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Team Members
Abhishek Jaiswal

Amarpreet Gill
Amrinder Sahota Mohit Pandya Rutul Patel

Prepared For: Alain Londes

Lego: Enjoying 55th Anniversary

Case Review
Market segmentation SWOT Factors affecting target market decision Reaching beyond

Social media marketing strategy

Lessons Learned Recommendations Questions

Lego: Enjoying 55th Anniversary

Begin in furniture, table and chair

1916- purchased by Ole kirk Christiansen

Great depression 1929 Wooden version of Toys 1949- Plastic Lego 1953- Lego Bricks/Lego Mursten 1958- Patent registered

Case Review

Marketing product on Social Web with the advancement in Social Media

Efficiently segmenting the target market

4Ps of Marketing

Market Segmentation

Connecte d Communi ty

SWOT Analysis

Strengt hs
Brand Creative Nonviolent(Optional) Copyright & patent Wide Lego community

Weaknesse s
Limited Product offering Inefficient production Children hazardous


Tie up with production houses

Product Extension


New product line

Feminine segment

Partnership with companies

Phone apps, online gams

Rules & Regulation Switch to the virtual games


Factors influencing Target Market Decision

How can Lego reach secondary audience

Primary market: 6 to 12 year olds

Social Media Marketing Strategy





Lessons Learned

Companies having one or similar products must do market segmen new platform of social media Consumer considers purchase Views brand on companys website and is improved by users revi Consumer interaction with brand after and before purchase. Consumer references and experiences Evaluation of Brand Consumer buys the product, photographs the product in store, post for other to comment on and receives personal manages with coupo from the brand. Should start developing interactive games.


Targeted road shows around the country Should create interactive games and websites User discussion forums Identifying more consumers Building Relationships Corporate Social Responsibility

Lego Today
Lego group announced an open source Firmware (Software for innovation) for developers. Introduced new product like Lego Bible, Lego Testament.

Increased partnership more film production houses for characters of the movie like they did with Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Developed Mindstorms community for being more interactive with audience.

Q1) Since Legos patent has expired, how Lego would capitalize on the product by charging premium prices since new competitor would enter the market? Q2) What do you think the future of marketing in LEGO will be?


Future relevant update for Lego lovers

Happy valentine day