Energy Medicine and Diabetes

For our discussion of diabetes here, it’s important to bear in mind that we’re talking about the energy interactions thought to be the root cause of diabetes. Remember our maxim:Everything is Energy The primary energy system related to diabetes is the Spleen Meridian. The energy of Spleen Meridian is believed to encompass the pancreas, which is the organ that produces insulin, among other hormones. Applying the methods listed below could have the effect of keeping blood sugar in better balance. It could also help create a new pattern of insulin production in the pancreas. The type of diabetes determines how much the illness could be turned around. If a person was born without the ability to create insulin, they will probably always need to have it supplied externally. But even in that situation, the procedures described below could help the pancreas to function more effectively. For the blood sugar to stay balanced, it is crucial that Spleen Meridian be kept strong. This is done primarily by sedating Triple Warmer Meridian and then by directly strengthening Spleen Meridian. In Energy Medicine there are several ways to do this, and it might be good tor use every way possible since what is required with this illness is to literally retrain a deeply held energy habit in the body. 1. Sedate Triple Warmer Meridian and Strengthen Spleen Meridian 2. Massage the Spleen Neurolymphatic Reflex Points 3. Hold the Spleen Neurovascular Points 4. Do the Three Thumps, paying special attention to the third of the three. The energy of Liver Meridian is also often involved in diabetes (as well as hypoglycemia). You can follow similar steps described for spleen for balancing the liver meridian. 5. Flush the Liver Meridian using acupuncture points. 6. Massage Liver Neurolymphatic Reflex Points 7. Hold the Liver Neurovascular Points

8. The Daily Energy Medicine Tuneup could be an excellent way to maintain better harmony in your energy systems and in your physical body, whatever the health challenge is.

Stress Relief with the Triple Warmer Flush is HOT!

How to calm the Triple Warmer meridian to ease trauma, calm stress and shakiness, bounce back from chronic insomnia or fatigue, and help ADD and ADHD kids focus.

By Victoria Anisman-Reiner on Apr 3, 2007

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Of the many Energy Medicine tools to balance the body and mental energies, sedating the triple warmer meridian may be the most practical and the simplest for addressing panic, stress, trauma, energy drain and helping hyperactive children. This is the Brain Gym exercise to use if the day has been stressful and you can’t take the time to relax or meditate, but you desperately want to quiet your spinning thoughts. It’s also an easy, quick technique that you can use on yourself, your friends, kids, and even on upset animals to calm them down. What is the Triple Warmer meridian? The “triple warmer” or “tri-heater” is one of the 14 energy meridians from Chinese medicine. In the Chinese system, every part of the body is correlated to one of the meridians - an invisible line of energy flow. The health of an organ or system is affected by the corresponding meridian and has an direct impact on the strength and energy of the meridian. By clearing and balancing the energies of the meridians, health can be established in the body and the psyche. The triple warmer meridian corresponds to the most important glands in the body, including the thyroid and the adrenal glands. It regulates the metabolism and is related to aspects of the immune system - but in energy work, the triple warmer is most well known for its connection to the stress response. What can throw the Triple Warmer out of balance? The triple warmer meridian is activated whenever your body or your emotions are stressed. In tandem with the adrenaline response, it wakes up when your heart is

When the triple warmer is over-energized. but it can also be related to energy depletion. Does this sound familiar?  An executive needs to stay calm and collected in front of a tough room of potential clients. touch the end point. Thankfully. as one might imagine. but can’t keep his hands from shaking A high school student with an exam the next morning is so nervous she can’t close her eyes to sleep Kids who haven’t eaten sugar or watched tv in weeks still go tearing around the house making noise and won’t calm down A mother who crashes in any free moment because she is so accustomed to multi-tasking and being continuously busy    All of these are examples of an over-energized triple warmer that won’t turn off. Unfortunately. since the “fight or flight response” is in our DNA. or calms it. The stress response is ingrained in our bodies for physical survival. your blood pumping.which means that their triple warmer is too strong. are chronically over-energized . as well as most The exact path of the meridian is not important: only that you touch the exact start and end points. then glide your hand over the area through which the meridian passes. To run a meridian backward. Triple warmer over-energy is often connected to conditions involving a hyperactive thyroid. . the goal is to calm it. sedates. it kicks in too quickly for our needs in the modern world and it can be difficult to shut it down once the time for urgency has passed. An over-energized triple warmer is one of the most common energy imbalances. Many children with diagnosed or suspected ADD. and your nerves jangling. there is a simple exercise you can do to help calm this energy down. and running a meridian backwards weakens. finishing by touching the beginning point. chronic fatigue and the weight gain and sluggishness of hypothyroid conditions. How to relax and calm stressful energy by sedating the Triple Warmer meridian "Running" a meridian in its usual direction strengthens its energy.

Now repeat this Follow us: @suite101 on Twitter | Suite101 on Facebook . Touch the fourth finger (the “ring finger”) at the base of the nail. Then pass your hand back (away from your face). across the back of your shoulder. and down the outside of your arm and the back of your hand. over and around your ear. furthest from your nose. Related articles: What are Meridians? and the Watch Batteries and the Heart Meridian Copyright Victoria Anisman-Reiner Read more at Suite101: Sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian | Suite101 http://suite101. That’s it! Long-term impact Like most chronic challenges that are related to the body's energy field. and may assist in weight loss thanks to the thyroid’s role in regulating metabolism. the triple warmer meridian does not “like” being sedated and will take any stressful opportunity as a chance to flip back into over-energy. This correction may need to be done frequently for a while until the body’s balance is restored. self-esteem. at least three times on each side of your body. gently. down the back of your neck.Sedating the Triple Warmer: Use the opposite hand to touch the outside edge of the eyebrow. Long-term sedation of the triple warmer can have a positive impact on groundedness.

we are subject to stresses 24/7. in her book: Energy Medicine. but if you study any kind of anthropology you will see that in fact people always had a lot of fears. adverse chemicals in food. and the spirit world. To summarize it in a couple of sentences doesn’t do it justice. Stress of disease. lack of money (or maybe too much!). if the situation is long term. Not just of tigers. expectations of others. noise. starvation. damaging the mechanism that produces these hormones.) The Defense Meridians People who study Energy Medicine go a step further and explain how the flight/fight mechanism of body the body is related to two meridians. Allergies and Food Sensitivities But when the Energy Body is out of order. which is why we have allergies and food sensitivities. 2011 by admin Stress Stress is a big catchword these days. say the articles. and the continuation of the flight/fight hormones create problems. unfulfilled desires. when the sabre-toothed tiger was about to eat us – but have periods of calm in between (as in when we were eating the tiger. Many websites and magazines relate our inability to cope with it because we are no longer living in caves. . either in keeping us hyper for too long or. Now. It starts attacking things that ought to be beneficial to us. and the creation of the white blood cells that gobble up pathogens in the blood stream. the Spleen meridian helps in our defense by loving anything it comes into contact with. The theory is that in the good old days we would be fearful for a short time – say. and the Triple Warmer meridian (which can move around the body as well as stay in its channel) is the fighter. anyway. and so on.Curing Food Sensitivities Using the Triple Warmer Meridian http://lifeaccordingtopenny. but of their enemies. but basically. Donna Eden. the Triple Warmer meridian can get confused. (That’s the theory. It boosts things like the release of the flight/flight hormones. explains this in great detail and I strongly recommend you to read her account. pain. Posted on March 16.) The flight/fight hormones that are necessary for our survival had periods when they could drain out of our bodies.

even organic ones. commercially made ascorbic acid (which is in almost all canned Donna Eden first strengthened the Triple Warmer. I asked Penny if it would work with food sensitivities. I was making bread with regular flour for my guests and even just handling the flour was giving me my usual sore throat and flu-like symptoms. then sedated it. This first picture is taken from Donna Eden’s site:http://www. After a few similar treatments. I asked her if I could eat the bread if I sedated the Triple Warmer. I held Penny in front of a slice of bread. I was pretty skeptical. sulphites. I followed Eden’s instructions. After more than a year of occasional visits to the nutritionist (she lived too far away for me to see more regularly) I had a huge list of no-nos: soy.php?option=com_content&view=articl e&id=36:acupuncture-points&catid=4 . which the boy and his mother could do at home. I placed a slice of bread (in a plastic bag!) down the waistband of my pants to hold it against my stomach. Bread and cheese were my two biggest regrets: I make the best bread in the world and I love a good cheese. Penny said: Yes. She used the Triple Warmer Meridian. gluten. sugar. She said: No. caffeine. with more weeds on his stomach. alcohol. Curing Food Sensitivities using the Triple Warmer Meridian About 2/3 of the way through Donna Eden’s book I came upon a couple of pages where Eden describes curing a young teen of severe hay fever.theinnersourcestore.My first introduction to Energy Medicine was being muscle tested for food sensitivities. She said Yes. he was cured. and held the first pair of the sedating points. She told her patient to lie on his back clutching the weeds that were troubling him.). dairy.

.I have borrowed the drawing on the right to make it clearer.

then held Penny in front of it. 3 finger-widths below the knee cap. You can tell you are in the right place because if you flex your foot you can feel the muscle jump. I went through this routine with the slice of bread. She said: Yes.The first two points must be held for 2 and half – 3 minutes. 1 finger-width above the elbow. The other hand holds the opposite arm at the same time. My symptoms usually appeared the following . The first point on the leg is just to the outside of the shinbone. The second two points are selfexplanatory. the second two for 1 and half – 2 minutes. I ate it without much hope.

it was the biggest breakthrough of my life. visualizing a long session before all the foodstuffs were safe for me to eat but suddenly almost everything was accepted. pretty dried fruits. Commercially. I ask which meal. next to discovering the pendulum in the first I held the pendulum in front of the bread again. Penny does not like moulds. But. The only things I still cannot eat are preservatives. either. I don’t know. and commercially made ascorbic acid (also known as citric acid and Vitamin C) which is found in almost all canned and preserved goods. I had none. She said No. Whether this routine would have been so effective for me if I had approached it without several weeks of practicing Energy Medicine. Sedating the TW after the fact is not as effective as sedating it before hand but it still helps. then I ask which food. including health foods. The most annoying are sulphites (no vinegars. To my surprise. I looked it up on the web. wine etc). I often still get the sensitivity symptoms. Penny continued to say: Yes. Another baggie stuffed down my waistband and a repeat of the exercise. Would it work for cheese? Cheese had given me such a strong negative reaction when I was being muscle tested that the nutritionist had to take it out of the room! I held Penny in front of the cheese. I asked her if I could safely eat it if I sedated the TW. if I give that food a rest for a few days I can eat it again without trouble. ascorbic acid is cultured from a mould. For three or four days I picked another one or two substances I was having trouble with. And it worked. Well! I thought. I ask Penny if it was something I ate. Yes. If Yes. It means I cannot take Vit C supplements. . Usually. If I have increased stresses in my life.

At times it can get overly excited. . The following is a (also view video with same name) The Triple Warmer Meridian is your ―Fight or Flight‖ response in your body. When this happens. Sometimes our bodies forget how to calm this response back down. our bodies pump out powerful chemicals that can become quite destructive unless they are properly burned out and the meridian is quieted.Sedate the Triple Warmer and Strengthen the Spleen by Pamela Ann http://pamelaannezell. quick procedure that will sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian.

Check how you are feeling. This Meridian tends to get revved back up quite easily when it has developed the habit to run rampant.DO NOT Sedate the Triple Warmer! You can start to feel so mellow that you just want to kick back and Relax all day in bed! Remember: Always strengthen the Spleen Meridian whenever you sedate the Triple warmer by pressing or massaging 1 ½ inches below the center of each breast (not below the breast) with the heels of your hands. up around and behind the ear. down the outside of the arm.Drink some water. Caution: if you already feel internally relaxed. Continue to take a deep breaths and then exhale as you trace this meridian. It also works great with kids and animals too. Do this procedure three times on either side of your Body. then take a deep cleansing breath and as you slowly exhale do the following: With your opposite hand. You can do this procedure as often as you would like. Then draw a line with your fingers on your body from that point to in front of the ear. Easily allow yourself to let go of what you would like to release as you calm down this Meridian. furthest from the nose. begin by pressing at the point of the eyebrow with three fingers. Notice if your soul feels more relaxed and comforted. . behind the head to the back of the neck. down the top of the ring finger and press the base of the nail of the ring finger. across the back of the shoulder. across the top of the hand. down the neck. It is the line of your eyebrow after the arch.

Chapter 8 of Energy Medicine details numerous techniques for doing So another way to strengthen Spleen meridian is to sedate Triple Warmer. Sedating Triple Warmer: Because of their relationship on the Meridian Flow Wheel. In addition to governing metabolism. Repeat. grab one wrist. and we are less resilient if we do become ill. Here are some techniques for working with Spleen meridian:Nip An Illness in the Bud: If you’re starting to feel sick. but it is more vital to health than is sometimes recognized. 4. . Stomach meridian governs worry and life’s everyday stresses. lean to the left — stretching your right side. Triple Warmer is always pulling energies from other meridians. Remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Because of its central role in the body’s survival. push in and drag over the shoulders finishing on the heart chakra. The Back Scratch: Simply scratching all over your back is a most pleasant way to activate Spleen meridian. She is an amazing educator. push up over the ears. stress. Spleen meridian. These are vital functions for our health and sense of well-being. depletion of energy on Spleen meridian is almost epidemic. releasing Triple Warmer sends that energy to Spleen meridian.) Spleen meridian deals with metabolism. deliberate exhalation. 25 in the book Energy Medicine. But because Triple Warmer pulls from Spleen meridian first (because Spleen is its partner from across the Flow Wheel). Spleen meridian. pollutants. but Spleen meridian also governs the “metabolism” of. We usually think of food when we think of metabolism.) I have just completed Donna’s 5 day intensive which was the first 5 day intensive in Europe. and inhale. More tips will follow. Metabolism is often taken for granted. 140) is Triple Warmer. can’t break them down to make use of them. Stretch your arms straight over your head. Conversely.colourenergyworks. we put on weight that our body doesn’t need. Spleen meridian’s opposite force on the Meridian Flow Wheel (p. they are just another poison your body has to get rid of. down to the neck. When Spleen meridian is (Page numbers refer to the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.Another is the triple Warmer Smootie. Find five additional energy techniques for reversing an illness at onset on p. leaning to the right this time. drop your fingers onto your shoulders. which is the other meridian that co-governs the immune system. Triple Warmer governs survival-level stress. however. we don’t have our full vitality. we are more vulnerable to illness. along with Stomach meridian. 2. plays many more roles than just metabolizing what we eat. including the prevention of infections and enhancing their positive ways of protecting and healing the body.With your fingers pull across the forehead. or ability to process. It doesn’t matter if a particular food contains the best nutrients on the good green Earth. 252-53). 3. The fact that Spleen meridian’s two closest partners are affected by stress makes stress a double whammy for Spleen meridian. 79-80). shock. you can give your immune system a quick but potent boost by thumping the Spleen meridian neurolymphatics points (pp. (Page numbers refer to the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. If your body can’t metabolize them. but one of the easiest is called “Smoothing Behind the Ears” (pp. 59. helping people to use energy techniques to keep their energy systems flowing and empowering them to heal themselves. keeping Spleen meridian strong provides both Stomach and Triple Warmer meridians with more resources for dealing with stress more effectively. is on Earth Element. Spleen meridian also plays an important role in the immune system. Turn your palms forward.Working with Spleen Meridian http://www. and even thoughts and emotions. On a slow. environmental energies. The Spleen Meridian Stretch: 1.

and activate Meridian System.Massage the Spleen Neurolymphatic Reflex Points Energy Medicine for Cold and Flu 1. strengthen immune function. increase vitality. Spinal Flush or Neurolymphatic Reflex PointsSpinal Flush is best done with a partner. reduce fatigue and stress. provide and energy lift. and unbinds the chest for asthma and chest pain. Tapping the Thymus is like an energet ic jolt of Vitamin C and it actually creates T-Cells. Tap the Thymus Point located on the upper portion of the sternum along the midline of the body to boost your immune function and fight off disease. White blood cells are important to fight off infection and the Thymus Thump can help reduce a fever. 4-Thumps – Tap K27 Points (end of Kidney Meridian) in the hollow under the collarbone and above the first rib on each side of the sternum (breast bone) to boost and restore energy. balance blood chemistry levels and reduce a fever. It is also useful for calming and de-stressing the body. 2. Tap CV17 (Sea of Qi) in the hollow on the sternum directly between the nipples to increase energy flow. NLR Points are located on the front of the body and can . help metabolize and detoxify the lymphatic system. Tap the Spleen Neurolymphatic Reflex Points located one rib below the breasts (below bra line) directly under the nipples to reduce chronic fatigue.

stressed or experiencing emotional overload.more easily be done on oneself. . Use at the first sign of feeling sick. flush toxins and clear stagnant energies from the body. For Spinal Flush massage along each side of the spine and for NLR Points massage each area on front of body associated by organ with firm pressure to move lymph. sluggish.

4. Click here for more Eye Health information. Miso Soup: Cure for the Common Cold? Did you know that Miso Soup with Scallions is actually an ancient Chinese herbal remedy for colds? In 300 AD famous herbalist. Headaches. the point lies on the edge of the index finger.3. To find this point. Ge Hong. Trace Figure 8′s around eyes in both directions. So. Tap or massage around eyes and eyebrow. Lung 7 is one of the most powerful points on the lung meridian. This acupuncture point is located above the wrist on the inside of the arm below the thumb. 3. 5. the next time you feel . in the depression between the sinew and just over the bone. massage or hold this point until cough subsides. Close eyes and gently do tiny spindle cell pinches over eyelid. This soup is indicated for the onset of a cold when a person is just beginning to feel a headache. Runny Nose and Sinus Congestion or Pressure. Bei ji zhou hou fang or Emergency Formulas to Keep Up One’s Sleeve. Energy Medicine for Eye techniques are also excellent for Colds. 1. Eye Pain. Press thumbs on Stomach 3 and place fingers over GB 14 (frontal neurovasculars) and hold. Tap. 4. It is a popular acupuncture point to use for stopping a persistent cough and relieving a sore throat. Lightly pinch around eyes and eyebrows. 2. wrote about Miso Soup with Scallions in a book called. interlock your thumb and index finger of one hand with those of the other. stuffy nose and a slight fever.

. or paper-thin slices of fresh ginger. snow pea sprouts. be sure to have your miso! Here is the simple recipe for Miso Soup that Serves 4: Ingredients: 6 cups water 3-4 Tablespoons Aka Miso or red soy bean paste (usually sold in the refrigerated section) 3-5 green onions stalks. cooked rice noodles. chopped Directions: * * * * Dissolve the miso in a little bit of boiling water (about 2 tsp.) Bring water to a boil in a saucepan and add the miso & scallions. Variations: Add other ingredients to make a more substantial soup.a cold coming on. such as tofu. Remove from heat top with green onions and serve. fresh mushrooms. Simmer for 5-10 minutes. cooked shrimp.

com/5min. Spleen Tap. from The Promise of Energy Psychology http://harmonyharbor. Breathe slowly and deeply. in through your nose and out through your mouth. C. boost your immune system and release stress. This boosts your immune system. B. This helps to restore you when you are tired. Note: If this makes you feel tired rather than revitalized. healing and vitality.pdf 1. You can tap at one of two places (also part of EFT). These are the points right below your collar bone (same one used with the EFT Basic Recipe. The K-27 Points. toxins and stress. . Tap for about 20 seconds. using your thumb and all fingers in the center of your sternum (middle of chest). The Three Thumps. either the neurolymphatic points beneath the breasts and down one rib OR spleen acupuncture points 4 inches below the armpit. balancing your blood chemistry and electrolytes. 2. Tap for 15 seconds while breathing slowly and deeply (in nose out mouth). The Cross Crawl. and to keep your immune system stronger amid stress. This tends to stimulate your energies. while breathing slowly and deeply (in nose out mouth). to increase your vitality.The Five-Minute Daily Energy Routine. A. whichever is more tender. and an exercise called the Homolateral Crossover can bring your energies into a crossover pattern so the Cross Crawl can be more effective (see this below). as you tap or massage these points for 12 seconds. and it helps with the metabolism of food. Tarzan Thump. This exercise supports the crossover patterns in your body’s energies that are necessary for coordination. your energies may not be crossing over at all (they are forming a “homolateral pattern”).

A. and opens the crown chakra to higher inspiration. exaggerating the lift of your leg and the swing of your arm across the midline to the opposite side of your body for at least one minute. placing right foot over left knee. 3. The Wayne Cook Posture. C. wrapping your left hand around right ankle and right hand around bottom of right foot. Do this 5 times. Bring your thumbs to rest on your “third eye. The Crown Pull.” just above the bridge of nose. Switch to the other foot. B. Sit in a chair with your spine straight and place your left foot over your right knee. ADD and other learning disorders. This stimulates blood flow to your head. This technique helps with dyslexia. Breathe in slowly through your nose and pull your leg toward you. and it increases your mental acuity and brings out your best in a performance or confrontation. forming a pyramid. pulling the skin. creating a stretch. breathing slowly and deeply (in nose out mouth). D. Uncross your legs and “steeple” your fingertips. and if this energy doesn’t move out through the energy center at the top of . E. Do this 5 times with same breathing. Wrap your right hand around the left ankle and your left hand around the bottom of your left foot. helps overcome insomnia. relax your body. 4. strengthens memory. Then as you exhale. releases mental congestion. Slowly bring your hands down in front of you. A. March in place. Surrender into your own breathing. allow your thumbs to separate slowly across your forehead. Breathe in and out (in nose out mouth) four full breaths. As you exhale through your mouth. Energy naturally accumulates at the top of your head.

It also breaks up energetic blocks and ultimately energizes your body. Continue this pattern. Curl your fingers and rest your fingertips just above the center of your eyebrows. Give yourself a little massage. 5. and with some pressure. both physical toxins and stagnant energies can become so clogged that physical exercise doesn’t move them. Basically. like walking and stretching. A. This system removes toxins and dead cells from your body. Rest your fingertips at your hairline. fingers curled. as if pulling your head apart. pull your fingers apart so that you stretch the skin just above the eyebrows. but it has no pump like the bloodstream does. it becomes stagnant. F. center of head. called the crown chakra. and repeat the stretch.your head. But if toxins accumulate. D. Massaging your reflex points breaks apart clogged toxins so they can be eliminated from the body. End with your fingers at the back of your shoulders. at each of these locations (top of head. and pulling your hands away from one another. Do the entire sequence 3 times. E. G. neck). The Neurolymphatic Massage. Rest your fingertips at the center of your forehead. thumbs wherever comfortable. The neurolymphatic reflex points. and repeat the stretch. regulate the flow of energy to the lymphatic system. Slowly. Place your thumbs at your temples on the side of your head. back of head. and drop your hands. You can find them by massaging the front of your torso between your ribs and along . you started just above your eyebrows and worked back to your neck. rake your fingers over your shoulders. located all over your torso. B. C. Its flow is stimulated by normal exercise. thumbs still at your temples.

C. Central meridian. Move out to your shoulders. It is as if you are open and exposed. . A. protect yourself from negative energies that may be around you. B. also bridges your body’s energies with the environment. Central meridian. Find another point that is tender. When you are feeling sad or vulnerable. The Zip-Up. C. Simply running your hand up this meridian weaves tight the energies of central meridian. It runs like a zipper from your pubic bone up to your lower lip. Each day. A. think more clearly. teams with bladder meridian to keep your central nervous system functioning at its best. and this is a natural form of self-protection. straight up the center of your body to your lower lip. the energy pathway that moves up the front center of your torso. whose path runs directly above and connects with five of your seven chakras. noting where you’re sore.” This will help you feel more confident. Move the skin in circular motion with strong pressure for at least 5 seconds. Inhale deeply as you move your hands. tap your inner strengths. Massage the points along the half circle where your shoulder meets your torso (arm connection points). probably along sternum or between the ribs or under the breasts. central meridian can be like a radio receiver that channels other people’s negative centers. and you can use the electromagnetic energies of your hands to “zip it up. Place your hands at the bottom end of central meridian (at your pubic bone). B. Briskly tap the K-27 points below your collarbone to assure your meridians are moving in the right direction.the sternum. find 2 or 3 spots that are tender and massage them. Find the collarbone and deeply massage below it (K-27 points). 6. slowly and deliberately.

the energies may quickly revert to the homolateral pattern. the benefits are less likely to last. Circle your arms back down to your pelvis and exhale through the nose. Place the middle finger of one hand on the third eye (between the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose). and hold for 30 seconds. such as tapping or the daily energy routine. bringing your hands past your lips and exuberantly raising them into the sky. Do two more times. It is almost always effective. whatever else you are doing to improve your health. If your energies are homolateral. find your natural coordination. Repatterning is one of the most frequent interventions used by energy-medicine practitioners. a new energy pattern has been installed within ten days to six months. but because the homolateral pattern may be a deeply ingrained habit. When energies are not crossing over adequately.D. A. Place the middle finger of the other hand in the navel. The Hook-Up. they are in a “homolateral” pattern. E. If you are . increases coordination. and your functioning is compromised. putting you into a protective energetic cocoon. By doing the three-minute routine two or three times per day. It can help you think more clearly. THE HOMOLATERAL CROSSOVER Your energies are designed to crisscross. pull it upward. 7. It is critical to get the energies back into their natural crossover pattern (the procedure takes about 3 minutes). Persistence pays. heal as rapidly or assimilate interventions designed to help you. and stabilizes the entire energy system. Continue upward. F. This simple routine connects central and governing meridians. It also strengthens the aura. You cannot think as clearly. B. Gently press each finger into the skin. C.

March in place for 12 lifts doing the Cross Crawl (opposite arm & leg). End with the Wayne Cook Posture (item # 3 above) which will help reinforce the new crossover pattern. 8. resilience and mental acuity. stimulate the K-27 points. March in place for 12 lifts doing the Homolateral Cross Crawl (same arm & leg). it is indeed interfering with your responsiveness to tapping and your general energy level. March in place for 12 lifts doing the Homolateral Cross Crawl (same arm & leg). Shifting homolateral patterning can be a godsend. March in place for 12 lifts doing the Homolateral Cross Crawl (same arm & leg). 6. This is like marching in place using the same arm and leg. 3. 11. Do the “Homolateral Cross Crawl. 13. doing a normal Cross Crawl (item # 2 above). 12.” simultaneously lifting the right arm and the right leg at the same time (this is one lift). 4.” 2. If you’re not sure you are. March in place for 12 lifts doing the Cross Crawl (opposite arm & leg). it won’t harm you to do the exercise. 9. 10. March in place for 12 lifts doing the Cross Crawl (opposite arm & leg). lifting your right arm and left leg and then your left arm and right leg for 12 lifts. March in place for 12 lifts doing the Homolateral Cross Crawl (same arm & leg). . Again. Do12 lifts.homolateral. The Homolateral Crossover 1. 5. deliberately and slowly. Begin by tapping or messaging the K-27 points (below your collarbone—See 1A above) and then do a full body stretch that “reaches for the stars. 7. you needed it. March in place for 12 lifts doing the Cross Crawl (opposite arm & leg). and then the left arm and left leg (considered one lift). If you feel better afterward. more like a walk than a run. March in place.

Hold the Spleen Neurovascular Points
An Energy Practitioner's Guide to Medical Emergencies
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Jeanne Cook, M.D. Donna Eden David Feinstein, Ph.D. Jeff Harris, M.D. Vicki Matthews, N.D. While it is unlikely that energy interventions properly applied would cause an acute medical emergency such as a heart attack or stroke (we know of no such cases based on tens of thousands of sessions), the possibility that a heart attack or stroke might occur while someone is on your table is as likely as it is that one might occur while the person is at a baseball game, a picnic, or watching television. You should be prepared. Staying current with Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification is a first obvious step. This brief guide presents additional basic information a non-medical energy practitioner should master to help maintain that preparedness. It also addresses a number of non-emergency situations that may occur during energy healing work. It does not, however, pretend to be comprehensive—that would require a book. But it does review the warning signs of conditions such as heart attack or stroke that would require an immediate call to 911 as well as covering a variety of other situations that could confront you as an energy practitioner.

I. SIGNS OF A HEART ATTACK : If a heart attack is suspected, call 911.

   

Chest discomfort that lasts for more than 5 minutes or that goes away and comes back. Located in the center of the chest, people may describe this as squeezing, fullness, pressure, or pain. Other discomfort pin the upper body such as one or both arms, the neck or jaw, upper back, or stomach area Shortness of breath, which can occur with or before the chest discomfort Other signss might include nausea, lightheadedness, dizziness, or breaking out in a cold sweat

* Many of the energy medicine terms and procedures in this paper are described in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine (available through
This paper is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Raymond D. Dahlin—father of Donna Eden’s daughters, Titanya and Dondi Dahlin—whose life was given a precious extra seven-month chapter following a fortuitous combination of traditional and energy-based life-saving interventions on January 10, 2004.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Women often experience subtler symptoms of heart attack, and many times heart attacks are missed in women because they are not recognized. Women who are having a heart attack may have little or no chest pain along with one or more of the other symptoms listed above. WHAT TO DO FOR A SUSPECTED HEART ATTACK UNTIL THE PARAMEDICS ARRIVE:

 

Medical Necessities: If the person has stopped breathing, administer CPR, including chest compressions if there is no pulse. This is the top priority! Common Sense: Make the person as comfortable as possible.

ENERGY METHODS to support the heart(presented in the suggested order, but like all energy medicine interventions, use with an experimental attitude—they won’t hurt, they probably will help, energy test your results when appropriate, stay attuned to your intuition, not every technique listed will be necessary, innovate):
1. 2. 3. Do a "hook-up" (one hand in navel, one hand on third eye, push in and pull up). Strengthen the heart meridian by tracing it forward. As you come to the end of the meridian, rapidly twist the ends of the little fingers back and forth with some pressure. Deeply and vigorously massage the heart neurolymphatic points between the 2 and 3 ribs, just below where the collarbone and breastbone meet, especially if the person is unconscious. Do not do this massage for more than 10 to 15 seconds. Hold one hand over the heart area and press deeply into the top of the pubic bone with the other hand for about 30 to 60 seconds (re-establishes electrical energy in the body and stimulates the penetrating flow) Hold the triple warmer strengthening points (TW3 & GB41, then TW2 & BL66) if the person appears to be leaving the body. Speak calmly and ask the person to stay with you. If you have help available, have another person pulse the K1 points on the bottom of the feet. Hold the spleen meridian strengthening points (Sp2 & H8, then Sp1 & Lv1). If the heartbeat is erratic or if the heart is beating too strong, hold the small intestine meridian strengthening points (GB41 & SI3, then B66 & SI2). If the person is conscious, stable and resting comfortably, hold the frontal neurovascular points to offer comfort until help arrives.
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    

Sudden numbness or weakness of the arm, leg, or face, especially on one side of the body Sudden confusion, trouble understanding or speaking Sudden trouble walking, loss of balance or coordination, or dizziness Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes Sudden severe headache with no known cause

A TEST the General Public Can Use to Assess Whether a Person Has Had a Stroke (from a paper presented at the American Stroke Association's annual meeting): The symptoms of a stroke can be difficult to recognize, and this can spell disaster. The stroke victim may suffer brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke. Now doctors say any bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:
  
Ask the person to smile Ask the person to raise both arms Ask the person to speak a simple sentence

If the person has trouble with any of these tasks, call 911 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher. WHAT TO DO FOR SUSPECTED STROKE UNTIL THE PARAMEDICS ARRIVE:
 

Medical Necessities: If the person has stopped breathing, administer CPR, including chest compressions if there is no pulse. This is the top priority. Common Sense: Make the person as comfortable as possible. ENERGY METHODS to help restore neurological balance: 1. Do a hook-up (one hand in navel, one hand on third eye, push in and pull up). 2. Push the middle finger of one hand into the person’s "power point" (indent at center base of skull where skull meets the neck) and with the other hand hold the K-27s firmly for at least a minute. 3. Hold the "electrical points" at the base of skull just above the neck (on either side of the power point) for at least a minute. 4. Do a crown pull. 5. Do a frontal/occipital hold (one hand across the forehead area at the hairline, the other at the back of the head where the skull joins the neck) until you feel a pulse in the forehead. The top part of the hand on the forehead activates the liver neurovascular points (liver meridian feeds the heart) at the hairline and the bottom (across the eyebrows) activates the bladder neurovascular points (bladder meridian governs the nervous system). 6. Hold spleen neurovascular points (one inch above ear on either side of head) for one to two minutes. 7. Hold the triple warmer strengthening points (TW3 & GB41, then TW2 & BL66) if the person appears to be leaving the body. Talk to the person and ask the person to stay with you. If you have help available, have another person pulse the K1 points on the bottom of the feet. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:

III. SEVERE SHORTNESS OF BREATH OR DIFFICULTY BREATHING: Breathing difficulties can have a number of serious causes, some of them life-threatening. Heart attack, asthma, and anaphylactic shock are all discussed in this brief paper. Among the other possible serious causes are congestive heart failure (the inability to pump enough blood to avoid congestion in the lungs and other organs), severe pneumonia, and pulmonary embolism (blockage of blood vessels in the lung by a blood clot that usually originates in the lower part of the body, usually the legs). If the symptoms are severe, call 911.

IV. ASTHMA ATTACK: Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing. Possible triggers for asthma include respiratory infection, allergies, chemical sensitivity, overexertion, and intense emotion. The most common asthma symptoms are shortness of breath or difficulty breathing (it feels like breathing through a straw), wheezing, and coughing. If the person's symptoms are severe, call 911.


Medical Necessities: If the person has stopped breathing, administer CPR, including chest compressions if there is no pulse.

This may last from a few minutes to a few hours. Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes recurrent seizures. but if other people are available. This will be followed by generalized rigidity of the extremities and trunk with the head often turned to one side and eyes rolled up. 3. If the person is having some difficulty breathing. lethargy. change hands so your fingers reach to the other temple. potentially poses a more serious threat because it may result in blockage of the airway. Pushing in hard in the fleshy area approximately one inch above the inside corners of the bottom of the scapula (shoulder blade) can stop an asthma attack. If you have help available. you can trace Triple Warmer forward on both sides several times. or repetitive jerking (convulsions) involving one or more limbs. After a minute. It is particularly important when assisting someone with an asthma attack to remain calm and reassuring and to encourage the person to slow his or her breathing while waiting for emergency help to arrive. 2. Following this tonic phase is the clonic phase (Grand-mal seizures are often called tonic-clonic seizures). the person will make a brief grunting or gasping sound. then TW2 & BL66). certain features are common to all seizures. Others may engage in repetitive hand movements or lip smacking or have muscle jerking (convulsions) involving one or more limbs. Place one hand over the TW and kidney neurovascular points just below the turn at the back of the head and the other hand laying flat on the forehead with the fingers stretching to the V. or movement. Flush lung meridian several times. and deeply massage lung neurolymphatic points on the sternum and between the ribs beside the sternum until breathing eases. called a Grand-mal seizure. People who are having a seizure are not conscious even though their eyes may be open. behavior. all . Distinctions: Seizures. Then hold the Triple Warmer strengthening points (TW3 & GB41.lungusa. Some people who are having a seizure may have a blank stare. that is the priority intervention. Breathing may be labored. Common Sense: Make the person as comfortable as possible. Talk to the person and ask the person to stay with you. 4. Seizures are generally followed by a period of confusion. AND TREMORS: A seizure is an electrical disturbance in the brain that results in temporary changes in a person’s awareness. but seems able to get enough air. or sleepiness called the postictal state. SEIZURES. CONVULSIONS. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: www. you can calm Triple Warmer. the energy interventions may be done simultaneously. A Grand–mal seizure usually lasts between one and five minutes. If it becomes necessary to administer CPR. have another person pulse the K1 points on the bottom of the feet. If the person is having great difficulty breathing. One type of seizure. The person could lose bowel or bladder control. It is in this phase that there is the risk that the tongue can block the airway. characterized by muscle jerks or convulsions. repetitive movements of hands or lip smacking. Initially. may cause a vacant stare. ENERGY METHODS to help the person relax and to support the respiratory system: The first order of business is to calm the person and re-establish the ability to breathe regularly. it is important that you recognize one should it occur. as described above. so they will not be responsive to efforts to rouse them. The degree of breathing impairment will determine the level of energy intervention. For any person having a seizure there is a potential for physical injury. Options include: 1. Although different types of seizures are quite distinct in how they appear. Although it is very unlikely that you will witness a person experiencing a Grand-mal seizure during an energy medicine session.

anaphylactic shock is a possibility. Lay your forefingers over the closed eyelid with gentle pressure. it also connects the rear electrical points. Tremors develop gradually and are not a medical emergency. If you are alone with the person. The person was sensitized to the substance by previous exposure. Never put an object—including your fingers—in the mouth of someone who is seizing. have another person do a "power point/sacrum hook-up" at the same time—placing one hand on the person’s power point (indent at center base of skull where the skull meets the neck) and the other hand over the person’s sacral area. and calling 911. Hold these hook-ups until the person starts coming out of the seizure. 4) a second seizure starts shortly after the first has ended. are involuntary rhythmic limb movements caused by illness (such as Parkinson’s disease) or by a hereditary condition. Offer help when the seizure ends. or tremor. or diabetic. pushing in and pulling up for up to a minute. and do not hold the person down. 2) there is no Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder ID present and no way of knowing whether the seizure is caused by epilepsy. do a frontal/occipital hold. Tremors. This can sometimes immediately stop a seizure (as well as to calm someone who is overexcited). Loosen ties or anything around the neck that may make breathing difficult. VI. injured. but this movement is not a seizure. do a frontal hook-up by placing one hand in the navel and the other hand at the third eye area. Common Sense: Prevent immediate injury first. or medication such as a vaccine or penicillin). This not only provides comfort. convulsion. Look for a medical ID bracelet. stabilizing the person’s energies. Place the person on the side if possible and cushion the head. Call 911 immediately if you suspect this may be occurring. immediately take steps to prevent physical injury. insuring that the person is breathing. Do not give the person anything to eat or drink until fully alert. Symptoms include difficulty breathing and swelling of the face and may escalate to a loss of consciousness and death. After taking steps to prevent injury. If a person you are working with experiences a seizure. ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK: This is a severe and rapid reaction to a substance (especially foods such as shellfish and peanuts. It is possible for energy treatments to cause people’s limbs to twitch or move in a random way. Call 911 second. but if a person you are seeing is having a severe allergic reaction. If the person stops breathing. If others are there with you. Place in a position where uncontrolled movements will not result in injury. one of the quickest ways to end a seizure is to "hook up" the person’s energies in as many ways as possible: a. Once the person is conscious. 3) consciousness does not start to return after the shaking has stopped. The Epilepsy Foundation recommends that an ambulance be called if 1) the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes.associated with a temporary loss of consciousness during the seizure followed by a period of lethargy or confusion. Continue until you feel a pulse on the forehead. An anaphylactic reaction is not likely to occur in your office because it usually develops so rapidly after exposure to the offending substance. on the other hand. This position reduces the risk of suffocation from the tongue blocking the airway or vomit being inhaled. .  ENERGY METHODS to help a person having a seizure: 1. particularly to something that has caused a serious reaction in the past. b. insect venom such as a bee sting. WHAT TO DO FOR A SEIZURE UNTIL THE PARAMEDICS ARRIVE:  Medical Necessities: Bring the person to the floor to prevent falling.   Push in and hold K-1 for a minute or two. or 5) the person is pregnant. administer CPR. c.

people may experience an intense release of emotions. As the person comes out of the reaction and stabilizes. During the course of energy treatments. While you are holding these points (TW3 & GB41. staying posted on their findings and treatments. Be sure it is okay to touch the person. twitches. such as radiation or chemotherapy. CHRONIC SYMPTOMS THAT MAY BE EARLY WARNING SIGNALS OF SERIOUS ILLNESS Among the indications for referral to a health professional capable of making a medical diagnosis are:     Unexplained weight loss Persistent pain of unknown cause Blood in urine or stools Fatigue    Persistent symptoms like cough or hoarseness Unexplained lumps or sores that don't heal Fainting episodes in an adult Use common sense and refer clients for symptoms that are clearly abnormal or that don't improve with energy treatments. the best course of action after insuring that the person is breathing and calling 911 is to strengthen Triple Warmer. have the person hold the spleen neurovascular points on the side of the head. Common Sense: Make the person as comfortable as possible. REACTIONS THAT MAY BE CAUSED BY ENERGY INTERVENTIONS  Intense Emotional Release. If your client is receiving aggressive treatments. This may or may not be accompanied by trembling. Periodic medical tests to monitor such conditions should be a condition of your treating the person. speaking calmly and softly. including informing them of the nature of the treatment you are providing. including chest compressions if there is no pulse. such as hypertension. and consulting as appropriate. Maintain a collaborative attitude with any other health care providers working with your client. Don’t just "do it" to the person. you can talk to the person and give assurance that everything will be okay. The first response is to engage the person. then TW2 & BL66). do the navel/third eye hook-up. . one inch above each ear. and diabetes. can result in long-term complications if they are not treated properly. Here are some possible energy interventions to use should an intense emotional release occur: a.WHAT TO DO FOR ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK UNTIL THE PARAMEDICS ARRIVE: o o Medical Necessities: If the person has stopped breathing. asthma. energy medicine should be considered an adjunct to that treatment and you should be working in consultation with the treating physician. administer CPR. always be sure you maintain good rapport. and that is okay to touch on the face. It is impossible to tell from the person's symptoms alone whether the health condition is stable or whether complications are developing. If someone else is with you. The navel/third-eye hook-up is a good place to start. PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS THAT SHOULD BE CAREFULLY MONITORED Certain chronic health conditions. In introducing an energy technique. Energy Methods to help counter the shock response and help the person relax: In the unlikely event of anaphylactic shock during an energy treatment. or a stiffening of the body. random limb movements.

Use words that comfort and soothe. push in and pull up).  Massage the gall bladder point on the outside of the legs between the hips and the knees (GB31).b. Minor Physical Ailments. Alternative: As above. stimulating all over the head.  Hold the electrical points deeply (points on either side of the power point at the base of the skull). ask if help or assistance is desired. g. Hold or pulse the K1 points. If assistance is requested. Sometimes a productive and even precious inner journey is underway.  Altered States. If you are told the person does not want assistance. and reverse sides. or perfume—get into fresh air. have the person lie face up. rarely. This helps to ground the person and also engages the radiant circuits. Firmly pull the energy down the legs. Hold around the ankle areas.  If the person is laying face-up. Move to another place.  Place one hand over the heart chakra and the other the second chakra. Sedate stomach meridian (St45 & LI1. d.  Headache. push in at the "power point" (where the back of the head meets the neck).  Sedate stomach meridian (St45 & LI1. anywhere on the head. one hand on third eye. then St43 & GB41). the person may experience "flu-like" symptoms as the body rids itself of toxins and the energy system restabilizes. Continue.  Massage along gall bladder meridian on the head. appear to have left the body. Or massage vigorously. f. just stay close by and monitor the situation. if the person is in an altered state but conversant. Hold around the ankle areas for up to two minutes. encourage drinking lots of water (it is always a good idea to encourage people to drink lots of water before and after any energy session). then St43 & GB41). and pull out. . This is comforting and grounding. do a frontal hook-up (one hand in navel. cleaning fluid. The person may experience an acute headache. various energy techniques may quickly lead to a sense of safety and well-being:  Firmly pull the energy down with your open hand traveling on the fronts and sides of the person’s legs. End with the "crown pull. close mouth. Initially. beginning with GB1 and proceeding back to the electrical points (GB20). If the person starts feeling ill during the session. hold one nostril closed.  Strengthen spleen meridian (Sp2 & H8. If needed. 1. The person may enter an altered state of consciousness and. c. but move your left hand in a counter-clockwise motion. and tug gently. even highly beneficial shifts.  For a headache caused by a reaction to something in the air—such as cat dander. breathe in and out of the other nostril five or six times. If the person is laying face-down. If a treatment successfully causes large shifts in the energy system. hook-up the power point to the sacral area."  Hold the power point (indent at center base of skull where skull meets the neck) and the third eye point. e.  Grab hair close to the scalp. Place one hand over the heart chakra and the other over the second chakra. possibly massaging lightly as they are held. 4. One or more of the following may alleviate it:  Place your left hand near the area of the headache and your right hand away from the person’s body and "draw out" the painful energy. then Sp1 & Lv1).

CPR should be instituted if indicated and 911 called. Chakra cleansing may unscramble and stabilize disturbed energies.2. doubleblind research on using the energy interventions described within medical emergency contexts. stimulating the same points. with the person lying face up. After the homolateral crossover. If efforts to rouse the person do not result in an immediate return of consciousness. an "absence'" seizure (non-responsiveness accompanied by sudden loss of muscle strength). Dizziness or Fainting: First. assist with the homolateral crossover. 3. etc. loosen tie. lower the person to the ground to protect from injury due to falling and take other common sense measures (check breathing and pulse. with the person now lying face down. demonstrate tapping the heels of the hands together. do a spinal flush and sedate kidney meridian (K1 & Lv1. this does not mean they will be effective with your particular client or in the specific medical emergency that has arisen. such as heart rhythm abnormalities. The Wayne Cook posture at the end of a powerful session can also serve to unscramble and stabilize disturbed energies. 4. . It is important to be especially vigilant if the person is known to have diabetes or a heart condition.). Alternatively. 6. The Triple Warmer Reactivity Pose (you or the client may hold the points): thumbs over the index finger nails and placed on the temples. 5. While clinical observation suggests that they have been effective in the ways described. Caution: Fainting or loss of consciousness may be a symptom of other conditions. or an abreaction (the intense and involuntary purging of emotional tension that is sometimes triggered during therapeutic procedures). the other fingers placed on the frontal forehead points (the neurovascular points). Disclaimer: The energy interventions suggested in this paper are never to be used instead of or relied upon over standard medical emergency procedures. if the person is dizzy but conscious. Check to see if the body has gone into a homolateral pattern. If so. A simple energy intervention that often counters dizziness or fainting is to press or tap Circulation-Sex 7 with your fingers (in the center of the wrist crease between the palm and the forearm). 5. dangerously low blood sugar (usually from too much insulin or oral diabetes medication in a person with diabetes). It is also important for you to recognize that there is little or no controlled. then Sp3 & K3) to help in processing toxins.

and if you take its power away without providing the counterbalance of spleen energy.wap2 Etere_: DEPRESSION FROM SEDATING TRIPLE WARMER TOO LONG Is it possible to hold someone's triple warmer for too long? Actually. it is possible that sedating triple warmer for too long could cause depression. clearing not only "energy toxins". depression is possible. Any combination of the following techniques will help to clear toxins and improve your metabolism. Triple warmer is a powerful and assertive life force. Innersource. 275) * Connecting Heaven & Earth (p. Illness often traces to toxic build-up. The thyroid is actually governed by the balance of triple warmer and spleen.Energy Medicine Guidebook and Cards << < (3/14) > >> http://dreamland-bg. 135) Page references to Donna's Book "Energy Medicine for Women" . Toxins are not just chemicals. Innersource. * Massaging the Large and Small Intestine Neurolymphatic Reflex Points (p.Donna Eden . Energies that can't flow well also become toxic. but giving the body a boost for clearing chemical toxins as well.10. holding the relevant acupuncture sedating or strengthening points or the neurovascular points. The following exercises can help get those energies flowing 134) * Sideways Stretch (p. 44) * Abdominal Stretch ( Etere_: ENERGY TIPS: SPRING CLEANING YOUR BODY Spring is here! As we clean our homes and acclimate our lives to the new season. etc.2008 Tarcher. not just the triple warmer alone. From there you can experiment with the various ways described in Energy Medicine for bringing a meridian into a good flow and balance. massaging the neurolymphatic . and clearing that build up frees your body's resources to keep you healthier. An energy test will help you to determine which meridians are involved. Depression can also result from problems with the large intestine meridian as well as with an imbalance between triple warmer and spleen. flushing it. such as tracing the meridian. it is also a great time to put extra focus into clearing our bodies of toxins as well.php?topic=267. especially if it is not balanced by strengthening the spleen meridian. So be sure to work with the two together – sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen. And you are right that the thyroid gland could be involved.

humming. I wanted . The Gamut Point Etere_: Neurolymphatic Reflex Points & Neurovascular Points by Titanya Dahlin Etere_: ~ THE 5 ELEMENTS & THEIR CYCLES ~ Below is a picture of the 5 Elements and their cycles. Energy Psychology seems to work even for those who have dropped 9 Gamut. Generally the nourishing cycle (clockwise) is the one used but sometimes we call upon draining (counter clockwise) or controlling cycles (star) to balance extreme elements in an environment. Ph. My guess is that the 9-Gamut procedure 1) promotes cognitive integration of the changes in awareness as well as the neural wiring that are brought about during tapping. If I were you. A clinician and researcher recently asked me what I think it does so she could say something intelligible about it for a paper she was writing for a professional journal. We need studies that compare protocols using 9-Gamut with identical protocols that do not use it to see if it is necessary and.all the while tapping on a Triple Warmer acupuncture point on the back of the hand.WHY USE THE 9-GAMUT? By David Feinstein. and accomplishes this while calming the energy system most involved with processing threat.The Gamut Point & Energy Psychology is the "9-Gamut". can serve the same function. found that some of Donna's other exercises. One of the silliest-looking techniques in all of Energy Medicine . though I don't know how important it is to stimulate Triple Warmer. I personally still use it. such as "Connecting Heaven & Earth" and the "Celtic Weave". if so. The Gamut Point procedure. which is why I still usually use the 9-Gamut. partially because it provides an alternative activity from the tapping that continues to engage the person somatically while taking the focus off of the problem. which is Triple Warmer (by tapping one of its key acupoints). I'd actually minimize my discussion of it. My reply: To date there is no research that establishes the function of the 9-Gamut procedure. Innersource. I have. Right now the use and purpose of 9-Gamut is based mainly on clinical hunch. and counting . when. which includes rolling ones eyes. connects the right and left brain hemispheres for this information processing (through the alternating humming and counting and the eye movements).D.

Angled Furniture Art: Sunrises or Sunsets. Earthenware. Crystal Environment: Water Features. Soil. supportive. Copper. Fur. Animals. Wavy. Brown. Serpentine Textures: Inconsistent surface Patterns: Paisley. Mirrors. Circles. Rectangles. Sunflowers. Chocolate) Shapes: Irregular. Pottery. Money. Burgundy Shapes: Triangular. Violet. White. Tile. Incense. Tools. Aquariums/Fishbowls Mirrors. or Pictures of listed above EARTH # Colors: Yellow. Flat. and level Squares. Pastels Shapes: Semi-Circles. anything Metal Art: Metal Sculptures. Glassware. Sinks. Environment: Low wide bulky Furniture. Pelts Environment: All Electrical equipment. Weapons. Showers/Bath. Candles. All Deep Darker Tones (Green. Earth Sculptures. Clay Figures METAL O Color: reveal some ways to decorate your space using the 5 Elements. Stoneware Art: Desert landscapes. Metal. FIRE ^ Colors: Red. Decorative Ornaments WATER ~ ~ ~ Color: Black. Dome Textures: Smooth Metal Patterns: Polka Dot Fabrics Materials: Rocks. Terracotta. Checkered. Ceramics. Stucco. Gold. Low. Sheer flowing Curtains. Dark Blue. Swirled. Shooting upward as fire does Textures: Rough. Gemstones Environment: Globes. Maintain balance of all 5 Elements and your environment will be welcoming. Plaid Materials: Stone. Pottery. Square. Extreme Art. Tie-Dyed Fabrics Materials: Glass. Fireplaces. Crystal. Pointed. Thick Patterns: Gingham. and lift your Chi'. Plastics . Highly Textured (think of peaks on a frosted cake) Patterns: Chevron. Geometric Abstracts. Grey. Carpets. Orange. Animal Prints. Oil Lamps. Smooth. Textures: Solid. Hardware. Metal appliances. Round Furniture. Coins. Herringbone Materials: Leather. Shells. and earth tones Shapes: Squares. Tan. Gold. Brick.

Linen. Landscapes. Straw. Pillar. Leaf. Decking. Doors. Chakra clearing. Long Grained. difficult and testing circumstances and general feelings of struggle and stress. Grass. Organic Designs Materials: Wood. It is vitally important therefore to keep your Chakras open. Prickly (think cactus) Fabrics: Cotton. The Chakras have been likened to energy vortexes that allow vibrant positive energy to flow throughout your body bringing good health and a sense of well being. Rayon. Chakra Clearing is. Chakra balancing. This blemished Aura can leave you feeling stressed. However if one of your chakras becomes blocked or sluggish you will begin to feel unwell and illness will manifest. bright. Forest. Etere_: CHAKRAS CLEARING. The Aura should be clear. Flowers Environment: Pillars. tired. Stringy Textures: Grainy. Any Wooden Carving SandieGates. Floor Lamps. Flowers. Macramé. or Terrain. Wooden Furniture & Accessories. Chakra Clearing. negative and strained relationships. healthy and energised. unbalanced. Glass or Crystal Figurines WOOD l Color: Green. Paper. Books. Over time the Aura can get tinged and tainted with dark shadows or clouds attracting unwanted negative energies.Art: Any Depiction of any Body of Water. unhappy and depressed. Tall. Chakra energising & Aura cleansing all describe the practice of allowing a flow of harmonious and positive energy within the Aura. Foliage. It allows free flowing energy to permeate throughout the whole . Columns. Plants. Green-Blue. glowing and vibrant. Water Sculptures. clearing the Chakras and is a form of Chakras Healing. Each single Chakra relates to a unique part of your being and has a distinct colour. Wood Flooring Art: Images of Trees. as you would expect. Such an Aura attracts positive energies and repels negative energies. Floral. Bamboo Patterns: Stripes. Aqua Shapes: Columnar. The Aura is of course the invisible human energy field which holds 7 major energy centres known as Chakras which run from the base of the spine and up to the crown of the head. It can also attract even more negative energies. Countryside. CHAKRA BALANCING & CHAKRA ENERGIZING Chakras healing.

Negative energy can be so harmful to one's health and outlook on life. confused or depressed. Chakra Energising & Aura Cleansing. Everyone can really benefit from a Chakra Energising & Aura Cleansing. alizons-psychic-secrets. The Chakra Energising & Aura Cleansing uses the powerful. There are many ways to practice Chakra Clearing. who are unhappy. Negative energy can prevent you living the life you want and impedes abundance.body and Aura. This can be achieved by a variety of methods with Crystal healing being the most popular. Chakra Energising & Aura Cleansing is particularly beneficial for anyone who constantly experiences bad luck and setbacks. It can improve your physical. mental and emotional well being. more energised and more motivated to face any challenges. vibrant health. . Chakra Balancing is again another method of Chakras Healing that involves balancing and harmonizing the Chakras. Chakra Energising & Aura Cleansing remove the negative energy from the Aura and infuse positive energy in its place. It will help improve the quality of your life. some you can conduct yourself and others you can ask a professional to assist you with. simply and plainly brings you bad luck. make your feel brighter. The Chakra Energising & Aura Cleansing incorporates all forms of Chakras healing including Chakra Clearing & Chakra Balancing. It can really help anyone who has difficulties moving on. yet gentle energy. fearful. Chakra Balancing.

If the muscle now locks and stays firm the body is indicating that the nutrition is needed. liquid or supplement in their mouth whilst the muscle is retested. not enough of that. If the body does not need the nutrition there will be no change in the muscle response. existing on chips and micro waved processed food. this will continue to be an ongoing topic with new revolutions taking centre stage every now and then.htm BACK1234 5 6NEXT NUTRITION Food . Most people say they know what they should be eating but they don't always put it into practice. Living in the fast lane.Balancing Techniques . Kinesiologists believe that there is a reflex action called neuro-lingual (brain tongue). This relationship between food and brain is easy to relate to as we know just thinking about something we like to eat makes our mouths water.herbs2000. Nutritional needs are very individual and can constantly change. We need to give the same consideration to the food that we put into our mouths to build. If the muscle unlocks when tested and the therapist wants to find out if nutrition will help strengthen the body. Kinesiology offers specific nutritional support for each muscle which can be used as a guide to what you may be needing. grabbing a sandwich for lunch. going on a crash diet. Placing the food in the . What you eat and drink plays a big role in how well your body functions. Having looked at this aspect of the triad of health the therapist will then continue to find out what other corrections may be needed to rebalance your body. what not to rushing to meetings. she/he will ask the client to hold the food. The reaction is almost instant once the food has mixed with thesaliva and been in contact with the mouth. which absorbs food through the tongue and transmits the information to the brain to enable it to assess the effect the substance will have on the body as a whole. too much of this. all send ripples of distress throughout our systems. Those of you who own a car wouldn't dream of filling your petrol tank with cooking oil and expect it to perform well.part 1 http://www. Muscle testing allows the flexibility to meet an individual's varying needs. repair wear and tear and for conversion into energy and heat.what to eat.

which seem to influence the flow of blood to specific organs and structures. It is not the flow of lymph which brings about the change but the 'unblocking' of the communications system which activates a whole series of impulses to allow the body to respond. Other lymphatic tissue found in the body are the thymus gland. in groups. blood vessels. Too much fat in the diet can also overload theimmune system. others are on the trunk. Neuro-vascular Holding Points In the 1930s Dr Terrance Bennett. This is how you can treat one seemingly unconnected part of the body by rubbing or touching another part. Thus it becomes easier to understand why a muscle responds so quickly to stimulation of these points if one has an image of a switch which turns the flow of lymph on or off. REFLEX POINTS The following two kinesiology corrections use reflex points. appendix. the sort of pressure you use when washing your hair. The lymphatic system consists of lymphatic vessels. When the body is fighting infection these nodes can become inflamed and enlarged (swollen glands). These points are stimulated by firm massage. George Goodheart found that specific muscles would respond to one reflex only. These reflex points are found mainly in the spaces between your rib bones on the front and back of your body. a moving X-ray machine. This resulted in both an important contribution to health care and his untimely death from radiation poisoning. nodes or glands. or sometimes scattered over an entire muscle. These points became known as neuro-vascular reflexes. legs and arms. discovered locations. The vascular (circulatory) system is composed of arteries carrying oxygenated blood from the heart to the tissues and veins carrying de-oxygenated blood back to the heart. They are not lymphatic vessels. In his own work Goodheart found he could improve muscle response by holding these points and he could evaluate that response through muscle testing. the tenderness is usually greater on the front of the body than on the back. which is our protective armed force. You are aware that there are wires connecting the two points though you cannot actually see them. These reflex points are often tender. adenoids. The food is usually held in the region of the navel or against the cheek. where the heart pumps the blood round under pressure. stimulation of the neuro-lymphatic reflex points helps the body to 'turn on' the mechanisms which aid lymph flow. lymph nodes or glands. Thus touching one area can affect another which is at a distance. meridians. the spleen and Peyer's patches which are found in the small intestine. As you already know. making it sluggish and too thick to move along. There is twice as much lymph as blood in the body. but that most of the neurovascular reflexes influence more than one muscle. the areas most likely to be affected are found in the neck. These neuro-lymphatic reflexes are points which affect changes in lymph flow. The lymphatic points occur either alone. In general. When you press the light switch. a chiropractor. Our ability to fight off infections and destroy invaders depends mainly on the lymphatic system. a bulb lights up at some distance from the switch. mainly on the head. The blood stream also carries nutrients and . The lymphatic system produces antibodies and makes the white blood cells (lymphocytes). using radio-opaque dye and a fluoroscope. movement of lymph is brought about by muscular contraction which pushes lymph along the lymphatic vessels and through the lymph nodes. and lymphatic ducts. armpits and groin. A reflex is created when treatment to one part of the body affects another part without a visible link. tonsils. Hence you can relieve certain headaches by rubbing a specific point on the outside of the thigh.body's energy field is an alternative to placing the food in the mouth. different parts of the body are connected to one another by nerves. The lymphatic system interacts with the circulatory system acting as a filter and drainage network in the body and helping the blood deal with the by-products of cell metabolism. Neuro-Lymphatic Massage Frank Chapman DO maintained that stimulating specific points would increase lymphatic drainage in a specific organ and he mapped out these reflexes in 1930. Dr Bennett watched the internal effects of holding these points. Unlike the blood stream.

don't feel cuts. similar to those described by acupuncturists. slightly stretch the skin. We can't think straight. Remember we are all individuals and our response times will be different. Touch can alert the nervous system to our dilemma and refocus the circulation in the body. we start to lose control. Holding the neuro-vascular points on the forehead. thus helping to put us back in control. When we are in shock. areas of the brain. our vision may become blurred. blood will be involved primarily where activity is taking place. There are no hard and fast rules. Neuro-vascular points are activated by a very light touch. don't hear. will stimulate the flow of blood to the front part of the brain. These points are held until a pulse can be felt which has a steady beat. The amount of pressure used is what you would apply if you touched your eye lid with your fingertip. Therefore when you are exercising it will go to muscles. At any point in time. Kinesiologists describe this as a 'capillary pulse'. The pads of the fingers are used to make contact. stimulating blood flow to specific muscles. In the case of bilateral holding points. The length of time they are held can be anything from twenty seconds to ten minutes. forget everything. bump into things. and when your body is digesting food then it will be more active in the organs involved in this digestion. which are associated with the pectoralis major clavicular muscle and emotionalstress. All of these reactions are brought about because blood has been withdrawn from the thinking part of our brain. glands or organs. hit out blindly.water to the tissues. This will activate the area of the brain that we use when making decisions. This is what is happening when the neuro-vascular points are being held. or under a lot of pressure. and are held there. It carries away waste products to the organs that excrete them. and distributeshormones and enzymes to the organs. BACK1234 5 6NEXT . the pulse beat needs to be felt on both sides and to be synchronized.

increase your vitality. The Spinal Flush (or Neurolymphatic Flush) 6. The Three Thumps (The K-27 points are the 27 th pair of acupuncture points on the kidney meridian.) These are juncture points that affect all of your energy pathways. Now slide them inward toward the . Zip Up Step 1. The Three Thumps: By tapping three specific sets of points. Working them sends a signal to your brain to adjust your energies.pdf Daily Energy Routine (as taught by Donna Eden) 1. Tapping the K-27s “flips” your energies around if they have started flowing backward.Do the Three Thumps.tracesetc. The Cross Crawl 3. The Wayne Cook Posture 4. http://www. paying special attention to the third of the three. Place your fingers on your collarbone (clavicle). and keep your immune system strong amid stress. The Crown Pull 5. you can activate a sequence of responses that will restore you when you are tired. First Thump: Thump your K-27 Points.

Tap or massage the points firmly while breathing deeply. combat general malaise during or after stress. firmly tap your thymus point with the four fingers of each hand for about 20 seconds. This technique can help you if you are feeling bombarded by negative energies. this is not essential. but it does assist the energy to cross over from the left-brain hemisphere to the right side of the body and from the left hemisphere to the right side. or if your immune system is otherwise challenged. you are feeling physically or mentally exhausted for no apparent reason. for instance. Most people have a slight indent here that their fingers will drop into. Tap firmly with several fingers for about 15 seconds. Continue for about 20 and find the bumps where they stop. fighting an infection. remove toxins. slightly out from the center. are becoming lethargic and . Drop about an inch beneath these corners and slightly outward to the K-27’s. modulate blood chemistry. counter dizziness. Tapping your spleen’s neurolymphatic reflex points serves to synchronize your body’s rhythms. breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Find the points by putting your fingers under your breasts. Then move them down under the next rib. 2 Step 2: The Cross Crawl: You may find the cross crawl to be particularly valuable if. Third Thump: Thump your Spleen Points. catching a cold. and better metabolize food. Second Thump: Thump your Thymus Gland. Move your fingers down a couple of inches and into the center of your sternum after thumping your K-27s. are feeling worse rather than better after you exercise. in through your nose and out through your mouth. You may choose to cross your hands over your body. fight infection. As you breathe deeply. harmonize its energies and its hormones.

and to literally put one foot in front of the other. then I do the Homolateral Crossover. of being confined to a wheelchair. must confront someone. Note: If the Cross Crawl tires instead of energizes you. cannot bring order to your life. or are off-balance from carrying a suitcase. The Cross Crawl While standing. cannot get clarity on a situation. Homolateral Crossover: March in place. If this is the case. After about twelve lifts of your arms and legs in this homolateral pattern. or child. Do this daily until your body adjusts to allowing your energies to cross your body. It can help you bring a sense of order into your affairs. for instance. unable to cross over from one side of your brain to the other. simply lift your knees to the opposite elbows or twist your upper torso so your arm passes over the midline of your body. Even when the upset is so intense that . to better comprehend the world you are facing.) Step 3 The Wayne Cook Posture: Use the Wayne Cook posture when you are overwhelmed. As you let them down. raise your left arm and right leg. then twelve Cross Crawls.unmotivated. when I start the Cross Crawl I have to stop and think in order to make my right arm go with my left leg. lifting your right arm with your right leg and then your left arm with your left leg. hysterical. stop and change the pattern to a Cross Crawl— lifting the opposite arm and leg—again for about twelve lifts. If you are unable to do this because. Anchor it by ending with an additional twelve Cross Crawls (so your last set will have twenty-four Cross Crawls). it probably means that your energies are locked in a homolateral (straight up and down the body instead of crossing) pattern. Breathe deeply throughout the entire routine. shoulder bag. lift your right arm and left leg simultaneously. Repeat this pattern twice more—twelve homolateral movements. (Note from Penny: If. or are upset after someone has confronted you. do the Homolateral Crossover prior to doing the cross crawl.

making space for the energy in your skull to move more freely. Place your right foot over your left knee. Breathe in slowly through your nose. pull your fingers apart so that you stretch the skin just above your eyebrows. Uncross your legs and place your 3 fingertips together forming a pyramid. The Crown Pull: While doing the crown pull breathe deeply. letting your body relax. and with some pressure. It reminds you to attend to the realm of the crown chakra. Wrap your right hand around your left ankle and your left hand around the ball of your left foot. Slowly. Surrender into your own breathing. At the same time. pulling the skin. Curl your fingers and rest your fingertips just above the center of your eyebrows. Bring your thumbs back to the third eye position. . Slowly bring your hands down in front of you. pulling them together into a prayerful position while breathing deeply. As you exhale. Wrap your left hand around your right ankle and your right hand around the ball of your left foot. breathe out of your mouth slowly. Repeat this slow breathing and stretching four or five are unable to quit crying. letting the breath lift your body as you breathe in. The Wayne Cook Posture: Sit in a chair with your spine straight. Breathe out through your mouth. Step 4 The Crown Pull: The crown pull clears your head and mind. are finding yourself snapping and yelling at others. sinking into despair. creating a stretch. Switch to the other foot. Place your left foot over your right knee. which governs you spiritually. Almost immediately you will begin to feel less crazy and overwhelmed. or feeling you are beyond exhaustion. pull your leg toward you. allowing your thumbs to separate slowly across your forehead. Place your thumbs at your temples on the side of your head. in through your nose and out through your mouth. Bring your thumbs to rest on your “third eye” just above the bridge of your nose. Use the same breathing. it will move stress hormones out of your body.

Upon reaching your sacrum. using the thumbs or middle fingers and applying body weight to get strong pressure (NOT BACK BREAKING PRESSURE. Massage from the bottom of your neck all the way down to the bottom of your sacrum. the Spinal Flush can help stop it in its tracks. just enough pressure to move the lymph). Each of your meridians will be covered by simply . with an open hand. From your shoulders. Have your partner massage the points down both sides (NOT ON the spine) of your spine. The Spinal Flush not only cleanses the lymphatic system. It is a quick rebalance. Have your partner go down the notches between your vertebrae and deeply (not painfully!) massage each point. Staying on the point for at least 5 seconds. fingers over the curve at the back of your head. two or three times. This positions your body to remain stable while your partner applies pressure to your back. clearing your head as well. doing the Spinal Flush will clear your lymphatic system.Rest your fingertips at the center of your forehead and repeat the stretch. As a cold is coming on. your partner can repeat the massage or can complete it by sweeping the energies down your body. it stimulates the cerebrospinal fluid. Continue this pattern with your fingers curled and pushing in at each of the following locations: fingers at the top of your head. or stand three or four feet from a wall and lean into it with your hands supporting you. Do not worry about a point being missed. fingers at the center of your head. or if you have been exposed to environmental toxins. Spinal Flush with a partner: Lie face down. your partner moves the skin up and down or in a circular motion with strong pressure. with your little fingers at the hairline. Repeat each of these stretches one or more times. Step Five The Spinal Flush (or Neurolymphatic Flush): If you are moving through intense emotional or physical stress. your partner sweeps all the way down your legs and off your feet.

Shake off your hands periodically as they will collect energy. . 1” to each side of the belly button. out from the K 27s. Along the side of the legs from the top of the legs to the knees (along the hemline of your pants). Spinal Flush without a Partner: 4 If you do not have a partner available. simply ask for special attention on any points that are sore. You can also do the following points on the front of your body. “Stitch” your arms on. Rather than knowing which meridians are associated with which points. (This is the lungs. Rub each point for about 10 seconds each.) In between the ribs on the sides of the sternum. You can massage as much as you can reach on your back. Under both breasts in a half moon shape. 1” above and 1” to the side of the belly button.going between all the notches. Lay your hands on the front of your legs and push your thumbs down along inside your legs (from top of legs down to your knees). it can make you cough. Under the clavicle. if you do them every day you will still be stimulating these points along the meridians and they will work their magic throughout your meridians. following it down to the end of the rib cage. (This one is amazing for clearing stress out of the body. massage the many points that you can reach on your own. Remember to breathe in through the nose out through the mouth. Cup fingers and go under the rib cage. notice if they hurt and rub them more. paying special attention to ones that are sore. Above the pubic bone. Out a little further from the K-27s.) Go straight down the sternum.

Step 6 Zipping Up: When you are feeling sad or vulnerable. along the neck. which is at your pubic bone. but envision them doing so and complete the zip with your second hand bringing it up your spine. in control. leave it there and bring your other hand up over your shoulder to “meet” the first hand. the energy pathway that governs your central nervous system. Repeat three times. starting at your tailbone bring your hand up your spine as far as it will go. the central meridian. Complete this by zipping up the back of your body. to your lower lip. Remember to breathe deeply as you do so. to the upper lip. and you can use the electromagnetic energies of your hands to “zip it up. over the back of the head. repeat three times. The central meridian runs like a zipper from your pubic bone up to your bottom lip. can be like a radio receiver that channels other people’s negative thoughts and energies into you. Again. down over the forehead. They won’t meet. and in your own power. . and you will begin to feel centered. Take a deep breath as you simultaneously move your hand with deliberation straight up the center of your body. It’s as if you are open and exposed. Zip Up: Place your hand at the bottom end of the central meridian.” Pulling your hands up the central meridian draws energy along the meridian line.

With a clear and sound plan in place. growth. vitality.). It bursts out – violently and forcefully. The Mental Level . who has a vision for a house to be built and draws up blueprints. Ac The Liver. Nothing simply occurs randomly. belonging to the Wood Element. if the unforeseen arises. vision. This Official is likened to an architect. menstruation. upward direction." Every function and process begins with a plan or vision. MAc (UK). regeneration.Part I By Neil Gumenick. activity. as well as what the contingency plans are. respiration. This allows for both relaxation and confidence that everything is "on track" and working together. optimism and hope. The Wood element is directed toward a future goal. Spring does not arrive with subtlety. which are an expression of the vision. harmoniously and smoothly. everything works in synch. but inevitably follows built-in natural laws.Flush the Liver Meridian using acupuncture points. is associated with the season of Spring. circulation. Its strength can be seen in the force of a lone dandelion bursting though a crack in a cement sidewalk. Within us. forward movement. The powers of Spring include birth. LAc. The Official of Planning: The Liver The Liver is called the "Official of Planning. Dipl. everything operates according to a plan (or blueprint) for its function (digestion. etc. The Spirits of the Points: The Liver Meridian . All parts "know" what to do. when and where to do it.

having a plan or goal gives us a sense of purpose and direction. If we consider a time in which we had made plans. be uncertain. we can see how the emotion of anger and the sound of shouting arise. we may be unable to make plans. or overly-assertive. clarity of thought. The Spirit Level Spiritually. there are times we must appropriately assert ourselves forcefully. which were thwarted. If the Liver is imbalanced. we may feel hopeless. logic. "Not only is this my plan. The good news is: when the health of the Liver is restored. this imbalance may express itself as complete surrendering of our own plans. and optimism. The sound of shouting and the emotion of anger are expressions of a primary imbalance in Wood. arrange and rearrange our schedules (contingency plans) in order to reach goals. exemplified by over-perfectionism. as well as to present our ideas in a way that others can "see" what we mean. too!" In the other extreme. The Liver grants us powers of reason. thus. desperate. ideas and visions. aimless. we can see our way out of even the darkest of places. the ability to "see" with the mind’s eye what is communicated by another. or may over-plan. incapable of "seeing" another idea. hope. in which case nothing gets started because it’s not perfect . tentative.Mentally. resigned. we plan our time. We may wrongly perceive a polluted spiritual path or teaching to be correct and fanatically defend and blindly follow it. with no perceived direction or purpose and. It orients us toward a future with confidence. to blindly follow another. In imbalance. . a new goal is set. Once we reach a goal. bossy. we become rigid. but it better be yours. We may become so attached to one point of view (lacking flexibility and adaptability) and. In health.1 -enough.

aligned with the Divine plan. No obstacle will thwart us from our goals. in which everything can look bleak. Nature. and expressing the emotion of anger inappropriately (either over-expressing when there is no appropriate reason. embrace a bad one.2 -diagnosis. Jesus. or under-expressing when the emotion should be present). Buddha. truly is. described above. When healthy. yet flexible. We may instead. . Therefore. This means that he or she manifests a rancid odor. strong. a voice that is inappropriately making a shouting sound (or lack of shouting sound). we would consider points on the Wood meridians (Liver and Gall Bladder) once having diagnosed the patient as a Wood Causative Factor. aligned with the Divine (the Tao. 1 Each point uniquely helps guide the patient toward the fullness of a healthy Wood element. The Points The point names. Our lives will be purposeful and oriented toward good. we cannot well perceive what a good plan is. Our plans will be pure and other times. or whatever name is given). The impact of these points is far greater when conjoined with these methods of traditional . the way of God. translations from the Chinese characters give us insight into the gifts they are capable of bringing to the patient in need. our plans will be for our highest good and the good of humanity. this Official knows what our individual plan. The Diagnostics In Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. and eventually. it is appropriate to yield. dark and frustrating. the Creative Force. green color lateral to the eyes. or give up entirely. When imbalanced. hopeless. to change direction and embrace another plan or decision.

one can move forward with "great esteem. When one is aligned with his/her Divine plan. this point provides a sense of security . Liver 3 Supreme Rushing Earth. strength. switches "off" when the correct balance is attained. flexibility and optimism. tonified during the Liver’s 2-hour peak time: 1-3 AM. like all source points. This need not thwart us from our path. Liver 2 Walk Between Fire point This point reminds us that plans must have the flexibility to deal with to obstacles. new visions. and reach to the light and air." As a source point which. A seal is an embossed emblem. it blows away the dead debris so the Wood is free to grow).3 -Liver 4 Middle Seal Metal point As the Metal point. The good humor of fire is often a good antidote for stuck. this point brings quality and richness to our plans. . Mother Earth feeds the plants that set their roots in her. adapting with a contingency plan. We often must consider. or an appropriate "side step" at any time. and/or in Spring. it brings just the right amount of fuel. and cannot be over tonifed or sedated." with direction. Well nourished. "Supreme" implies spirit. this point provides a burst of growth and confidence to the meridian itself (stronger still when used as a horary point. We consider this point for the Wood imbalanced patient who lacks the confidence or vision to start. Spring is a season of birth. plans and decisions. It brings love and compassion to one’s plans. . we can move with quickness and certainty. source point As the Earth point of the meridian. pointing to and rushing to our center – to pure consciousness – to spirit itself.knowing that nourishment is always available. stubborn and overly attached patients. other points of view and sides to an issue. entry point As the Wood point of the meridian. horary. in planning. or they will die "on the vine. Our plans need to be fueled. boldness.Liver 1 Great Esteem Wood. or higher purpose.

From a clean and pure place.detected on the pulses.. We consider this point for the patient who has trouble "seeing" whether a plan is worthy of pursuing or not.R. Worsley. or One creative force. it can be used to resolve a disparate amount of energy in the Wood Officials (i. 2004) 87 . This is the authority. Whoever held the royal seal was seen as an authorized representative of the Emperor and was treated as such. the "insects" in this case refer to the little irritants that can wreak havoc on the progress we wish to make in determining or putting a plan into action. To some Wood imbalanced patients. J. who needs the inspiration and acknowledgement that ultimately comes from within. Peace and calm are restored. authority or authenticity. the power. Reference 1.symbol or letter used as evidence of quality. efficiency. as we are all a creation of the Divine. virtually everything is a frustrating annoyance. with the insects and other obstructions to clarity of vision removed.e. as it carries the imprint of the Divine – found in the center or middle of us. whose own plans lack value and quality. the source of wisdom and goodness to which the Emperor him/herself must turn. This point is akin to clearing annoying insects out and removing them to the ditch. This seal is even more special. We all have such an imprint. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Vol 1 Meridians and Points (Worsley Inc. Liver 5 Insect Ditch Junction (Luo connecting) point As the junction point. organization and perfect planning observed in nature (and highly evident in the insect world) can awaken in us. For its spiritual connotation. Gall Bladder having an excess of energy relative to Liver . It is akin to the relief of having a newly cleaned windshield. and resolved by tonifying this point).

acupuncture.htm . Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Ac. comments powered by Disqus Page printed from: -4http://www. MAc (UK).php?id=32527&no_paginate=true&no_b=true http://www.Click here for more information about Neil Gumenick. LAc.

12. 7. irritability. hernia.anger. Qi a/or LV Qi Stagnation . 10. canker sores. painful eyes. anxiety. The following lecture notes were used within this section: Ferro. etc. Helps to avoid qi gong sickness (or running fire) where energy is stuck in the upper part of the head/body and causes issues such as shortness of breath. Point Associations: Shu Stream Point Earth Point Yuan Source Point Actions & Effects: Generally. With LI 4. generally used after qi gong exercises.    Chinese Name Tai Chong English Name Great Surge Location: On the dorsum of the foot in a depression distal to the junctions of the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones. The most recommended texts are below: Listed in our conditions treated section under »   .pain/swelling. 2.headaches. chest/flank pain. diarrhea w/ undigested food. Yin. 4.blurred vision. Eye issues . 14                 Sources and More Information The information on our site is drawn from our own lecture notes and clinical experience.dysmennorrhea. Genital issues . energy healing sessions. PMS. 9. Barbara: New England School of Acupuncture. four gates treatment . Actions & Effects Lecture Notes For a complete list of valuable resources. Menstrual issues from Deficient Blood. psychological issues. Rachel: New England School of Acupuncture. vomiting. breast tenderness. amenorrhea. Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Important point to descend energy in the body. 5. semianl emission. headache.subcostal tension. 3. Calming point . etc.balancing for all LV pathologies.powerfully effects the flow of Qi and Blood in the body. 11.yinyanghouse. dizziness. swellings in the axillary region. Digestive issues from LV attacking ST/SP . impotence. Liver Meridian Points (14): 1.nausea. Point Location Lecture Notes Harstein.LV 3 Acupuncture Point .Tai Chong Liver Meridian http://www. 8. resolves stagnation and tonifies Yin . swollen. see our Acupuncture Theory Resources section. insomnia. 6. Stagnation in the middle warmer . 13. constipation. LV Qi Stagnation / LV Yang Rising .

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) Migraines Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Panic Attack .                      Agoraphobia Amenorrhea (Absence of Menstruation) Anxiety Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD/ADD) Autism Bipolar Disorder (BD) Cirrhosis Constipation Cysts Depression Dizziness (Vertigo) Eye Problems Fear Fibroids Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Headache Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Insomnia Liver Cancer .

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) Tinnitus Listed in our tcm diagnosis section under »       Liver Blood Deficiency Liver Blood Stagnation Liver Fire Liver Qi Stagnation Liver Wind Liver Yang Rising .

Zip Up.Massage Liver Neurolymphatic Reflex Points http://www. .com/techniques. but may also be used as Stand-Alone Energizers. to clear your head during a workbreak. Switch-on. in subtle or dramatic ways.touch4health. Their simplicity is deceptive as the results are often profound.html Techniques The following are a few techniques that have been designed to be simple. and many families enjoy them at home. These techniques have been tried by at least a million people throughout the world and are found to be consistently effective. They may be used by anyone without any prior learning or health care experience. Try them first thing in the morning. or whenever you need a "lift". easy and effective. Clinitions and practitioners use them with great benefit to their patients or clients. Tune-In (Complete Edition. 36-39) These basic exercises are usually used as Preliminary Balancing activities before any TFH session. before/during/after any challenging task.



ESR (Emotional Stress Release) Although one of the simplest techniques in the TFH system. and practitioners as immediately effecive. and often very powerful in its results. This one simple exercise my change your life. (Just hold your forhead. instructors. it is consistently emphasized by students. and focus your awareness on the stress you are experiencing related to past events.) . present efforts. or future challenges.

which are stimulated with firm pressure. This page illustrates all of the Neurolymphatic Massage points. postural alignment and energy flow. either as a general energizer. . or individually in relation to specific muscles and energy circuits. we integrate 7 different types of Touch Reflexes to facilitate and balance muscle function.Neurolymphatic Reflexes (Complete Edition p51) In the Touch for Health System.

and choose a key point that will balance the whole system.One-Point (Assessment) Balancing (Complete Edition p237/47) Using principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory. we can assess the pattern of Energy blockage/imbalance. .


you can see which colors resonate with you related to your current goal(s) or stress. and often has immediate emotional as well as physical benefits. Applying ESR and Visualization in this context. needn't take very long.5-Element Color Balance (Complete Edition p262/75) Once you know how to use an individual muscle as an Indicator for Bio-feedback. . we have a quick protocol for a global balance of the Five Elements/Meridians/Posture. This is a fun way to balance.



The Daily Energy Medicine Tuneup .

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