. T h e " Night-wraith that hath no husband.XXXII INTRODUCTION. being the souls of those who were lost or forgotten. ii.A. " T h e Night-fiend l that hath no wife. 22 ff.3 1 I very much doubt the existence of a " Night-fiend (literally Man of the Night Spirit) that hath no wife. but I am not aware of any occurrence of IDLU LILI (" Man of the Night Spirit"). 17. T h e words u H e that hath no posterity" of course refer to the man who has no descendants to pay him due rites. •" T h e hungry man who in his hunger hath not smelt the smell of food. . xxxi.

Doughty relates l how in Arabia he " heard scotching owls sometimes in the night. 2 The original Langsuyar was supposed to be a kind of night owl. 6 Arabia Deserta. 4 and is similar therefore to the ghost of which Doughty speaks. i. 2 1 c ." Among the Malays. Malay Magic. It is a wailful woman. 325. Skeat. Popular Religion and Folklore of Northern India. p. if a woman dies in childbirth. vol. 4 Isaiah. vol. p. 45 flf.. or opening her hands. 5 Crooke.. iv. p. T o prevent this glass beads are put in the mouth of the corpse. 1. Ymgebas ! Ymgebas ! T h e hareem " said. 21. a hen's egg is put under the armpits. p. col. 1. which was turned into this " forlorn bird. she is supposed to become a langsuyar or flying demon. 38 . and of men or maidens who have reached a marriageable age and yet die unmarried. 6 Tablet IV. 14.. seeking her lost child " through the wilderness. a female familiar. are also included in the category of ghosts. XXXTII This is a common form of ghost in Oriental countries. 269. 325 (quoting Sir William Maxwell). ibid. 40. v. p. and needles in the palms of the hands. then " the nomad wives and children answered them with " mocking again. i. In India the ghost of a woman who dies in childbed is a very terrible demon indeed. 3 Ibid.8 like the Lilith of Rabbinic tradition. This stops the dead woman shrieking. 30s. col.THE LANGSUYAR. xxxiv. 5 T h e souls of the devoted temple-women who die of disease. waving her arms. p.

1." T h e other paragraphs are similar—" Whether thou be one with whom I have entered and eaten. " Or with whom on a day I have drunk. and Tablet V. 2 1 .XXXIV INTRODUCTION. If an ekimmu which could find no rest came back to earth he might fasten himself on anyone who had been in some way connected with him in this world." and " whether thou be one with whom I have eaten food when I was hungry. " Or with whom on a day I have anointed myself. see Zimmern. On this and the ceremonies prescribed to free the man from the ghost. oil. if a man only looked upon a corpse he rendered himself liable to be attacked by the departed spirit. 35 ff. drinking.. " Or with whom on a day I have put on apparel. 1. 164. 58. T h e chance sharing of food.1 Moreover. i. col. Even the mere act of eating. or anointing or dressing oneself in company with another person without receiving or giving anything was enough. Such ghosts are denounced individually in three paragraphs of four lines each at the end of a long incantation where all possible kinds of spectres are exorcised :— " Whether thou be one with whom on a day I have eaten. or clothes during life constituted an act which gave the spirit after death a claim to return to its friend or even casual acquaintance to demand the rites which would give it peace." and so on. Ritualtafeln. p. v.2 Tablet IV. col.

the great ghost. XXXV T h e belief in the EKiMMU-spirit had obtained such a hold over the Assyrians.693. whether it was merely a silent apparition or whether it gibbered or uttered some words and awaited some response.. and describes their actions over or under the bed.THE GALLU. that they even went the length of deducing omens from the appearance of such a ghost in a house. and apparently it is neither male nor female. Smith. for we find Sennacherib describing the hostile Babylonians as gallit linmitti. Ibid. Whether they are to be rewarded with their due after they have left the possessed man is not stated. 2 4 Tablet V. col. Hist. G. since it is once described as " the gallu. a devil which perhaps sometimes assumes the form of a bull. "evil devils. 17. T h e word is used in classical Assyrian as a term of abuse. 1. 14. 3 in fact. iii. p. 1. As a rule it was held to be an evil omen. T h e same omen-text 1 bears witness to the prevalence of the universal belief in apparitions which come during the night to the bedside where the man lies. the headstrong bull. T h e fourth spirit is the GALLU. . 1. it is sexless. and in the latter case the owner of the house would die in addition." 2 Like the alu it prowls about the streets of the city. 8.." 4 1 3 K. T h e threat that is held over the heads of all spectres of this class is that no rites shall be paid to them until they have departed. 114. 6. it foretold certainly the destruction of the house. of Senn.

Another triad of demons bore the interesting names of LILU. Especially were children exposed to her attacks. Myhrman. for it is left indefinite." presumably a more general term. and ARDAT LILI. LABASU. and AHHAZU. Z. as its name implies. or cane-brakes of the marshes. xxvii. Of the three next. . but we know nothing of its attributes. which is here translated " ghoul" . descriptions of it like the other spirits. which gives directions for driving her away. T h e second is 1 2 p. as the text quoted above shows. 1 sets the hair of the body on end. and in the Series called by her name. and the same may be said of the LABASU. 147. is a lurking demon which.. T h e fifth supernatural being is ILU LIMNU.XXXVI INTRODUCTION. LILITU. the RABISU.A. p. the daughter of Anu. and there are few. xvi. however. is quite uncertain. the LABARTU. the meaning. or "evil god. T h e sixth spirit. the LABARTU has a whole series of texts written against her. if any. and she makes her home in the mountains. It is a female demon. there are special ceremonies to be performed in connection with certain mystic words which are to be written on a stone and hung round the neck of a child.2 T h e AHHAZU or " Seizer" was a demon of some kind. but little is known of its other characteristics. the trusted and accepted of Irnina.

wantonness. but the evidence of the Assyrian word LILU shows that we can no longer accept what would otherwise be a reasonable derivation." T h e Rabbinic literature also is full of legends of her doings. the screech owl (rV*?v) also shall rest there. LILITU is undoubtedly the word from which the Hebrew Lilith was borrowed. the same word as the Assyrian LILU).e. 25. and find for herself a place of rest. If we are to find a Semitic derivation for it at all. 14. " T h e wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island. which seems most probable. 1 But although there is no doubt that the LILITU was a night spirit. This is the view held by Martin. ARDAT LILI. p. " night. xxxiv. " lasciviousness. Textes Religieux. but it is difficult to discriminate between LILITU and the third. " luxuriousness. which occurs in Isaiah. p. and lilin (i." 2 The 1 2 ARDAT LILI differs from the LILITU in that her Eisenmenger.LILITH. it is improbable that the Lilith should have any real connection with the Hebrew lailah. ii. it may be connected with lain." T h e Rabbis naturally assumed that there was such a connection. a n d ' t h e satyr shall cry to his fellow. and if it has not been taken over from the Sumerian. According to tradition she bore to Adam devils. 413. spirits. " t o be abundant. ." lalu. XXXVII obviously the feminine counterpart of the first. and on the face of it such a comparison was plausible." and Zulu.

sorcery. 1 2 See p. such as that which came to tempt St. and she thus takes over the functions of the Hebrew Lilith. and it is probably she who gives birth to the ALU or devil half-human. . relations with human beings are much closer. half-spectre. as has been explained above. and the evil man. always implies a marriageable woman." a restless ghost that wanders up and down. Antony. although the female counterpart of the LILU. but they formed only a single class of the powers of evil which might attack man. In one of the magical texts the sick man is described as one whom the ARDAT LILI has wedded. and this use bears further testimony to this. which cast a baneful glance. xxxii. which let fall a minatory word. 1 In the explanatory text K. See p. unable to rest quietly until she is satisfied. while the LILITU. She therefore appears to have been the spirit of a woman. 156. and it is even personified as a demon in a Syriac c h a r m : — " T h e Evil Eye went forth from the stone of the rock. T h e Evil Eye is a very real terror to the Oriental. the Evil Tongue. T h e word ARDATU. Witchcraft.2 mention is made of the ARDAT LILI " that has no husband. the Evil Eye. xxvii. was less human in its characteristics.XXXVIII INTRODUCTION. forced by her desire to roam abroad. These were the principal spirits. were all foes which the exorcist had to meet.

T H E EVIL EYE. " And like wood cut for poles " I t hath bent his neck. p. p. Gollancz. I I ." 2 T h e "evil man " may possibly have an echo in the old Rabbinic tradition.3 T h e Underworld EKURRA. the dwelling of the god Bel. i." l text in Assyrian about it :— There is a similar " I t hath looked on the traveller. or one possessed by Jinn. Tablet « P. " Hath shown favour for his life." Vol. Eisenmenger. XXXIX and the angel Gabriel met her. too. p. that the souls of the wicked when they die are the devils which are in this world. " E a hath seen this man and " Hath placed food at his head. 87. ready to pounce on the hapless "wanderer." Vol. vol. p. 1 2 3 4 5 6 H. T h e Babylonian devils also dwelt in Eridu as the servants of E a and Damkina. 427. Arabia Deserta. Doughty. 93. 4 This was a tradition which descended to the Arabs concerning the Jinn. . was the abode of demons." 6 T h e lonely mountains. whence they went forth to seize upon men. 259. and they inhabit the seven stages which form the edifice of the Underworld : 5 in passing it is worth noting that the Arabic for a madman is majnun. Tablet XV. Tablet " U. " Hath brought food for his body. of which half are malignant and half good demons. Selection of Charms'. ii. I I .

in one of the charms against lunacy which ends :— .XL INTRODUCTION. " From amid the mountains it hath descended upon the land. " [O Evil Spirit of Lunacy. p.. " With the Open-horned unto the Big-horned it hath descended/'* There is certainly an echo of this in the Syriac magic lore. II. This writing must be " sealed. " With the ibex unto the Open-horned flocks it hath descended. Vol. and from stone (you will " pass on) to the mountain. Amen ! Amen ! " 2 T h e deserts and ruins were also favourite haunts of 1 2 Tablet III. " W i t h the mountain . 91. Gollancz. from the skin. . " From the ends of the mountains it hath descended upon the land. Selection of Charms. and from the ground (passing) to iron. . from the sinews. H. . " From the fields not to return it hath descended.goat unto the fold it hath descended. were the home of many spectres. and from a recently identified text we learn that :— " Headache hath come forth from the Underworld.] you " will needs go forth from the bones. " and from iron to stone. Series Ti'i. " It hath come forth from the Dwelling of Bel. and from the hair unto " the ground. " from the flesh.

as affording dwellings far remote from mankind. ii. p. iii. XLI ghosts and goblins. p. 318. An inhabited house they may attack and force a way in temporarily. A Syriac story of the ninth century testifies to this belief concerning ruins. vol.. and one to be explained by the belief that the spirit prefers a house if it can obtain it." 1. but on their presence there becoming known. 139. were assigned as the probable locality for all malignant powers. p. the owner will at once take steps to render it untenable by them and drive them forth with the help of the exorcist. devils sprang out " upon him in the form of black ravens. for we read: " And while " a certain man was passing at night along the road " by the side of a fire temple of the Magians which " had been a ruin for some time. and that it selects a deserted habitation because there are no longer in it any amulets or charms. Thomas of Marga. Mas'udi.2 and in the same way in the Assyrian belief it is the traveller who is most liable to attacks. or tutelary gods to keep it out. For this reason also the desert and inaccessible mountains. Budge. 98." 3 In an 1 2 3 See Tablet " B. T h e occupation of ruins by spectres is a universal superstition. 599. and they ''entered into him and convulsed him. . Prairies d'Or.H A U N T E D HOUSES. 1 T h e ghoul of the Arabs dwells in the desert and appears to travellers in a friendly guise in order to make them lose their way.

. There are certain spirits described as " the Seven . col. for it prescribes certain glorious names. " Knowing neither mercy nor pity. 216. Tablet V. " T h e second is a dragon with mouth agape " That none can [withstand] . " Bred in the depths of Ocean. 28. " But are as the roaming windblast. " 3 " Of these seven [the first] is the South Wind . T h e best known is the Invocation against the Seven :— " Seven are they ! Seven are they ! " I n the Ocean Deep seven are they ! " Battening in Heaven seven are they.:' around whom a great many poems were composed and welded into the incantations and spells. Lady Meux MSS. 2-5. 1. . Ethiopic magical prayer written for 'Ahita Mikael the same belief appears. Nos. 2 (2) T H E SEVEN E V I L SPIRITS. " N o r male nor female are they. " N o wife have they. no son can they beget. " a t the front and at the " doors if thou wouldst enter into a house which is old " or in ruins or unclean. " They are as horses reared among the hills . 1.XLII INTRODUCTION. . . v.. . 1 2 3 Budge. Matt. . probably to be recited." * In the New Testament the Saviour goes into the wilderness and there meets the devil. " They hearken not to prayer or supplication. p. iv.

and finding none. " Dense clouds that over the sky bring gloom. . I will turn back 1 Tablet XVI. he saith. . " T h e fifth is a furious beast (?) " After which no restraint . 1. . " Forcing their way with baneful windstorms. . . seeking " rest." l These Seven Spirits constantly reappear in various shapes and forms in the legends of other Semitic nations. . . 13. when he is gone out of " the man. passeth through waterless places. " Bearing gloom from city to city. XLIII 4 " T h e third is a grim leopard * That carrieth off children . " Rushing windgusts. the king. " Mighty destroyers. the deluge of the Storm-God. " Stalking at the right hand of the Storm-God.T H E SEVEN SPIRITS. T h e old Palestinian tradition of the Unclean Spirit undoubtedly owes something of its origin to them :—" T h e unclean spirit. " T h e sixth is a rampant . . casting darkness o'er the brightest day. " T h e seventh is an evil windstorm " Which " These seven are the Messengers of Anu. " Tempests that furiously scour the heavens. . " Which against god and king . " T h e fourth is a terrible serpent . . .

I bind you 'by that angel who judged the woman that combed '(the hair of) her head on the eve of Holy Sunday. . " [For] the fold of cattle. and I cursed and bound them in the name of the Father. and the sinews thereof. Then " goeth he and taketh to him seven other spirits more " evil than himself . Gollancz. nor finish your 'journey. " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " * Seven accursed brothers. these writs]! I bind you ' in the name of Gabriel and Michael. he findeth it swept and garnished. so that we may eat flesh. the Son. so that we may drink blood.XLIV INTRODUCTION. and may God break your teeth. saying. and we crawl along 'upon our hands.' As soon as I saw it. accursed sons! de'structive ones. Selection of Charms. ' May 'you not proceed on your way. ' May they vanish as smoke from before the wind 'for ever and ever. . and the Holy Ghost. 24. Amen 1' " 2 1 2 Luke. that 'you approach not the sheep nor the oxen of the 'person who carries [sc. ' W e go on our 'hands. and cut ' the veins of your neck. H. xi. I prevented them from devouring. " unto my house whence I came out. "l But a still more strikingevidence of the conservatism of Eastern tradition is shown in a Syriac charm which is worth quoting in full. sons of men of destruction ! W h y ' d o you creep along on your knees and move upon 'your h a n d s ? ' And they replied. And when he " is come.

and from them come all hurricanes and tempests. 1 2 Tablet " C . 1. " No door can shut them out. the Seven Spirits altered but little as time went on :— " They creep like a snake on their bellies. bringing unrest. " For through the portal like a snake they creep." * " Over the highest wall and through the thickest wall. Tablet V. " They give tongue like a pack of hounds.T H E SEVEN SPIRITS. " l . i. and to them is due the restlessness and desire for wandering which come upon men. " Like a stormflood they can pass. disorder. " They make the chamber to stink like mice. and confusion into the world. •" Breaking through from house to house . They unsettle everyone that they may meet. ." 2 It is they who rush over a city on the storm clouds. " " " " They scour from land to land. " N o bolt can turn them back. And the man from his home. col. 213. And the son from his father's house. XLV As will be seen from the following excerpts from the Assyrian poems. bringing devastation in their train. Driving the maid from her chamber. " And through the hinges like the wind they blow. 25.

" 4 1 2 3 4 Tablet IV. iv." 2 " Rending in pieces on high. Ibid. 10. Tablet V. col. ii. " " " " Knowing no care. 1. " Through the gloomy street by night they roam. " Loudly roaring above. Knowing no mercy. 18. . " Shutting up the land [as with door and] bolt. " They are the bitter venom of the gods. " They are the owls which hoot over a city. they rage against mankind. 26. col. " They are the Children of the Underworld. 1. " [Smiting] sheep fold and cattle-pen . col. " And drive the bird from its nest. bringing destruction below. " And chase the martin from its hole. They spill their blood like rain Devouring their flesh and sucking their veins. * * * * * * " They are demons full of violence " Ceaselessly devouring blood. " They are the great storms directed from Heaven.." l T h e Syriac belief described above in their assailing the byres and stables was primitive Sumerian and not a late development. Tablet IV. i. Tablet V. gibbering below." 3 They feed on mankind like vampires. 14. they grind the land like corn. 1. 1. " They hunt the doves from their cotes.XLVI INTRODUCTION.

be angry or the Imina-bi gods bring havoc. appeased him " That he abandoned [his wrath] . which gives the vainglorious speech he made to Ishum :— " Ura was angry. . " ' In the house where this tablet is set. " ' T h e singer who chants it shall not die in pestilence. " But Ishum. W.URA. . King. " ' Immunity shall rest upon it/ " l 1 L. " ' Yet the dagger of pestilence shall not approach it. " ' T h o ' I. the plague-spirit. 219. . " ' Whosoever shall proclaim the glory of my valour " ' Shall have none to oppose him . T H E PLAGUE-GOD. and determined " T o ravage the whole world. p. " ' T h e scribe who learns it shall escape from the foe . " ' In his shrine may plenty abound . XLVII T h e power of spreading particular diseases was attributed to certain demons such as Ura. his counsellor. Ura.spirit. the plaguespirit. . the fever . There is a legend about Ura. and Ashakku. " ' But unto king and noble his speech shall be wellpleasing . . " ' In the shrine of the peoples where he cries my name continually " ' H i s understanding will I increase. . " ' May he rule the four quarters of the world . . " ' Whosoever shall magnify my name. . First Steps in Assyrian. " And thus spake the hero U r a : — " ' Whosoever shall praise this song. . .

and this had a double meaning.XLVIII INTRODUCTION. But when we come to tamarisks. which had a ceremonial importance and were probably endued with magical power. or flour. In order to drive out a Headache Demon. and it is often easy to see how they have acquired their potency. according to the legend. and he was told to take water at the confluence of two streams and sprinkle it over the man. (3) CHARMS AND MAGICAL PREPARATIONS. animal. the magician would use various substances. and this is quite as intelligible as the use of water. since from the nature of them both they are obtained from the habitations of the gods. and other plants. performing as he did so certain ceremonies. it is not so easy to see why such materials should have been 1 2 See p. reeds. Marduk. vegetable. or hair from beasts. came to E a for advice. symbolizing as it did the cleansing of the man from the spell and the presence of the great god Ea. See note to p. 1 Meteoric iron or aerolites 2 seem to have been used as charms or amulets. whose emanation always remained in water and whose aid was invoked by these means. or mineral. As auxiliaries to the spells which he chanted. 105. lx. In many instances these are of the same nature as amulets. . Of these the simplest was pure water. which was sprinkled over the possessed person at the conclusion of an incantation.

in the centre of which is the figure of a man. its medicinal products were used internally to cure the patient. holding up a branch of some tree in his hand. 3 1 See p. for just as water contains the power of the god Ea. " Manna is a laxative. 23. Manna is obtained from the tamarisk. The National Dispensatory. T h e rest of the bowl is inscribed with a Hebrew incantation to be recited.THE TAMARISK IN MAGIC. Here we can see an idea similar to that of the use of water in magic. 2 D . Maisch. so will any piece of tamarisk contain the emanation of the tree-spirit which lives in the sacred tamariskshrub. and it is very probable that while a branch of the tree itself was brandished aloft as a visible sign. and this shows that they were possessed of magical power. XLIX adopted for magical purposes. 1019). etc. 3 Hilprecht. much later than these cuneiform texts. Explorations in Bible Lands. and it is on this principle of giving a sentient or perhaps divine nature to inanimate objects that so many of the amulets can be explained. 447. There is a curious confirmation of this use of branches in Babylonian magic on a bowl from Niffer. and a suitable expectorant in febrile affections of the lungs" (Still6. 2 This use of branches in magic shows that the early inhabitants of Babylonia were in no wise different from other nations in believing that trees were inhabited by spirits or gods. of course.. rudely drawn. p. The bowl is. A branch of tamarisk or the date-spathe l were held aloft in the hand during the exorcism which was to repel the attacks of demons and lay them under a ban. p.

p. the bird " I n my right hand " A hawk. 3 Hughes.' And when they " brought out a man to them to look for the camel. 47. 535^. Tablet " B . vol. Wallis Budge. to flutter " In my left hand I that helpeth the gods. b u t they are driven forth by exorcism and take the form of ravens . ii. and in Thomas of Marga the same belief is testified to. notably the raven and the hawk :— " A raven. Hastings). 2 and it is unlawful food according to the Moslem law. thrust forward.3. I hold . sub voce. In the Syriac History of the Blessed Virgin MaryA a certain young man is possessed by devils. A. G. E. p. E. It was one of the birds sent forth by Noah from the Ark. " he saw ravens flying about.L INTRODUCTION." 1 Among the Semites the raven was always associated with the supernatural. 65. Wallis Budge. p. ' a camel hath strayed away from us : give us a man " l that he may search for him. 4 Ed. ' Behold. and they said to the villagers. Certain birds possessed supernatural powers. 2 1 . 599. Post in Dictionary of the Bible (ed. and he made^his escape. For the quotation see p. xli. 5 One of the stories of Bar-Hebraeus relates how in a certain village " a troop of devils appeared in the " form of men. " 1. in thine evil face. A. Dictionary of Islam. E. T h e Arabs consider it a bird of ill-omen which foretells death and disaster. 5 Ed. " .

3 which at once shows in how great a respect it was held. 51. 7 Frederick Sessions.'idta in the form of " black stinking ravens " which flew up and tried to force themselves into his cell to destroy him. Stories of R abb an Hormizd.' " * Devils assailed Rabban-bar. as it is among the more modern Semites. 2 Budge. the owl was a bird of ill-omen among the Assyrians. ' In very truth. E.6 In Syria "an owl heard hooting bv a sick man is an omen of his death. 107. p. It was the emblem of Horus in Egypt. 8. 4 Budge. 18. but were driven back to the sorcerer who sent them. 3 Budge. 5 T h e Arabs of the present day consider the owl to be the wraith of a woman seeking her child. If an owl hooted over an Assyrian city it was supposed to be the work of the Seven Devils. 96. No. ed. A. 4 On the other hand. Nectanebus sends a drug to Philip of Macedon by means of an enchanted hawk. 6 See p. ix. p. p. furthermore. Dr. Egyptian Religion.I " and went into the village and said. vol. " 'these are devils and not men . 5 See p. 245. Folklore Notes. p." 7 1 The Laughable Stories of Bar-Hebraus. 2 T h e hawk is another of the magic birds of the East. I.RAVENS AND OWLS. Alexander. Folklore. Budge informs me that in many villages in the Soudan this same view is held of the biima or owl. xxxiii. p. In the Syriac stories of Alexander. by reason of his night-long prayers. . and it showed him a dream. they " ' have lost no camel. cccxci. Wallis Budge.

xxxvii. " p. T h e "virgin k i d " was largely used by the wizards of a few hundred years ago in making parchment to be inscribed with magical spells. and is called by them the " spirit bird. ii. Waite. and great stress was laid on the beasts being virgin. 34. p. 3 Animals and their hair were largely used in ceremonies. " St. and its hoot in the night is a presage of evil. Leviticus. " With a halter as a roving ass thy body I restrain. and wheatears on the latch I have hung. Folklore. vol. or its hair are frequently mentioned. The Book of Black Magic.LII INTRODUCTION." for they think it to be an embodiment of spirits. caper (?). X. It is regarded by the Malagasy as a bird of ill-omen. and this condition of ceremonial cleanness was imposed on the use of such beasts even down to the Middle Ages. 15-16.. John's wort (?). 209. 137. according to the Levitical law. p. jun. l)e Natura Animalium. 72 ff. A young pig. " T h e Fleabane(?) on the lintel of the door I have hung.2 Aelian also bears witness to these traditions by saying that it is considered by men to be a bird that presages evil. 11. 4 In order to prevent the entrance of demons into the house the Assyrians hung up various plants near the door.1 All three birds were unclean to the Hebrews. a virgin kid." 5 1 2 3 4 5 James Sibree. Tablet " B . xi. .

LIII This custom has survived among the Jews of the present day. and made clay of the spittle. Such a story is found in the text which begins " I n Eridu groweth the dark kiskanu" which is worth giving in full here. 13. who hang aloes or cacti from the arch of the doorway as amulets. and how they were the first to discover the beneficent properties of the charms which were in daily use. article "Amulets. 6. because of certain interpretations which have been suggested for it :— G. particularly in bewitching men or casting spells upon them. In the New Testament it is said of Christ that H e " spat on the ground. M. In the Third Tablet of the series " Evil Spirits." the priest claims that E a has added his spittle to his. 2 See p . it is evident that considerable importance is attached to it. 110." 3 (4) TRADITIONAL FORMS OF EXORCISMS. just as it was used in Palestine a few centuries later. and H e anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay." Dictionary of the Bible. . 1. ix. 1898. and although what it refers to is not quite clear. their doings. Hastings. T h e Sumerians were very fond of repeating in their magical prescriptions long traditional stories of the gods. ed.2 Presumably the spittle took some part in the ceremonial. 3 1 John. 1 Spittle had great power in Babylonian sorcery. Mackie.TRADITION IN MAGIC.

" May . " May Ishtar. . stand aside therefrom. wise. [and over the man J " Have performed the Incantation of the Deep. . Shi-Dugal. " That a kindly Guardian. " Where earth is. " May an evil .LIV INTRODUCTION. " In an undefiled dwelling like a forest grove " I t s shade spreadeth abroad. " T h e . " In its depths (are) Shamash and Tammuz. " [From where] he lieth. " Whereof the brilliance is shining lapis " Which reacheth unto Ocean . of Eridu " [ H a v e gathered] this kiskanu. there is its place. and pure. . . " And the Couch of the Goddess Id its home. " From E a its way in Eridu " Is bountiful in luxuriance. the son of his god. . " At the confluence of two streams " T h e gods Ka-Hegal. (and) . . from the mouth of the king restrain it on the way. " I n Eridu groweth the dark kiskanu " That springeth forth in a place undefiled. " From the dwelling-place cut it off. [the Lady] mighty. and none may enter in. a kindly Spirit " May stand at the side of the man. which seizeth on the hand " Of him whose face hath not been turned towards it. . may it retard its foot." T h e explanation of this text which has hitherto found credence among certain Assyriologists is that . " (And) at the head of the wanderer have set (it). .

" between the mouths of the rivers on both sides. p. 1902." . teeming with fertility. The Religions of Ancient Egypt and Babylonia (Gifford Lectures. Pinches bases his translation on that of Professor Sayce's rendering in 1887 : — l 1 Professor Sayce's latest translation (Gifford Lectures. in a holy place was it brought forth . As it is an important point to consider. p. it will be as well to examine the evidence in detail ." Professor Sayce considers that Hommel may be right in. 385) and The Old Testament in the light of the Historical Records of Assyria and Babylonia (1902. This view was originated by Professor Sayce in his Hibbert Lectures (1887. Pinches in their respective books. 71). 386) differs somewhat from that in the Hibbert Lectures :— " In Eridu a vine grew overshadowing . which spreads its shade like a forest. 237). " His seat (there) is the centre of the earth . LV it ^ contains nothing less than a reference to the Garden of Eden as it was known to the Babylonians. Mr.T H E GARDEN OF EDEN. p. " his couch is the bed of the primeval mother. " Into the heart of its holy house. as has been mentioned in the preface. set in the world beneath. but first it must be remarked that since the last publication of this text considerable additions have been made to it. hath no man entered. p. translating kiskanu " palm " instead of " vine. who draws a comparison between this and the Biblical descriptions. and this is still maintained by him and Mr. " The path of Ea was in Eridu. " its root was of bright lapis. 1902. " In its midst is Tammuz.

' " " Here the text breaks off. planted beside the Abyss. and his path." (5) " T h e " probability that it was conceived by the Babylonians " a s a garden is strengthened by the fact that the " god Ae. as a garden of Eden.' that is.LVI INTRODUCTION. Pinches draws the following conclusions from this text :—(a) T h a t Eridu " was. it was made in a glorious place. " ' Its dwelling is the couch of Nammu. A " Incantation : ' (In) Eridu a dark vine grew. the phrases are those of an ordinary " incantation.e. " ' Its seat is the (central) point of the earth. " ' In its interior is the Sun-god. *4 ' No man enters its midst. filling Eridu with fertility. " wherein grew a glorious tree. and the peerless mother of Tammuz." Mr. to all appearance " a vine. Strange must " have been its appearance. to the Babylonians. i. " ' Between the mouths of the rivers (which are) on both sides. the beautiful " stone of that kind mottled blue and white. " ' Its appearance (as) lapis-lazuli. which is like a forest. and where it again " becomes legible. filled the place . for the adjective ' dark* may very reasonably " be regarded as referring to its fruit. " ' Which is Ae's path. its shadow extends. " * T o the glorious house. the rivers. for it is described as " resembling ' white lapis-lazuli. whose connecting link with the above " poetical lines is lost.

B. or that the points of similarity are sufficiently marked to justify the comparison. First.ii. The word. the abode of the river-god Nammu. as to the meaning of kiskanu." Mr. LVII " " " " " " " " " " " " " with fertility. flowed on both sides. Pinches." (d) " T o complete still further the parallel with the Biblical Eden. making the garden fruitful with his ever-vivifying beams. and it was. which is supposed to be the Tree of Life." 2 considers that these colours refer to the fruit of the tree.4.. it wras represented as a place to which access was forbidden.' as in the case of the Garden of Eden after the fall. and has been identified with the vine. sub voce).T H E GARDEN OF E D E N .45.. W.H. whilst ' t h e peerless mother of Tammuz. . whose streams. by her fructifying showers./. is used as an epithet of gold (see Delitzsch." and sdmi " brown. T h e kiskanu is a plant or tree divided in the Assyrian syllabaries into three c l a s s e s . 1 / ^ " white. added. for ' n o man entered its midst. to the fertility that the two great rivers brought down from the mountains from which they flowed.' probably a name of Damkina." salmi " dark.53ff- The exact meaning is uncertain. too." (c) " There. who translates sami " g r e y or blue. H. the Tigris and Euphrates. dwelt the Sun." But I very much doubt whether the words in the text will bear the interpretation which has been put upon them. however. moreover. and brings forward in support of his theory that the vine is the only plant growing in the country with these 1 2 W^.

T h e text in question is for a sick man. informs me that the description coincides with that of the Astragalus. however.LVIFI INTRODUCTION. if any inference at all is to be drawn from its connection on this tablet (IV. unnecessary to imagine a mythological meaning for kiskanu. plant or shrub. of the Royal Gardens at Kew. and that the kiskanu is mentioned in the bilingual lists among plants of the vine species. and it now remains to identify this shrub. and the kiskanu is to afford the remedy for his disease. H. Indeed. one of which is is-si sal-mi (" black wood"). since each of the eight species mentioned is marked in Sumerian with a special sign for " vine. for it is separated from the eight species of vine by two words. No. and no inference can be drawn from its position on the tablet on which the word occurs. But the colours may refer equally well to the flowers of the tree or plant. H . Mr. and probably blue and brown. Pearson. It is. ii.L. three colours of fruit. of which there are many varieties. identified by the three colours white. 4) it is distinctly improbable that kiskanu means a vine. From the Astragalus gummifer1 is obtained 1 " T h e source of Tragacanth had been known for centuries to " be some of the spiny species of Astragalus growing in Asia .A. which grows thickly like a grove by the river-side near Eridu in Southern Babylonia." and the Sumerian for kiskanu has no such specification attached. W e have seen that it is a vegetable. W.

The Astragalus gummifer is " a small shrub. No. spreading " in all directions about \\ inch long. Syria." i. " and persistent for some years as a woody spine" (Bentley and Trimen. Again. the rachis very " hard. very probable that the kiskanu is one of the varieties of astragalus from which Tragacanth is procured. yellow. which possesses emollient and demulcent properties. and it has nothing " Minor.T H E GARDEN OF E D E N . 2 It seems. Persia and Kurdistan. Felix Jones." or. 73). ana apsi tarsu (1. terminating in a very sharp point." i. ." but is more probably " stretcheth out unto the Ocean Deep. to allay cough and hoarseness and to promote expectoration. The fourth line has been given a remarkable meaning by the totally unwarranted insertion which Professor Sayce was the first to make. in Professor Sayce's later translation. LIX Tragacanth. " His seat (there) is the centre of the earth. 1 It is still to be obtained in the bazaars of Bagdad. Memoirs (1857).e. pinnate." But the line is nothing more than " its seat is the earth. P* 4 0 2 . and it was used by the Greek physicians as far back as the fourth or fifth centuries. and Greece....e. Armenia. . . 1 2 Stille\ Maisch. therefore. whither it comes from Persia. etc. Medicinal Plants. The National Dispensatory. Asia Minor. smooth. closely placed. 2) cannot mean " planted beside the Abyss. leaves very numerous." the whole line thus running. of the word " (central). its roots go deep into the earth. " Its seat is the (central) point of the earth." All the principal species from which Tragacanth is obtained are natives of the mountainous districts in the E a s t . stiff. . 1642-1643. pp. the water. about 2 feet in " height .

For instance. again. there are no grounds for Mr. p. and with this water perform a purifying incantation. II). T h e gods plucked the plant near to where two streams ran into one another. and at the confluence of two streams to bale up (?) water. Further. There is no reference at all to any garden in the text. Tablet VIII of the series LUH-KA (Vol. that the kiskanu grew wild. namely. this being always a place with a magical significance. 238). " AA." Mr. he is to " take an earthen vessel which hath come from a great kiln." 2 1 2 Tablet " P " (Vol. whatever to do with the o/jLcftaXb? 7^?. but have a purely ceremonial meaning. of which the explanation is this. and the natural interpretation is the one to follow. Pinches' arguments may thus be met one by one :— (a) That Eridu was as a Garden of Eden there is absolutely no reason to believe. Pinches' translation " the peerless mother of Tammuz. 1. . as Professor Sayce originally suggested {Hibbert Lectures. as Mr. the magician is elsewhere directed to " take water at the confluence of two streams." 1. 66. 31.LX INTRODUCTION. II). Pinches would have us believe. Besides. the rivers which are mentioned have nothing to do with the River with Four Heads of Genesis." 1 or. (b) T h e presence of a river does not presuppose the presence of a garden." in the line " In its midst are Shamash and Tammuz.

whose example he follows. just as its path is that of Ea. first. did in times long past. (c) T h e mention of the presence of the Sun-god and Tammuz " in its midst " does not by any means imply the existence of a divine garden for their habitation. pointing to its .T H E GARDEN OF E D E N . T h e magician is intended to imitate the gods and pluck the kiskanu from an earthly spot in order to heal his patient therewith. LXI Inasmuch as the locality is the same in all three instances. however. so also must be the second and third. Secondly. if the explanation be purely physical. Probably. Three explanations of this line are possible. that it has an entirely mythological reference. and so also is it in the Eridu text. and it would be straining the whole idea to narrow one ill-defined and vague instance down to such a very special case as the Biblical tree. implying that it thrives in the Sun. still less can it be referred to the Tree in Genesis. and is merely the description of the ordinary characteristics of the plant wrapped up in theological language. it follows that if the first are the Rivers of Eden. which is obviously absurd. In the two last cases it is clear that a place attainable by mortals is intended. If this be the case. in which case the gods mentioned are some form of tree-spirit. there is still no proof that the kiskanu was the Tree of Knowledge. the explanation is a twofold combination of the above. and the texts are all of the same class. that it lives near water. that is. just as the gods. since the belief in treespirits is general in early communities.

which "grows like a forest" or " grove. " that no man enters its midst. It has been shown above that there is no mention whatever of a garden and no reason to suppose that any is referred to . and therefore it can only refer to the kiskanu. 1 (d) T h e last point. and no man can push his way into the depths of its thickets except with extreme trouble. T h e case with all magical plants used as charms in these incantations is the same. it is difficult to force a passage through. Now. since it is merely intended to explain the origin of its power in magic. divine connection by reason of its peculiar habitat and position. Either by reason of its thick growth or from its thorny character. 9) and the Legend of the Worm (quoted below). that the kiskanu is certainly not a vine. since this was a city of human habitation. So that the last point mentioned above is the only remaining support for the Eden-theory.LXII INTRODUCTION." is the one point of similarity which this text bears with the Biblical Eden. As parallels." as the text itself says. 1 . it is obvious that the phrase cannot refer to Eridu. p. Beitr'dge zur Kenntnis der Assjyrischen Medizin. being probably nothing more than a flowering and perhaps thorny shrub. and herein lies the interpretation. compare the description of the " Heart-plant" (Kiichler. or both. and that its association with the gods is similar to other plants used in incantations. that they should have some divine association and connection whence their power should emanate.

50. . the presence of the serpent. so that any more modern magician or priest. Legend of the Worm.who originally plucked it for medicinal use from the place where it grew where two streams met. grew in Eridu when the gods were nearer to mankind than in after days. I may cite the Legend of the Worm. part xvii. might have a divine model to imitate. As another instance of the fondness of the Babylonians for going back to the most primitive periods for their models in such matters. and the Cherubim and the flaming sword. the tree of life. the four-headed river. Texts. This is all that is meant. and it was they . " T h e Heavens created [the Earth]. the tree of knowledge of good and evil or its fruit. LXIII In all this text there is no mention of any of the following characteristics of the Biblical Garden of Eden: the planting of a garden by a god. Their actions stamped the prescription as infallible. the existence of every tree therein. and performed with it certain ceremonies. in treating his patient. vol. The real explanation of the text is perfectly simple without straining after Biblical comparisons. pi.1 which has been hitherto unknown :— " After Anu [had created the Heavens]. ii. 1 The text is published in Cun.T H E L E G E N D OF T H E WORM. The &zs&anu-p\&nty according to* tradition. and there is absolutely no reference to any Garden of Eden. and sanctioned the repetition of the ceremonies in later days.

By repeating the story of the creation and subsequent action of the original Worm. and he may then proceed with his instructions : " So must thou say this : O Worm ! " May E a smite thee with the might of his fist! " 1 Compare Ecclesiastes. ' And thy scented . -wood/ ' Nay. xii. which was believed to be due to the gnawing of small worms. always a fundamental principle in magic. ' And of their gums destroy their strength ' Then shall I hold the bolt of the door/ " l T h e incantation is really one which was written for people with toothache. T h e Marshes created the Worm. -wood ? ' Let me drink among the teeth. . ' What wilt thou give me to devour ? ' ' I will give thee dried bones.LXIV INTRODUCTION. T h e Canals created the Marshes. Came the Worm and wept before Shamash. . ' And set me on the gums . T h e Rivers created the Canals. " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " T h e Earth created the Rivers. the magician shows that he clearly has knowledge of the name of his enemy and his methods. Before E a came her tears :—• * What wilt thou give me for my food. • . ' That I may devour the blood of the teeth. . ' And scented . what these dried bones of thine to me. 4.

It will. he must rub a mixture of beer. and spells which the Sumerian sorcerer employed in dealing with credulous clients some six thousand years ago. and oil on the tooth of his patient. but with the publication of new texts and further study. the reader will be able to glean an idea of the scope and contents of one group of Sumerian magical texts.CONCLUSION. there is every reason for believing that we may shortly attain to a tolerably accurate knowledge of the ceremonies. LXV and after chanting the incantation three times. be understood that the exact meanings of certain words are still obscure. a certain plant probably of a pungent nature. of course. From the facts stated in the above pages. E . enchantments. and it is hoped that the information therein given will induce the student of comparative folklore to investigate this important subject.




Ttt<xntfittx<xti<>n8 cm TtxamfationB. .

di .ziz 10.nu lim-nu-tum HUL-A-MES SU-MU ana zu-um-ri-ia a-a it-hu-ni NAM-BA-TE-MAL-E-N E 15.ma .TA . MU . .E .SI * IN .ni.*SIG .GUB la . .e .bat .I N .a li . .tu ina na .H U L .T U .GA ID .U N .S I .ki i .ZU .^Series (Uftd^t Vimnutu £0e e^irb £aBfet (PLATE I.BAL . IGI .ni NAM .bal .UN .MA .u .di .el kak .ta .T U .da .ku lu .a ALAD .mas .MU KAN .ki .NA alu 5 Eridu ina na . .MU ana u-ri-ia a-a [ib .lam .MU ana pa .ni NAM .GAL .NE .) .BAL .UN .E .B A .a2 . NAM-SUB MU .NE E-KI-TUS-A-MU ana bit sub-ti-[ia a-a i-ru-bu-ni~\ NAM.iz .ta UTUG-HUL A-LA-HUL GIDIM-HUL MULLA-HUL DINGIR-HUL MASKIM-HUL E-NE-NE-NE SU .NE al mad ma .si dum .ia a-a u.LA .nu .ZU . .ma [MU] .B A . .a .mi . DINGIR-NIN-GIR-SU LUGAL GIS-KU-GE KAN-PA ilu „ be .a . sip .SUM .NE EGIR-MU ana ar-ki-ia a-a il-li-ku-ni NAM-BA-GIN-GIN-NE E-MU ana bitiz-ia [a-a i-ru-bu-ni] NAM-BA-TU-TU-NE * UR .e .tu\ . .

314. My fence may they not break through. . May a kindly Guardian stand at my side. Nor follow behind me. . 1 Traces of preceding lines on 35. . EN . . Into my chamber may they not enter. [DINGIR-SILIG]-MULU-SAR ME-EN {/) . . . (e) . K. 3 (c) . . may est thou be exorcised! Evil Spirit. 9. When I perform [the Incantation] of Eridu. Before me may they wreak no evil. ana-ku ana-ku {d) . 35. . . evil God. e-a (h) . .611 omits.611 : {a) . . When I perform the Incantation . evil Demon. . evil Fiend. . . 10. TE-MAL (g) . . . . .) I learn and 5. 2 IN-TUR-RA-NE (7) . . 15. bi-ti. EN (b) . . evil Devil. . ul (?)-?na (?) ( / ) . master of the sword. . .$mt* «tfyt <&?tf ^vititz" £0e £0irb ZMtt ( P L A T E I. evil Ghost. Into my house may they not enter. Evil are they! Unto my body may they not draw nigh. By Ningirsu. IN-GAR-RA.

uL 224.NE .GE sip .IK .ti su . ki. K.A .4 20.ES .nu ra . ta. K.u .PA irsitim{tiin) \same(e)\ lu-u-ta-ma-a-ta \lu .NE sa ilu KUR . 224 adds A-AN.KIN .A .LA E .NE su . 224 omits.MES 3 „ bel lim-nu matati mar UTUG-HUL u-tuk-ku a-lu-u EDIN-NA MULU-TIL-LA TU .) la-ba-su EDIN .INIM . K.ri su . la-bar-turn LIL .NE .UN .MES Urn . 9.GIM ki-ma BA-AN-GAZ sa ina si-rim* amelu bal-tub sa su-ba-a-ta6 30. . 224 and K. 224.NA nis KAN .314. K. 224. be-el ma-ta-a-\tC\.KAN MASKIM . K.MA EN E .KUR . E-A E-KUR-TA is -tu bit ekurriit-ta-su-nisu>nu LUGAL DINGIR .314.A nis KAN .DUL . 9. 224.A .su x 2 UTUG . 224.KAS .LA GIDIM-HUL MULLA-HUL SU-NA BA-NI-IB-DIB-DIB-BI e-kim-mu Um-nu gal-lu-u lim-nu sa zu-um-ra i-katn-mu-u DINGIR-RAB-KAN-ME DINGIR-RAB-KAN-ME7-A SU-NA BA-NI-IN 8 -GIG-GA 9 35. AN . K.GA .ta INIM . A . IB.NE .EN .nu . e-ri.nu i-nar-ru i-kat-ta-mu MULU .LIL .LA .HUL .a\ .nu E-A-MES 25. ZI DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.bi .E lim-nu MU .KAS .ma .NA sa ina sa si-rim zu-um-ra u-sam-ra-su it-ta-na-as-rab-bi-tu NI .AN MULU-GISGAL-LU PAP-HAL-LA BAR-KU MU-UN-NA-TE-ES ana 1 3 5 7 9 ameli mut-tal-li-ku10 2 4 6 8 10 ina a-ka-ti it-hu-u K. su-ba-ti.A . K. K. 224.LA li-lu-u (PLATE II.NE .HUL . bi-ti.HUL . K.ta .PA [Zl] KI .RA .

and fiends that prowl about the broad places for men " . Religion.) Unto the side of the wanderer have drawn nigh. 40.. b Ittanasrabbitu : for the meaning of this word compare the following passages: Tablet V." see Jensen. Ekurru. T h e evil Demon that like a cloak enshroudeth the man. sunu zakiku muttasrabbituti sunu." 1. b (PLATE II. Incantation :— Evil fiends are they! 25. " T h e great demons. the evil Devil that seize upon the body. Devils and Evil Spirits. 185. On the meaning " Underworld. 558. 35. 6. Tablet " R. Tablet " N. 11. vol. spirits. Kosmologie. 11-12. By Heaven be thou exorcised! thou exorcised! By Earth be PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. ii. p. 30." col." a . T h e Phantom of Night that in the desert roameth abroad. T h e evil Spirit that in the desert smiteth the living man. " T h e y are the roaming stormwind " . v.TJTUKKI LIMNUTI. TABLET III. 5 20. p. ibid. " who roam about the desert like the wind. From the Underworld a they have gone forth. and Jastrow. T h e evil Ghost. sa ina siYim kima zakiki ittanasrabbitu. They are the Messengers of Bel. i. Udu utukku rabisu rabbuti sa ana nisipl ribdti ittanasrabbitu. Lord of the World. T h e Hag-demon (and) Ghoul that smite the body with sickness.

turn HUL-BI-TA lim-[ni] .DA . 40.su UH(?)-ZU 60.HUL .AB . MU-UN-GA-GA EME .HUL UH(?)-RI-A GAR .GE KA-MU-UN-DA-AB pa -a 12 .HUL . ina zu-mur IN-GAR-RI \im-tumf\ u-sa-\al-ld\-mu GIG DUG-SIR-GIM (?) MU . .HUL GAR .u u-sab-ba-tum HUL . UH (?) HUL-A 9 10 MI-NI-IN-GAR-RI-ES -su ina NAM-TAR-HUL-BI-TA nam-ta-ra UH (?) . sa E -A sa EME u . MAL(?) . kis-pi LUGAL lint .N A mar-sa ina ina 3 MI .TUR . AZAG .A GAR.su .NA ib-su-u is-ku-nu zumri1 b NAM .HUL UH(?)-HUL KA .NE .IN .pi .GE .LA .TA im-ta GAL-LA-NA li-mut-ta GAL-LA-NA li-mut-ta* zu-um-ri-su zumri2-su ib-su-u zumri2-su BAR-RA-NA AS-HUL ar-rat GAL-LA-NA NAM-TAG-GA lum-na ar-na1 is-ku-ni SU-NA GAL-LA-NA NAM-TAG-GA im-ta se-ir-ta% MUH-NA GAL-LA-NA : li-mut-ta* is-ku-nu : IGI .UN .E§ zumri%-su SU . .6 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.E BA-NI-IN-DIB-DIB-BI li-sa-a -nu DINGIR be- lu m ilu lim - nu . sa .NA zumri2 zumri^-su lim-na ina ina ina ina e-li-su -su is-ku-nu GAL . .MA [MULU]-TUR-RA ts-sak(?)-nu SS. u-a ki-ma kar-pat sa-har-ra G A R .A mar-sixx MULU . . u .nu .HUL UH(?)-SU SU-NA .BA li-mut-tum lim-nu^ SU-NA SU-NA SU-NA U-MU-UN-HUL-A u-mu-un-na-a ib-SU-U is-ku-ni ib-SU-U HUL 50. l SU .BI .NI . .RI .S A .RA a-sak-ku HUL ma-mit 45.GIM .SA .kas . .GAR .SUB .IK .HUL-GIM-MA . .

Evil spell. 45. An evil curse hath settled on his body. . he whose tongue is evil. a Line doubtful. K.852. T h e baneful witchcraft which hath seized the tongue.852 omits. 47> 8 5 2 > tum> 7 47. ni. Which rest on the body of the sick man 55. 10 47. 5 . for this line [im]-tum sir-turn.852.852 translates this line [kis"]-pi ru-hu-u ru-su-u up-sa-se-e [mimma lim-nu]. 224. . A ban of evil hath settled on his body. An evil venom on his body they have cast. etc. K. An evil disease on his body they have cast. T h e lord of . Casting a woeful fever upon his body. . Evil they have cast (upon him). nu. . zu-um-ri. 60. . 2 4 47. T h e enchantment and all evil that have closed the mouth. 224. An evil plague hath settled on his body.852 translates this line [amelu lim-nu] pa-ni lim-nu pu-u lim-nu li-sa-nu lim-nu.852. ka. and all evil.852. 224. he whose mouth is evil.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. TABLET III. 9 47. 47. J 40. the evil god. I 3 K. . a . 50. and for UH (?) -RI-A reads UH (?) -A-RI-A. which like a clay vessel hath consumed the spittle.852. na. sa. 6 47. Venom (and) wickedness have settled on him. Evil (and) sin on his body they have cast. Enchantment. . T h e evil man. 8 47. II 12 47. BAR-KU. sorcery. witchcraft. he whose face is evil.

[lu el .na .ia ik .lu el .bi-ia MULU-TUR-RA 6 mar-sus ilu ru .su ik .GA .A .kun is -kun SU-NA ba-sa-a a9 GAL .LU .MU kata11-ia E-NE-NE-NE HUL-A-MES lim . EN-GAL belli* ta .GA .GA .su DINGIR-EN-KI-GE rabu{u) el .A N -GAL e-ri ka'k-ku na-sa-ku si-i-ri11 sa ilH A-nim ina .A .GE E HE-IM-MA-AN-SIR-RI-ES-A-AN li .LA .AZAG .A .MA .ti10 GIS .as .NI mar .NA GAL .LA .a .NA GAL .ia im .) MULU .hu SU .ri .D A .NI MU .ES ina har-ra-nu1 i-si-ru ra-pa-as-tum MULU .lu .an ni MU-UN-SI-IN-GIN-NA GAL .NU GIS .A . KAStfAL-DAGAL-LA-TA-GIM BA .GA DINGIR-DAM-GAL-NUN-NA GA-E MULU-KIN-GA-A DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR ME-EN GAR .MU KA .EN .NA .pur te .MAH AN .e .NI .MU UH (?) .EN .su (PLATE III.NI KA .8 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.nu " e es-ri-e-tP I a sa ina zu-mur mat DINGIR .A .KI .LA .RA ./ .su 75.AN . GA . su .in .GE M U .tu .ti .DUG .NI TU .MU 80.BI ana amelu2 su-a-tum ME .rib .U N .E GA-E MULU MULU DINGIR .su 70.AZAG .GA ina 85.KU ana is .nu . ZAG-MES HE-IM-MA-AN-HUL-A GAL-LA-NA mu-sal-pit TU .LA .NA is .SI .kun is .kun is .lu^ ilu bul .KU .NI UH (?) .GA .EN ME-EN3 3 6$.a pi .KI .TUR .lu el .us .MU MU .NA E-a ana ana ]ana ana TU .LA .AZAG .AZAG . pi .A .mat .GA .su / .GISGAL .TIL .

. mes-ri-ti. a)f " tamarisk. 224. Nos.fo.852 . "Seven images of <?r#-wood. 35. NA. 996.852. ni. These evil ones will be put to flight. K. 996. \_a\-na-ku. and the best Semitic word to compare it with is the Syriac 'ara (Brockelmann. I 3 4 5 7 9 II 2 35." it is clear that this is a wood. 75. T h e great lord E a hath sent me .. H e hath added his pure voice to mine. 15). It occurs frequently in these texts. . a-me-lu. H e hath added his pure spell to mine. ." .gg6. b S." c Eru (GIS-MA-NU). H e hath added his pure prayer to mine. 996. 46-47 (p. 429) meaning " to smite. From Zimmern's Ritualtafeln.852. TABLET III. S. 1. Possibly either for ru'ut-su ( " h i s spittle ") or from the root rasdsUy which may perhaps be the Chaldee r'sas (Levy. Lexicon.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. Had power to destroy temples. p. (PLATE III. 996. si-ra. 65. 8 S. 70. sa . .852. Ea. ii. Chald. Translated on 47.) Though that which resteth on the body of the sick man 80." Neither are. b Yet by the magic of the Word of E a 85. 0 the powerful weapon of Anu. turn. . 38. H e hath added his pure spittle to mine. and not a wooden object. probable. T h e tamarisk. 259. T h e man of E a am I ! T h e man of Damkina am I ! T h e messenger of Marduk am I ! T o revive the ( ) a sick man. 47. a Russu. VII salme eri. S.611. . 10 47. however. 47. 156.e/lu. 6 S. 47. "limbs. . 996 has mesri/i.594 . Worterb. be-lu. On the high road have attacked this man. S.61 i. si.852.. be-lum.

H U L ] DINGIR . 47.E .10 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. 47.H [ U L pani-ia* GIS-KU-GE DINGIR-NIN-GIR-SU IOO.* SIG-GA dunt .SIT 1 „ dup-sar-ra-tum* sip-tu ellitimitini) A-LA-HUL sir-turn* ina LUGAL sa A-ra-al-li-e i-man-ni* KAN-PA MULLA .BAL .262.MU NAM .NA 1 3 5 K.N E 1 1 : IGI .H U L GIDIM .UN .ni -ia su-me-li-ia a- la-kuz a-la-ku3 ID-GUB-BU-MU MU-UN-DA-AN-GIN-NA la-mas-si 95. 8.AN .N E : E-MU NAM-[BA- TU-TU]-NE "* UR .G I N .* SrG-GA MU-UN-DA-AN-GIN-NA se-e-du ALAD. 2 4 6 K. 8.852.262.N[AMBA-HUL]-E-NE I O 4 . ar-ki.ki dum-hi ina ina im . ilu „ na-gi-ri Kul-la-bi ana ba-la-ti-ia u 2 arki -ia lit-tal-lak ID-ZI-DA-MU l sa-la-mi-ia UTUG.GIN NE 90.852 inserts N A . K. IGI-MU for AZAG-GA. 8. D I N G I R .A [KAN . . 47.E .852.BAL .MAL . ZI AN .GE AZAG-GA5 MU .NA . ki.N A SAR-AZAG NAM-SUB ilu DUP-SAR-MAH ARALI .BA .BA .A N .I O S .MU NAM . ba.B A .PA] A-[MU A.KI .H U L ENE NE NE HUL- A- MES10 SU . rat for ra-tum. DINGIR-DUB-SAG-UNUG-KI NAM-TIL-LA EGIR * LIGIR KUL-UNUG-KI-GE SILIM-MA-MU .262. EGIR-MU N A M .TE .MU GIN .N E : E .G I N . U T U G .MU .PA ZI KI .N I N 4 .T U S NAM-BA-TU-TU]-NE KAN .H U L MASKIM .

a the patron of Kullabi.937-3. 95. Evil are they. A kindly Spirit marcheth on my left. a. Evil Devil. v.852.A. master of the sword. evil Ghost. evil God. Nin-Anna." . 8. Nor follow behind me. evil Demon. Before me may they wreak no evil. Unto my body may they not draw nigh. K. For my life and health follow after me. Nos.262. 14.I.e. Dubsag-Uruk: DUB-SAG (Briinnow. May the god Dubsag-Unug-ki. DA. MES-MES according to the text.. II In my hands I hold. " Lady of Heaven. K. g. By Ningirsu." For Kullabi or Kullaba. tu. List. i. 3.262. nu. see W. 105. 8 10 47. 8.e. Into my house may they not enter. may est thou be exorcised! 100. Reciteth a purifying incantation before me. 41. evil Fiend. Into my chamber may they not enter. b I. i-napa-m-ia. A kindly Guardian marcheth on my right. By Heaven be thou exorcised! By Earth be thou exorcised ! 7 9 11 a 47. " first.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. 90. b the mighty Scribe of the Underworld. My fence may they not break through. Evil Spirit. TABLET III.852." " chief.938) is translated kudmu and mahru.

GA-E MULU-KIN-GA-A DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR [ M E .NI KA . .AZAG . ZI KI-A KAN-PA] 1 1 5 . EN-GAL MULU .N I A-LA-[HUL TU .MU MU . . INIM .LA .E N ] h. a-me-lu. EN DINGIR-EN-KI DINGIR E .bi . .NA] GAL . .PA / GA-E NUN . UH (?) MU AZAG .[ N I 110. .DA .INIM .NI AZAG .GA . .K U ] MU-UN-SI-IN-[GIN-NA] GAL . .[A .HUL ilu . .[A . . .MA UTUG . GAR . 2 4 K. .852. .RA . 224.AZAG .[ N I . .12 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.T I L .A .[GE] . 47. zu-mur. . TU .NA] GAL .852.LA .KI .A .N A ] GAL .N E : sa „ su-nu su-nu : df.su ZI [AN-NA .MU KA .GA . . .A sailu„ GEl c.GA . 224. ki.LA . b. DINGIR-EN-KUR-SIG-NUN-ME-UBARA NIN-KUR-SIG-NUN-[ME-UBARA e. K.MU GIDIM-HUL MASKIM-HUL] UTUG-HUL DINGIR-HUL .LA . GA . .MU UH (?) .852. .GA . ameli^ mzit-tal-li-ku5 li-in\na-as-hu\ 1 3 6 47.N I t. lu MASKIM ra .N A ] MULLA-HUL DINGIR-EN-KI-GE I 0 8 . MULU-TU-TU DINGIR-EN-KI-GA-[GE ME-EN] g.TUR .ME E-NE E-NE] DINGIR- N U N . 47. ? IGI-MU-TA KAN-PA NAM-TAR AZAG GAR-GIG GAR-SA-[A nam-ta-ri1 mimmd\ SU a-sak-ku lim-nu ma-ru GAR-HUL-GIM-MA] us~tu \up-sa-su-u MULU-GISGAL-LU GI-ES ina zumur* PAP-HAL-LA-GE A-NA .GA . ru.A . .[LA . A . G E .A .

fiend 115. and all evil Be removed from the body of the wanderer. .48. 108. H e hath added his pure spell to mine.. 56. DINGIR-NIN-KUR-SIGNUNME-UBARA is read Ninkum (Briinnow. the ruler of Eridu.013). sorcery. T h e great lord E a hath sent me . No. g. TABLET III. Incantation :— c. PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS.A. e. the minister of Ea. T o revive the ( ) b sick man i. Or an evil God or an evil Fiend. i. h. I am the messenger of Marduk . a According to W. of [Damkina] are they! d.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. H e hath added his pure spittle to mine. are they! f. b See note to 1. 13 b. Of E a are they. ii. n o . H e hath added his pure voice to mine. Or an evil Ghost or an evil Devil. Of En-kur-sig-nunme-ubara a are they. Of Adapa.c. No. and it is possible that this is the same as DINGIR-EN-KUR-SIGNUNME-UBARA (Briinnow. 2. fever. 11. H e hath added his pure prayer to mine. Whether thou art an evil Spirit or an evil Demon. Be thou removed from before m e ! By Heaven be thou exorcised! By Earth be thou exorcised! May the pestilence.833).e.I. Of Nin-kur-sig-nunme-ubara are they. . [DINGIR . . 69. pain. List.]-KUR-SIG (i-si-mu)NUN-ME = iluUs-mu-u sukkalli * /M EN-KI-GA-GE. I am the sorcerer-priest of Ea.

an .TU ~ TU [DINGIR .A .a (PLATE IV.EN a . .ma* .bi pa-ni-ia ilu DINGIR-BABBAR IGI-MU-KU DINGIR-SIS-KI [EGIR-MU-KU] Samsu Sin ina ar-[ki-ia] .MA EN GA . .GE] sa .) ik .si -pu 130.ri . pa-sa-hu mar .su lip .GAL .ka .KI .EN . .GAL .dir INIM .gam . alu \E .BI .a] . as . UTUG . .MAH sa Uu MULU . NAM-BA-TE-MAL-E^NE [TA-GUB] ana zumri-ia'1 EGIR-MU : a-na a-a it-hu-nu a-a ina a-ha-a-ti ir-du-ni z 120. . NA . SU-MU BAR-KU HE-IMli-iz-ziz : NAM4 ar-ki~ia [BA-GIN-GIN-NE] ZI DINGIR .pa .GE [KAN .mu KA .hu sa .pat E .PA] nis ildnipl rabiiti*1 lu .SURRU . .HUL .kup .kis . ra-am-ku .u .KU ana ilu biti ina ina e . .SAR .E .su ik-\kalf\ ina GE(?) GAR TUR (?) RA (?) 135 A-GE BA(?) TAG I-LU 140. Eridi KU (?) a-na-ku . .E a .GUB .AN .N E .BI \u\5 125.lu ri .14 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. BA-PA . .ta .[A .INIM .KAN] GA . NAG-DUP TU NE-IN si-pat .

May his fetters be loosened! (PLATE IV.852. mah. 1 2 3 4 . Unto my body may they not come nigh. T h e threshold Unto the house on entering Shamash (is) before me. . u.) PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. [Lines 131-138 much broken. 47. .852. 224. May they not follow after me. 47.852. 47. Sin (is) behind [me]. " B y the Great Gods I exorcise thee. zu-mur-ia. 47. 125.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.852. TABLET III. I-RI-PA HA-BA-RA-DU-UN. 224 omits.852. K. I am the magician of Eridu. Incantation:— I am the sorcerer-priest of [Ea]. u-tam-mi-ka K. May they get hence from near me. . By the Great Gods may they be exorcised! a May he not be held in bondage.] 140. 15 120. that thou mayst depart!" . 130. 5 6 a 47.

turn .pir 11 si .MAL .ia dup .16 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. 4 S. and 47.KU 150.GAL ilu Nergal NIN IB ina ina DINGIR ilu BU li l „ MULU . bad.tu biti a-sak-ku RA E IGI-MU-TA ina pa .su UTUG-HUL A-LA-HUL GIDIM-HUL MASKIM-HUL] MULLA-HUL [DINGIR-HUL TUR-RA NAM-TAR LIL-LA EN-NA KI-EL-[LIL-LA EN-NA] 1 3 AZAG 165.852. TUR-RA lu-u ? MASKIM-HUL NAM-BAD LIL-LA EN-NA KI-EL-LIL-LA EN-NA AZAG NAM-TAR-HUL-HE-A mur-su mu-tum'1 li-lu-u 9 nam-ta-ru lim-nu E TA is 10 li-li-tum* BA .* SIG-GA ALAD. .852. ID . for ka-du.NE ina 4 ana mar .ni .852. si. 715.DA .TUR .DA . S. ft.RA . 160. 47.su 2 tez . kd-di.* SIG-GA UTUG-HUL A-LA-HUL GIDIM-HUL DINGIR-HUL ISS. E-NE.852. 715 and 47. GE.ZI . 715.e . . . SAG ina 6 TE .URU .MU . ? IGI-MU-TA 1 3 5 NAM-[TAR-HUL-HE-A] [ZI KI-A KAN-PA] ZI AN-NA KAN-PA 2 47.a MULU-TUR.RA .ku mar . . .hi . S. sa.KU kak-ka-dub SU-US-GAR-RA-MU-NE ka-ti ina DA-MU um-mu-di-ia KAN-GUB MULLA-HUL mar-su2 UTUG. 715.[MU] im ID su GUB me ni [id] [MU] ia I45. GA-E 12 ana . GA-E MULU-TU-TU MULU-TUR-RA-KU ana DINGIR-EN-KI-GA TU-MU MU-UN-NA-AN sip . . DINGIR .i ME-EN . S.NE .

Or sickness. May a kindly Spirit. Or an evil God or an evil Fiend.852. ta . TABLET III. 9 10 47. or death. Out of the house go forth! (For) I am the sorcerer-priest of Ea. It is I who [recite] the incantation for the sick man Whether thou be an evil Spirit or an evil Demon.852 omits this line. . 17 145. 7 8 S. When I draw near unto the sick man. 11 S. 47.852: se-e-du dum-ki la-mas-su dum-ki i-da-a . or evil pestilence. tu. Be thou removed from before me! Line translated on 47. or disease. [Or an evil God or an evil Fiend].852. 715. 12 13 47. 715 translates [_a-si~~\-pu sa tluE-a[ana-ku]. Nergal (is) at [my] right hand. 155. .UTUKKI L I M N U T I . S. Be thou removed from before me. 715 [se~]-id dum-ki la-mas-si dum-ki i-da-a-a li-iz-ziz. ul. or Phantom of Night. Or sickness. Or an evil Ghost or an evil Devil. When I lay my hand on the head of the sick man. 150. Ninib (is) at my left hand . 715. or Phantom of Night. a kindly Guardian stand at my side. Or Wraith of Night. 2 6 . ri. 165. u-tu. or evil pestilence. or fever. or death. 47. Or Wraith of Night. 160. E-NE KI-EL-E-NE.852.852. and on S. 47. Or an evil Ghost or an evil Devil. Whether thou art an evil Spirit or an evil Demon.

EN GA . .NA BA . NUN-KI-GA me-su-u 3 MULU-TUR-RA NAM-TAR MU-UN-DIB-BI NA-AN-TA mar-sa eli-su sa .18 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. 2 4 47.MAL . 4 7 .di .su me-e^ ilu ina mar-sun pu . .NE . .uk .D A .H U L .A [KAN .INIM .RA . .MAS .G E MULU-TUR-RA * S U D .[GE . .AN .TIL .PA ZI KI . BA.N E ] ZI AN . MAS .-TE-MAL-DA] (PLATE V.su ina la . mut-tal-hk SU-LUH-HA Eridi sa pi-i-su a-lu .K A N ] 170. 1 bu . .47.852. sa ^ RIG .pu „ KA alu mdti GIN .N E E-a10 1 3 47.M U .GAL . .RA .KU ZU .) BA .MA . . EN GA . tar for ia-ri.TUR .LA KALAM .TUR .MU . .ma . AZAG nam-ta-ri^ sub-turn is-ba-tu-suh a-sak-ku l80.ia ina sa-la-hi-ia 1 8 5 .* S U D .GE . . A D I N G I R . . ma-a-lu. .K I .[A . .DA .KU TE . .RA .LA URU . ..BAD .852.di .[MU .GISGAL . . MULU . GU-GIR a-si-pu si . . MULU .BI BAD . .RA - [AN.ku .NA KAN .ti . .N E ] 8 mes .MA UTUG . .RA .6 .I D ME .ni mar .a . . . a 175.A . . 8 5 2 .ia ID . MULU .PA] INIM . . . .SU .E . .ZU .E N .SAR ilu „ ana mu - ku bal - sa lit „ 2 . . .ri .NE .[NE] SA MULU .GAL .E l DINGIR . . .E 6 .852 inserts M U L U .GIR . .LU DU DINGIR .E ilu .

. . 224. When I sprinkle the water of E a on the sick man. A potent wizard that patrolleth the city. 47. was the mother of Ea. 8. " learn. sa. b Lit. NAKBU for E-a.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. MZ. When I draw near unto the sick man.262 . 175. T h e sick man upon whom sickness hath seized. 5 7 9 47. When I examine b the muscles of the sick man. tus for tu-su. PA-DA-MU-NE.262. the son of his god. 19 By Heaven be thou exorcised ! [By Earth be thou exorcised !] Unto the man. 6 8 10 K. K.262. . 8. A sorcerer that giveth life unto the land. A sorcerer of Eridu whose mouth is purified [am I]. 47. 11 a 47. I ncantation :— Of the goddess Id a am I.852. A-MES for me-e. [am I]. TABLET III. (PLATE V. When I compose his limbs. . The goddess Id.) Get thee hence! By Heaven be thou exorcised! thou exorcised!] By Earth [be PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS.852. 8.852 and K. 185." . K. of the god (?) . according to Briinnow. 180.223. Fever (hath taken up) its seat upon him. 170. 10. DA-MU.852. come not nigh. List No.

KAN . .611 o m i t s .H U L EME-HUL U .A DINGIR .SU 8 . si.GA 195.li NAM-SUB MULU .ia GU . .RA mar TE 190.RA .RA .N E gul .N E ina1 ma .GE mar .di .si3 sa .SUB . 996 inserts u s .DE . KA-HUL-A GAR-SA-A GAR-HUL-GIM-MA 1 3 5 7 47. S.20 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.RA GAR-SA-A NAM-TAR-HUL-IK AZAG-GAR-GIG 7 GAR-GIG GAR-HUL-GIM-MA [SUR-AS]-SUB 200.TUR .611.a ina na-di-e-a : NUN-KI-GA : si-pat 4 4 Eridi SUM-MU-DA . U T U G . 9 8 .sa2 RA .TUR .N E ina alu MUH e . 2 4 6 K. S.RAB . U D .GA DA .852.262. i-na. .it mar . . 47.KU / / .e .KAR .GE KAN .RAB .TUR . UH (?) -ZU UH(?)A-RI-A GAR-SA-A GAR-HULGIM-MA.sa inal HU .MU . M E is o m i t t e d o n 35.DA . K. MULU .N U .sa .H U L ALAD .G A . 35.MU .H U L UH(?) -HUL 9 A HA-AN-TUM IGI . 996 i n s e r t s T U R .L U H . 224. 996 .[ M E ] 5 .R A .* SIG .* SIG .MU .lu . . 8. sa. .D U G .N E UTUG .MU .HA .RA .ME DINGIR-RAB-KAN-[ME-KIL] MULU -LIL-LA KI-EL-LIL KI-EL-GID 6 .KAN .DA .ti ia MULU .GUB MULLA-HUL A-LA-HUL GIDIM-HUL DINGIR-HUL MASKIM-[HUL] DINGIR .si . S. MULU .852.

see pi. and thereby that of the devil in him. where har-ba-su is certainly to be restored as the translation of U . 168-169. 46. a In Devils and Evil Spirits. be present at my side. etc. Or an evil God or an evil Fiend. 195. U-SU-SUB is probably to be translated harbasu. Or pain or sorcery or any evil. tarn-turn si-i gal-ta-at ( " t h e sea heaves"). It is more probable that just as the magician reduces the strength of the sick man (cf. May a kindly Spirit. a kindly Guardian. SUR-AS. ii. vol. Or evil pestilence or noisome fever.[ S U B ] . When I bring low the strength of the sick man. b O r headache or shivering or (?) or terror. but here the translation " w h e n I have shaken the sick m a n " is unlikely. When I perform the Incantation of Eridu. or any evil. or evil mouth. 11-12. 31. Or Phantom of Night or Wraith of Night. 26 (4). 190. When I recite an incantation over the sick man. List No. Or Handmaiden of the Phantom. 102." 11.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. 46. or sorcery. A-HA-AN = nusu (Briinnow. the following line). 11. Or an evil Ghost or an evil Devil.. Gullutia. . TABLET III. galatu has evidently the meaning of " quaking" (whence its more common meaning of "quaking with fear").A. 1. From W. Or evil spell. SUR-AS-SUB is translated ti--u su-ru-ub-bu-[tf\. The meaning of A-HA-AN-TUM is doubtful .S U . 200. 21 When I subdue a the sick man.I. iv. which should read SUR-AS-SUB A-HA-AN-TUM U-SU-US-SUB.704). Or Hag-demon or Ghoul or Robber Sprite. Tablet u O. Whether thou art an evil Spirit or an evil Demon. 11. or evil tongue. b Restore the first characters. and compare pi. so will he frighten into subjection the evil power which has possessed the body of the patient. Or an evil man or evil face.

E MULU-KIN-GA-A DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR M E .852.LU KAN .•22 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. .MU zumri .852 t r a n s l a t e s : sa 47. BA .GUB NAM .na 10 NAM . 3 4 GA-E MULU DINGIR-DAM-GAL-NUN-NA ME-EN G A .GIN .a il .MA UTUG .KU a .zu la ta .NA .) 2 GA-E MULU DINGIR-EN-KI-GA ME-EN 205.BA .az .E it HUL hu E - - ia .AN .DA u .N E a .a 8 GIS-KU-MAH AN .GUB .sar az .ku .UN . 47.BU-NE-EN a .BU ..rat GIS-MA-NU E .ziz12 .MU ana .NE BA .EN 220.AN . DINGIR-EN-KI-GE ilu SU-MU ina MU-UN-DA-AN-GAL ka .GIN .KAN l EN (PLATE VI.T E a NAM .DA .za zi13 1 2 3 47. Dam-ki-an-na ana-ku.US . GE.KU .A .ti .GAL 9 a-ra sa par-su NAM rabi-tu ina ka-ti-ia na-sa-ku NE ni NE SU 215. ?-LA IGI-MU-TA ZI AN-NA KAN-PA ZI KI-A KAN-PA I N I M .su .MAL .nu ar .852 t r a n s l a t e s : sa ilu ilu Ea ana-ku. KI .a .ia I .GE SU-MU MU-UN-DA-AN-GAL GIS-PA-SANGA PA-AN-GAL-GAL-LA SU-MU MU-UN- DA .MU ./ / .ki .MU .RA .INIM . IGI .GUB .H U L .E N tu-U-a tu-u sa ilu TU-MU E-ab 1 TU sa DINGIR-EN-KI-GE ilu TU-TU-MU sip-ti* sip-turn Marduk TU-TU DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR-GE GIS-HAR 210.ia ba -saa u .BA - EGIR .

a-a ir-du-ni. My incantation is the incantation of Marduk. On the threshold where I stand. 215.852. .UTUKKI LIMNt'TI. mighty in decision.852 translates . let them not set themselves .594.852 translates : mar sip-ri sa iluMarduk ana-ku. \u\-sur-tu 47. In my hand I hold. Before me may they wreak no evil. T h e messenger of Marduk am I.852. \_gi\-sim-ma-ri sa par-si rab-bu-tu ina ka-ti-ia 47. . In my hand I hold . 47. 23 Be thou removed from before m e ! By Heaven be thou exorcised ! By Earth be thou exorcised! PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. 47. tu\ 38. T h e tamarisk.852. T h e date spathe. 47. tu. TABLET III. Unto my body may they not draw nigh.852 omits. (PLATE VI. tas-za-az-zi for ta-az-za-zi.852. Incantation :— T h e man of E a am I. 8 47. //. 210. T h e man of Damkina am I.) 205. there stand thou not! 4 5 7 9 10 11 13 47. Where I stand. .852. T h e Ban of E a is in my hand. zu 47. Nor follow behind me. te-esa iluEa. 6 47. 220. ilu Ea. na-sa-ku. the powerful weapon of Anu.852. My spell is the spell of Ea. 12 47.852.

RA .TU .UN .DA .24. KI .TUS .NA .an-ni .RA .TE ..sa .si n li.A .a (ditto) 6 GAR 7 .H U L .E N .N E ir .K I LUGAL .MA UTUG .ku (PLATE VII.NA INIM .a NU-UN-GA-HE-A D I N G I R .RA .MAL ana .KU BA .sa te10 .ZU-AB-GE GA-E Uu E -a sar ap . DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF B A B t L O N I A .A .sar 2 al - la - KI .TU .M U .si -i ia-a.EN a .bu KAN .KAN 230. sa GA-E ina u MULU-TUR-RA-KU MU .AN .hi . [EN] GAR-GAR-RA GAR-RA-E-NE GAR-GAR-RA GAR-BI-KI GAR- mu-ni-ih minima sum-su mu-pa-as-sih^ mimma sum-su sa EN-GAL i7ia sip-ti-su GAR-BI-KI mimma sum-Su i-pa-as-sa-hu^ GAR-GAR-RA DINGIR-EN-KI-GE GAR-GAR-RA itw GAR-GAR-RA-E-NE belu rabu(u) GAR-GAR-RA-E-NE sa E .AN .I N I M .DA .PA 3 ZI AN .AN .e .TU .us .) mar .ru .sar a .is . a .sar KI AL - us .ub KI .PA tir l .GIN .MU BA .KI 8 2 3 5 ..bu GIN A la ku la ZI tu .ru .A 225.U .TU .stir .TUS .N E .AL .A KAN .sab la tal lak BA . MULU-TUR-RA-KU TE-MAL-E-NE-MU-NE ana mdr-sa ina te-hi-e-a mimma sum-su i-pa-as-sa-hu MULU-TU-TU NUN-KI-GA-GE MU-UN9-UD-DA ME-EN a-si-pu NUN-KI sa alu ina Eridi ana alu Eridu Su-ba-ri ib-ba-nu-u ri-hu-u ina ana-ku a-na-ku A-HA-KI-KU MU-UN-NA-RI KAN-ME-EN 240.

H e will pacify everything.852. Where I walk. 4 47. whatever it be.852 lu-u~ta-mat. 2 1 te. H e is the Great Lord Ea.852. When I draw nigh unto the sick man.852. do. there enter thou not! By Heaven be thou exorcised! By Earth be thou exorcised ! PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. 5 47. there walk thou not! Where I enter.852 inserts BI. [Incantation :—] H e that stilleth all to rest. King of the Deep.852.852. whatever it be. GE.852. Stilling all to rest. tu 3 . 240.) May Ea. 230. safeguard me : 47. Begotten in Eridu and Shubari. translates [nis same]? mu-sap-si-ih. 6 47.852. t. ha. 8 47. 25 Where I sit. 9 47.852 inserts TU. When I draw nigh unto the sick man. lu-u-ta-mat nis irsitim(tim) 47. that pacifieth all. 10 47. (PLATE VII. I am the magician born of Eridu. sak. 7 47. there sit thou not! 225. Pacifying everything. do. and pacifying all. » 47. 47.852. 235. do. TABLET III. That pacifieth all by his incantation.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.L do.

ilu E -a ku sar ap .a .EN . . .DU ilu %lu „ Id a .HUL .ka pi . .ta .GA . .i\a -1 alu Eridi HE .EN .ka 270.KAN] 260.RA .] DINGIR . el .turn KA .MU KA . .a 1 GA . .LAH .i .[KU] ana pa .MU .TA ki ME 27$. .AZAG . 255.u .26 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.ZU KA .GA .TU . .an [Hiatus of about four lines.AB GAR . . EN DINGIR-EN-KI LUGAL ZU-AB-GE DI-PA-[DA] .MU HE .lu si ina ana a .AZAG .TU ID-ZI-DA-MU-KU GIN-NA-AB ID-GUB-BU-MU-KU DAH-AB im-ni-ia ia-ru-us su .e alu DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR DU NUN-KI-GA-GE GIG-BI .GA .KI .RA . ilu Mardnk Eridi mur-sa hi-a-tum INIM .[li] .a .ZU arad ka pu su-me-li-ia te .a .e .ma .[ni . GI NUN .MA .lit mar A-GUB-BA A .A .GA .i a a-lik el .HA .\nim\ .ka . GI .INIM .AB pi .MA [UTUG . par MU si bit a .hat NIN be . ina TU . .mi .GE 245.NIN . .ES lu .E ana 265. KA AZAG a .si .ZU elli GA 3 GAR .AB ia DUG lu lu 7 EL ia E - GA ki - ul - . .na MU ellitimitini) pi NE su GA - kun AB 4 .ik sul Urn AB bi DUG 6 .GI .[a] URU . .LAH . DINGIR-ID ilu LAH-LAH-GA agubbe . .ia * SIG dum 5 ta .A .MU MULU .SIS gi(J) IGI .KUD .SILIM .kun TU .

[remove] this sickness. May the . p. Marduk. . Add thy pure spell unto mine. TABLET III. to see I.594 has here tir. Lexicon larus. Rm. . . 28. 541. 255. ardsu = Syriac era\ Syriacum. 270. . el-li-ta . Id. 541. bu la. 224. K. Ordain that my decisions be happy. 541. son of Eridu. . ana for a-na. 38. //. K. am thy slave. 260. Rm. 541 inserts AZAG.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. . 47. 1 2 4 5 7 a . Incantation :— O Ea. 224. Add thy pure voice unto mine. 541. K. of Eridu Stand continually before me. Lady of pure waters. Be present a on my left . Make fortunate the utterances of my mouth. King of the Deep. 275. 265. Vouchsafe (to me) pure words. 224 and Rm. "met" (Brockelmann. . the magician. du-um. a). . 6 Rm.] (May) Nin-akha-kuddu. March thou on my right hand. sister of Anu. . PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. . 3 Rm. el-li-tu. 2J 245.852 . [Hiatus of about two lines. la. .

e .MA UTUG .ki . [amelu] 10 HE-EN-SI-IL-LA lid .MA .AB .*SIG .) a .SILIM .si SILIM-MA-MU mu .me . KI .GA .DU lit-ta-ri-is damiktim{tim) UTUG .Urn amelu (PLATE VIII. I G I .TAG .MU x HE .ia at .ti .ia DINGIR-MULU-BA-GE ilu a .DUG .* SIG .]INIM .MU 285.[A .GA .MU .GA lik-ka-bi ana pa-ni -ia BAR .EN dum .mu ilu Marduk GIN-NA-MU SILIM-MA HE-[EN-SILIM-MA]-AB sa .GA .u da .M U .u DINGIR ildni 29O.HUL .lu 10 NAM-MAH-ZU nar .KAN] [EN A-AN-NA] A-RI-A-MES DU KI IN-TU-UD-DA-MES . lu .li .SI .mas .NA .GA u-ba-nu HE .tu la .li .GA al la ku AN .la .TA ana ar-ki* -ia damiktim{tim)b SU .lap -pa 280.ME] .MU .[lim] PIE-EN-IB-BA lik .lul su .mu lis .bi e .ta9 se .28 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. KI-GIR pl 1 [KAN .EN .li .EN .tu2 lis .ma tal .ka KA-TAR-2U MULU-GISGAL-LU-BI 295.DU .EN dum .fci .MU lu .GIR e MULU ma GIN .lak .* SIG .IL lu us Urn SU .bi .ia at .ME .du 8 ALAD .u 1 KAN .sal DINGIR-[SILIG-MULU-SAR] .T A z KA-GAR-*SIG-GA e-gir-tum^ HE .EN .ka U GA-E MULU-TU-TU URU-ZU KA-TAR-2U GA-SI-IL-LA u a-na-ku 11 a-si-pu arad-ka da-li-li-ka lud-lul TU EN [INIM .

T. a-mi-lu. and D. After me may a lucky finger be pointed. D. 271. 224. PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. 6 K. Rm.) 280. K. 271. Perform the Incantation. 224. 224 and Rm.594 omits this line. arki for ar-ki. 10 K. where'er my path may b e ! T h y power shall god and man proclaim . ri. 3 K. (PLATE VIII. 224. This man shall do thy service. 1 2 4 5 7 9 11 K. 541 omits. Let me be blessed. 285. K. 241.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. tu. thy slave. . a The plural here must be a scribe's mistake. And I too. 290. turn. D.T. 224.T.T. 541. 224 and Rm. a-me-lu . id for e-du. Before me may lucky thoughts be spoken. And my guardian Spirit! O god a that blesseth. 295. amelu. D. Marduk. 541. Oh that thou wert my guardian Genius. 8 Rm. pani iox pa-ni. TABLET III. da-me-ik-ti. the magician. 271. [Incantation :—They are that which] was spawned in the Creation of Anu. 29 Let me be blessed where'er I tread. 38. K. Let the man whom I (now) touch be blessed. Children of the Earth they were born. 541. 224.

ta .ri . I (PLATE IX).ha (?) .ra .LA URUGAL .MA . . ina KA .li . . UM .SU . C O L .al .GA .ti .UN .\inut .nik . .na .[A] a . Samsi~\ TAK .AS .] 20 DINGIR-GIR BA-AN-DA(?)-TIG-IM-MI-[lN-GAR ?] .DU [Hiatus of several lines. . .ti SIS . .ul [sikirta] [erib ilu ilu A-nim ri-hu-\u martini*1 irsitim aldu] ta .LAH .LAH . ilu Nergal u - kan - na - \su\ .GAL ina ab . TAK .nu hi -pi . . DUG-KURUN-NA GAZ-ZA-GIM HAR-SAG-GA sar (?) .su (?) . MA .ti 5.LA . .bit .DA .ti] mu .DU .ME .GI . .[E§] ma-a-ti it . ma .BI 25. EN A-AN-NA A-RI-A-MES DU l [KI IN-TU-UD-DA-MEg] sa ri-hu-ut UMMEDA sa sa ARALI ina 10. . kab .[na rabta] a .e .na 15.£0e fourth ZaMet.ta ana kima kar -pa ka.a .rim DINGIR .A li .BABBAR . .ra- ni MU .GAL ab .se .DA .al la-\ku\ .

. tmtt Incantation :— They are that which was spawned in the Creation of Anu. Their .* 5. . . . . . In the Great Gate of Sunset [are they]. I (PLATE IX). They are that which an evil foster-mother [hath suckled]. . 2. which is apparently the better reading from the catchline of the preceding tablet).. A large stone [Hiatus of several lines. In the Underworld [ 10. . .410 has 1 (instead of DU. .e. [Children of the Earth they were born]. A small stone 15. They are that which a woman in travail [ . 20 Nergal they have subdued. . 25. . hath brought forth]. .£0e Jbttrffl COL. . probably abortions. like a shattered wine goblet . a I.] . . 1 K. In the tomb [ are they]. . . are they]. . From land to land they roam.

bi . .sa LU u .sit .A .ru NAM-HU ina ina ab . GAR .K I .lum se . .N E su .ti . .[ . U-GAL-GAL-LA-A-MES UTUG-HUL umu (mu) rabuti^ u-tuk-ku lim-nu-tum sa-i-du SAG .li .ti * NAM^AB ina a -pa .tu GURUS ina 3 mas .GE NU .ma .BI .su . .sa bit u .RA . .N I .DA su . KI .AD .su kin .* SIG-GA-BI-TA BA-AN-RA-AN-RI-RI-E-NE si .lu .el.GIS KALAM . .se .se . [Hiatus of several lines.mu .pu E .su . .su u .UN irsitim(tim) ul .su i .nu .GE .32 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.N E sa COL. .GIM DINGIR-NIN-DU-U-NA 5. . .E .sab .nun .TA ma .u AB-LA-BI-TA BA . . .RA .da .TA 35.TA l BA .el .nar .ERIM .tu NIG1N-NA-MES 8 U .a .E L DAGAL .u BA .UN . DU ina bit ina e .u u .tu im .MU .A .ni . .ti -si7 -na i.ra TU-HU a .lit ana ir .TA v u .ri dup .RA .sar .RA .E . .GE NU .E .ti si . su .MA SAG .RA .SAR .BI .sa2 .se . II.GIBIS . GIR ba . KUR .N I .MA su-nu MU .ti DUP-SAR-MAH DUG .N E ID .E .sap . .N E E .lu .ta .tu GUD IN-GE-GE-E-NE IN .a .me -ra 4 0 .RA . .RA li . .DA 4 .UN . .tu i .GE .N E ar .] .bib . ul .SU ilu Be .tu i . ma . is .u BA .bi . KUR .N E 2 E-UR id .AN .DU ina KUR .6 su .la 3 0 .um . .N I .rum .pit . .RA .DIB .si .RA .RA .sab .GIBIS .BUL .ki .ra .MU .A .ri .DIB .e .se .bar-rum BA .N E al •*• pi i . .

K. . . . abi for a-bi. Smiting both oxen and sheep. . . Expelling the son from the house of his father. . Driving the bird from its nest. II.] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 36. COL. . TUM. mighty scribe Foot to earth [they ?] cannot T h e paths of earth [they ?] cannot [Hiatus of several lines.589.589. Bringing a blight on the land. Hunting the pigeons from their cotes. . . . . TI. 36. 30. . . In the enclosure T h e land like a bowl . They are the evil spirits that chase the great storms. 5. 36>589> su. 33 Driving the maiden from her chamber. 36. 35. 36. Sending the man forth from his home.578 inserts ti after du. Without Beltis. 36>589> «*[-»«?]. 3 . TABLET IV.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.589 inserts is. 36. 2. . .589 omits. Making the swallow fly forth from its hole. 40.589.

It it .UN .ma MU . .zu BA .\nu\ 20.E .as. .BA .ta -na .EN] ta .iz] .SUR .GIM ki .[NE] si . . .UN .E .34 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.) DINGIR .\ru .ki .[NAM (?) . .la .A ina \kima (?) dalti u] me-di-li ME .AN .NE .BU .AN .NA] [Hi su] 5.sa . SILA SIG-GA . IV. . . .A ina SIR .ut .bu .MA GIS . DU UR sir 1 IMI-GIM ki .\lu\ dal .a . . ZI DINGIR-PA-TE-SI-GAL-ZU-AB NU-[DU-DA] A-AB .SUR .NE] ut .te . I l l is wanting.ta .GIM ali ki .ma MU-UN-ZA-LA-AH-HI-E-[NE] sa .GA .[az . nis ilu „ la .[RA .[GUB . tar-ba-sa sa-\ku-um\mi E-NE AMAS IN i . .ma it- MU . .sar ameli iz2 .ri it .RA . ma-a-tu ERI .ta DU-UB ma-a-ra MULU ina b.ku] MULU ina KA . MULU .SAGIL]-GIM RA-AB .tar . . GIS .[NE] ku .GISGAL .na . . GE MU-UN-LAH-[LAH-GI-ES] ina mu-si it-ta-na-\al-la-ku\ ina su-ki TUR IN 15.DA .zi .RA .e DU mar la .ti GIS-ZA-RA ina DAM 25.li ameli i .GAL . KI sa GUB-BA-NA a .r-ki KA-BA-RA-AN-ZI-[ZI-E-NE] ameli u-sat-\bu-u\ [The whole of Col. .GA . su-pu-ra i MU-UN-NA- KALAM .zi .LU (PLATE X.] COL.GAL[GIS .ri i .\zik . .as .u\ as .

See also Tablet V. 4. [Smiting] sheepfold and cattle-pen. literally " knees.578 adds ri. Heb. " a s n a r e " (Levy. p. sirri. [The whole of Col. " go by stealth. p.) 5. 42). it is possible that there is another meaning for it besides " burning. az. fculu sukun-ma manma ilu la iba? (" Set a trap that no god can escape " ) . I l l is wanting. a Kulu (Tallqvist. ^t c sir (v. Syr. p. 2. As there are two different groups in Sumerian which are both rendered by kulu in these texts (ME as here.] COL. vol. TABLET IV. of a By the god Patesi-Gal-Zuab. 2 Sam. (And) concerning the man." which does not seem to fit here. xix. i. b Ittanaslalu: Vsaldlu. (PLATE X. 350)." and so in a passive conjugation. T h e land [as with door and ?] bolt they [shut up]. and GAR-ME-GAR." . Cf. Snatching the child from the loins d of a man. " a hinge. b Through the hinge 0 like the wind they blow. Maqlu. Cf. [mayest thou be exorcised]. 35). also Haupt. e Chief of the Sea." e " Great Ruler of the Deep. s'iarUha.. Tablet V.U T U K K I L I M N U T I . yithgannebh. IV. V.332. 4. 20. i. 35 Through the gloomy street by night they roam.857. Through the door like a snake they glide. Sumer. 1 2 K. ii. K. Chaldaisches Worterbuch. u. " to go stealthily.g'nab naphsheh. " to steal. 15. the Chaldaic kola. In the city like a snare a they are set. K. son of his god." d birki. 5. Keils. 25. Cf." Cf. Akkad. Estranging the wife from the embrace husband. 121. 148)." and Syr. i.

[a .] .RA .sa .INIM .BUR .AN la 15.DAGAL .A .GIN . EN EN .DA .ku [TU-TU-DA-MU]-KU [a .TUS-[U-NE-EN] la tu .[AB] . BA .AN .NA a . [KI] [a .NE . .GIN .ub US EN ir\ .GE HA-BA-RA-DU-UN nis ildnipl rab&tipl u .A .AN . .NE la DA tir . RA su .MA UTUG .un .A 10.RA .[A] la tal .sab] us' .[A ina te . .AN .lak il 1 .GA .HUL .ib .KU .GE ki-bir BA .RA .at .PI . TUS .sar BA .rib BA .E .sit ID] .la .bu BA .na ?] KI . irsitim{tim) is .rid . [be .lak INIM .DA .GAL .ru .kun\ rapastim(tim) u . .AN .GE ki .PAL .TU .tint DINGIR .RA . ZI A .bir .E ANA .DA .GAL .R!A .ru .KU NAM pl GIS .ta .[us .bu AL .DA .KIR ina 20.BA .zu .DA .[su EN-GAL DINGIR-EN-KI-GE ANA-GAL-TA KI-DAGAL-KU .sar .di . .LA .TA KI .tam .GAL .sar] KI BA .PA tam .ka lu .TU . .E la te .AN .RI . .A .mi .NI be-lum is-tu same(e) rabuti .lum] rabu{u) ilu E-a [irsitim{tim) rapastim{tini)\ „ [Hiatus of several lines.tal .KAN 25.RI 2 na-a-ri la tap-pa-as-sir-su .AL .36 KI DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.su KAN .

. al. a there go thou not! [Where] he entereth. K. TABLET IV. By the Great Gods I exorcise thee. T h e great lord E a from the broad heavens unto the wide earth [Hiatus of several lines.] 1 2 a b K. his boat. 4. a there stand thou not! Where he is seated. a there sit thou not! 10. 4. K. . 37 Where he standeth. I.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.857. 25. ra. . 4. ] pursue him not! On the bank of a river loose b him not! In the middle of the sea over him pass not! 20. Incantation :— T h e lord from the broad heavens unto the wide earth [inclined his] ear.857. [Unto his . a there enter thou not! 15. [Where] he goeth.e. That thou mayest depart! PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. .857 uses the first person.

.IB ME .en . .E N [lu-u sa ina si-e-ri] na-du-u e-pi-ii la kat-mu at-ta MULU-EDIN-NA 50. DAK . . KI .E N na . .nu .ME .mit KAN - ME - musv .li . . 4 0 . irsitim(tim) NU .u SUB .ti mu-u-tum li'(?) -pi-turn DINGIR-NIN-ME ilu DINGIR-NIN-UK DINGIR DAM .AN ar .ME . . 1 ka . .turn at . KAN-ME-EN .A .BAD A 35.UN .u sa ina] KAN .M E .u at-ta si .KI .[GA] sub-turn GIBIS 6 el-li-\tum\ KUR-TA e-kim-mu .BA at . .GAL ina GIDIM lu-u su-ba-ti DAK .u GURUS [lu .ie .mu .AZAG .ZU .38 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.GIG ana ka-dis-[ti] SU .ta MULU .sal . NE IS NU-DUL-LA K A N .E N . lu-u MULU [Some lines wanting.NA [lu .E . .lu NU la E 7 KAN .ku .[ E N ] at-td] sa is-tu-u KI-NA-A sa irsitimitini) NU-TUK-A il-la-a-\ku MULU-LIL-LA lu-u 4 5 .e .NE ra-ba-\ti\4 5 it .u li-lu-u KAN-ME-EN i-su-u at-ta ma-a-a-al-tum la NU .da (?) . .IB . ] sa [ina si-e-ri] . . DINGIR-NIN-KI-GAL: [NIN-A-ZU] A NU-MU2-SU-NAG me pl „ al-ti [ilu „ :] DINGIR- KA-NU-MU-UN-[ ul ]-IB-[PIS?] ul 3 ir .fi MULU-EDIN-NA BA .turn ID id] .du .\su ?] .ta EN la la .EDIN .EL lit .

RA. 6 Usalli[)u ?] ." c Mustennu — " o n e that changes the condition of. Or a phantom of night that hath no couch.744 inserts UN. the wife of [Ninazu]. TABLET IV. 39 35. Or one that in the desert . T h e hand of death (?) Ninuk. (?). They pour forth no water. 45.744 for this has su-ba-a-tum 45. Whether thou art a ghost that hath come from the earth.744. uncovered with earth. MULU . they utter no spells. lamddu — " to learn." and possibly affords a clue to the interpretation of the Hebrew sand in Esther ii. Or a woman (that hath died) a virgin. 45. LAL-E. . 26.] ilu 3 1 2 4 5 7 45. .744 translates this line iiu „ 45. The first half of the line refers to libations as offerings. 9. . Ninkigal. salasu = " t o do something three times. . .744. " to know. 40. 50. r. „ u ." probably for reciting incantations. 45. (and) . . . Or one that lieth dead in the desert. ." From the parallel passage in the previous line it evidently has the meaning of " marrying. . like the Hebrewyada 1 . 45. Cf. . Ninme. . earth Unto the harlot . rab-ba-a-tum. a . b Lamittum . . the Legend of the Worm (vol. Or one that [Some lines wanting." probably here with an ulterior meaning. ii). a In a lofty. 0 Or one that lieth dead in the desert. . b Or a man (that hath died) unmarried.744 has . sipti III-su ana eli tamannu{nu). shining abode .U T U K K I L I M N U T I .744 inserts LA. 45. . .

ME „ KAN .KAN .ME „ [DINGIR .tu 2 5 . KAN . V.u mu .u la .turn KAN .RA lu-u UM .tu „ ] .EN „ KAN .tu mu . [lu .u [NU .ME „ KAN .RAB .GA .RA] ka-dis-tu sa lib-ba-sa .ME .NU .GIG [lu-u [UMMEDA [lu [UM .A [lu .ME [lu] .MA .se . IR .[nik .BI sa ina e-lip-pi A * SIG .ME . GIDIM lu-u GIDIM ln-u GIDIM 10.KAN .TUR .TUM . lu-u GIDIM [lu-u] [GIDIM] [lu-u] MULU e-kim-mu MULU e-kim-mu MULU e-kim-mu MULU KI .E N „ . .E N „ KAN-ME-EN „ SAG-LI-TAR sa pa-ki-da NU-TUK-A la i-su-u KI-*SIG-GA sa ka-sap NU-TUK-A ki-is-pi la KAN-ME-EN i-su-u „ A-DE-A sa NU-TUK-A na-al? me-e la KAN-ME-EN i-su-u „ e-kim-mu MULU e-kim-mu MU-PA-DA sa za-kar NU-TUK-A su-me la KAN-ME-EN i-su-u „ EN 15.RAB .K I L ] 20.ri .ME . [MULU GIS]-GISIMMAR-TA KAN-ME-EN [lu-u] [MULU [lu-u] sa is-tu gi-sim-ma-ri ih-hi-il-sa-a at-tu BA-AN-ZI-IR-ZI-IR-RI-DA GIS] . COL. [DINGIR] .4-0 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.ME „ ] EN] ] EN] ] KAN .GA .ba] .[se .ki .u la .KAN .E N ] .u ta .LA lu .[ME .nik KAN .RAB .ha .E N it-bn-u „ 5.tu ah .ME .ME .bar .ME .GA ina me-e KAN .ME .MA la kib-rum KAN .zu] SA .ME] .LA ba . .su EN [DINGIR .

From this it must be inferred that the ghost is that of a nursing woman whose babe is dead. Or a ghost unburied.. b a . Or a woman (that hath died) with a babe at the breast.U T U K K I L I M N U T I . Or a robber-sprite. TABLET IV.e. [Or a woman (that hath died) in travail]. Or a hag-demon. Or a ghost that none careth for. i. Or one that hath been torn from a date-palm. one that carries on the family name. Zakar sume. 20. Or one that cometh through the waters in a boat. V. Or a ghost with none to make offerings. 5. 25. Or a weeping b woman (that hath died) with a babe at the breast. Or a ghost that hath no posterity. 10. Or a ghoul. 41 COL. Or a ghost with none to pour libations.* 15. [Or a harlot (that hath died) whose body is sick].

ki „ ] DA .42 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.A N . MULU-HUL-IK UTUG HUL : lu-u IK lim-[nu „ : KAN-ME-EN] [KAN .US 35.SU .US lu-u sa uma{md) it .EN KAN .BA .[KU sa uma(ma) it .ME .ME .DA .[GUB .ti.DA .AN .u U .[tuk .EN] tub .AN .BU lu .EN lul-ta-bis „ GA .BU lu .KU GAR KAN .A N .TA .BA .lik GA .BA . UB .AN .EN] [ „ ] sa lu-[_up\-pa-sis 40.US (PLATE XI.AN .T U GA .US lu-u sa GA .TUK] .SES GA .AN .[ta .usY.KU uma(ma) it-ti-su KAN .EN] lint .NE KAN-ME-EN 50.su „ ] GA . lu .DA .ku 30.BA .TU lu-u sa GA .MU .DA .SU .A N .[GUB .ME .ME . GA .u u .su KAN .BA .u U .A N .SU .DA .SES uma{ind) it-ti-su [KAN . U . 3 GA-BA-DA-AN-N AK [IH-TAG]-GA-A-MU-NE KAN-ME-EN NI GA .KU lu-ru-um-md it-ti-su KAN .ti .EN „ lu-kul GA .ME .EN] [lu .al .GUB .nu „ ] lu .ME .ti lu .ME .ME .EN [KAN .u U .AN .BA .E N ] GA-BA-DA-AN-KU [SA-GAR]-TUK-A-MU-NE [KAN-ME-EN] [lu-u] sa ina bu-ri-ia a-ka-lal A it-li2-su lu-kul „ [IMMA .BA .[NAK KAN .A N .Mfe .T U GA .BA .N A K GA .D A .) KAN .D A .lik KAN .AN .EN] sa -hati „ ] mut -ta.DA .BA .GUB .T U 4 5 .EN] [lu .u mut .ME .A .[al.kul „ ] GA .ME .A N .DA .DA .SU .SES .

43 Or an evil man (that hath died).020. 1 3 K. 45. 40. Or whether thou be one with whom I have entered and eaten. Or with whom I have drunk water when I was thirsty. Or with whom I have entered and clothed myself. Or whether thou be one with whom on a day [I have eaten]. Or with whom I have entered and anointed myself. itti iox it-ti. Or with whom on a day I have anointed myself. (PLATE XL) Or with whom on a day [I have drunk]. 35. Or with whom I have entered and drunk. K. Or an [evil] spirit. .-ta sam-na it-ti-su lu-up-pa-sis 2 . 30.020. K. 5. lu. 5. 5. TABLET IV. Or with whom on a day I have clothed myself. Or with whom I have anointed myself with oil when I was sore.020 translates . . 50. Or one that haunteth [the neighbourhood]. Or one that haunteth [the vicinity].UTUKKI LIMNUTI. Or whether thou be one with whom I have eaten food when I was hungry.

NA .RA .AN .NA AN-TE-MAL-[DA] BA-RA-AN-GE-GE-E-[NE] 5.TA .ti [EN . MULU .NA ZI [a-di [u BA .mur DINGIR .kul MUH-ZU Bel \a-li\di-ka A-SIS me .KU] \ina COL. „ bu-ri [ „ na-a-ri e takkatim\ BA .RA - nik-la-rna DU .NA AS ta-as-su-hu e tal . kak-kad-ka ana kak-ka-di-su la ta-sak-kan . .EN same{e)\ PA .ka .Z U SAG-GA-NA NAM-BA-DA-AB-MUK .TUK .LU D I N G I R .RI .GISGAL .GISGAL .[NA .BA irsitim{tim) TUS NAM * BI .TUK .RI . KI .RA .KU ina MULU BA . [a .EN .LU ] zu . [A-SED-DE-TUK]-A-MU 1 -NE UR-RA-NA-KU AN-KU KAN-ME-EN [/u-u [SU] [ ina ku-us\si-ia lul-ta-bis at-tu ina ut-li-su DU ameli GA-BA-DAitti-su su-ba-tu 55.la [GIS-BANSUR SU-ZU [fiassuri] [A A-AB-BA e\ A]-A a-bi ilu ta .GA . S A G .e DINGIR-EN-LIL-LA-GE ka-at-ka [A BA-RA-NE-IN-TUM e tu-bil lim-nu-ti A-DUG]-GA ID]-MAS-TIG-GAR \tne-e tam\ti me-e n ru u me-e ik-lat ta-bu~\ti me-e * ]/-di- 6 5 .44 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.GA sub-ta e \ta-as-kuti\ BA .GUB .RA . .NA mar ili-su EN . [A ID-UD-KIB]-NUN-KI-NA BA-RA-AN]-SU-SU-NE A PU-[TA A ID-DA \me~e Pu\rat-ti [ANA .AS BA-RA-AN-TA GA EN NA la td\-as-su-u A a-di la BA-RA-AN-DA]-AB-KU-E BA-RA-AN-DA-AB-NAK-E 60.AN] .E] kap\pi e te-ir-si\ nap-ris-ma VI.

. Nor with Euphrates [water]. the son of his god. nor with pond water. 60. nor with Tigris water. the son of his god. . Unto the man. (Whatever thou be) until thou art removed. 45 Or with whom when I was cold I have clothed his nakedness with a garment. nor with sweet water. . TABLET IV. 65. Neither with sea [water]. If thou wouldst lurk in ambush on earth Thou shalt secure no resting-place. Nor with bad water. thy creator. Thou shalt not stretch forth thy hand Unto the [table] of my father Bel. . Get thee hence! 5. 55. [Nor with river water] shalt thou be covered. TAG-GA for the beginning of this line. Until thou departest from the body of the man. 5.020. come not nigh. 1 K. Thou shalt have no food to eat. VI. Thou shalt have no water to drink. If thou wouldst fly up to heaven Thou shalt have no wings.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. COL. Place not thy head upon his head.

ti] NAM .su NA la la ta .TA ina lib .L U H sik .[ U N ] .TU .pal .[DE .KI .ub~\ li KU TU - a .M U .IN .L U H .NA ana SU ka .sak AB kan TAG se . ki .sak kan [ka .BA .ka .A .ti] .ha .ma bu .RA .E u ri [la tab 1 bal - kit] 2 5 .GA se -pi .su 4 BAR-TA-BI-KU 30.KU a na te .NA .ka ] [ [ NAM .RI la tap .MU .NI .nam .BA .su ] BU har IL a I su LA ] sad - la SU la ta] DA tas sa AB r.ka GIR .ti .ub su te .E .ERI .PAL .SI .as GU .46 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.a .su la ta .ru 2 SA .har 7 a .E ] su la NAM bi .NIGIN .TU .ti lim .mi . IGI - ZU in EGIR .SAGAN .DA .MU .E .ta .na * UR . [SU]-ZU SU-NA ana NAM-BA-DA-AN-GA-GA ka .AN .GA .ZU 10.UN .D A 5 .mat ihl E .ru NAM .DA . ina NAM .#8 ameli mar9 Hi - su HE-EN-AZAG-GA HE-EN-EL-LA HE EN-LAH-LAH-GA10 DUG .NIGIN .ip .is si11 .TUS . GIR .GIM 35.ka SU ina TIG ki ZU ta . E e A - SI .A .lap .ti6 .ka ZU [ ka [ ka [ arki ] .su I D I N G I R .E N .U N .bi NAM .te .AN .sa - 15.K I .pat .ti .la .B A la .BAR .ME .N E .AN .ri U .ti ta BA [la sa as TU si NE .BUR .AB .A .N E ahz la tal .na bit [sub .DA .NA a .DA .NA 20. E .ZU ana MUH .N E la ta -sa-naah .HU 5 .G E MULU-GISGAL-LU DU DINGIR-RA-NA ina a .

2 45.261). Into the chamber enter thou not. Look not behind thee. for this line kima bu-ur sik-kat lim-te-si. 20.744. a-lu.744 omits. MU-UN. 45. become bright! 35. In the midst of the city encircle him not. 45. 45.744. i. Into the house enter thou not. TABLET IV. Turn [not] thy back upon him. Become pure.744. 3. 15.744. With thy hand touch him not.774. . 2. 22) which is probably to be connected with the Syrlsic sMphia. ii. Ea for E-a. a-me-lu ma-ri for ameli mar. 6 45. BA for MU-UN-DA.744. 47 Place not thy [hand] upon his hand.744. Beit rage. 45. Lift not thine eye [against him].744. Through the fence break thou not. mis for mi'-su. i. By the Word of E a May the man. lardum (Payne Smith. turn. 45. Like a vessel of lard a may he be cleansed.744. 45. 3 5 7 8 9 10 11 a 45. 1. 4. 4 8 . Near him make no circuit. Thesaurus. 1. 30. adeps.475. Place not thy foot upon his foot. 4 Sikkatu has a variant vsappatu in the twelfth tablet of the Gilgamish Epic (Haupt. K. 10.744 translates li-lil li-bi-ib li-nam-mi-ri. tas-tan-na-har for ta-sa-na-ah-har. 45.U T U K K I LIMNUTI. 45. Gibber not against him. become clean.744. 25. 1 45. and K. the son of his god.

DUG-BUR-NI-NUN-NA-GIM U-ME-NI-SU l -UB-SU l -UB ki .R A .su-ma 5 4 0 .G E U-ME-NI-SUM ana ilu Samsi a .H U L A .E UTUG . Duppi GAR^SE BA .N A .NIGIN . .rid SAG-KAL 6 tldnipl pi .NA .K U 7 HE EN SI 1 IN - GE - GE ana sa INIM - ilu Samsi a-sa-rid Hani* sal-mu-us-su ana ka-at Hani*1 lip pa UTUG - dam-ka-a-tu kid HUL A - TE KAN EN INIM - MA 8 EN A-ZA-AD . DINGIR-BABBAR DINGIR-RI-E .kil^ SU-NA SAG-KAL D I N G I R . .kid .G A D I N G I R .sa .N E .ta .48 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.A MES9 45.ma DINGIR-BABBAR bu .RI . A .ti z 5 lis.* S A G .GA .NE-GE SILIM-MA-NA S U .R I .ri 2 hi .NA IVKAM'MA m ilu UTUG - HUL - Mat sar Assur sar \bani - apli] kissati ******Assuri .BA .E .DUG .me .

They are the evil Spirits in the Creation of Anu FOURTH T A B L E T OF THE SERIES " T H E E V I L SPIRITS. . kima for ki-ma.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. su. 49 Like a vessel of butter may he be clean! Unto Shamash. .410. 45. 6 45. RI-NE-GE for RA-NA-KU. K." and then the line EN A-ZA-AD GAR-SE-GAR-SE ?-GAR NIGIN-NA- BA-E-NE. Chief of the gods. for this line Mm-ma Bu-ru hi-me-tum lis-tak-kil-nu. 5. Incantation :— Cold and rain that minish all things spawned. . TABLET IV. incantation. May his welfare be secured at the kindly hands of the gods.123. " Tablet which follows it. 45. * SIG. 2. mi.744. 2. Through Shamash. 45. K.410 states that it was copied from a Babylonian original.744 here has IM-DUP sa arki-su.744 transposes RI and E. 9 K. Exorcism.744. 4 . 45. Chief of the gods. commend him.744." 1 3 4 5 7 8 2 45. PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS.744..

nu su-nu MES GU-DE-DE-A-MES GU-BAL-BAL-A-MES 15.lis kar .NIGIN .E .ti ANA .bu .ru .ru i lit AN .ma bi . GAR .COL.ta .nu ? GA-GA-A-MES es .LA DINGIR .NE .sag .e KI-TA su .ni 20.ZA .KI .RI .ut i-sag-gu-mu SI sap .se .du.EN .SIG .GAL .* AG .AD . .US N E .DA nap-har ri-hu-u DINGIR .DUG .GAL sap-lis .TA ma .NE .IN .NE pl DINGIR mar .al . su u-tuk-ku lim-nu sa ri-hu-utiluA-nim 5.IN .NA] su-ru-ub-bu-u har-ba-su mu-na-as-sir .TA sa sa URU-A ildni su .su . .US N E .mu martini*1 su .nu .u ARALI MES E . .GA .L I L .RU .T A R DU KI .pu sa sa ina DU ali i .ru ti l na .MA A .A A . NAM .SIR .li .nu i-lit-ti A-AN-NA A-RI-A-MES KI-IN-GUB TU-UD-DA-A-MES ri-hu-ut iluA-nim ri-hu-u irsitim{titn) su-nu .GE ilu nam . I (PLATE EN XII).BA .H U L A .tu same(e) us .NA 10.RA e . KI .lis su .BAR . .TU .gu .UD .ra . DINGIR-NIN-BUL-BUL-HU su .RI i-sab-bu-ru .LA .mat U .turn ul .RA itmu(mu) rab .su. *UH e-lis i .ra id .ram Nin ki - ilu Bel gal GUR .nu AN-TA ig. [A .NE DIM .GA U .su.E UTUG .RU .nu MES SU .§E BA .N I N .NA .GA KAR .

also ina serim lam issuru sabariy " i n the morning before a bird chirps" (D. 5. ii. Incantation :— Cold and rain that minish all things.0 that hoots over a city—that is they. Gibbering b below. . T h e offspring of Ninkigal. b .e. 15.943 omits. garrivit. i. They are the Children of the Underworld. Cf. I (PLATE XII). They are the bitter venom of the gods. tMd. 2). 57. sabarum sa issuri (" chirping of a bird " ) . Loudly roaring on high. a the beloved sons a of Bel. rev.I.A. 20. 20. Prolegomena. Singular in the text. » They are the evil Spirits* in the creation of Ajiu spawned. T h e great storms directed from heaven—those are they.£0e ftff0 OBVERSE.T. . c Essepuy the Hebrew yamuph according to Delitzsch. 4. Rending in pieces on high. Plague Gods. the Syriac s'bar. p. 10. 80. 48-49. 1 a K. Bringing destruction below. T h e y are the children born of Earth. W.. COL. Cf. T h e owl.

ku MULU .ti MU-UN-SUR-SUR-[Rl]-E-NE 7ne .zik .RA su-nu DINGIR ku -lu lz GAR .G I B I S 8 .D I N G I R .R A .UN . 16 ilu ameli ri--umvi mus-te--u ri-ta anals ameli 20 D I N G I R .tu ul ul i .[su] .BAL .NE MULU .ti .N E ameli 4 ut .li i .BI US .u E .NI .E .nu .A .tar .lak -ka-tu E .bu .RA .UR .su su-u E .SA ku^-ru sa ar-kiu ameli SIBA rak-su su-nu MULU-G1SGAL-LU MULU-GISGAL-LU U-KI-KI-GA15 45.N E it -tanab .T A ina bit10 U .A .NE .nu .ru 4 0 .SAGIL 30.GA . GURUS id -la9 5 3 6 SIR-GIM ki .GA .N E u .nu dal .MES NU .ki BA-RA-AN-ZI-ZI-E-NE ameli u .NE .la .ti u .N A .BAL .ti I N .as~\ .AN .A .NE .se .NE GIS .ri it -ta- \na .is n e .kal .di .GAL NU .lu IMI-GIM sir .52 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.MES G I S .TA is 1 *UR-DAGAL-LA u-ri rap-su-ti A-MI-GIM ki-ma NI-UL-UL-NE i-sur-rum e-lu-ti a-gi-e E .tar .UN . su .NE . u-ri E .sat .K U 1 9 SUK-KU MU-UN-DIB-BI sa ili-su ana 21 -ES ku-m-um-ma-ti 22 is-ba-tu-su .ri ki .lu GIS-GAL-A ina GIS-ZA-RA 35.GE ina BA .ti si .ti ana bi .tu bi .ri i .mu .ma dal .lu .ME .su .RA .NAM .KU .a .DI 7 BA . DAM \ind\ UR as .GAR 12 EGIR .A .ta DU DU-UB ma .u MULU-GE ina bir . *UR-BAD-DA 25.ru .sa .ma 2 MU-UN-ZA-LA-[AH-Hl]-E-NE sa .

" for E-UR-A-NI-TA.296. ri. 3. 3. 9 K.507 had more than one DINGIR : 46. Snatching the child from the loins of a man. BTR for DU-UB. i-na. TABLET V. 18 K. 46. U-DI for US-SA. turn. 3. 46. 6 K.296. ina. 45. GAL. 46. hi-bi. 10.R I . .296 inserts u.296. 3. arki. 46. 3.296 omits.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.E . Through the door like a snake they glide. Whose god unto food leadeth him. 21 K. K. 4 46. bi-it. 46.121 and 46.296.175. " broken.121. T h e god of the man is a shepherd W h o seeketh pasture for the man.121.296. Sending the man forth from his home. KA.296. 53 25. No bolt can turn them back.943. 46. for ar-ki. Ul. 2.296. ar-ka.296. 46.K U . Through the hinge like the wind they blow. u 46.N E . 1 3 5 7 8 10 12 14 15 16 17 19 2 K. 10. lu. No door can shut them out.296. K.296. Like a flood they pass. . a-ra. u.296. That in the creation of Anu were spawned.121 and K.121. From house to house they break through.296. 20 22 46. Estranging the wife from the embrace of a husband.175.296 has D I N G I R . ilu a-me-lu ri-e-\^?~\-u mu-us-te-mu-u ri-~tu ana a-me-lu. 46. 35. 46. . They are the burning pain That bindeth itself upon the back of a man. K.296. 46. 3. 46. 46.121 omits ra: it is doubtful whether K. UD-DU. a-na. T h e highest walls. 4.296. DIB. 40.296. 30. the thickest walls. DAM MULU-KA . 13 46.


Or with whom I have drunk water when I was thirsty. 65. 60. 55 Whether thou be a hag-demon. Or with whom I have entered and anointed myself. Or with whom I have entered and clothed myself. Or one that haunteth the vicinity. Or a robber-sprite. Or with whom on a day [I have drunk]. Or a ghoul. Or a harlot (that hath died) whose body is sick. Or with whom I have entered and drunk. Or with whom on a day [I have clothed myself]. Or with whom on a day [I have anointed myself]. 50. 55. TABLET V. Or a woman (that hath died) in travail. Or an evil spirit. Or whether thou be one with whom I have eaten food when I was hungry. Or one that haunteth the neighbourhood. . Or a weeping woman (that hath died) with a babe at the breast. Or whether thou be one with whom I have entered and eaten. Or an evil man (that hath died). Or whether thou be one with whom on a day [I have eaten].UTUKKI LIMNOTI.

A-MU-NE A-SED-DE-TUK 2 NI GA-BA-DA-AN-SES UR-RA-NA-KU KAN-ME-EN GA-BA-DA- .T E .N I N .AZAG .PA KAN .PA KAN .N I N .UD . I H .) a-sak-ku AZAG ZI sa te-it-hu-u ana ZI mar-si KI-A e ta-at-hi KAN-PA AN-NA KAN-PA 10.DUL .GA DINGIR . COL. ZI ZI a-sak-ku nissame(e) lu-u-ta-ma-a-ta nis irsitim{tini) DINGIR .DUL .UN .N U N .PA KAN .PA KAN .K U R .56 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.KI .PA KAN .TUR .N E DINGIR .UN .NA . II.E .A-MU-NE AN-KU AZAG SAG-BA KAN-ME-EN D I N G I R .KUR . ZI ZI ZI ZI ZI 2 0 .MA DINGIR .PA KAN .N A .RA .PA KAN .KUR .T I L .EN .MA D I N G I R .DA .N E DINGIR .E .DA .LA „ KAN .SURIM .EN .EN .GA MU .KU (PLATE XIII.N I N .PA KAN .EN .G A 6 MULU . ZI ZI ZI ZI 15.E .N I N .BI KAN-PA lim-nu [AZAG] a-\sak\ku ma-mit ilu A-nun-na-kib u-tam-me-ka MU .AZAG .UL .KI -• E .N E DINGIR . M U L U .PA KAN .E .N E DINGIR .PA .NA .H U L 4 ma-mit 3 ilu A-nun-na-ki u-tam-me-ka AZAG SAG-BA DINGIR-A-NUN-NA-GE-E-NE SAG-KI .SURIM .N E SAG-KI 3 .EN .N E DINGIR .E .GA DINGIR .N I N .PA KAN .N E DINGIR .A .KUR .EN .BI KAN-PA a-sak-ku 5.T U K 1 .T E .E .UL .G E .

121. By Damkina mayest thou be exorcised.121 . 6 K. COL..609). 3 . 3. . (PLATE X I I I . H U L . 10. O evil one. 9.T U K . 3. By Nin-dul-azagga mayest thou be exorcised.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. TABLET V. K . Or with whom I have anointed myself with oil when I was sore. 1 2 1. I exorcise thee by the ban of the Spirits of Heaven. for A-nun-na-ki. should therefore be Tashmitum.I K . By Nin-ul mayest thou be exorcised. I exorcise thee by the ban of the Spirits of Heaven. NA. By En-ul mayest thou be exorcised. 6 a K. By En-da-shurimma mayest thou be exorcised. By Nin-kur-kur mayest thou be exorcised. 2 K . 4 K . 5/ II. O fever. Nindul azagga I. ) Come not nigh unto the sick man. SA-TAG-GA for D E . TAG-GA. By En-dul-azagga a mayest thou be exorcised. 20. O fever. By En-ud-tilla mayest thou be exorcised.. 1 2 1 . probably Nabu (cf. Briinnow. O fever! By Heaven be thou exorcised! By Earth be thou exorcised! By E a mayest thou be exorcised. 5. By En-kur-kur mayest thou be exorcised. No. 15. D U L . Or with whom when I was cold I have clothed his nakedness with a garment. O fever that hath come nigh. By Nin-da-shurimma mayest thou be exorcised. 3. 3 .e.12 1. 1 3 K . 1 2 1. 3 .

G E KAN-PA nis be-el-ti5 a-bi urn-mi6 sa ZI DINGIR-SIS-KI GIS8-MA „ SAG-BA-DA-A-NI NU-BAL-E-MA3 KAN-PA u 30.u . ri.ME . ZI ilu ilu „ mar-ti y u tiu E-a [lu-u-ta-ma-a-ta]2Z KAN-PA DINGIR-NIN-TAR-A AB-KU UTUL-LU-U-A nis .L A .PA KAN .ma . ZI DINGIR-EN-AMA-A-A D I N G I R .LA KAN .L A . ZI 21 ilu Is.N I N .tar sa a-na18 ki-bi19.ME .nu ilii i .PA KAN . ZI ZI ZI DINGIR .E N .-i u-tul-la-ti .\ta .58 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.SAR .E N .T I L l .L I L .N I N .RA 2 5 . nis Uu Sin sa e-lip ta-me x^-su na-a-ru 9 la ib-bi-ru u lu-u-ta-ma-a-ta4 ZI DINGIR-BABBAR LUGAL DIKUD KAN-PA 12 DINGIR-RI-E-NE-GE nis ilu Samsi be-iliu da-a-a-ni1^ sa ilani*1 lu-u-ta-ma-a-ta15 ZI DINGIR-NINNI I-A-AN DUG-GA-A-NI16 DINGIR-A-NUN-NA DA-KAN ilu 17 SAG-NU-UN-GA-GA nis 35.ta .UD .ir -ru 22 ilu hi .ti-sa20 la AMA A-nun-na-ki is.G E nis be-el1 a-bi um-miz sailuBel ilu 7 lu-u-ta-ma-a-ta* lu-u-ta-ma-a-ta4 ID-DA ZI DINGIR-NIN-AMA-A-A D I N G I R .L I L .N I N A DU-SAL DINGIR-EN-KI-GA-GE nis 4 0 .N I N ..RA DINGIR .PA KAN-PA DINGIR .SAR .a-ta] KAN-PA DINGIR-ID DINGIR-EN-KI-GA-GE nis „ um-me E-a lu-u-[ta-ma-a-ta]lb KAN-PA ZI D I N G I R .

" for D I N G I R . 46. ditto. K .296. K.N E . 2. 46. bit. By Shamash. lu-u-ta-mat.B A B B A R L U G A L D I K U D . By Nin-me-sharra mayest thou be exorcised.P A : 18 20 22 24 K. ana for a-na.296. 30. By Nina. 13 15 16 17 14 46. 2 4 6 8 10 1 46. NIN-LIL. the father and mother of Bel. 46. . lord judge of the gods. mayest thou be exorcised.296. mu.296. p r o b a b l y „ K . By Id.296. ilu lu-u-ta-mat. By the lord.UTUKKI LIMNOTI. omits.954. the shepherd of flocks.296. mayest thou be exorcised. mayest thou be exorcised. 46.296.296 46. 59 25. 2. belu for be-Hi. 46.K A N . By Nin-ud-tilla mayest thou be exorcised. 46. 2.296.954 . mayest thou be exorcised. 4 6 . K . By En-me-sharra mayest thou be exorcised. By the lady.954. By Nin-tara. 2.954. 2. at whose word each of the Anunnaki standeth fast. ki-bi. . 46.954. 2 9 6 . mayest thou be exorcised.296. By Sin. mayest thou be exorcised. 46. 2. ru for D A . " b r o k e n .296 inserts -pi. mi. whose Bark of Destiny crosses no river.296. i\ 4 6 > 2 96> ri-eum. TABLET V. 3 5 7 9 11 12 46. mayest thou be exorcised. ri. is-tin la '-ir K. . By Ishtar. 46. 46.296. ma. Xu.296. mi. the father and mother of Beltis. B A D ( T I L ) .296.296. NA f ° r A~NI.954 7. nu. 46. 46. 46. 40.296. E . 19 21 23 46. 35. mayest thou be exorcised.296. turn. daughter of Ea. the mother of Ea.K A N .

P A Z ] I K I .218 a n d K .RA .TA . K.RA .RA irsitim{tiin) K U R . 5 2 K .RA .000.BI si -ba I M I N A .BI GIS . . 3. i n s e r t s [ z i A N . 12.GAL da . 3 M U L U . n insert T A .296 . 12.AS BA-RA-AN-ZI 4 -GA-EN-NA-AS A BA-RA-AN-DA-AB-NAK-E DINGIR-EN-LIL-LA-GE U BA-RA-AN-DA-AB-KU-E A-A GIS-BANSUR SU-ZU A A-AB-BA A 60. k inserts A . K .DINGIR . T U M .A [ K A N . K . k.DA BA .SU .N A K A N .000.000. 12.NA .SAGIL DINGIR-NE-GAB nis ilu KUR-RA-GE „ irsitim(tiiri) DAM lu-u-td-ma-tn DINGIR .000. AD x (?) nis ilu KUR-RA-GE-KAN „ „ sak-ka-nak-ka 2 irsitimitini) GU-ZA-LA sa ZI DINGIR-NIN-GIS-ZI-DA nis 4 5 .6o DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS O F BABYLONIA.GE KAN nis ilu „ al .IN .\lat K U R .AN . £. .NA E N .NA EN . 12.RI . .. .121./ / Nam .N A M - DINGIR-HUS-BI-SANGA TAR .RA . 3. ZI ilu KUR-RA-GE KAN „ ] KAN „ ] KAN KAN „ gu-za-\lu-u irsitim{tiin) IMINA .RA NI-GAB-GAL „ GIS . 4 6 K . ZI nil ZI ZI 50.P A ] .LU DU .AN . KAN(?)US.ta .SU .T A 1 3 46. ki. .ri ZU-AB-GE „ KAN ZI DINGIR-GAN-DIM-AZAG nis ilu DU-SAL ap-si-i „ mar-ti lu-u-ta-ma-tu 55.NA BA . n. ZI DINGIR-GIS-BIL SAG .DA PU .GISGAL(?) . A MUH-ZU BA-RA-NE-IN-GUB5 A-DUG6 A-SIS6 A ID-MAS-TIG-GAR ID-UD-KIB-NUN-KI A ID .

nor with pond water. throne . removed. mayest thou be exorcised. nor with Tigris water. the daughter of the Ocean Deep. . mayest thou be exorcised. Nor with bad water.U T U K K I L I M N U T I . mayest thou be exorcised. high priest of the earth. TABLET V. nor with sweet water. Neither with sea-water. mayest thou be exorcised. By the Seven Gates of the Earth mayest thou be exorcised. Nor with river water shalt thou be covered. By the Seven Bolts of the Earth mayest thou be exorcised. thy creator. From the man. 6l By Gishbil. the wife of Namtar. 50. the son of his god. By Gan-dim-azag.bearer of the earth. By Negab. By Ningishzida. mayest thou be exorcised : (Whatever thou be) until thou art until thou departest 55. Nor with Euphrates water. Thou shalt have no food to eat. 60. the great Warden of the Earth. Thou shalt have no water to drink. Thou shalt not stretch forth thy hand Unto the table of my father Bel. 45. By Khushbishanga.

MA NIGIN .TU a-bu-bu VII-A-AN si .A .MES is-sa-7tun-du su-nu ANA .GA .KU KI .HUL .LA .SU .za .LA .E l KU .MES su .A-AN si .RI .US &mu{mu) ub-bu-tum IM .MA sa-a-ri lim-nu-tum2 A .KI . U . ANA .ti si-bit si-bit ildnipl Hani*1 KALAM-MA-DAGAL-LA-MES DINGIR-UR-UR-RI-A 4 -MES : DINGIR kis-sa-ti F/7-A-AN-MES 4 : mas-si--u-ti .TUK .ZA .NA .HUL IM HUL COL.bit IS.MA .BI .RA nam .nu 8 Hmu{mu) sa limuttim{tim) sa limuttim(tim) Ab im-hul-lu IBILA MES git -ma-lu-tum sip .MA PA .AN .ta .LA A . pl SI . EN III.GIM .A GU .GA BA-RA-AN- MULU-GISGAL (?) -LU DU-DINGIR-RA-NA BA-RA-AN-GE-GE-E-NE UTUG .ti ra .u tna DINGIR ildnipl DINGIR ildni pl KALAM .KAN IMI .ru* sa mdti tlu MULU .KIN . DU AS ma-ru-u* mardni 10. VII.INIM .KU BA .as.ti rap .EN BA .MES same(e) ma .GAL „ 7 gu .ri sa ap-lu gifi-ma-lu-tum LIL .MES su-nu 65.HUL .A .MES im-hul-lu SI a-me-ru-ti* GUB Aa-lik AS Asu-nu MES mah-ri MES su-nu A .pa .GAB .nu A .GA .DAGAL .MES su .HUL UHUL iimu(mu) su-nu 5.GUB .BA TE-MAL-DA INIM .lu . U .bit VII-A-AN VII-A-AN sa DINGIR .DA .NIN .TUK .a .NAM .NA .su .62 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.

Unto the man. 3. K. Come not nigh.218. K.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. 63 If thou wouldst fly up to heaven Thou shalt have no wings. K. forerunner of the baneful storm. They are mighty children. Literally " beholdeth. Incantation :— Destructive storms (and) evil winds are they. TABLET V.121. An evil blast. 1 8 5 7 K. If thou wouldst lurk in ambush on earth Thou shalt secure no resting-place. ti.218. K. Seven robber gods are they. COL.121.121.121. Nin-kigal. An evil blast that heraldeth a the baneful storm. K. Throne-bearers of Ninkigal. 3. the son of his god. 3." . 5. 3. III. 3. They are the flood which rusheth through the land. 3. turn. Seven gods of the broad heaven. a 2 4 6 8 K. K. 65. 3. git(kit). 3. Seven gods of the broad earth.121 omits. KIL-KIL. 15. Seven gods of might. ri. Get thee hence! PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. Heralds of the Pestilence.218 omits. mighty sons. 10.

) DINGIR .bar .bar .A .G E ma-ta-\a-W\^ NIN „ 3 be-el lu-u-ta-ma-tub KAN-PA tub ZI D I N G I R .AN si-bit-ma same{e) . a-sak-ku .AN XIV.PA KAN-PA KAN .turn VII .L A nis ZI ilu KUR-KUR-RA-GE „ be .bit 2 5 .N I N .TAR nam-ta-ru 9 AZAG sa KALAM .ZI i-na-as-sa-hu 40.E N .bu KI irsitim(tim) .PA SI .A .H U L ZI AN .ma E-SAR-RA-GE E .PA ZI D I N G I R .RA .bit VII-A-KN si .N I N N I KUR .MA mdti ZI .BABBAR .R A .' .IN .64 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.GE KAN .GE nis ilu „ be-lit matdti 5 pl mu-nam-mi-rat mu-si lu-u-ta-ma-tu EN-NA 6 SU MULU-GlSGAL (?)-LU A DU DINGIR-RA-NA U BA-RA-AN-DA-AB-KU-E . VII(PLATE si - A bit AN ildni DINGIR pl HUL Urn - A nu - ME§ turn h .UTUG-HUL A-LA-HUL GIDIM .u .ta .KAN .L A 30.H U L MULLA-HUL DINGIR .nu - turn HUL-A-MES .RA .A .nu turn li . BA-RA-AN-DA-AB-NAK-E 7 8 EN NAM .ME H U L . ANA ina la .AN si-bit ina 2 lint SED-DE lim VII . VII 20.ME§ si .NA MA3KIM .ti1 DINGIR-RAB-KAN-ME-A la .KUR .L I L . nis v tlu LUGAL K U R .sar .L I L .ra DINGIR-NIN-IB nis ilu IBILA apil NIN KAN-PA „ GIG „ 3 5 .K U R .LUGAL .lit matdti lu .H U L ZI KI .A KAN . ZI DINGIR .

evil Demon.M A 38.528 h e r e i n s e r t s t h e following line : — u .A S EN-NA BA-RA-AN-ZI-GA-EN-NA-AS.528 „ 6 K. By Ishtar. o m i t t i n g 1. 38. Pestilence and fever that ravage the land. Seven evil demons. K. 3.121. 2.528. la-ba-si for la-bar-tum. mayest thou be exorcised ! 35. ^ K . By Beltis. 6$ 20. 4 K. . mayest thou be exorcised! Until thou art removed. mdtdiipl. I N I M . By Bel. until thou departest From the body of the man.I N I M . Thou shalt have no water to drink.798. .121. 3. fum. Evil Spirit. son of Esharra. Thou shalt have no food to eat.3(PLATE XIV. . 5 . Evil Devil. Lord of the World. Lady of the World. evil Ghost. mayest thou be exorcised ! By Ninib.N A . ru . 65. Seven evil gods. 3 7 1 38. . INIM-INIM-MA UTUG-HUL-A-KAN. evil God. Who enlighteneth the night. K. 25.) Seven evil demons of oppression. . 2. TABLET V. 2. . 5 K. evil Fiend. Or " be ye exorcised ! " a n d so on all t h r o u g h .E N . Seven in heaven and seven on earth.798. 2 K. 3. 9 a b labartu. 3. 2. i?<?/.121. See variant 1.UTUKKI LTMNL'TI.121. Mistress of the World. mayest thou be exorcised. Incantation :— 40. By Heaven be thou exorcised ! b By Earth be thou exorcised! 30.528 a n d K . the son of his god.

E .ni : NAM .ni sub .me -nuni : SU-MU : ana zu-um-ri-ia 50.NE u .GIN .ia arki .HUL IGI .tu .HUL DU tli-su KA .TUS .LUL KALAM .KI .as .ZI .MU : ana EGIR .IR i . UTUG-HUL A-LA-HUL GIDIM-HUL DINGIR-HUL MASKIM-HUL 4 MULU .HUL DINGIR-RA-NA ina zumrP-su MULU .* SIG .LU sa ameli ina mar KAN-NI-IB-TA-E BAR-RA-NI-TA KAN-RI-IB-E-NE zumrir°-su pani .BA .E 7 .A ni-is .NU .PA irsitim{tini) same{e) lu-ta-ma-tu lu-ta-ma-tu ZI DINGIR-EN-LIL-LA LUGAL KUR-KUR-RA-GE KAN-PA 60.ri .NE E-MU : ana biti-ia *UR .ia KAN .BA .BA .RA mur .MA sa mati ZI .NA ni-is KAN .NE a-a ZI KI .MU ana a-a i-ru-bu-u-ni a-a : NAM-BA-TU-TU-NE ib .BAL .HUL .GA BAR .NU .PA AN .u .ki .sa .66 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.GIN .TU .lib .ti SU .TU .BAL .HUL SU-NI-TA lz-zs-su6 -u sa a-na'1 svi-iz -ri la ta-a-bu ana zu-um-ri 45. IGI .IR .DUG .ku . TUR .su la dam-ku di .A .NE il .BA .MU ana ZI bit NAM .GA MULLA-HUL EME .MU : ana NAM .li .GISGAL (?) .ia li-ts1-su-u a-a it-hu-ni: a-a a-a NAM-BA-TE-MAL-DA u. ZI DINGIR-NIN-LIL-LA ZI ZI DINGIR-NIN-IB EN-LIL-LA-GE DINGIR-NUZKU KAN-PA NIN KUR-KUR-RA-GE KAN-PA UR-SAG-LIG-GA KAN-PA DINGIR- LUH-MAH DINGIR-EN-LIL-LA-GE .ni irubupl NAM .su l SI .bal .ia 55.RA .E .ti .lam .

Evil Devil. K. mayest thou be exorcised. mayest thou be exorcised. Harmful to the flesh. evil Fiend. 2. Sickness and woe that oppress the land. the powerful minister of Bel. 2528 and K. Into my chamber may they not enter. 9. By Beltis. My fence may they not break through. ana for a-na. . 1 2 3 4 5 6 K. 2. From the man. 55. Lord of the World. K. mayest thou be exorcised.405. Into my house may they not enter. 2. K. By Nuzku.798. evil Demon. 38.798. unclean to the body. 2.528 and K. su. .528 and K.528 . mu-ru-us. 3. 60. evil mouth. the mighty warrior of Bel. zu-um-ri. By Ninib. us. mayest thou be exorcised. TABLET V. Evil man. 9. .528 and 38. 2. 50. evil Ghost.405 omit. Latter half of line added from K. Before me may they wreak no evil. evil tongue. May they depart from his body And from his body may they issue forth ! Unto my body may they not draw nigh. By Heaven be thou exorcised ! By Earth be thou exorcised! By Bel. the son of his god.528 omits.405.528. evil God. Evil Spirit. K. 7 K. 6j 45.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. Nor follow behind me. Lady of the World. 9. evil face.

tu9 5. ZI ZI 65.HUL .DA .GE di .KI .GE sa-ka-at GUD .NA BAL-BAL-E-MES NU . COL.ma .UL .NA .KAN EN.AN .u .6$ DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.E se-e-du irsitim(tim) KI .AN .BA . ZI ZI DINGIR-NI nis ilu GU-DUG-GA-GE sa ri-gim-su SA .NA .Hi8 ma-tu^ KAN-PA 2 „ IV.BA mu-na -sir mu-na-as-sir IO.UL al-pu na-ki-pu sa kal biti pl GUD .ta .PA 2 12 Samsi lu . ALAD se-e-du u MULU . ANA .N E il&nipl rabtiti*1 A-nun-na-kilz „ INIM .GIN .GE sa MULLA 15.MAH .BA same{e) u ma-a.INIM .BA mu-na-as-sir ma-a-ti SU .MA UTUG .NA .TUK bul-ta la A .NA sa-ka-a tal-lak-ta-su AN .MES su-nu i-su-u si-bit-ti . gal-lu-u e-mu-ka-su GIR .GE sa e-mu-ka-su sa-ka-a SU .A . DINGIR-EN-ZU-NA KAN-PA DINGIR-NINNI KAN-PA nis ilu 2 DU-SAG NIN DINGIR-EN-LIL-LA-GE KI-SU-LU-KU-GAR-RA l -GE um-ma-ni luz-ta5 Is- tar be-lit LUGAL be-ili^ be . ZI DINGIR-A-NUN-NA 10 KAN-PA 2 nis ilu DINGIR-GAL-GAL n .E e-kim-mu ra-bu-u : GUD E-DU-A : e-kim-mu MULLA gal-lu-u UR sa it-ta-nab-lak-ka-tum VII .ni 7 5 Adadi ta-a-bu DINGIR-BABBAR nis ilu LUGAL KAN .ti ALAD KI ..KI .E .

. 45. Demons (like) raging bulls. T h a t minish the land. . mayest thou be exorcised. 5..UTUKKI LIMNUTI. COL. 5..528 and 45. 15. for A-nun-na-ki.*/. n K. TAR. 5. 5. the lord of judgment. 45*539. Of giant strength. K. 10. mayest thou be exorcised. Ghosts that break through all houses. K.096. 3. By the Anunnaki. 65. for lu-u-ta-ma-tu.539. Of giant strength and giant tread. Spirits that minish the land. 45.539 insert u. 69 By Sin. 9 K. K.539 omits PA. great ghosts. Demons that have no shame. mistress of mankind. lim. mayest thou be exorcised. 2. 13 45)539 inserts GE. mayest thou be exorcised. By Ishtar. 4 K. IV.096 inserts GE-NE. 3. By Adad.539 ^ d s „ 7 K.121 and K. 5. Incantation :— Spirits that minish heaven and earth.528 omits. PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. Seven are they! 1 3 5 6 8 10 12 14 2 K. 3. the firstborn of Bel. mat for ma-tu. mayest thou be exorcised. 45.096 . By Shamash.121.121 . 45. TABLET V.096 insert as. the lord of goodly sound. the great gods. 2.539 inserts LA.

MA U .a .ti NAM .MES US a-kil .IN-KU-KU-MES NAK-NAK-[MES] mu-sa-az-fiin KI a-sar SUR-SUR .N E .tu2 KAR e UKU 25.MES ma .GIM ki .ma NU ral 5 MU^MU i . SU a NE RA ti KU na 7 ki -me1 ul UN .JO DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.) tum-me-su-nu-ti-ma i-tu-ru-ni. ana tub-ki u sa-ha-ti ZI AN-NA KAN-PA-NE-ES ZI KI-A KAN-PA-NE-ES .ME . KALAM .nu MULLA gal-lu-u US 35.mu . E-BI DINGIR-DUL-AZAG-GA DINGIR-SURIM TIR ina bi-ti MU-UN-SI-ES-A-AN ilu DINGIR-SE- Dul-azag-ga NE - sa SUB rag-gu lah-ra ilu „ du-us-su-u DIR MES su-nu MES su .mi la SUD-NU-DU-MU mu -par .ku .NI .gUB . si-i-ri da-mez sa-tu-u us-la-ti BA(?)-A i(J)-nu-su *SIG-ALAM-BI bu-un-na-an-ni-e^ DINGIR-RI-E-NE-MES sa ildnipl su-nu 30.u MES du u ZI - GA - MES 8 nisepl ru .KUD- UB-DA-BI-KU NAM-BA-GUR-RU-DA ma-mit a-a (PLATE XV.kil da .kam ZU i A na MUD ad 6 . GAR sa TIG ma-lu-u KU-KU-MES a . .MA : kun-na-a ul i-du-u : NU-UN-ZU-MES 1 ZID . SAL-DUG-GA 2 0 .

mi. They rage against mankind . K. 3.121 inserts su.121. 3. Lexicon." 8 . turn. No. 7 8 K. ii. cf. 4 K. 3. ru. 3. lactavit. 20. there they quake (?) In the Temple of Nabu.121 inserts RA. 169a). p. (PLATE XV. although justified as a translation of DINGIR-SURIM by Briinnow. 71 Knowing no care. suxit matrem.121. iv. K. a ewe (Muss-Arnoit. K.121. grana in spicis producere coeperunt sata. Ceaselessly devouring blood. K. b " God of the holy mound. Knowing no mercy.121 omits. TU. 25. They are demons full of violence.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.121. 3. p. Lahra is supposed to be the Hebrew rdhel.121.) By Heaven be ye exorcised! exorcised! 1 By Earth be ye 2 K.121. 6 The mutilated condition of this and the following line prevents any trustworthy rendering.252. 3. lahra is doubtful. also raghlun (Freytag. They spill their blood like rain Devouring their flesh (and) sucking their veins. 35. 3. 10. That they no more return to this neighbourhood. Invoke the ban against them. i. 5 6 K. TABLET V. a Where the images of the gods are. 3. 3. BI. 479). The i in inusu is very doubtful. and there seems to be a parallel in the Arabic root raghala. Dictionary. 8 K. They grind the land like corn . b who fertilizeth the shoots (?) of wheat.

MES ul al-du su-nu as-sa-tu ma-ru3 .N A . EN UR . .72 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.NE . . 45. .\du COL. su-nu za-ki-ku ul ah-zu mut-tas-ra-bi-tu-ti DAM NU .DIM - UTUG . INIM .ku .TU . irsitim{tiin) mur-te-id-du-u NA - ri .GIM ki NU .nu [ VII] sibitti\ a .] DINGIR . GAR-UD-DU .ut ANA .MES su .TE .KAN .HUL . . EN . .KAN GAR-UD-DU MA BI SU [la ma it] GAR-NAM-MA mimma AN A US-SlR sum-su GE same{e) same(e) hu u BI \Jta\-a-a-tu ha-a-a-i-tu [?] .TUK . UTUG .. .NA A .A .SAG kar .sa .MA 60.NE is-ta-at{J) su-nu LIL . .' [ZI AN-NA KAN-PA ZI Kl]-A HUL-DUB KAN-PA.MAL [Hiatus of about eight lines.UD .na V.di si . A-RI-A AS A-MES A-RI-A BA-AN-NA-GE TU-UD-DA-MES sa ri-hu-su-nu ib-ba-nu-u E .LA KAS l .NIN ilu .MA 40.MES DU NU . be. .na .KAS l 2 ilu ina ri-hu-ut A-nim MES su-nu 5. .DU / / . „ .INIM . INIM .DA .A .NE .ra .INIM .HUL . .

Incantation :— 60. a-ra. TABLET V. Warriors twice seven are they. 1 2 3 K. .] Beltis (?). . K.121. 73 PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS.121. No wife have they.121. K. S I R . no son do they beget. COL. tu. On earth the spawn of heaven 45 like heaven they shall not draw nigh [Hiatus of about four lines. Overthrowing everything. 3. Incantation :— 40. 5. 3. 3.U T U K K I L I M N U T I . lady of . [By Heaven be ye exorcised ! By Earth] be ye exorcised! PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. V. . Uprooting everything. That in a single (?) spawning in the creation of Anu were spawned . They are the roaming windblast. uprooting everything. whatever its name .

TA ina ilu E .A KAN .74 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.MES GU-ZA-LA : gu-uz2-za-lu-u sa 3 ildnipl su-nu : DINGIR-RI-E-NE -MES E .A ina sukib GUB .PA 10 EN KI .LU BA-RA-AN-TE-MAL-DA ana zumur tasanik ameli mar BA-RA-AN-GE-GE-NE ili-su la te-ti-ih-hi la .su .KUR .bu .A .NA MULU .PA u DINGIR-EN-ZU-NA KAN-PA AN-AS-GIRI-BAR-RA-GE 20.SIR .MES it-ta-nam-za-az-zu a-na^ su-nu IGI DINGIR-NE-URU-GAL EN-LIL-LA-GE ina ma-har ilu UR-SAG-LIG-GA DINGIR- MU-UN-LAH-LAH-GI-ES dan-nun sa ilu „ kar-ra-du* su-mi ZI BeP it-ta-na-al-la-ku 9 ZI ZI AN .NA KAN .RA si .nn su-nu : sadi{i) E-a ir .u sa HAR .A da-la-hi SILA .ME§ su .A . BANDA ta sim tu l NU ul UN - ZU i - MES du u 10.u lim-mt-tum DINGIR-EN-KI-GE : sa SIS . ANSU .LU .BA . su-la-a LU .SAG .GISGAL (?) .RA . ni-is12 ilu Sin bePs nam-ra si-it lu-ta-ma-tu ZI DINGIR-PA-SAG-GA GIR SILA-A SIG-GA-GE KAN-PA ni-isli SU ilu I-sum na-girsu-kisa-ku-um-milu-ta-ma-tu^ DU DINGIR .RA 15.

su-ki. 2.528 and K.528.508. overseer of foul streets.508 translates nis same(e) lu-u-ta-[niat nis irsitim lu-u-ta-mat~\. By Sin..508 omits. di. son of his god. 8. By Ishum. 4. . K.658. 3. be-el. 8. Marching before the Plague God.658 insert A.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.528 and K. 2. the mighty warrior of Bel. 7 K. nis {ox ni-is. K. nis tor ni-is. 4. K. K.121.658 insert NE-ES. K.658. 2.658 „ K. T h e Evil Ones of Ea. 2. 2. 75 Sense they know not.658. 2.528 . K. 2. 2.528 and K. for lu-ta-ma-tu. K. They stand in the highway to befoul the path. By Heaven be thou exorcised ! By Earth be thou exorcised! 20. 2. ni. lb K. 10. 15. They are as horses reared among the hills . 6 K. Approach not nor draw nigh! 1 3 4 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 2 K.528 and K. 4. lord of the Brilliant Rising. ana for a-na. 2. mayest thou be exorcised. Unto the body of the man. TABLET V. turn. mayest thou be exorcised. K.528 and K. 4. 4.658. Throne-bearers to the gods are they . 4. 4. 4. 4.528 and K. K.658 and K.658.528 and K. K. 8.528 inserts NE-ES.

bit .TA ap .MES ku .NA ana i-si INIM .ZU .NE .tu ina KI a GE Um sa u NU .mu .NE ilanipl gu .NA same(e) E .D U 1 pa-ni-su i-si A . su -nu ina VII si .u E .u 45.si .ti VIIsi-bit-ti ina US sin-nis-a-ti KAS 8 NA TA NA su NA - MES -nu2 MES su . IGI .DA .NA ana BAD .GA . A-RA-ZU SIGISSE (?)-SIGISSE (?)-RA GIS-NU-TUK-A n .MA EN 30.ZU . U ul 40.NE LIL .DUG .li .TA sadiii) nu SIS ti sa EN E LA ir-bu-u SI su - MES nu ME§ DINGIR .MES i .i ina na .nu ap .du .za .nu .MES su-nu 15 ANSU .ZIL .RI .MES DU NU .tas.MES su-nu SE-IR-KA ANA . IDIM ina zu--u4 35.SU e .nu-ti5 na .A .kab su .TA ir .KAS mut .DU ar-ki-su l 25.u su .ra ik .KUR .nu MES su-nu U ul IDIM .ti VII si .UN .AG .sim .TU .MES su-nu su-nu E .um .LA . BAD .DA ga .E .HUL .MES ul ul ul al-du u as-sa-tu1 GAR .ri .KAN MES VII si .A .NE .RA si-su-u DINGIR 50.TUK .lu tas .bit .A .rab .ti ZU AB 3 UTUG .nu NA .i su .j6 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.INIM .M E S i .GA .bi-tu-ti9 ah-zu ma-ri10 12 DAM NU .me NU 1 8 MES su-nu .AB .bu .kab .SAG .UD .bit .ma .lu .bi13 AG .u SAL NU zi*-ka-ru za-ki-ku ul E .ti .A .si . sa GU ZA ilu HAR .

1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 K. K. K.121. K. Knowing neither mercy nor pity. la. get hence from behind him ! PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. nak-bifor na-kab. 30. . 45. v. They are as horses reared among the hills .121. M 3. K. a Zu'unuti. 12 3.121. 3. K. K. K. K. TABLET V. 8 3. K. (Jer. In the Ocean Deep as their home they were reared. 4. In the Ocean Deep seven are they. ta.658. 4. 40. no son do they beget . SIR. seven are they.121.121. K. Hebrew zun 3.121. 35. A. 3. turn. K. tu. turn. Incantation :— Seven are they. They are as the roaming windblast. 77 25. DA. Throne-bearers to the gods are they. No wife have they. 8).. 3. Battening a in Heaven seven are they. K. 4 3.121. for si-bit-ti su-nu. 3. 50. 10 3. Get hence from before him. ba. T h e Evil Ones of Ea. 6 3.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.121.658. K. K. tu\ K.658 omit. 3. zik. 4. 3.121 and K.121. ru.121.121 . They hearken not unto prayer or supplication. Nor male or female are they. 2 3.121.121 omits.

ta .RA 1 LU .MES F//-NA-MES si-bit-ti ZI (PLATE F7/-NA-MES su-nu si-bit-ti VII4 .tuk .AN .MA .ru . u .US ir-te-di-su IM-ME-IN-GAR ka-ti-su is-kun zu . .BA .) KAN-PA-NE-ES KAN-PA-NE-ES INIM .] .di .ku MU-UN .NA . .D A .AN .SIR .E .BI ina la IM .su na .78 1 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.MA . .A GUB .MA VI.te .ME§ su-nu su-nu: su-la-a ana da-la-hi lim-nu-ti* 3 1 ina su-ki su-nu it-ta-na-za-zu lim-nu-ti 2 55.NE la IM .U S Urn .INIM .A .HUL .A-DU //-NA-MES su-nu su-nu ZI si-bit a-di si-na KI-A AN-NA XVI. .A -// 5. E .S I .u NU . .bu .us MUD . UTUG . se-ip-su SAG-GA-NI kak-ka-su NAM-BI-KU SU .LU .KAN COL.mur su -pu-u IN-RA SU-A-NI-KU ana im-has-ma IN-RA GIR-A-NI-KU ana IM-ME-IN-GAR se-pi-su is-kun im-has-ma IN-RA SAG-GA-A-NI-KU ana IM-ME-IN-GAR is-kun IM-MA-DA- im-has-ma GE-BARA-KI kak-ka-di-su AZAG-GA-TA [AN-TU-TU] ana sim-\ti-su ana gi-pa-a-ri el-li e-ru-ub-md\ [Hiatus of about four lines. 3IS-SI-MES: SIS .HUL . UTUG . [MULU] sa SU-NI ka-as-su GIR-NI 10.nu i .A SILA .R U .US ir .



They stand in the highway to befoul the path, 55. Evil are they, evil are they! Seven are they, seven are they, Twice seven are they! By Heaven be ye exorcised ! By Earth be ye exorcised !


[Incantation] :— An evil spirit . . . hath overcome him, [Something] unnamed hath seized upon him, 5. Something impure for the body hath seized upon him, His hand it hath smitten and his hand it hath set upon, 10. His foot it hath smitten and his foot it hath set upon, His head it hath smitten and his head it hath set upon ; a Unto a pure field for his fate it hath entered and
[Hiatus of two lines.]
1 3 2 4

Line omitted on K. 3,121. K. 3,121, A.

K. 3,121, turn. K. 3,121 inserts NA.

a Restored from the explanatory text S. 48. Apparently it means that the evil spirit has entered the " pure field " to seize upon the man.



2 0 . UTUG

U - tuk - ku ana bi - ti a -a i - ru - \uU\












UTUG - H U L - A - KAN








UTUG - H U L - A - MES



20. The [evil] spirit Let it not enter the house aside, 25. May a kindly present. Spirit, a kindly Guardian be . May the evil Spirit that hath seized him stand


Incantation : " T h e Evil Spirit, the Ghost that destroyeth the land."









sap (?yia-a-ti



. .





ME-EN kis-sat nisipl sa ap-si-i a-na-ku MULU-SAR DUL-DUL UTUG-HUL DIB-BA ME-EN -bi-ib u-tuk-ku lim-nu ka-mu-u a-na-ku
[MULU]-SAR D U L - D U L A - L A - H U L DIB-BA M E - E N








[-bz-zb e-kint\-mu lim-nu ka-mu-u a-\na-ku] [MULU-SAR DUL-DUL] MUL - LA - HUL DIB - [BA ME - EN] . [-bi-ib gal\lu-u lim-nu ka-\mti-u a-na-ku\ [MULU-SAR DUL]-DUL DINGIR-HUL DIB-[BA ME-EN] . [-bi-ib i\lum lim-nu ka-[mu-u a-na-ku\

. .














XLIX). la-bar-tum






[ - bz - ib]

la- ba -su

ka- mu -u



[- bi - ib] ah-ha-


ka - mu -u



£0e Ztnt$ ZaMH.


of the Deep . 5. . . . of multitudes of people of the Deep am I, , of Marduk (?), who . . . . [of Marduk (?), who . . . [of Marduk (?), who . . . . . . . . . . the evil ] the evil ] the evil ] the evil ] the evil the evil

Spirit seizeth, am I, . . . 10. . . . 15. . . . . . Demon seizeth, am I, Ghost seizeth, am I, . [of Marduk (?), who . . [of Marduk (?), who . Devil seizeth, [am I], God seizeth, [am I], . [of Marduk (?), who . Fiend seizeth, am I],

. . . 20. . . .

[of Marduk [of Marduk

(?), who (?), who

. . .

. .

. .

] the ] the ] the

Hag-demon [seizeth, am I], Ghoul seizeth, [am I], . . . [of Marduk (?), who . . Robber-sprite seizeth, am I,

. . .mu -u DIB-BA \ku~\ a-na-ku a-na- 25. . [MULU-SAR DUL]-DUL KI-EL-LIL-LA DIB-BA ME-EN [MULU-SAR KI-EL]-UD-DA-KAR-RA ka-mu-u DIB-BA [ka] . . . . kima sitilu SamsV (j) .mu . V [* *SILIG]-MULU-SAR tanakkasikas) (1) .li] . . -mu ana bit Hi suati riksi (i) .e (?) .u ka . . . . . . . . . iluE-a iluSamsu (k) . BI tanakki{ki) (s) . t DUL]-DUL li . . . .u [DIB-BA] ME-EN ar-da-at a-na-ku ME-EN a-na-ku ME-EN 30 REVERSE. . . .ti DUL-DUL li]-li-i MULU-LIL-LA ka. tamannu{nti) u Hrusume (r) ilu . . .TIR tukan{an) (p) tasakkan(an) tasarrak{ak) tanakki{ki) [tutaMa] . (m) . . . (q) [siruhin\sa(J) . .nu UTUG - se . [Dup]pi HUL - MES . . tanakkiiki) (g) . sume tu-tah-ha (h) . . .lu.u li . . . Samsi . . DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. [MULU-SAR ME-EN [. . . . .. . himeti saluppi KU . .pir XKAM lim .bi . . (b) tul . GAR-MES tasakkan{an) (n) (o) .mu .ib DIB-BA [-bi-ib . . .A . .84 .bi .ib\ [.lal (c) tamannu{nu) ilu (d) E (e) tanakkas{kas) siru (f) . . . dup . . . .



. . . 25. . . . 30 . .

[of Marduk [of Marduk

(?), who (?), who

. .

. .

. .

] the ] the

Phantom of Night seizeth, am I, Night Wraith seizeth, am I, . [of Marduk (?), who . . . ] the handseizeth, am I, [seizeth], am I. maiden of the Phantom seizeth, am I,

[The Reverse contains fragmentary directions for ceremonies. ]


. . . . .

remove, the evil


£0e Sifiuntf Z&m.


sa sa
5. N U N - K I


„ „

su u

nu „ sub-ta



. . .

su . . .




be -

lu el-li-ti

„ su -















. . . Kl



is -su- ma
GA . .

u - ma - ' - i - ru
. . . .

MU - RA - AB - BI (?) GA-A MU-RA-AB-BI (?)

. 15



me (?)


ka (?) - a(?) - i - nu

e - si - turn turn (J) GA . .


nu sar ri alu Eridu NUN - tu AZAG as - ri

ih Kl .

GA GA el - It . . . ME(?) HAR -

DU . . . su (?) - ni . . GE


ma(?) . SAG -


di -








UTUG - H U L - [A - K A N ] [DINGIR - H U L - A - MES]

t%t fifteen^


(PLATE X V I I I . )

Of E a are they, of [Damkina] are they, Of E a and Damkina, the lord . . . are they, 5. In the hallowed dwelling Eridu they were seated, (And) they beheld the sick man, the son of his god, (And) drew nigh unto him, 10. In Eridu they shrieked and hastened on ;

[May the] evil [Spirit, the evil Demon, stand away from him], [May a] kindly Spirit, [a kindly] Guardian, [be present].

Incantation :— " [ T h e Evil Gods] are raging storms." a
According to the colophon, No. 47,736 was made for Marduk-bani-apli, the son of Mukalmu, the Priest of Marduk, by Itti-Marduk-balatu, the son of Misirai:— 5. ki-ma labiri-su sa-fir-ma up-pu. . . . a-na ka-bi e-li mdti milu za-mar su-bal-ku-tu dup-pi Marduk-bani-apli m a ilu mar 'Mu-kal-mu ™ bari Marduk kata11 mItti-iluMarduk-balatu mar mMi-sir-a-a.



EN {tmi ALAD

U - DU - DU - MES mut-tak-pu-tum

DINGIR - HUL - A - MES ildnipl lim-nu-tum su-nu SIG - GA - MES su-puk same(e)

US - NU - KU la

DU -• HE - A sa ina

se-e-du 5su-nu


ib-ba-nu-u E - NE - NE - NE e - pis

su-nu GAR - GIG U-SU-US-E RA - E 3

SA - A - MES su - nu GAR-HUL DIB-BA NE Hmi{im)-sam-ma [sunu\ . . . . . .

ma - ru - us - ti

SAG-HUL HA-ZA -MES SAG - GIS - RA 10. mu-kil ana nir - tu VIl-BI-TA ina si-bit-ti //-KAM-MA ME 15. sa-nu-u kakkad limutti ana .

liinuttim{tini) na - a - rz


USU-A-AN su-nu [ .

IM-GISGAL-[LU] . . ] su-u-tu

USUMGAL KA-GAL KAB (?) . . MU-UN . . . u-sum-gal-lum


NA . .

sa pi-i-su [/a]


ma - am

- ma

///-KAM-MA GIR-DU HUS sal-su

KAR-RA BA (?) . sa pi-i-ri e (Y)-\ki-mu~\ .

. .

. .




/F-KAM-MA 20.


HU-LAH-HA gal - ti

ri - bu - u ha-as-sa ni--a sis-[su]

sib - bu na-ad-ru . . .

. . . . . ana arki9

. - su

F-KAM-MA GIR-KU(?)-ZI-GA A-GA-BI-KU TU . . NU-UN . . ab-bu7 la sa

F/-[KAM-MA] . . . ZI-GA DINGIR-LUGAL-LA-KU . . . . . . . . -u ti-bu-u sa ana Hi u sarri . . . .



T h e Evil Gods are raging storms, 5. Ruthless spirits created in the vault of heaven ; Workers of woe are they, 10. That each day raise their evil heads for evil, T o wreak destruction Of these seven [the first] is the South Wind . 15. T h e second is a dragon with mouth agape That none can [withstand ?], T h e third is a grim leopard that carries off (?) young . . . . 20. T h e fourth is a terrible serpent

. . . .

T h e fifth is a furious beast (?), after which no restraint (?) . . . . T h e sixth is a rampant god and king .
1 3 5 7 9 a




which against

34,106, tu. 34,106, li-mut-tum. K. 4,904, si. 34,106, hi. K. 4,870, ar-\ki\

2 4 6 8

34,106 inserts A. 34,106, man for ma-am. 34,106 and K. 4,904, ri. 34>Io6> ri-

Ahbu, the meaning of which is at present quite uncertain. From the Sumerian GIR in the line above (since GIR-DU is translated nimru in 1. 18), this would seem to be the name of a wild beast. Cf. also the Arabic <-r^?^, " serpent," which Wellhausen (Skizzen, iii, 171, 217) suggests in comparison with the Hebrew name Hobdb.

ti KA .tu - te-bu-tum sa ina Hme{me) nam-ri ta i . K//-KAM-MA si-bn-u VII-Bl GE (?) . IM-DAL-ZI-GA zi-ik 2 ina HI-SI same{e) da-um-ma-ta U-LAH-GA MI-NI-IN-GAR-RI-ES sa-a-ri e .NI Adadi LAH .90 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. . .GIS .ka .nu] AN .RA 45.NE ni-ir-tu ana na-a-ri KI-TUS ina ANA-DAGAL-LA DIB-BI GAB 50.GIR -• GIM bir-ki it-ta-[nab-ri-ku SAG .E .BI .ZID .RA ri-hi-is-ti ID .MES il .HUL it-ti IM . sa-a-ru sa gi (J)-is .\ku su . .MES kar-du-te su-nu ie-su-u DINGIR .LAH . NIM .la .RA . E-NE MULU-KIN-GA-A ANA LUGAL-LA A-MES su-nu mar sip-ri sa A-nim sar-ri su-nu si-bit-ti ERI . IM-MIR-RA me-hu-u IM-HUL-A lim-nu ilu 25.MES su-nu i-sak-ka-nu IM-DAL-HA-MUN a-sam-su-tum §UR-BI NIGIN-NA-MES su-nu sa ina sameU) iz-zi-is is-sa-nun-du IM-DIR^SIR-RA AN-NA-GE IM-A-AN-HI-SI IN-GA-GA-MES ir-pi-tum sa-pi-tum sa i-sak-ka-nu su-nu 35.nu su .RA .HUL . a-li a7ia a-li AN .TA im-hul-li ilu sa-a-ri I (?) .USAN .GA .MES i-sur-ru su-nu IM . U .DA . .UR . ina RI same(e) lim-nis Y DINGIR-LUGAL-LA-GE NU TUK su-bat ilu LAH-GA-[MES] AA-nim ul rap-su-ti iz-za-zu-7na ma-hi-ra .nu DU .sak .AN 30.NE .HAR -AK .DA da-um-ma-ta AN-NA-GE GA . .RA .DU .DA ina i-mit .I (?) Adadi ilu lim-ni 40.A .ERI .TA mah-ri il-la-ku [su-nu] HULMES sar-ri i-su-u su-nu] ina i-sid same{e) ki-ma SAG .

45. Mighty destroyers are they. 30. These seven are the Messengers of Anu. Stalking at the right hand of the Storm-God. Rushing windgusts. 36. the king. 91 25. Forcing their way with the baneful windstorms. T o wreak destruction they lead the way. TABLET XVI. In the height of heaven like lightning they [flash]. . a Singular. the home of Anu. 40. 1 2 36. a casting darkness over the brightest day. Tempests a that furiously scour the heavens. the deluge of the Storm-God. Bearing gloom from city to city.690 inserts E. Dense clouds a that bring gloom over the sky.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. In heaven's breadth. the king. 50. T h e seventh is an evil windstorm which .690 inserts ku. 35.

ta .LA same{e) .BA SUH-NU-GUB-MA MU-UN-NE-SI-IN-AG-GI-ES u-zu-uz-zu la na-par-ka su-nu-ti mu-sa u ur-ra u-7na--ir-su-nu-ti 7 0 .92 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.N E . IM ilu DINGIR-BABBAR SI-DI-E-NE NI u ilu DINGIR-NINNI-GE IN su-puk KIS same{e) GAR ana MA ilu Sin Samsu Is-tar su-te-su-ri ANA .bi .nu E-NE-NE-NE G I G .nu su-puk UD-SIR ilu ilanipl i-sur-ru Urn .A N A .su ina UM-SAG-TA si .N E .ti .M E S DU-HE-A DU-DU-MES i .UN .lal . ana se .N E XX.AN .ma .E BA .su 65.har il .IR ildnipl martini*1 .IN .su MAS-SU-MAH BA NI si-ri sa DINGIR-RI-E-NE-GE IB ildnipl GE GE im-ta-lik-ma E-a mas-si-e DINGIR-SIS-KI DU-HE-A 60.N E .ti same{e) DINGIR-EN-ZU-NA ilu SUR-BI BA-AN-DIB-BI-ES ina ma .u DINGIR-NI UR-SAG ID-NI-KU-A BA-NI-IB-GE-GE-ES Samsu Adadu kar-du ana i-di-su-nu ut-tir-ru .EN .L I L .N E .du a .GUB .HAL .nu .A . SUL DINGIR-BABBAR id-la1 ilu ilu Nannari(ri) Sin iz .A .H U L .zi .mu .GE i-zu-us-su-nu-ti NAM .ta DINGIR-EN-KI-DA AD it-ti ilu lib .nam 7 5 .nu ./ / .NA .DA it-ti III (PLATE ilu uk-tin-nu AN .N E .SI .su .HAL . U-BI-A FY7-BI D I N G I R .L A DIMMU-BI I SA ilu GIS-NE-IN-TUK-A AN BU I ud BI ana KU BA su-a-tum i-nu-su 55- Bel te-e-ma is-me-ma is . U-BI-A D I N G I R .su .GA .) DINGIR .NA A-nim be-lu-ut kis-sat MU .DU .E N .ti .bit.

When the seven evil gods Forced their way into the vault of heaven. and Venus. b Whom he had set to rule the firmament With Anu. and none oppose. he took counsel. c apportioning among them T h e dominion of the heavenly host. These three gods.U T U K K I L I M N U T I . 93 They take their stand for evil. his offspring. 75. (PLATE XX. The heavens. With Ea.448. and Ishtar. the Sun. (And) won over to their aid Shamash the mighty and Adad the warrior.) 65. Shamash. When Bel heard these tidings and pondered in his heart. of which the exact meaning is at present unknown. . 1 S. lu. The Moon. jo. They clustered angrily round before the Crescent of the Moon God. the mighty Guide a of the gods. TABLET XVI. H e ordained to stand by night and day unceasingly. 55. And Sin. 60. 1. a b c Massu.

. .Bl .bit KALAM(?) HUL KALAM me • 85.HU - MU . U . . .su VII si . i-sib NI-IN-SU-MU-UG-GA KI-TUS NAM-EN-NA NU-TUS [musa (?) u] ur-ra a-dir ina su-bat be-lu-ti-su ul a-sib IOO. ri-esv sur-ri-i ana li mut tu KA-AZAG-GA-TA e MU SIR (?)-TA ana (?) sa-at-ti ilu pi-i-su el-\li ] . . .UN - SA 80.li .UR .A sa ina ba .ME . . .GA .Bl BA .SIG . [DINGIR]-EN-ZU-NA ZIR NAM-[MULU-GISGAL-LU] .DA . .nu . . .' . . .N E .RA .a . . . A-AN (?) ina 90.A i . Is-tar it-ti ir-me-ma A-nim sar-ri sub-tu ana sarru-ut same{e) DINGIR-GAL-GAL ellitim(tim) i-kap-pu-ud DINGIR-LUGAL-E-A E .T I L -turn id-da-li-ih-ma . 95. [DINGIR]-HUL-A-MES LA-MES MULU-KIN-GA-A DINGIR-LUGAL- ilanipt'lim-nu-tum SAG-HUL mdr-sip-ri sa iluA-nim GIG sar-risu-nu it-tana- HA-ZA-MES BA . Sin .ti LU zi-ir a-me-lu-\ti\ ma . . .ti sa-ku-um-mis . .94 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.MES mu-kil kakkad limuttim(tim) ar-ra-ru su-nu ina mu-si .KU ilu IR . .UR .ha . SIG . DINGIR-NINNI-GE ANA-DA1 KI-TUS-AZAG 2 MU-UN-RI NAM-LUGAL-LA AN ilu - NA .NU . \_dalT\ .su SAG TAB . . .

TABLET XVI. T h e evil gods. S.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. . a Literally. AN-NA-GE forGE ANA-DA. " . Hath founded a shining dwelling. 1. . [By night and] day he was dark. At the first [began to work ?] evil his pure mouth Sin 95 . the seed of mankind . Nor dwelt in the seat of his rule. 95 (And) Ishtar who with Anu the king 80. . " shook t h e m s e l v e s . 1. . was troubled and sate in gloom. the messengers of Anu the king. When [those] seven 90. God and king the great gods Without whom 85. . Raising their evil heads went to and fro a through the night. .448. And hath planned the dominion of the heavens. . . . troubling (?) the land. . . 100. .448 inserts G A . 1 2 S.

' .lak „ D I N G I R .sa UNEA 110.UN .LA .NA DU .SAR .id .du belu ilu il . DINGIR .LIL .li IGI - Sin MU - na .ri .su TU .M U D .E i - inur - ma D I N G I R .g6 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.NUZKU .si -i si-i-ri pu. suk-kal-li DIMMU Nuzku ana bi-i-li AN .RA ilu be-lum 1 ana ilu suk-kal-li-su a-ma-ti GIG-GA Nuzku ap-si-i i-sis-si TUM-MA-AB LUH-MU DINGIR-NUZKU I-MU ZU-AB-KU 115.MU .R A ru-bi-e mas-su-u .GIN a-na 125.dur . a-na tlu E-a ina ap .GE it .mat be •• Hi .GE MU .NI GU .KI .NUZKU LUGAL .AG ilu Nuzku a .HAL .MU .NA ilu SU-MU-UG. A N - GAB- ina EN same(e) L U H .MU DINGIR .RA .UG .ZU .u ana su - nu ANA-SA-GA-TA KALAMA-TA ZI-GA-MES same{e) ki-ma su-nu SUL ilu sa-a-ri ma-a-ti it-te-bu-ni DINGIR .ma GIR .an .EN .LA ilu DINGIR .ZU .D I M .ta .EN .GA -• NI „ NA sa ' id .IN . Itis-tu mut ki-rib tit isIMI-GIM te- ni- '.NA .UN . sa .EN . GAR - HUL - A KIN - KIN - NA MES 105.N U N MAS-SU-MAH EN D I N G I R .LA DINGIR .A - 120.PAP .N U .SI .GA-BI te-im ma-ri-ia [' \ad-\ru~\ ilu Sin .A .AN .DE .EN .NA SU . ina same[e) mar-si-is DINGIR-EN-KI TU-RA SU-A-AS-AN-NA-AN-GI a-na E-a I ina ap-si-i su-un-ni-surn-ma SAG .GE BA .

And the lord spake unto his minister Nuzku : 115. TABLET XVI. Rushing loose over the land Like the wind from the depths of the heavens. And Nuzku. " W h o in heaven hath been grievously bedimmed. Bel saw the darkening of the hero Sin in heaven. " O my minister Nuzku ! " Bear my message unto the Ocean Deep. Unto E a the prince. 125.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.904 begins DINGIR 7 . " Tell unto E a in the Ocean Deep " T h e tidings of my son Sin. 97 105. the mighty guide and lord. 4. 1 K. Searching out wickedness. praising the message of his master." 120. 110. Went therefore unto E a in the Ocean Deep .

ba .A sa-pat-su 'u-a pi-i-su MI-NI-IN 5 um .dur .) AN-NA9 SU-MU-UG-GA-BI Sin sa ina same(e) MAS-TIG-GAR-MU-UN-E-A na .GA-BI mar10 ru-bi-e na-an-na-rin mar-si-ts '-ad-ru (PLATE XXI. si-bit-ti su-nu a-bu-bi18 l% ti . S U .N E DINGIR-HUL-A-MES IM-NU-TE-MAL-DA-MES MULU-BAD-GA 15 .98 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.MULU .li .MULU .an I40.MU is-si-ma a-ma-ta u-sah-haz1 DINGIR .DIB-BA DINGIR-EN-KI ilu DU .B I .IN .bu-ni .RA .tal4 .SAR GIN .nu su-nu mdti i .SAR GU-NAM-MI-IN-DE E-a mdri-su^ Marduk DU . DINGIR-NUZKU ilu I LUGAL-LA-GE HAL-BI-SU-A BA-AN-NA-AN-GI Nuzku a-mat be-ili-su a-hi-en-na-a TU-RA-GE I-BI us-\ta\-an-na-\a\ GIS-NE-IN-TUK DINGIR-EN-KI-KA-GE ilu E-a ina ap-si-i is-suk 3 a-ma-tu .MES si-bit-ti su-nu il&ni*1 H lim-nu-tum la a-di-rii-ti su-nu K//-BI-E-NE DINGIR-HUL-A-MES KALAM-MA BA AN UR UR - mus -mi-tu-ti16 ZI A-MA-TU-GIM A Xb MES 145.SI 130.BI is-me*1-ma NE .hi-e /z 19 .' .u IM .ma I l su-a-tu KA . aDU-KU 8 lik UD-SIR ma- ri 9 ilu Marduk AN-NA DINGIR-EN-ZU-NA GIG-GA ilu SU-MU-UG.ZI .u 13 F / / .su ina same(e) su .SILIG .bu .SILIG . 12 .MIR .NI ilu DINGIR .pu .MA ildni piu lim-nu-tum sa kima11 su .B I KA-NE-IN-TAR 'U .MES ana 20 ma-a-ti ki-ma me21 .NA 135.E .GIM ZI .ma KALAM .

my son Marduk. And bit his lip and filled his mouth with wailing. " Have attacked the land like a storm. 2 K. 4. 33.904. mat for ma-tu. (PLATE XXL) " T h e darkening thereof is visible throughout the heavens. " Those seven evil gods. 4. 12 13 K. a-na. 8 K.712. 140. mi. the Crescent of the Moon God " In heaven hath been grievously bedimmed . 5 K. And with a message entrusted him : 135.904. 145. 4. " Have scoured the land. " Go.904. 4.904. 130. 4. 4. 7 K.904 omits KU . " Son of a Prince. 4.904 inserts A. K. 4. 14 pl 15 K. 4. 18 19 K.904 omits . K. TABLET XVI.904. tu.904. 20 2l K. bu. 33. 4. 3 1 . 4.904 ' . MU-UN for MI-NI-IN.904. 4 K. 6 33. 4.904. tu l n * K.904. 9 10 K. K. ki-ma.904. 4. te. E a in the Ocean Deep heard this message.904. [ma~]-ra-a-su. " Those seven evil gods. 11 K.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. 4. 99 Nuzku there repeated the message of his master. 4. death-dealing without fear. NUN-NA for KU. 4.712. K. 4. ha-az. 4. ma-ri.904 omits.904. su-uk. K. rushing on like a flood.904.712. K. 4. ta-al.904. te-mimdri-ia for the beginning of this line. E a called unto his son Marduk. \jn\i-e. K.

.] (168) ^72) 175.LI .ti .MI .me me . .ri .E . (169) (1/3) .tir.NU .su . .BI .na la pi-ti-ti LUGAL .BIL .BI id-di-si-i GUR . bal . .NE ra a ti i tah zu [Hiatus of about fourteen lines.SU . tna bit MI . . .? .KAR U .ab e .u GU II tap -pi TAB E .GAL .K U .NU sa . u (174) E(?) mes .IOO DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.NA ID .ME .GE ina ba . .A sa-lum- ri-si-su [Hiatus of about eleven lines.ta bu-hat-ti DU .kal .ni .IN 180.li TAR .] . . sar-ru DU-DINGIR-RA-NA GIM ZI mdr na pis KALAM-MA ili-su ti sa UD-SIR-DINGIR-EN-ZU-NASU-UL na-an-na-ri u SU .nam -mu-u DINGIR-NI [*/u]Adadu UR-SAG A l .SI ina ilu ki-ma mdti Sin lu kal - UD .GIR .E bur -rusa-rat um .DIB .DINGIR . • . (170) Si(?) . . SUL UD-SIR ma-har DINGIR-EN-ZU-NA na-an-na-ri ilu SUR-BI iz-zi-is BA-AN-DIB-BI-ES Sin il.li. .ta.in .IN . .NI .RIK . . DUP-SAG-TA ina ISO.ki ti-me-ma SIG .RU .GIM ki-ma na-an-na-ri \ma-ti is-su] SAG .rat la pi-te-te u .RA .LA . (171) GAR . .SIR .ru IM .BI U-ME-NI-KESDA-KESDA LUGAL-E 185.A ka . .ZU u .lam KA i .SAL .a KU .A kar-du a-na DINGIR-BABBAR id-la [**u]Samsu i-di-su -n u BA-NI-IB-GE-GE-ES u t.NU .N I .U .US . SIG .

5. p. 180. TABLET XVI. 185. Magic and Sorcery. bind it. 1. Ashurbanipal. Then shall the king. 2. " Holding [Hiatus of about ten lines. Cf. .. I D . . 83. . IOI " Clustering angrily round the Crescent of the Moon God. e. the son of his god. Like the new Crescent of the Moon. Bab.g. Weave thou a two-coloured cord a from the hair of a virgin kid and from the wool of a virgin lamb. Lexicon Syriacum. Placing it as a glory on his head. b)." . 26. [Hiatus of about five lines. thy servant. No. Syriac heldnd. xxiii). In the Home of Plenteous Increase They have power In the palace-gate a cord . b the son of his god W h o holdeth the life of the land like the Crescent of the Moon God.156. dupl. " Have won over to their aid Shamash mighty and Adad the warrior. Ulinnu. b son of his god. stola seu orarium (Brockelmann. in keVtha d'heldnd. Upon the limbs of the king. " I. b The use of the word sarru here instead of the common amelu is very similar to that in certain of the Prayers of the Raising of the Hand (King.U T U K K I LIMNOTI. D.] 1 a K.] the 175.

HI .ma U .RA ana ERI A sar .NE a .BA .ru .bu .ru ..u .TU .a it .SUB 205.NA U .LA A .hu .LA .li NAM .u .ME .hu .a GIDIM-HUL MULLA-HUL HUL NE MASKIM TU TU - i .AN ul .ME .TE .MAL .ni DA 215.AZAG .RA .102 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.BA .ni NAM .E NA .RI .GUB .ni LUGAL .KI .u .su .a BA it .ME .NI .TE .ni 225 RI .u .LAH .GA alu rig-ma (?)-ta U . .u .ES .ri NAM a .TU .E DU .GA .NA A . E . siGAR . HUL nu in na KA-[KA] SAG-GA-NA ina ri-si-su GIS-KU-LIG-GA-TA dan-na 200.da .GAL .a pat NUN .A .DINGIR .ni NIGIN E NE a .SUM idi ma Eridi GI .a [Hiatus of about three lines.LA .GA 210.EL LUGAL .NE a .NE a .a is .BA . GAR Urn GIS-MA-NU e-ra U-ME-NI-GAR kak-ka su-kun-ma NAM . UTUG-HUL DINGIR E [A] ana A-LA-HUL HUL NAM [biti] BA a .BA .] i .MAL .NI .ru .at ekalli NAM .GA mepl el .ME .GE i .ti U .NI .bu .NI .sah .BIL .LAH .na 220 a .

] a See note b.UTUKKI L I M N U T I . p. [Hiatus of about two lines. . . Into the [house] may they not enter. Unto the walls of the palace may they not draw nigh. evil Ghost. 101. TABLET XVI. Bring unto him a censer. 103 200. Evil God. evil Fiend. a torch. . Around the city may they not circle. T h e mighty weapon of . 205. . Evil Spirit. 215. 210. 220 may they not enter. evil Demon. With the purest water wash him. a the son of his god. Unto the king may they not draw nigh. Evil Place at his head the tamarisk. evil Devil. And cleanse and purify the king. Perform the Incantation of Eridu.

.H U L .sa .NA UR-SAG AN-NA-[GE ZA-PA-RAM]tU MULU URUDU-GAR-LIG-GA ME-NE-[A-NI] HU-LUH-HA GIS-MA-NU 2 5 0 .KI .I (PLATE XXII. .RA .BU . SAG .ri .BU . . . . 245. .NE .NE la (J) . same(e) ilu ma-am-man ul in-nam-bi DINGIR-EN-LIL-LA GU-NAM-MI-IN-DE-ES a ANA ilu A .su .GI . . su-nu MES 35- e ~l sa su-nu . GAL DU . INIM .tu ES [Hiatus of several lines.ti SU-MU-UG-GA-GI-ES DINGIR-EN-ZU-NA ilu [ANA]-SA-TA u .RA .hu . . .NE .SIG .A] .bu .] . NAM . .INIM .GA U .u (?) .nu .ku (?) .um Sin ina u [lib] ilu Bel same(e) im . u su . .NE . .NI .SUB GAR-HUL BA-AB-SIR-RI KA-KA SU-U-ME-TI GIS-KU-LIG-GA-TA U-ME-NI-IN-GAR N U N .ru E .NE 2 la pa . .DINGIR .104 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.nu MES 2 3 0 .di .nu . .KAN EN .ru SIG .ME . [su] .NE .A . .nu dmu(mu) E .MA [UTUG . UL MES MES MI (?) .) sar .ES 240 / / .nu MES su .SUM .

4 5 ) . 18-19: at-ta e-ra-a dan-nu ki-ma mas-ki . From the description of it given here (" the potent eru of heaven. Over that which is theirs in heaven No god hath been proclaimed. . Anu and Bel proclaimed them. URUDU-GAR-LIG-GA from its determinative is evidently some metal or metal object. a T a k e thou the potent meteorite of heaven. TABLET XVI. Place the tamarisk. . Brilliant (PLATE XXII.A. T h e mighty weapon of . ] God in the T h e man. 30.) are they. cols. son of his god . URUDU-GAR-LIG-GA = e-ra-a dan-nu (W. Texts. part xii. They are the storm 235. ." it is probable that it signifies a meteorite or meteoric iron. GAR-LIG-GA=£-/T/-# (Cun. 36. They have darkened the Moon heavens. Incantation :— [Raging storms ?] 230. iv. .. 13. .I. Perform the Incantation of Eridu. 105 PRAYER AGAINST [THE E V I L SPIRITS]. " i. iii-iv. . 250. 240. " P l a c e him where the thunder roars. are they. pi. " T h o u (bendest?) strong copper like skin"). Which by the roar of its awful might removeth all evil. . i.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. which by the roar of its awful m i g h t " ) and the addition on Tablet " A . They have torn away [Hiatus of several lines. a URUDU-GAR-LIG-GA .

.LA .H U L ZI AN .INIM .UL . 34. 5 K .] 34.MES DINGIR . . .N A 6 DINGIR . 6 K .AB GA ana ZU ar - ka BA [TU IM TU [iM E E NE] NE] NE] E5 E - A GIS .MA UTUG . . . .R A ERI 260.BA .[A . .106 e n d s h e r e with (a) kima labiri-su satir-ma (b) . . INIM .H U L A-MES] 1 iimu(mu) limnuti rabtiti*1 sunu\ sa \ultu same] us-su-ru-\ni Hani [Hiatus of several lines.MES] A . miluNabu .H U L DINGIR .UL . 7 34. . . 3 34. .406 o m i t s .PA] KAN . . ZI . A rat ka KU ki NAM 2 KAN-[PA] . .406 t r a n s l a t e s : ul .H U L MASKIM . . . E A 3 NAM . 2. .RA .MES UTUG . .106 t r a n s l a t e s : nis iluA-nim .KAN EN U-GAL ANA-TA SU-BAR-RA-MES [ D I N G I R . .ZA .106 t r a n s l a t e s : ina sir-ri .H U L ] [KAN .106 t r a n s l a t e s : is-tu lib bitili-su. . 4 34.H U L MULLA . U - UL - UL .BA NAM: BA BA - [NIGIN RA TA4 U .I06 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.106 t r a n s l a t e s : ana a-li a-a is.PA ZI KI . . 2 1 .A .[ H U L GIDIM . . . . 2. .H U L 1 [A - MES] ZI ANA-DINGIR-EN-LIL-LA-BI GABA . . . . .A 2 6 5 .H U L .H U L .ZU i 255.

No. " t o sink " (into water).822) has the value salu. Go ye forth from the house. evil Demon. a . Through the hinge [may they not crawl a ]. O raging storms. Around the city may they not circle! 260. i.U T U K K I LIMNUTI. Izikku is used of spirits blowing through the hinge elsewhere (Tablet V. 35). By Heaven be ye exorcised! exorcised! 265.] The Sumerian IM (Briinnow. and we must supply some such meaning here. 4. They are the evil gods! [Hiatus of several lines. Behind thee Into the house may they not [enter]. [evil Fiend]. PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. ye evil gods ! By Anu and Bel may ye be exorcised! T h y breast 255. 107 O raging storms. [evil] God. evil Ghost. ye evil gods ! Evil Spirit. Evil Devil. By Earth be ye Incantation :— Great storms directed from heaven. TABLET XVI.

BA .NA ANA-TA SU-BAR-RA-IVIES DINGIR-HUL-A-MES KI .PA TU TU NE * UR .RA ERI .UN . UTUG-HUL li-lu-u-ma ana sub-ti-su-nu KI-TUS li-tit-ru A-LA-HUL HA-BA-GIBIS-NE u-tuk-ku lim-nu a-lu-u lim-nu ana irsitim{tnn) li-ri-du GIDIM-HUL MULLA-HUL ERI-TA HA-BA-RA-E e-kim-mu ZI 285.GAL .N E HA BA AN GE - ana sameie) 280.ME . 270 id ki DU-MU .PAL .AN E . .GAL .TE .E .GAL 29O.DA .108 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.MAL .RA DA .NE E .NI .] .UN .SIR . . • U-GAL AN .KU GE E NE HA .BA .GAL . E - lim-nu gal-lu-u lim-nu is-tu ali li-su-u DINGIR .GE A NAMBA- U .A [Hiatus of several lines.BI .MU .LA .GE NA .MU .N E .E . [DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR : GAR-GA]-E : GIN-NA RAM .GIBIS . E .N E 275.TUS .DA BAD ALAD NAM .E NAM .

" 1. T h e wall T h e guardian spirit of the palace 290. 109 270. my son : (etc. . the evil Demon. Cf. TABLET XVI. T h e street T h e city [Hiatus of several lines.) " Go. 17.) a [Hiatus of several lines. 1.] b 275 Great storms directed from heaven.) " W h a t I : (etc. Marduk hath seen him : (etc. Into the earth descend! May the evil Ghost. . By the great Gods may ye be exorcised! Into the house may they not enter. . Unto their abodes may they return! 280.U T U K K I LIMNtJTI. Go forth from the city! 285. 247. See Tablet " A . They are the evil gods! Unto heaven may they ascend. T h e fence may they not break through.] a b . . May the evil Spirit. the evil Devil. Unto the neighbourhood of the palace may they not draw nigh.

A 295.K A .G E . " flax. a 1 ap-pa- Pasti. 3 K.406 t r a n s l a t e s [ka-nu-u el-lu ka-nu~\-u ra-bu-u ka-an el-lu.as.URUDU . 1.S A .NA UH(?)-RI-A KAN . 2.E .NE .K A .a (PLATE XXIII. . ana for a-na.A ra.) DINGIR ihl E - A E - A KAN - TI E ina ALAD-*SIG-GA biti E-A li - sib UTUG-*SIG-GA UTUG .LA 2 GI-SUK-AZAG-GA GIS . GA-E pa .MI .TA it .ti „ id .RI ar . .PA KI . K.u ME-EN kit GI . for which n o Assyrian equivalent has b e e n given.di . N o w kippatu is t h e Syriac kappetha b .ma GIS .sip .RI . KAN .me . .GE SU .mu .lum .M A ( = kippati) G I S .SUB sip .H U L HE-EN-TU-TU-NE GIDIM .da . G I S .H U L ri .LA .BANSUR .AZAG GI . 163 [ G I S . 32).TA sap .na* NAM . 2 K.PA GAR-SA-A ZI GAR-HUL-A .an 3OO.S A . 2.NA .IN . I t occurs also in T a b l e t " C " (pi.G A M ] .110 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.RI . INIM-INIM-MA DINGIR-HUL TAR-RU-DA-KAN 1 EN GI .SA .a IM .406 t r a n s l a t e s \ka-an pa\-as-su-ri el-lu sa ildnipl.turn A .tu MULU-KIN-GA-A DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR .TAB .L A DINGIR .ma .BA ka .IN ." b u t t h e S u m e r i a n s e e m s to suggest a c o p p e r vessel.EL .GAL .ti sa sa .ri sa ilu mar Marduk a .406.N A .GA ellitum{tunt) in a KI .SUN . I t is p o s s i b l e t h a t this is t h e s a m e as t h e H e b r e w pisteh.H U L A . HUL .e .* SIR 305.KA .GAL . 2.lis N E .SUM na .ZI RI .N A . UH(?)-ZU ZI AN . NA .

" a r c h . Incantation :— A clean reed." in order that Ea (the god of the water supposed to be spilt on the floor) may remain within the house. and all evil.. and not drain away over the threshold into the street. A reed from an undefiled brake. TABLET XVI. p. Enter the house. A clean vessel of the gods.U T U K K I L I M N O T I . A stalk of flaxa encircled with a glory. Ill witchcraft. PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L G O D WHICH CUTTETH OFF. 305. I put bitumen on the door b beneath. sorcery. gateposts and all). . a kindly Guardian. This is still further borne out by the present passage " I put bitumen on the door beneath. the actual door as the Sumerian " wood : middle : door " shows. By Heaven be ye exorcised! exorcised! By Earth be ye 295. (Brockelmann. As I perform the pure incantation.e.) That E a may rest within the house. enchantment. 163. Lexicon. May no evil Spirit or evil Demon. a). a long reed. 300. I am the messenger of Marduk. May a kindly Spirit. " so that " A r c h of the GIS-SA-KA-NA " clearly points to the meaning " d o o r " for the latter word (i. (PLATE XXIII. and not merely the whole doorway.

NA NAM .LA .me .H U L MASKIM .LU MULU .TU .BI a .NA DINGIR . MULLA .PA ZI KI .H U L MULU .BA .UZ .GISGAL .GIL .rat en .lu su .T E .BI li .T E .RA ZI AN .H U L LUGAL .PA INIM-INIM-MA SIG-UZ-SIG-GA RIK-KAR-KAN EN MULU-HUL MULU-HUL MULU-BI MULU-HUL lim .N E ZI KI .H U L NAM .RA ZI AN .LA .mun „ . 3IO.GAL . E .PA KAN . .MAL .mun NAM .MA GI .H U L MULU .] 3 2 5 .si li .E .N'E KAN .N l ( ? ) ilu 32O.N E NAM .TU .KAN EN SIG .N I N .112 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.u li .PA INIM .A KAN .DUR . 315 sa .KU LUGAL .MAL .u ina ni .lu su .A KAN .nu MULU . AMAS ina [supuri] [Hiatus of several lines.mun a .E .BA .\_zi] DINGIR .MULU .INIM .MA .BA .me .

TABLET XVI. Unto the King may they not draw nigh. 8 . By Heaven be ye exorcised! exorcised! PRAYER OF THE R E E D By Earth be ye (?). By Heaven be ye exorcised! By Earth be ye exorcised! PRAYER OF THE HAIR OF THE KID. That man is evil: That man among men is evil. Or evil Ghost or evil Devil. 113 310. YELLOW GOAT (AND) THE Incantation :— 330. H e that is evil is evil. In the cattle-pen [Hiatus of several lines. Into the house may they not enter. That man is evil.UTUKKI L I M N U T I . Incantation:— 315.] 325. Or evil God or evil Fiend. Goat's hair T h e goddess 320. Draw nigh unto the King.

sal DU . .kas 345. .TAG .sar US .GIR (?) Urn . DuppU Ekal milu 4 ZA .ni .su .us .NU 3SO SA .A MULU N I .DIB NA .UN .RA SU .BI * INIM-INIM-MA EN 3 6 0 .BI IGI . .sa . pu .BI a . . . . .GA Samsu ina an .) .H U L N E . MULU-BI arnelu NAM-MULU-GISGAL-LU sa . . i-kab-bi .su .BI .a tar . . .NI GUR GIG ..a e .is .i .su i . [SA]-TUR ina 3 3 5 . 2 3 lib ALAD T U R .EN .ti LUGAL .su im KI .su \laK\ .ni .KI .A .GUB . .BI .NU .u ina ana I (?) SA-A LAL-E ka .H U L DINGIR .BI SA . .GE TAG .kan .sur x SIR TIK-KIL-DUG-GA u .TA .114 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. .rat amelu H U L .A BI ana lib-bi-su ma(?) us (J) DINGIR .RU .BABBAR ilu Sainsu ul SU-[Bl] kat DINGIR-BABBAR 355ilu NE-E-TA SIR-RA-A-AN li .SU ri .DIB NE .DE .ti KA .ti .ba . .GA .si sira GU NAM-MULU-GISGAL-LU su .A - KAN DINGIR-HUL AS DINGIR UTUG sar kissati TAR-RU-DA-KAN [erasure] sar HUL mRtuiln U XVI KAM HUL MES AssuriKI Assur-bani-apli (Etc.nu ni .A UH (?) 340.' ..si se .A .e . .IB .luh . .suh * SAG .MU DINGIR .ta . . GU . .RA AM AS .gim i .tu sa .sa . ma .[ni] .A ID .NI .as . .ru .I B MULU .su ni . BA .

K. . .977. Where his evil pain [hath smitten] It hath torn his heart . . K. . . evil eye.238 translates tar-ba-sa i-ba ( ? ) . Incantation :—" A storm [erasure] evil. 5. I IS 335. . . TABLET XVI. . . a-me-lu. . Hunting the sheepfold . T h e terror of him stifling his cries. . O my lord E a ! Thine is the power to brighten and bless! PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L G O D WHICH CUTTETH OFF.627. 5. Hani kima kalbi (parallel to rabsu). . 350. . bitunu-ru ." 1 2 3 4 a K. K. " The gods crouched like dogs. 360. apparently literally " the womb. . 5." b . iii. Hunting the cattle-pen His side the man Unto his heart Shamash . Spirit. . SIXTEENTH TABLET OF THE SERIES " T H E E V I L SPIRITS. W. hath spoken By this (incantation) may Shamash remove his hand. In the midst a of mankind They have let (him) lurk b (like) a snake . . That man is set among men as a cord that is stretched out for a net H e hath sprinkled the man as with venom. . 4. iv. evil god . .A.238. kunnunu Sasur." Ukanninu : cf.I. K. 6. . 345. 355. 43. 2.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. ..238 translates se-e-du sa . . DINGIR-HUL (?) .

. . COL..' [ D I N G I R .ri . BU . I (PLATE XXIV). . .ku « 5 .KU .M E . .K A N . ar pak (?) . . . U ma su-u it-ti a gi - na-pis-ti-su i A i - it-ta-nab-kat sa ap - [sic] ' pu - NU-UN-DA-AB-KU-E NU-UN-DA-AB-NAK-E umi(ini)-sam 'U-U-A A-A U-ME-NI-IB-ZAL-ZAL: ina u-a-a us. E .OBVERSE.R A B ] . EGIR ina si-e\ri\ \ld\ MULU-RA i-pa-du-u SU-SU .tab . . ]-GIN U-GIM MU-UN-DA-RU-US SI-NA BA-NI-IN-SU-ES a-me-lu mut-tal-lik kima dmu(mu) ih-mu-su-ma mar-tu is-sa-nu-us ZI-NI-TA NI-BAL-BAL-E ZI-GIM MULU-GISGAL-LU-BI MU-UN-ZI a-me-lu ki 15. .A la-ba-su [SA-GIG LIKIR-GIG] MULU-RA \jnu-ni-ns ameli 10. [MULU lib\bi kat-me arki TUR-RA ameli SAG-GIG i-sal-Ia-hu GISGAL-LU DUL-LA ki-is lib-bi mur-su ti--i a-lu-u sa . NU .

coacervavit. 16-32). Like a flood they are gathered together. (" Father." the only difference being in the line which Marduk speaks to his father. The incident is given in full in part xvii. I (PLATE XXIV). sickness. COL. No food can he eat. which is the first line of the tablet. pi. no water can he drink. the ghoul after the man hath sprinkled Spreading heart disease. Scorching b the wanderer like the day. where the lines are also written out. cf. 0 (Until) this man revolteth against himself. . here it cannot be supplied.A. Ai\d filling him with bitterness . heartache. 10.OBVERSE. . c Isappu* ." b Ihmusu.. in the sixth tablet of the series Shurpu (W. . disease. in the desert . Unfortunately. 15. i. Marduk hath seen d (him and (Into the house of his father E a hath entered and spoken. d The following lines are abbreviated in the text (as they frequently are) by division-marks. the demon which envelopeth the man. aruit. Syriac Jfma. Marduk quotes the first line of the tablet. 7. But with woe each day is he sated. " a Or " Heart disease. heartache.I. Syriac s'pha. 5. iv. Sickness (and) disease over the city a of the man. . Similarly. cf. . 26. Tablet " P. they spare not. .

nataku is the Hebrew ndthak.DE me pl a . 16.US NAM-SUB SA . by .965.SIR .A. . K.I. b. kakkaka usumgallu sa istu pisu imtu la inattuku. W.RA ilu ZA-PA-RAM-ME- SU .BI su . Lexicon.pu . iii.965 inserts translation GAR-NA nak .965 inserts translation amelu su-\ji-tu\ . pi. GIS .AB . 5. K.AM U .T I »-u kar-ra-du* gal~tu A-nim sa ma ri-gim i-na-as-sa-hu me-lam-mi-sn li-ki-e-ma minima lim-nu 1 2 3 a b K. URUDU-GAR-LIG-GA NE-A-NI GAR . .H U L UR-SAG AN-NA-GE HU-LUH-HA BA .am . rad for ra-du.ME . " Thy weapon is a serpent whose mouth is unslavered with venom. 4. part xvii. 37. 4. Texts. 4.SA . under the Syriac Mna.Il8 DEVILS A N D EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. 4 K. -a su-bi^-su-ma.ME ." paralleled in the next line by damu la isarruru^ " n o t slobbering blood" .uk . 5.. see Brockelmann.KI .ME ..IN . . iv. .NU . obv.. ru." When used of a star.SINIG A-BI 1 N U N . p. 20.sa . 4.SUB U-ME-NI-SUM : 2 20.U . 3. T h e line GAR-NA GI-BIL-LA U-ME-NI-E is translated in Cun.N I .GA A U-ME-NI-SU MULU-GISGAL-LU-BI GIBILLA NAM-TAR SU GAR-NA U-ME-NI-E MULU KA-NI-GAL-LA A-GIM HE-IM-MA-AN-SUR-SUR-RI nam-ta-riz sa ina zu-mur ameli ba-su-u kima me-e li-is-ru-ur 2 5 . c Lisrur\ the word sararu appears to have the meaning of trickling when used in conjunction with liquids: cf. sararu seems to mean " t o a p p e a r " or "flash into . DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR DU-MU A IGI : GAR-GA-E : GIN-NA DUG .e U . " t o pour out.me . Binu . .A .N I .965.ma U .

pL 19. which resteth in the body of the man. TABLET " A. 1. " T a k e thou the potent meteorite of heaven.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. " Which by the roar of its awful might removeth all evil. pi. 2. " That the Plague-demon. " (Headache) like a heavenly star comes o n " . etc. what dost thou not know." Cf. pi. . " . b a torch. " Like the water may trickle away! c 25. . part xvii. my son." 119 (Twice he hath said unto him. banefully like a star comes on. where it is parallel to izikku. limnis kima kakkabu isarru[r~]. . 20. . and again pi. 28. 28.. " Bring unto him a censer. 34. part xvi. 12. The idea of motion is shown in Tablet " V. . No. 25. what dost thou not know. 53." ( E a hath answered his son Marduk. what can I add unto thy knowledge ?) " What I (know. " Go. also the astrological texts. ( " W h a t this man shall do he knoweth not whereby he may be relieved. where isarruru is parallel to Hrru. what more can I give thee ? ( " O Marduk. 1. [Ana] kakkabu isrurma. 59. kima kakkab samame isarrur. ." part xvii. Cun. rev. cf. " With the water perform the Incantation of Eridu. " Lay-a sprig of mashtakal on his heart. appearance". thou knowest also). ( " O my son. Texts. . 35. (Marduk) .g. 1. " Pour forth water from an a asanmm-vessel. 1. " Sprinkle this man with the water. my Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers. e.

3 a-sar ri-giml 2 na-du-u I UR-SAG u-sub-sum-ma AN-NA-GE lu-ri-su-ka ZA-PA-RAM- TU .) DINGIR-LUGAL-KAN-ME-A SU-SU HA-BA-RA-E GISGAL-LU EGIR SA-GIG MULU-RA DINGIR-LUGAL-KAN-ME LIKIR-GIG MULU-RA TUR-RA DUL-LA SAG-GIG-GA ZI DINGIR-GAL-GAL-E-NE-GE U-ME-NI-PA .GA .H U L u .LA .120 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. \e\-mu-kis tas-sa-as-su sa minima sum-su la iz-zi-bu .H U L HU-MU-RA-AB-DAH-E HA . e-kim-mu lim-nu gal-lu-u ina su-la-d par-\ku\ lim-nu sa ana mu-u-si-i .L A .KI .EN .KAN EN U T U G . BAD-SA-AN-SA-SA GAR-NAM-MA NU-UN-KAD-KAD . HA-BA-RA-E HA BA RA AN LAH LAH GI ES 40.H U L .G A DINGIR .E A . .GE URUDU-GAR-LIG-GA ME-NE-A-NI UTUG . S I L I M . KI ZA-PA-RAM SUM-MU U-ME-NI-DE-A DAH-ZU-HI (?)-A 30.ku 35.H U L A .BA . .H U L MULU GIG-BAR-A-KU SILA-A KIL-BA u-tuk-ku lim-nu a-lu-u lim-nu sa ana mu~u-si-i ina su-u-ka par-ku GIDIM-HUL MULLA-HUL MULU GIG-BAR-A-KU E-SIR KIL-BA 45.nu : lit . . GIDIM-HUL lim -nu a.tuk .KU HE-EN-SI-IN-GE-GE INIM .ta.N A SU-*SIG-GA DINGIR .si MULLA-HUL HA-BA-RA-E DINGIR-HUL MASKIM-HUL : „ (PLATE XXV.MA UTUG .M A .NA .RA .lu-u lim .RA .A .I N I M .DUG .

PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. that it may help thee. " That have spread heart disease. " That the evil Spirit and the evil Demon may go forth.965. Incantation :— O evil Spirit. that have power by night over the path. K. and get hence! 40. . . " Sickness (and) disease over the city of the man. That ye may go forth. a See note a on p. (PLATE XXV. " That the evil God and the evil Fiend may go forth. . " 121 30.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. rig mu for ri-gim. heartache.965 inserts translation : ina . O evil Devil. 4. O evil Ghost." a By the Great Gods I exorcise you. 0 thou that bringest affliction in thy might. 117. TABLET " A . K. 4. that have power by night over the street. " That the evil Ghost and the evil Devil may go forth. and leavest nothing untouched. May his welfare be secured at the kindly hands of the gods. 4. -u kar-rad . .) " That the Hag-demon and the Ghoul may go forth " That have sprinkled (water) after the man. " Place him where the thunder roar is uttered.. 45. . 35. " By the magic of the word of E a " May the potent meteorite of heaven " With its awful roar help thee..965 inserts translation . O evil Demon. . 1 2 3 K.

NA . II and III fragmentary. . *SUG-GA na(J)--i-ri sa ma-ga-ri la i-du-[u] .HUL] gal-lu-[u] lun .NE .KAN] EN UTUG-HUL u-[tuk-ku COL. .ZU lim-nu a-na EDIN .NA . [MULLA . [EDIN-NA-ZU] lim-nu a-na si-ri] '.[LA] mat'6 ka li* ki .] REVERSE.INIM . . . .A MELAM ZAG .NE . .ZUN . IV.[TIL . RA MULU GIG-BAR-A-KU E-A-NI KU-BA . 45. COL.[u] [GIDIM . . .MA [UTUG .SIR .nu a-na s[i .TIUS .KAN . .HUL] e-kim-[mu] 5.lu .ZU lim-nu ZU a-na si-[n] SU .TIL . . Ill. [Cols.122 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.IN . .ri\ . IGI . A . . . sa 50. . ku ru urn - SU . [A-LA-HUL] E D I N .N A .L A ] at1 ka li2 ki [PAD] .ZU a .ZU 10. INIM .HUL .IN . pa-ni iz-zu me-lam-mu NU-UN-ZU A ki-is-su-[ru] .A .KAN . . [sa] ana mu-u-si-i ana biti . 55. si-[ri] EDIN . HUL-BI-TA MUL-GIM SUR-SUR-RI-E-[NE] lim-nis kima kak-ka-bu i-sar-ru-[ru] .

UTUKKI LIMNUTI. COL. 55 . II and III fragmentary. by night unto the house . na'-la K. [get thee (?)] to the desert! 5. Take thy food. . . kur-um-mat. . IV. 46. [get thee (?) to the desert!] COL. . 4. . banefully like a star cometh on. . that knoweth no kindness. . O evil Devil.288. 10. I l l . . 50 . 1 2 3 1 46.] REVERSE. O evil Demon. [get thee (?)] to the desert! O evil Ghost." 123 whose face is wrathful. girt about with brilliance. . Incantation :— O evil Spirit.288 has .856 inserts t. 45. TABLET "A. [Cols. [get thee (?)] to the desert! Take thy couch (?). PRAYER [AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS]..

E . SU .lu . DA .A .ka Samsi{si) 15.TA ina BA la GUB - BU - tub .LA .na .A 4 ul sa si .M E . NA ana kib-ru GIG-GIG-GA-ZU-KU ana ik-li-ti-ka I-RI-PA DU - .A .KAN .BA .124 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.bat .ti .mu ma .RA Hi 9 NA su NE lu NAM 11 - UB .ZU na rux ka SU .as.IN .ka U KU ZU DINGIR-BABBAR-SU . KI ina 15 NAM .[LA] ki2 /P ki KI-GUB .T A ( ? ) .za .at .T U S .[ N E ] la ta .B A . N U .as .ab .) MULU a - .na .DA .zit 2 5 .sa . K I .ka .GISGAL me 10 .Z U su .u A NAK mas e .za .kim XXVI.BI . (PLATE ma .ka .E .kit 7 ZU .LU DU ma ri DINGIR 8 .U .a .ka .su GIN-NA at-lak HA-BAUN a .RA .nam E NE misH ZU ina KI .kim MA - NAK mas .ha .UB .rib GIDIM 6 iln Samsi{si) MA GE .lit .a .*su NAM la BA ta GA .A ul U sa KU e .T A ina SA - BA . .mu GE .ti 10 ta .KU . irsitim(tiui) ZI DINGIR-GAL-GAL-E-NE-GE RA - .tu KUR-RA-KU us(T) 16 .KU 30.AN .LIL .ka GIDIM - .it NU-ME-A ilu .ta.at .Z U man DINGIR-BABBAR.A 5 .nam .ti e .ta . .NE la TA [ali ] u sa -ka-a-tin A lib ]2 ta.T I L .har .N E .NIGIN .ka A 20.sa .

15. a Sunrise is no standing-place for thee. 244).288 . .965. Possibly it is connected with the Syriac 'erketka.965. K. a-lu. 46. . 4." 125 Take thy girdle. List. e. a girdle (Brockelmann. Nor go about at his side. Thy food is the food of ghosts.856. (PLATE XXVI. mar for ma-ri. u 46. evidently an article of leather for binding or girdling (cf. 4. . mi-{is\. 4. 15 46.856 inserts i. No. 13 46. 6 K.856. . NE. 25.) Stand not in the vicinity. 20. K.856 .288. 262.' z-na(?).965. .965. 30. of earth to thy 1 2 3 6 7 8 10 12 14 16 K. K. Thy drink is the drink of ghosts . 4. 46. K. 4. the son of his god.856 and K. 9 K.288. lib-bi. . and 46. 46.288. ka. . 4.288. K.288. 4. 46. GE. • 4 K. a).965.288. ruk. a Naru(k)ka. p. 4.-UTUKKI LIMNUTI. Sit not in the neighbourhood Of the man. K. 4. ma-al-ti-it'.288. Briinnow. 46. In the city circle him not. that thou mayest depart. AN-DA. 4. Sunset is no seat for thee. Get thee to the tomb (?) darkness! By the Great Gods I exorcise thee. 4. .288 inserts pl. mas-ti-it. tu. TABLET " A.856 adds KU.

pir .su m ilu satir .epus apil lu IV lu] m KAM Mu . [ m ilu (?) ] Marduk (?) Si - . .su] .na . . [sa [sattu u sarrani*1 XLIV .ma aplu m bctri sa . .ti .ikbiQ) sa da VIII KAM Bel .126 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. EN HUL-IK KAN-ME-EN HUL-IK KAN-ME-EN kima duppi m m labiri .uk .su su sig m Etir(J) ud - Beli - nu Amu An aplu sattu uk IC su 40. 35.Hi .

. one hundred and eighth year [of Selejucus and [the forty-fourth of Antiochus]. written and explained. Month ." Like its former copy. the son of Etir (?)-ikbi (?) [by the hand of (?)] Belisunu. Incantation:—" Whether thou art an evil man. TABLET " A. the son of Munapir-ilisu.U T U K K I L I M N U T I . Tablet of Bel-epus. . C . Marduk (?) -ludda." \2J 35. . a fourth day. the son of 40. whether thou art an evil man. 204 B . . I. the kings..e.

TUK . . KAN-ME-EN „ sa pa-a z-pa-su-u-[ma(?) ka(?)]-tl(?) u se-pi{T) \u\-kas-su-u at-tu A-LA-HUL KA NU-TUK-[A] KAN-ME-EN „ sa pa-a la i . .A KAN . IB-SAR-SAR .TUK .ta A .ta A LA-HUL-IK : lu-u a-lu-u lim-nu at-ta : KAN-ME-EN A-LA-HUL INGAR-DIRIG-GA-GIM MULU-RA IN~GUL-'U-A KAN-ME-EN 5.tu lu-u lim . A-LA-HUL „ U-DI 2 MU-NE-IN-GUB-BU e-kim sit-ti ana ta-ba-li . ( P L A T E XXVII.) HUL-IK KAN-ME-EN HUL-IK KAN-ME-EN lu-u Urn .u at .ta [A]-LA-HUL KI DINGIR-BABBAR KAN-ME-EN KAM IGI-NA-AN-GABRU-U-A EN sa it-ti ilu Samsi \ina (?) dikari(?)] i-nam-7na-ru at-ta [A-LA]-HUL KI-NA GIG-A MULU U-DI IN-UR-RA^'U-A KAN-ME-EN „ „ sa ina ma-a-a-al at-ta KAR-KAR-RI . „ sa ki-ma i-ga-ri i-kup-pu-ma eli ameli ib-ba-tu at-tu A-LA-PTUL KA A(?) .HUL GIS .nu at .LA .A KAN-ME-EN 15.mi la i .su .ti la i .TUK .H U L ME-GIM NU . . .nu at .Zriht "<§.NU .ME . .su .a .EN „ la se mu u a t . A .u at .L A .ta IO.A KAN-ME-EN „ sa bi . sa ameli MULU-A 3 iz-\_zi-zu GUB at-ta] KAN-ME-EN mu-si amelu in a sit-ti i-ri-ih-hu-u 20.t a [A]-LA-HUL SI-GU NU .u at . „ sa zi . . .su .na ." OBVERSE.

K. ( P L A T E XXVII. 4 . 15. 4.661 omits. Or an evil demon that hath no limbs. Or an evil demon that hath no form. Or an evil demon that the man hath created On a bed by night in sleep. Or an evil demon. 6 6 1 . Or an evil demon stealing sleep away Ready to carry off the man. UR for UR-RA. Or an evil demon that gibbereth And bindeth hands and feet (?). 9 . . Or an evil demon that hath no mouth.661 . Or an evil demon that in a goblet (?) flasheth in the sun. Or an evil demon that hath fallen like a wall And hath crushed the man.OBVERSE. Or an evil demon that cannot hear. KA-AN-USAN for U-DI. 4. whether thou art an evil man. 1 2 3 K.) Incantation :— Whether thou art an evil man. 20. 10. 5. K.

. . GIM at-ta] GIM . . [at-ta] ina ni-gi-is-si mu-si (PLATE XXVIII. [KAN-ME-EN] „ sa kima [ras is-sur-ru mu-si a-sar ik-li-ti it-ta-apat-ta] . SU-NE-IN . GIG-A mu-si GIN-GIN KAN-ME-EN] sa ka-ti lu--a-ti la SU BIL-LA NI-NU-TEMEN-[NA pa-[al-ha A-LA-HUL MULU-RA NA-A ANSU-GIM NI-KABAR [KAN-ME-EN] 25. . ir si[?) DA GIM su2(?) . . ina MULU-RA [KAN-ME-EN] sa ameli ki\ma MULU-RA [ki-ma] [KAN-ME-EN] „ sa ameli A-LA-HUL „ MULU-RA ki-ma1 30 A-LA-HUL [KAN-ME-EN] sa ameli [at-ta] A-LA-HUL SU-DIN-HU KI-IN-TAR-GLM GIG-A IN [KAN-ME-EN] 35. . . . „ sa e-li at-ta] A-LA-HUL „ SIGISSE-SIGISSE la i-du-u-ma NU-UN-ZU-A ameli rab-su-ma kima imeri [ir-ta-bi(?) KU-KUR-GA . . „ sa ki-ma . A-LA-HUL „ ilu DINGIR mut'tal-lik at-ta] . . . su-ud-din-nu . . . . KI GIG-GIG-GA-NI .) [A-LA-HULj .130 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.. [at-ta] . . . . . . . . . ti u-sar . . . . IN-RI . . sa ni-ka-a at-ta] A-LA-HUL „ [KAN-ME-EN] as-pa (?)-[as-ti (?) .

25. Or an evil demon that like a bat (?) [dwelleth] in caverns by night. kima for ki-ma. TABLET " B. Zeits. 296. Or an evil demon that like Or an evil demon that like . . Or su} or sa.U T U K K I L I M N U T I . Or an evil demon that knoweth not sacrifice of beasts or herbs (?)a Or an evil demon that like 30. p. . . That lurketh in wait for the man. . a god that roameth by night. . .) Or an evil demon that like a bird of night flieth in dark places. (PLATE XXVIII. ." 131 Or an evil demon. 62. 1 2 35>°56. 35. 1. pi. a Aspasti{J)y For this word see Cun. fiir Assyr. the man. Or an evil demon. . and Meissner. xiv. Texts. couching like an ass. vi. the man. . .. . Whose unclean hands know no reverence. . 50. the man.

152. . . . IB. 45.056. 3. . urn-mi-is for mis. 35>°56.hu a-na u mu . 10 35)°56. DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR DINGIR-EN-KI-GE sa ilu MAS-MAS AZAG-ZU mdru1* DU-SAG ME-EN ris-ti-i™ MULU-KIN-GA-A en-ki sip-ri-su Marduk l7u mas-mas1"1 lQ sa a-sip21 E-a mdr lb a-na20 -ku a-nau-ku GU-TU-GAL NUN-KI-GA-GE NAM-SUB-GALAM-MA ME-EN alu Eridi sa si-pat-su nak-lat22 1 6 5 7 8 9 11 12 35>°56. kima for ki-ma.HI par-si Eridi . 3.132 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.ma .ulls . 8 35.056. K. dul-lu. „ 8 sa ki-ma2 u se-lib9 at-ta ali sa-ku-mis10 ina mu-si i-dul GA-E MULU-TU-TU NUN-KI-GA a-si-pu sa sa -an alu 12 MULU 12-SANGA-MAH ME-AZAG-GA ME-EN .056. in place of. A-LA-HUL LUL-A-ERI-SIG-GA-GIM GIG-A NI-DU-DU KAN-ME-EN.gam .^. from 11. [A-LA]-HUL MULU-RA SA-DUL-GIM AB l -DUL-'U-A KAN-ME-EN „ sa ameli ki-ma2 ka-tim-tiz i-kat-ta-mu at-ta 40. A-LA-HUL MULU-RA SA-AL-HAB-GIM AB-SU-SU-'U 4 -A KAN-ME-EN „ sa ameli ki-ma2 al lu-hap-pih i-sah-ha-pu at-ta A-LA-HUL GIG-U-NA-GIM SI-GAB NU-TUK-A KAN-ME-EN „ sa ki-ma2 mu-si ni-it-la^ la i-su u 7 at-ta . 35. 35>°5 6 > toK. DU-DU .152. 4 35>°5°> 35»°5^ inserts u. 5-45.056. 35>°56 originally a-lu-u lim-nu.ku DINGIR-EN-KI-GE sa ilu MULU-KIN-GA-A IGI-GIN-RA mdr^ sip-ri a-lik mah-ri ME-EN -ku E-al& a-nau SO.. . BUR-BUR-'-U-U-A for DU-DU. ium 'J 35. 35>°56 omits. sil-li-bu for se-lib. du-\ul~\ . 35.

" T h e middle of the city. W. K. an evil demon that enshroudeth the man it were with a sack.056." 133 an evil demon that envelopeth the man it were with a coverlet. col.056. Apparently ddlu has the idea of moving furtively. v. and cf. the side of the city.330 and 35." Cf. sage magician (and) eldest son of Ea. W.I. se movit. ana for a-na. 3.. sakummu has evidently the meaning " f o u l " or "muddy. 15 ( " T h e y stand in the highway to befoul the p a t h " ) . 35.152.056." See A. most cunning in magic am I . the plain.A. 20. 15 16 35»056.J. 5. „ . 1 9 0 1 ^ . 45. 4. c T h e Sorcerer . 35.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. 20 K. tu-u for ti-i. Or As Or . 53. 35>°56. 50. and the corresponding root in Syriac is ddl.> xvii. 1. 3. the high places I filled with mud and turned to ruins. mavs-ma-lu.056.L. overseer of suki sakummi"). 17 K. mul for mu-ul. ana for a-na.S. T h e Herald that goeth before E a am I. and if so." 14 13 Or As 40. ma-ri.056. NAKBU for E-a. T h e Exorciser of Eridu. with 1. 5. 67. T h e Herald am I. 21 K.330. April. 1." b Idul: ddlu is a synonym for aldku.priest that maketh clear the ordinances of Eridu am I. a-si-pu. Of Marduk.I. lib dli ahat dli siru bamdti sakummatu usamlima usalika namuis. possibly the word am daialu means a " scout.. TABLET " B. iv. an evil demon that like night hath no brightness. 22 (" Ishum.A. ii. note. Or an evil demon that by night Like a pariah dog a prowleth b in the mud. 18 19 35>°5°. \_a-si\-pu\ 35. tremuit. 5. mudalla. c Sakummis: from a comparison of the Fifth Tablet. 1 6 3 .330. 1. 35. mar. 22 35>°56> la'at* a Literally "fox of the city. 35.

GA .lab16. a-lu-u na-sa-hi-ka i-rat-ka MULU .RI .al12 . na . KU-SA-KU su-ba-ta mu-dal-la su .su GAR-NA „ Vlf-NA si-bit-ti ka . a-ri-ba is-su-ra na-ri-irld ildnipl ina im-ni-ia at-mu-uk SUR-DU-HU HU KA-ZAL-LA MU-NE-IN-US ina ir 14 IGI-HUL-IK-ZU-KU ID-KAB-BU „ is-su-ra ina KU-TIG-E-SA na-ah-lap-ta 70. .DUG u tib ME-EL-LA-GE 9 su-nu sa gU-MU NE-IN-MAL ana par-si el-lu-ti10 u.ka .ia NE . A-LA-HUL ZI-GA-ZU-KU lim-nu ana 1 GAB .di .134 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.me .me .ka GIN .' .ZU ZI-ZI^NE ni--i 55.NI „ 8 .li .TIL .IN .ia pa-ni-ka .su TIG-GA lim-nu-ti™ NI-TEMEN-NA-GE sa-an-ta sa NE-IN-KU ah-ha-lap-ka NE-IN-KU elliVo pu-luh-ti™ BAR-AZAG-GA nam-ri-ir-ri NI-GAL-LA-GE sa-a-ma su-bat zu-mur u .me .lak . TU .DUG .LA a .A 7 .e DINGIR-EN-KI-GE rabu(u)b ilu ID-MU 3 -DA-AN u.la LIGIR DINGIR-RI-E-NE-GE ID-ZI-DA MU-NE-IN-TAB 65.A ana A-RI-A-KU na .MU pi .ma .ti-ian UGA-IJU HU ana KA .bis. .a an-[m]6 60.ma .ir - E .[NA] at .sib EN-GAL bSlu* A .

" ." 13 5 55.056. 35>°56. 35.056. In sombre dress I robe thee. mal for ma-al. for clear decision.M U . H e hath filled my hand. get thee to thy ruins. ru 3S.152. A raven. TABLET " B. tu. A glorious dress for a pure body. 4 35>°56 inserts UN. With the sombre b garb of awe I clothe thee. 60. W 7 / . O thou that dwelleth in ruins.056. il-la for u~lab. K. ra-bu-u. K. 8 35*056 omits GA-A. 65.152.056. the bird that helpeth the gods. a b See note to 1. 6 35>°56. In my left hand I thrust forward . to fluttera in thine evil face. 3. Or " blue. For the great lord E a hath sent me . be-lu.056. 1 6 5 7 9 10 12 13 15 2 K. O thou evil demon.UTUKKI LIMNL'TI. a-na. 3.152 inserts GA. 35. 35. 35. EL (?)E (?)NE (?) for EL-LA-GE. 3. el-lu. ar. H e hath prepared his spell for my mouth With a censer for those Seven.056. 16 35>o56. 70. A hawk. U 35. u 35. 45. In my right hand I hold . 35. na.056. TU.OS6. turn thee to get hence.

ziz 90.USAN .GIM .BU .ti lu .ziz GA .GUB . mun-nar-bi NE .a] .uz .EN la ta .ha .ti lu .EN la ta .BA .EN la ta .GUB NAM .BA .ziz .GUB NAM .NIGIN .DUB ina ki-na-zi u-zar-ri-\ib UTUG-[HUL] ki-ma ?] i-me-ri zu-mur-ka ZI-GA-AB A-LA-HUL ZI-GA-AB u-tuk-ku 80.BI .GUB biti lu .DA] .) KIS-HUL hu-la-a GIS-ISIMU 75pi-riGIS-ZAG-DU ina GIS-NIM bal-ti hi-it-ti AS-A-AN it-ti ina KA-NA-GE sa ba-a-bi NE-IN-LAL a-lul-\ld\ NE-IN-[LAL] a-lul-\la~\ SU .TA [ina GA .AB .AB . ina tub-kat biti la ta-at-ta-nam-za-az la ta-as-sa-na-ah-har E-A ina ' UB .KAR .A .DINGIR . .IN .BI .kab .NE E-a la ta-as-sa-na-ah-har E-A-UB-UB-TA NAM-BA-GUB-BU-NE NAM-BA-NIGIN-E-NE 85.bi sa . [DA .E .E .136 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.BA .a .AB .ka .NE ta-at-ta-nam-za-az la NAM .TA ina es-rit ilu NAM .BA .UB .uz .kab .bi tub .DUB .BI .TA ina GA .BA .BA . (PLATE XXIX.ZU GIS-DU-TA sik-ka-tim SU .bi NAM .uz .BA .RA .kab .TA ANSU .BA . SU lim-nu na-an-si-ik DU a-lu-u lim-nu te-bi MULU-GISGAL-LU ZI-GA-AB ina zu-mur ameli DINGIR-RA-NA A-LA-HUL te} -hi mar ili-su a-lu-u lim-nu USUG .

which has been identified with the fleabane. sc. TABLET " B. nor circle around." say thou not. 31-32.I. On W.c and wheatears d On the latch I have h u n g . a I n the house will I stand. St. possibly the Syriac hla (Payne Smith. i. 1 a K.. yj'h n-t.A." Cf. //'. 109. a). Bala is possibly the Syriac bl (Payne Smith. Thesaurus. 75. 1. . a).273. " wheat. John's wort (?). Thesaurus\ p. radix capparis spinosae. 291. " I n the neighbourhood will I stand. medicamentum quoddam. O evil Spirit. 23. From the body of the man. p. a). " In the precincts will I stand. the son of his god.) I 37 Fleabane (?) a on the lintel of the door I have hung.b caper (?)." (PLATE XXIX. O evil Demon. a). depart! In the Temple of E a stand not.UTUKKI LIMNt)TI. c Balti. Depart." say thou not. nor circle around . p. p.e. Hula. bala. get thee hence. hypericum (Brockelmann. d Iitu T h e Sumerian is AS-A-AN. baltu. 90. ii. In the precincts of the house stand not. O evil Demon! 80. 85." say thou not. b Piri\ probably the Syriac per'a. 527. 3. the Hebrew hittim and Syriac hetetha (Brockelmann.152. and amumeslu are given as synonyms. With a halter as a roving ass T h y body I restrain .

bu ZI nisv KAN]-PA KAN]-PA nts same(e) lu-ta-ma-ta lu-ta-ma\-ta ultu pani-ia \irsitim{tim)\ [INIM .138 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.SUB .bat .az .GA rabu Assuri KI Assur-bani-apli kissati sarru (Etc.ti GIN .lu .nu si .A .BA .e KUD .MA UTUG] .SAG as .BAD .DA par .BA .NA Urn .me .DU .HUL] \u\ .ru E .nu at .GUB .ku [A .u [Kl] .a .tuk .INIM .lak A .KU ana ni .HUL E . [?-LA] IGI-MU-TA KI-[A \dup-pir A .A .RI .HUL .KAN [ \Ekal mUu ] dan-nu~\ sar NA .u AN-NA [Kl] .RA Urn .A .ka IOO.sa .ZU su .A .) . [UTUG . [a] .RI .ka KI .ZU [man] .KU ana na .LA] .za .su 95.i KI .du .BA bitu [ZI na .AN sarru sar mdtuilu ZI .A har .TUS .

UTUKKI LIMNUTI. Where thou standest is forbidden ground." 139 O evil Spirit. desolate house is thy home . 95. A ruined. [Incantation] " removeth " . hie thee unto the ruins. get thee forth to distant places. O evil Demon. 100. TABLET " B. [Be thou removed from before Heaven] be thou exorcised! By [Earth] be thou exorcised! me ! By PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS.

. .ka 1 SU . GA-E SANGU (?)-UH(?)-TU GA-TU-[SURRU-MAH] a-si-pu 5 sa-an-gam-ma-ku EN 6 NA fe - lum MU .[BA . I ( B ) 1 (PLATE XXX).MU .IK Urn nas 9 tu la salt - \_haz?] UTUG .[ah . (6) .UN . . . BIR-RA. (8) . .ZI ?] tu. . TU-TU. .C O L . the following (i) .ZI . (3) . . EGIR - *TUR-RA-GE MU ru .HUL . (2) . I (A) contains .IK u . MULU . (9) . d.IK ma-a-tu 45. . .RA it-ta-\iia-as-rab-bi-tu?] sailu .RA ta .na 8 55.NU 7 . . . . BAD KUR-RA.mu IK ri ina la ra (?) u (?) C.u ar . .RA .DA .MU ar .i NAM la la NE IN GI gum?] \ta . . .ki .HUL .ki .sa . UTUG e.si . la se-mu-u. .tuk . \a-na-ku] UTUG . (5) .NAM* .NAM . a. i-sa-as-su-u.bu . (4) .2 b. sadi(i).si?] SU .// .UN ap .haz ?] ends of lines : — Col.sa . i-kam-mu u.ZI ?] la //. „ „ „ „ 4 3 sa HUL sa HUL sa sa ameli IK da . .AB . (7) .[as . \_it~\-ta-na-as-rab-bi-tu.ia GU .[ZI .HUL . UTUG - gim KUR . .sag ina ? NUN 50. KAS-KAS-BU. .ia EGIR .BA . 42.

(21) . .476. (25) . [ Z I . (18) . . BI. . [is-sa^-nun-du. . . -'-u. . K. 4. . . O evil Spirit whose roar O evil Spirit that [roameth] o'er the land. .E . . NAM. . (26) .917. . -nam-du-u. -hu-u. \i-dal\la-hu. . pi. .I R ] . . . . . . b. ia la i-su-u. . O evil Spirit that . 4 60. . (12) . (15) . O evil Spirit that hath c. .Z I . . nu.476. (29) . -al-pu. . . 2. [NIGIN]-E. 8. T h e prince in the Deep Behind me [howl] not! Behind me shriek not! 55. E MU . [ N I G I N ] . . 46. (31) .I R . . . the man.886 has [ G A ] . . . .886 has . 60. . . (17) . su. . (PLATE XXX. . 5 6 7 8 60.886 has . (28) . . . -ku-su. . (20) . . P A ( ? ) . (27) . I am the Sorcerer-priest of T h e lord 50. (24) . . .. (23) . . LU. (13) . . DU-DU. . . [is-sa~]-nun-du. Unto that which is evil deliver (?) him (?) not! Unto the evil Spirit deliver (?) him (?) not! (10) (16) (19) . 2 Cuneiform Texts. [as sa]-su. part xvii. . . . 1. 8. (11) . .476 omits. \_i-sah-ha~\-la. (14) . (30) . . . 3 K. . . . .£*6fef "C" COL I (B). . . K. DI-A. . . lim-nu. .470 . ku. -an-ni . . . . .R A . K.T U GA-DUB . .) a. . . .E GAM U H ( ? ) . . blood 42. 8. and traces of 11. 9 K. . . -ru. (22) . 32-41. 45.

HUL .TE .sn ta .hi .su hisu NAM .MAL .nu] e] e e e ta - MULLA .at .IK u .ME 80.NE ra . INIM .nu] .BA .RA .RA .su] ta .s i ZI DINGIR-GAL-GAL-E-NE^GE I-RI-PA HA-BA-[RA-DU-UN] nis rabHtipl lu-ta-at-tal-lak] 65.hi .zu [MULU .at .BA .NE] e e e e e e ta .NE] 60.TE . DINGIR .[tic .NE NAM .MAL .hi .KAN .at .nu\ Urn .TE .sn ta .TE .ME .[GE .su [la .MAL .HUL .IK a .at .NE NAM-BA-TE]-MAL-NE ta .KAN] EN UTUG .hi ta at] hi su su NAM .IK gal .at .BA .RAB .tuk .NE NAM .su ta .BA] . GIDIM .NE] si e u-tam-me-[ka e ta ta a[t [at hi] bi?] NAM . ana ana 2 mar mar ildnipl MULU . MULU .NE [NAM .KU .BA .ku Mm .BA .[hi .at .u JO.NE ta .KAN .TE .A \la ba su [DINGIR-RAB KAN-ME-K1L [ah .ha .nu Urn .MAL .LA 85.HUL .TE .hi .NE A .\bi .BA . [// lu u .142 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.RAB .hi .[A .IK NAM .TE .IK e .su ta .TE .at .[MAL .lu .[MAL .HUL .tu DINGIR .LA . Hit MASKIM \lim HUL .KU NAM .HUL .mi\ lint .NE NAM .LIL .hi su NAM .TE .MAL] .TUR .\mu Urn .GE .u DINGIR .MAL .bar .TE .[nu] NAM .HUL .kim .BA .TUR .MA UTUG .BA .INIM .IK 75.BA .MAL .MAL .at] at] .BA .

Unto the sick man draw not nigh. O evil Ghost. O Hag-demon. 2. approach him not. approach him not. approach him not. PRAYER AGAINST THE EVIL SPIRITS. 8. O evil God. Incantation :— O evil Spirit. [O Phantom of Night].U T U K K I L I M N U T I . TABLET " C. approach him not. approach him not. 85.476 omits.470 omits t h i s line. By the Great Gods I exorcise thee that thou mayest depart. approach him not. K. . approach him not. [O Robber-sprite]. Jo. approach him not. approach him not." I43 60. O Ghoul. O evil Fiend. 65. approach him not. 1 2 K. 75. O evil Devil. O evil Demon. Unto the sick man come not. 80.

NE e ta .NE ta at hi\ su [KI .KAR .GIG „ sin-ni i-ni „ hbbi a-sak-ku LIKIR .BA .KAN .HUL .GIG 95.KAN .GIG AZAG-GIG-GA TUR-RA-NU-DUG-GA GAR .BA .GIG ki-is lib-bi : AZAG : mu-ru-us SA-MA-NA sd-ma-nu UTUG-HUL A-LA-HUL GIDIM-HUL DINGIR-HUL MASKIM-HUL MULLA-HUL DINGIR .LA [li li tu e NAM . SAG .TE .LIL .li .M\ . mu-ru-us IGI-GIG KA .RAB l . NAM-TAR-HUL-IK GAR .MAL] .DA .NE \e ta .MAL] .EL .su [NAM .A DINGIR-RAB-KAN-ME-KIL MULU-LIL-LA KI-EL-LIL-LA KLEL-UD-DA KAR-RA IOO.UD .NE [Hiatus.TE .at 90 li .da .TE .GIG kak-ka-di SA .di-lu .at .ME .su [NAM .RA \ar .EL .BA .ME DINGIR .GIM .MAL] .RAB l .MA GAR .su COL.] inur .A SUR-AS-SUB A-HA-AN-TUM BAR-GIS-RA U-SU-US-SUB DUB-GIM-MA SILA-A GIN-GIN AB-BA SU-SU GIS-SAGIL TU-TU-E-NE mut-tal-lik mu-tir-ru 2 su-ki -bu me mu-ta-at-bi-ik 3 a-pa-a-ti .144 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.TE .BA .at] .SA .MAL] . [KI .hi . II (PLATE XXXI).i NAM .

penetrating bolts." T45 [O Night Wraith]. (?). shivering. 1 K. of the heart. Roaming the streets. sorcery. 29-30.I. apparently parallel to asakku. noisome fever. b Headache. poison (?). Night Wraith. Sickness. mi. [O Handmaiden of the Phantom]. 1.U T U K K I L I M N U T I .] 95. Sickness of the eye. or any evil.A. of the teeth. 793. 3 a S." b See note to Tablet I I I . baneful sickness. b). COL. Evil pestilence. 90 . Robber-sprite.863. terror. evil Demon. but no satisfactory meaning has been suggested for it. Handmaiden of the Phantom..a Evil Spirit. (?). approach him not. 2 S. 50. 100. evil Ghost. BAR-GIS-RA is translated '-i-lu (W. 4. ri. p. Sickness of the head. 793. LUGAL. approach him not. evil Fiend. Ghoul. " poison. v. 228. SamanUy possibly connected with the Syriac sammd. 199. evil God. 10 . TABLET " C. approach him not. [Hiatus. heartache. 3). I I ( P L A T E XXXI). Hag-demon. approach him not. Phantom of Night. sammdne (Brockelmann. fever. . For DUB-GIM-MA I do not know any Assyrian equivalent.(?). evil Devil. pi. dispersed through dwellings. Pain.

INIM .tarn .146 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.E .li . ali U . MULU .i : IB .nu lim-nu sa .MA EN UTUG .u .SA .lu tub .SA lim .tu ki .SA . ana la te-el-li-su bit sub-ti-su I-RI-PA NAM-BA-GIBIS-NE la te-ru-ub-su : NAM-BA-TU-TU-NE AN-NA-KI-BI-DA-GE nil same{e) u HA-BA-RA-DU-UN u . 105.NE i .rib biti si . .bi .HUL pu-u lim-nn EME . GIS-GU-ZA-NA : GIS-* NAD-DA-NA : NAM-BA-TUS-NE-EN ta-na-al: NAM-BA-NA-U-NE-EN * UR-KU : ana u-ri-su E-KI-TUS-A-NA : ZI 115.HUL .at .IK ra .NE HUL-A-MES ERI-A NIGIN-NA-A-MES [su-nu 125 lim]-nu-ti .KU .GUB .HUL gal-lu-u ina .pa .ta .bi .HUL l KA .ziz lim-nu la MULLA .al .ta .nu hab .IK u .ki sa-li-lu su-nu UB .KU .HUL .HUL lim-nu 2 IGI .ta .IN .me . .az .TA .KU .su GIDIM .E MULU-GISGAL-LU DU DINGIR-RA-NA BA-RA-AN-TE-MAL -NE BA-RA-AN-GE-GE-E-NE ina ina ku-us-si-su ir-si-su : la la tu-sab-su : 110. .AB .A .lak INIM .ka irsitim{thri) lu .tuk 120.HUL li-sa-nu „ sa pa-an lim-nu UH (?)-HUL UH (?)-ZU UH (?) 3 -A-RI-A GAR-SA-A GAR-HUL -GIM-MA-TA4 SA-E-A-TA : 5 is . is-sa-min-du IM .NU .HUL e-kim-mu [E-NE]-NE-NE mut .BU MASKIM .ku lim . UTUG .lu .DA GUB .GAZ .HUL .MI .KAN MULU .

863. Cf.863 translates \_a\-na ameli mar ili-\ju~] . PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. . nl K. T h e evil Fiend that lurketh near. 4 S. sorcery. K. he whose face is evil. Enchantment and all evil. Syriac pally Lexicon. . K. TABLET " C. witchcraft. 4. he whose mouth is evil. In his seat sit thou not. 4. 115. Evil man. . Over his fence rise thou not. Evil spell. p. By Heaven and Earth I exorcise thee. T h e evil Ghost and evil Devil that find no rest." 147 105. On his couch lie thou not.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. . Get thee hence! 110. . Incantation :— T h e evil Spirit that destroyeth. Into his chamber enter thou not. Scattering a 1 2 3 5 a . 793 omits. come not nigh. the son of his god. 4. Ipallilu. (Brockelmann. These are they that scour the city. adspersit. fregit .863 translates \kis\pu ru-hu-u ru-\su-u~\ . . That thou mayest depart. a). S. 793 inserts zu. From the house go forth! Unto the man. . . 272. he whose tongue is evil.

tain\ .IN . [MU a .ik .UN .ZU .ki .ZU .NE i .bal] .ti b.ad .pu . . [UTUG-HUL-IK: 150.' REVERSE.SIGISSE NU] .SUM . [pi .mu .SU ina me-e i-sah-ha-lu ( P L A T E XXXII.DUL IGI .ba .sag . [Several lines wanting. .A u .su IM .ni] lim-nu] lim-nu] MU . : u-tuk-ku a-lu-u a-na a-na si-ri-ka [EDIN-NA-ZU-KU] si-ri-ka: [KU] [EDIN-NA-ZU-KU] NU .kat . .[u .NA BA .I48 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.ti .di BA .MI .N E .M I .ta .turn HUL «(?) a. IM .ZU .ma i .I N .tu .u A .IN .MI 140 \i.] .UN .E .SU .RA .tu id .su u-ta-at-tu-u [NU [ul] NAM . i .AN .TUK A N ] .SUB sip 145 .UN] .MES -ku .kam . [A-LA-HUL-IK: 151.S U M .ta .u GAZ(?) . .hu [TU .E .AK .NE [i] .ni .) 130 .AN .di HI il .MES \ik-ri-bi ul i-du-u\ tas-li-tu ul i-du-u MI . 135 ki-ma nu-ni [SIGISSE . [su-ma ul i-su-u sum-su\nu ana pa-at [same](e) .ab .NE .ZU NU .ZAK - c.MES A .MI .gi .a ib .TU] . .

like fish from the water they draw forth a Knowing neither prayer nor supplication. not known.] REVERSE. to thy desert! 150. Yhal (Levy. Seizing upon Rending in pieces 135. and darken his eyes. [O evil Demon]. p. for drawing Moses forth from the water.) 130." 149 Slaughtering (PLATE XXXII. unto the breadth [of heaven !] b Isahhalu : cf. p. * See 11. to thy desert! c. b. May they not break through [the mud wall]. a. Worterh. [O evil Spirit]. the Chald.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. They cover his . a . ii. 140. 185 ff. .. 10.. [O they that have no name (their name)]. TABLET "C. H e performs the incantation [Several lines broken or wanting. . Chald. . #) which is the word used in Exod. 153. . . . 468.

[si-pat ap-si-i ina mar alu : iln I-sum] a-mat DU .tu .ti lit-[tab-ku h .) NA-AN-TA-BAL-E ib . DINGIR . . . .GIM .MULU . // .T I L .LU .ki.MA sa itti1 ki . [DINGIR-PA-SAG-GA d.ZU .sa .HUL . . -e ni-si : a MULU-GISGAL-LU-ZU-KU "]E-a : I DINGIR-EN-[KI-GA-GE] Endi: a-a NUN-KI-GA-GE .[tap -pu-u :] HE] .GIM : A-GIM : 2 2 : TAG-GA-ZU MULU KESDA(DA) .MA] UTUG .ISO DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.ni : NA-AN-TA-BAL-E [UTUG-HUL EDIN-NA-ZU-KU] A-LA-HUL EDIN-NA-ZU-KU SU .su : ameli lint .KAN [EN] UTUG-HUL-IK lim-nu GIDIM e-kim-mu MAS-TIG-GAR sa ina si-e-ri sa ameli EDIN-NA su-pu-u lim-nis u-tuk-ku NAM-TAR MULU HUL-IK : nam-ta-ru tal-pu-tum EME 160.rak .L A u-tuk-ku ilu (PLATE XXXIII. [TU-DUG-GA: 153 e.GE ir .A . .TA . .KU ina ana la biti tus-bu-[u\ ga-mali-ka MULLA-HUL .bal.nis GAR .HUL .GISGAL . [TU-TU ZU-AB NUN-KI-GA] NAM-MU-UN-DA-AN-BUR-RA ~\Eridi ip-pa-as-ra 155. 154.RA .INIM .GAR .ti 165 GIS-SA-KA-NA-GE a-a [a-a ib\bal-ki-tu-ni UTUG-HUL E . . „ -e alu 152. [INIM .ih .NU .A . .GE lim-nu u ainelu sa UTUG-HUL A-LA-HUL GIDIM-[lIUL] DINGIR-HUL MASKIM-HUL .nu DUG . .pa .EN .GAZ ki-ma HE-EN-TA-DE [GIS-GAM]-MA kip .ma me-e kar -pa ..

153. . [Incantation] :— T h e evil Spirit (and) Ghost that appear in the desert. May they not break through the lintel of the door. . . to thy desert!] O evil Demon. . .) Whether it be evil Spirit or evil Demon. . 160. 5. .UTUKKI LIMNOTI. 5. [By the magic of the] word of Ea. . 154. d. . .251. 165.290 omits these translation lines. . T h e Tongue that is banefully fastened on the man. to thy desert! O evil Spirit that dwellest in the house God and man to spare thee not . [Let the Incantation of the Deep] of Eridu never be unloosed ! [PRAYER AGAINST] THE E V I L SPIRITS. the son of Eridu. O Pestilence that hast touched the man for harm. (PLATE XXXIII. [O evil Spirit. May they not break through the . Or evil God or evil Fiend. 1 2 K." I5 I 152. men. TABLET " C. it-tu K. . May they be broken in pieces like a goblet. Or evil Ghost or evil Devil. May they be poured forth like water. [Isum] .

kit .HUL .GIM [: V kis] .ri tal .pu .A .ni lim-nu a-na si-ri-ka : UTUG-HUL-IK : EDIN-NA-ZU-KU A-LA-HUL-IK : 6 a4u-u lim-nu a-na si-ri-ka : EDIN-NA-ZU-KU MU NU-TUK MU-NE sum-su-nu AN-ZAK-KU : 6 ana pat SU-ma ul i-lu-U same{e) .[ G A ] .AN - : [HE]-EN-TA-DE TA BAL E RU pi .NI .GAZ ki-ma has-bi pur-si-it pa-ha-ri ina ri-bi-ti lih-tap-pu-u AN-AS-A-AN INIM .ut nam .MU .EN . DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.ti .RA Urn .INIM .ku GAR-SA-A UH (?)-HUL-IK MULU-NAM-ERIM-MA-GE u .IK pu-u EME .ti5 kar -pa .MA UTUG .tuk .ti 6 li .ut MULU sa SAG .bal . LA-DUG-BUR-ZI-DUG-KA-BUR-GIM KAN .pi .ta .pal .MA .pi ki . 4 MULU IGI .[a u-tuk-ku ib] .ik .mi .la .u : HE .ERIM .u .HUL .A rne-e NA lit-tab-ku .nu sa ameli ip .ku ameli 175.TA .GAZ A-GIM : 185.GAZ .ti sa ma .SI .IK li-sa-nu 3 MULU .kim .nu .GE li-mut-tu mu-ta-\inu\u lim-nu UTUG-HUL-IK 180.ZU tal .IB .ih .tap .pu .su u .tuk .152 170.ru KA .ma~\ Urn .pu .HUL .TAR Urn -nu e.GA kak-kad ameli 2 TAG .mu sa ina sil .IN .BAR . IM 6 6 \ki-ma\ .UN .[su DUG .ti 6 a .KAN EN UTUG-HUL-IK GIDIM MULU EDIN-NA TAG-GA-ZU u . NAM .

May they be poured forth like water. 180.. to thy desert! O they that have no name (their name)." I S3 170. 69 inserts two lines: (a) A K. Incantation :— O evil Spirit (or) Ghost that hath touched the man in the desert. whatever their name may be. . K. TABLET " C. Like the sherd that is cast aside a by the potter May they be broken in the broad places. O Pestilence that hath touched the head of the man. 2 K.955 inserts e. . K. and the magician here addresses them with the inclusive term "their name.470 omits. b unto the breadth of heaven ! 1 3 4 5 a K. . PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS.UTUKKI LIMNUTI.e. frompardsu. . turn. S. 2. 6 Pursit. T h e evil Mouth (or) evil Tongue that hath uttered a spell. 2. O evil Spirit. T h e enchantment or evil sorcery of a ban. b . 4. 2.470 inserts NAM. . 185. 175. 2. .470 omits this line.. to thy desert! O evil Demon.470. May they be broken in pieces like a goblet. . (b) a." Presumably this refers to certain demons whose names are unknown on earth. May they not break through the mud wall. T h e evil Spirit that hath looked on the man." i. " t o separate.

154 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.) GURUS 1 E .G A .[at] [Hiatus. . . .UR .A KAN . AS-A-MES .[ G E :] NUN-KI-GA-GE] T U .MA EN 195. [UTUG . . [MULU-GISGAL-LU-ZU-KU] . . .A . .E N .] (PLATE XXXIV.K I .NA KAN .INIM .K A N ] EDIN-NA sa ina ID si-ri BA-AN is-su-nu VII-SA . . . . .T U ZU-AB N U N . tar . ZI AN .N E ] NI-BI-A ina MU-UN-SUR-SUR-RI-E-[NE] si-ir2 it-ta-na-as-lal-lu IR-SI-NI-IN-NA- 2 1 5 .[E .H U L . . .NI •. .PA su-nn A-LA-HUL MULLA-[HUL] DINGIR-HUL 2 2 0 . AN-NIN-KIS-GIM AG-E-NE ki-ma UR-KU-GIM ki-ma UTUG-HUL sik-ki-e UR-E-GAR-RA-GE a-sur-ra-a us-sa-nu su-nit NIGIN-E kal-bi sa-[i]-du SI-MU-UN-SI-IN-BAR-RI-E-NE it-ta-nab-ra-ar-ru GIDIM-HUL MASKIM-HUL ZI KI .ra .du is .A .ta .G A [NAM-MU-UN-DA-AN-BUR-RA] INIM .K I .TA SIR-GIM ra-ma-ni-su-nu ki-ma BA . DINGIR-PA-SAG-GA TU-DUG-GA I . [DU D I N G I R .PA . . 190.RA . UTUG-HUL-IK u-tuk-ku UR-SAG kar DU Um7iutipl DAGAL .

T h e evil Spirits whose hands in the desert .. v. Or evil Ghost or evil Devil.079 and K. vii-viii. Or evil God or evil Fiend. . K. ." 155 190. ri. .A. 5. . . .475 translates . Like hunting dogs they give tongue. By Heaven be thou exorcised ! thou exorcised! By Earth be 1 2 a K. 220. Ishum . 8. -su u-se-is-[s. 8. [men] By the magic of the word of Ea." and. . sons of one mother. 62.3. . [Hiatus.u-u~\. . it may be connected with barbaru. Like mice they make the chamber stink.475. Ittanabrarru : according to W. "wailing. Warriors. 215. Be thou evil Spirit or evil Demon. bararum = ikkil/um.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. " jackal.) They drive forth the man from his home. TABLET " C. Incantation :— 195. as Muss-Arnolt suggests. 28. the son of Eridu Let the Incantation of the Deep of Eridu [never be unloosed] ! PRAYER AGAINST THE [ E V I L SPIRITS].I.] (PLATE XXXIV. ." . Upon themselves like a snake they glide. seven [are they].


Nor with Euphrates water. the son of his god. TABLET " C. [Unto the man.U T U K K I L I M N U T I . [If thou wouldst lurk in ambush on earth] Thou shalt secure [no resting-place]. thy creator.] [Incantation :—] " street overwhelmeth. Thou shalt have no water to drink. Nor with bad water. Until thou departest from the body of the man. until thou art removed. [If thou wouldst fly up to heaven] Thou shalt have [no wings]. [PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. the son of his god. come not nigh]." that in the . That thou mayest depart. nor with [Tigris] water." 157 (Whatever thou be). Nor with river water shalt thou be covered. nor with sweet water. nor with [pond water]. Get thee hence ! [By Heaven and Earth I exorcise thee]. Neither with sea water. Thou shalt have no food to eat. Thou shalt not stretch forth thy hand Unto the table of my father Bel.

COL. . . ( l ) DINGIR (5) amelu (8) ru-uk . „ . su\me-ld\ NAM-ERIM-BUR-RU-DA la pa-sa-ri itmu^mu) mimma(ma) ak-kal .u kar . .LU . . . .z*m "©. . . . SA DINGIR-SUR ina lib-bi KU-SUR-RA : ilu GAR-UR-* SIM-[MA] [ . . (9) (10) MULU . . . . . . . . . . .rad AN-[NA] . .BI amelu eru URUDU-GAR-LIG-GA 15. . I l l (PLATE XXXV).u UR-SAG ilu 12. (4) MULU . ." [The Obverse is entirely lost. . . (11) sa ameli iksu .nim A KU-U-LI-IN-TAR-A u-li-in-na I-NE-GAR-NA kut-ri-in-na 20. . ba-ab KA-BI SAG-BI ma-mit U-I-KAM : ka-ma-a im-na u NAM-TIL-LA : ina ba~bi-su [U-ME (?)-NI (?)-HAR] ba-la-ta GAR-HUL lim-\itu~\ lis-tab-ri . . (2) (3) . (7) (6) URUDU-GAR . . .GISGAL . . . . btclt] bur-ru-un-ta ZAG sa GIS-* NAD-DA-NA nak-ka. . MULU . \ir-sa-su\ AN-NA-GE ilu . . . TUG-GA MULU Saluli{li) sa su-ba-ta e-sir-\ina : \_ Anim'\ ku-sur-ra-a U-ME-NI-HAR] . . . . ZAG KU-SUR-RA IM-* DAR-RA : i-da-at „ -eme-e(?) KA-BAR-RA ID-ZI-DA ID-KAB-BU 25.] REVERSE. . . . .

. Sum. Within his door life [shall he receive (?)]. " [The Obverse is entirely lost. . b First person in the text. Akkad.Z I . The explanatory text K. H A R .] REVERSE. . .t<yUd " © . e. With the door locked right and left [shut(?) him in]. b . Under the shadow of the Robe of Heaven Fasten a bandage and a Wash (?) in water (?) the ends of the bandage. 25. b)> lavit. [Take] the potent meteorite of heaven [Bind] a two-coloured cord A smoke offering which . . I l l ( P L A T E XXXV).A. 246 (Haupt. may he be satisfied ! IM-DARA ( W. . 106." but the text is so mutilated that no restorations are trustworthy. . 13. . his couch . Lexicon. A ban that cannot be loosed [on] everything evil . pp. which is probably to be restored this way) = \Ji\a-a-pu. .. Keils. It seems possible that the scribe has here added the word me. When he eats.) h a s : MULU-GISGAL-LU-BI KU-SUR-RA U-U-ME-NI-HAR KU-SUR-RA-A IM-BABBAR-RA KA-BAR-RA I D .I. " water. .D A ID-KAB-BU U-BA ( ? ) . 27. with which we may compare the Syriac hdph (Brockelmann. a which is translated a-me-lu su-a-tu [ku-sur-ra-a e-sir-ma] ku-sur-ra-a sa . u. 92-93. 14 ff. . v. 20. p. COL. \_ga]s"sJ &dba ka-ma-a \im\-na u su-nie-la . 11. This man 15.

11. . [UTUG-HUL „-e kak. to drive away any evil I have set the hulduppu before the door. SAG . MULU. This word occurs with the determinative for " wood.* LAL (and) Latarak by the door. .\ind\ MULLA-HUL A]-LA-HUL GIDIM-HUL DINGIR-HUL MASKIM-[HUL] [u-tuk-ku] gal-lu-u lim-nu lim-nu a-lu-u lim-nu e-kim-mu ra-bi-su lim-nu [lim-nu] la-bar- ilu lim-nu [DINGIR-RAB-KAN]-ME DINGIR-RAB-KAN-ME-A : tum la-ba-su ah-ha-zu: UTUG-MULU-DIB-BA : DINGIR-RAB-KAN-ME-KIL ka-mu-u sa ameli u-tuk-ku e-ki7ti-mu sa ameli sab-tu : GIDIM-MULU-DIB-BA M U L U .H U L I G I .l6o DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. .su ru . p.GIG ki-is lib-bi SA ." but more commonly with the determinative * B I R ( = urisu ?). 30. . [*/M Si-me\tan ili-su .H U L : lim-nu sapa-ni lim-nu 40.. 21. iv. . ana mimma lim-ni NTJ-TE-* ilu .H U L E M E .ku . [HUL]-DUB-BA SAG-GA-NA U-ME-NI-[KESDA] sa 35. mar .. ( = MULU-*LAL) ilu . ..ka .A. Ritaaltafeln. but the following additional passages are instructive:—W. 27-29. { = * BIR-HUL-DUB-BA) ina mi-ih-rit babi ul-ziz.us .GIG „ sin-ni „ lib-bi Hulduppu.I.. . 122. arkisu ina * B I R a . 20 fF. . * BIR-HUL-DUB-BA DU DINGIR-RA-[NA] ." Zimmern. " T o prevent any evil drawing nigh I have set up MULU.GIG mu-ru-us pu-u lim-nu KA . MU-UN-NA-AN-TE a-me-li „ -e „ -\e ind\ zu-mur tu-uh-\hi\ . .GIG kak-ka-di li-sa-nu lim-nu LIKIR . ( — La-ta-rak) ina ba-a-bi ul-ziz. ana minima lim-ni ta-ra-di .. . DINGIR-USAN-AN-NA GISGAL-LU SU .H U L K A . It is difficult to see what its exact meaning is.

part xvii. . " and ibid. . Or an evil Spirit that holdeth the man in its grip. 38. . 1. .u hul-dup-pu-u sa ra-bi-si sa ina lib-bi-hi iluE-a su-niu zak-ru ina sip-tisir-tisi-pat E-ri-du sa te-lil-ti ap-pa u is-di i-sa-a-ti lu-pu-ut-ma. whereon is inscribed the name of Ea. with the all-powerful incantation. 140 ff. . or a Robber-sprite. 28. e-riis. hulduppe{e) ina * BIR gib Me (e) ina LU-TI-LA(-*) ina URUDU-SA-KAL- GA(-£) ina sugugalle{-e) ina zere ekalla tu-hap. 67. .' with * strong copper. 1. with the ' living sheep. or an evil Devil." 1. hulduppu on his bed cover him and ." From this latter passage the is-u hulduppu would appear to mean " figure. " A tamarisk hulduppu of a fiend. 40. col. set alight both in front and behind .U T U K K I L I M N U T I .' with the ' skin of the great bull. . 54-55 . Or an evil Ghost that hath seized on the man.. . 11. the skin(?) of (?) a hulduppu cover the sick man. In the evening place a hulduppu* Near the body of the man.' with seed corn. whose tongue is evil. " Afterwards must thou. . purify the palace. . or one whose face is evil. the son of his god . with the torch. Or a Hag-demon. Whether it be an evil Spirit. 35. . or a Ghoul.M A ] . . pi. " [ P r a y e r ] . GIS-MA-NU GIS-HUL-DUB-BA . of the hulduppu . " pi. or heartache. with hulduppu. . u With ." Tablet " K. or an [evil] Fiend. whose mouth is evil. Headache.. SU *BIR-HUL-DUB-BA MULU-TUR-RA DUL LA.I N I M . or an evil God. [ I N I M ." 11 ." Tablet " F . Or an evil Ghost. . heart disease. ." l6l 30. " [Let him carve] a hulduppu of tamarisk. TABLET " D. . the Incantation of Eridu of Purification." Cun. Or an evil man. Texts. . 13. iii. or an evil Demon. \_hulduppa~\-a ina ma-a-a-li-su kut-tim-su-ma. toothache. Bind on his head the .

LA . MULU-BA-GE SIGISSE-SIGISSE HE-EN-NA-AB-BI amelu su.LAH . . an-ni-ti ina ri-si-su li-in-na-as-hu NA HE-EN-GUB-BA MAL-LA NA-AN-DAK .GI .. BAD-GA NAM-TIL-LA SUM-MU GAB AN-GA-GA-A sip-ti ba-la-ti . . . 45 su li-iz COL. . .GA . . .turn tas . . . [SIR] .A itn-mah-ha-ru ina BA . -ris-si ba-la-ta i-nam-di-nu NE NIN GAB-NU-GI ir-su-tum li. IV (PLATE XXXVI).PUR . : Hmu{mii) ta-sil-ti KUR-KUR-GA TA : umuijnu) su-pu-u Ki-e-si . . . .MAH sa SUM-MU La-ga-as AN-SUR da-a-a-nu si-i-ru E-A: ilmu{inu) .turn lik bu-u E-NE TU .li . [ A-da-p\a . . . t7u sa ina alu Eridi ir-bu-u : La-gas tar-bit dam-ku sa ina zir ba-nu-u : E-A sa pa-ni : UH-KI-GE DIKUD .a. .KI . .iz-zi.LAH .GE .AN . DUG-GA NAM-TJL-LA 5. .su IO. . ga-na-? -ti 15 . .162 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. . . *KUR(?)-RU-KI-GE .zu sa la su-lul Su-ru-ub-ba-ak SAG .ES -ti su-nu ri-si.NA . . ti ni li-pu-us ka-a-a-nu . INIM-INIM-MA-NE-E SAG-GA-NA HE-IB-TA-AN-ZI-ZI-E-NE sip-ti .

. T h e Day of shining Presence sprung from Kish. Adapa (?). granting life to the suppliant (?). 5. T h e Pleasant Day risen forth from Eridu.U T U K K I L I M N U T I . IV (PLATE XXXVI). COL. T h e Shadow of Shurubbak. . May they utter a prayer [for ?] this man ." 163 [By] this incantation at his head may they be removed 45 may it stand . With their wise [counsel ?] unopposed May they take their stand at his head : 10. puissant judge of Lagash. T h e Gentle Day that hath appeared in Lagash. May they perform an incantation of life 15. . TABLET " D. May they make firm .

li-iz-ziz li-[iz-ziz~] .A . . . su-\im-nu-ti\ .us \jna .\di} .HUL . SU MULU-GISGAL-LU DINGIR-RA-NA sa 40 lu PAP-HAL-LA mar DU ili-su ameli mut-tal-li-ki lit-ki: \^ \Sa-mas SAG-GX(- HE-EN-NA-AN-TE-MAL DU-SAG-ZU-AB-GE] ZA-A-KAN [DINGIR-SILIG-ELIM-NUN-NA TAG-TAG-BI [t/u Marduk mar ris-tu-71 sa ap-si-i dti-um-mu-ku ku-um-ma [INIM .si . .INIM . [SU.me ina a .* SAG]-GA DINGIR-RA-NA-KU HE-EN-SI-IN-[GE-GE] . .su .164 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.tu kit . kd\-at . .tan . .ma\ \ili-svu-lip-pa-kid] a-a 30. .. SAG-GA-NA NAM -tun ina ri-si-su NAM-TIL-LA HE-EN-NA ba-la-ti -zi-hi 35 lit UD(?) E-NUN-NA-TA E-A-NA is . .KAN . * UR - * UR ru(?)-kus-ma HE-EN-GUB-BU-US ri-si-su a-ha-a-ti U U .tu sa \_pu~] . TE-MAL \li\t-hu-su 20 SAG-BI la 25 AS(?) -ma(?)-si LAL SAR us-su . . . .ru . ina ina ki-is-ru-ti [BAR]-BI-KU HA-BA-RA-AN-GUB-[BA] TAB-BA INIM-INIM-MA sip . .MA] bu-u\n-nu-u UTUG . . . . dam-ka-a-ti i (?) . .

stand at his stand away from him head. that goeth not forth. . O Marduk. . . 40 may Shamash draw nigh. . . eldest son of the Ocean Deep! Thine is the power to brighten and bless. [Tie] double (?) knots Make a decision . . May . perform the incantation. TABLET " D. .UTUKKI L I M N U T I . from the life may they grant [him]. PRAYER AGAINST THE E V I L SPIRITS. when he goeth forth ." 165 May they draw nigh unto him 20 May 25. [Into the] kindly [hands] of his god let him be [commended] at his head let them not 35 dwelling [Unto the body] of the wanderer. . . the son of his god. 30.

ti . sa DINGIR-EDIN-NA ina si-e-ri GIN-A il-la-ku DUL .T A [ina ka~\ . su-ti-ik-ma GAR .ik HE-EN-SI-IN-GE-GE [ S U ] . .M A L .N I .LIL-LA llu „ DU nam - ru x : DINGIR . .hu . .pi IO.A . \litn\-nu sa ina si-e l .si .su U .ME .LA lim-nu DINGIR .li . .ri NA i-kat-ta2 . [ S U ] . 20 .su u . . .BI RI - : URUGAL A1 - A .NA .BA .ti HE-IM-MA-AN-SED-DE li .kun \ind\ s- .turn (?) NAM .su a .SA . ina .) "&.a it . UTUG-HUL] \jf\-tuk-ku .A .H U L KAN [EN 15. .[GAR] su .pa ." e-sir-ma .as .T E . 3 SA .TA .L A H . \lim-nu sa EDIN ina] LA - si-e-ri it-te-ni--lu-u SE .DA DINGIR-EN . . BAR .INIM . .N E .EDIN . .* SAG-GA DINGIR-RA-NA-KU [INIM . . lim-nu a-nd\ ameli a-a it-hu-u-\ni\ SAG . .ZI .mu A DINGIR . \_gal-luu .NI . ir-si-su MULLA-TJUL MULU-RA NAM-BA-TE-[MAL] .IM . .MA] UTUG .BI ri .KU ina H E . .ZMti (PLATE XXXVII.su el .si .G A .[GUB] a-ha-a-ti li-iz-ziz . .E .IR .L A H .EN .

That . Bel . at his head. That unto the kindly [hands] a of his god he may be commended. . . That by his pure hand he may be assuaged. . . . 1. . no evil devil may draw nigh unto the man. . . For this line see Cun. . . . surround his bed and . 2. T h e evil Spirit that stalketh in the desert. and let it stand aside. . . 1 3 a Rm. That . . 10. no sorcery may draw nigh unto him. 22. Let pass by . .) [With] . . pi. . part xvii. . Put . [PRAYER AGAINST] THE E V I L SPIRITS. 314.337. T h e evil [Ghost ?] that lieth in the desert. 145. 5. . . Rm. 314 omits. . spawned in the tomb. mu - -mu-u. . 2 K. [Evil Spirits] . 20 Bel radiant. Texts." (PLATE XXXVII. . Incantation :— 15. T h e evil [Demon ?] that shroudeth (man) in the desert. .CaBfef "G.

ik .si .nim GIN IN US du MU TI mi DU UME - 30.ma BA .ti si -pat E . .RA el .it .ku .TAG . -ri-ni-su-nu .su .A . . . u-ri-is su-pur ri-me bu-un-nu-u GIN-A ib-bab-la sa-ha-tuz NE HAR-SAG-GA-TA sa ul-tu sadi{i) .E [a] .ma SU .sa .ki .la li .IB . .SAR . : ab-kal-lu .kil .NI . .su U . .ME . bi{})-' 40.RI .NI .TAG lu .AN NI . .TAR .ir . ID-DAR *BIR DAR-A sadi{i) TA NA sa HU . .up . . SU - li . . . .pi .168 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.ma ka-la-su-nu : KAL-A-BI ab-rik-ku SA-AZAG-GA ri .di .su 45 .sum . i .ES . SAR DINGIR-PA-TE-SI-MAH .e .MU . . 35 .BI zumri . .RA .UN . l -ti : BI 25 ra-ma-ni-su-nu 2 : IM-TE-MAL-DA-BI MU .AB .ka DUBBIN HAR-SAG-GA-GE AM-GUL . . ilu U-ME-NI-IB-TE-SUM „ . MU-UN-E ri-di-ma : kut-ri-in-nu DA-BI-TA GIN-A .

" Ruler (and) chieftain of all of them. 314 for this line has . . ." 1. my son. they have ordained.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. 17 ff." 169 25 themselves. " With a clean bandage let them bind thee. . 5. . 314 . touch his body. a b See Tablet " A. . . TABLET " E. of a kid of the mountains which hath as a smoke offering brought polished a bull's hoof. " S u p r e m e Ruler." . . . Rm. at his going forth " Perform for him the Incantation of the God Patesi-mah b 45 1 2 3 Rm.100. . (Marduk). . K. from the mountains. 30. " . . unto the neighbourhood go down and . " T a k e " [And with it] . ta. they take their stand. 35. . [a Marduk hath seen : W h a t I :] " Go. " . -ti-su-nu sir-turn. " With their . i-h'm-mu. . . . . 40.

. .pir GIJDIM-HUL MULLA-HUL . GAR .nu A-[LA-HUL HA-BA-R[A-E] lim-\nu gal-lu-u a-lu-u lim-nii lun\-nii is-\tu biti e-kim-mu sz-z] U-NE-Z[l(?)] .[HUL . . \ind\-hi-is SIG . . . [Reverse of K. mim?na[(jna) UTUG-HUL E-TA u-tuk-ku lim-nu liin\ .170 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. . EN KU . \nis\ same(e) lu-u-ta\mat irsitim{tim) lu-u-ta-mat\ 55. .LAL dup . ku (?) ma-hi-is ? . .100. . 5.GA .GIM .A .] BAR ina .MA] 50. . Zl AN-NA KAN-PA [ZI KI-A KAN-PA] na-an-si-\ih\ nis .

ev[il Demon]. Go forth from the house (and) depart! By Heaven be thou exorcised! thou exorcised!] [By Earth be 55. TABLET " E. . ! 50. evil Ghost. . .100. . evil Devil. Incantation :— .U T U K K I L I M N U T I . . .] smiting . . be thou removed O evil Spirit. smiting ." 171 [Reverse of K. Whatever is evil. 5.

la *BIR(?)-GIG 5. . I l l (PLATE XXXVIII). sar-pi as . .GA el .ru GIS-TIR sa AZAG \balati\ . . . . na . MULU-GISGAL-LU-BI E-NUN-AZAG-GA ku . . . TAG-GAM-ME gur-gur-ru sa-as-sa-ru GIS-MA-NU TUN 15. .COL. IV.mu IO. * BIR-AZAG u . . .ri . sa MU nis BI ar LU ID . TAG .sa . . *13IR U-GIG-A UTUG \u-tuk-ku~] SU-SU-BI u su-u ur-ra ina KI . . ina BARA-* SIG-GA „-e NAM-TIL-[LA] el .GA : DUG . . . ALAM URUDU-* SIG-TAK-ALAM GIS-HUL-DUB-BA ina US pa-a-si U-ME-NI-TAG : NAM-TIL-LA : MU-MUD-NA-A-BI : COL. .lu KUBABBAR en-ku sa mu-di ana kis-ti [el/i?] . AZAG-ZU u-ri-su mu-u-sa amelu 5.um .

Thesaurus. . A dark-coloured kid Touch its 5. COL. 45. Nos. p. An undefiled kid On this restoration see Zimmern. the Syriac tdthwdrd. Ritueltafeln. An image (?) of life .A. the abode of life . 4. subula (Payne Smith. [Let him carve] a hulduppii of tamarisk Touch it with the axe . 46-47. 1. col.516). iv. 15. col. 156. A kid Night and day in 5. and p. 12. Cf. 3. . 1.I. . I l l (PLATE XXXVIII). b This restores the word sa-as-\)a-ru] in W.COL. Nos. Let a wise (and) cunning coppersmith [Take an axe of gold(?) a and] a silver pruningknife b Unto a grove undefiled. . 1. a . . which evidently means some small tool. ii. 31-37. 10. [Inscribe thereon] the name of his IV. That man at a lucky shrine A pure dwelling. 18.. 2. 140.

. .[iM . . .KAN . ina KA-AZAG te-im ilu Be-lit-ili NAM-SUB u-ri-sa si-pat [EN [EN - sal-\nia\ alu . pl sa ki-rib alu Arba-ili The colophon mentions Shalmaneser (II). . King of Babylon. MAH-DI NUN-KI-GA-GE 10. . .LAH .GA HE . amrab-dupsarripl sa Assur-\bani\apli m atu sar ' Assuri am .MA . .LAH] .IK [INIM . both living in the ninth century B. 1 . . .GISGAL . and Nabu-apli-iddina.nu .INIM] . . gab-ri Bab KI /«(?) mar m Mu-kal-lim amh-{&K\ ilu Marduk [m ilu Sulmd] .174 .ANA .C. is-tu-ru sa-tir-ma sa-nik . ina pi-i ANA KI GIM GIM el-li ti-iz-ka-ri HE HE BAR .[RA] . . . . . . [ ]rab-dupsarripl . . NU* SAG 1 AkkadlKI HA-LA BA-AN-US KAM MA ' ] UTUG-HUL-A-KAN . .HUL .GIM 15. . .GUB UTUG . .TA] . .esir sar m"tu Assur u m llu Nabu-apli-\iddind\ sar Babih KI .[EN .DINGIR . . BI (?) . ka tig v sum up-pu-us milu . . . . DINGIR-NIN-HAR-SAG-GA-GE * BIR-GIG . .A . . dup-sarri . i AZAG] EL] GA LA MULU . . 20 . EME .NA SA . [DuppU- HE .KU Eridi . . King of Assyria. DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.[HUL] . . . . .LU DU .

10. " 1?$ At the command of the Lady of the Gods T h e dark-coloured kid . . TABLET " F . the son of his god. Bright as the middle of the Heavens. . May the man. 15.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. Clean as Earth. With a clear (and) loud voice [Perform] the Incantation of Eridu. May the Evil Tongue be absent from him ! PRAYER AGAINST THE [ E V I L ] SPIRITS. . . Become pure as Heaven. . .

" OBVERSE. . . Marduk mas-mas lim-nu-ti-[su E-IB-TA i ta-as-u sam<{e) ?] GAB-ZU i-rat-ka GI-BI-IB ni--i . . . . . . IGI-IGI . E-A-GE UR-BI . . . COL. u irsitim{jiiri) tu-mu-[uh] . . -nu ina E-TA biti . SU li-mut-ti ilu lim-nu ra-bi-su ina [lim-nu] bi-e-ti ilu GIR-GIN-GIN-A-TA : ina i-tal-lu-ki-su ana Is-tar E-A IM-MA-AN-DA-AN-TI-ES : il bi-ti bi-tim lu-tar du-[su\ BA-AN. . . . : la-mas-si bit pu-uz-ra i ta-hal IM-MA-AN-DA-AN-UR-GI-ES mit-ha-tis A (?) . . . . . A ilu MAS-MAS ANA-KI-A DIB-DIB-BI IJUL-E-NE .z*m "<&. [asi-su ilu su]-ku si-it ilu Samsi ni-rib-su su-ku e-rib Samsiiji) A-LA]-HUL GIDIM-HUL MULLA-HUL [UTUG-HUL DINGIR-HUL [u-tuk-ku MASKIM-HUL lim-nu e-kim-mu lim-nu lim-nu~\ a-lu-u lim-nu gal-lu-u 5 . . I (PLATE XXXIX). ana si (?)-ip (T)-ta si-kir ra-bi sa biti i tar-ru DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR ME-EN 10. .

. quake not! Marduk. possibly here we may restore farer. great and small of the house alike.OBVERSE. 5. COL. . . . . . Be it [evil Spirit] or evil Demon Or evil Ghost or evil Devil Or evil God or evil Fiend. . turn back ! Or " Street of the E a s t " and " Street of the West. I (PLATE XXXIX). tremble n o t ! O ye [spirits] 10.b go not forth from the house." b a u O way- . seize upon its iniquity ! . . [It hath its exit] at the Street of Dawn 11 (And) its entrance at the Street of Sunset. O thou Guardian Spirit of the inner chamber." IGI-IGI = harranu. . . When it cometh to the house for evil May the God (and) Goddess of the house drive [it] forth. magician of heaven and earth. O O .

KAM MA .E .[HUL . . . . . . .[NE] [la ta-at]-ta-an-nu-ur-ra la ta-as-sa-na-hu-[ur] [Zl] ANA-KI-BI-DA-GE KAN-RI-PA HA-BA-RA-DU-[UN] [nis same\e) u irsitim{tiin) u-tam-me-ka lu-ta-at-ta-lak [TU EN] . . SAR sa biti la tah-ta-na-ab (?)-[ba-tu] it-ti MA(?) DIR-TA NAM-BA-ZA-LA-AH-HI-EN : . [ana] su-u-[ki UN(?) IB(?) ANA TU .GUR . REVERSE. . EN NA-AN-TUS-EN : la ta-az-za-zi la tu-[sab] . se-e-du sa ina [sahati] . . . SI [Duppl] PA(?) . 20 . A E . . . . BU . . [ana su-u-ki si-i] . . . . 25. . .GUR . si-i] UB .A . . . se-e-du [sa ina tub-ki iz\za-zu ina ul-tu tub-ki ana su-[u-ki si-i] GIDIM DA . .178 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. . GIDIM UB-TA rig-mi-ia [DA-TA rig-mi-ia . sa-a-ri kip .A .[KU E] . . . hu te TA lu . . . . . GAR(?) GU-MU-TA SILA-A-KU] E . .MES] 35. . . la [tir-ru-bu] . . SILA-A KU [E] .BA . SILA . sa ina [ul-tu sahati ana su-u-ki si-i] . 15. A GU-MU-TA SILA-A-KU UD-[DU] . si . GE-GE-E-NE NAM . . . U-TU-UD-DA BA ' UTUG . COL. . . [la ta-zik-ku] E-NA-TA NAM-BA-TU-TU-E-NE: it-ti a-si-i tir-[ru-bu] TUR-RA-TA NAM-BA-TU-TU-NE : it-ti la e-ri-bi 30. . . IV. . . . ti te sur .

O Spirit that standest close at hand. of the wind blow not. . . At my cry go forth [therefrom unto the street]! go forth unto the street! 20 go forth unto the street! REVERSE.UTUKKI LIMNUTI. [ . With the plunder . At my cry go forth therefrom unto the street! O Spirit that standeth near. . With one that cometh in." ]TH TABLET . . begotten OF THE SERIES " T H E EVIL SPIRITS. 25 house. Return not. . . With one that goeth forth come not in. come not in. COL. 30. IV. TABLET " G. not the ." 179 15. That thou mayest depart! 35. turn not round! By Heaven and Earth I exorcise thee. Stand not. sit not.


GU - BA (?) - DE is - su GA \u\-su-rat 5 . . . AK-DA ana (?) MU

RA E-a(?) sa



. . .

DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR se (?) - e - ii ma (?) MULU - TU - TU a - si - pu si-ir ZU ib-ba-na-a . . . . . . .

Marduk . . ul .

. 10




LI lu-u

DINGIR - EDIN - NA sa LA ina








BA - RA - AN - DA E - A - A - KU [ana] 5. [UTUG-HUL DIB-BA]-A-[NI] [UTUG - * SIG - GA biti a - [a i - ru - ub] BAR-KU [HE-IM-TA-GUB] HE - EN - DA -

ALAD] - * SIG - GA

[LAH - LAH - GI - ES]


UTUG - HUL - [A - KAN]


. . 5. . . . . . . . . KA-A-NI zu-um-ri-su . . . . SU-NI-TA . BAR • KU ina lit-ta-as-si-ma


LUGAL-GE-MAH KAN-NI-IB-TA-E ina a-ha-a-ti . [li-iz-ziz~\

HE - IM - [TA - GUB] li - iz - zi - [iz] HE-EN-DA-LAHdum\-ki i-da-a-su

[lim] - nu LAH-[GI-E§]


IO. [UTUG- * SIG-GA \u-tuk-ku

ALAD]-*SIG-GA dum-ki . se-e-du . .



UTUG - HUL - A - [KAN]

. 15


MU-UN-NIGIN-E-[NE] I - A - AN MU - BI - IM NU-AL-BAD ri ir dup - sar sa sihru






DA GE - GE - E - NE



[EN 5.

UT]UG - HUL - IK [u - tuk~\ - ku Ihn - nu MULU sa

AZAG a - sak - ku HUL - IK

EDIN - NA sa si - ri

[NAM] - TAR [nam] -ta-ru [UTUG] - HUL - IK [u - tuk] - ku IO. . . .

TAG - GA - ZU tal -pu - turn


Ihn - nis

MULU Urn - nu MULU sa

MU - UN - SI - IN - BAR - RA sa ameli ip - pal - la- su


MU - UN - SI - IN - DUL - LA ameli i - kat - ta - mu MULU MULU NA -pi SA

Ihn - nu


SA - A

Ihn - nu - turn li - sak - nu


[HE] - EN - TA - GAZ

[// - ih] - tap - pu - u



5. T h e evil Spirit (and) Fever of the desert, b O Pestilence that hast touched the man for harm, T h e evil Spirit which hath cast its glance on the man, 10. T h e evil [Demon] which hath enshrouded the man,

The ending of the reverse of Tablet " H " is the same as that of the Fifth Tablet, p. 80, but unless the text of the obverse fills the hiatus of 11. 47-55, which does not, as far as can be judged at present, seem probable, Tablet " H " must be regarded as part of a separate Tablet. b This line and the similar lines in Tablet " C " (156 and 173) have been translated thus in preference to " T h e evil Spirit (is) the Fever of the desert," for the reason that the verb falput in Tablet " C," 1. 174, is in the second person.






ki - na

sah - pu(J)

su - nu

* SIG - * SIG - GA

30 MES KI - A




K I N - K I N - NA


. .

\sa~\-ku-mis as-bu sap-lis



K U R - KU - GAR - RA


. . e(?) - // - ku


i - nam (?) - du-u
U - GIG - GIG - GA


U - RI - IN - MA - N E - HA - A


u-ri-in-nu sa-ah-pu-tum sa na-ma-ru trt-tu-u


IM-HUL-BI-TA M U - U N - D A - R U - U S I D - N U - U N - U S (?) MES




ul im-\inah-ha-ru




sa-lum-ma-ta . . .

ki-ma su-nu




. 5.(PLATE XLII. and cannot be withstood." .) they overwhelm balefully they cover the land. 30.. Haloed with awful brilliance like a demon. 57 (Tiglath-Pileser). MES. (PLATE X L I I I . They carry terror far and wide . . sa nubalusu kima urinni eli md/isu suparruru. (Nor) are they ready (?) to pass by 35. ) With the storm wind they blow. which clouds a darken the day.A. 1 K . 15. i. " whose net like a cloud is spread over his land. below they howl.183. They dwell in gloom [on high]. a Urinnu occurs also in W.I. They are the widespreading .

.rak su .bu . la Hi . BA]-AN-KAR-KAR-ES BA-AN-LAH-GI-ES . .ES pa su .[u A . .ru ta .ta . .RI .ti SIGISSE [NU]-BAL BA . NIN-BI-TA . R I [ . .ta .hu . .RI ir .ti is .un . a-bi it-ti [marz-su mit (J)-ha (?)]-ris itn-su-'-u-ma ana irsitim(tim) us-te-ri-dul ZIR-BI is-lu-lu-ma BA-AN-KAL-KAL-ES zi-ri2 u-tak-ki-ru .t i i UMMEDA .ti .tu .at ildnipl BA .tu 5 BA .nik . 50. BA-AN-LAH-GI--ES GIR KUR-RA-GE su-nu ina BA-AN--SIG-GA-ES iz-za-zu-ma tal-lak-ti ma-a-ti ri-bi-ti u-sah-ha-ri E .ri . .AN . . . . . \1n11 . .DUB . .N E .BI . . [A-A] DU-A-NI-TA KI-A . .m u E-NE-NE-NE su-nu SILA-A-TA .nu] KU . . IB-LAH-ES [te?]~e-mu BA . . ASTE KI-NA pu-uz-ra UD-ZAL-LI-DA-GE ma-a-a-la ki-ma sah-pu MELAM umi(mi) SU-SU A-MES u-nam-ma-ru me-lam .MAL .MES su .BU . . .AN .GABA . nim-ti AB-BA a-ha GURUS (?)-RA a-ha-ti id-lu AN-NU-BI si-i-bi sa ID .[MES] ul is .186 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.LA mas (?) .sar . UB-GUB-BI H U L BA-AN \nikf\ ul i-nak-ki su-nu-ti a-lak-ta-su-nu lim-ni .GE 45.ha . .\nu\ . bi .se\ .KUR . 4 0 .GA 3 . .E . 55.AN .DINGIR . . .SIG .DUB .AN . .E § ip . .nab .

. brother. ru. hero. b).INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES. 4. (all) without a god.A. . W. 45. c For this restoration cf. . And of the woman in travail. possibly a feminine form of sunu..905.. b They rend the [womb ? c ] of the nursing mother. They stand in the broad places And circle round the highways of the land. They make the secrets of the couch as clear as the day. They steal away desire (?) and bring to nought the seed.I. 28. They tear out the of the loins. Evil is their way." a synonym oiutlu. GI. Mashati'. if the reading mas be correct. K. 4. Spreading terror afar. 5. d and 45. 41 : taritu sa kirimmasa patru. we may compare the Syriac mesha. e. 4. W.905. 17. ru.Z. the father together with his son they rob And fell them to the earth. 4.905. 195. 2 4 K. K. ii. 55. K. " s i d e " or "loins. For an analogous case of a feminine bye-form compare supilu sa sinnisti and supiltu. p." 187 40. tu. ii. . old man. sister.905. 43. ut. .133 . " oil " (Brockelmann.A. b Sunti. . (In) the temples of the gods they exalt themselves (?) They pour no libations of oil (?) a Nor offer sacrifices . ii. 1 3 5 a K. 50. TABLET " K.

SIG .ku . MUL-AN-NA -ri SI-DUB-BI sa-ma-miu 15 EN-NUN ina kak-kab ma-as-sa-ra ES-SA 12 -BI-TA 13 ul u-ta-ad-du-u si-na 4 ina -a 16 .G E nisipl .S I R .RI -ES BA . .ES KALAM . samu{u) ki-sa-da-nu-us-su-nu* ip-du-u BA-RA-E ip-du-u 6 is-sab-tu-ma ilu-su* KI-BI-TA ir-si-ti AN-NA 1 LA ul GIS .AN . tlH SI-GIN GAL GU AS-BARra-bu22 -u A-nim AN-NA si-i-ril% si-i-ri 23 „ sa-ku-u purussi a-sa-ri-du sa ilu pa-ri-is . . . [BA]-AN-GAZ SA-HA-LAM-MA BA-AN-GAR-RI-ES i . .uk .nu MU -UN .BI u-sur h BA-HUL lim-ni-it ANA 7 -ta-su-nu 4 AN-NI-BI -NE NU-E-A sa-kis9 u IM-MA-AN-BU-1 -ES -ma a-naw BA-AN-BAD-DA-ES8 is-du-du-u* is-su-u LA BA-RA-AN4 -DU-DU-ES same{e) ana same{e) sa la a-a JO. .K U R .R A .ti se-lal-ti NUN SAG-MAH AN-NA IM-MA-AN-BU-1 -ES LA ru-bu-u tr 19 A-A-NI 17 BA-AN-ZU-US a-sa-ri-du -du-du 20 si-i-rils a-ba 21 a-na10 -su ul i-di samite) -ma DINGIR-BIL-GI AN-TA MAH MAH 75. sah .du . .HAR .ma . \same\e) mdti u u-sip-pu irsitim{twi) is-su-hu-ma . . 60. . . .188 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.lu .til is . KISADU-NE-RA LA BA-RA-E ir-si-ti2 ul BA-AN-DIB-BI-ES DINGIR-BI 65.ku .GI .

u K. ru for i-ri. K. 4. K. They carry off the . And cut offa the people of the land. 4. 16 K.905. Unknown amid the celestial stars In their three watches. high and powerful. 4. p. 4. a Usippu : cf. 1 3 5 7 8 2 K. 10 K. irsitim{lini). Evil is their ban . Syriac sdph.I. iv. Great chieftain who giveth the awful decisions of Heaven. 4. KU.905.905. 4. 4. sar for as-sa-ra.905 omits.867 and K. . 222.867. and W. 4. 6 K. 9 11 12 K. is. K. of heaven and earth. T h e Fire God. 4867. 23 K." b .. 19 2 K. a). unto heaven had betaken himself. the mighty chieftain. And his father knew it n o t . K .905. b On earth they are ruthless.905. Literally " of heaven and earth the necks thereof they seize upon. 75. bu. T h e prince. 4. III-A-AN . rim for i-ri. K.867 and K. K. 21 22 K. 19.867 omits. 4. 17 1B K. K. ud. NA III-A-AN for ES-SA. 4. 4.867 and K. K. 4 6 : nakru dannu kima kane idi usip\J\ni (MU-UN15 13 K.905 omit. 70. K. K. 4. 4. Unto heaven on high they betake themselves.A." 189 60. ki-es.867 and K. 4. 65.905. NA.905.905 omits (?) su-nu. 4. K.905. 4. 4 K. same(e). 4. rabu. 4.905 inserts E. 4. su-ur. 4. 4. 4. DU-US for DA-ES. TABLET " K.905 insert NA. And unto the impenetrable heaven hie them far away. " K.905. 4. tu. 4.905. 4. .905. They slay the [offspring ?] and spread destruction .867. 3. 4. They fasten their hold on heaven and earth and spare not their gods.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES. SIG-SIG-Gl).905. ana.905. periit (Brockelmarm.905.905.

sa . (PLATE XLIV.na .u MELAM il-lam-ma-du AB .BI ir .TAR ina ni-gi BABBAR . .sa .190 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.is .si 2 DURUN (?) .MES u .ti KI-A :5 90.MES ir-si-tib 7 sum-su-nu si-bit-ti-su-nu ibn-ba-as-si Samsi(si) KUR-GIG-GA-TA tl-ta.BI KI-* AG-GA-A-NI it-ti-su DA-BI '-ram-ma DA-AB-GUB „ ib-ri [HUL] .BI BA-U-TU-UD-DA-A-MES Samsi{si) BA .IN .AN .ti [DINGIR]-BIL-GI ME-A-BI ilu SI .LA .as .A .u ul ilu BA .ta .bi .ti si .ZU .GE .ti ANA (sic) E-NE-NE-NE su-nu NU-UN-ZU-MES ul DUL-LA-A-MES ina same{e) me-lam-rnu 95.) [DINGIR]-BIL-GI ilu TUKUL-LI na-ram-su VII .ni -en -bu .ta .IN .ad .ZU .TA . KISLAH ina KUR .GE ni .ti -su-nu ina VII-BI a .A .ti KI-A ina LA same(e) ina ul NU .A .GAL . U-BI-KU-KI-GAR-RA-BI SA-BI MU-UN-DA-AB-SIG-SIG U-TU-UD-DA-A-MES ir-bu-u '-al-du ir-bu-u KUL-GA-A-MES e-ka-a-ma GIG-GA ina ina sa-ad sa-ad.US urn .ZU .KUL .UN .A .ta .RA .A .ad .IK [lim] -nu .HA .su ME-A-BI 80.RA .MES ir .MI .si . .di im . ina^ MU .BI VII-BI ilani ANA pl u irsitimititn) kat-mu su-nu DINGIR .tul .SAG VII-BI 85.bit .MES it .tallik si .RA Samsi{si) KUR l .GAL .su .AN .NA . VII . .MES ilu si-bit-ti-su-nu si-bit-ti-su-nu KI .bu it .ti ir .du .te . al-du e-ka-a-ma e-rib si-it ilu „ si-bit-ti-su-nu HAR-SAG HAR .mu HU-UB -MU-UN-SIR-SIR-E-NE sa-ad e-rib .na-as-su .du .

U B . While he sate himself down he pondered . E. " A m o n g the Wise Gods there is no knowledge of them. where were they reared ? 85. " A n d amid the desolate places of the earth they live. TABLET " K. the Mountain of 1 3 5 7 36. K.690 o m i t s . irsitim{tini).886 . " A n d were reared in the Mountain of Dawn. H U B for H U .690. 36. his beloved comrade. u irsitim[tim). " They have no name in heaven or earth .886. With him started forth and T h e evil of those seven became known. 4.690. " O Fire God. 80. " T h o s e seven were born in the Mountain of Sunset. iu. 90.690. " They dwell within the caverns of the earth. those seven. " Where were they born. K. . . " T h o s e seven gallop over Sunset. 4. 95. 4.) T h e Fire God. 2 4 6 36. u . " Unknown in heaven and earth " They are arrayed with terror.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES. K .886. 36." 191 (PLATE XLIV.

lu GIR-MU-UN-GA-GA-A-MES 3 2 KUR-RA-GE ni -gi .hi .HI .si ir .lu GU .la I .mat7 irsitim{tim) BA-AN-NA-TE Uu Marduk ti .ES it .ma su . ina sa-ad Samsi(si) .ah .' . KUR-UT-TA-E-NE ina l IOO.si .tiz E-NE-NE-NE su-nu ina same{e) DINGIR-ASARU [a .MU .na .GE ni .) Marduk it-hi-e-ma GIS-LAL KI-NAD-DA-NA GlS-NE-IN-TUK-A GIG-A-BI-KU 18 I-BI ina kul-ti ma-a-a-al mu-si a-mat su-a-ti is-mi-e-ma .a .ma KI-IN-TAR ina KISLAH 105.lu .bi .ta.e .ti GAR 4 ir .ka IGI-ZU 9 -NA BA-AN-SUM 10 ID-* AG-GA-BI si-bit-ti-su-nu ur-ta-su-nu SUG (?) GA ma-ag-ra-tu A-nim BA-AN-NA-TE a-mat1 I-BI su-a-tis pi-i-su ilu HU-MU-RA-AB-SUM-MU ma-la lid-din-ka DIKUD-MAH u a-na 12 pa-ni-ka AN-NA si-i-ru 15 DUG-GA 16 da-a-a-nu DING1R-BIL-GI 115.RA .u ANA KI-A ina KUR . HUL-IK VII-BI sa lim-nu'till i-si-ru DUG-BI sa ki-bit sa 13 NU-UN-ZU-MES sum~su ul id I-BI 5 6 NU-UN -ZU-MES mimma u u-ta-ad-du-u U4am-ma-du HU-MU-RA-AB-BI a . VII-Bl IM-MA-NI-IN-DI-ES si-it ilH si-bit-ti-su-nu im .du .LAL . ilu DINGIR-ASARU ilu BA-AN-NA-AB-BI „ a-na1'1 ik-bi-is (PLATE XLV.te .ti it .ni .n\a IIO.ti8 lik .UN .192 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.si .

" That are arrayed against thee.886. 5.543 inserts A. So the Fire God drew nigh unto Marduk.133. mallei." Kulti. K. K. 11.543." 115. a canopy or bedchamber. 5." 193 100. n for i-ru. speak. [by-it. And told him of this matter . a " Through the caverns of the earth they creep. 5.543.133 omits. (PLATE XLV. " And on the Mountain of Dawn they cry . " For kindly is the instruction of his mouth. 5./«. 5. 470). 1 3 5 7 8 10 12 14 15 17 a 2 K. 364. K. (then). K. b 13 .543. K. Syr. 5. p. the Chaldee kiltha (Levy. 5. 11. p. K. " T h e puissant judge of Heaven. 11.543. K. tu.133.543. 11. 4. Immallilw. SI-ES. 16 K.543 omits. TABLET " K. " utter a sound.133 omits. K. who translates it thus. n K. 13 K. Worterb. K. 4.886. 5.133 and K. ma-tu . unto Marduk.133 and K. 105. rai ^ o r r&-tu. ma-ta. 11. " I n heaven nor earth are they discovered. 18 K. 11. a). 6 K. 9 K.543. " That he may explain this matter to thee. 11. me. 5. irsilim(tim).133 omits a-na. K. 4 K. " (And) amid the desolate places of the earth they lie. 5. 11.886. ana. " Draw nigh. This word was apparently recognized by Sayce (Hibbert Lectures.543. 11. " That he may vouchsafe unto thee an explanation " Of the evil of these seven 110..133.133. Chald. is.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES.) H e under the canopy b of his couch of night Gave ear to this matter. feK. " Nowhere are they known. TA. 4.133 and K.

GA BA .EN .TU GU .KI .si .: A-A-MU GUL-GA a-bi ilu E-a a-na biti i-ru-uni-ma i-sa-as-si DINGIR-BIL-GI DUG-BI a-na ilu DINGIR-BABBAR-E-TA MU-UN-NA-AB-BI si-it Samst(Ji) is-nik-ma Gibil pu-uz-rat-si-na VIIBI A .a 5 via .su VII .AN .ra .BI 135.bu si .DU it-ti-ha-a KI .bit .ti u 10 si-bit-ti-su-nu VII .ti iP-tu as.BUR. .sa DINGIR-EN-KI ilu uz . ma .S I L .AN .UN .IN .nu DA-DA E 12 ir .pal DU .su .194 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.* TUR-RA-GE ap-si-i a-na u UMUN-E ka-ba-su illi BA-AN-NA-TE-ES 13 i-da-at it-hu-u x -ni GIN-NA DU-MU: a-lik ma -ri SILIK-MULU-SAR Marduk: DINGIR- .KI .SUM al-ka-ka-al si-te--a -ti si-bit-ti-su-nu hi-sam-ma DU mar NUN-KI-GA-GE 3 2 la-ma-du as-ra-ti-su-nu 125.ti .AN .KI .NA .nu KUR-TA us-su-ni : si-bit-ti-su-nu : E . .MES in a ir .A rap .DE .UN .TA '-al-du .MU .A .ni E .S A .RU .SI .NA .GUL .bit .ri VII-BI VII -BI KUR . .AN .A 2 .bu . KUR .si .ti .BI IN .su .ME& si .GA ina ir .GI .MES irsitim{thn) KUR-TA BA-U-TU-UD-DA-A^MES ina ir-si-ti9 BA .TA DUR .NA .U . A-A-NI DINGIR .E a-na a-bi-su 120.ri - \di\ DU-NA 4 DINGIR-SILIG-MULU-SAR ilu MU-UN-NA-NI-IB-GE-GE E .BI Marduk 6 ip . DINGIR (?).NA .ZU SAG .u .RA ilu E-A BA .MU .MU 130.

133. nu. irsitim(tim). 4.905 and K. And spake unto his father E a : 120. K. u K. 125. Ea.905. 4. " Those seven in the earth were born. 4. 4.133.. BB omit. 5.133 omits.905 and K. TABLET " K.133. " O my son.133. " ( A n d ) to seek out their places. 4. K. mari-su.905. ul. the Fire God hath arrived at the Place of Dawn. 135. 4. 4. . " Speed thee to learn the ways of those seven.000. " O my father. O my son Marduk. K. 4.905.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES. 12. si. 4. 4.905. 5. 5. K." 195 And entered the house. irsitim\Jirn\. " And hath penetrated its secrets . 5. " Go. 1 3 4 6 7 9 10 K. 5. irsitim(tim). " Those seven in the earth were reared . " Those seven have come forth from the earth . K. 5. ^{Eridi\ 5 K. Then the sage son of Eridu.905. 2 K. 8 K. K. K. BB. " T h e y have come nigh to tread the Bounds of Ocean.905 inserts a.133. irsitim{tim).905 and K. those seven dwell in the earth. 4. . 12. 4. K.905 and K.905 and K.000. it-ia. 11 12 13 K. Gave answer to his son Marduk : 130. K.905 and K. KUR-KUR-GA for GUL-GA. 4.905 inserts a.



140. e - rix SA - BI sa ina
is u

- hul - dup - pu-u2 sa

UTUG - E - NE - GE
ra - bi - si PA - DA zak - ru NA-RI-GA 3 sa te-lil-ti VII-Bl

DINGIR - EN - KI - GE lib - bi - su TU-MAH sir-ti si-pat

MU sit - mu

E - a

INIM-INIM-MA ina 145. UR-PA-BI sip-ti BIL

NUN-KI-GA E-ri-du4



IM-TE-MAL-E-NE-GE ap-pa u is-di% i-sa-a-ti"1 a-a




si-bit-ti-su-nu SA-PAR-DAGAL-LA ki-7na10 sa-pa-ri

it-hu-u NA-A U-ME-NI-SUB 9

KI-DAGAL-LA rap-si

ina as-ri

rap-si su-ni-'


i-di-ma AN - BIL 150. ina U - GIG - BI ka-ra-ri-e -ka-a-a-an GIG-A SILA E-SIR-RA

SAG - GA - NA u ur-ra

H E - E N - GUB - BA ina ri-si-su lu-ulz


U-NI-E-NE 1 4 -GE

SU-NA 15

HE-EN-DA-AN mu~sil2 su-u

-GAL u na-ma-ri18 ina ka-ti-su

-ku su-la-a


GISGAL-LU PAP-HAL-LA-GE HE-EN-GUB-BU-US 20 ina mu-si ma-sal21 ina sit-ti ta-ab-ti ina ma-a-a-lu

ina ri-es a-me-lu23 mtit-tal-li-ka24




140. " A tamarisk hulduppu of a fiend " Whereon is inscribed the name of Ea, " With the all-powerful incantation, " T h e Incantation of Eridu of Purification, 145. " Set it alight both in front and behind, " That these seven may not draw nigh unto the sick man. " A s a wide net spread in a wide place set it, " And smouldering a by night and day 150. " At his head let it stand. " By night (it is) a highway, a path, " And at dawn let him hold it in his hand. " A t midnight in a gentle sleep in bed 155. " At the head of the wanderer let it stand."
1 2 3 5 7 9

K . 4,905, K . 4,905 K . 4,626 K. 4,626, K. 4,905, K . 4,626, K. 4 , 9 0 5 , K . 4,905, K. 4,905, K. K. K. K. K. K. K.

ra. „ -a; K. 4,626 ,, -e. 4 . . . GA-A-AN. K. 4,626, alu [Eridu]. 6 NU-TE-MAL-DA-GE. K. 4,905, ap-pU U ll-du. 8 tu for a-ti. K. 4,626, mar-si. NE-IN-SUB for ME-NI-SUB. u kima. K. 12,000, B B o m i t s ' . su. K . 4,626, a n d K. 5,133 o m i t .

K. 4 , 9 0 5 , L I - D I ; K . 4,626, [ L ] I - D A for E - N E .

4,905 a n d K. 4,626, B I . 4,626, K. 5,133, a n d K. 12,000, B B omit. ls 4,905 o m i t s . K . 4 , 9 0 5 a n d K. 4,626, ru. 20 4,905, BI. K . 4,905, BA-NI-IN-GAR-RI-ES. 22 4,905, as-lu K. 4,905 a n d K. 4,626, li. u 4,626 a n d K . 4,905, amelu. K. 4,626 a n d K . 4,905, ki. 4,626 a n d K. 5,133 omit.







ISS. UR - SAG KU - LI - E - N E * K I N - GA - A - MES

kar - ra - du

a - na

ib - ri - su

i - sap - par liiz-ziz



a - na*

ra - bi - su - ti - su
H E - IB - TA - AN - ZI - ZI

160. H U L - IK


lim-nu-ti si-bit-ti-su lit-ru-ud






da - ' - i - ku

ra - bi - si


kak - ku li-tir










„ al-ti


„ pa-m-[sa a-na as\-ri sa-nam-ma
U-SU[3UB . . . . ]-LU







. . . \ti





ina zumri-su lu-u-ka-a-a-an „





DINGIR - N I N - A - HA - K U D - DU - GE


sip -

e3 ti

sa sa




KI -



E sir-ti

ri -






ina \si\pat lik-ka-bi

ap-si-i u E-ri-du

la tar-su (?)



T h e hero sent unto his comrade, " Let the Fire God stand up against his demons, 160. " T h a t he may remove the evil of those seven, and drive them forth from his body, " ( F o r ) a fiend unarmed (?) is a raging tempest. " May the Fire God, supreme of power, turn it back ; " May Ereshkigal, the wife of Ninazu, turn her face elsewhere. " Headache, shivering, heartache, ? . . . . , cold, 170. " M a y Nin-akha-kuddu remove them from his body, " And stand continually at the sick man's head. " With the spell of Nin-aha-kuddu, 175. " And the Incantation of Eridu, " W i t h the Incantation of the OceaB Deep and Eridu " Mighty (and) unconquerable let it be uttered ;

1 2 3 4

K. 4,626 and 4,905, NA for E-NE. K. 4,626 and 4,905, GIS-BAR ana for ,, a-na. K. 5,120, TU du ki . . . for ,,-<?. K. 5,120, sip-ti sir-tim sa ap-si-i u ^"[Eridi^.



1-sum na-gir2


ra-bi-si si-i-ri sa ildni




ri-si-su li-iz-zi-iz -ma ina mu-si GIG-UD-DA AN-BABBAR-RA SU-* SIG-GA AN-GA-GA mu-si ^ ub ur-ra a-na* katd11 ilu Samsi lu-pa-kid TU EN
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lu-u-na-sir-he HA-BA-RAdam-ka-a-ti

NUN-KI GIS-KIN-GIG-E 8 KI-EL-TA SIR-A 9 ina E-ri-du kis-ka-nu-u sal-mu ir-bi ina as-ri10 el-lu ib-ba-ni n 185. SUH- M E - B I SI-ZAGIN-A ZU - AB - TA LAL-E zi-mu-su uk-nu-u ib-bi sa a-na ap-si-i tar-su DINGIR-KI-GE 12 GIN-GIN-A-TA NUN-KI-GA HE-GAL * SIG-GA-A-AN 13 ilu sa E-au tal-lak-ta-su ina E-ri-duYo hegalli ma-la-a-ti EN K. 5,120, HE-EN-GUB-BA after NA„ 3 K. 5,120, gi-ru. K. 5,120, ziz for zi-iz. 4 5 K. 5,120, su. K. 5,120 omits. 6 K. 5,120, ana. 7 This line is replaced by INIM-INIM MA GIS-MA-NU SAG . . . on K. 5,120. 8 9 K 55'479> E " A - 5» T2 ° and s5AJ9,aluEridu. 10 55,608 . . . ba a-sar for ina as-ri. ll 55,608 inserts MI. 12 13 55,479 inserts KI. 55,608 . . . SU-SU-GA-A. 14 15 55,479, NAKBU. 55*479. alu \_Eridu]. a Kiskanu. From the description of the kiskanu salmu in these lines it may be inferred that it grew wild (it " springeth forth in a place undefiled " ) , it was of thick or dense growth (" bountiful in luxuriance," " like a forest grove"), its locality was the river bank ("where earth is, there is its place, and the Couch of the Goddess Id (the River Goddess) its home"). It occurs in the grammatical lists
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Incantation :— In Eridu groweth the dark kiskanu a That springeth forth in a place undefined. and the various explanations of this text. 50) . TABLET " K. From E a its way in Eridu Is bountiful in luxuriance. kiskanu must therefore be the name of several species of tree or shrub bearing different coloured flowers. H. and since three varieties are known (white. and Mr. of which there are more than thirty varieties (v. 180. . part xiv). berries. ii. the great overseer. where three kinds are m e n t i o n e d . and a few lines below several kinds of vine are explained." and not u. agrees with the description given above. 1. in Merodach Baladan's Garden (ibid. pi. 185. " Unto the kindly hands of Shamash " Night and day may he commend him. " wood.I. Everything points to its being a real shrub or tree and not a mythical one.. / / ^ (" white " ) . has kindly suggested to me that the astragalus. On the possibility of its being one of the tragacanthbearing varieties. 45. W. 52 ff. and sdmi (" brown " ?). of the Royal Gardens at Kew. blue (?). H.. Pearson's article on Palestinian Flora in Encyclopaedia Biblica. incantation. From the first line of this incantation we know that it grew in Eridu (i." 20I " May Ishum. or fruit." or SAR (postpositive). Texts. Southern Babylonia).A. or in the list of vegetables. also Mr. The determinative in Sumerian is GIS." Exorcism.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES..e. " T h e potent sprite of the Gods. etc.). see Introduction. 4. " plant. salmi (" dark " ) . (W. under Palestine). " Stand at his head and guard him through the night. Whereof the brilliance is shining lapis Which reacheth unto Ocean . and brown). and it does not occur in the plant lists still extant (see Cun. Pearson.

MU .la . .GAR .UN . . -lu(?)-ti-i sa-bit ka-ti kir-bi8 -su la sum-mu sa pa-ni-su a-na .) ki .zi RI .BUR ilu ina (PLATE XLVII.BA . su-\a-tu . . GIS-KIN-BI SU-IM-MA-AN-HU MUH-[MULU] an ^ tin ^ tin ^ *a ai» Eridi kis-ka-nu-u id-[du-u] .su tar-su ana lib-bi-su man-ma la ir-ru-bu I95.NA .ku DINGIR-RA-NA is.tal.AN .RA IGI .DIB .NI .ti3 sil.[RA] ina ri .A NA KI SI KUR ID ilu AA- AN 190.GAL .ku -[mi] 205.GE BA .ri .LU .GE [DINGIR] .es ameli DU mut .an DINGIR .LA .202 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. . ameli mar ili-su se-id dum-ki du-un-ku5 i-da-a-su lu-ka-a\a]-an LAL . .NA KA .BABBAR AN .TA ina bi .TAR .ma kis. DINGIR-KA-HE-GAL DINGIR-IGI-DU-GAL 200. KI TUS .DAGAL .IN .PAP .lu sa ki .A .* SIG-GA HE-EN-LAH-LAH-[GI-ES] sa .si . . MULU-GISGAL-LU UTUG-* SIG-GA ALAD.lal -la.rit 4 pi .HAL . KI - su - bat A su ? a .GE SU 6 . SA DINGIR .i na-ra-\a- ti] ki .su ID Samsu ilu Dumu .BI .GISGAL .sar ma-a-a-lux GIS-TIR ir .li.BI la-mas-si SA . is-bu-su-ma SAG eli ameli] si-pat ap-si-i MULU .7 7 . .tint sa GIS-MI ma AN SA-BI NA - DINGIR - ki-is-su-su MULU „ E-AZAG-GA-A-NI-TA LAL-E NU-MU-UN-DU-TU-TU-NE [i] -na2 biti el.bi . .BA 7 NU .

On . . abroad. T h e gods Ka-Hegal." 203 Where earth is. K 5. 55>479> ina. 8 K. the son of his god. which seizeth on the hand Of him whose face hath not been turned towards it 1 3 5 6 7 a 2 55>479> -al-tum(}). 205. In its depths (are) Shamash and Tammuz. 5. .479. 5. Thus. and not BA as in the text. [and over the Have performed the Incantation of the Deep.183.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES. . there is its place. Shi-Dugal. K. turn. 190.183. and none may 195. That a kindly Guardian. see Introduction. (PLATE XLVII. ana ki-rib." the meaning of sabdsu. K. TABLET " K.183 omits. And the Couch of the Goddess Id its home. a kindly Spirit May stand at the side of the man. dum-ki. man] . In an undefiled dwelling like a forest grove Its shade spreadeth enter in. 4 55.) At the confluence of two a streams 200. (and) of Eridu [ H a v e gathered] this kiskanu. 5. ri-ta. T h e . . Literally "between the mouths of two (or both) streams. (And) at the head of the wanderer have set (it).183.

iz .Bl] 225.su ALAD .GUB i-d\i-a-su lu-u-ka-a-a-an dam-ku HE .EN .I lit-ta-'-id . . .E GIR .BA . HUL -ha (?) se .E I l HA . .G A .MU . .EN .[* SIG .AN .A mar KAN .PA MULU .UN .NINNI .LU .GUB .BA 6 li .DA .[* SIG] .ru .NA 220.te .RA .u] /// . ME UR HE .[KI .u .si .MU .KUD li .GA ?] ilu [E-a}] 230.us 210.PA ili-su : DU ZI [AN] .lu DINGIR .NA ina H E .ta . it .BA li .RA ilu HU .[LU] a .I su . LAL . la-mas-\si DINGIR . . -e(J)-ri{J) ZU 2 sa pi sar-ri ina ur-hu lik-lis E -A 21$.ip . .204 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.ip .GA [se . . .e . MULU .ziz dd]m .I .me .Bl] \amelu .GA ID . UTUG-HUL u-tuk-ku DIB-BA-A-NI lim-nu ka-mu-su BAR-KU ina HE-IM-TA-GUB a-ha-a-ti li-iz-ziz UTUG .AN .NA KAN .TA .GISGAL .AN .ni -' .DA .EN .lu .KUD \be-el\-ti biti 4 rabi-ti mu-du-ti Is-tar ina lip-ru-us-su A-LA-HUL GIDIM-HUL MULLA-HUL [UTUG-HUL] DINGIR-HUL 5 MASKIM-HUL ZI KI .iz .GE el-litz ilu HU .[GISGAL .I .su BAR . .IM .ziz HE .ku ri .GUB a-ha-a-ti li-iz-ziz GIR-A-AN AN-NA LUGAL-LA-GE HU-MU-UN-DA-AN-GUB .' .GUB .id DINGIR . [NIN . . .KU li-mut-ti KA(?) ina HE .GAL] AZAG DINGIR .du SAG .

(b) . May an evil May . 4.183.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES. Let [this man ?] praise . .235 translates . ra-bi su lim-nu. stand. the mouth of the king restrain it on the way. may it retard its foot. .235 translates (a) . Let [this man ?] praise Ea(?) By Earth be ye 2 K. N I . . evil Fiend ! By Heaven be ye exorcised! exorcised ! T h e man. wise. 220. From the dwelling-place cut it off. and pure. .626 translates nis . . evil God. DA-AN-GUB-BA. ." 205 [From where] he lieth. 5 K. May a kindly Spirit stand continually at his side. [O evil Spirit]. 3. May 230. stand aside therefrom. 210. TABLET " K. . [the Lady] mighty.235 inserts the ends of two lines. . . 3. from .235 inserts UN. (a) . . evil Demon. 5. evil Devil. evil Ghost. . K. 215. 3. irsitim{tirn) lu-u-ta-mat\ K. May the evil Spirit that hath seized him stand aside ! May a kindly Guardian stand at his head. 5 K. . 4 K. May Ishtar. 3 1 . . 225. (b) . -su li-iz-ziz after 1. . 225. li-ti.235. . e-kim-mu lim-nu. . the son of his god. 3. 3. K. .

NA-GE.ik . .) GA GA DA GE E n d s of lines 238-251 :—(238) .SI . .A . . . [UTUG-*SIG-GA] ALAD-*SIG-GA DINGIR-SAG-GAG-GA-GIM [SAG]-GA-NA .te te - pi sir [DINGIR . [DINGIR . (241) . sa ilH BA .EN] . US-SA. . . (245) ..GAR ri-si-su is-ku-un-ma A-nim ina 255.ti MASE1IM-HUL 260. (244) . (250) . (243) . . kar-da-a-ti. . .GE [a . .mat ilu PA] . iz~za-az.] kis SAG . [Hiatus of about nine lines. . (247) .GA . .IN . (239) . -mat sar-ru-ti.HE . (242) . [rik-sa ?]-a-ti sak-nu. (246) . GUB-BA.KI .NA .E . (251) . (240) . (248) . (249) . . [iluDam ki na] - [DINGIR-SILIG-ELIM-NUN-NA SAG-G]A TAG-TAG-BI ZU-AB-GE (PLATE XLVIII.NI .su da . .GE lis lis DU-SAG ZA-A-KAN E .DAM . SAG „ kima HE-EN-LAH-LAH-GI-ES ina ri-si-su lu-u-ka-a-a-an li . Zl(?) UR-SAG-GA-GE.kil . . ..lu MULLA-HUL DINGIRHE-EN-TUK-TUK-E-NE GIDIM-HUL Hi ba-ni-su ana A-LA-HUL GAR-* SIG-GA-A-NI ri . .NUN .E 235. pa-as-hi-ri.GAL . SAR-TA GAR-RA.DI . . . en-da. NAMLUGAL-LA-GE. . UTUG-HUL DINGIR-HUL DINGIR-RAB-KAN-ME DINGIR-RAB-KAN-ME-A RAB-KAN-ME-KIL .NA HE . . .206 I DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA. .EN . -te.is . . . . .me .a] . . GISBANSUR-GE. . .

260. i.. 26. Or a Ghoul. Or a Hag-demon. 80 flf. a (PLATE XLVIII." 207 May [the word of E a ] make clear! 235.] [Hiatus of about five lines. That a kindly Spirit (and) a kindly Guardian. May stand at his head continually. Or an evil Ghost or an evil Devil. TABLET " K. eldest son of the Ocean Deep !] Thine is the power [to brighten] and bless.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES. a These lines are restored from Cun. Or an evil God or an evil Fiend. pi. . 238-251 remaining. T o exalt his head to favour. 255. Texfs. Whether it be an evil Spirit or an evil Demon. and pi. 30 flf.) [Incantation] [Ends of 11. 11. part xvii. May [Damkina] direct aright! [O Marduk. Like the God that created him.] H e hath put the [potent meteorite ?] of heaven at his head. 11.

sa ana ma-a-ti id-ku . [NAM .u\s .e [Small hiatus. .tar [ana \li .MA .ir . . . SIG (?) ID MULU . UTUG.TA ID-KAB-BU .SU . BI ID .[ N I ] . . . KU . [GAR . . im .ME .ME .tu G l ] . .ma ana su . MULU-LIL-LA UH(?)-HUL BAR - KI-EL-LIL-LA KI-EL-UD-DA KAR-RA UH(?)-ZU KU UH (?)-RI-A GAR-SA-A G A R . .ni\ U .A GIG .NA .GA BI •• A 2 7 5 .SUB] .SUM] U .LA [ G l ] .tu ru . . .SU . .[ N I .GA •ru-ru-tu mur . .H U L HE IM TA GUB GIM-MA 2 6 5 .ME .208 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.* SIG-GA LAH-GI-ES INIM-INIM-MA GIS-KIR EN .K I . MULU-TUR-RA IN SAL-* SIG-GA BUR .TUR . 270.me -It . .GIR . .* SIG-GA HE-EN-DA-LAH- . . .[ N I . [ALAD].BIL .' .) .BIL -LA me . .tu sa tluIs . [ID]-ZI-DA-KU MU-UN-KESDA .] 280 UTUG .RA KI . (PLATE XLIX. sin-nis-tu da-me-ik-tu pur-su-\jim-tu\ .H U L ZU .ku . . .KESDA] U .BI N U N .

sorcery. . Or evil spell. . [Perform the Incantation] of Eridu. . Or the Handmaid of the Phantom. . . 275.] [Incantation] :— . . . Or a Phantom of Night. TABLET " K. water (PLATE XLIX.) [Bring unto him a censer] and a torch." 209 Or a Robber-sprite. Enchantment or any evil. . . Incantation . [casteth ?] disease upon the land. . May a kindly Spirit (and) a kindly Guardian Be present. . . Let a woman pure and aged Bind on his right the . [Small hiatus. . the sick man Incantation 270. witchcraft. spittle of Ishtar.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES. . Or a Wraith of Night. . May it stand aside ! 265. And on his left [Of that man] do thou [bind] his limbs. a censer . . .

LU .me .BA iz .ti MULU-RA MU-UN-NA-AN-GAR i .kin GUB . . .nu DINGIR-BABBAR-GE Sin u Samsi MULU-RA MULU-RA [DINGIR]-DINGIR-NINNI-GE ilu Is .NA ameli ameli amelu [SAG] .NA GIG-GA NAM .turn DINGIR-RAB-KAN-ME se .tar im .e .GISGAL .tu it .ma . . 290 \jna sa . [sa] sa UTUG sa ilM E ri .zu SU-SU is-sa-an SU-SU SU-SU is . 310 . [sa ilu DINGIR SILA-A-* SIG-GA-GE im-tum GIG mu-si U amelu NA MULU-RA-SU-SU „ il su-ki sa-ku-um-me LIGIR na-gir ilu DINGIR-PA-SAG-GA l]-sum [Hiatus.GE .ti .lu . . .es UH (?) im-tum UH(?) UH (?) ka . el EL .turn u la .sa .si] ina tlu SAG .sa .sa .GA .NA ri .an 285.BA GUB . sa a . DINGIR-NIN-A-ZU sa ilu LUGAL GIS-KU-GE UH (?) MULU-RA kak-ki im-tum amelu is-sa-an UH (?) is-[sa-an] „ sar DINGIR-LUGAL sa 305. i .ha . .am .tas . .bar . .di SU-SU MULU-RA 300. . .MULU . 295.an is . [G]l .GA . .210 DEVILS AND EVIL SPIRITS OF BABYLONIA.a . .a .ti amelu im .za . ] U-ZAG-HI-LI-SAR lil-lu-u .

. The continually. . 305. hath filled the man with venom.INCANTATION OF A SIMILAR SERIES. From Spirit and Hag-demon hath filled the man with venom. which at the head of the man standeth. that burneth [like] fire hath settled on the man. sick at . . From Ninazu. king of the sword. * [hath filled . overseer of night the man with venom]. . TABLET " K. 300. . From Sharru. the . head of the man standeth 290. From Sin and Shamash hath filled the man with venom. hath filled the man with venom. . From Ishtar hath filled the man with venom. . From Ishum." 211 285 . . the god of foul streets. 295. of mankind.


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