Assign nment 4 Due date: Feb 18

Turn in your homewor problems in order, an always wr y rk nd rite down al the steps that led y ll s you to the answer. If you do not turn in a prob lem, write the number and letter, e.g. 2(b) , and n , ance propert ties are ne eeded, use the table i in the text book. write ‘no answer’. When substa Please st taple your homework. h

Problem 1 ystem is desig gned to produ a flat radia sheet of wa uce al ater. The shee leaves the n et nozzle A nozzle for a spray sy 0 vers 180° of arc, and ha thickness t = 1.5 mm. T nozzle d f as The discharge rad dius is at V2 = 10 10 m/s, cov m er e i and R = 50 mm. The wate supply pipe is 35 mm in diameter a the inlet pressure is p1 = 150 kPa (abs). Evaluate the axial force exerted by the spray noz on the cou t t zzle upling to the supply pipe.

Problem 2 cal el y The vertic gate in a water channe is partially open. Ass suming no ch hange in wate level and a er hydrostati pressure distribution, derive an ic , n expression for the stre n eamwise forc Fx on onece half of th gate as a function of ( ρ , h, w,θ ,V1 ) . he f Apply your result to the case of water at 20°C, t w , V1 = 0.8 m/s, h = 2 m, w = 1.5 m, an θ = 50° . m nd

ENSC 2 (Spring 2013) 283



Dr. Pe eyman Taheri

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