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Roughometer III

collect accurate roughness data with integrated GPS

Roughometer III
New Features Fully integrated and time stamped GPS
USB connection for fast download of data Up to 13,000 kms of survey data storage Improved software with automatic download

of data, faster processing and customisable maps

The Roughometer III is a cost-effective, easy to install, portable device which provides objective and repeatable roughness results. The Roughometer III is a WorldBank Class 3 roughness measurement device, which actually exceeds the limitations of the category. Whilst the Roughometer is a response-type roughness device, it eliminates the uncertainties associated with the vehicle, such as the suspension or passanger weight, by directly measuring the axle movement with a precision accelerometer. This means that compared with other Class III roughness devices, such as a bump integrator, the Roughometer III does not need to be calibrated experimentally to produce a true IRI. The system is suitable for use on both sealed and unsealed roads and is capable of collecting up to 13,000km of data.

Practical and easy to use, the Roughometer III provides a simple technique for road quality assessment and now has the advantage of an integrated GPS unit. Once a survey has been undertaken, the Roughometer III processing software enables the data to be formatted into custom graphs, tables and maps.


Provide objective data for true evaluation of the roughness level of the road Objectively compare and analyse which roads are in need of repair Monitoring roughness deterioration trends, reviewing successive survey results spaced over several months

Features and Benefits

Accurate and repeatable outputs regardless of vehicle type, suspension and passenger loads Distance measurement from a high accuracy, wheel mounted Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI) Integrated GPS for location data with on screen display of satellite tracking status Axle-mounted inertial sensor (non contact) used to determine road profile and roughness No in-vehicle computer required Can be installed into most vehicles

Fast and simple download of data, to laptop or computer, using the USB connection Outputs in International Roughness Index (IRI) or NAASRA counts Multi-format reports available as detailed tables, graphs, GPS maps and CSV files, suitable for use in a spreadsheet No periodic calibration required Vista Business compatible

Hand-held controller Power supply Inertial sensor on axle Hand-held controller

Interface module GPS receiver DMI Interface


Power supply Inertial sensor on axle

GPS receiver DMI


Roughometer hand held controller Interface module Inertial Module and mounting brackets Vehicle power cables & USB communications cable Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI) GPS antenna

GPS magnetic roof mount Roughometer users manual Roughometer processing software

Roughometer III
Specifications Data storage capacity Communication Power source Data sampling interval Inertial sensor Roughness units Accuracy (roughness) 13,000 kms (2GB memory) USB cable adaptor 12 V DC, with cables supplied for cigarette lighter connection or direct battery connection 50 mm (2 inches) Single sensor mounted on inside of drivers side rear wheel Mounting brackets (live axle and IRS) and a selection of clamps supplied with kit International Roughness Index (IRI) Australian bump integrator units (NAASRA counts) IRI: Correlates to better than 0.5 IRI of true IRI (when operated within design parameters) NAASRA: 12 NAASRA counts IRI: 0.1 IRI. NAASRA: 5 NAASRA counts Optimal speed 40 to 60 km/h (25 to 40 mph) Dependent on road condition Roughometer Processing software (supplied) for IBM Compatible Pentium II or Windows XP / Vista (PC not supplied) Wheel-mounted Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI) User selectable. Metric (kilometers) or Imperial (mile) Better than 0.1% +/- 3 to 15 metres (subject to availability of WAAS) 1 second Magnetic roof mount (supplied)

Resolution Survey speed Software / office computer Distance measurement Distance units Distance Accuracy GPS Position Accuracy GPS Update rate GPS Antenna Mounting

Note: ARRB Group Ltd reserves the right to change these specifications without notice. Whilst every care is taken in preparing these specifications, ARRB recognises that there may be classes of surface and applications for which the device has not been tested, and for which the device may not meet the stated specifications.

Authorised Distributor: ARRB Group Ltd. 500 Burwood Highway Vermont South VIC 3133 Australia P: +61 3 9881 1555 F: +61 3 9887 8104
June 2009